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hey buddy. since you're takin requests, how about a little kustard ship fluff? something cute with classic sans and fell sans bein' all lovey. love the art, btw.

Sorry, this isn’t very lovey, is it?

I hope it’s still sorta close to what you were expecting


Theatre Challenge →1/8 Shows


If you ever get the chance to see a production of Ragtime, I could not further urge you to go. I am shocked by how poignant the story remains to everyday life after quite a few years since its original incarnation. It must be one of the most well-written shows of all time, if not the number one smartest piece of theatre.

“It was the music of something beginning, an era exploding, a century spinning in riches and rags, and in rhythm and rhyme.

The people called it Ragtime“

Wife!Carl aesthetic for anon

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Oh gosh. Forgive me, they’re in my art style ;w;
And I’m glad you added that info in because I really don’t know what stage gay is ‘w’)“

My Love
My Angle
You Will Always Be My Only Tomato

I love Bellarke but...

they are a great duo, but for them to be even greater, they have got to learn to listen to each other, and i mean REALLY listen. they hear what the other one is saying, but they don’t listen and remember. 

for example: after they took out mount weather and clarke was about to leave, bellamy told her “you don’t have to do this alone” 

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and what does she do? she runs off into the woods by herself, most likely risking her life in the process (because the wilderness be crazy).

then again in tonight’s episode when bellamy said that he couldn’t save anyone

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clarke has said on multiple occasions on how he’s helped keep her alive and protect her

for example:

“thank you for keeping me alive”

“i need you, we all need you. none of us would have survived this place if it wasn’t for you”

“you saved my life today”

they need to be able to listen to each other and remember what the other has said or they’re not gonna get very far


Ok yesterday i saw a post about an app called doodle face on android which you can make cute avatars in and i made team voltron. Look at my space children!

So, I’m playing Fallout 4 with a load of mods. Including the Nick Valentine Romance mod because what else do you even need? I just finish his quest and hence there’s the final chat between him and my OC Nate, all loving good stuff, we hook up, it’s great.

So we go back to Sanctuary for *ahem* good times since I have the whole sex and intimacy mod installed too, go to bed and what the hell pops up at that moment?

“Abernathy farm is under attack!”

I’m just imagining Preston rushing in shouting that when Nate and Nick are just taking their clothes off and is just 0_o and Nate is just GODAMNIT because he’s been dreaming about this for fucking weeks. And Nick is probably laughing his head off, the synth git.

Godamn cockblocking Super Mutants.


Jaspar AU 3/? - High School

↳ Joe and Caspar are on opposite ends of the social spectrum - one is the school’s resident football celebrity, while the other can barely get people to notice him. But what happens when Caspar finds that he isn’t as invisible as he thinks he is? 

Featuring JJ as the overly-protective best friend.



Aether!Alan, again, because why not.


“I’m sorry…”

Happy belated birthday, @ka-zu-ya​! IMOUTO IS HELLA LATE BUT YEah ok I have no excuse

Based on this (x)

Sorry I haven’t really been on my ask blogs as soon as I’m done writing my essays tonight I’ll go on and start responding to asks and people again (with new art instead of just stupid queued stuff with reused panels I’ve used like 10 times already)