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i think we always knew gabe was extra...

… but this deleted footage just really cements it.

I’m gonna be honest I’ve been eyeing RWBY Rock!AU stuff for a while and like, yeah. This couldn’t be avoided any longer. Digging through old posts for that Good Thoughts and I really had to do my take on my favourite team. Can’t get Doomtree away from me for inspiration here. Feels like they’ve already had a wild time of it and are easing back a little by now.

Bonus PR Velvet inspired by this fabulous comic, that’s The Good Content. 

Angelica waited for him to reply. There was no answer.

The treasurer’s office was in total darkness, with the curtains drawn. It smelled of ink and dust, and the atmosphere was very heavy. Two stacks of papers guarded the figure of Alexander who, holding the quill, as usual, was writing. Angelica wondered how the hell he saw where or what he was doing, but he was just doing it. Non-stop.

- Alexander, do not ignore me! What the hell is wrong with you? - she asked again.

Seeing him so focused, so absorbed, one could almost feel the weight of the obligations he wanted to fulfill, heavy as chains. The quill continued to move when Alexander spoke, without turning.

- I thought I had made it clear, I will not go upstate - said annoyed - I have a so much work to do. If Eliza and you can not understand I-

- The only one here who can not understand it is YOU! - remarking the ‘you’, Angelica released the knob and walked behind the desk, looking at Alexander straight, the furniture between them. Alexander did not let go of the quill but he was more self-conscious and avoided the intense look with which Angelica seemed to attack him.  

 - Listen to me Hamilton and listen to me well - Angelica snatched the quill from his hand to make him look her in the eye. It worked.

- I’m tired of a stupid puddle of water separating me from my home here; tired of planning and planning the perfect vacation with Eliza so that now you throw it all overland; tired of having to wait weeks to hear from you; tired of having to imagine your face, and when finally I have you in front of me, after traveling 5,500 kilometres… you deny my request? - she took a deep breath and pointed him with the quill - Oh, Alexander, this is falling very low…

- Angelica, I’m sorry - he spat - I understand that this bothers you, but it’s my job that is at stake! I’ve fought hard for this, I can not afford to throw it all away now-

Angelica banged on the table. Alexander was startled.

- And in what the hell is good for you? To unveil you? To overwhelm you, get away from your family, not be able to enjoy your own children? - more than angry, Angelica seemed on the verge of despair.

Alexander’s eyes widened. Then he looked at the ground, guilty. He rubbed his face with both hands. There were too many fronts open at the same time, he was overwhelmed, could not think clearly. Finally, Angelica saw a fracture in his chains, an opportunity. She relaxed his tone and slowly, left the quill on the table.

- You have written so much that you could fill the entire Congress - she said, almost whispering, with a touch of admiration - I do not think they care that you take a break, and resume your duties in a while … or at least, that you divide them enough to be able to allow you a vacation …

Alexander looked at both hands conscientiously. Closing his fists, he looked up to reconnect his pupils with her sister-in-law’s. They maintained the connection, a chill ran down her back.

- Eliza … she has been preparing this vacation for months, it really makes her very happy - she took a deep breath - and personally, I didn’t lie when I said I would miss your face.

Alexander got up, catching up with her. The desk separated them physically, but for them, it no longer existed. He took a strong breath, squeezing his eyes, and when he opened them, they had the look of a prisoner who was crying out for help to get out of his own prison. Luckily, Angelica had the key he needed.

- Alexander, let’s enjoy these three months…


Taking a Break AU: the beginning (2/3)

Summer of 1791, New York City. Elizabeth Schuyler’s vacations are in several danger due to the fact her beloved husband Alexander Hamilton refuses to go to the family vacation in any way. Luckily, her sister Angelica may take a different way in this AU and, perhaps, change some things…

Phew! Finally, the second part is ready! I’m so sorry for have it this late, better late than never? *runs*  
I had a great time doing these gifs, I hope they see okay!
Also, forgive my English grammar please, I’m not native and I SUCK AT WRITING if there are some important errors please tell me
WOW, what will Alexander answer? HOW TO SAY NO TO THIS HA HA 

no seriously how

First part!

More of Taking a Break AU!


Even after all this time, he can still make you smile. 

Rodimus fucked up with Overlord, then he continued to fuck up by letting Drift take the blame. He couldn’t do it, Roddy just couldn’t face the anger and hatred Drift might have felt toward him, so he assumed the worse and never went looking, even after he finally took responsibility.  

Drift had every right to tell Rodimus to take a hike in that scene, but he didn’t. Drift knows what it’s like to be so buried in your fears that all objectivity goes out the window. No, Drift was just happy that his friend wanted him back, he was thrilled that Rodimus was trying to be completely honest with him, without his usual posturing BS. 

Platonically, romantically, in whatever way - Drift loves that red and yellow ostentatious lightning-bolted screw up of a co-captain with all his reformed decepticony heart. A couple of years of self imposed exile did nothing to change that. 

