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Feel Better?

Summary: You’re antisocial and one who doesn’t like help from others, when a solo mission goes south, Bucky’s there to help you feel better.

Warnings: smut (just reader receiving oral and fingering), sexual tension

A/N: I was listening to Chains by Nick Jonas and then this idea came to me but I’m also thinking about doing a fic based on the song Chains bc I really like that song. I don’t have a plot for it yet, just smut and fluff, so if you have any ideas for what that fic could be about feel free to put it in the replies down below. Also, I wrote this in a different environment and I’m curious of my writing style or anything related has changed so I know where I write the best; that means feedback is more than welcome! 

Rain plummeted from the grey clouds, making rhythmic noises as they shattered against the roof of T’Challa’s place, the mansion you had called home since the Avengers had split. It wasn’t like you weren’t used to living in such a large place, you had your own room back in the tower, but you weren’t used to all the people who worked along side the new King of Wakanda.

T’Challa had specialists called in to help Wanda learn to control her powers, to train in the air with Sam, create new arrows for Clint, make sure Scott didn’t hurt himself while using his suit; there was even a guy to work with Steve to teach him how to use the latest technology. Bucky joined in on the lessons every so often after he was unfrozen, but most of the time he kept to himself. 

Bucky had his own team of specialists, working with his mind and trying to help him unscramble it. When he got his new arm, a gift from T’Challa, he spent time in the health center getting tests run. They had to make sure it wasn’t malfunctioning.

You, on the other hand, were always out shopping or doing solo missions. You hated being locked up in the mansion, surrounded by people you didn’t know or fully trust. T’Challa, and Steve, reassured you that they were trustworthy, but you were still weary. 

Steve offered to go on the missions with you, but you always turned down his help. You could do them yourself, they weren’t anything too dangerous. They were just simple undercover missions and obtaining information, you could do them in your sleep. 

When you weren’t out looking around Wakanda or going on missions, you were in T’Challa’s library. The only person you’d ever run into there was T’Challa himself or Wanda, so you were always safe from the others and the socialization. 

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Taken By Force (Taeyong!)

anon(s) said:Hey guys! I was wondering about a Dom!Taeyong smut where he’s really rough and forces you to blow him? Of course including consent but still, can it be really hot and stuff? :D sincerely, whose life is now complete 😌 thanks for your hard work guys❤

Can i request Taeyong smut when he finds out his gf search history was “Taeyong SMUT fanfic” “Taeyong 18+ fanfic” etc Lolololol Thank-you and have a great day

could you do a rough!taeyong super steamy smut? please make it as hot as you can sorry im just too thirsty for this guy lmao

author: admin hyo

word count:1863

a/n: What have I done~ this took me forever, but it’s here. The only real warning is that there is some consensual non-con. So if you’re not into that don’t read. But please enjoy.

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Room 316 (M)

word count: 5.1k

genre: smut + a little fluff; CEO!seungcheol

pairing: reader/seungcheol

summary: your boss, CEO choi seungcheol, has been injured in a car accident and you go to visit him; strictly out of worry as a friend and employee, definitely not because you harbor a sort-of crush on the man. but as the anesthetics leave seungcheol a little loose, he ends up saying more than you were meant to hear and it reveals a lot about what you mean to him.


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Phone Call

Member: J.Seph || K.A.R.D

Genre: Romance, Smut

Short Summary: He was way too far away from her, but his needs were a must- they settled for a medium.

A/N: This gave me a chance to know that I now stan another Kim TaeHyung ;-)

Words: 1k

“This is going to be horribly weird, I hope you know.” She began with a sigh as she lay on her side, phone to her ear.

“I only suggested it, you were the one to agree.” His gentle voice reminded you with a chuckle. “Though… I literally have no idea how to start this.”

Quietly, her sigh made her tremble from the cold atmosphere in the room. “Ugh… So say… I am currently laying in my bed…” her voice, just like her cold body, was shivering with the uncomfortable feeling of embarrassment.

“Yes?” he quietly urged her on, waiting for more details.

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Those who are Broken | Chapter Six

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

↬ Word count: 2805

↬ Fuck me dude. This is way overdue.

Chapter list

Originally posted by gothdollysedits

You stared at yourself in the mirror. Spending fifteen minutes washing all the dirt and grime, you had to make sure it was all off your skin.  Ben was a lot harder to wash, and when you finally made it to his feet, you realized that all the shit that you had cleaned over the last two weeks was dirty again. Never, in your entire life, have you wanted to break the statue.

You have clean from the top, down, not the other way.

You were so pissed.

Still are, but right now you just wanted to go to bed. So, you did one final look over at yourself in the mirror before turning off the bathroom light and walking towards your bed. However, at the sight of Jimin casually leaning against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest, you stopped dead in your tracks.

“How the hell did you get in?” you asked, glancing at your door to see if there was any forced entry from him. But you would have seen him come in—at least hear him come in.

“I came in through the window,” he said in a nonchalant tone. “The distance between our buildings isn’t that big. Also”—He pushed himself off the wall— “you should lock your window.”

 You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, well, I wasn’t thinking people would visit me coming through my window,” you told him. “Why are you here?”

“I want to try—”

You held up your hand. “No.”

He stared at you for a moment, eyes bore into you, and even though you felt nervous, you kept your straight face.

Tried to.

He licked his lips in frustration, and you knew that if you didn’t kick him out of your apartment, you’d explode from whatever you were currently feeling. “You’ll live. I don’t want to try anymore, so go home.” You made your way towards your bed on the opposite side of the room. You ignored his presence as you collapsed on your bed, eyes closed. Footsteps were heard, and relief filled you. He was finally going to leave.

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 Word Count: 2,084

Request: can you make imagine where magcon are visiting Cameron and y/n then cam tells y/n that she’s fat and she tells him that she’s almost 4 months pregnant and that’s why she’s fat? can it be long and super cute? btw I’m in love with your imagines

From: @asvpmendes

Note: Hey! thanks so much for your request! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it! I’m glad you’ve liked my previous imagines :)

You look in the mirror. Your hands carefully glide over your now bulging stomach. Its noticeable. There’s no denying it or even trying to hide it. Your let out a groan and pull your hair back from your face with your hand. Your shirt falls back down as its support left. You let out a shaky laugh. Even though the future is now inevitable, your still in a bit of denial. You remember when you found out, you were with your best friend (Y/F/N).

You crouched in front of the toilet. Your eyes filling up, daring to flood out. A positive symbol stared back at your shocked face.
“(Y/N)?” (Y/F/N) called again to you.
The door to the bathroom room slowly creaked open as she entered your bathroom, you were crouched on the floor a hand to your mouth still staring in disbelief at the test in your hand. You missed several periods but you didn’t think it’d ever happen to you.
“oh sweetie” Your friend slowly bent down next to you, she was the one who encouraged you to take it. She probably predicted it. You let out a shaky laugh. Your body shook.
“I’m pregnant” You finally let the worlds fall out of your mouth. The invisible barrier that held your tears back finally broke. What were you going to do? You couldn’t abort it. What would Cameron do? He’d surely brake up with you. The tears were now flooding out; you couldn’t stop it. You just cried into (Y/F/N) shoulder.

