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Lip Gallagher Marriage Headcanons

Prompt: Hello! Could you write something about being married to Lip Gallagher, pretty please? Thank you! 💗
A/N: a I know you didn’t ask for headcanons and I know these are shit but you asked for something with being married to Lip so this is what happened I’m so sorry if you don’t like it, but I hope you enjoy!

-the proposal was so spontaneous, you guys were walking the streets of Chicago and he stopped walking, looking at you and said “let’s get married”
-of course you said yes!
-he saved up every last dime he came in contact with to get you a ring almost as beautiful as you
-his words not mine!

-he’s shocked you “settled for him”
-his family is more shocked then him because they never thought he’d settle down with one girl
-they all make jokes and he yells at them but you just blush
-Debbie is so happy to have you as a sister the girl idolizes you
-Ian is so his best man
-I’d like to think Mandy comes back and even though her and Lip’s past y'all are besties and she’s your maid of honor
-you so got Liam to carry the rings that moment was the purest thing around
-handwritten vows with lots of tears

-Lip moved in with you after the wedding and Liam is at your house almost everyday
-Liam has slept over multiple times and loves to sleep between the two of you
-this isn’t even a joke Liam is like your child
-Lip basically raised Liam so it makes sense, you don’t mind
-you have the kid talk at least once every other month
-Lip wants to have kids with you so bad but is waiting until you two are stable when it comes to money.
-Lip wants nothing more than a family with you please give this boy kids
-for now y'all have Liam
-ok I’ll stop mentioning Liam sorry

-Lip is hell bent on providing for you
-you have a job he just really wants to make sure you are the happiest healthiest person in the south side
-Lip can make a mean packet of ramen but also makes some lovely French toast if you ask
-this boy’s life goal is to make you happy
-he just loves you so much and you love his equally as much your marriage is beautiful and honestly goals for everyone

Don’t act like you’re a good person for not reading killing stalking but then turn around and bully someone. I’ve seen y'all call people ugly, fat, disgusting, horrible human beings, etc. Y'all preach about being woke yet you go around making fun of someone’s appearance just bc they enjoy something you don’t? I’ve seen people literally tell others to kill themselves just bc they enjoy KS. You’re saying you hate killing stalking because it has abuse yet you want someone to die bc they like it? Sounds pretty hypocritical to me. You’re saying people who enjoy killing stalking are “the worst human beings you’ve ever encountered” yet YOU’RE the one bullying people. If it bothers you so much then block people who post about it, stop going through the tag, DON’T FUCKING READ IT!!! Get over yourself and stop acting like people can’t write about situations that could very much happen in real life just because it triggers you.

Sun’s speech to Blake

“You think you’re being selfless, but you’re not. Yea, that Chameleon friend of yours go me pretty good, but I’d do it all again if it meant protecting you. And I can promise Yang would say the same thing. You can make your own choices, sure… But you don’t get to make ours. When your friends fight for you, it’s because we want to… So stop pushing us out! That hurts more than anything the bad guys could ever do to us… Buuuuttt if it makes you feel any better, the next time I go up against lizard girl, it won’t be for you. It’ll be to get even.”

Ship Us//Josh Dun

Can you do one where the Reader is a famous actress and everybody is shipping her with Josh and one day Josh accidentally live on TV says that he loves her and then he starts to blush.Thnx


               You had just finished filming for yet another day. You were tired, had makeup gunked on your face and so many hair products sprayed everywhere you’re surprised your neck could take the weight. Right now all you wanted to do was shower then sleep for the night. You stopped at the bathroom quickly to relieve your face of the products splayed across it—to make you look more like your character than yourself. Which was all part of the job, you got to be someone else for a few months. It was a rather nice change from reality.

               “Hey!” Josh smiled, waiting outside the studio for you. This was a pretty usual occurrence. He, being your roommate would pick you up after filming, go grab a bite to eat (even if you swore up and down you weren’t hungry he’d bring you out anyway) then head home. “Ready to get going?” He smiled, which made you feel warm inside. You loved his smile; the way it could like up a room.

               “Very much so. I am exhausted.” You sighed, walking with Josh to the parking lot. You were in the middle of talking about how long of a day you had (considering you had to do one scene over, and over, and over, and over. You lost count of how many times you all filmed it) when 3 kids ran up to you guys. “Hey guys.” You smiled at them, watching as their faces turned all sorts of red as they began blabbing on about how cute you and Josh were together, and how they shipped it. Followed by praises on the work the two of you did in your respective fields, and how big of fans they were. “That’s awesome! Glad to hear you like it.” You laughed softly with them, taking their pen and scratching your signature onto one of their notebooks.

