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Based on @paperficwriter‘s Genos headcanon(s)!


Wouldn’t you trade it all to have Thomas Hamilton back again?

[M] Aubade // BTS’ Rap Monster

[A/N] A short and simple morning love song.

He awakens you with a kiss, soft and sensual and filled with the lingering heat of a wild night in bed. Your eyes are sticky with sleep and beg for more rest, but when you close them again it’s only so that you can properly bask in the warmth of his sweet wake-up call. He nips at your lower lip and you moan, instinctively craning your neck to deepen the kiss. For a brief moment you wonder if it’s okay to feel this lightheaded so early in the morning, but the thought disappears as soon as it comes because this is Namjoon and you will gladly take everything he gives you.

Namjoon is the first to break away. He gives your lip one last teasing bite before settling back into his spot. “Hey there, sleeping beauty,” he greets. The fact that you’re both naked with only the bed sheets as a source of modesty does nothing to stop him from pulling you closer. Behind the window curtains the new day’s sunlight hides from view, but you’re still able to see the hickies and remnants of lipstick scattered about on his neck- your hickies and lipstick stains, you think with a hint of satisfaction.

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Finished my first playthrough of MEA with my Sarah, now it’s time for her brother Scott to be the protagonist

The villagers were all staring at him expressionlessly. Coldly. The village head threw the bright red fabric at his feet. Her cruel expression was shrouded in darkness.

“Leave!” she barked. “Leave and let the wolves be done with you.”


Get to know me: Favorite Friendships (2/50)
Kaneki & Hide

“Hey, you. You’re always reading by yourself at school, huh?”
“I-Is that wrong?“ 
“I don’t mean that. I just moved here, so I don’t have any friends. So would you be my friend?” 
“Mm-hmm, sure.” 
“All right!”


Lots of cuddles. L o t s.

Requested by nathanprescottfucker-offical

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i'm sorry about your tablet!! ;(( but I mean hey your art is still amazing regardless omggg. can i request smol pink baekhyunnie calling jongin "nini-hyung" for the first time? I'm still not over that ;3;

“Papa Byun took in a new apprentice and 12-year-old Baekhyun is very eager to learn from him.”

that was the very first and last time Baekhyun called Jongin that


title: Boxed In 
word count: 2008 
prompt: Jackson + his punching bag in got7′s If I Do MV (please watch & support it!) - Jackson, a competitive boxer keeps to himself, until the day he meets you and his heart – and world – open up. 
note: the MAD SERIES will be a one shot series for each of the members of got7 based on their role in their music video, If I Do

He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you.

He kept telling himself over and over again to not get involved, but he couldn’t leave you that first night you met. The music was blaring, just like any house party, but it wasn’t loud enough to block out the yelling between you and a guy.

“Just — leave me alone, seriously,” you said, pushing him away. You tried to be nice at first, but you could smell the alcohol in his breath as he grabbed your arm, pulling you in close.

“Why,” he said slyly. You tried to break free, but you couldn’t, so you did what anyone else would have done: yelled.

“Get — off — of — me!” you yelled, pushing him away hard. Good thing he was too drunk to have any real strength, but you could see his eyes turning angry and he plunged for you until —

“HEY!” Jackson bellowed. He rushed toward you, pushing off the guy he recognized from his boxing team off of you. “Let her go,” Jackson says, pinning him against the wall.

“I didn’t mean anything,” he says, throwing his hands up in defense.

“Yeah, yeah, just leave her alone, okay?” Jackson says loud enough for everyone else to hear, “Seriously.”

Just because they were on the same boxing team didn’t mean that they were both equally strong — everyone knew not to mess with Jackson. You could see his arms even through his sleek black knit sweater, and the fierce look in his eyes when he was mad wasn’t something anyone wanted to mess with.

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PD-nim: okay suga, for this picture, i want you to say something very serious to jungkook

suga: hokay

*places hand on kookie’s shoulder*

suga: bruh

suga: you insfire me



100 to 0 real fast.


some random doodles from an impromptu stream i had, aka the calm before the storm of what else happened in that stream. the first one would be the trash squad at the stream, and the second one a little scene from @pedoseidon‘s fic “rippling water and rippling abs

My Personal Favourites

In no particular order:

Help, I Need Somebody (Not Just Anybody) 

in full bloom


Our Princess Has That Effect

The Undeserving

You Are Just Like An Animal, You Got A Wild Heart 

Move On Me

(I Wanna Be) Your Left Hand Man


Take This Boat And Point It Home [We’ve Still Got Time]

Four down, one to go :D promptfill for @ahiddenkitty, you get some coronationrobes for thorin because what do you mean he died? Of course he survived the battle and became king under the mountain and lived happily ever after with bilbo by his side!

plus b&w sketch of Bilbos outfit for the occasion:

You know why I’m digging this Rey Palpatine theory? Because then if Reylo were to happen we would have a love story that’s entirely on the dark side. Wouldn’t that be incredible? for us as an audience to be obviously compelled to root for Finn and Poe and the light side, but then also be completely charmed by these two lovebirds on the dark one?