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Who wears short shorts?

Hello, Love bugs!

Dan X Reader

warnings- Smut, Swears.

May you please do one where the reader likes wearing short shorts around the house and dan and Phil think they’re teasing them? Smut at the end maybe? Thnx x x - Anon

It was finally spring and you were going to take full advantage. You had pulled out the shorts that you had to hide away for two seasons. You and the boys were going to hang out to enjoy the spring by going to get a coffee and then sit indoors with the windows open while doing some work. 

Walking to the boy’s door you couldn't help the smirk on your face. It was a beautiful day and you were about to spend it with two cuties. You and Phil had been friends forever. After he introduced you to Dan it was like he was like you had found your long lost friend. You swore the two of you were best friends in a past life.You called Phil to tell him to bring his ass downstairs.

“Moshi Moshi!” You shook your head even if he couldn’t see it he had a feeling you were giving him the look through the phone.

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(Ahah u m uh? I wrote a ficlet??? I guess lol, got to thinking while i was washing dishes.)

After the fight on the rooftop with the Hand, they see each other again for a few times, and Frank either helps or he kills, there’s never really an in between. Matt seems to have realized that’s it’s inevitable, they are on the same side but walk different paths, though there are nights where he wonders. Just where’s a man like Frank to go, when the whole world misunderstands him? And it’s only after meeting Matt in the streets in broad daylight, that he breaks into his apartment while he’s gone. More battered than he can take, he tracks a bit of blood here and there, and he has no medical supplies where he’s cooped up so he figures Red has to have something, anything to take the edge off.

Surprisingly enough he finds Matt’s apartment cozy, in a way Matt can’t because he’s always so perceptive of what’s happening outside of it. Eventually after taking a beer from Matt’s fridge and fixing up his wounds he sits down on his couch, lays in it, he should leave, he got what he wanted, but he likes the comfort, the pause of deliberation. If Matt catches him here why should he care? Not much he could do about Frank’s presence in the first place and he certainly wasn’t a threat to the other vigilante.

When Matt gets home, slightly bruised by another fight, his body is still alight with the vibrations in the air. He is able to easily pick up Frank’s slowing heart beat in his apartment. There shouldn’t be anyone in there, he’s cut off anyone who would even bother coming in, and if they did they certainly wouldn’t stay to sleep. He’s stops for a moment when he jumps on his own rooftop, trying to place the breath, the single steady heartbeat within its walls. There were worse things to show up to his own home. When he opens the window the body stirs slightly and the groan in the voice tells him immediately that it’s Frank, it’s undeniably Frank. He doesn’t wake up, so Matt just paces around him slowly, smelling the blood, the alcohol he used to clean his wounds, used gauze from some useless first aid kit he bought eons ago.

For some strange reason, Matt doesn’t think he’d want it to be anyone else but Frank here. For one, he’s not out there killing anybody, and two, he doesn’t think he’d trust anybody else to see him like this, the real him, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s almost as if he wants Frank here, needs someone that lets him know that he’s not fighting this fight alone even if they go about it different ways. After that night Frank comes by more often, and Matt never really minds.

Hiding (Tom Hiddleston x reader)

Warnings: nothing? Just arguing and a bit of angst & fluff

Word count: 857

Notes: it’s quite short, but I actually really like this? Lmao

Summary: Tom and Y/N are in a secret relationship, one day Y/N decides she wants to go public which leads to an argument.

Y/N lay on the couch with her head in Tom’s lap as he winded a finger through her hair. Supernatural was displayed on the large TV in front of the two, Y/N’s choice of course. But Tom didn’t mind at all, he’d watch or do anything as long as it made her happy. She let out quite a loud sigh before speaking and breaking the comfortable silence, “Tom,” he only hummed in response. “I wanna go public” This caught his attention.

He straightened his back and cleared his throat before asking, “what?” as if maybe he heard her wrong.

She sat up, crossing her legs looking him straight in the face, she repeated “I wanna go public” his mouth went dry and she further explained, “I love you Tom and I want people to know that. I feel like it’d be easier for both of us, especially when it comes to the paps and interviews. I mean, we could go on actual dates without being worried if one of our fans will see us, or worse the paps.”

“Darling, I understand where you’re coming from, I just don’t think it’d be the best” Tom loved Y/N with all his heart, don’t get him wrong, but he’s never been one for social media. He hated the backlash, he didn’t understand why this wasn’t good enough for her. Sure, they couldn’t go on normal dates, but that didn’t matter to him. Y/N on the other hand was very open with her life, especially with her fans. She thought it made things more personal and such.