               “You didn’t hang around here all day just for signatures did you?” Josh joked, watching as they shook their heads. Promising that bumping into you was all very good luck on their end. “We’re lucky too. It gets pretty hard just to hang out with people now a days. It goes from 3 people to 300 if you aren’t lucky.” Josh shuddered to himself, mind obviously going back to times on tour when he and Tyler would suddenly be drowning in fans.

               “I would love to stay and talk more, but I am so tired.” You interjected, apologizing as you finished making your way to Josh’s car. Gazing lovingly through the window and at the seat you were about to be sitting in. Your feet longed for the relief that they hadn’t gotten one bit today.

               “I wonder why they all think we’re dating.” Josh laughed once the two of you had begun driving home. “Like we don’t come off that way, do we?” He asked, eyes focusing in front of him. The two of you had discussed this on many different occasions—both confused on why people either thought you two were dating. Or longed for it with their entire being.

               “I’m really not sure if there’s a reason. It might just be because we’re famous and hang out a lot.” You shrugged, resting your head against the glass, the vibrations of the car making their way into your skull.

               “Isn’t that a reason right there? Because we’re famous and hang out a lot.” Josh chuckled, causing you to roll your eyes in response. “That’s two even!” Josh kept laughing to himself, teasing you the whole way home.


               “Just because I mess up once does not give you the right to continually make fun of me!” You giggled, taking another bite of your cereal as Josh attempted to do the same. The two of you were currently on the couch trying to eat (Josh trying to control his laughter; because every time he went to swallow he would choke).

               “You’re perfect Y/N. There is very few things I can tease you with, so I’m going to be holding onto this for a long time.” Josh pointed a finger at you, grinning as he did so. “Filming today?” He asked, taking a spoonful of his cereal while he waited for an answer.

               “No. I was supposed to, but they decided with how yesterday went that it would be best if I took a break. They have plenty of other scenes to film anyway.” You shrugged, looking over at your friend. “Do you have anything planned?” Your heart sunk a little when he nodded. It was very rare that you got days off when Josh was at home—he was usually touring or in the studio when you had time off. Vice versa too—whenever he had free time you were off filming.

               “Interview today. A Q & A type of thing that Mark thought would be cool. It’s going to be livestream though.” You saw Josh’s face fall a little. Though he came off as outgoing and playful—he was rather shy with live interviews. He had nothing to focus on more than not looking stupid in front of the camera (though you fought him that never once did he look stupid). You were happy Tyler was going to be there with him though; after a few questions you knew he would loosen up and get back to his playful, natural state.

               “If it’ll help you at all, I won’t let you know I’m watching.” You offered, receiving a small laugh from the drummer. “I’ll say I’m not going to watch, then go on under a funky screen-name so you won’t realize it’s me.” You smiled at your friend, who’s eyes screamed a silent thank you (considering he was trying to swallow a mouthful of cereal).


               “Okay, next question! This one comes from “Funkyusername”. It says” Tyler started, reading over your question before he spoke. “Where do you guys find inspiration from when preparing for shows?” You watched as both boys pondered for a second. Tyler making a silly joke you didn’t quite catch and Josh automatically saying your name. “Y/N?” Tyler teased, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at the drummer.

               “It’s not like that!” Josh laughed. “She’s just awesome, she makes me feel like I’m at home—even halfway across the world. When she sends me those “Good luck” texts I feel like I can do it, you know?” You watched as the comments blew up with people who shipped the two of you together.

               “Next question is from JoshDun’sHun. Sorry but that title belongs officially to Y/N.” Josh laughed, eyes widening a slight bit when he realized what he said. Though he continued reading—face bright red as he spoke. “What’s the situation between Y/N and you? How come the two of you aren’t official yet?” Josh sucked in a breath, obviously trying to find a way to make up for what he said prior.

               Sorry but that title belongs officially to Y/N. What does that mean?

               “Josh just hasn’t asked yet. I know for a fact that she would say yes if he asked.” Tyler shrugged, trying to scroll through the comments—though the question on everyone’s minds now was “do you love Y/N????”. Tyler smirked before looking over at his bandmate. “So Josh, do you?” When the drummer nodded awkwardly, face a bright shade of red you felt your pulse speed up. Your hands shake.

