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imagining laura hollis reacting to this dw 13th doctor announcement is giving me life rn. She'd be so excited!!!!

You know exactly what you’re doing putting plot bunnies in my head, don’t you anon? … and it worked too… you sneaky cupcake. 


The front door hadn’t even shut behind her when Carmilla suddenly had an armful of bouncing Laura Hollis. And then no Laura Hollis. And then arms full of Laura again.

“Carm! Did you hear the news?” Laura was practically wiggling with excitement, a flush in her cheeks and her eyes lit up with the sparkle that always made Carmilla’s heart flip over. “It’s like the best news all month!”

She grabbed Carmilla and kissed her full on the mouth. So hard and messy that Carmilla barely had time to respond before Laura was pulling back, arms locked around Carmilla’s neck. 

Carmilla wracked her brain, trying to balance Laura in one arm and hang her motorcycle keys on the hook with the other. She fought to keep her face impassive. She’d clearly forgotten something. Something important. 

Wedding anniversary. No. Birthday. No. Some strange modern holiday. No.

Doctor’s appointment?

She glanced over at the fridge and the tiny ultrasound photo prominently displayed in the center. No. That couldn’t be it. They’d just had one.

She had no idea. 

Still, she couldn’t disappoint the smiling girl in front of her. “Of course I did cutie,” Carmilla purred, her arms wrapping around Laura’s waist “But I’d rather hear it from you.”

Laura rolled her eyes but her smile never died as she kissed Carmilla on the nose and then broke away, grabbing the keys that Carmilla still hadn’t been able to hang successfully on the hook and popping them in place. “You don’t have to pretend for me, Carm. I know you don’t really care one way or the other but I just cannot believe that it’s a girl. I mean, I was hoping but I never thought it would actually happen and I just couldn’t stop smiling when I heard. Like, I think my face is going to split in two because it’s so great for feminism although it would have been nice to see some poc too because-”

Carmilla’s brain crashed to a halt halfway through Laura’s ramble.

“It’s a girl?” Carmilla could barely breath the words. Laura was still talking but Carmilla couldn’t focus on her words.

She stepped forward almost involuntarily, capturing Laura and pressing a hand against her stomach. The smallest curve against her palm where only days before the doctor had taken an ultrasound of the newest member of their family.

“I thought,” Carmilla couldn’t take her eyes off Laura’s stomach, “we were going to make it a surprise.”

Still. A daughter. Taylor. They’d decided. The thought filled her mind, unable to be shaken once the idea was in her head. 

“Did the Doctor call?” Carmilla continued, “or did Laf sneak in and run those tests they’ve been trying to get us to let them do?”

It’s a girl. It’s a girl. It’s a girl. Laura’s words rebounded through her head.

“It’s a girl?” Carmilla repeated. 

She only noticed when Laura stopped talking. Then two hands came up and cupped her face, the wedding band cool against her skin. Laura was still smiling but her smile was tinged with amusement, “Um, Carm? You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?”

Carmilla kept her hands on Laura’s belly, “You said the baby’s a girl.”

Laura looked like she was biting back laughter, “I wasn’t talking about the baby, Carm. We agreed that was going to be a surprise. I wouldn’t do it without you.”

Carmilla frowned, “Then what were you talking about.”

“Um,” Laura blushed but was still practically bouncing on her toes, “The new doctor? Doctor 13 from Doctor Who? It’s going to be played by a girl this time! Jodie Whittaker. I’m so excited.”

Her eyes sparkled, face lighting up at the announcement.

Carmilla groaned, sinking back against the wall with a hand on her face, “You’re killing me, Mrs Karnstein. Absolutely killing me.”

“You love it,” Laura leaned in, pressing against Carmilla.”Although now that you’ve brought it up, how do you feel about the name Jodie?”

Carmilla closed her eyes, shook her head, and smiled. 

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But the anon who suggest the name Heather made me laugh because I've been obsessed with this movie/musical called The Heathers about a girl (Veronica Sawyer) who gets accepted into a clique of girls named Heather who rule the school but she ends up getting entangled with a psychopathic vigilante who goes on a murder spree targeting popular kids. So there's that.

Anon, I don’t think you’re really seeing The Me Inside of Me there. Not that it wouldn’t be Beautiful, but you might just have to Freeze your Brain before you start thinking everything is a Heathers reference. You might be having Big Fun thinking the show was Meant to be Yours, but other people might start feeling Blue if you don’t Shine a Light on this whole affair. And before you know it, you’re going to start to Fight For Me and we’ll all have to get a Lifeboat out to save you before you become a Dead Girl Walking. And believe me, I Am Damaged, I know about musical theatre obsessions. I have Seventeen different versions of one show’s soundtrack!

Candy Store.

I am hearing things…I am hearing that we are going to be, as we say in the States, shook, we are going to be shook…I hear it is lit…I hear we have a lit-uation coming on, it’s going to be quite savage.
—  Interviewer telling Niall he is excited about his upcoming music. Hot99.5 Jingle Ball, 2016

Clawhauser: Oooh, don’t worry Isa and Wavy, Uncle Ben is comin’!!!

Finnick:  Oh, no… ohh… uh… uh… let’s see, uh… *Goes into character as if he’s talking to Nick and Judy* Gee, Nick..Judy… the good news is, we found your daughters. The bad news is, we dropped a cheetah on them. Is… there a problem with that?

Clawhauser: *looking from side to side in the water* Isabelle? Waverlyyyy?

Finnick: Ben!! Let me define, “BABYSITTING”!!!

Isabelle - @trashasaurusrex

Waverly - @feverwildehopps