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Could you please draw Darth Vader wearing thick, fuzzy winter socks and shuffling about cheerfully in them? (Bonus points if you draw a few confused stormtroopers in the background.)

I’m not taking any requests at the moment, but I want to draw Darth Vader again so here he is but with Mettaton legs instead of fuzzy winter socks. 


.:Imagine Kylo Ren finding out that you are pregnant with his baby:.

Request for anon:

“Hey so could you please do an imagine where Kylo Ren finds out his wife (the reader) is preggers? :3”

GIFs aren’t mine

Decided to do this from his POV because I really wanted to write how happy he’d be. Because he would be. Because you’re his wife and he loves ya so very much.
I also imagine Kylo as a husband being so obedient and caring for you. You could ask him to do anything and he’d do it straight away. You could bring him to his knees anytime you wish. :333


I stood here looking out the window, at the vast white planet before me. My Y/N hadn’t been feeling well the past couple of days. She’s been distant. I want to help her, but I need her to tell me that.

“Ren,” I hear Hux’s voice and I turn to him. “Are you aware of Y/N’s current whereabouts?”

I stiffened. “Where is she?”

I observe Hux straighten up as well. “She was at the med bay earlier this afternoon. I don’t know the specific reason as to why.”

“Where is she now? How do you know this?” I asked sternly. How would someone like him know here my wife was?

“Sir, she only sent me for you. She has told me nothing. She has requested your presence, she said she needed you-”

That was enough information for me. I turn quickly and rush to our room. I enter the code and step inside. I hear the door slide, closing behind me as I look at Y/N.

She was sitting on our bed, head in her beautiful hands, tightly holding strands of hair through her fingers. I hear her soft weeping, shoulders softly shaking.

I rush to her, and kneel in front of her. I take off my mask, and place my hands on her knees. “My Y/N. Darling, what’s wrong?”

She looks at me. I could see tears stream down her face. I quickly wipe them away. “Why were you at the med bay, Y/N. What’s hurt you?”

“I’m not hurt,” her trembling voice answered. “Then what is it, darling?”

“I-I can’t.. I’m scared to tell you. I-” she quickly stands up and walks towards the door. I block her way by the standing in front if it.

“Kylo please…” She asks, more tears seeping out of her beautiful eyes.

“No. Y/N, talk to me. What’s going on. You’re worrying me. Please…” I begged her. “You’re scared I know, but, just say it. You’ll feel better.” I place my hands on her shoulders.

“Kylo,” She sniffs and itches her nose softly. “Kylo, I-I’m pregnant.”

I look down, and pull her into my chest. I didn’t stop the smile as it crept onto my face.

“Kylo I know this isn’t what you want or need right now. I can go. I can go away for-”

The smile faded and I snapped my head up. “Don’t you say that, Y/N! You cannot leave me. Ever. And especially not now!”

“But Ky-”

“No, Y/N. You are my wife. I made that promise. Y/N, you are pregnant with my child. I cannot express to you how… Happy I am right now.”

She looks at me. “Happy?”

I nod, and laugh slightly. “I have never been more happy, my Y/N. I will help you in every way I can. You are my first responsibility. You and our baby.”

She puts her arms on top my shoulders and presses her forehead on mine. Pull her close to me and hug her, feeling her small frame against mine.

I maneuver us back to our bed. I hold her. We don’t say anything. We don’t need too. We can just feel it.

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Just imagine, Steve's hand brushing against your thigh under the table, all the other Avengers sat around you. Inching up, under your skirt. Him just rubbing you raw, but talking to the others like nothing is going on. The perfect mask of innocence.

Originally posted by insaneontheboeshane

Steve knows what a fucking little shit he is. He’s fucking Captain America, for God’s sake. No one would expect that the righteous man is capable of such things. Which is why he knows he could do pretty much anything to you that he pleased. And Steve is kinky. He gets hard on doing such things to you while everyone is around. Whether it be fingering you underneath the dinner table, rubbing you through your panties while you’re all huddled around watching a movie, or eating you out while you’re on the phone with one of the other avengers. Innocent my ass.