               Josh had feelings for you.

airoehead  asked:

could you inform me how Watchmen is one of the finest examples of a comic company screwing over a creator? I know there's a lackluster movie about it and a series of prequel comics but does it go any deeper than that

More or less: DC promised Alan Moore that the rights to Watchmen would revert to him when it stopped being printed.

Watchmen has never stopped being printed.

Bear in mind that Watchmen was produced in a time when trade collections of comics was not a huge thing. Nowadays pretty much every comic series gets collected in trade, so the deal made sense - get a run out of it and then it would be Moore’s. Aaaand DC has never stopped printing it and years ago said they WOULD finally give him the rights to it… but only if he produced a sequel that they could cash in on. He refused.

feli-ci-tea  asked:

Hi! I'm the short squad anon that sent in a matchup a while back. If you don't mind, could you please do an hc of the RFA reacting to an asexual MC? Thank you guys for being so awesome! ^o^


  • Yoosung is perfectly fine with this
  • He’s pretty much fine without sex, I mean, he’s survived this long
  • So when you tell him, nothing changes
  • Both of you love cuddles
  • Cuddles are nice for everyone no matter the sexuality
  • Kisses are nice too
  • His favorites are butterfly kisses
  • Asexuality does nothing to stop you guys from enjoying each other to the fullest, whether it be emotionally, or romantically


  • To be honest she was never really looking for sex
  • She loves just being around you
  • Late nights are filled with discussions of dreams
  • Early mornings are filled with sleepy smiles, and light loving coffee kisses
  • The fights over who can be the more savage
  • She’ll have thoughts once in a while, but she won’t make you do anything, fully respecting your sexuality


  • Zen is a bit different from the previous two
  • Because we all know this boy wants some
  • But he knows how to control it for you
  • He WILL contain the beast to make sure you feel comfortable around him
  • He’s fine with your sexuality and will find every way to stay with in your boundaries
  • Constantly kissing you. CONSTANTLY
  • He’s trying his best, and you appreciate it because he’s so respectful


  • He’s kind of confused at first
  • Like, why not sex?
  • He finds out when he wanted to go a bit farther than kissing for the first time.
  • That’s when you knew you had to break it to him
  • He understood after you explained it
  • And became a lot more gentle
  • He still teases you
  • Just not sexually
  • Things like denying kisses


  • Seven don’t care
  • This boy is literally up for anything
  • Sex everywhere? Okay
  • No Sex? Okay
  • He doesn’t care
  • As long as he can kiss, cuddle, and tickle
  • You guys have all out tickling wars
  • When you cuddle he’s the sweetest thing???
  • He slides his hands up your sides
  • You might even melt into his touch
  • And his hands make it to your armpits
  • The shrieks of laughter are intense

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Good Girl

Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson x human!reader
Summary: Having the flu sucks, but getting an unexpected visitor might suck even more. Or maybe not.

(Y/N) woke up that morning with a slight headache. She came down to get something to drink, but feeling faint she couldn’t go back up the stairs. So she had no other choice as to stay on the couch in the living room, where she fell asleep only to get woken by some kind of noise some time later.

She tried to ignore it, but since her head felt like it would burst any moment, it was pretty much futile. Having the flu was the only time she hated being a human.

