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Good Omens Sentence Starters
  • "Don't think of it as dying, think of it as leaving early to avoid the rush."
  • “The future came and went in the mildly discouraging way that futures do.”
  • “All tapes left in a car for more than about a fortnight metamorphose into Best of Queen albums.”
  • “You don't have to test everything to destruction just to see if you made it right.”
  • "What he did was put the fear of God into them."
  • "Heaven has no taste, and not one single sushi restaurant."
  • “People couldn't become truly holy, unless they also had the opportunity to be definitively wicked.”
  • “Hell may have all the best composers, but heaven has all the best choreographers.”
  • “If you sit down and think about it sensibly, you come up with some very funny ideas."
  • "I mean, maybe you just want to see how it all turns out."
  • "Maybe it's all part of a great big ineffable plan. All of it. You, me, him, everything."
  • "You start thinking: it can't be a great cosmic game of chess, it has to be just very complicated Solitaire.”
  • “It has been said that civilization is twenty-four hours and two meals away from barbarism.”
  • “Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft are written by men.”
  • “Why are we talking about this good and evil? They're just names for sides. We know that.”
  • “Loyalty was a great thing, but no lieutenants should be forced to choose between their leader and a circus with elephants."
  • “I feel like I am involved in an obscure and complex version of poker in a pitch-dark room, with blank cards, for infinite stakes, with a dealer who won't tell me the rules, and who smiles all the time.”
  • “If you stopped tellin' people it's all sorted out after they're dead, they might try sorting it all out while they're alive.”
  • “But that's how it goes; you think you're on top of the world, and suddenly they spring Armageddon on you.”
  • “Overexcited? No! I'm getting very calmly worried that someone might shoot me!"
  • “Do Unto Others Before They Do Unto You. Kill or Be Killed. Either Shit or Get Out of the Kitchen. Survival of the Fittest. Make My Day.”
  • “It was nice to think that mankind made a distinction between blowing their planet to bits by accident and doing it by design.”
  • "I had it here only a moment ago, I must have put it down some where, forget my own head next."

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Dr. Nuvo Vindi’s silver pupils dilated the moment he stepped into this cantina on Nar Shaddaa. It was not really the sort of place one would normally find him but when you’re trying to lay low digging down with the vermin was sometimes the only option. It was too bright for one and for two: disgusting; a mingling of music, dirty sentients and other festering things he didn’t even want to think about. 

Doing his best to ignore stares and anyone else for that matter, the faust toddled his way inside, curling lip and remaining loomy in his overly tall ‘n’ slender build. He approached one of the barstools and the chair got the most livid look over anything he’d offered the living sentients. After all, Nuvo didn’t know WHO had sat in it before him. So before he would have ANYTHING to do with the furniture he reached into his belt and produced a clean napkin, unfolded it and spread it down on the sitting surface; THEN he planted himself down onto and kept his gloved hands in his lap. That fact that his backside was the only part of him to have any REAL fat made this quite humorous to behold.

He looked so silly, out of place that most of the catina was starting at him at this point but it didn’t seem like anyone recognized him. The Rodian bartender finally approached the faust and leaned over the counter to ask the doctor what he wanted to drink. Vindi squinted up at the glowing ion drink menu and drew a blank. He hadn’t been in a bar in twenty years - and none of these drink names looked remotely familiar. 

sentence starters ;; the fault in our stars edition
  • "I'll fight for you."
  • "Don't you worry about me."
  • "That's why I like you."
  • "You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you."
  • "I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up."
  • "You don’t understand the promises you're making."
  • "Do you have a wish?"
  • "I love you present tense."
  • "That's the thing about pain. It demands to be felt."
  • "I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slow, and then all at once."
  • "Why are you looking at me like that?"
  • "I really thought you were going to die."
  • "I fear oblivion. I fear it like the proverbial blind man who's afraid of the dark."
  • "It would be awesome to fly in a superfast airplane that could chase the sunrise around the world for a while."
  • "I’ve stopped thinking about it."
  • "I’m just very, very fond of you."
  • "The thought of you being removed from the rotation is not funny to me."
  • "I can't tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity."
  • "When was the last good kiss you had?"
  • "All efforts to save me from you will fail."
  • "You couldn't be more wrong."
  • "The world is not a wish-granting factory."
  • "Are you crying?"
  • "I miss you. I love you."
  • "But it's your life."
  • "You probably need some rest."
  • "Are you making this up?"
Protective older sibling sentence starters

“Look I know you’re old enough to date, but I am going to scare them first so they don’t even think about hurting you.”