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Could you list all of Cole's team's Snapchats and Instagrams please?

  • Ari Lennox’s IG: arilennox
  • Bas’ Snapchat + IG: fiendbassy
  • Ced’s Snapchat + IG: cedbreeze
  • Cozz’s Snapchat: tha_ccam | IG: cody_macc
  • Dreamville’s Snapchat: rotd2 | IG: dreamville 
  • Elite’s Snapchat + IG: elitethatsme 
  • SMFiends’ Snapchat: | IG: smfiends
  • Ib’s Snapchat + IG: kingofqueenz25
  • J. Cole’s Snapchat: jan28th | IG: realcoleworld
  • Lute’s IG: lute_west9
  • Omen’s Snapchat: omentdk | IG: omen773

@iputaspxllonyou ;; gets things dumped on her.

        It ought to be a familiar feeling, powerful weapons in the hands of one’s enemies. Less than a year ago, the last white oak stake in the hands of Dahlia, or a certain determined Bennett witch not six years before. And a millennium of running before a father hell-bent on their destruction. Perhaps he had grown too placid in his perceived invulnerability. Or perhaps other matters weighed to heavily upon his mind, sapped from him the usual energy with which he would meet such a threat. 

        A hard decision, to swallow pride and pick up the damn phone. It sits now, balanced upon his open palm, fingers hesitating. But if it’s  w i t c h e s  causing problems, then he needs a witchy solution to a witchy problem. The Strix have a witch, Aurora, it seemed, had a witch, and Camille had Vincent on her side. There was always Freya, of course, but where had Freya been while the weapon that might destroy her siblings slipped from their grasp? Playing at chasing down Marcel in Elijah’s game with the Strix? No, Klaus needed a witch. His own witch. One might even say, his witch

         Her number’s still in his phone, though perhaps it’s been too long. But his mind is made, reason joining with his inexplicable desire to hear her voice. And if they wanted to play with witches, then let them see what they made of a Bennett witch. Then it’s done, and he holds the ringing phone to his ear. He’s making too many assumptions, he knows. That she’ll answer, that she’ll drop everything to come at his command… 

                                           Answer your damn phone, Bonnie…

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Hi, You don't know me but i am one of you followers. Could you please stop lay off posting Undertale stuff. The only reason i followed you was for Hetalia. Thank you.

My blog is multi-fandom, and I happen to really like Undertale. It’s a great game. I’d recommend playing it, because it’s worth it. 

I still post tons of Hetalia and I’m still absolutely in love with it. If you only follow for Hetalia, I’d recommend Tumblr Savior. It’s a program that will black list tags you don’t want to see on your dashboard. I use it to tag triggers, and it works pretty well for me. I’m really big on tagging things, and I tag everything Undertale #Undertale, so you can block that.

But that’s all the advice I can give you, I’m sorry. I reblog a variety of interests here. You don’t have to follow, if you don’t want to.

A Terrible Fear of Everything - Dean Winchester

@wearentallsaints asked: Could you please write an imagine where the reader and Dean are super close, and he has had a crush on her since before he knew what love meant, and at a bar, the readers old abusive boyfriend hurts her, and she’s terrified of everything, and Dean is the only one who can get her to eat or to sleep.

Pairing: Dean/Reader

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Slight smut, abusive ex, Dean being a sap.