She let out another quick sigh, “Tom, I know you don’t like the media and stuff but I don’t like hiding the fact that I’m in a relationship. Especially if I’m in one with such an amazing man. I can’t force you, but could you at least think about it? For me?” although she knew asking him to think about it meant he’d do his damnedest not to bring it up again, she asked anyways.

Tom began to stand up, more mad at himself than anything truly. What kind of boyfriend would he be if he couldn’t give her the small things she wanted?

“I just don’t understand why this isn’t enough for you, sweetheart. Just the two of us is all that matters, yes?”

Disbelief and hurt washed over her face, did he think what he was giving her wasn’t enough? “Baby, that’s not what I’m saying.” She quickly became frustrated, “Yes, only you and I matter, but I don’t like hiding, Tom.”

“Are you sure? Because it sounds like it’s just not enough for you.” his voice raised, he wished it hadn’t because once it did he wasn’t sure he could bring it back down easily. “It sounds like I’m not enough for you”

“You know what,” she threw her arms up as if raising a white flag, “I’m sorry I brought it up” she got up from her position on her couch and began down the hallway of his flat to their room.

She couldn’t walk away from him, they weren’t done. They needed to discuss this now or it’d never happen. “Don’t walk away from me, dammit!” He’d never talked to her like that before, sure they’d arguments before, but he’d never raised his voice like that. Guilt hit him like a train.

Her movements halted, turning to face him her lip quivered yet she still had that stern look on her face, “If you’re so ashamed of me Tom, then I’ll leave right now so you can have someone you’d like to show off. If that’s what you’d like, of course.” Her jaw ticked to keep tears from spilling. But they we’re already forming.

He wasn’t exactly sure how to respond, he didn’t want her to leave obviously, he loved her more than anyone could ever know. Yet he stayed silent, afraid of making matter worse. Tom’s mouth opened and closed a few times before he sighed in defeat.

Y/N spoke up again, though, “Tom, I love you more than anything. I just want people to know that. And I know you don’t like being in such media light, I know that. But I hate hiding, Tom. I’ve had to hide parts of me all my life and I hated it. I love you too much to hide you from everyone.” She looked into his eyes as is looking for an answer.

“Let’s do it, love” he couldn’t help the smile that arose on his face

Happiness and hope refilled her eyes, “really?”

“Yes really, I’ll even log into my Instagram and twitter so I can announce it with you. It may be silly to me, but if it means something to you then I’ll do it.” He took three large strides towards her until they were nose to nose - or more like nose to chest considering her height - he quickly enveloped her in his arms. His vast right hand held her head into his chest whilst his other held her waist. He kissed the top of her head and spoke muffled, “I’d do anything for you”

A/N: this is literally only my second one-shot so thank y'all so much for the positive response omg😭💖


growing up (pt 1)

hwang hyunjin was a childhood friend. to be exact, he was your BEST childhood friend. raised in the same quiet neighborhood as you through mother’s that met through a pta meeting of all things, the two of you grew close.

your dream was to be a doctor. from a young age, your mother suffered daily headaches and pain all over her body. from a young age, you were scared. from a young age, you knew you wanted to help her. from a young age, you knew you wanted to help people.

hyunjin however pined away at his dream of being an idol on stage. the one that girls swooned for. the one that poeple looked up to. he had the talent, the looks, heck. he had everything.

because of your differences, after college life took you both in different directions sadly. hyunjin applied to different companies and what not to further his dream. you went to med school and toiled away.

your phone rings. it’s 9 am. you’ve been up for almost 24 hours again. med life does that to a person. you pick up, eyes barely staying open.

“hey mom, how are you? did your migraine go away?”

“good morning to you too love,” your mother laughed. “i did take the medication you gave me and it went away!”

judging your phone in between your head and shoulder, you start your coffee machine before answering, “that’s great! i’ll give you some more when i come home this weekend.”

your mother hesitates, “actually y/n i was wondering if you were free this weekend?”

you frown a bit, “of course i am, im coming to visit you right?”