You never told Cameron in fear he’d leave you. Now you’d have to tell him though. Magcon was making a stop at your hometown, and of course he’d want to see his girlfriend. You could hide it from the endless calls and facetimes, but in person was a whole different story. Everyone but the boys knew. Your parents were thankfully very supportive of your decision and were helping with the cost of it all. (Y/F/N) gave you endless amounts of encouragement and even went to a class for first time moms with you. Your phone let of its familiar ringtone out.
“Hello” you breathed into the phone.
“Baby!” Cameron’s soothing voice let out excitedly. “I can’t wait to see you! And hold you! And kiss you, you can’t imagine how much I miss kissing you!” His words came through the receiver fast and jumbled. It was like he only had a minute to speak and he had to let it all out before his time was up.
“Hey” You quickly made sure your sweatshirt was completely down, “So when do you um, get here?” You were fidgeting with the hem of the huge sweatshirt. A nervous habit you’ve obtained.
“You okay?” Concern laced his voice. You let a chuckle, half because it was cute that he knew you so well and was concerned and half because he knew you so well and you couldn’t tell him over the phone.
“Of course!” You faked enthusiasm.
“Okay well we just got here, want to come visit us at the hotel? We’re all going swimming!” Swimming? Crap. There is no way you’d get away with a swimsuit.
“Um…. I’ll come hang out, but I’m not feeling up for swimming” You plainly stated, hoping he’d get the hint.
“Oh okay! That time of the month huh?” He chuckled, “Okay ill text you the details!” and with that the phone beeped letting you know the call was over. At least he doesn’t suspect anything. You went to get the keys to your car while a ping signaled that Cameron sent his text.
The lobby to the hotel was filled with laughing. The boys were so loud. You followed the sounds the door. As soon as you opened it you were greeted with the warm air and the smell of chlorine.
“(Y/N)!” eight different boys yelled out. You let out a small wave and smile. You felt awkward now. None of them knew and it just felt different. Shawn’s eyes met yours. He did know. You called him crying and explained the whole ordeal. He was probably one of your closest friends besides (Y/F/N) of course.  Two warm, and wet arms wrapped around you and spun you in a circle. Then your eyes met the warm brown ones that you fell in love with.
“I’ve missed you” Cameron bent down and gave you a sweet kiss, making your body feel numb and making your chest flutter.
“I’ve missed you too” You smiled sweetly up at him.
“Now c’mon join us!” He was slightly pulling you towards the pool.
“Uh no, sorry” You chuckled, one you didn’t wear your swimsuit. Your outfit considered of huge sweatpants and a huge baggy sweatshirt. Two, the most obvious and main reason was you were carrying a child.
“Nooo just put your feet in, please” he begged. Your eyes pleaded with Shawn’s to help some.
“Cameron she’s not even dressed for it…” Shawn’s voice let out, he cleared his voice. Cameron looked at you once more and then at Shawn. His eyebrow raised slightly and his grin suddenly left his face. But just as quick as it arrived his grin was back and he shrugged.
“Aright, but you’re coming out to eat with us later” He stated before turning and diving into the pool right between Nash and Jack G. You went over to a lounge chair and pulled your feet up comfortably. Your hand reached inside your pocket for the familiar phone. Then you played some games and checked social media to pass the time.
Eventually a shadow came and blocked your lighting, the sound of water hitting the concrete loud. Your eyes finally pulled away from your phone and you lifted your eyebrows at whoever dared interrupt your screen time. Cameron’s signature smile met your face.
“you look bored” He breathed out as he joined you on the lounge chairs, a hair running through his wet hair.
“A little” you admitted.
“Then tell me what’s new, I’ve been gone awhile and facetime is nice and all but nothing beats face to face conversations.”
“Nothing I haven’t told you already” Your hand fidgeted with the hem of your sweatshirt again. Your eyes went back to the screen trying to distract yourself.
“Really?” he chided.
“Why are you fidgeting then?” You couldn’t pin point the tone of his voice, it was concern but almost like he was implying something. You began to get more nervous. What if he found out? But as you finally looked over him that uneasy feeling went away. Instead the feeling of utter warmth filled its place. Cameron was undeniably hot. Water was trickling off his hair which was a shade laughter because of the sun and running down his body in streams. His chiseled abs were way more toned than the last time you saw them and left you with the thought that he’s been working out. His shorts were tight and defiantly left a lot of room for imagination in your head. Your eyes trailed back up to his face where of course his eyebrows were quirked up. He noticed you checking him out. He leaned over his chair and his mouth came centimeters away from your ear. You felt his hot breath breathe.
“Why don’t we go out and enjoy ourselves, huh?” His voice tickled your ear and he drew out the word enjoy. You knew what he was hinting out. It was obvious but he would also notice the sudden change in your body if you did join him.
“That’s okay” you moved your head away from him. He was about to open his mouth to interject but Nash suddenly came over interrupting whatever sentence was prepared to come out of Cameron’s mouth.
“Hey guys, were all ready to go out now.” You lifted yourself out of your seat, thankful for the distraction. The boys were already toweling off in different places, Cameron looked at you and finally gave in.
“Aright then let’s go then” He stated. You all stumbled out into the California air. The hot air entering your sweatshirt making you sweat a little. Crap. You didn’t think about the temperature.
“Aren’t cha hot (Y/N)” One of the boys stated. You thought for a moment for a reply.
“Nah I’m naturally a cold person” your grinned. Hopefully the joke will lead them off and wont allow any of them to overthink it. Cameron stared at you for a moment but looked away when you raised your eyebrows in question.
Soon you were all filled at a table, fries and other assortments of foods settled between you all. You finally gave into the heat and lifted your sweatshirt. Your pudgy stomach giving away. No one said anything.
“But then the girl…” Hayes started.
“I couldn’t believe she threw them at me!” Jack Johnson interrupted.
“And that one time with the tour bus” Shawn’s laughter filled the air.
You couldn’t even concentrate on one person since there were several different conversations and stories getting out of someone’s mouth. When you looked across at Cameron he was staring at you. You stared back some fries just entering your mouth.
“You might want to hold back on the fries, eh (Y/N), you’re getting a bit bigger” Cameron laughed.
The whole table went silent. Your body tensed up and the hand that was holding your fries dropped down. Your mind went blank.
“Well yeah id hope so saying I’m eating for two” You snapped. Then a wash of realization hit you. You. Just. Told. Cameron. You watched his face morph into sudden shock and confusion. You slowly got up, your chair scraping the floor as you rushed out.
Your body was crying into a pillow at home. Tears streaming down your face. He hated you. He was going to break up with you. Your door creaked open as a small knock announced that the presence of someone was there.
“Go away” Your voice, muffled by your pillow and rough from crying, let out. A sigh was released and your bed creaked under the weight of a new presence. You felt a warm hand rubbed your shoulder in a relaxing manner.
“Why didn’t you tell me” a voice broke the silence. A voice that belonged to Cameron. A new wave of tears streamed down your face and you let out anther sob. His hand didn’t leave your shoulder and you felt him lean over you. “Hey, hey shh it okays, baby, why are you crying?” You could hear his concern.
“Your ‘hic’ going to ‘hic’ break up with me” You sobbed out, his hand suddenly left your shoulder but moved to your cheek.
“Look at me” but you didn’t budge, you looked horrible and there was no way you could bear to look at Cameron in this state.
“(Y/N), look at me” He tried again, he didn’t sound angry, he was calm and his voice was soothing. You slowly moved your face from you pillow to turn and look at him.
“I love you” he breathed out, “and that won’t ever change, ever. Why would I ever break up with you? Don’t you think id be excited for my new son or daughter??” He questioned.
“No” You admitted, the tears weren’t falling down your cheeks as hard. His thumb wiped under your eyes. Only love and concern filled his eyes.
“I love you when your sad, when your mad, when you threaten to end things, when you complain about the distance, when you have no make-up on, I love you to then end of the world and back, and ill love you when you’re carrying my child” His eyes didn’t leave your own for even a second. You felt his lips met yours in a sweet kiss. His hand moved your hair out of your face and he looked at you with such compassion.
“Promise?” you croaked out.
“Promise” He kissed your temple and pulled your body into his. “Well get through this” Your body finally relaxed and your tears finally dried. His soothing scent calmed you down as you buried your face in his shoulder. He rubbed your arm and you both sat there in silence. In happiness.

House of Cards

House of Cards


-Bets are lost, you have to pay the price, enter the house full of multiple cards.

-Bts x Girl (Ambw)

-Word Count: 6570 (do you know how long it took me to write this damn oneshot?!) 

-So to live up to my word, this is my story for reaching 1k. I so hope I ruin a lot of you, I hope that you enjoy it as well. Please Turn on House of Cards, because it was my inspiration to write this long lovely story for you all. Thank you for staying with me <3 


“You have to promise me.” Taehyung said softly watching you, his dark brown orbs piercing into yours. He had his hair freshly died to that wild color. It looked good, too good and that was a problem with you. Because he was more bolder now, more sure of what he wanted. 

“Jagiya…” That deep voice knocked you out of your concentration studying your boyfriend. You tilted your head to the side weighing your options. And then finally you looked him in the eyes. 

“I accept.” You said with a sly smirk, Taehyung matched your smirk, his eyes heating up with mischief and lust. You didn’t know what you were in for but he did. He grabbed the cards from the pack sliding them out of the pack and onto his hands before he shuffled them, dealing for your first round. 

The game was simple, a card game. Something along the lines of four squares with a hint of pity pat and a added side of poker. It was something you had only played a couple of times before. And you both had your fair share of wins. What made this different you didn’t know. But before the game even started, your boyfriend decided to place a bet. He didn’t go into specifics. Just asked if you trusted him and of course you did. He’s your boyfriend. And he named his bargain. If you lost, you had to do whatever he asked, when he asked it for a whole day no questions asked and you had to go with what he said. Fair enough to you. Your punishment was simple, if he lost, he had to watch you for a week get yourself off at least twice before he could even think about touching you. 

The game had been fairly easy at first. But of course you didn’t take it easy. It was a game, and after awhile of Taehyung making careless mistakes you just knew that you would win. However towards the end, you watched as he caught back up, and out of no where he laid down four cards. He had one upped you. He had one the card game and now you were at the mercy of whatever he wanted. Taehyung gave a proud wicked smirk. If only you knew the things he had planned for you. You would’ve ran from the house and never came back again. Which is why he didn’t go into detail, you trusted him and that was all he needed. 

A week passes by before you get the call. Taehyung wanted you to come to his house, his friends were there. He had sent you something in the mail along with roses. Your orders were to put it on. You walked into your room, opening the box slowly lifting your eyes. The outfit. Was very revealing. It was white, but some parts of it were pink. Your hands ran over the soft fabric, your cheeks slightly heating. You pulled the clothes from the box one by one before you stripped out of your own clothes making sure to put them in the right place. You grabbed the laced dark pink bra placing it over your breast looking at how it clung almost being too small for your breast. Nest you slid on (very cautiously) dark pink panties that only covered the area from your lower stomach to almost the back of your pussy. The back was strappy and it when you went to the mirror that was close to your bed to bend over a bit, you could see your pussy, hell you could see your ass and almost your asshole. 