Originally posted by jensenfans

Dean watched her as she absent-mindedly sipped her drink. He was confused as a whiskey, on the rocks, in her hand had never gone down so slowly. “What’s up? You’re drinking real slow, doll.” She shook her head, turning to face Dean. “This place. I haven’t been here in a while.” The bar door opened and her head snapped up in the direction of the door. Dread filled her eyes as she subconsciously gripped onto Dean’s worn leather sleeve. “What’s going on? You’re never this on edge.” He turned to face the door to see none other than her ex. “Oh, this asshole. You’re better than him, he can’t bother you while I’m here.” Dean rubbed her shoulder reassuringly. Just as he finished his sentence he heard a cough from behind him. “Oh, hi Dean, hey (Y/N).” (Y/EB/N)’s gruff voice spoke behind Dean, shooting a wink at (Y/N) as he said her name. “Go away please.” She whispered quietly, not taking her eyes off of the bar mat. (Y/EB/N) stayed put, trying to make small talk. “Hey asshole, didn’t you hear the lady? Leave her alone.” Dean spoke up, before he could continue. “And who might you be? That dumbass Winchester that left sweet (Y/N) all alone.” He mocked bitterly, causing Dean to grind his teeth in anger. “(Y/N) let’s go.” (Y/EB/N) harshly gripped (Y/N)’s arm, pulling her up from her stool. “She’s not going anywhere with you.” Dean swung his fist, causing it to collide with her exes face. He stumbled back, letting go of (Y/N)’s arm.

A bar fight between Dean Winchester and (Y/EX/B) ensued, causing horrified screams to erupt from (Y/N) and for the group to get kicked out of the bar. Luckily, the barman was able to tell the cops that the ex was harassing the pair, getting him arrested. “Dean, you’re a dumbass.” (Y/N) scolded as she walked down the dimly lit street, Dean’s leather jacket wrapped around her shoulders. “Yeah, well this dumbass, just saved your ass.” Dean nudged her lightly, before wrapping his arm around her shoulder, pulling her close. “You know I love you right?” She nodded slowly in response. “Of course, I know that.” She replied. “No, I mean that, I love you. I have for years. You’ve stood by me for decades, knowing that the family business is dangerous and that I might not come back home, yet you always wait for me. You’re the only thing that makes life worth living.” Dean had stopped under a street lamp, illuminating his sharp features. A single man tear flowed down his cheek, as he pulled her closer, burying his face in the crook of her neck. “Dean…” (Y/N) spoke softly. “You don’t have to feel the same way, I just had to let that out.” Dean coughed slightly, standing up again.

“Dean, do you really think I wouldn’t feel the same way?” She spoke up after moments of silence, as she walked back to her apartment. The silence was mainly to process the fact that her best friend, Dean fucking Winchester, had just proclaimed his undying love for her in the pissing rain, under a dimly lit street lamp in the most cliché way possible. The silence didn’t mean she didn’t understand, or reciprocate those feelings, because she did. It was just a bit of a shock. “How the hell would I know, I can do a lot of things, but reading minds isn’t one of them.” She nodded in understanding. “Well…” She stepped closer to Dean. “I love you too.” She lightly pecked his lips, to which he quickly responded by placing one of his large hand on the back of her head and the other on her waist. They pulled apart, breathless, as Dean leaned his forehead against (Y/N)’s. She placed her small hands on Dean’s cheeks pulling his lips to hers in another kiss, more heated than the last. Dean’s lips travelled across her soft cheek and down to her exposed neck smiling against her skin as he hoisted her into his arms carrying her into the bedroom as she giggled.

“I love you Dean Winchester.” She mumbled against his neck as he pulled out of her. “I love you too (Y/F/N), so much.” He panted, snapping his hips forwards as they cried out in unison. Panting, Dean pulled out, rolling to the side pulling (Y/N) into his chest. “I’m never letting you go. You’ll never have to be afraid again.” He kissed her forehead as she snuggled into him, sleep consumed the pair.

Thanks for this request! It was fun to write and I hope you enjoy it. ~Beth

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Could you please explain divination for me?

Divination is the practice of gaining knowledge through magical, spiritual, or similar means.  This can be knowledge of the future, the past, the present, the self, or others.  Popular methods include the Tarot, runes, ogham, pendulums, mirrors, and a host of other possibilities.  Not everyone uses physical tools, however; people may also use methods like necromancy (in the older meaning of the word) and some other forms of spiritwork, dreaming, and trance.

I understand the difference between scrying and divination as scrying being a subtype of divination, usually by using a flat, reflective surface like a mirror or still water to get a visual.