“You have to do what I say because I’m older, so stop (insert dangerous thing here)”

“Those bullies aren’t going to come back again now that they know who your sibling is, come on let’s get ice cream.”

“I know I can seem a little grumpy sometimes, but know that you can always come to me if you have a problem.”

“It’s okay, everyone falls off their bike sometimes. It’s good that you were wearing your helmet, now come in and we can get that cut cleaned up.”

“I’m your big ___, it’s my job to worry.”

“No one gets to call you idiot but me, you’re my idiot okay.”

“I’m babysitting tonight, but we can still make cookies. Just don’t get too close to the oven okay.”

Daughter sentence starters
  • "Don't think about the consequences."
  • "Leave me at the altar, knowing all the things you just escaped."
  • "Don't you dare look back."
  • "This is torturous electricity between both of us."
  • "I want you so much, but I hate your guts."
  • "I hate you."
  • "Wipe away your tear stains."
  • "Thought you said you didn't feel pain."
  • "I pray a lot for you."
  • "I look out for you."
  • "I'll do whatever you say to me in the dark."
  • "You're too old to be so shy."
  • "I bite my tongue and torch my dreams."
  • "Things cannot be reversed."
  • "We both know I'll never be your lover."
  • "I only bring the heat, company under cover, filling space in your sheets."
  • "You let it go."
  • "I let it go."
  • "I was drunk again, causing accidents."
  • "You're not a friend, you're nothing."
  • "I think I should be a little more confident in myself, in my skin."
  • "Take me home."
  • "He don't recognize me anymore."
  • "Burned out flames should never re-ignite."
  • "I won't say a word, but I think he knows."
  • "I've hardly slept since the night he left."
  • "Pick it all up and start again."
  • "You've got a second chance."
  • "You could go home."
  • "You could still be what you want to."
  • "You've got a warm heart, you've got a beautiful brain."
  • "Our minds are troubled by the emptiness."
  • "If you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones, 'cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs."
  • "We are the reckless, we are the wild youth."
  • "One will die before he gets there."
  • "Most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone."
  • "I've lost it all."
  • "My eyes are damp from the words you left."
  • "If you're in love, then you are the lucky one, 'cause most of us are bitter over someone."
  • "I'm forever missing him."
  • "Setting fire to our insides for fun."
  • "I can't forget it, though I've tried."
  • "I know you regret it, love, you told me so many times."
  • "I still wonder why you left with her and left me behind."
  • "Take your hands off him 'cause he's the only one that I have ever loved."
  • "I don't want to imagine words you spoke to her that night."
  • "Did she make your heart beat faster than I could?"
  • "Did she give you what you hoped for?"
  • "I hope it made you feel good, knowing how much I adored you."
  • "You're making me sick, love."
  • "Frozen hearts growing colder with time."
  • "I needed you."
  • "Now we are strangers."
  • "I’m a foolish, fragile spine."
  • "I want all that is not mine."
  • "I want him, but we’re not right."
  • "I should go now."
  • "I’m sorry if I smothered you."
  • "Hate is spitting out each others mouths, but we're still sleeping like we're lovers."
  • "I already know I'll lose you."
  • "By tomorrow I'll be left in the darkness, amongst your cold sheets and your shoes will be gone, and your body warmth no longer beside me."
  • "She don't even want to speak to you."
  • "Still reminding me what I feel, how he left without reasons."
  • "You can try to forget me but I won't let you easily."
  • "Despite everything I'm still human."
  • "I think I'm dying here."
  • "I can't stand to be so dead behind the eyes."
  • "Give me touch 'cause I've been missing it."
  • "I'm dreaming of strangers kissing me in the night."
  • "I'll escape with him."
  • "I've been thinking that I should see someone just to find out if I'm alright."
  • "I used to dream of adventure when I was younger."
  • "You always find the rain in rainbows."
  • "You're so cold to touch."
  • "Your kisses are not what I wanted."
  • "All I really need is you to comfort me."
  • "You don't understand, you don't hold my hand."
  • "All I ever wanted was your heart right from the start."
  • "Her kisses may be a beautiful art, but she don't really care about your heart."
  • "If I try to get close, he is already gone."
  • "He is restless at night, 'cause he has horrible dreams."
  • "I don't know what we're doing, I don't know what we've done."
  • "I think we should run."
  • "I won't tell my mother, it's better she don't know."
  • "We'll just keep each other as safe as we can."
  • "Will you stay with me, my love, 'till we're old and grey?"
  • "I'm losing my friend."
  • "Her eyes were blue and green like none I've ever seen."
  • "Through many years, their love did survive."
  • "I flew here under false pretense."
  • "I know you think you're still a child, but I couldn't give a fuck."
  • "I've forgotten what it was that I wanted."
  • "I won't be your doll."
  • "I don't look so good in yellow."
  • "I see the way you look at her, you don't do that for me."

