couldn't be happier right now!

A little over a month later and I’ve taken a little idea and made it permanent. Back in December at the bookstore, I mentioned to George how I adored their older songs and how I especially had a little place in my heart for Kobra Kai Never Dies. He immediately chuckled when we began discussing the old tunes, but even more when I began to discuss getting a line from it tattooed onto my skin. I told him how I adored the part of the song where they are chanting “it will all make sense” and “it will make sense later on” so we combined the two and decided on how I would like “it will all make sense later on” in his handwriting and he told me that because it is such an old song of theirs that he would love to write it for me. I pulled out my little old red notebook and he began to write it. He told me that he wanted to see it when I see them again in May when I attend a few of their shows, so we will see what the future holds. I know that I often tend to write lengthy little paragraphs about meeting him, but I truly couldn’t be happier with the experience and now the little reminder of it that will be apart of me forever now. Thanks again to the gentle giant himself.

Nothing's better than food. NOTHING
  • Yuuri: I couldn't be happier right now
  • Victor: wanna bet
  • Yuuri's mom: Yuuri I finished making your favorite dish
  • Yuuri: *shoves victor* katsudon!
  • Victor: Yuu-
  • Yuuri: KATSUDON!!!
London calling || Liana [3/28]
  • Ari: "How long does it take to get to your place from here?" Ariana asked as the couple walked towards the exit that would lead them out of the airport. It had been a while since she had been on a plane for such a long time and the 11 hour flight had exhausted her. Still, she found herself pushing a cart that was loaded with their bags. Obviously, Liam had to be careful and so he couldn't be pushing the cart, and Ariana wasn't going to let him try. Besides, they'd be out of the airport soon anyway. Looking over at her boyfriend, she smiled softly to herself. As tired as she was, she couldn't be happier about being here with him right now.

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They had been on a handful of real dates now, and Kevin couldn't be happier than he was right then, cuddling on his couch with Steve. The movie had long been over, but neither of them wanted to get up to turn off the TV, so the DVD menu screen played softly in the background. "You're so comfy," Kevin mumbled softly as he nuzzled into Steve's chest.

Steve had to admit, he was surprised how well things were going for the two of them. Kevin was kind and patient, and respectful, and didn’t seem to be bothered with Steve’s preoccupations at all. It was wonderful to just lay on the couch and relax.

“I’m glad I am,” he laughed and played with his hair. “I do want you to be comfortable.”