There are different theories as to how divination works, sometimes depending on the tools used.  Some say the diviner is tapping into a greater consciousness, divine principle, leyline, etc, while others may be getting the information from deities, ancestors, spirits, or other non-physical allies.  Some believe that tools like the Tarot aren’t necessarily tapping into anything more esoteric than one’s consciousness, almost like you’re channeling your own subconscious to inspire yourself to look at your question in a different way.

- mountain hound

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The start of something beautiful

Anon requested: Could you pretty please write a Theo imagine? Where the reader is quite shy so when Theo finds out she has never made a move on a guy, he basically teases her about it? So she gets super frustrated, she decides to go over to Theo’s house and Theo has no idea why she’s there. So she makes a move on him to make a point but when she turns to leave, he grabs her wrist and basically tells her to not go? You can take it from there 😊

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long. I have never written a shy character before so I’m sorry if this is not a exact representation of someone shy ^^’ 
I have mainly written about the part where she gets frustrated and makes a point, if that’s okay with you :)

Word count: 1847
Warnings: none

You were the last one. The last one in your pack, who never dated anyone before. You didn’t mind though. You weren’t exactly the most extroverted person on this planet.
Unfortunately your pack wasn’t the only one knowing about it.
Almost the whole grade knew it, including Theo Raeken.
You wouldn’t mind all of them knowing. You were known for being shy and reserved but considering Theo knew, made it a lot worse.
At first you didn’t mind him.
He has been teasing you for a couple of days but slowly it began to bother you.

‘’(Y/N), are you okay?’’ Scott raised an eyebrow at you, while you clenched your jaw.
Theo was sitting at the table next to you, making kissing noises, knowing exactly that you were able to hear them.
‘’I’m fine.’’ You growled low and tried to keep up with the lesson. ‘’Theo’s is slowly getting on my nerves.’’
‘’Do you want me to do something?’’ Scott glared now at Theo but you shook your head. ‘’I can do this on my own. It’s just a little teasing.’’
Theo grinned mischievously at you, knowing what you just said to Scott.
Luckily the bell rang in that moment. As fast as possible you threw your things into your bag and stormed out of the class heading for the parking lot.

‘’(Y/N)! Wait a sec!’’
You jumped slightly by Theo’s loud voice but didn’t turn around until you reached your car.
‘’Damn it.’’ You mumbled as you dropped your car keys. You bend down to get them but a hand was already grabbing them. Theo smiled at you and held the keys in front of your face.
‘’Give them to me.’’ You said in a matter of fact voice, holding out your hand.
‘’You mean these? Nah. First you’ll answer some questions to me.’’
Your heartbeat increased and Theo’s grin grew. You knew exactly what he was going to ask about, already knowing you wouldn’t really get a word out and then on your way home, you’d be angry at yourself for doing that.
‘’I know that you’ve never been in a relationship before.’’ Theo leaned against your car. ‘’So what about your first kiss?’’
‘’Wh-why do you w-wanna know?’’ You stuttered helplessly, feeling the heat crawl up your cheeks.
‘’No reason.’’
You stayed silent. Theo probably knew the answer.
‘’Awww, how cute is that.’’ Theo laughed. ‘’Little kitten is still unkissed. Isn’t that surprising.’’
‘’What do you want f-from me?’’
‘’Are you afraid? Of rejection, I mean?’’
Slowly you were becoming uncomfortable. ‘’Give me my keys and leave me alone. Please.’’
Theo raised an eyebrow but did what you asked him for.
‘’Just for the record: Kissing is really fun.’’ He smirked and blew you a kiss sarcastically before leaving the parking lot.
Closing your eyes you leaned your head against your seat.


