couldn't find it so i made it myself

Handwriting Asks

Send me a number and I’ll handwrite the answer for you!

1. write your URL

2. write the URL of the person who sent the ask

3. write your blog title

4. write the blog title of the person who sent the ask

5. your name

6. your birthday

7. where you live right now

8. where you were born

9. today’s date

10. current time

11. relationship status

12. the first 5 words that come to your mind

13. your number of followers

14. the number of blogs you’re following

15. the URLs of your tumblr crushes

16. draw your tumblr activity graph :)

17. describe the latest post on your dashboard

18. favorite band(s), musician(s)

19. favorite song(s)

20. favorite lyric(s)

21. favorite album(s)

22. favorite color(s)

23. celebrity crushes

24. favorite food

25. favorite beverage

26. favorite TV show(s)

27. favorite movie(s)

28. favorite actors or actresses

29. describe what you’re wearing right now

30. write something for the person who sent the ask

31. ships?

32. favorite season(s)

33. favorite ice cream flavor(s)

34. a place you wanna go on holiday

35. favorite number

36. favorite meme(s)

37. favorite animal(s)

38. favorite quote(s)

39. a random fact about yourself

40. write your name with your non-dominant hand

41. handwrite a message to your followers

42. something of your choice (specify in ask)


this is a call out post for isak valtersen: you’re always on your phone but u never check your fuckin messages babe


Ross and Demelza were married on the twenty-fourth of June, 1787. The Rev Mr Odgers performed the ceremony, which took place very quietly in the presence only of the necessary number of witnesses. The register shows that the bride gave her age as eighteen, which was an anticipation of fact by three quarters of a year. Ross was twenty-seven.

Yesterday, a wizard entered New York with a case. A case full of magical creatures. and unfortunately, some have escaped.

Baekhyun: Was it opened?
Chanyeol: Just a smidge.

Chanyeol as Newt Scamander of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

"Queens" ask game
  • I couldn't find any similar ask games, so I made one myself.
  • Queen Elizabeth I. : What's your favorite period drama?
  • Mary, Queen of Scots : Post your favorite portrait of your favorite queen.
  • Marie Antoinette : Who was the most stylish queen?
  • Queen Isabella of Castile : Which queen would you like to meet?
  • Maria of Yugoslavia : What's your favorite royal familiy?
  • Elizabeth Woodwille: Who's your favorite historical couple?
  • Caroline Mathilda of Great Britain : Who's your favorite classical composer?
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine : Who should play your favorite historical person?
  • Catherine de' Medici : Which song reminds you of your favorite historical person?
  • Christina, Queen of Sweden : Most underrated queen?
  • Queen Victoria : Favorite historical fiction?

anonymous asked:

I love your HP posts, especially about Ron. When I first read the books, I disliked him a lot, though I couldn't say why. When I got older I realized that it's because he reminded me of myself - being poor, often being jealous despite myself etc. He basically disrupted my escapism and that made me deeply uncomfortable. I've grown out of this and now find him one of the most relateable characters in HP. It made me really happy to see so much Ron positivity stuff here. I wish you a wonderful day!

Thanks!! Ron has always been the most relatable to me and my absolute fav. I love my son

i’m every woman - a mix celebrating female artists of the 60s, 70s & 80s → [ listen ]

01. donna summer - she works hard for the money | 02. amii stewart - knock on wood | 03. chaka khan - i’m every woman | 04. etta james - something’s got a hold on me | 05. janet jackson - nasty | 06. the pointer sisters - jump (for my love) | 07. patrice rushen - hang it up | 08. diana ross - upside down | 09. tina turner - we don’t need another hero | 10. joyce sims - come into my life | 11. aretha franklin - respect | 12. cheryl lynn - got to be real | 13. dionne warwick - i say a little prayer | 14. whitney houston - i wanna dance with somebody | 15. gloria gaynor - i will survive | 16. shannon - let the music play | 17. sister sledge - lost in music | 18. chaka khan - ain’t nobody | 19. anita ward - ring my bell | 20. donna summer - hot stuff | 21. diana ross & the supremes - stop! in the name of love | 22. pointer sisters - i’m so excited | 23. irene cara - what a feeling | 24. tina turner - what’s love got to do with it | 25. the supremes - can’t hurry love | 26. nina simone - i wish i knew how it would feel to be free