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🙏  deuces, 2016~

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I've tried finding the full bts memories 2014 like almost everywhere. Dm, youtube etc but still couldn't find it ;; by any chance do you know where I can get it? Thank you ♡

Hello~ Um.. I JUST posted an answer to a similar ask not too long ago. right here LOL That should have everything from the DVD. All 3 discs. ^^;;;

Anonymous said:hi. i really love your blog. Thankyou for helping army like me who didnt get to buy bts DVD :( i hope you will upload the bts memories 2015 too unnie. saranghaeeee ~

aw, you’re welcome, dear! <333 i will be uploading 2015 also ^^

Anonymous said:hello can I ask if u know link for bts season greeting 2015 with eng sub? i cant find it anywhere 😭😭 thankyou so much

hello~ I’ve actually gotten this ask before and unfortunately, I do not have a link. It’s the only BTS DVD I do not own :(

Anonymous said:Unnie, will you re upload bts bon voyage??

YES! I will be uploading Bon Voyage ;)

morgan-the-freeman  asked:

Hey! Will there be any live streaming from the Teen Wolf panel today at SDCC? I want to watch it since I couldn't be there this year!

Been getting this question several times so we thought we should answer publicly. Comic-Con doesn’t actually allow live streaming, but I’m certain the panel will be uploaded onto YouTube by fans shortly later! 

And just so you know, we’re planning on making a masterpost for those videos so you can access them all from one place :D 

Should we make a masterpost for all the interviews done at SDCC as well?