couldn't believe i missed this!

so anyway yesterday when I found my first phone from when I was 12 I found this video on it of my grandad one xmas when I must have been 12 or 13. he always used to drink too much drambuie and then fall asleep and in his sleep he used to make really loud noises and he used to sing and talk and me and my mum and sister and nan used to cry with laughter and we used to sing this specific stupid song at him whilst he was asleep and he would sing along really loudly in his sleep, it was bizarre and so hilarious :’-) anyway in this video he has a self adhesive gift bow stuck to his nose and there’s another on his chin, there’s a frozen chip on his shoulder and the phone had been put to his head… the camera is shaking from where I was hysterically laughing because I couldn’t believe I was finally capturing it on film…you can hear my mum and my sister and my nan laughing and singing this song to him and he’s fucking sitting there singing along with us whilst absolutely fast asleep :’-) then after a while my mum changes the song to ‘we wish you a merry christmas’ and he sings along to that in his sleep too, extremely loudly…and then you hear “good tidings we bring, to you and your BUM!!!!!!!” (because my sister was like 6 and shouted it over everyone) AND THEN AFTER THAT HE FUCKING STARTS SINGING OLD LANG SYNE JUST COMPLETELY ON HIS OWN ACCORD and everyone is absolutely pissing themselves laughing and ahhhhh my god those were the days…!!!!!!! it’s sad how my grandad was the glue in our tiny family and since he died a couple of years ago everything has gone to shit!!!!!! but this video makes me so happy I filmed it on this phone directly from the phone it was filmed on so I can keep watching it :’-)

the signs as gilmore girls characters

saries: kirk gleason

taurus: dean forester

gemini: lorelai gilmore

cancer: luke danes

leo: richard gilmore

virgo: paris geller

libra: rory gilmore

scorpio: jess mariano

sagittarius: christopher hayden

capricorn: michel gerard

aquarius: lane kim

pisces: emily gilmore

Without you my world is darkness
I won’t let go again

Kakayama Week day 3: AU ridiculousness feat Yam in glasses

Long story short: Because of our ky lord and savior yamkash I played the Evil Within a few months ago and then jokingly suggested to make it an AU for a ky fanart. And somehow it became a thing. 

I still can’t figure out why on Earth did I decide to go for some crazy ass perspective though. I must have been feeling particularly adventurous while sketching xD


I Heart Nick Carter » You’re Marrying a Fat and Stupid Man