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OK,,,,, LIFE CHAnging??? MY FRIEND AND I MADE SOME FRIENDS WAITING IN THE LONG ASS LINE AND AROUND OUR SEATS Honestly it was beautiful. JUST RIGHT stopped PLAYING HALFWAY THROUGH but luckily the fans were able to pick up the song and they kept going!!! AMD IT was really cool bc YOU could tell that they didn’t expect us to know the Korean lyrics as well as we did so I was really proud of us:)) ALSO they tried so haRD to interact with fans as best THEY could JACKSON WANG CAME IN CLUTCH THROUGHOUT. EXCEPT,,, some fans were actually pretty rude?? They were screaming while members were talking and being really disrespectful. Like whenever JB or Youngjae would speak these fans would be screaming Jackson or Yugyeom’s name so loud you couldn’t even hear what the members were saying.and fans were screaming so loud you could see how the members were struggling to even hear themselves perform Also when they brought fans on stage MARK HAD TO PICK THREE DIFFERENT TICKETS BC NO ONE WAS GOING UP WTF. Like ???? I will catapult myself on stage if I could…. And YOUNGJAE GOT PLAYED AGAIN BC HIS FAN WAS 11 AND DIDNT WANT TO GO ON STAGE And kept trying to back up and out of his arms ON STAGE wtf. JB HAD a sore throat so we didn’t hear much from him and JINYOUNG WTF PREPARED A SPEECH ALL IN ENGLISH AND TRIED SO HARD WOTH IT I LOVE HIM. Jackson and his fan made me want to die he was so cute with her,, holding her hand and her purse and talking and whispering to her like,,,,, MY BOY MADE ME SO PROUD AMD THEY WERE AO CUTE AND PERFORMED SO WELL… BAMBAM LOOKED SO GOOD AND WAS SURPRISINGLY talkative. So plz remember to be respectful AND POLITE and friendly :) make them want to come back to the US !!

Preview: Hidden in the Deep

Hello everyone! 

Thanks for the excitement about my upcoming fic, Hidden in the Deep. The first chapter will be up on December 18th. I hope you will all enjoy it - it’s quite a challenge for me, so I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

In the meantime, here’s a preview of the first chapter. It’s a scene I struggled with for months, because it’s so different from what I have written until now. So don’t hesitate to tell me what you think of it. 

Thanks again for being there! 


He got down from the subway at his stop and climbed the stairs up to the street. His neighborhood was calm, the sidewalks pretty much deserted. Even if it was New York, it was Wednesday, and most people were home. Kurt was eager to get home, too. He wanted a shower, maybe a glass of wine before bed, and some quiet so he could think.

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why wrapped around your finger is about muke: a shitpost
  • it’s basically just michael and luke singing. calum doesn’t have a solo, and neither does ashton.
  • it’s pretty much a conversation between michael and luke. they’re talking about what happened “that night” (michael: “you met me in your backyard that night … you looked just like an angel in disguise”) and (luke: “you were mine for a night / i was out of my mind … making all our plans in the santa cruz sand that night”)
  • and they talk about it being this one night thing, so probably michael and luke had a hookup and realized that it could ruin their careers so they had to make it stop (or keep it very secret)
  • luke: “i thought i had you in the palm of my hand that night” - that night was the “perfect” night where they forgot about everything and made plans for the future. luke thought that it could work (but just for that night)
  • “i told myself that i’m never gonna be all right” - again, luke, but this is when he realizes that it’s not going to work between them and he has to let it go (”i don’t know how to say goodbye”)
  • so they had to stop it even though both of them were sad about it, but they both still have feelings (obviously, the line “wrapped around your finger” from michael), and again “i told myself that i’m never gonna be all right” from luke
  • this tweet from michael, in 2015 (over a year after the song came out) (can u believe this tweet was actually about luke)
  • i feel like this tweet also belongs here because i’m 89% sure that luke hacked michael’s account and wrote it (have you ever seen luke in an interview he would honestly laugh so hard at that)
  • basically this entire song was written about muke, by muke, and it’s a masterpiece that was forgotten too soon

anonymous asked:

Not Fifth Harmony related but I have a personal question, I don't know if I can ask this on a fandom's blog so sorry if I shouldn't.. I believe I'm the 'stereotypical straight girl' (boys crazy and stuff) but also I have girl crushes.. Does that means I'm like- biromantic? Or even straight girls has girls crushes..? In my defense, girls are really pretty. Also, REALLY PERSONAL so stop me if I'm being invasive but how did you first questioned your sexuality?

It’s okay sweets 😊  To answer your first question I think it’s completely possible for a straight person to have a crush on someone from the same sex - I mean there’s a huge difference between finding someone attractive and seeing yourself being in a relationship or intimate with them. I personally can find men attractive, I can see the beauty, but I know I could never picture myself being with a man romantically, it’s just not how I’m wired. So to answer your second question, I had crushes on boys until I was like 13 (without ever feeling the need to make it more than a crush) and then I just happened to fall in love with a girl, it was a completely different feeling, a stronger one, the “my heart is beating out of my chest” kinda feeling. Over the next few years I just took my time to ask myself if it was just about this particular girl or if I was attracted to other ones, and over time I realized that what I felt looking at a boy couldn’t compare to how I felt looking at a girl - it’s just not the same attraction. 