You let out a soft groan before you grabbed at the white laced baby doll dress. It was short coming down to cover just the panties that were clearly see through. In the front of the white laced dress where your breast was, a bow lied under the fabric at the dip of your breast. It made you feel almost childish from the way you looked. Your eyes roamed over your body taking in your appearance before they landed on the box. The next thing was to get out the lace white thigh highs that had the clips on them. You sat on your bed taking your time to get ready. Your mind was racing, what was he planning? Why did you have to wear such revealing things. You stood up looking at the mirror once again biting on your lips. You looked like, a baby doll. One that wants to be fucked, and not necessarily in a sweet way. Soon you were getting a jacket to put on and cover up most of your outfit. You hoped people wouldn’t look but if you were a guy, you were stare at yourself. The dress left nothing hidden and the jacket. You were asked to wear high heels, pink pumps to be exact and you did as the letter stated. 

You grabbed your keys and phone, heading outside to your car. Usually taking a cab is easier, but in a outfit like this you would rather drive yourself. You let your body settle and relax into the comfortable cozy car. You started to drive towards the direction of the house, fidgeting and squirming around in your seat. You were so nervous because you didn’t know what he had planned for you. All these mysteries. You followed down the same narrow roads to get to his house. Looking over all the buildings you’ve passed by countless times before. You finally spotted his house at the end of the street causing you to squirm more. When you parked your car outside you saw no one else around, which made you happy. Once you got out you walked slowly towards his door knocking on it. You waited for a second leaning against it as you waited for him. 

“It’s open.” Was all you heard, and you knew from how deep the voice was, it belonged to Taehyung. You nodded your head taking the jacket off to fold it in your arms opening the door and walking inside. You shut the door behind you before you turned around to take a look and froze. All of Taehyung’s friends were in the house. In the front room sitting on the couches and chairs that were there. You were speechless and a bit afraid. You licked over your lips feeling embarrassed by your outfit now covering yourself up with the jacket. You couldn’t even really look at none of them, what was happening? And was Taehyung making a full of you.

“What’s… This?” You ask softly pulling down on the dress. Taehyung looked around at his friends before he let his dark orbs rest on your body. He was a bit upset because you were covering yourself. But damn what he can see had him shifting in his seat to get the uncomfortable tightness from his pants licking his lips. The way that laced dress fit against your brown skin. The way those thigh highs, clung to your thighs and legs. He wanted to rip it off you. Your makeup was light but he was sure to ruin it. He looked at your hair, dropping down your back as you shifted from side to side. 

“Remove that jacket.” Taehyung said without a second thought. 

“Excuse me-” Taehyung cut you off lifting his hand.

“When we played the card game. You told me you trusted me. You told me I could have whatever I want. Did you not?” He asked you lowly letting his eyes roam over your body before he sat up straight. 

“I did.. But oppa-” You started again and he stopped you pinning you with a look making you quiet instantly. There were two sides of Taehyung, the nice sweet one, and the dominate one ready to tear you up if you dared to step out of line

“Once again. We made the bet. You lost the game. So this is what I want. Me and my friends…
 Taehyung started gesturing to the other men in the room. “We’ve had a rough couple of months, and a hellish week. This is where you come in baby doll. I knew you wouldn’t just give in easily to me asking you to let my friends take you in anyway they want. So I bet you, I didn’t think I would win. But thank god I did.” Taehyung said standing up as he walked towards you, eyes hungry, lust building. 

“You don’t get to say no, you don’t get to say anything because you made the bet. You are entitled to what you do and do not want. If you stay, I promise though, it will be rough. Every member will fuck and use you until they are satisfied. You will obey and do everything they say. Any kink they want to use, they can. Unless you are getting hurt, and I see you getting hurt because I know your kinks best I will stop it. But that is the only time I will interfere. I will take you last, but I will touch you no matter what. Even if I stop I will stay by you.. Do you agree or do you want to leave? You only get to answer once.” He said softly. He watched you, he wouldn’t push you to do anything you didn’t want. But he wants you, needs you. 

When you gave a soft nod of your head Taehyung’s face heated up with happiness. And want, and he grabbed the jacket you were holding to put it the couch letting everyone take you in. He groaned before he walked behind you looking at his friends. Taehyung let his hands start at your waist, slowly gliding them up your body. He felt the thin baby doll dress under his fingertips. A smirk on his lips when you shuddered. He cupped your breast playing with them through your bra. 

“It’s time to ruin you.” He murmured lowly in your ear. Taehyung let his head fall down to rest in the crook of your neck. He sucked harshly on your spot until you were squirming. He let you go and backed up from your skin, shivering. The light pink hickey on your brown skin excited him. He went and grabbed your collar from his closet slowly walking back into the front room finding you in the same position. He saw his friends watching you. Everyone wanted you, it prided him that his girlfriend was so attractive. He walked up behind you, wrapping the light blue collar around your neck. Soon he was placing the matching light blush jeweled leash on the collar that had a bow in the center with a heart bell. He stepped back watching you, soon pulling you towards the youngest two in the room. Taehyung gave his leash to Jimin who had already laid eyes on your breast. The thing he wanted the most. 

Jimin pulled you down onto him, straddling his thigh. He looked up at you in your eyes, cupping your cheek softly letting his fingers press against your cheeks. He let his hand slid down to your neck, before going towards the valley of your breast. “God I want you.” He growled gripping your hips. Once you were straddling one of his thighs, Jimin was moving you to grind you on his thigh. He watched as your breast slowly bounced up and down in his face from how he made you ride his thigh. Jimin smirked bouncing you up and down on his thigh. Your breast bounced harder, Jimin’s mouth fell open as his bit his lip. Without second thought he buried his face between your breast sucking at the skin there. Muffled groans from his lips could be heard from his lips. It wasn’t as if you were necessarily quiet. Soft pants fell from your lips, your hands were tangling into those black locks feeling your panties become wet, well at least the part covered.

Jungkook couldn’t take it anymore. Watching Jimin have all the fun was driving him crazy. He knew a lot of people wanted to get to you. And he wanted to things, to fuck your mouth, and at least another hole. He slowly walked behind the couch, his finger skimming over the soft fabric as his eyes met with Taehyung’s. As soon as his hyung gave him a nod, Jungkook was grabbing your leash from Jimin’s grip making you pay attention to him. When your soft brown eyes rested on his, he gave you a smirk. His dimples popping out. His hands came to grip at your dress, the part surrounding your breast. He yanked it down as well as your bra making your breast spring from the outfit. Jimin gasped looking up at your brown nipples, they were so big, so perky. Just fucking right. He couldn’t resist running his thick tongue across your already harden bud. A moan of yes was pulled from your lips. Jungkook unbuckled his belt, slowly pulling down the zipper as he kept his eyes on you and Jimin. 

“You’re going to have to hold those breast for me noona, can you do that?” He asked in a soft low voice, and as much as you were around him it still caught you off guard how manly he became. You have a nod of your head and he gripped your hair pressing his lips roughly against yours. A kiss that was a fight of dominance, meanwhile Jimin looking across at the other three decided to lift up your dress once he saw or rather felt what was under there. Jin’s eyes opened wider. Your ass, sitting there covered by nothing but thin straps. He licked his lips watching it as Jimin made you push down harder on his thigh. He felt the material become soaked. Jungkook pushed down his pants as well as his boxers tossing his shirt over his head messing up his hair a bit. You looked from his face, slowly down to the abs forming, resting on his shaft that rested against his stomach. The kiss had left you breathless once he had pulled back but now you were just speechless looking at his size. He stepped back a bit lifting an eyebrow. You smirked slightly feeling your skin tingle from the attention everyone wanted to have from you. Your hands came up to cup your breast and Jungkook wasted no time sliding his dick between your plump breast. 

“Shit.” He grunted out in pleasure thrusting slowly up and down watching as your tongue came out to dart across his slit pulling a his from him. He grabbed your hair pulling your mouth onto his shaft as he thrust up a bit faster into your mouth. His hands had to come down and cup your breast, because Jimin harshly jerked one hand down to make you rub his growing erection. He needed friction. He needed you to pay attention to him like he was paying attention to you. He was jealous a bit that kookie had your lips around him, but Jimin would settle for now. He used one hand to undo his pants rather quickly gripping your wrist shoving your hand in his boxers. You didn’t need to be told what that meant. You fondled with him to get him out of his pants letting his member spring free. The moan from his lips told you, that you succeeded. You started to pump him quickly, and Jimin watched snapping his hips up against your tiny hand, he watched your thighs shake a bit every time he moved his hips against yours. The side of the room was filled with pants, moans, and growls mostly from Jungkook. He was having no mercy thrusting between your breast to get deeper in your mouth. 

Jin was the next to move, he couldn’t take it. He wanted to touch you. He only slid his shirt off having plans for you to undress him once the first round was over. He crouched down behind you and Jimin’s leg. He let his fingers trail down your clothed back, his soft hands soon slowly tracing over each strap that was on your ass. The touch from him alone, had your stomach tightening your first orgasm getting closer. Jin smirked watching the plump flesh in his face. “Chocolate was always my favorite.” He mumbled out before he pulled back. Licking on two of his fingers, Jin took his precious time watching your hips move on Jimin’s thigh. Why? He could see your pussy lips, he could see the wet substances there. He could slightly see your pink insides. He stuck his fingers in the opening of your panties pushing them into your pussy watching as you took them in. But you were so tight, and he couldn’t fight the wanton moan that left from his lips watching you. Jimin watched with hooded eyes planting his feet on the floor as he gave you a heated gaze. His shaft twitched, he needed to be inside of you. Your hand sliding up and down him felt good, but he knew your pussy sliding up and down him would feel so much better. 

