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Hi, I know this is kinda late but I just wanna say why I think BTS didn't preform at the bbmas. I think they didn't because they probably had to decide on the performers months before they probably even decided on the nominees. Take Drake's performance for example. That must've taken months to prepare for. I also think the bbmas weren't expecting bts to be that popular. And once they did find out they couldn't just tell an artist that they couldn't preform just cause they wanted bts to.Thoughts?

Oh good theory, I think the same. BBMA didn’t know how popular BTS will be but also because a stage of that scale can’t be decided at the last minute (they already had the artists lined up and they have a show schedule to respect). BBMAs just let slip what could have been one of its best performances tho. “Butterflyyyy like a Butterflyyy” they lost it!

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Prompt: Felicity wears the black cut out dress for a fundraising event weeks prior to the August mayoral election.

“Oh, I’m late, I’m so late!” Felicity hissed, dashing through the small, cluttered offices of Smoak Technologies.  The company she had started after regaining the CEO position at Palmer Tech had become impossible, Smoak Technologies was her new baby.  She had been doing a presentation to the Star City Entrepreneurship Institute, trying to gain their support for her company.  It was a great opportunity, but the Institute’s board had asked a lot of questions.  And now, she was late for Oliver’s fundraising event.  

“Curtis!  Please tell me you got my dress!” she yelled as she headed for the bathroom.  

Smoak Technologies’ only paid employee, Curtis gestured in the direction of the bathroom as she dashed past him.  “In the bathroom.”  

“Thank you!” she called out, kicking off her shoes and hoping she would have enough time to freshen up her makeup here instead of in the taxi.  But when she saw the dress hanging on the back of the door, she nearly had a panic attack.

“Curtis!  This isn’t the right dress,” she wailed, feeling a wave of panic.  

“You told me to get the black dress with the cutouts,” Curtis said after a minute, his voice getting progressively closer until he was standing by the bathroom door.

Lifting the dress up, she turned to show it to him.  “But not this black dress with cutouts!”

Curtis eyed her.  “I hope you realize just how wrong that sentence is.  And I realize this might make me sound more straight than I am, but what woman needs more than one black dress with cutouts?”

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This one time I was hanging with this guy in his truck. I sat in the passengers side until I decided to climb over and snuggle up close to him. We started making out and then he started fingering me, I was already wet. I came multiple times but the best part of that night was when we got in the back seat and I took my pants and underwear off, put my legs on his shoulders as he went down on me (first time) and I couldn't stay still, it felt so damn good. I also came multiple times. Best night😍

Never Let You Go || Ryan & Ellie

It wasn’t usual for Ellie to be the first one to wake up in the morning, but as soon as the sun’s golden rays peeked through the curtains her steely blue orbs slowly fluttered open, focusing on the sleeping figure beside her. She loved to watch the tattooed boy sleep, partly because she rarely saw him doing so. She loved to watch the way his chest moved, how he took in a deep, long breath, only to blow it out in a short, whispery way. He looked so serene as if he didn’t have a care in the world. This, sadly, was about to change.
Snuggling up closer to him, the blue-eyed brunette splayed her slender fingers across his face, scraping her fingernails against the scruff covering his jaw.“I love you so much.” She breathed quietly, placing a feather like kiss on his eyelids.

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One time my family went on a vacation in Hawaii and we decided to go to Pearl Harbor. There, we got so many racist comments about how our people did this & how we shouldn't be allowed to visit there. My family had already been in America for a while before WW2 broke out. We even explain that to people, but they wouldn't listen. It just made me sad to think that we couldn't even pay our respects to those who died at Pearl Harbor w/o getting racial comments thrown at us.

If you ever get to Mount Rushmore, talk loudly about how the Black Hills are sacred to the Lakota and how the US government knowingly broke a treaty to carve the faces of four white men into sacred property and that’s an act of terror so white people shouldn’t be allowed to visit.