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For those who are worried about or are already receiving hate for liking this ship - or any other, for that matter - you can do one of two things. 1) Block. Super, easy and effective. And yes, you can block anons. 2) Just ignore it. Nothing will infuriate them more. Keep doing what you're doing. If they're stupid enough to actually go out of their way to cause grief, then let them. More fool them. The only people who are gonna waste their time and effort will be them.



favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

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Can we just take a minute to think about Magnus and Alec sparring with each other?

why yes, we can definitely talk about that

because god it would be good wouldn’t it? it would be this undercurrent of competition and it would be flirtatious as hell. it would be this dance, this show of physical strength. whether it was hand to hand or staff to staff or imagine magic to pure reflex. magnus shoving him back with one of those magical force shoves, alec dodging and grappling him. they’d hit the wall with a thud, a low chuckle rolling through magnus’s chest, as he shifted them and rolled them around, shoving alec back against the wall a couple of inches over.

their faces would be an inch apart, panting hard and god alec’s eyes would be dark wouldn’t they. dark and mostly brown, a smirk pulling at his lips. hot skin would be against hot skin as alec leaned forward. “stop holding back.” he whispered right up against magnus’s lips and then shoved as hard as he could. magnus would stumble back, dodging a forearm swipe and one of alec’s all too predictable kicks. magnus couldn’t help but grin and they’d be on the floor in seconds, back to a test of balance and pure muscle. “think you can handle that, alexander?” magnus would get him pinned and alec would wiggle out, but not before murmuring. “you know just what i can handle.” they’d play so fucking dirty. if they weren’t taunting each other, they’d be going for spots they knew were sensitive.

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I’m so, so, damn proud of BTS.

They’ve come so far, from 2013 to now, they are so successful and make really great music, but they remain humble and cherish us ARMY the most. BTS put their members first and they love each other and support each other unconditionally. There is never any controversy about conflict between the members and, honestly, from my perspective they think of each other as having an even closer bond than family.

From the hyungs who practically raised Jeongguk on their backs, to the younger ones making sure their hyungs don’t get consumed by negativity -  The fact that Every. Single. One. of the members takes into account the others’ feelings makes them so much more than your average group.

All of them have grown so much, leaving the image that was set for them, and becoming more free with how they express themselves, both in person and in their music. They are so much more expressive and they aren’t afraid to show ARMYs what they are actually feeling inside. 

The boys are so strong, and have taken so much hate and negativity on top of the burden that had been placed on their shoulders for a boy group coming out of a really unknown company. 

BTS works hard for ARMY, they do all they can to make us feel appreciated, both the international fans and the korean ones. Do you know how much love I felt when Namjoon took the time to list the continents of the fans and even mentioned Africa? The boys make sure us international ARMY are aware of their appreciation, and just because we don’t see them often (or at all) live, we still remain as an important part of BTS’ rise to success and the reason they keep working. We are so, so, important to them, and they make sure we see that every single day.

There is no stronger bond than the one BTS and ARMY share, so I really hope we keep on pushing and trying to get our boys where they deserve to be. They’ve won a daesang now, but we musn’t forget to stay humble like them, and we should try our hardest to make them proud. Let’s keep working hard ARMY, and show BTS their hard work is always, always deserving of our love.

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Hi, if you're still doing the prompts, can you do a Sherlolly Superhero au

I got you. ;)

London’s citizens are kept safe at night by a flying, masked crusader known only as The Shadow. Reports of The Shadow vary. Some swear he is a seven-foot-tall, muscled giant of a man. Others swear The Shadow is more likely a teenage boy, just past puberty.

Sherlock Holmes, renowned investigative journalist, finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun one night when, suddenly, his attacker is pulled away and thrown against a wall several meters away. His rescuer is none other than the superhero he has been tracking for months, and he is shocked to discover that The Shadow is in fact a small woman, barely over 5 feet. She smirks at the astonishment on his face, and warns him to stay off the streets at night before disappearing into the sky.

Sherlock, of course, can’t let it go and continues to doggedly pursue the Shadow, ignoring the protests of his fellow journalist, mild-mannered Molly Hooper. Who might have a secret of her own…

tl;dr… Superman AU with Molly Hooper as our displaced alien with superpowers, and Sherlock Holmes as Lois Lane.

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[There's an odd sound from the void. It's barely coherent, but it sounds familiar.] ...TH_NK G__DN_SS, Y__R'_ _W_K_ N_W. TH_S _S SP_R_R_... W_SH_NG Y__ W_LL.




baby turian for @cloneshepard because why not baby turian

Protective older sibling sentence starters

“Look I know you’re old enough to date, but I am going to scare them first so they don’t even think about hurting you.”

“You have to do what I say because I’m older, so stop (insert dangerous thing here)”

“Those bullies aren’t going to come back again now that they know who your sibling is, come on let’s get ice cream.”

“I know I can seem a little grumpy sometimes, but know that you can always come to me if you have a problem.”

“It’s okay, everyone falls off their bike sometimes. It’s good that you were wearing your helmet, now come in and we can get that cut cleaned up.”

“I’m your big ___, it’s my job to worry.”

“No one gets to call you idiot but me, you’re my idiot okay.”

“I’m babysitting tonight, but we can still make cookies. Just don’t get too close to the oven okay.”

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I'm writing a series and its over the span of like 2 million years. how do i tie the books together over a time span (can be from overlapping events or 100 years idk)

Oh lord this sounds so hard and so confusing and I really want to help, but I will most definitely be useless. **Gives thumbs up and smiles brightly**

Okay, Okay, so this is a very incredible, complex and amazing idea. You definitely have a vivid imagination! So, my first thought here was that I hate when writers do the “Flash forward 12 years” or whatever. I don’t really know why I’m so against it, I just think there are so many other incredible ways to do a time-skip, in which I’ll try and explain a few…:

  • Bringing the reader in with a memory from the previous book/chapter and addressing the fact that things have changed.
  • Changing scenery, clothing, actions, speech, etc. The way your character dresses, talks, reacts/their maturity.
  • Other characters changing around them- The idea that one day this young mother who’s looking after 4 kids will one day be being looked after by them
  • Climate change. This might be a little easier to relate to your work. What was it like 2 million years ago? How has the weather, air density or day-to-day happenings changed? What can you write next that is completely diverse to the previous scenery?

Yeah, so basically a whole load of changing… Make sure your reader knows everything. I’m not kidding, let them know where the character is and how different it is to when they were last there (I’m assuming it’s based around a character? Sorry if I got that completely wrong). The reader has to have noticed that things have changed, but it is still the same place- that’s where the writer comes in funnily enough! If you drop me a message or ask again without anon on, I’ll try and finds some things I can link you too. I’m sorry I wasn’t much help XD Good luck to you and if anyone else has any ideas drop them in the comments, that’d be great! Lots of love (and cuddles for your sanity) from Yasmine xox

P.s, Also guys, I’m just realising how shocked half of you are when I reply to my DM’s! They’re always open and I always try to make time for each and every one of you, it just turns out that time is really bloody hard to find! I love to hear from all of you and your lovely OC’s, don’t be afraid to say hi! x