“Jin.” He rasped out looking at his hyung with needy eyes. Jin got the hint pulling his fingers out slowly licking over them.

“Keep the panties on.” He said simply patting your ass backing up. Jimin laughed, trying to keep the promise. He shifted you to face him. He caressed your cheeks again making you slip from Jungkook’s dick. 

“Let’s give them a show?” Jimin said sweetly but his eyes told a different story. He switched you until your back was against his chest, your eyes roaming over the other side of the room. Every male sat there trying not to touch themselves. Except for Taehyung. He had his dick in his hand, the thick appendage resting in his grip. He was naked, his hair pressing to his forehead because of the sweat from how hot the room had gotten. He was going slow but you saw the precum dripping from his member. His chest rising and falling as he watched you. He was biting on his lips vigorously not letting up as he kept his eyes on you, that soft quick smirk gracing his plump lips before he gave a slow nod. As soon as that happened Jimin slid you down on his member. A soft whimper left your lips, he was thick, much thicker than you ever imagined. He was stretching you out and you couldn’t stop clenching around his member while he buried himself inside of you to the hilt. Your mouth fell open as your eyes drift shut to focus on feeling him. 

Jimin had to be careful to slip into the opening because the panties looked ready to rip at anytime. He watched your pink pussy take him in though. Your ass sitting in his face and he slapped at it making it bounce for him before he gripped your hips, the thick flesh feeling nice to hold in his hands. Jimin started to move you slowly his eyes focusing on his hips slamming up inside of your pussy. He could feel the trickle of the juices dripping down your pussy to land on his dick and his balls. He kept a slow pace to tease you as the rest of the others. Jungkook on the other hand was still breathless panting. He wanted to release and now. He didn’t even need to fuck you. Watching it was enough for him. He went around to the front of you after some time, letting Jimin have as much fun as he could. Jimin got the hint, he gripped you from under your legs, spreading you wider for him as he held onto the underside of your knees with his arms. He pounded harder into you, making slick lewd noises sound off from how hard he slapped his hips against yours. Jungkook came back to you gripping your hair forcing your head forward to bury his dick deep down your throat. He mouth fucked you rough and hard. His hips pushing against his face, his balls slapping your chin, as spit trailed down from your mouth. He listened to the chokes and gags you released moaning repeatedly from how good it felt to feel your throat clamp down on his dick. He was close to releasing in your mouth. Jimin fucking into you as you bounced and whined being too much for the younger. He threw his head back letting his member pulse, his mouth hanging open as he felt his lower abdomen muscles clench in pleasure. He gave you a few more sloppy thrusts before he was feeling you up. A hand clamped over your mouth, he made you take his cum. 

Jimin having watched the whole thing shifted his hips until he was abusing your spot, a rag doll you were indeed from how he let you flop up and down on his shaft. He bit on your shoulder, while Jungkook pulled away with a boyish grin going to find his discarded clothes and sit by the others who hadn’t had a turn yet. Jin got back up and he made his way back to you. He let one knee dip down into the couch cushion. He reached down pressing his lips against yours slowly, sweetly. He tasted the others cum on your tongue as he shoved his tongue in your mouth but he didn’t care. He let his hand slip down in your panties to rub your clit slowly. It didn’t even take you long to cum after that, it had been building up. Your walls squeezed Jimin inside of you pulling him deeper. You could hear his moans behind you, his dick spilling his seed inside of you, he let you milk him of everything he had, your name falling from his lips as relaxed under you to let you take his cum in. Once he was gone he took your shoes off your feet before he slowly pulled out of you. Jin pulled you on his lap his hands roaming your body.

“Let’s get this off.” He said softly breaking the kiss. He lifted up the baby doll dress sliding it off of you and onto the couch beside you. He licked his lips reaching a hand around to unclip your bra. You felt larger hands on your skin next from behind you. You looked up to meet the eyes of Jhope. They were a bit friendly. More wanting than anything. 

“I have toys for you.” Hoseok said and Jin leaned back to slouch against the couch pulling you with him. He cupped your breast in his hand, his tongue gliding over your brown perky nubs. He sucked on them like a baby wanting to make them as hard and as bruised as he could. Hoseok made sure to bend you over farther making your breast press closer to Jin’s lips. He took out anal beads that he had stroking and groping your ass cheeks as he used one hand to lube up a few of the beads. Jin in the midst of him playing with your breast he slid his hands down to spread your ass cheeks wide for Hoseok who was also enjoying your panties. Hoseok started to slowly slid the beads inside of your asshole, taking them from the smallest to the largest. He let a few hang out of you when he sense you starting to squirm from the stretch. He let his lips kiss along your ass before he kissed up your bare trapping your between him and hope. 

“Do you want me?” Hoseok asked you letting his eyes roam over you and then to Jin. “Or should I say us?” He gave a light chuckle before he reached down to pull at you collar from behind choking you slightly. Jin watched for a bit, before he undid just his zipper and pulled his member out of his boxers. He moved your hips guiding you to take him in slowly. The opening of your panties ripping slightly as he pushed up inside of you. Hoseok let his hands roam over your skin. He was so taken with how beautiful you were. Your chocolate skin making him get harder by the second. Your beautiful brown eyes, curly hair that you straightened out at times. Jin was noticing you to, he pulled on the clip on thigh highs. He pulled on the straps snapping a few of them. He held your hips steady and still. He started to slam up into you, a quick hard pace much different from the one Jimin set for you. Hoseok watched you getting fucked laughing softly as he started to pull the beads slowly from you, sucking on your pulse point. They body had you moaning and gasping at the actions. Your hands tangling into the blonde locks and Jin encouraged it by fucking you harder. Hoseok made sure every single bead was out of you. Before he held Jin hands to stop him. Hoseok settled behind you, slicking up his dick with his hand moaning softly before he pushed inside of you. The rip you felt was painful but full of satisfaction. He nodded his head at Jin once he was sure that you were ok with both of them being inside of you. When one pushed in the other pulled out. That’s how it went, your pussy making squelching noises as both males devoured your skin in love bites and hickeys. Jin kept his pace had because he wanted to get off before you did. Of course all of them were after their own pleasures. He wanted to see your face as he denied you. Jin groaned out your name slamming up into you, his dick jumping, he knew he was close. So did Hoseok. Instead of letting you cum, they both pulled out and laid you on the floor. They completely stopped and it left you groaning in frustrations. Your orgasm had just been ripped from you. 

They sat down on the couch still naked and once you looked over to the side even Taehyung hadn’t came once. Jimin and Jungkook had their hands in their pants stroking their members slowly. Namjoon and Yoongi approached you next. Yoongi gripped the back of your head fisting your hair harshly pressing his lips against yours. He slipped his hand down in your panties smacking your pussy hard. He made you release juices on his hand, when you were squirming and grabbing at his arm he rested his palm on your pussy not moving it until he knew your orgasm was dying out. He built you up once again with the heel of his hand grinding against your clit, once your orgasm was coming he pulled back slipping his hands out, his tongue dominating yours as his free hand gripped at your chin keeping you from moving to far from him. Namjoon watching the whole thing shook his head smirking. He ripped at your panties finally discarding the items. He heard groans from around the room and he looked at the others rolling his eyes.

“As if you’ll get another chance.” He growled and though they knew he was right it didn’t stop them from pouting more. Namjoon laid the discared panties to the side before he reached for a little pink bullet. He pressed the remote beside him before he hit Yoongi’s arm. Yoongi broke the kiss watching as you panted against the floor a satisfied smirk on his lips. He looked at what Namjoon wanted lifting an eyebrow before he obliged, his hand reaching back down to spread your pussy lips wide. Namjoon pressed the bullet against your clit before he placed tap over it, making sure it went no where. Yoongi scooted down helping Namjoon push your legs together bending each one. He placed rope on each of your legs biding them. He flipped you over and Yoongi roped your hands behind your back slapping your ass three times watching the brown flesh turn red. He picked you up placing you in his lap. He Looked at your spread legs watching Namjoon. He pressed the button to turned the lowest setting on watching you squirm in Yoongi’s lap. You moaned and tried to shut your legs. 

“Don’t make me bind them spread apart to the spreader bars.” Namjoon warned and you opened your legs back wider. Yoongi fondled your breast rolling and twisting the nubs in his hands smirking as he kissed on your neck, before his lips trailed to your jaw. He was creating more hickeys were the others left your skin clear. Yoongi didn’t want that. He wanted everyone to know you were owned. And though Taehyung said it was a one time thing he would make sure it wasn’t. Namjoon took out a knife before he look at you slowly with cautious eyes. You knew he was sadistic and kinky but this surpassed everything. You didn’t fight him though because you had a chance to back out and you didn’t, of course you knew if Taehyung thought you couldn’t handle it he would stop you. But you wanted to be a help to all of the boys especially since they never got to play with you. 

Yoongi lifted you up a bit so he could undress himself from the waist down. And he slid you down on his girth. Making you take him inside your tight pussy. He rested deep inside of you not moving just wanting to feel your insides. Namjoon moved closer to you pressing his lips against yours softly.  

