This!!! Meet the Artist meme!! Is just adorbs!! Thinking about my fave and not-fave things in the world was difficult, but it was interesting n super q to do :-) I encourage everyone to give it a shot!! 
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Disney made sure not to make crossovers of some series, but they missed out on Star vs The Forces of Evil and Gravity Falls.

  • Ford landing in Mewni and discovering dimensional scissors (this would have brought him back to his own dimension sooner than usual).
  • Star meeting Mabel and getting a swig of Mabel Juice (mayhem overwhelming!)
  • Marco and Dipper bonding on nerdiness and girly pop songs. Marco teaches Dipper martial arts and Dipper shows him the Pain Hole.
  • Stan going after Ludo with a broom.
  • King River going toe-to-toe with the Manotaurs for dominance.
  • Jackie and Wendy amps the coolness factor up to 11 by hanging out.
  • Oskar and Robbie start jamming and singing angst. Tambry tries to put guyliner on Oskar, but his bangs hide his eyes.
  • Janna and Starfan13 hang out with Candy and Grenda and paint the town red.
  • Glossaryck makes fun of Gideon. (”My lady!” “I’m not a lady!” “Could have fooled me.”)
  • Star busting the chops of Gravity Falls’ unicorns. (”You’re not pure of hea–” “NARWHAL BLAST!!!!”)

I srly think this is the BEST scene in all the season bc its like:

Mari: oh gad who could it beeee
Tikki: uh you?
Mari: why there are lots of girls with jet black hair and blue eyes
Tikki: yeah but blue AS THE HEAVENS?

PS: Also Adrien.. who says heaven is blue wtf that is the sky little boy


Okay but what if Lena fucking Luthor makes a move on Kara, and Kara is like “oh I’m sorry Lena I’m not into girls ” and LENA FUCKING LUTHOR will be like “ oh you had me for some time now” and Kara of course blushes because she’s not used to people saying that too her and Kara will be like “ well my apologies Lena ” AND LENA FUCKING LUTHOR steps closer to Kara and checks her out up and down , and Kara is like kinda turned on and is like WTF IS HAPPENING. Then LENA FUCKING LUTHOR goes to her ear and says “ you could’ve have fooled me” and Kara has too melt like c'mon LENA FUCKING LUTHOR IS RIGHT THERE , then to ruin the mood her mother walks into her office and be like “ well is this another “friend ” of yours Lena?“ Then Kara says she should go and goes to the DEO where Alex sees she’s all tensed and Alex says ” hey Kara are you okay?“ Then Kara drags Alex into a room to explain what just happened ,and Alex is like ” Kara what happened “ then Kara says ” LENA FUCKING LUTHOR HAPPENED” then Alex is like “what about her ” Kara is like “ she made a move Alex she’s gay like you ” then Alex is like speechless and like Kara is like “ what if I’m bi Alex ” and Alex is like “you should experiment you know” then Kara is like “are you sure” then Alex is like “ Yes Kara you should ” then next thing you know Kara barges into LENA FUCKING LUTHOR’S office , and Lena looks up and stands up and walks towards Kara , and Kara is like “kiss me ” then LENA FUCKING LUTHOR grabs Kara pushes her to the wall and they start making out .

Seth Rollins Imagine

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Imagine embarrassing Seth on Raw.

Seth: *gif*

Y/N: (pulls out some cash from your back pocket and puts it in his waistband with a wink)

Seth: Really?? I’m trying to get ready for my fight…

Y/N: Could have fooled me…

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Umbra: Lord Jin, I would like to inform you that regardless of the fact we have no standing, my family is of Noble status.

“I… had an inkling of that honestly. Mostly from talking to you though, not your brother obviously

“I’m always happy to hear of more nobles in the army, it makes it easier to sort out who would make for good conversation. We should have tea together sometime soon~”