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             even    speaking the words    had taken so much out of him.  tiredness riddled his stiffening features, brows furrowed as he took in the sight of jim moving closer,  eyes flickering feature to feature.  but in the meanwhile fingers flutter atop knuckles, brushing against the skin in a tentative manner.  spock inhales, swallowing some as his chin dips in what could    ALMOST    be called a nod.     “ thank you, jim. ”    he breathes,  nostrils flaring.  didn’t want to say the word nightmare.   couldn’t

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icarus is flying too close to the sun | an Anne Boleyn mix

01. I’m only the face of every woman, just a heartbeat in a man / 02. I don’t need blue blood running through my veins, because like a queen, like a queen, I can make you say you love me / 03. no one ever died from wanting too much / 04. as long as there’s a light, my shadow’s over you, ‘cause I, I am the opposite of amnesia / 05. standing on the cliff face, highest fall you’ll ever grace, it scares me half to death / 06. I’m just an angel that’s fallen from grace, in a weak moment I doubted my faith, I danced with the devil, and I’m so ashamed, he never mentioned that I’d have to pay / 07. as darkness quickly steals the light that shined within her eyes, she slowly swallows all her fear, and soothes her mind with lies / 08. let no voice falter, let die no flame, let all remember your every name / 09. you may kill me now, and you may hurt me so, but I will haunt you ‘til the end is nigh

[ L I S T E N ]


/I guess this is my attempt at a lyricstuck? Just this portion of the song, anyway.

Spoilers, yeah. I imagine Karkat and Gamzee’s reconciliation takes a toll on whatever he and Dave have going on.

(Oh, and it’s transparent. <3)