“Stop me. If I overdo it.” He said slowly. You were his friend first, fucking object secondly. He started by bringing the knife up to softly press against your left breast. He moved the blade up a bit before he softly slid it across your skin cutting a soft line of skin. He licked his lips at the sight of the blood leaning closer to lick it off of you. It stung, damn it stung. And though Yoongi would never do it he commended you for even allowing Namjoon to. Yoongi let his hands softly caress your skin, as Namjoon went on a spree with his blood play kink. Your stomach, your arms, your legs and inside thighs all had marks from the knife that Namjoon cleaned. While it had been going on Yoongi was slowly thrusting into you. He saw the tears that broke free from your face, and he didn’t want you in complete pain. He wished you would’ve stopped the man, but knowing what kind of girl you are he didn’t expect less. He loved how good your skin looked on his. The contrast between pale, and brown making him feel giddy inside and he wondered if Taehyung felt like this waking up to you everyday. 

Once Namjoon was done with his blade he pulled back to clean it off. He felt his pants tightening from how you whimpered, he usually didn’t let his dark side out but if it was a one time thing he had to do something, that was his favorite besides the regular pick you up and drop you down on my shaft type of thing. Namjoon watched Yoongi slowly rock into you, your bound hands pressing against his lower back. Yoongi rolled his head back feeling all the pleasure course through him, his blood running south as he kept the same slow pace. Namjoon had turned up the volume on the bullet to the highest setting but yet every time you were about to cum, Yoongi would pause his hips, Namjoon would kill the vibrations. Finally after the fourth time of denying you, your orgasm (making it seven times in all that night) Yoongi pulled you off of him. He undid your hands but kept your legs bound. He laid you on the ground on your back. 

You looked around nervously, your pussy was leaking, clit was throbbing, you were so sensitive it hurt. Angry tears were running down your cheeks, drying and reappearing. Soon, your love was walking towards you. Taehyung gave a soft smile as he got on his knees crawling over you. “Almost done. You were a good girl. Do you want to cum? Want us to make you feel good?” He asked you kissing your lips giving pecks. 

“Yes.” Was all you could mutter out weakly. Taehyung nodded rubbing his dick up and down your wet slit, his dick tapping at your entrance before he pushed inside of you slowly. A moan fell from both of your lips and Taehyung started to give you slow but hard thrusts. His member pushing as deep as it could go. He took the bullet and tape from your clit. He watched as his friends came to gather around you. He fucked you harder. Namjoon shoved your mouth on his dick, face fucking you. One of your hands went on Jin’s dick as Yoongi grabbed the other putting it on his dick. Every hole, was being fucked on you. Soon Hoseok was straddling your stomach titty fucking your breast as Jungkook and Jimin stroked themselves getting a good view of what was going on. 

Your body felt on fire, it was extremely hot to you. Sweat dripped from your forehead, down to your chest, it was leaking from your body down to your other body parts and to the floor. Your pussy clenched greedily around Taehyung’s member. And he grunted out “almost” panting himself. Hoseok got off of you as Taehyung stole your lips from Namjoon kissing you harshly. Your hands kept the pace the men had set. Taehyung let his hand come up to choke on your neck as he continued to fuck into you. He pulled back from the kiss continuing to choke you. 

“SHIT!” Was the only scream you muttered out as you finally reached your orgasm, happy tears leaking as you gave all of your cum to Taehyung who just kept pushing his hips against yours. Soon after you, Jin and Yoongi were cumming on your body, and Next Namjoon, finally Jimin and Jungkook as Hoseok spilled his cum on your face. Taehyung watching everyone at once spill their cum on your breast and face, let his hips stutter before he spilled his seed inside of you, he pulled out letting the rest get on the top of your pussy. He leaned back on his hind legs breathing deeply as everyone else tried to find their calming point. 

Your body convulsed against the floor as Yoongi thought it would be a good idea to rub your clit until you were having another orgasm. Jin joined in on the fun plunging two fingers back inside of you, Namjoon pressing the bullet back against your clit. This time you squirted sobbing from the stimulation your pussy was receiving. It was as if they were trying to make up for all the orgasms they denied you. But when you started to sob louder from the pain of cumming the boys got the order from Taehyung to stop and they did. 

You laid there shivering and panting. You were tired, your body ached and burned from the cuts and bruises, from being pounded into from being taken. Your bound legs was unloosed and Taehyung shooed the other members out of the house. You felt the drying of the cum on your skin and hair. Taehyung laughed watching the disgusted look set on your face. He shook his head picking you up once the front room was cleaned out carrying you to his room denying you of kisses because his hyungs were still on you’. And it made you pout but you nodded. 

You liked Taehyung when he was like this the most. He started a bath start for you both. He threw in your favorite lush bath bomb letting it bubble up before he grabbed you holding you as he sat in the water with you. It was warm to you and stinging but Due to Taehyung’s kisses and deep voice you were fine. He made sure you were taken care of. He was washing your body as well as your hair once he was finished with that part. He murmured soft words in your ear. How good you did. You much he loved you. You couldn’t do anything but flush against his words smiling from the compliments. 

Once the soothing bad was over including Taehyung playing with bubbles and making corny future dad jokes. He dried you off before carrying you to the bed naked. He laid you down rubbing some soothing peroxide over your cuts and then lotion to make sure your skin felt comfortable as well as healing cream a soft smile on his lips when you scolded him from worrying so much. He had climbed under the covers with you, both of you only wearing one thing. You, his big shirt. Him his pair of boxers. He let you lay on his chest as he played in your wet hair caressing, your back and your cheeks. Giving you soft gentle kisses letting you fall asleep on his chest.


Honestly. I promised you guys this but- I don’t know. I just hope it gets at least one note. I will be happy. But thanks for the followers, I hope that I keep growing. <3  

Dating Mafia!EXO Would Include.

Yessss I live for mafia!exo and you write so wonderfully, thank you! If you had time/it was something you wanted to do, do you think you might do a “dating mafia!exo” for the members? Hope you have a great day!

Note: I hope you have a great day too! I have made this a little differently than the others but I still hope that you will love it anyway! Fighting~

Huang Zitao/ Tao| Kim Jongdae/ Chen| Park Chanyeol| Kim Junmyeon/ Suho| Kim Minseok/ Xiumin| Oh Sehun| Kim Jongin/ Kai| Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.| Byun Baekhyun| Zhang Yixing/ Lay| Lu Han| Wu Yifan/ Kris| Mafia!EXO|

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

I also wanted to make a quick note (since I’m getting a lot of mafia requests at the moment) that some of the themes I am writing about are wrong, and you should always remember that while mafia AU can be fun to write fictitiously about, is NOT morally right in real life, it is equal to terrorism. I just wanted to make a quick reminder, and that I hope you are all living safely. Okay, moving onto the reaction!~

Park Chanyeol

  • This man is going to be the motivator of the mafia. He’s the most optimistic of the group of men, and acts almost like the glue, keeping them all together, this is going to be apparent when he is around you as well.
  • Dating as much as he can.
  • Even if it’s a five minute meal in a fast food restaurant
  • Or three hours exploring an art museum
  • He’s going to do his best for you.
  • He knows how difficult it is to be in the mafia and the cost of what each action he makes is which is why you’re always his first priority.
  • Even though he is tough in his job, he’ll always be much softer and sweeter with you.
  • His life in the mafia is going to stop him from living a normal life, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to try his best and bring as much normality into it as he possibly can
  • Dating Chanyeol is going to be difficult, there’s no sugar coating that, but it’l be worth it if you’re prepared to take the ride with him.

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

  • Kyungsoo is a damaged man, as you can imagine.
  • Everything he’s seen, everything he’s done, and it’s highly unlikely that he’ll ever fully be able to clean the blood off his hands.
  • But he is always going to be sincere to you, even if he does have his issues.
  • He will more than likely be very worried about you a lot of the time because he knows how dangerous it is to fall in love in such a cruel business.
  • He will try and bring normality into you life by cooking meals for you whenever he can.
  • You’ll be the only person that he’ll open his emotions to, so sometimes he’ll come home after a job and just burst into tears in your arms. And though he rarely tells you what actually happened (to protect your innocent mind from his disturbed jobs) he will still lean on you emotionally.
  • Him giving you your first shot gun to protect yourself.
  • Him being proud of you when you beat Baekhyun in your first ever hand to hand combat training.
  • Him falling in love with you further and further every day.

Byun Baekhyun

  • Baekhyun takes his work very seriously, but when he’s around you he feels as though he can let out his less serious and more fun side.
  • Like Kyungsoo, he’s likely to lean on you when it comes to emotional support, and will like to have a lot of fun with you to distract his disturbed mind and traumas.
  • He likes to call you ‘Jagi’ or ‘Jagiya’ because it gives him some kind of security and makes him feel as though his life is normal, even if it is only for a little while.
  • His first gift to you on your first birthday being with him is a knife with your name engraved on it, he tells you to carry it around with you for protection as he worries endlessly about you.
  • Baekhyun can have the tendency to be very stubborn and set in his ways, and sometimes you’re the only one that can bring him back.
  • Him leaving notes over the house with ‘you can call me monster’ because he knows it makes you smile.
  • Him wearing clothes that you like because your opinion matters the most to him, even if the other members tease him for it.
  • If your relationship ever progressed (pregnancy, or marriage level) he would do everything in his power to get you and himself away from the mafia business.
  • His main goal now he’s with you is to make you happy and to provide for you in the best way he can. Even if it isn’t always clean.

