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The rest of @rochesterborn‘s request for Imperials as part of the Rebellion, this time featuring Rae Sloane. Coming up with an outfit was pretty easy - having been an up-and-comer in the Imperial Navy, I imagine the same pattern would repeat in the Rebellion, so I looked at Rebel leader uniforms and made a variation for her.  (She probably wishes she could find a nice hat, though.)

I’m only really familiar with her from A New Dawn and the Kanan comic, so I did some digging in her Wookiepedia page and found mention of an incident (I think in one of the Aftermath novels?) where she refused to do something because she found it too abhorrent/went against her morals.  So I could see that happening earlier, chronologically, and having it ultimately driving her to the Rebellion.  I imagine there would be a lot of suspicion, with her being a former Imperial, but she’d be quick to show her talents and still rise relatively quickly in the Rebellion ranks.

The only problem with having Sloane around was the catfights.

chillingconflagration replied to your post:

[muffled ymca in the background]

Young man, 

There’s no need to feel down.

I said, 

     young man, 

                   pick yourself off the ground

I said, 

      young man, 

                ‘cause you’re in a new town

There’s no need to be unhappy.

It’s fun to stay at the YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.M.C.A.


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“I finally found someone that I like. Wearing the same uniform and the same shoes. Sitting in the same class, born in the same year.”

Doukyuusei (同級生) directed by Shouko Nakamura