couldn't believe i missed this!


Regina Mills Appreciation Week
↳ Day 5: Favorite Platonic Relationship
Regal Believer   

Without you my world is darkness
I won’t let go again

Kakayama Week day 3: AU ridiculousness feat Yam in glasses

Long story short: Because of our ky lord and savior yamkash I played the Evil Within a few months ago and then jokingly suggested to make it an AU for a ky fanart. And somehow it became a thing. 

I still can’t figure out why on Earth did I decide to go for some crazy ass perspective though. I must have been feeling particularly adventurous while sketching xD


30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge

Day 5 - Your favorite team


“Meat meat meaty meat meat! Pile on the meat meat MEATY MEAT! Hurray for meat! Super energy! Yaay! Yaay!”

These losers. I’m gonna shove them off a cliff. How do you not love the ever livin’ outta these kids? Does not compute.


I Heart Nick Carter » You’re Marrying a Fat and Stupid Man