Oh Sehun

  • Him being infatuated with you and loving to do things that involve you both doing ‘normal’ couple things because it makes him feel safe and secure.
  • Him getting really pissed off when he finds out that you’ve been meddling in his job.
  • “Am I protecting you for nothing?! You could have died!”
  • He can be harsh, but it’s because he cares about you the most, you’re all he has.
  • Him opening up to you about his feelings and emotions when he becomes more close with you and finally begins to trust you.
  • You finding his job kind of sexy and him never hesitating to boast about how manly he can be.
  • “Want me to show you how strong these hips really are, Jagi?”
  • Him giving you weapons training so you can protect yourself if you ever need to.
  • But it always turns into cuddles and fluff or passionate, open mouthed kisses that lead to you both making the surface of the weapons table impure.

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

  • Yixing is one of the more dangerous members, without a doubt.
  • With origins from China, he also knows a lot of dangerous people across Asia, all of which he is never going to introduce you to.
  • Because he knows how dangerous it would be, and he simply can’t lose you.
  • He finds himself confiding in you a lot about his work - something the others wouldn’t do. He does leave out some of the gory details, but he will admit to his wrong doing.
  • Unexpectedly, Yixing can get rather emotional and has been known to cry in front of you.
  • But it’s simply because he trusts you the most and he hates the idea of hiding anything from you. Sure, he’s in the mafia, but he still cares about you more than anything else in the world.
  • He’s teach you tricks that he has learnt being in the mafia, for example, cracking online codes or how to use a gun properly - his arms wrapped around you from behind as he helps you aim the gun towards the perfect point of the target.
  • “That was a perfect shot, baobei.”
  • Him living to the promise that he’ll take you away one day and you’ll both have a normal life.

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

  • Jongdae is a trusted worker, so he gets a lot of the more intense jobs.
  • Which can put a strain on his mental state, even when he’s with you - but that’s always solvable, and he’ll never do anything to hurt you.
  • Him being the protective kind of boyfriend.
  • And will not tolerate anyone trying to touch you or flirt with you whenever the two of you go out. Last time someone attempted that they earned a black eye and a bloody nose.
  • Even though he is against the law, he does have a sense of morality about him.
  • He knows what he’s doing is wrong, but that’s just the way his life is and he accepts that. What he wants now more than anything is to keep you safe.
  • “Stay with me, Jagi.”
  • He’ll be very insistent on taking you out on dates, especially to calming places like the beach where he can let out all of his frustrations and get everything off his chest.
  • Him treating you as much as he can because he knows how hard it must be for you to date someone in such a dangerous industry.

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

  • When you and Minseok started dating, no one expected him to be serious about it.
  • It turned out that you were the most real thing he’d ever had in his life and he would give absolutely anything without hesitation to keep you safe.
  • He spent most of his career working alone but now he has you, he feels so much more secure even if you aren’t on missions with him.
  • “I only pretended like I was cool, I wasn’t - I cried alone, and I was depressed as hell. Now I have you, everything seems… okay.”
  • Him not being the best at opening up but soon learns to trust you.
  • The two of you being teased by the other members for the “activities” you get up to in the dorm bedrooms
  • But that’s only going encourage Minseok to do it more.
  • His “punk” style being incredibly sexy, and his hair is a different colour every few months. God bless the pink.
  • Him keeping close tabs on you to ensure you’re safe.

Huang Zitao/ Tao

  • Tao is the martial artist within the group and has the most experience when it comes to combat fighting
  • So be prepared for him to be incredibly strong
  • He is literally going to pin you down with a smirk because god knows you’re never going to get up unless Tao lets you.
  • “I’ve got you baobei~”
  • Even though he is a mafia worker, he is incredibly childlike and sweet around you - his mentality isn’t in a great state, but that doesn’t stop him from loving you.
  • He will buy you a lot of things, especially cuddly toys, somewhat for his benefit, but he loves the way your eyes light up as he offers you a stuffed animal.
  • “It’s cute”
  • “It reminded me of you.”
  • Him being the most sweet and caring man in the world but if anyone tried to hurt you he would beat their asses.

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

  • Junmyeon is the leader of the mafia and therefore isn’t necessarily the best when it comes to stress levels and maintaining it.
  • Which is why he loves being around you - because you help him forget about all the worries he has.
  • “Did I ever tell you that you’re amazing jagi?”
  • He will keep you away from his job at all costs and doesn’t reveal much of what happens under his control
  • He wants to keep you safe more than anything.
  • You’re the reason he’s still sane, even with all the issues in his head - he’ll treasure you more than anything in his life and spend as much time with you as he can
  • Him giving you the phone number of him and all the members in his mafia in case something happens along with your personalised gun to protect you
  • Him being insistent on taking you out on expensive dates
  • But nothing beats the two of you lying in the comfort of the bedroom holding each other in your arms.


  • Even with a baby face he’s as lethal as they come and incredibly skilled at what he does
  • Dating him is going to be like a fast movie with spontaneous enemy fights, long desirable kisses and sex in the back of expensive cars.
  • Since his job is not so pure, it’s known that he has a lot of money - something he will use with you.
  • He will love to go out on dates and show you off, even in the casinos where he plays poker and drinks a large beer
  • But he’ll admire you the most when you’re alone together where he can talk to you about the smallest thing to the deepest secrets in his mind - and that’s what he loves the most about you.
  • The thought of losing you is his worst nightmare, so be prepared for him to be very protective of you.
  • “Just take the knife jagi, it will make me feel better.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

  • Jongin is a very loyal worker in the mafia which means he has a lot of involvement in jobs.
  • But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to put time apart to spend with you and to make sure you’re his first priority
  • He doesn’t want you to suffer the same way that he has
  • So he makes sure that you look after yourself and your health the most because it means a lot to him that you have a healthy body and a healthy mind.
  • Him taking for you on dancing dates/ lessons because it helps him to relax
  • He also loves the way you look when you’re swaying in his arms and smiling at him with your beautiful lips.
  • “You’re more beautiful than anything on this planet, Jagiya.”
  • Him always kissing you goodbye before he leaves because really, who knows if he’s actually going to make it home later that night?
  • Him loving you wholly.

Wu Yifan/ Kris

  • He is the leader of a smaller group of the mafia, which is like what Jumnyeon does but with a smaller group of people
  • He has the tendency to get stressed easily
  • Which is where you come in very usefully to help him de-stress. He loves it when you hold him, or even if it is a simple kiss, it makes him feel safer and happier.
  • Even though he won’t show it, you mean more than everything to him
  • He will more than likely jokingly dismiss you as you tell him that he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you.
  • “Ah you’re just being kind. You’re adorable.”
  • Alone time with you is what he lives for, even if it’s simply cooking a meal, or moaning into the sheets of a bed
  • He just loves you more than life.
  • And treasures you a lot more than you’ll ever know. 

Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge: Priest Negan

Summary: Something had been on your mind so much that it began to bother you and affect your performance as a Saviour. So you decided to give the confessional booth a try. However, you got a lot more than you expected. 
Word Count: 2,577
Pairing: Negan / Female Reader
Warnings: High description of sex, God’s name in vain in sexual circumstances as well as religious terms for sexual pleasure. 
Rating: Explicit
Chapters: One-Shot
Tags: @negans-dirty-girl | @negans-network | @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash | @lucifers-trash-stash  | @hannibalssweaters
Archive of Our Own: Sinfully Yours
Authors Note: This is for Ash’s writing challenge. This was a lot of fun to write and to play with. I’ve recently had a thing for Priests lately ;). I also had Oh Lord by In This Moment on repeat as I re-read the story. 

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of ribbons & rosin ( cs au )

Plot: Killian is a single father, and his daughter is enrolled in Emma’s dance class. He has nobody to watch his daughter after class, and he’s often late, so Emma usually sits and talks to the girl until she is collected from the dance school.

Summary: Based on this prompt I found in the depths of tumblr; “I’m a single parent and my child takes your dance class and thanks so much for always staying after class to watch him/her when my boss is an ass and keeps me past my off hours and holy cow you’re pretty/handsome and really sweet/kind and wow I should be late more often so we can talk. Say how do you feel about private lessons? For my kid- yea, yea, for my kid

Chapter 2, Captain Swan AU, Rating M.

read it on a03

It was that time of the week again. The time that Emma would be left long after her dance class had ended, mindfully watching over little Daisy Jones as she awaited her father to collect her from the dance studio. It had become a regular occurence, though now Emma knew the reasoning and, not to mention, what Daisy’s father looked like, she was a little more forgiving of the situation. Today, however, Daisy had decided to forego playing on her iPad, and really grill (she put it down to researching her for her father’s interest) her teacher about her personal life. Besides, it was a child’s place to ask questions, wasn’t it?

“Do you have any homework I can help you with, Daisy?” Emma questioned, slightly exasperated by the previous quick-fire round Daisy had pummelled her with, without any warning.

“I do, but that’s something me and my dad do together, after dinner.” The girl answered, too quickly. She wasted no time, and swiftly began the second inquisition on her teacher, “So, why don’t you have a boyfriend?”