“i was wondering if you wanted to go to his concert with a friend! you do remember hyunjin right? well he moved to korea like us and debuted with a group! stray kids i believe was what they were called,” she hurriedly explained, “i was talking to his mother last week and she had some tickets so i thought maybe you would want them!”

you grew quiet. you hadn’t thought about hyunjin in a while. not since he left and took your heart with it. oh how things work out. you knew all about stray kids. knew all the members, friends with a few actually. the maknae used to be your neighbor for a little bit and you guys were good friends, still keeping in touch.

you agree to the tickets, continuing to talk to your mother for a bit before hanging up to shower before a quick nap and then another shift.

getting out of the shower, your phone buzzes. you quickly throw on some clothes before jumping into bed and answering the text from jeongin.

jn: y/n how are you??? it’s been a long time since we hung out :((

y/n: it’s not my fault innie! you’re always so busy with your new group that you never have time for me !

jn: im free this weekend though, let’s hang out the whole wHOLE DAYYYYY

y/n: oh okay fine, i’ll find someone to take my shift and hang out with you the WHOLE day


y/n: you better innie, imy lots :((


you smile, jeongin was like a little brother to you. the first day he arrived at the apartment he was so lost and bewildered, you just had an urge to help and protect him, almost like a motherly instinct. turns out he moved into the empty apartment next door to yours. he frequently came over to hang out and eat because he didn’t really know how to cook anything besides ramen. not that you were complaining or anything, you liked having the younger one over. he kept you company and calm when you were stressing out over work and patients.

it was pretty sad and quiet when he finally had to move out to jyp’s dorms to join the rest of his members. you missed his company and couldn’t wait to see him again.

tossing over, your eyes fluttered shut. surrendering yourself to exhaustion, you fall asleep.

the rest of the week flies by with you looking forward to saturday’s meeting with jeongin.

before you know it, your alarm brings you to the morning of saturday. since you and jeongin planned to hang out the whole day, breakfast was the first thing on the list.

you decided to be a little fancy today. putting on a little more makeup than usual, you choose a more outgoing look. feeling dressy, you throw on a flowy yellow sundress that hit just a little above the knee.

sitting back down, you text jeongin.


y/n: hey where do you wanna go for bfast?

jn: ooooh hm i heard there’s a really good waffle place nearby, let’s go try it out!

y/n: sure sure, text me the address !

jn: [sends address]


punching the address into your phone, you pull out of your parking spot and make your way to the waffle place


you open the door to the waffle place and your first impression was, aesthetic. the walls were covered in shiplap and tastefully decorated, cute fairy lights creating the perfect glow. little potted plants and succulents line the window sills and tables.

you grab a table and text jeongin.


y/n: hey innie, i got us a table!

jn: sorry y/n, im a bit it late i’ll be there in five! grab us a big table!


puzzled, you wonder why he would ask for a big table. you think nothing of it, probably because he brought a big bag or something. you sit there scrolling on your phone for a bit when you hear the cute windchime signal a customer walking in.

you look up and get greeted by a faceful of fabric.


“aiyah jeonginnie, i missed you too!”

you guys stand talking a hugging for a minute or two before you hear a voice coming coming from behind you.

“are you guys done yet? i want my y/n hug already.”

there leaning against the table was none other than hwang hyunjin.

Lucky Part 6

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of abuse

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

I cant believe how long this is, but I’m absolutely loving it! This has become longer than Bad Feeling….this is crazy! Give it a read if you haven’t read it yet. It’ll take you to the last part but I have all the other parts linked on that page.

So I’m sorry about these next couple parts guys….it might not be as bad as I think it is, but y’all have to let me know. Feel free to write me and yell at me. But I hope you guys like it. Love you!!!

You put your bag next to the stairs and turned to Jensen.


“Yeah.” You started walking toward the kitchen, passing by him.

“What’s your poison? I don’t have much, but I’ve got, beer, whiskey, vodka, tequila….”

“Whoa…..” he put his hand up and you turned to him. “I still need to drive home.” he had a huge grin. You starred at him for a moment, smiling.

“True……beer it is then.” you turned to go get your beers. His heart started to race, he could have sworn you looked disappointed. He followed you into the kitchen. When he got in there you were shutting the fridge. You smiled and handed him his beer.

“You should probably text Jared.” he popped off the lid to the bottle and took a swig.

“Oh shit. Yeah…..thank you.” you popped open your beer and threw away the top, then you went back into the living room and sat on the couch, grabbing your phone from the coffee table. Jensen joined you after a minute.

Hey! Made it home safe…… always. Love you! Get some sleep.

Jensen sat down next to you as you put your phone down. You both smiled.

“Thanks for being my pillow earlier.” He chuckled.