So if I could give you one advice it’s to take your time, don’t pressure yourself for an answer or even a label if you’re not sure of what it might be yet - no matter what just remember that your feelings are valid, no matter if they’re toward a boy or a girl. And most importantly, be kind to yourself 😘

i have thoughts about voltron fandom shit sometimes but I feel like it’d be annoying even to myself to talk about it so I just realized I could just put it all in one post:

- keith listening to mcr, patd, evanescence and whatever teen-emo band you got is bullshit (lance would while being dramatically teen angsty) Keith would listen exclusively to instrumental music
- shiros scar over his nose can not have naturally turned out like that in a fight - the wound would either stop at the nose as whatever made it followed the curve up or have had to go straight through the nasal bone (and that wouldn’t leave such a pretty scar). That scar is 100% deliberately put there for aestethic while shiro stayed still enough that it wasn’t in a fight. I’m calling prison-tat
- instead of lance secretly liking the mullet and freaking out because keith cut it, what about lance freaking out because keith cut it and holy fuck why didn’t anyone tell me he was hot if you looked past the mullet!?!
- speaking of - will someone call out lance on his damn hime-bangs haircut it’s really hard for me to draw
- zarkon have not necessarily been alive for more than 10 000 years, the fact that he’s been travelling around in space at the speed of light while allura’ve been frozen on a planet the spacetime could mess with her perception. If it had been following him, it might as well have been just a couple years (I don’t know how fast those ships are ok haha)
- heights ???? Pidge is so tiny ??? say Pidge is 155 (5′1′) then that would put Keith/Allura at about 185 (6′1′’) so Pidge gotta be smaller honestly like… 150 (4′11′’) so Keith/Allura i 180 (5′11), Lance ~183 (6′), Hunk + Coran something like 187-190 (6′2′’) and Shiro at ~195 (6′5’) Going by the very few other people they can be measured against in the show it’s just the teacher/general whatever in the beginning that is a head taller than Lance that would make him… around 2m (6′7′) I guess and then Lance is fairly average height compared to the rest so those heights probably works out. Uh yeah I’m way too invested in heights but there you have it, tall bois and tiny pidge.

I like how Glinda says erasing Lucas’ memory was for his own protection like? People were still after him? He would’ve died if Dorothy hadn’t found him? Losing his memory didn’t protect him it just stopped him from being able to tell Glinda’s secrets? And how she “looked everywhere for him” like? You’re a witch? You couldn’t use magic to find him? Either Glinda isn’t as powerful as she appears or she didn’t try very hard to find Lucas.

I’m pretty sure Glinda singled Lucas out cause he was a knight/guard so he could spy on the Wizard. Ain’t nothing loving about this marriage.   

Stellar: When she has the ability to read the thoughts of plants.

Gayoung: *Gathers members* What do you guys think of a gorilla concert at this park? Because apparently the plants there love our music!–….I mean fans. The fans that live around there love our music! 

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Minhee: *Stops next to flower shop* Awe you think as I’m pretty as you guys??? Thank you so much! ♥ I knew someone could be pretty as a flower, but being called pretty BY one is a whole other level!

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Hyoeun: *Hugs tree* I’m sorry to hear about your girlfriend, and so close to the holidays too, but I’m sure she made a beautiful for christmas tree! 

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Junyool: *Talking to bush next to car* Are those your natural leaves or does someone trim them?–*Notices members staring at her* I swear I can explain!… but you might not believe me.

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I can’t stop thinking about her. You know when you meet someone, and you get that flutter, that rush? And it feels like you know them and they know you, and you think to yourself, “I could stare at this person’s face forever”?

Fighter Part 4 X Daryl Dixon X Reader

Hope you guys like it. I haven’t been well so I’m not sure how well this ended out.

You woke up with Daryl already gone on a run with your brother. You wish you could have gone too. You didn’t have a job yet. You hated being so stuck, you felt like a burden. Today you had to visit Denise to get a good check up.

It had been 2 weeks now and you were pretty much healed. You had fallen down the stairs once but apart from that you were on the road to recovery.

You walked out side and saw Rosita your brothers girlfriend. “Hey!” she stopped waking and waved to you “How you feeling?”

You caught up to her and smiled “Yeah thanks, feel loads better”

“Good, you got a job yet?”

“No but I’d love to go on a run sometime soon.”

