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notbobmarlie So THIS happened😻 @annakendrick47 super comfy in her seat so I didn’t want to bug her for a picture so instead I slipped her a note (and ran away a mind you). It was about how she’s one of my favorite actresses and super inspiring and honestly, it was hella cheesy.
Anyways! Toward the end of the flight she’s like do you know who wrote this? When I said me she’s like omg do you want to get a picture together? I told her it’s okay she didn’t have to, but she’s like no we’re taking one!! And afterward she gave me a hug. Pardon me while I freak #tf out 😻

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The paladins reactions to their s/o not seeing them for a long time and when they hug for the first time in a long time they jump on them and wrap their legs around them. Their s/o is just so happy and excited they couldn't help it.

Omg this is so cute!!


  • If you didn’t jump into his arms, then he’d be jumping into yours. He definitely missed you just as much as you missed him and he hates being away from you for so long.
  • He’s going to hold you so close and won’t set you down until you ask to be put down. He just wants to hold you and you want held so it all works out!
  • He’ll keep going on about how he missed you and it was awful not being able to hug you in so long. Please just love on this boy, he missed you.
  • He’s never letting you go. For the next few days he’s just going to stay by your side and cuddle with you whenever he can.


  • He’s a bit surprised at first when you jump into his arms and wrap your legs around him. He’s not opposed to it, just surprised.
  • Once he gets over the initial shock of there being a person in his arms, he gladly holds you close and tightly so that he doesn’t accidentally drop you.
  • He promises to never be away for so long again because dang it he missed you too. 
  • He’s a bit more clingy for the next few days because he prefers your company much more than being alone, the time you were apart definitely proved that to him.


  • He already had his arms out ready to catch you and oh my gosh he missed you. He’s not surprised one bit when you jump into his arms.
  • He just holds you close for a while, resting his head against yours. He wants you to know he’s just as happy to see you as you are to see him.
  • The second you’re in his arms, he’s not going to stop rambling about how he missed you, how he was worried about you even if there was no reason to worry, and that he hates being away from you and never wants to do it again.
  • He will always accept hugs and cuddles, so if you need his attention more than usual after being apart for so long, he’s not complaining and will immediately pull you into a hug.


  • Unless you’re the same size as her, there’s a very good chance you two are going to topple to the ground if you jump into her arms.
  • She won’t complain though, unless you’re like twice her size. If you’re bigger than her, then she’s most likely going to jump into your arms. Be prepared for koala Pidge.
  • She hates being away from the people she cares about, and you are definitely one of those people. She’ll ramble a bit about how she missed you, but then she’ll go quiet and just hug you so tightly.
  • She’s by your side more than usual afterwards, and pouts a bit if you leave her for too long, though I doubt you will since you missed her just as much.


  • You could jump into his arms or not, but either way he’s picking you up and spinning you around.
  • He missed having you in his arms and will most likely hide his face in your shoulder because he’s grinning like an idiot.
  • The more you talk about missing him, the more he feels bad for leaving for so long. He’ll try his best to be by your side as much as he can.
  • For a week or so afterwards, he’ll just come up behind you and hug you. He might not have anything to say, but he just wants to hold you. 

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"Purl Before Swines" for the fic title thing (sorry, I got knitting on my mind and puns are just my way of life so it gives strange results)

omg I love this title. XD

Lance and Hunk knit things for the other paladins, Lance constantly complaining about how no one appreciates how much work goes into it–and yet Lance is the one who keeps taking on new projects. Hunk helps because (a) knitting is stress-relief, (b) he doesn’t want Lance to overwork himself, and © it’s nice to be able to give people things. The two of them set out to make things their friends will actually use and cherish, because you don’t want to guilt them into liking it just because of how much time it took.

Pidge is easy: she’s always cold in the castle and complains about how the blankets are all too thin. Even when she’s warm, she has a hard time falling asleep because she needs the weight of a good blanket. So Lance and Hunk make her a double-knitted blanket.

Allura’s next–Lance knew from the start she’d love a nice lace shawl; the biggest issue was the pattern. Knitting patterns are in short supply in space, so he had to design the shawl himself, which took a lot of time and a lot of reworking as he kept hating what he came up with.

Shiro wasn’t too hard, either. Once Hunk realized Shiro’s a sweater person, they had their hearts set on making him the best sweater. (Getting his measurements was a bit of a struggle, but they managed, and Shiro virtually never takes off the sweater except when they’re training or in battle. It’s so comfy!)

