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favourite buffy/willow moments from the early seasons?

sorry i took so long to get to this!! i kept looking at it and getting overwhelmed bc i love…. all the moments…. i can’t even come up w a distinct top five, but here are a few from s1-3??

  • everything in Choices!!! “you had friends like *buffy*!” willow choosing to stay in sunnydale!! willow & buffy rolling around in the grass!!! im emo about this episode bc i just rewatched it this week, and literally every buffy/willow interaction here is the best. like…. as soon as willow was in danger, buffy didnt give a damn about the mayor? getting willow back was the Only Thing that mattered.
  • EVERYTHING IN WELCOME TO THE HELLMOUTH. “you don’t have to come back!” “i’ll be right back.”
  • willow bein insanely jealous of faith…. throughout all of s3…. makes me sad? but also? it solidifies the theory that willow had a big ass crush on buffy
  • PROPHECY GIRL when buffy’s all “I Quit” and then she sees how upset willow is that the vamps are making her world THEIR world and buffy just….. decides to kill the master. she died to save the world, but also…. she died for willow. imo.

kingdom hearts appreciation week
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guy with camera: ’Scuse me sir, you can’t be sitting in here.

guy on lawn: What the fuck did you say to me?!

camera: Oh my God..

lawn: WHAT! WHAT!

camera: I’M SORRY. I’M SORRY!!