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Drawn to Life || Klaroline

Klaroline Infinity Day 1 - AU/AH

Caroline’s finally getting to voice an animated character (her dream!), but she didn’t know how much time and effort goes into it as a creative team. She’s paired with Klaus, who studies her character traits and facial movements to bring life to the screen.

“Hold still, please.”

Caroline fought the urge to fidget as the massive camera revolved around her, capturing her image from every possible angle. It was hard not to track the man operating the camera with her eyes. His attention to the placement of her freckles was almost invasive, but he was incredibly hot.

The brass curls were artfully mussed, just enough that Caroline wanted to run her fingers through them. And his lips, god, they were so pink-

She shook her head, hoping to get rid of whatever lusty demon had taken hold of thoughts. Really, it was her own fault for swearing off dating after Tyler moved out. A cleanse was standard breakup routine, but maybe three months was too long.

“I said to hold still,” Klaus snapped, though his hand was gentle as he gripped her chin. “If we don’t get the digital model right, I’ll have to start all over.”

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So uh. Yeah. This is a thing. That I wrote. AND YEAH IT TOOK ME A COUPLE HOURS TO FINISH WHICH PISSED MYSELF OFF CAUSE EVERYTHING ELSE IS A STRUGGLE AND THIS??? LITERALLY CAME SO EASY TO ME??? What. What. WHAT. Ugh. Anyway. Yeah, so I EMBARRASSED MYSELF WRITING THIS SO WARNING. Something hella embarrassing happens in this and if you feel any form of social awkwardness from movies and/or books, just… Just be prepared man. On the plus side, THIS WAS SO FUN TO WRITE MAN. (But the ending kinda sucks so sorry not sorry, I TRIED OKAY.) 

Tags: @allaboutdatcalum (bc she requested this… In a way. ^-^ I AM GRATEFUL, THIS TURNED OUT FAB, hopefully), @fuckyeahbulletclub (bc she is my boo boo af AND I LOVE HER AND I HOPE SHE LOVES THIS we were talking about it all day today bc I WAS SO EXCITED FOR IT) and lastly tagging @hardcorewwetrash (bc Seth is the love of her life and??? She’s my bae??) 

Warnings: NSFW, lots of cursing, insults, masturbation, sexy times,  uh. Yeah. That’s. That’s it. My warnings. BUT YEAH SO YEAH. And it’s also pretty fluffy fluff Sethie poo cause. Come on. He’s a toughie but. He’s a real sweetie pie, like come on. COME ON.

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Premonition (m)

Originally posted by bangtanboys-official

Rated m for fingering, dirty talk, ddlg kink, public sex

Summary: What if you had the power to dictate your future? What if the things you wrote down on paper became reality?

Word Count: 6,980 words

The words on the piece of paper blur together before your eyes, and no matter how hard you try to focus them again, it doesn’t work. Heaving a sigh, you toss your assignment rubric aside and slam the lid of your laptop closed.

The noise attracts the attention of your roommate, Do Yeon, who is sprawled out on her bed working on her own research assignment, and she shoots you a concerned look.

“You alright ____? I haven’t seen you this stressed about an assignment since… well never. What mod is it for?”

“It’s for Creative Writing with Prof Park… ugh I can’t seem to get a single word out without just deleting it all. I’m screwed this time, it’s due in a week!” You thread your hands through your hair in desperation.

Do Yeon let out a mock horrified gasp, “And you always need to have all your assignments written and proof read at least 2 weeks before! You’re dead this time ______.”

You give her an eye roll in response, not bothering to come up with an actual retort.

“You need to relax Y/N ah, you still have a week to go! You should come out tonight with me and the guys from the basketball team, it’ll be really fun I promise!”

You narrow your eyes at her, unfolding your legs from your seat at your desk and joining her on the bed.

“Ya, since when did you get to know guys from the basketball team? Is there something I need to know? Kang Do Yeon, you’d better spill right this instant!” You reach towards her waist with threatening fingers, knowing exactly where her weak spots are.

She squeals in response, wielding her laptop as a shield as she scrambles back on the bed. “It’s nothing, I just met them when I decided to take up a sports elective! There’s nothing to update I promise, unless you count a teeny tiny kiss and hand holding as the start of something…”

It’s your turn to let out a gasp. “Details, now! What’s his name? Major? Does he live in the dorms too?”

“You’ll know everything if you come out with us tonight… maybe we could even find you someone,” Do Yeon says with a saucy wink.

You groan audibly and sit back on your heels. “Yeon-ah you know I don’t like to go out when I have unfinished assignments… where are we even going?”

“It’s a secret, but I promise I’ll tell you everything. You’ll even get to see him in the flesh! C’mon ______, all work and no play makes Jackie a dull boy!”

“It’s Jack,” you grumble under your breath, almost ready to cave in to her pleading. Glancing at the clock on your desk, it reads 8pm. “Alright, if I can get at least 2 pages written before 10, then I’ll come along.”

The following exclamation of triumph is nearly deafening, and you push yourself off her bed before Do Yeon can envelope you in one of her bone crushing hugs.

Situating yourself at your desk again, you plug your earphones in to drown out the sounds of your roommate chattering about plans to someone, probably the mysterious guy, on the phone and try to focus on the five thousand word assignment that lay ahead.

The clatter that sounds in the adjoining bathroom is enough to alert you that it was already almost 10. Blinking wearily and rubbing your eyes, you indulge in a luxurious stretch before saving your work and skimming it briefly. Not bad, almost 2k words in and your plot was developing nicely.

You pull your headphones out and decide to get dressed, heading to your shared closet and giving its contents a critical once over. Do Yeon emerges from the bathroom, already dressed in a crop top and mini skirt combo, putting the final touches on her makeup. Seeing your hesitation, she nudges you aside and selects a hanger from her side of the closet, pulling it out to reveal a glittery black bodycon dress.

Putting two and two together, you take the hanger from her. “So, we’re going to a club tonight?” You surmise, immediately stripping and pulling the dress over your head. It reaches slightly above your mid thigh, a little shorter than you were used to. You release your hair from its bun, causing it to cascade in loose curls over your shoulder as you reach for your foundation compact.

“Yeah, but it’s not just any club, and the company we’re going with is to die for I promise. Did you get your work done?”

“I guess… Prof Park specified a realistic romance this time, and I just don’t want it to be cliché or too cringe worthy, y’know? So far all my protagonist has done is make out with a guy in a club,” you mused grimly. Swiping a little gloss over your lips, you step away from the mirror and gather your essentials for the night into a small purse and slide into your favourite pair of strappy heels.

“Well hopefully that’s what you’ll be doing tonight too…” Her voice trails off when you shoot her a look. “Just forget about it for tonight… I’ll help you proof read it when you’re done, if that makes you feel any better.”

You give her a thankful smile, watching as she locks the dorm room. “Where are we meeting this company that’s ‘to die for’?”

“We’re meeting them there directly. Come on, let’s go.”

“Where are they? Did they ditch us?” You struggle to be heard over the loud bass sounding throughout the dance floor and the mesh of sweaty bodies around you. Do Yeon only shakes her head in response, mumbling something that gets lost in the cheers and hoots when the beat drops yet again. You see her turn around suddenly, and glance up behind her only to see a mint haired boy greeting her with a smirk upon his lips.

Ah, so that must be her mystery guy. Not bad, he had an air of arrogance about him that only seemed to add to his attractiveness, and his milky white skin stood out even in the darkness of the club. You follow his piercing gaze to somewhere behind you, and it registers that the rest of his friends must have arrived as well. Do Yeon’s cheery smile and wave confirms this, and you spin around. Surely enough, there are three others standing behind you, but your eyes are drawn to the tallest of them.

His silver hair is swept off his forehead and styled in place with gel, but his dimples had to be his most defining feature. You faintly recognise him from one of your classes, but he usually dons a pair of wire glasses and wears his hair down then, sporting caps or beanies that allows him to hide his bright hair and blend in with the rest. His gaze pins you in place, and the sexual attraction is undeniable. Suddenly aware of your staring, you immediately shift your gaze to his companions, thankful for the dim lighting of the club.

You catch a glimpse of Do Yeon’s teasing smile from the corner of your eye, and shoot up a desperate prayer that she wouldn’t do anything embarrassing, at least not in front of this handsome not-so stranger. A sudden nudge at your lower back catches you off guard, causing you to stumble straight into his arms. The firmness of his chest against your cheek makes you gasp in mortification.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, did I step on you?” You sputter, all semblance of coherence and calm vanishing at the feeling of his large hands settling on your waist.

A low chuckle emits from his chest, one that you feel more than hear, and it sends shivers down your spine. He brings his plump lips closer to your ear, and you tell yourself that it’s because of the sheer volume of the music in the club that’s playing, not because of anything else.

“Not at all. We’ve met before, haven’t we? In Prof Lee’s psychology class. You’re ____ right?”

It’s an uphill battle with your racing heart as you struggle to get your next words out without your voice trembling. But it’s a relief to finally place the handsome, tall boy.

“Yeah! You looked so familiar, you’re Namjoon right? The one who questioned me continuously for five minutes about my presentation on the spotlight effect.”

He chuckles again, and you suddenly feel like you would do anything if only to hear the rich, melodious sound from him again. You remember him as the studious one in class, always asking questions and raising doubts with whoever was presenting content. It would have been weird to be discussing a presentation whilst in a club with anyone else, but with Namjoon, it feels perfectly normal.  