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          sight of that familiar crown of silver SOURS her tongue ; STILLS her motions . polishing halts , suspicion settling in the taut of her muscles .   –  sesshomaru-sama , this is … unexpected . i didn’t think we would be running into you again so soon .

Misc. {Sentence Starters}
  • "That's not the reaction I was hoping for."
  • "This isn't worth dying for!"
  • "You want to split this pizza with me?"
  • "You're not welcome here anymore. Get out."
  • "You know, this is all your fault."
  • "I just got a little tingly there when you just said that."
  • "I couldn't have done this if it wasn't for you!"
  • "I don't even know how that ridiculous urban legend got started."
  • "I'll kill anyone that comes near."
  • "They can’t take away my dignity."
  • "That was incredible! Cheating is amazing!"
  • "What made you think that was a good idea?"
  • "It took all my strength not to fall apart."
  • "You can cry if you need to."
  • "I should have changed that stupid lock."
  • "This is the very thing I was trying to prevent."
  • "I need you to stop talking. Now."
  • "I know you think you're helping, but stop it."
  • "I'm no good at apologies."
  • "Don't waste your screaming on a stupid boy band."
  • "What rhymes with hug me?"
  • "The important thing is that you got your cover story."
  • "We actually started an urban legend."
  • "There's just no way to win with you, is there?"
  • "I know there's no need for me to panic."
  • "The least you could do is APOLOGIZE!"
Closed RP with the-tale-of-two-teams

Emmerich studied the shops through the scope of his rifle. Being the antisocial type, he liked to scan the area ahead of time so he wouldn’t have to ask anyone for help. There were a few people skirting around the town, just stopping in and out of the different shops in Vale.

The tiger was lucky, he had found a cliff with a perfect view of the town. The scope of his rifle, along with his semblance, made surveying the area an easy task.

As he studied, he noticed a familiar face. Not someone he knew, but someone he had seen around Beacon before. A student, not that they were rare to be seen in Vale. In fact, he had seen plenty of students. However, this person was being followed. Emmerich locked his scope onto the shadow that was stalking the student. Sure, killing was bad. But hey, it had been a while since he had killed anything.

A light squeeze of the trigger and a few screaming citizens later, Emmerich sighed. “Target down”

The sun was just beginning to set when Tauriel returned from her patrol, hands clenching and un-clenching in a nervous fashion as she made her way towards the throne room to report to her king. Her gaze was slightly lowered as she walked, not making eye contact with anyone she passed. She always felt rather nervous when making her reports, and this day was no different, despite the fact that she had no bad news to deliver to him. 

She stopped for a moment, taking a few deep breaths before entering the room, wondering as she always did just what sort of a mood he would be in. “My lord,” she greeted with a slight bow of her head.

“Starbucks makes their mistakes when it comes to names – we all know it. Usually, the mistakes are pretty close to your real name, and you sometimes wonder, ‘if you got that close to my real name, how’d you get it wrong in the first place’. Well, today, Starbucks has blown me away by giving me a name that is so far from my name that I couldn’t even ask myself that question. So, I will introduce to my identity. Hey guys, my name is Kayla.“

“I can’t believe it’s March already!  Soon enough it will be time for exams!  And then summer!  And then  seventh year!  I’m not ready to be a seventh yea! That means being an adult and NEWTs and going out into the real world and getting a real job. I’ve never had a job before.  Should I get a summer job to prepare? Where could I even work are there such things as internships in the wizarding world?”