“Yeah, no problem.” You looked at the bottle in your hand. Your phone went off, you reached over and grabbed it.

K Love you. Talk to you later.

You smiled and put your phone back down. You pulled your legs underneath you and sat cross legged on the couch facing Jensen.

“Is he going to bed?”

“I hope so. He looked exhausted.” you took a swig of your beer. You could feel Jensen’s eyes on you. “So, you have any plans this weekend?” you smiled.

“No actually. My parents went on a trip, so their not here. Thankfully I got a lot of my errands done last weekend, so unless something comes up with you guys…….for once in a long time, I have nothing to do.” he paused for a second and then shook his head. “That sounds weird.” you laughed which made him smile.

“Well that’s good though. You deserve a break.” You smiled at each other. “I haven’t heard you mention Ashley lately. Don’t you have to meet up with her?” you took a drink.

“Oh wow….Ashley. No, Ashley and I haven’t been together for awhile now.” Your jaw dropped.

“What! When did that happen? I don’t remember hearing that you guys broke up.”

“Oh man…’s been a little bit. I want to say…maybe….a little before I found out you got this job.” he took a drink.

“Wow……it has been awhile. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It just…….wasn’t right.” you shot him a sad smile and then you both took another drink. “Well what about you? What ever happened to that…..who was it….Sean guy? I only saw him a couple times when you were over at Jared’s. That seems like forever ago.” You chuckled.

“His name was Seth, and yeah….were not together anymore either.” you starred down at your hands holding your bottle. Jensen could sense there was more to that story, just by the way you reacted. You both knew each other to the point that you became great friends and grew very close, but you were also busy, so there really wasn’t time for life stories, so there is still always new things that you find out about each other.

“What happened?” he reluctantly asked. You looked up at him.

“Jared never told you?” He shook his head. “ I’m surprised. I thought he told you everything.” you looked back down to your bottle and started playing with the label.

“Y/N.” he leaned forward and put his bottle on the table, then reached a hand out and placed it on your knee, you looked over at his hand. “I thought you told me everything.” You looked up at him.

“Not back then. I mean, we’ve always been close, but not as close as we are now.” He nodded.

“Your right.” he just starred into your eyes. “So then tell me now.” You bit your bottom lip. You didn’t really want to talk about it, for multiple reasons, but you don’t keep anything from him. So if you don’t tell him, it’ll just make you feel guilty. Yeah, he’ll say he understands, but you know that’s all he be able to think about, and then that’s all you’ll think about…’s just a vicious circle. You looked back down at your bottle, playing with the label again.

“It was the first time in my life, that I ever lied to Jared…….”


Jared opened the door after hearing you knock. “Hey guys!” you and Seth smiled as you entered the house.

“Hey man.” Seth extended his hand and shook Jared’s.

“What’s going on?” you stood off to the side as the guys greeted each other.

“Not much, but I need to use the bathroom.” Seth headed further into the house. You both watched him walk away and then looked back at each other.

“Hey sis.” he opened his arms.

“Hey.” you walked up to him and wrapped your arms around his torso. He squeezed you a little too tight and it made you hiss from the pain. He heard you and pulled away to look at you.

“Are you okay?” You looked at him for a minute.

“Yeah…I just…I got this new job, and I've been taking on a lot of the stunts myself to save money. I’m feeling the repercussions.” you chuckled.

“Oh. Well that’s great. But don’t push yourself okay…..that can be really dangerous.” you nodded. You heard Tom and Shep come into the room yelling for you. You took a couple more steps into the house meeting the boys halfway, and bent down in front of them. You reached out and hugged them both. 

Then Jared saw it. About a five inch thick, vertical mark, running diagonally across the right side of your back. It was red and looked like it was starting to bruise. It must of happened no more than a day ago. He couldn't see all of it because your shirt only rode up a little, but he could tell it went up your back a ways.

He cringed a little. No wonder it hurt when he hugged you. He believed your story though. He knows doing your own stunts can leave some decent marks.

End Flashback

You were still starring at your bottle. You felt ashamed and didn’t want to look at Jensen.

“He hit you?” he sounded sad but anger was taking over quickly. You dropped your head more and nodded. Jensen’s eyes widened. He swallowed a lump in his throat that grew within seconds. He felt sick. “What….What did he hit you with? Because that mark that you just described doesn’t sound like a foot or a fist to me.” he was pissed now. You knew he would be. One of the reasons why you didn’t want to say anything.

“A baseball bat.” you said quietly, still not looking at him.