She laughed a little “Abe won’t allow that”

“I know. I best get to Denise, I’ll see you later” You walked off to Denise’s place.

It didn’t take long at all “I’m impressed with how well you’re healing.”

“Thanks, never been a wimp.”

“Were all done here.. where you going with that gun and knife by the way?”

You shrugged “Just fancy a walk out of these walls.”

She looked at you over her glasses “You are well enough but don’t you go telling Daryl or Abraham I gave you permission”

You jumped off the table and pulled your jacket on “Thanks, don’t worry I won’t”

You walked out and headed towards the gates. Ugene was on the gate so it was going to be harder than you thought.
“I strongly advise you do not go out there”

“Look man I just want 10 minutes out the gate. I can hold my own”

“I have no doubts about that but if Abraham find a out I let you out then he will crucify me”

“Then we just won’t tell him”

He sighed and pulled the gate open to you. “Be careful!” you hear Sasha call from the guard tower.

You looked up and waved. You turned to see a long road in font of you. You took a deep breath in and smiled. As you as you started to walk you felt more relaxed. 10 minutes had gone and you could just see a few walkers up a head. Only 3, that wouldn’t be hard. You pulled your knife out and ran at the first. You leapt up and put your knees against its chest causing it to fall back. You stabbed it in the head and went fo the second. You simply stood up and stabbed it in the eye. Unfortunately the third was way closer than you thought so as you turned it pushed you on the ground, it falling on top of you. “Fuck” You breathed out as it’s jaws snapped at you. You managed to push it up with you hand, reach down to your belt, pull out your gun and shoot it under the chin. Walker brains covered your clean clothes and face.

You pushed it off you and stood up. You took a minute to get your breath back when a truck pulled up behind you. “What the fuck are you doing!” Daryls voice shouted.

“Oh shit” You turned to smile at him “Hey baby”

“Don’t you hey baby me! Get in the truck!” he was not happy.

As soon as you got on Abraham and Daryl both started shouting at you.

You gave up “One at a time!”

Daryl stopped but Abraham didn’t. “What the fuck were you thinking? Going out the gates! What if you got bit! Or kidnapped! What if those men are looking for you! I can’t lose you again!”

“Jesus man, I’m sorry. But I cant stay in those gates much longer. I feel so trapped. I would of asked you but you wont ley me out and everyone else is too scared of both of you to go with me!”

Abraham realised how you felt but didn’t say anything. He was still too angry with you. He turned back to the road and drove back to Alexandria. The 5 minute trip was silent and tense. You got out the truck and walked towards your house without saying anything. You needed to get all the zombie shit off you.

You could hear Daryl behind you “Can you sort this? I want to talk to her” You heard his footsteps follow you back to the house.

As soon as you both got through the door he started “What were you fucking thinking!”
“I just-“

He cut you off “You can’t just go out there! You could die! I don’t want to lose you!” He wasn’t letting you get one word in “I care about you! Why can’t you get that! You don’t go out there! What is wrong with you!”

“You can’t keep me locked up! I’ve had enough of that in my life!”

You didn’t know but he all of a sudden realised what he was doing. He brought his hand up to stroke your face but you flinched. You saw the pain creep into his eyes “(y/n)? Do you really think I would hit you?”

“No, I’m sorry. I can’t help flinching.” You looked down at your feet you hated making him feel like that.

He sighed and stepped closer to you, he wrapped his strong arms around you and pulled you into his chest. “Can I tell you something” he whispered on the top of your head.

You turned your head so you could hear him better “Of course.”

“I know exactly how you feel. I was beat as a kid. But yanno it gets better. Hell, my life’s amazing now cause I have you. Honestly I know it’s only been a few week but I think I love you. So I can’t lose you. I suppose you could go out the gates as long as you’re with me. I ain’t gonna sit here and worry about you.”

You wiped away the few tears that had escaped and leaned back to look at him “I’m not going anywhere without you. I promise. I love you too.” You pressed you lips hard against his. He kissed back with so much passion you could feel your stomach doing back flips.

You both started to pull at each others clothes. You pushed his vest off his shoulders and onto the floor. You could see him getting frustrated with the buttons on your shirt so he grabbed the fabric and ripped it clean off. You were soon going to have no shirts because of this man.
He pushed you against the wall causing a picture to fall and shatter and a vase on the table to fall and smash. He picked you up and placed you on the table.