Paypay will name this later || Qf 19

The past several days with Daniel had been difficult for Charlotte. Promptly after Daniel’s birthday things had taken a bit of a nosedive as the truth about Daniel’s mother’s death came out. Charlotte couldn’t be mad at Daniel for what the truth actually was, and on some level she pitied him. It was his dishonesty and her stupidity of acting without a full understanding or even questioning the gaps she couldn’t fill in that made her feel like her reality had been flipped. What hurt more was knowing she had probably made Daniel feel much the same back in Camden. In additional to that her guilt boiled over knowing that despite her uninformed and rash choices Bryan Kromer had still played a rather large part in saving her life when she’d done the best of her ability to fuck him over. Although she wasn’t sure if he would listen Charlotte knew she needed to at least try and speak with him and attempt to find some sort of common ground to set things right.

But things with Daniel needed to be right first. The several days following the discussion left Charlotte a bit more tense and quiet than she might normally be. She tried her best not to make Daniel feel shut out or distrusted. She fought hard not to force him back into the story he’d been so reluctant to share either. The reemergence of Daniel’s nightmares were a key concern for her in the days leading up to her trip to speak with his father, even if she didn’t say so.  She slept less because of it and the sleep she did get was shallower. Charlotte kept Daniel close to her head with his head on her chest those few nights to try and monitor any signs of a nightmare.

The morning she was scheduled to leave she was awake before Daniel. She lifted the cheek she had been resting on the top of Daniel’s head but kept sifting her fingers through his hair when he stirred. She pulled her eyes from her small bag packed in the corner and met his. “Good morning, handsome,” she murmured, scooting a bit closer to his warmth before the two of them had to get out of bed and on with their day. She pressed a kiss against his lips, taking full advantage of his sleepy mood before climbing out from under his arm to get dressed, her eyes on the clock to check how much time was left until the flight she felt almost too anxious to take. 

New Ride | Closed Au | Rei--Ryuugazaki / Iwatobis-Penguin

The work day was finally over and the time to relax had finally come. With his eight-hour shift finally finished, the blonde had the chance to move from that simple cafe that he worked at and instead go for a change of pace - his favorite roadside bar just before the outside of town. Caffeine was easy to come by at his job, though rather than having something to make him feel energetic, a drink to relax himself sounded much more appealing.

Parking his Kawasaki in the smallest spot in the front of the bar, Nagisa removed his helmet and carefully stepped off of his bright-yellow kawasaki after releasing the kickstand, resting his helmet in place before finally heading inside the bar. It was pretty late though this wasn’t a place that he really expected to be too busy even about this time of day. Some peace and quiet was just what he needed.

Sliding his fingers through his long hair, the boy glanced around the room as he entered. Even for what he expected it was surprisingly quiet. Only a few men and women seated here and there, having their quiet conversations… Though one person for some reason caught his eye. A man whom he could only see from the back was seated at the bar, though strangely he was alone. That unique hair-colour also proved that this was someone Nagisa hadn’t ever seen here before and he just couldn’t help but become interested. One final glance around the room proved that the bar would be the quietest place to sit anyway, so why not join him in the spot?

Quietly, Nagisa made his way over to the bar and sat down, just one stool away from that azure-haired stranger who was seated there. With a wave of the hand and a smile he ordered himself a beer to drink before looking over at the stranger. That’s when he noticed the look on the other man’s face. He seemed distant, somewhat stressed, like a bar-goer that you would see in the movies. Respectfully the boy turned his attention back to his drink when it was handed to him, though it wasn’t until he had his first sip that he decided to look back, noting the stranger’s rather beautifully coloured eyes.

“… Want another round?”

Nagisa found himself asking this with a smile. Why he decided to speak up to a stranger at the bar, he wasn’t quite sure… Though the other man didn’t look too drunk yet though at the same time, that look on his face made it seem as if he did need one more.

The punishment had been difficult. She hadn’t expected Warren to fuck her publicly, to make it hurt, and her mind was still somewhere else. She was still in that odd place that she couldn’t quite explain. Somehow, incidents like that tended to draw her back to being 13 all over again - or worse, to the courtyard. She still didn’t feel like herself, though all she wanted was to come back around. One of the supers that watched her punishment cornered her, taunting her, “Too bad you’re claimed. If you were in the cells, you’d be my pretty little bitch. I bet I could tame that mouth of yours. Get in trouble again, princess, I’ll ask to have my turn on you since I missed last time." She grimaced, "Well, I’m claimed. Leave me alone!” He ignored her, smirking, “My friend told me what a good fuck you are." She tensed, bile rising in her throat. "Too bad you’ll never know.” He scoffed, “I’m sure I’ll find out, whore.”