“A what!?” he sat back pulling his hand off your knee. He sat there for a minute, then he got up off the couch and started slowly pacing around the room. Every once in awhile running his hands through his hair or across the back of his neck.

“A baseball bat!? He hit you with a fucking baseball bat!?” he kept pacing. You sighed.

“It was wooden, it wasn’t metal.” He stopped and looked at you, you still didn’t look up from your lap.

“Oh, because that makes it so much better!” he dragged a hand down the front of his face. “Why?”

“What?” you looked up slightly but didn’t make eye contact with him.

“Why? Why did he do it? Did this scumbag even have a reason!?” his voice rose as he went on.

“Jensen……it doesn’t…..” He cut you off.

“Why Y/N!? I really want to know!” You gulped. You still didn’t look at him. You could picture his face perfectly fine in your head.

“Because I was…..I was texting you.” He starred at you for a minute while he processed what you just said.

“He hit you with a bat because you were texting me? Are you serious?”

“He thought I was cheating on him.”

“How!? What were we texting about!?”

“You text me, asking if I was going to be at your party the next day, and that you couldn’t wait to see me.” It was silent, for what seemed like forever.

“Wait…” he thought for a minute, and then it clicked. “He did that the night before Jared threw me that birthday party?” You nodded and you heard him scoff.

“That son of a bitch.” he mumbled through gritted teeth.

“Jensen……” you stood up and slowly started walking over to him. You knew he was pissed, and you wanted to stop this conversation and calm him down. He knows enough, but he cut you off again.

“I was talking with that guy all day…I shook his hand…..the same ones that hurt you!” Here it is, now hes starting to blame himself, like he should have seen it, he should have known and done something about it. He was disgusted. He dropped his head and shook it. “How long did this go on for?”

“Can we not…” He looked up at you.

“How Long!?” he didn’t mean to yell at you, but he knows this much, hes thinking there’s no backing down now.

“About 3 months.” now you dropped your head.

“He kept hurting you for 3 months?” You nodded. He swallowed another lump in his throat. “How, and when, did you leave him?” You made your way back to the couch as you explained.

“It got really bad one night. I just got back from hanging out with you and Jared. He knew where I was when he came home and I wasn’t there. I walked through the door and he came up to me and immediately ripped my stuff out of my hands, throwing it all to the floor. Then he grabbed me, hit me a couple times and then threw me along with my stuff. Somehow I got to my phone and got to my favorite contacts before he hit me again. I reached out and hit wherever I could knowing there’s only three people on there and praying that they’d answer. There’s only Jared, Gen, and……..and you. I ended up hitting Jared, because about ten or so minutes later, he showed up with a couple cops.” He sighed and just stood there for a minute, trying to take all this in. He reached up and rubbed his temples as if he was getting a headache.

“Why hasn’t Jared ever told me about this?” You shook your head.

“I don’t know. He probably thought that you’d find Seth and kill him.” you let out a short dry chuckle.

“Yeah, well he’d be right.” he released a deep sigh. You haven’t really looked at him once during this whole conversation, and even though he understood, it was killing him. He moved around the coffee table and knelt down in between your legs becoming level with you.

“Y/N look at me.” he reached up and grabbed your chin lightly, lifting your head so that he could look you in the eyes. After hearing all this, hes afraid to even touch you. “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?” you scrunched your eyebrows in confusion.

“I’m sorry for yelling. I’m not mad at you. And I’m so sorry, I wasn’t there when you needed me.”

“I know your not mad at me. And J, it’s not your fault. You didn’t know. Don’t blame yourself for that.” you had a tear slowly slide down your cheek. He reached up, cupped your cheek and wiped it away with his thumb.

Being so comfortable in the moment, you leaned into his touch and closed your eyes. Both of your heart rates went up. You opened your eyes again and he gave you a sad smile. He slowly moved his hand to the back of your neck, your eyes never leaving each others. He pulled you toward him and laid your head on his shoulder. He wanted to kiss you, God did he want to, but, then he thought about Jared, and all the other reasons of why he shouldn’t.

You both sat there like that for awhile, not wanting to move. He was running his hand through your hair, it was so relaxing, and it felt so good to be in his arms. You both slowly pulled away, your cheeks brushed against each other. Before you fully pulled away from each other, Jensen went to kiss you on the cheek, but ended up catching the corner of your mouth. He stiffened and was going to pull away, until something he thought would never happen, happened. You kissed him back.

Part 7