The Expert.

So accurate it hurts.

one direction have a choreographer 

that person has the easiest job

“harry ok u run here”

“ok good now liam run past him”

“zayn stop shaking your legs for christ sake you look like you have to take a piss”

“niall this is where you jump”

“louis strike a faboo pose please thank you dear you go girl”

“okay nice job boys time for a break you’ve been working hard so have i”

I’m just trying to understand why people are so butthurt about Louis not being butthurt. “Oh why cant you people let him grieve?!?!” “He just lost the love of his life after 4 years!!!” “He is so upset!!” Apparently they broke up 2 weeks ago without anyone knowing and I haven’t seen Louis this happy in months, so excuse me for not coming to the conclusion that he was torn up over his girlfriend that he hardly ever mentions…

But now that I think about it, do you know what was the most messed up part of that Christmas party omake where everyone was forced to get naked?

Erza didn’t actually need to take Jellal’s coat.

She can requip.

She has like a hundred outfits that she can make appear on her body at will.

She just needed to requip to something warm.

It was the same when they added that whole massive slide scene to the water park OVA, where her swimsuit was unraveling and she told Jellal had had to hold her close so no one would see her exposed. She could just switched into something else. She has another swimsuit and two literal metal bikinis that could have worked.

Fool me one, shame on me. But twice? There’s no way she isn’t doing this on purpose.

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that last one was oitnb, in case you wanna tag

Uhm, I was going to change the tags according to your message, but then I went back to check the artist’s original post, and they actually tagged it with:


So, while you’re right to point out that we were not specific in our tagging of said post, you are mistaken about which characters are represented. Could have fooled me though, they do look quite a lot like Poussey & Soso :’) Anyway I appreciate you trying to help out.  ♡

               “You could have told me.” lively blues roll; arms crossed because he is offended she had not thought to indulge him in her true identity. But then again, she has her reasons, no doubt. But the child in Carver simply must know everything, especially about those he chooses to fight alongside with, or, even better, travel with, | @jcined

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curious, no supporter or either sides. have you ever been abused? Johnny could be mentally abusing her and physically/domestic abuse or she could be.

Are you sure you are no supporter of either side? Because you could have fooled me.

Have I ever been abused? Do you know how manupulative this sounds? Do I have to spill my guts and all sordid details of my life to have an opinion about the media circus she has made her “abuse” case? She sold photos of her bruised face in people and TMZ claims her agent got 75 thousand dollars for her “abuse” video. She says she didn’t “release the video”. As if that video was a movie. The video was leaked, not released. And someone got money for that video.

Edit: And if “release” was the verb tmz used I apologize. I wonder if she going to sue them for obtaining that video of hers illegally.

And still no filing a police report.

To answer your question (kind of) we all use our personal experiences when we take sides in this nasty case.

What were your drugs of choice?

I was never a cokehead or anything like that. I always despised that drug. I thought it was a waste of time, pointless. But I was poisoning myself with alcohol and medicating myself. I was trying to numb things.

What things?

I was trying not to feel things, and that’s ridiculous. It’s one of the dumbest things you can do, because all you’re doing is postponing the inevitable. Some day you’ll have to look all those things in the eye rather than try and numb the pain.

He gave this interview in 2004. I wonder what has changed in his life to return to alcohol and/or drugs. I wonder who showed signs of deteriorating between 2014-2016.