All of a sudden your front door burst open and your brother burst in. “What the fuck are you doing?” he suddenly noticed what was actually going off.

“Abe!” you shouted at him.

His face went brighter than his hair “I heard shouting then something break. I was worried.”

Rick, michonne, Rosita and Carl all ran in behind him. You both stood there with no shirt on luckily your bra wasn’t too disgusting. “This is not a spectators sport guys!” you said to them all. Daryls face was getting redder and redder.

Everyone started laughing at you. You weren’t sure if Abe or Daryls face was the reddest.

You heard someone shouting your name. Glenn got to the door panting from running. “Seriously? Anyone else want to watch!” you said as you stood up and tried to look for your shirt Daryl threw somewhere.

“Sorry. We found a man he’s burnt all up one side of his body, he said your name before Morgan knocked him out. We’re getting him out the truck but he’s gona wake up I think” he carried on panting.

Your eyes widened. “Did you say a burt body?” Glenn nodded in response “Mother fucker!” you pulled your discarded shirt on only to notice it had been ripped off you and there were no buttons left. You tied it into a knot and pulled down it to cover your boobs as well as you could. Yoh grabbed your gun from the counter and ran through everyone to get outside.

You could hear them following you. Daryl was calling your name but anger was filling your body. You could see Morgan and Spencer holding the man who was just waking up. “You piece of shit!” you screamed as your feet picked up the pace.

They saw you and let go of the man. You ran full pelt towards him and as soon as you got to him you booted him in the face like a football. His nose exploded on impact.

He turned his head to look at you through squinted eyes “(y/n)! How are you beautiful?”

Finally everyone had caught up to you and was watching you stand over this man shaking with anger. “Where are they?”

He laughed so you bent down and punched him again “I said where are they?”

He spat some blood out “I really did teach you how to punch.” He laughed again “You were the only one who survived sweet heart. You were always the best fighter.”

You brought your foot up and kicked him knocking him out. He fell limp on the floor. You still shook from anger. You felt a hand touch your shoulder “Who is that?” Daryl asked softly.

“He’s one of them” You still stared at him “He made us fight against each other, or even dogs sometimes. People would place bets on who survived” you turned to hug Daryl “They beat us into training so we could win. They tortured us so we could beat the living hell out of eacother and they would bet food and ammo on us. They are the scum of the earth.” You turned and spat on his face as you finished talking.

Rick stepped forward so he was stood next to you “Morgan, help me take him to that place you had for the Wolf. We’ll tie him up and wait till he’s awake.”

“Oh hell no!” Abraham shouted storming forward “I say we shoot him right here!”

“We need to know where the other men are right?” Rick seemed to always keep the situation calm “So we need him to tell us. Then you can shoot him”

Abraham nodded knowing Rick was right. They all looked around to see you walking off. “Shit” Daryl said to himself.

The whole town was cloudy from anger. Your body was racing as you walked back into yours and daryls house. You had no idea what you were doing. You stormed into the kitchen and grabbed one of the few rum bottles you had left. You nearly ripped the cap off and took a huge swig. You paced up and down your kitchen not even knowing what you were thinking. Everything was fuzzy. Images of them beating you kept flashing in your mind. The dogs barking. Men cheering. All those poor women crying. All those poor girls you beat to death because you had no other choice. You turned and punched the kitchen wall. You dropped the bottle and just punched over and over again till you left bloody marks on the wall. You collapsed on the floor and picked up what was left of the rum. You leant on the wall and sobbed.

“Hey” You heard daryls soft voice and opened your eyes slowly “Its ok” he was crouched down to your level.

You looked at him through your puffy red eyes “I beat them to death Daryl. I’m just as bad as he is.”

He kneeled down and wrapped his arms around your shoulders pulling you into his chest “No you’re not. He made you do those things. You had no choice”

You sniffed in and gave him a half smile. “Do you have a smoke? We need to go and find more soon”

He relaxed and reached into his back pocket passing you one. You stood up with the bottle in your hand still. “Come on you don’t need that. I want some” he said trying to grab it but you swiftly move your hand.

“If you want it. You’re gona have to come and get it” You smiled and ran out the door. You ran by the side of the house.

“You know I’m a hunter and your dripping blood. You’re making it too easy” he called out to you.

You giggled a little. He may be a hunter but you were faster. You ran out from the houses just missing him. You charged down the streets laughing. You stopped at the fence, you had no where to go.