Coran is simultaneously the easiest and the hardest person to knit for, because he steadfastly refuses to ask for or give any indication that he wants anything big and time consuming–but he loves even the smallest things Lance and Hunk make for him. He ends up with two hats, a scarf, a pair of gloves, a cozy for his tea mug, and leg warmers that were totally supposed to be a joke, but Coran unironically loves them, so Lance isn’t going to ruin his fun.

And then there’s Keith. What the hell do you knit Keith? He doesn’t like hats, he doesn’t get the point of knit gloves, he never seems to get cold, Lance refuses to accentuate his stupid jacket’s collar with a scarf…

Then one day Lance is making a little Blue Lion amigurumi for himself, and Keith appears literally out of nowhere to peek over Lance’s shoulder and ask what he’s doing. Lance explains (after he convinces his heart not to beat right out of his chest), and even though Keith doesn’t say anything, he’s not exactly subtle about lurking around watching Lance work.

Over the next several days, a crocheted Red Lion shows up on Keith’s bed, followed by a hippo, a Black Lion, the other three lions to complete the set, a full quartet of space mice, an Arusian, and the entire team in miniature. Keith is overwhelmed, but he does sleep with the lions and the hippo, and he usually has one of the smaller amigurumi in his fanny pack at all times.

(Bonus: The last several projects Lance did mostly on his own, since Hunk has cooking and engineering and other stuff to do. Not too long after completing everyone else’s gifts, though, Lance heads to his room one night and finds a blanket–obviously amateur, with a billion mistakes and horrendously uneven stitches–folded up at the foot of his bed. There’s a note at the bottom that says, Sorry it’s not as good as yours, but we wanted to say thanks for spending so much time on us. The entire team has signed it, with Shiro adding a PS: Don’t blame Hunk for the bad quality. He’s a great teacher; we’re just really bad at knitting. Lance may or may not be teary eyed as he cocoons himself in his new blanket and falls asleep.)

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What if I have an AU where Hanzo is a smol birb and stares at Mccree like a cute smol birb to prevent him from smoking


This is also a gift for my beloved and crazy @mccree-senpai! You know how much I appreciate your support, daddy 💛

More overwatch here!

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Hey, it's me again (girl who doesn't play overwatch). Firstly, thanks for comic, it's soooo bright and cute. And secondly, a little bit off topic but I noticed that you're aquarius AND infp. I'm not actually in all those mbti-related things but hey, it's nice to see someone like me on tumblr :D (sorry if it all sounds weird but I just couldn't help it) Uhm...Have a nice day?

Omg! It’s YOU! <3 It’s always sunny when you write me, girl! :D

Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the new comic! *3*

Since we are both aquarius, we could be like sisters or worst enemies, ahah! Because I’m told there’s no in between when two aquarius are in the same room! XD Btw, I’m so glad you told me that. My older and best friend is an aquarius too so I feel the strong connection between people with this same sign. I wish you happiness and peace, dear: we aquarius really struggle a lot about both! X3

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I think it would be cute if Harry and the missus were both teachers and the kids began to notice a connection, but obviously couldn't be quiet because they are little and omg it would be so cute if they tried to whisper but didn't❤️

STOP THIS IS SO CUTE. Maybe it’s art day for their classes so they’re all together in the art room and one of her kids beckons her over and has her lean in close like they need to tell her a secret and goes, “Is Mr. Styles your boyfriend?” in a voice that’s a little louder than a whisper. And the missus can’t help but blush a little and look over to Harry who’s portioning out paints and he’s got a wide-eyed expression and a little smirk. “I think he likes you,” they continue. “You should hold his hand.”  And they have all of these sweet little innocent reasons why they think he likes her. Like, “He brings you coffee like my daddy does for my mommy.” or “He shares his apples with you.” or “He smiles really big when he sees you.” or “He shares his books with you.” 

:’))) xx.

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So one of my favorite artists (who is probably very well known in the YOI fandom) uploaded a new work today where Victor is carrying a drunken Yuuri up to his room and I couldn't help but think of your Rivals series and the Olympics banquet haha, thank you so much for your writing and if you haven't seen the art yet, it's by Gearous and there's two pictures :)

omg, that fanart sounds so cute! 


plantboy!phil and spaceboy!dan lockscreens/wallpapers.
pretty please don’t repost :)
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Taehyung and Yoongi would totally be the couple that’s late to their own wedding because they were to busy napping

“Hey Tae… Wasn’t there something important today?” “mmm… 5 more minutes”

Meanwhile their phones are somewhere dying from all the missed calls and text notifications and Jin and Jimin are trying to beat down the door because goddammit they only have the venue booked for 3 hours and they can’t have a wedding without the fucking grooms there!