Once you were home, you threw your things into a corner of your room and played some loud music. During your drive home, you were getting angrier and angrier at yourself.
You wanted to prove Theo wrong, that you were in no way scared of a relationship or anything that comes with it.
By the time your confidence was showing and being angry at Theo and yourself, only pushed you.
‘’Lydia, what should I do?’’ You ran up and down in your room, speaking to Lydia through your phone.
‘’Calm down, (Y/N). Don’t listen to him.’’
You massaged your forehead, feeling a headache creeping in. ‘’I can’t. He’s so … annoying and … I don’t know! I can’t stand that winning grin he’s pulling when he always looks at me!’’
It was silent on the other side of the phone.
‘’Lydia? Are you still there?’’
‘’Is he often looking or staring at you?’’
What did that have anything to do with your problem?
‘’I guess; why is-’’
Lydia cut you off with a small laugh. ‘’(Y/N), I think Theo likes you.
Now it was your turn to be quiet.
‘’That’s not possible! He’s been driving me insane since four weeks. He’s definitely not into me.’’ You weren’t so sure about what Lydia was saying.
‘’Look. It might be completely cliché but I think Theo has problems showing emotions other than anger and bad behaviour. I think, that’s how he tries to solve this problem.’’
You raised an eyebrow skeptically. It was indeed cliché but maybe Lydia was right and Theo DID like you.
‘’(Y/N), do you like him?’’
‘’No. Of course not.’’ You exclaimed uncertainly.
Frankly, at the beginning his teasing was quite funny to you and you actually thought you could see another side of Theo but now they were just annoying.
‘’You could find it out.’’
‘’You need a plan to show him you’re not afraid, you need to know if he likes him and if you like him. There’s one way to do it. At least, a fast way to find out.’’ Lydia sounded so sure with herself. Especially with her assumption about you liking Theo back.
‘’And that would be?’’
‘’Kiss him.’’
You stopped in your tracks, almost dropping your phone. ‘’You’re kidding me.’’
Lydia chuckled. ‘’Nope. I’m serious. You’d prove him that you’re not scared and his reaction could be essential, if you know what I mean.’’
You rolled your eyes. Lydia’s idea wasn’t that bad, actually. It could work.
‘’Alright.’’ You sighed. ‘’I guess that’s better than nothing.’’
‘’And (Y/N)?’’
‘’I hope to hear from you later, that you’re sure you don’t like him.’’
You should have called Malia for help. She’d have been more tolerant.


You drove to Theo’s house and stopped right in front of it.
‘’Okay. You can do this, (Y/N/N). It’s just for science.’’ You sighed and got out of the car, slowly walking up to Theo’s front door.
Hesitantly you rang the bell, trying to steady your heartbeat and breathing while you’re waiting for anyone to open.
After a while there was still no answer. It seemed like no one was at home so you turned away, already heading back to your car when the door suddenly opened.
You closed your eyes slowly. Internally you were already celebrating the fact that no one was home but of course it didn’t end up like that.
‘’Hey Theo.’’ You walked back to the front porch and stood in front of him, a little bit closer than usual.
‘’What are you doing here?’’
‘’Oh, you know I- I was driving and … ended up here.’’ You stuttered. This was already going to shit. ‘’Anyhow I needed to try something. That’s why I’m here.’’
‘’And what wo-’’
You didn’t let him finish. As long as you had enough courage to stand so close to him, you needed to do it.
You grabbed him by his collar and pressed your lips to his.
At first he was surprised, literally frozen in his position but soon her relaxed, wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed you back passionately.
To your surprise, you were really enjoying kissing him.
Quickly you pulled back, not able to understand the tingly feeling in your stomach which vanished after you two stopped kissing.
Theo stared at you breathlessly. He was still holding you by your waste, his blue eyes searching your (Y/E/C) ones.
Blushing you looked up to him, gently taking his hands away from your body. ‘’I’m not scared.’’
You thought this was it and were about to leave but his hand around your wrist pulled you back to him. ‘’What are you doing?’’
‘’Don’t go.’’ He played thoughtfully with your hand. ‘’Are you not even a little bit curious why I teased you?’’
You frowned. ‘’Actually, I am.’’
Theo smirked, stepped aside and waved towards his living room. ‘’Let’s talk about it somewhere more comfortable, shall we?’’
Suspiciously you raised an eyebrow, slowly following his invitation.


