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When the kids graduate high school and part ways for the first time in all different directions and life paths, Mike and El go to colleges with hours and miles between them. They don’t get to see each other as often, aren’t able to enjoy the warmth of the other’s presence or see the other’s face when they tell a bad joke or give the other a comforting hug and shoulder to cry on when the weight of the world is too much to bear. El’s weekends are filled with tutoring kids at the local elementary school and working on her art pieces in her spare time, so Mike takes a familiar train ride every Friday evening to visit her. The first time is a complete surprise, shyly knocking on the door to her dorm room while carefully balancing a mountain of Eggos boxes in his arms. The entire night is spent quietly cuddled in each other’s embrace, munching on still-frozen toaster waffles and contemplating the mysteries of the universe. The staff at the train station on either end of Mike’s route slowly get to know him; they always ask him what she’s planning for this trip and give him a cup of coffee with an encouraging smile after a laborious week and remark on whatever token of affection he’s brought this time. One day, there’s a handmade photo album for the birthday of the master photographer herself filled with carefully developed pictures and hastily penned captions that’s fondly pored over and reminisced upon for the entire journey. Some days, there are bouquets flourishing with only the brightest of sunflowers and tulips and lilies and daffodils held in shakily nervous hands over the romantic gesture. One day, there’s a plush lion with a raggedy mane and velvety fur and glossy button eyes sticking out of his backpack—it’s her favorite animal, though she’s never said why. Some days, there’s a small cardboard box neatly taped across the top to contain the stacks upon stacks of mixtapes that he’s crafted and records that he’s picked up at the shop where he works during the week. One day, after many flowers and printed photos and snack foods and records had exchanged hands between the now-grown dungeon master and waffle-lover, there is simply a small velvet box that never leaves his hands for the entire trip as his entire frame is jittering with energy and his throat goes dry as he rehearses the words


*Walks in several hours late with cough medicine*

I loved Stranger Things 2. Especially Steve Harrington, doting father of four, who gave me all kinds of Roy vibes <3 

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Do you hate Axel after he killed you/Zexion/your nobody?

“Y'know Loki,” Loki’s gaze flickered up from the book he was reading as you started speaking. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to slap someone on the face, like really smack them.”
With long slender fingers, Loki slowly marked his place in his book and turned to face you on the couch. He studied you curiously, blinking. “Now why is that?”
You shrugged, “same reason I want to get into a fist fight just once in my life.”
“Because you’re insane?”
“I’m dating you.” You shot back, smirking slightly.
“Fair enough.“ Loki slowly set down his book and straightened up, unfolding himself off the couch. “Well, I’m a god, I can’t help you with the first fight and highly suggest you avoid that, but slapping me won’t hurt me.”
You frowned, looking up at him, “I couldn’t do that, that’s mean.”
Loki chuckled, “and here I thought you wanted to slap someone.”
“In righteous anger, not you.”
“Darling, believe me, I’ll be fine.”
You slowly stood up, moving away from the couch and standing in the center of the room. Loki followed you as you continued to study him. “Well if you’re sure.” You trailed off. It was strange to be the one mock hitting, normally Loki did that in the confines of your shared intimacy.
Raising your hand, you moved to strike him. Lightning fast, Loki caught your wrist, maneuvering you backwards until you were pressed against the wall, pinned by both wrists. Loki quickly began peppering kisses on your throat and jaw, nibbling and sucking as he moved.
Finally, as you turned into a writhing groaning mess, Loki pulled away and grinned at you.
You panted heavily, arms still held up as his body pressed into yours. “Was that just an excuse to do this?” You gasped.
Loki chuckled, “more or less. Remember, hitting isn’t nice.”
“Except when you do it.” You retorted, biting your lip flirtatiously.
Loki reached down to pinch your rear teasingly, “spanking is different love, and I’m not nice. Also, you like it.”
You sighed, reaching up to stroke your free hand through his hair, “that I do.”

(29) Gladio’s pick-up lines

Gladio: Hey, Iggy. Pst. Iggy. If looking at you was a sin, I’ve got extra tickets to hell since age 16.
Ignis: Then stop staring.
Gladio: …Aah, you say that ‘cause you want me to go to heaven, right? Because you care about me?
Ignis: No. I just want you to stop staring.
Gladio: You’re worth an afterlife in Hell, so I’m not stopping.

Ignis: But why are you so stubborn?
Gladio: Why are you so uptight?
Ignis: I am not uptight.
Gladio: See, you’re upset now.
Ignis: It’s because you keep waking me up at this hour just to flirt with me-
Gladio: -I’m just trying to make you smile, dammit-
Ignis: -like it’s flattering to wake up in the middle of-


already choking on my pride

so there’s no use crying about it


The reason I hold on
Cause I need this  h o l e  gone
Funny you’re the  b r o k e n  o n e  but I’m the only one who needed saving
Cause when you never see the  l i g h t  it’s hard to know which one of us is  c a v i n g

Stay by  R i h a n n a

I have this headcanon that Even, Isak, Sana and Yousef spend a lot of chill and nice dinner nights together. I can just see Even and Yousef cooking delicious meals together and laughing fondly at their significant others while they get on heated discussions about biology and various subjects like that. All is good.


