Could I Spend it With You? The Tentoo/Rose PROPOSE-A-THON

Important moments in history:

  • 5 July 2008 - The human/Time Lord biologicial metacrisis version of the tenth Doctor is born. We call him TenToo, but you might also know him as 10.5, TenTwo, Cloen, Metacrisis, etc.
  • Later on 5 July 2008 - TenToo and Rose Tyler make out before our eyes, starting the best ship in existence (we think, anyway)
  • 6 July2008 - Fanfiction exploring TenToo and Rose’s life in Pete’s World begins to hit the internet
  • 16 December 2012 - While the arguments have raged, David Tennant reveals he still ships its, and pretty much admits TenToo and Rose are having ALL THE SEX in Pete’s World during his talk with Billie Piper at Midnight.
  • 30 March 2013 - BBC announces Billie Piper and David Tennant will return for the Fiftieth Anniversary special. TenToo/Rose shippers dream of seeing out babies on screen
  • 7 May 2013 - Andi posts this post, and Sami sees the tags. She emails Andi with that idea and…

We like proposals. We like TenToo/Rose. We especially like TenToo/Rose proposals This year is the fifth birthday of TenToo, and by proxy the fifth anniversary of the good ship TenToo/Rose. In celebration, throughout the month of June, we’d like to collect all the fandom celebrations of the possible ways in which the Doctor (TenToo) and Rose propose marriage to each other. Then, on July 5th, we’ll start posting all of the submissions we get to this blog. 

The result will be a blog full of TenToo/Rose proposals for all of us to enjoy and share.


*** RULES ***

You can submit ANY media. We mean it! We expect fic, fanart, and gifsets will be the most common submissions, but we encourage anything! Write a song, perform a short play, make a fan video. If it’s a proposal, we want it!

TenToo/Rose only. Sorry if you think TenToo isn’t the Doctor. You’re just wrong. We’re focusing on TenToo and Rose because we love that the “canon” for Pete’s World is, essentially, fanon. We can create stories about Pete’s World (and, by extension, TenToo and Rose) without getting in the way of canon.

While you could interpret proposal pretty broadly, we’re interested in the sorts of proposals that result in marriage or life partnership. Besides that and the TenToo/Rose limitation, who does the proposing and how is in your hands.  If you don’t think they get married or don’t like marriage as an institution, that’s cool, and we understand your choice. But this probably isn’t the fan-a-thon for you.

Any other questions? Check out our FAQ.

Want to play? AWESOME. Unlike some fic-a-thons, you’re not going to be fulfilling someone else’s requests. This is more about putting together a collection across the fandom. There’s no competition. We don’t care if two submissions are similar, as long as you’re not stealing someone else’s work.


There are several methods for submitting your proposal:

  • The easiest is to submit a link, image, or fic directly to our tumblog. 
  • From June 1st to July 4th, we’ll keep an eye on the #couldispenditwithyou tag (i.e. tag our blog). If you use this tag, we’ll add your post to our queue of proposals
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask