could've been better in some parts

  • A rhetorical statement: God, how could you like the Cult Ending?! That's so homophobic and gross, you just wanna see gay people suffer, [some other reason I'm gross for liking it]
  • Me: As much as I enjoy the Cult Ending, since Horror games were a huge part of my life growing up, I acknowledge that Joseph really deserved to have a better outcome than just "Cuck or Cult."
  • Me: Joseph could've been an amazing example of religious LGBT+ representation, and a strong moral and satisfying outcome with coming to terms with your sexuality and how you don't need to suffer and be ashamed about it.
  • Me: However, with the fact that Joseph's writer, Jared Rosen, is a known LGBT+ horror writer, and the fact the devs confirmed not wanting Joseph to have a good ending to avoid the implications of breaking up even a clearly toxic marriage as a good thing, it was clear that Joseph's character was doomed before the game was even released.
  • Me: The fact that Joseph literally only has outcomes that condemn his character, and one that straight up demonizes him, is so damaging to a lot of people.
  • Me: Sure, it would be a bit much to say "Give Joseph the ending we thought he deserved" while keeping all of the other endings a possibility. But the canon of Dating Sims have always been such a flexible entity. It makes no sense to try and apply a solid, consistent canon no matter what you do in a genre like this.
  • Me: Joseph deserved to have a good ending, just as much as he did a bad/dark twist ending. And frankly, he NEEDED a good end so that people who didn't like the Cult Ending had another outcome to work off of.
  • Me: I love the Cult Ending. But there's no denying that Joseph needed better, not just for the game, but for the fans as well.
The River (Sprace)

Mod Ind here! This was based off a little part of a role-play my friends and I did (mood rose was one of them!) and I thought I should take the idea and make it into a fully fledged story. Anyways, enjoy!

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Tw: Homophobia

To say it had been a long day for Spot would be an understatement. Of course no one was doing what they were supposed to, requiring a stern reminder (some would call it a “threat” but, whatever) from their leader. Not only that, but a few of the Brooklyn boys had gotten a good soaking a few days prior, so they needed to be looked after while they healed. He’d gotten some help from Blink which did not go unnoticed. It was finally the end of day, everyone was winding down and it was finally Spot’s quiet time. He had the door to his room shut (being the King has it’s perks, including getting a bedroom) and he was settling into his bed with a book he’d found in the park. He’d just gotten to a really good fight scene when he heard yelling outside his window. As he went to the window to tell whoever it was to pipe down, he realized they were calling his name.

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I don't hate Hinata, but I'll admit, her admiration is pretty creepy. With how meek the girl was and the expectations she had to meet, she could've been fleshed out a whole lot better if she looked up to Kurenai or Neji instead of Naruto, honestly. People who actually spend more time with her and not just some crush.

In Part 1, I can understand Hinata admiring to be like Naruto in pursuit of trying to gain his courage and determination to become stronger and prove herself to her family. (There was definitely potential to Hinata’s character and the story of the Hyuga clan). 

But, in truth, all Hinata wanted to do was win Naruto’s Attention so she can suck his dick (She wasn’t interested in changing her clan). Her admiration for Naruto became a full blown Obsession (despite barely spending/interacting with him). She made it seem like Naruto was the only one who supported her (when there was Kurenai, Neji and her Teammates who were always there for her after/before CE )

Also, the fact that Hinata was willing to risk jeopardize Her Team by giving Naruto her answers in the Chunin exams, shows how little she cares for her own Teammates.

I would go in more detail…..but, there are already plenty of Anti Hinata posts that does it better e.g.

Though, with all that said, It’s Hinata’s worshipping Fanbase and that ultimately made me hate her as much as I do now. They always try to force Hinata’s relevance into everything when she’s just side-character.

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Prompt where the girls are hanging out and hannily is talking about a show or movie and giggling or something and someone asks em if she eve had a crush in hanna and she blushes and says she kinda liked her while they were living together and hanna is like shocked and says: wtf dude why didn't you tell me?! I totally liked you too! We could've had some serious hot sex! And Alison is like rolling her eyes super annoyed

Hey everyone! So because I didn’t have internet I wasn’t even able to look at my prompts so I’m just barely getting back into it. As always, I hope you all enjoy. :)




The five best friends were all lounging outside while three out of the five were listening to the remaining two playfully, though some may say flirtatiously, banter. Hanna and Emily had been going back and forth discussing shows and movies for the better part of an hour, and even though the rest of the girls had been there for the entire conversation there was never a moment where they were able to add in their own thoughts.

Tilting her head slightly, Hanna narrowed her eyes at the swimmer as a thought occurred to her, “Orange Is the New Black?” she asked in a challenging tone.

Grinning in an almost maniacal way, Emily nodded her head fiercely. She reached out and gripped Hanna’s forearm tightly, her expression transforming into a serious one. “I…” she leaned forward a bit in her seat, “Love that show. I literally finished it in a day.” Hanna squealed in excitedly response.

Soon the girls were speaking in short sentences about things that the other three girls had no clue about. To anyone else it would be annoying, but they knew that Hanna and Emily tended to get lost in their own little world sometimes and, it’s just how their friendship worked. They were easily the closest out of all the girls, and often tended to be very touchy with each other, but that was only because they were best friends (at least that’s what Alison liked to tell herself).

“Looks like it’s just us three. That’s going to be going on for a while.” Spencer stated matter-of-factly as she gestured to the two girls who were in an apparently very deep conversation.

Snorting slightly, Aria nodded in agreement. “I’d be surprised if they spoke to anyone but each other for the rest of the day.”

Being unable to be silent anymore, Alison sat up in her chair and pushed a hand through her hair. “How have you two put up with it for so long?” she demanded, “They’re always all over each other. It’s so annoying. Why doesn’t Hanna go cuddle up next to her boyfriend?” 

Raising her shoulder in a slight shrug, Spencer replied, “It’s Em and Han.” she answered as if that was the answer to everything.

A frustrated groan fell from the blonde’s lips. “Thanks for reminding me, Spencer. I wasn’t sure what their names were for a second there.” she hissed sarcastically. Spencer glared in response.

Stepping in, Aria attempted to diffuse the situation. “What Spencer means is, it’s Em and Han. They’ve always been like that, you know, extremely close. I think they just get each other in a way that maybe the person they’re dating doesn’t.” Aria elaborated, glancing at Alison to see if she understood what she had just been told.

The blonde heard Aria’s explanation, but found herself fixating over one part in particular. “The person they’re dating? I know Hanna got back together with Caleb, but I didn’t know Em was dating anyone.” her face was unreadable, and her voice held no emotion as she braced herself for the answer she could possibly hear.

“No, Em’s single.” Spencer answered, eyeing Ali curiously.

An almost inaudible sigh of relief escaped Alison’s lips. “I still don’t know why they’re always all over each other.” Alison grumbled, completely dismissing Aria’s explanation from earlier.

Hoping to get a rise out of Ali, Spencer repeated. “They’re Em and Han.”

“That doesn’t explain anything.” Alison snarled through gritted teeth while Spencer smirked in amusement.

Slightly checking out of the conversation, Aria had been quietly watching Hanna and Emily who were curled up together on a single chair whispering and giggling to each other. “I’ve always suspected that they had a thing for each other.” she mumbled absentmindedly, just loud enough for Spencer and Alison to hear.

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