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character aesthetics ♡ fleur & gabrielle delacour

There was also a girl who looked no older than eight, whose clouds of silvery hair made Harry feel sure that she was Fleur Delacour’s sister.

Every ending has a new beginning.

Resident Evil Aesthetics - Alex and Albert {8/?}

dedicated to: @enebrarum


crooked crowns net challenge ⇒ favorite quote

what bound them together? greed? desperation? was it just the knowledge that if one or all of them disappeared tonight, no one would come looking?


get to know me meme [2/30 male characters]: Shawn Hunter

“I don’t know. I don’t really know anything. I’m just cute and fun to watch.”

Is this what you freely choose, to risk winter’s chill? You understand that if you are not the one, you’ll carry the Winter Queen’s chill until the next mortal risks this? And you’ll warn her not to trust me? If she refuses me, you will tell the next girl and the next - and not until one accepts, will you be free of the cold.”