The two long lost friends had a perfect moment of understand/forgiveness and it was beautiful.

honestly, i think few things reveal as much about how people perceive gay people and their experiences and relationships as the double standard that comes up when dealing with the mere existence of gay kids in media. or, to put it simply, how people think that being gay is an exclusively sexual experience, and therefore, if you interpret a kid as being LGBT, you’re sexualizing them by default.

i mean, take stranger things as an example. a lot of people think that will is coded as gay. it’s an interpretation that has been going around since season 1 and is still going as of season 2. and yet, the mere thought of it is very offensive to a lot of folks. there are 2 most common arguments to this: the first is the aforementioned ‘sexualization’ of the character that is apparently inevitable with any gay interpretation that happens, ever, and the second one is that ‘it’s not what the show is about! who cares? it’s not a story about being gay!’.

what these same people seem to either not realize or just plain ignore while making these statements, however, is that the subject of (straight!) romance is very often brought up with all of the kid characters. the show is, in many ways, a coming of age story, after all, and romance or attraction is and has always been a prominent part of self-discovery.

so what we have is a story that places a considerable amount of importance in the blossoming relationships between boys and girls, and portrays them as being healthy parts of growing up.

people don’t tend to complain about these ones, however. the romance that is there is very age-appropriate, and although they are relevant to the characters and their self-growth, everyone is also able to know full well that the story is not ‘about’ this. everyone can agree that stranger things it’s not a romance! 

but unfortunately, it seems that some people are not willing to extend this same understanding to will, or other characters like him, really. like i said, will is just an example, there are many more throughout media. it’s like if they make will gay, apparently the whole story and his whole character will become about him being gay. it can’t just exist on it’s own, i guess. or, worse, if they confirm him as gay, it will be an indecent, inappropriate act. 

because the bulk of it is that only straight experiences and relationships get to be seen as a nice, innocent, incidental parts of growing up. gay experiences either need to be plain sexual, therefore inapplicable to kids, or secluded to their own advertised and specific spaces, where they can be avoided. it can hardly just… be.

MMYH just hit the 5,000 kudos mark, and I’m feeling feelings about this. Mainly gratitude for those of you who have stopped by to read my “S2 fixer”. I’ve enjoyed every comment (and bookmark tag) that have been left behind on this story. And watching that kudos number rise has been a little surreal.

So, THANK YOU for the kudos, to @suitboxers for the incredible artwork that was added to MMYH (which I’m sure was a huge draw!), for the encouragement to write the follow-up reunion story (Take Me Home), and for the requests for “that next step” which I recently began typing. Just thank you.

Going Places

Day two of @snowbaz-feda! Woohoo!

word count: 1300


I turn a corner and walk up the familiar street to Simon’s apartment, not entirely surprised to see that Simon is already waiting for me on the steps to the front door.

“Let’s go to the park,” he calls as soon as I’m in earshot. Of course he wants to go, the sun is aggressively bright, flowers are in bloom, and boys will be wearing jorts. Its weather outside today, and I do not want to be part of it. He must see that I’m about to disagree because he kicks a trash bin.

“We’ve gone out every night this week, Snow. Let’s just stay in tonight.”


I sit on the steps and cross my arms.

He says, “You can go up. Hell, sleep there. Move in. I don’t live there anyone.” The trash bin receives another blow.

“You moved out?”


“Where do you live now?”

“On the” – another kick – “Earth. Fuck if I know. Why would I” – another kick – “bother living there anymore. There’s only” – another kick – “one month left till we graduate and Penny moves to America, so fuck living there, yeah?” The trash bin has developed a small dent, and it’s evident why Snow was never admitted to the Watford football team.

“We’ve known Penny was going to move to America after school. She told us awhile ago.”


Neither of us have talked about our plans, even though Penny has been forthcoming about hers all year. I ask, “Snow, what are you doing at the end of the month? After graduation?”

“Probably just going to keep kicking this trash bin, Baz!” he shouts.

“Or we could follow Penny.” He pauses his assault on the garbage receptacle. I continue, “I got accepted into a masters program in her city, so we could move there together.”

“So, Penny and Micah would have their new jobs, you’d be in a masters program, and what would I do? Sit in your dorm room all day?”

“Ideally. You’d have to do it naked, though.”

He rakes his hands through his hair, “No, really, Baz. What would I do in Chicago?”

“Anything. You have wings, Simon. Fly!”

“You’re such a…” 

“Romantic?” I supply, and I think he might punch me for saying it, which would be fine. Getting punched by Simon Snow is all I’ve ever needed. 

“You’re such an idiot,” he says, but he’s grinning.

“Simon, you’d figure something out. You always do. What’s keeping you in London anyway?”

He’s quiet for a bit, and I can see him working this out in his head.

“Do you think she’d be OK with us following her to America?” Simon asks.

“Probably. We should ask her.”


“If we really do this, I have one contingency.”

He gives me a dubious look.

“You live with me where ever we go next; we don’t get separate apartments again. That was the worst idea you’ve ever had.”

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What do you think could happend if the guys have the “sex talk"?

LMAO this legitimely needed some doodles~