You were talking to Theo since three hours already. It was quite fun actually. He wasn’t as bad as he always seemed to be and as bad as his actions made him look. Yet he still didn’t answer the question he promised to answer.
‘’Soooo, why were you teasing me?’’ You asked, taking a sip from your coke.
He sat on the other side of the couch in his living room, smiling at you. ‘’If I’m being honest it’s kind of hard to explain.’’
Theo scratched his neck. He looked nervous suddenly and you had no clue why.
Then you remembered what Lydia assumed about him and swallowed hard.
If she was right … what would you do then?
‘’The truth is, I was too nervous to ask you out.’’
Well, there it was. This was the truth. You could see it by his puppy eyes and the apologetic half smile.
‘’That … makes no sense.’’ You chuckled nervously.
‘’I know but … when I said you’re too scared to kiss anyone, I was secretly hoping you weren’t.’’
Wait. What?
‘’You knew I was going to prove it to you?’’
Theo smiled. ‘’I was hoping you would. I just didn’t think it would be this soon.’’
You didn’t say anything and just stood up. ‘’I need to go. It’s already pretty late and-’’
‘’I wanted to be your first kiss.’’ Theo blurted out, standing up too.
The longer you talked about this, the more baffled and confused you were becoming.
Theo threw his hands in the air. ‘’Isn’t it obvious? I’m head over heals for you, (Y/N)! I can’t stop thinking about you.’’ He exclaimed. ‘’I was so relieved and happy when I found out that you’ve never kissed anyone before let alone have been in a relationship with someone. I just don’t know how to … express my feelings properly.’’
He stepped closer.
Even though your head told you to go, to leave him alone, you couldn’t move an inch. Not that you wanted to.
‘’Say something? Please?’’ He took your face between his hands.
You stared into his soft blue eyes, not able to get anything out.
The kiss with him sent shivers down your spine and made your stomach tingle. You’ve never felt something like this before.
It was completely new to you but you had to admit you loved it.
‘’I don’t know what.’’
Theo smiled. ‘’Answer me; would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow evening?’’
His eyes were filled with hope, glowing with something you couldn’t categorize. Or at least something you have never seen in Theo’s usually cold eyes before.
Your eyes widened and you could feel your heartbeat increasing as you slowly nodded.


The next day Theo stopped teasing you. Three weeks later he started to give you little winks during class or wrapped his arms around you from behind you when no one was watching you two.
After your first date, which was pretty awkward at first and the day after he confessed to you, you went on two more dates and eventually you ended up together.
In the end, Theo’s annoying teasing lead to something beautiful that changed not only him but also you.

A/N: I hope you liked how it turned out ^^

vi-xii asked:

Hi Aaliyah I recently have been rejected by a boy, who I thought really liked me but actually didn't. The sad thing is that I really really liked him and I'm not sure how I can handle it atm. Please could you give me some advice??

What you have to understand is my love, we’re all young and confused, trying to fit into a world that doesn’t want us. He’s probably not even sure if he likes himself never mind someone else, he may act otherwise but trust me this is all our problem that we go through in life. That doesn’t take anything away from your sense of worth just because you wasn’t afraid to show you’re vulnerability, there is true strength and innocence in that. So please do not feel foolish or rejected, do not feel you shouldn’t be open to people again, there is true humility in openness. To be honest it’s most likely your ego that is feeling defensive from being rejected, it’s pride has been hurt. Trust me, I’m a Leo I know all about hurt pride 😂 it feels like the end of world, it hurts more then heartbreak itself. But don’t let your ego sway you away from being your true self, which is loving, kind, gentle and compassionate. Sometimes life hands us lessons that suck, it’s just a test to see how well we handle them. Until we learn that life’s lessons should be held with a positive attitude and grace. So don’t lower your spirits vibrations due to the negatives in life, vibrate high with the essence of life. God loves you, and with Gods love all is infinite✨☀️👑💖