He caught you up panting “No where to go”

You tried to slip past him but he got you by the waist and spun you around. He tripped over your foot and fell on the floor pulling you onto him. You held the bottle behind your back. He tried to grab it but you rolled onto the grass before he could. He got hold of your hand “ow” You yelped.

He stopped fighting you “Let me look” You both sat up and looked at your bloody fists. “You’re always injured” he smiled at you.

You unscrewed the bottle lid with your teeth. You took a sip then poured some on your left hand “Fuck!” you shouted as the hard alcohol stung. You did the same to the other hand. “Mother dick!”

“Your mouths as bad as your brothers.” You heard Carol walking up to you two. “How you feeling hunny?”

You turned to look up at her “Good thanks, well as good as I can be.”

She held her hand out to help you up. You showed her the front of your hands and what a mess they were. You stood up and all of a sudden she hugged you. “I know it sucks. The amount of times I wanted to kill my husband was ridiculous but just stay strong.”

“Oh you know do you?” for some reason you got angry “I didn’t know your husband chained you up and forced you to fight women and dogs to the death.”

She looked completely taken back “I ermm i”

“Yeah didn’t think so” You gave her a fake smile and walked off. Daryl stayed talking to her.

“She didn’t mean that. She needs a bit of time.” He stroked her arm.

She looked behind her to see you storming off towards the gate. “I’ll bake something. That might cheer her up a little. But you best run because she’s about to leave” She nodded to the gates where you were trying to convince Ugene to let you out again.

“Shit! This girl is gona be the death of me” Daryl started to run to you.


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Idk if your ask box is closed it open b/c you header still says open but can i have Hanamiya hopelessly in love with and s/o who keeps making god awful puns

if you’re an innocent young one- swearing alert

Hanamiya regretted choosing the fish sushi. He knew you pretty well, inside out and outside in, yet somehow he had arrived at the non-non-vegeration option. 

“The food here is turtle-ly tasty, you know?”

“[Y/N]… Shut up.”

“I dolphin-ly look forward to lunch but they cod do batter.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Whale, someone’s being rude!”

“And someone’s being a shitty brat, so could you fucking stop.”

“Any-fin for you-”

Growling, Hanamiya clenched his fist- as if about to punch you- but emotional instinct held him back. Damn his feelings for you! 

If anything, he’d be punishing you in the bedroom.

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Hey Steven! I've been having a hard time being closeted in a pretty homophobic country... Could you give me some positive words?

I know it can’t be easy … but take comfort in knowing you’re not alone!

The world is full of beautiful, loving people, and no amount of hate can stop you from being yourself.

It’s a struggle living around people who won’t accept you, so try your best to find people you can relate to! Even if they’re all the way across the world, a good friend can make all the difference.

(P.S. - It’s okay to stay in the closet! Especially if it’s safer for you. There will come a day when you can live loudly and proudly, just you wait and see!)

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Hi , could you do Sebastian and Claud reacting to a very cuddly s/o? Like, their s/o likes to almost always be touching in some way. Love you and your blog dear.😊

Aww thank you so much im being a crappy Admin atm but thats because im tired and dont want to get admins helping ~Admin B


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- He thinks its pretty cute but he isnt too bothered he understands sometimes that it may be a detachment thing but he may get slightly annoyed if your stopping him from working for it.


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- He kind of acts like its normal just like he does with anything Alois does i mean if he decided to be in a relationship with you i was for a reason so putting up with the rest of whatever you have to offer is just what he does.

The signs as the Noragami fandom on Tumblr
  • Aries: Crowns everywhere
  • Taurus: Yato is TRASH please just....STOP BEING LIKE THIS....o h g o d what A GARBAGE MAN
  • Gemini: pls yato do this again I will be your follower forever just...exist...that's enough for me
  • Cancer: *sobs*.... why did Suzuha die again
  • Leo: Hey pls could you slow the release down a bit we need reST
  • Libra: I'm pretty sure.....these are.... crocs.....yes canon
  • Scorpio: I love suffering! ;) (tortured souls crying in the distance) ;) yes ;)
  • Sagittarius: (the worst jokes involving gods, heaven, and religion in general)
  • Aquarius: *crying* chaRACTER DEVELOPEMENT
  • Pisces: *points at female character* my wife *points at her while fighting* yes my wife