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ɪᴍᴘᴇʀɪᴀʟ sᴇɴᴀᴛᴏʀ ᴀᴜ - ᴘᴀʀᴛ ɪɪ

A ward of the state, lost among the war-orphans, the then-Chancellor was the only fixture in Anakin’s life after he won his freedom. Caught in the undertow of death and destruction, by the time the young Queen attempted to look into the whereabouts of the peculiar little boy he was already gone - a file lost in an overwhelmed system. Once the Jedi were hunted like animals across the stars, the path for Obi-wan to follow his master’s dying directive became closed to him. 

Anakin’s usefulness ended along with his destruction of the droid control ship. No credits, no home, and no friends  on Coruscant - who could refuse Palpatine’s generosity where it came? And it came - first in gifts of education: manuals and texts, time spent paying attention to a child no one else seemed interested in. Later, with holocrons, to be their little secret.

The Jedi, who had abandoned him, were scattered across the galaxy - dead, dying. The only place he’d ever called home was  a thousand star systems away. If he had any reservations at all when Palpatine invited him to live in the Palace and took over his education personally - when his only friend revealed himself as the Dark Lord of the Sith and his intentions for the young disciple - what other options had there ever been?

I didn’t really expect the response the first part of this got - oh my god thank you everyone. (I’m so bad at expressing this sort of thing but inside I was just rolling around happily). Getting to my favorite pouty Dark Lord.  (⊙‿⊙✿) Padme’s really the hero here, but he isn’t any good at staying out of her life.

I like the idea that initially the shape shifting Strain appears to Fushimi as Yata except that Fushimi sees through them immediately because he knows Misaki and there’s no way that person is really Misaki. Maybe this is pre-S1 too so they’re still at odds before the whole thing happens, like the Strain’s been causing chaos in the city and both Homra and Scepter 4 are after it. They’re sort-of working together, like officially they’re all on their own missions but Awashima and Kusanagi are sharing info and coordinating things between their clans while Munakata and Mikoto pretend like they have no idea that this cooperation is happening. Fushimi’s leading Scepter 4’s team because he’s good at spotting the fake, he’s very observant and good at reading other people’s movements so he’s turned out to have good instincts when it comes to figuring out who’s actually the Strain ins disguise. At one point he and Yata cross paths and of course Fushimi has to stop doing his actual job in order to taunt Yata and rile him up, what they don’t realize is that the Strain is observing them the whole time. Afterward Fushimi is briefly separated from the alphabet squad and he runs into the Strain disguised as Yata, the Strain was able to gather enough from their last fight to realize that Fushimi and Yata used to be friends and maybe it’s a particularly intuitive Strain who was able to also catch the underlying pain in Fushimi’s expression even as he tried to pretend that he and Yata are enemies. The Strain tries to make it seem like ‘Yata’ wants to reconcile, being all 'I need you Saruhiko’ except Fushimi pulls a knife immediately and is just pissed off that this Strain would dare to appear in front of him as Misaki.

So the Strain barely escapes Fushimi and maybe they’re injured too, bleeding from a stab wound. They round a corner and there’s Yata blocking the alley the Strain needs to get through to escape. The Strain decides to try again and shapeshifts into Fushimi, stumbling into the alley with a swear. Yata whirls to see 'Saruhiko’ lying there, Yata’s about to yell at him to ask what the stupid monkey thinks he’s doing when he sees the blood on the ground. Yata’s immediately concerned and starts trying to treat the wound, asking what happened, and the Strain clicks their tongue and mutters that the enemy used one of 'his’ own knives on him. Yata gives kind of a grim laugh at that, like serves you right for always going off on your own, you were always that kind of guy, but his expression is clearly worried. The Strain uses that, playing on Yata’s feelings towards Fushimi and leveraging the wound, acting feverish and making 'Saruhiko’ spew all these things about how he never wanted to betray Yata and how much he’s missed being by Yata’s side. Yata’s totally confused and concerned, like he doesn’t know how to handle this new information and he’s still terrified that Saruhiko’s going to die and then the Strain hears someone coming so they promptly lean in and kiss Yata on the lips. Yata immediately responds, grabbing them by the shoulders and pulling 'Saruhiko’ close as he returns the kiss. A moment later the real Fushimi stumbles upon the scene and for a second he just stands there, not even sure what he’s seeing. Yata immediately pulls away though, suddenly self-conscious, and is like wait what as he realizes that he’s staring at two Saruhikos.

Then in the aftermath things are even messier, Yata feels like a fool for kissing a fake Saruhiko and he’s really hurt because he thought for a moment that everything was back to how it should be, him and Saruhiko together again, and instead it was all a lie. Fushimi for his part is probably pissed and also hurt above everything that Yata couldn’t even tell the fake wasn’t him, like Fushimi even now knows Misaki anywhere but that idiot couldn’t even tell he was kissing a fake. Fushimi acts like he’s only annoyed because it messed up the investigation, of course, and ignores the way his chest keeps clenching painfully every time he thinks about seeing Yata with his lips against someone else’s and how Yata really did never understand him properly if he couldn’t even figure out who the real Fushimi was. But he’s also aware that when he got into that alley the Strain wasn’t just kissing Yata, Yata was kissing back, and he has to keep shutting down the part of him that wonders if this means Yata would kiss him back if he ever tried, like what does this mean for Yata’s feelings that he reciprocated when the Strain made a move on him. Ultimately I think Fushimi would try to avoid thinking about those questions and hold onto his anger instead, it’s easier for him to be bitter and upset at Yata than to admit that part of him wants to believe that Yata really would return his true feelings if Fushimi was ever willing to admit to them himself.


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Imagine playing with Woozi’s hair when he places his head on your lap and combing his fringe back because you secretly like it when he shows his forehead.


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