ociavia asked: make me choose Joolushko or Chiana

damara teaches kankri shibari as a way of bringing calm to them both.  there’s something meditative about the painstaking process of forming artistic knots and designs that forces them both to slow down.  damara enjoys the feeling of being bound; it makes her feel safe and anchored.  kankri loves to learn, and he appreciates the trust she is bestowing on him.  it’s a chaste session through clothes, but his hands still falter out of modesty.  she only laughs and gently guides them along, and he hasn’t heard her laugh so sweetly since they were alive.

Honestly I wish I had used college to discover bisexuality and pansexuality but I used it all up just exploring my heterosexuality and I’m kinda bummed because I’m just now finding myself being like “maybe I like girls too but I’m not sure I think if I tried it I’d have a better idea.” But that’s so hard to do what with a full-time job and living in the suburbs and stuff. I just kinda feel like it’s too late and now I’ll never know. And oh well, I guess I’m straight 4ever.