ANR Ship Shenanigans #4
  • Tokaku: Haru!
  • Haru: Ehhh what's wrong Tokaku-san?
  • Tokaku: What happened to the leftover curry that I had sitting in the fridge?
  • Haru: Well um Tokaku-san I ummm sort of ate it.
  • Tokaku: YOU DID WHAT!?!?!
  • Haru: I'm so sorry Tokaku-san I was really hungry and I couldn't help myself!
  • Tokaku:
  • Tokaku:
  • Haru: Tokaku-san?
  • Tokaku: I came out here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now!
  • Haru: T--TOKAKU-SAN OMG!

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hello I was wondering do you still have the gif or the video of when taehyung tried to do jungkook part from bullet proof mv. the trick with the hat. in the video you can see jungkook in the corner smiling at taehyung. I really want to see the video an I cant find it. after watching bulletproof again I couldn't help but laugh when jungkook did the hat trick because it reminded me of what taehyung was trying to do.

Omg yes!! That was so funny and cute >___<

Here is the video. [at 10:20] There are so many important things in this dvd. I need to watch again *⌓*


“Pose like Minnie Mouse”  -  We Got Married 230

What Would BTS Do?
  • (Taehyung's bathroom adventures)
  • Taehyung: hey did you know the bathrooms have vending machines now?
  • You: what
  • Taehyung: yeah and they're super cheap! you only need to pay a quarter!
  • You:
  • You: Tae why were you in the women's bathroom
  • Taehyung:
  • You:
  • Taehyung: wait if i was in the women's bathroom, then what came out of the vending-
  • Taehyung: OMG

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can i please have a scenario where u couldn't fall asleep so Youngjae sings too u?? with a lot of fluff pleeeeeease ♡ omg this is such a cliché plot but its just too cute MY FEELS >///< THANK ILY AND UR BLOG♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

aw you’re so precious, anonnie! hope you like this~ (≧ω≦)

   You squeezed your eyes shut and shifted over to lay on the other side for the umpteenth time—changing sleeping positions always seemed to help. Burying your cheek deeper into your pillow, you tried to find a comfortable position; maybe that was the prime reason for your inability to fall asleep. You’ve tried all the clichés: counting sheep, counting back from 100, and right now you were pretty much close to giving up and just lying there awake till morning came.

You groaned, completely forgetting all about the sleeping figure next to you. “Why can’t I just fall asleep already?!”

Beside you, your boyfriend Youngjae stirred and frowned from being woken from his slumber. He groggily opened his eyes and blinked a few time to regain his vision but to only see you with your eyes shut tightly with a moue of discontent. Although your eyes were closed, he could tell that you were wide awake and clearly struggling to fall asleep.


Your eyes shot open from the sudden noise. Oh yeah, you weren’t the only one trying to sleep… You felt a twang of guilt for waking him up; he was always a light sleeper.

“Youngjae! Did I wake you? Oh, I’m so sorry oh my gosh—”

“Can you not sleep?” he interrupted, grabbing your wrist softly to pull you into his arms. You blushed from the sudden affection but nodded your head regardless. It wasn’t like you were complaining.

Your head rested on his shoulder as his arms settled around your waist, pulling you closer. His warmth washed over you and you closed your eyes, already feeling yourself grow drowsy from the coziness. You didn’t need bundles of blankets or pillows when you had your own personal teddy bear.

“Yeah, I’ve been trying to sleep for at least an hour,” you murmured, placing a kiss on his neck. His fingers trailed up and down your back and you shivered from his touch.

Your eyes that saw me for the first time,“ he sang, grogginess lacing his voice, ”in them, I saw a number of stars…

You giggled, his fingers dragging up to play with the ends of your hair.

They were following me in a funny way that day,
So, why, on that day…
Couldn’t I forget about you, in that moment?
The day shining, you came towards me…
To me you’re the best of the best, no one I ever had
I’ll give you a gift, so I won’t regret…

By now the sleep was slowly overcoming your body, his soothing voice coming to an end. You felt him dot a kiss on your forehead.

“Goodnight, love,” was the last thing you heard before drifting off to sleep.