I’m thinking you and I
better just go with the flow
last thing that we should do is go slow

13 x 02 “Coda”

“Dean, you don’t have to drive the whole way, you know. You’ll kill us,” Sam said. He was worried about Dean but he was also trying not to piss him off. 

“I’m fine,” Dean said, taking his eyes off the road to see if Sam was buying it. He wasn’t. “Seriously, I’m fine. I can see the road, and am not in danger of hitting any cars or sheep.”


“Yeah, there is like fifty sheep on the road. I guess fences went out of style. As long as I don’t start counting them we’ll be fine.”

“At the next motel, we stop for the night.”

“Why? I’m fin-” Sam cut dean off.

“Because Dean,” Sam said carefully, “there are no sheep on the road.”

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OKAY so like you know in your fanfiction, Run Away Home, when Gwen gets a massage from David, she makes embarrassing noises, I was thinking how would David respond if it was the other way around? And like I just had this idea that David would just instantly fall asleep if she were to give him a head rub or something. Kind of like a puppy, lol (just a random headcannon, I'm not telling you to put it in haha ^-^'' that scene was so hilarious i just couldn't help but think about that)

This issss the cutest headcanon, oh my goodness. Thank you so much for sharing it with me, it’s absolutely adorable! I love it so much… also I can totally picture David just absolutely melting under a nice scalp massage and relaxing so much he just passes out.

Also, tagging @raenbowsofficial, because the ‘David gives great massages and Gwen makes embarrassing noises when she’s on the receiving end’ headcanon is hers originally!

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Could you write a spiderman fic where tony goes to check on his plane after it crashed on the beach and finds a badly injured peter there? I watched the scene in homecoming and couldn't believe he was able to walk out of there!

omg dude (or whichever pronoun you prefer) me too! I was planning this fic while in the theatre watching it but didn’t get my lazy ass to writing it so thanks for requesting this cause I finally did it! 

Honestly it’s insane that they would just have him walk away from the amount of hits to the head he got, and all the other bashing’s, ugh typical tho. Anyway here is poor whumped Peter, I’ll post this on my and ao3 accounts as “A little bit broken.” and since it will probably have more chapters I’ll post the links at the end so you can follow or bookmark it on those sites if you want so you’ll know when the next chapter is out (Although I can’t promise there will be more I’m just hoping more will come to me.)

ANyway here you go, pllleeeaaase let me know what you think? Cause this took a few hours lol

Peter dropped Liz’s dad on the sand and groaned as every inch of his body screamed out in pain. He couldn’t put any weight on his right leg, could barely move it, and his left arm hung limp at his side.

His chest was burning, making it hard to breathe as fire raged around him.

He knew he had to get somewhere safe, to get help, but his vision was nothing but blurred lights and black spots, and when his eyes closed of their own accord, he dropped to the sand and felt nothing.


Voices. Heat. Pain.

And he knew that voice, it was comforting to him. Something like a dad but not quite.

“Peter? Can you hear me? I’m here, kid, you’ll be okay, just don’t move. Happy, get me a med team here, now! Jesus, this is all my fault. Peter, stay with me, come o-“

The voice fell away into darkness. Or maybe it was Peter that was falling.

He didn’t know how long he’d been gone for, but when the real world came back, it came back fast.

He snapped back to consciousness so quickly it was like he’d never left it. Fires were being put out around him as people rushed around, some of them crowding around Peter, but all he could feel was pain and all he could hear was his own scream.

He sobbed, in agony, as hands gripped at his limbs, and stabbed his skin.

“P-please stop, it hurts!”

The sky above him was full of smoke, and he coughed painfully as he struggled to pull in more than shallow pants. Voices called out around him, quick and urgent.

“Get that line taped in, and strap his leg down, we can’t have him moving it until we get some x-rays done. Peter, I need to stay calm and lay still. We’re here to help, you’ll be okay.”

Straps pulled over his chest, rubbing against his bare chest, and pressing wires down. He hurt so much, and they were holding him down. There was something around his neck, preventing him from turning his head, and he didn’t feel sand underneath him anymore, just something cold and hard.

He was scared and in pain and as much as he fought against the straps and hands holding him down, he couldn’t move. Peter let out another sob as he slumped against the backboard he was held to.

“Be careful with him.”

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Hello there! I found 2 gifs the other day of Mads &amp; I'm pretty sure they are both from the same movie, but one is where he's walking next to a pool &amp; he takes his shirt off &amp; the other is him getting out of the pool &amp; pushing his hair backwards on his head (sorry I couldn't find the gifs again). Do you know from my horrible description what movie that scene is from? Thanks so much! :)

Do you mean these?

It’s from a Star Tour advertisement (x) and there’s another one featuring Mads shirtless on the beach (x)