The crowd of people around you are moving along to the beat, but Namjoon and you are relatively calm in the sea of bodies. He pulls you in closer to his chest so that you can stay out of the way of a stray elbow, and you relish the feel of his strong arms around you. The warmth of his lithe body is intoxicating, and before long you find yourself winding your arms around his slim waist as well, leaning your head onto his chest and feeling more secure than you have in a long while.

His proximity serves a dual purpose when he tilts his head down, “I’m glad you came out today, ___. I’ve been wanting to ask you out for ages.

His blunt words shock you, and you glance up at him uncertainly. But his brown eyes are unwavering, and his unbridled honestly brings a flattered smile to your face. You’re unsure of what to reply to such an outright statement. Instead, you reach up to run your fingers through his silvery hair, something you’ve been wanting to do ever since you saw him. Your next move shocks even you, and you’re not sure if it’s Namjoon’s spicy cologne that draws you in or the three shots of liquid courage that Do Yeon forced down your throat earlier on at the bar, but as you reach up to press your lips against his, the bugging question lingering at the back of your mind is finally answered.

His lips are as soft as they look.

The loud blare of your alarm the next morning jolts you out of your sleep, and you awaken with a groan. Fumbling in the sheets around you to locate your phone, an unusual grin makes its way onto your lips when you see the message waiting there, even though it’s only 8am.

Namjoon: Hey I’m really sorry last night got cut short because of Taehyung… but I’d love to see you again. Have dinner with me today?

You allow yourself to stare at his message with a grin on your face for a while longer, before realising that Do Yeon is still asleep and about to miss her morning lecture.

“Ya Kang Do Yeon, it’s 8am, you’re going to be late for Econs!” You flip the covers off the lump in her bed. She whines in response, and you have to physically drag her out of bed and push her into the bathroom before she’s awake.

You’re just typing out a response to his message before Do Yeon’s hung over voice sounds from the attached bathroom.

“So… how’s you and Namjoon? I hope you guys were safe last night.” Her words elicit a blush onto your cheeks, and you quickly exit the app on your phone before you mess up and send something unintelligible.

“We didn’t do anything for your information… he had to go take care of his friend who was drunk off his ass and making a scene. And you didn’t spill about yours like you promised!” Your effort to change the topic succeeds, and there are gargling sounds before Do Yeon replies.

“His name is Yoongi, and he’s majoring in architecture. He’s pretty chill, I kinda like him. Pity last night had to end so soon huh?” She steps out of the bathroom in a manner too calm for someone who’s late for class. Sensing that she’s about to question you about Namjoon once more, you stand and grab her bag from her desk and shove it into her hands, pushing her out the door.

“You don’t have time to waste, you’re late for class! We’ll talk later, bye!” You slam the door in her face, heaving a sigh of relief at her retreating steps.

Pulling up the message on your phone once more, you type out a proper response before setting your phone aside and pulling your laptop towards you to work on your assignment. The moment the word document comes up on your screen, you frown as you glance over your brief attempt at writing, finding it a little too similar to what actually happened.

You brush it aside. People make out in clubs all the time, and this happened to be a coincidence. There was no way you’d predicted meeting Namjoon and making out with him at the club last night. He’d simply lingered in your sub-conscious since you knew him from another class, and it all just ended up on paper. Right?

But every detail, even the silver hair and his black dress shirt paired with dark washed denim jeans ripped at the knee down to the scruffed brown Timberlands were exactly on point. A chill comes over you, and you sit back in disbelief. The faint buzz of alcohol last night may have prevented you from realising anything at the club, but at the very moment, even with the slight pounding headache of a hangover, everything is crystal clear.

No way. Such things only happen in the realm of fiction. Your phone buzzes with an incoming message, and you glance toward it, a flutter of butterflies erupting in your stomach when your eyes scan over Namjoon’s affirmative reply.

It clicks, and there’s only one way to prove your crazy theory wrong. You take a deep breath, and begin typing at your laptop furiously.

The strain of sitting through 2 lectures after a late night out has taken its toll on you, and you tiredly massage your shoulders while balancing your laptop in one arm. You rotate your shoulders and sigh in relief, your thoughts flashing back to your assignment that you’d slaved over that morning. Finishing the dinner date that was about to happen left you about a thousand words from the limit, but you can’t decide if your newly discovered ‘power’ is an advantage or not. What’s the fun in being able to predict everything, leaving nothing to chance? Variety is the spice of life, the more rational part of your mind argues. It’s as if you are dictating someone else’s thoughts and actions, and it feels wrong. A rush of nerves floods your chest as you glance at your watch, standing outside the café you and Namjoon had agreed to meet at earlier.

He was late, just as you had written him to be.

Telling yourself firmly that it was another coincidence, you push open the glass doors of the café, deciding to get a table first. Situating yourself in a cozy corner, you close your eyes briefly and try to fight the tendrils of fatigue tempting you to call off the date and snuggle in your bed back at your dorm.

Before long, there are footsteps coming toward your table in the relatively quiet café, and the drag of a chair against the floor alerts you to his presence. You keep your eyes closed for a moment longer. Maroon shirt, black snapback and black ripped jeans. You pray that you’re both right and wrong.

“Do I put you to sleep already? Am I that boring?” His timbre voice sounds from directly in front of you, and you can’t avoid the moment any longer. Opening your eyes, they immediately land on his, taking in the silver blob of hair poking out from his black snapback positioned backwards on his head. His smile is broad, and it makes the corner of his eyes crinkle in the most adorable way, but you can’t focus on that right now. Especially when you see his maroon shirt with sleeves that cut off at just the right length, exposing his toned biceps.

You’re shell shocked and tongue tied, and it doesn’t help when Namjoon engulfs one of your hands in his in concern.

“____, are you okay?”

His words bring you back to the situation at hand, and you blink rapidly to focus again.

“Yyeah, just tired from a long day. How was yours?” You manage a smile as he runs his thumb across your palm soothingly.

He launches into a description of his classes for the day, and you’re happy to settle in and listen to him speak so passionately about his major. A waiter brings the menu to your table, and you open it, scanning down the dinner items briefly. Deciding to test things out once more, you glance back up at him.

“How do you feel about the bacon and mushroom truffle cream pasta?”

His eyes widen comically in disbelief, “I’ve been craving that ever since I woke up this morning. It’s like you read my mind or something.

The uncomfortable semi truth in his words makes your heart skip a beat, and you laugh it off. “Really? Nah, it’s only because I was craving the exact same thing,” you lie, passing the menu back to the waiter after placing your order.

“You look beautiful today by the way.” His sudden compliment surprises you; you hadn’t written that into his speech. Maybe there were some things you couldn’t predict, and a sense of relief threatens to overwhelm you.

“Namjoon, can I ask you something? You’re majoring in psychology right?” You continue on at his answering nod. “Is there a theory or something where um, a person is able to predict future events of their lives? Like they can tell the immediate future, kinda like premonition?”

Your cheeks heat up once your words are out. His nose wrinkles a little in the most attractive way as he seriously considers your question, and you appreciate that he doesn’t immediately burst out in laughter at your question.

“Hmmm there is something called correlation and prediction, but that’s more to do with data collection. I don’t think you meant that right? There’s also something called the schemata theory, which has to deal with the way an individual’s preconceived notions and beliefs affect the way they interpret new situations and knowledge. But that’s not really it either…” His voice trails off apologetically as he meets your eyes again. “Why do you ask, though?”

You smile at his genuine attempt to answer you, and pat his hand gently on the tabletop.

“Hmmm nothing, it’s just a thought I had while brainstorming for my creative writing minor I’m taking.” It’s not exactly the truth, but you’re not sure how he would react to the idea of you dictating his every action, so you decide that this has to be the most you can divulge.

“Damn, your mind never stops working, does it? You’re out on a date with me and all you can think about is school.”

You’re about to accuse him of doing the exact same thing, but his smirk tells you that he’s only teasing. You roll your eyes, “Excuse me, who said this was a date? Are we officially dating without my consent now?”

“We have been ever since you eye fucked me at the club last night. It would have ended differently had Taehyung not messed things up.” He licks his lips, and his gaze is almost predatory as it drops from your eyes to your own lips. The sight of his tongue sends naughty thoughts coursing through your mind, and you wonder just how good he is with it.

His boldness is unpredicted, and so are his chuckles as he reaches up to remove his snapback, running his fingers through his silver platinum hair the exact same way that you did last night. You’re unable to look away from his long, slim fingers, and suddenly you wonder how they would feel like inside you. That thought causes heat to flare in your lower belly, and you clench your thighs together, thankful that he can’t see it from his seat.

You’re caught between trying to meet his smoldering gaze and wondering where the limits of your predictive ability lie, since there were several things that didn’t go as planned. You’d intentionally written the night to end in a rather PG rated way, since you couldn’t exactly turn in erotica for 40% of your grade. Prof Park might be open minded, like most of the arts faculty, but it was still a risk you were unwilling to take. The thought disappoints you a little, but your thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of your food. Despite yourself, you reach for your phone and send a text to Do Yeon just in case.

Our room might be otherwise occupied tonight. Come back at your own risk.

The night air is serene and there is a comfortable silence between you and Namjoon as the both of you stroll leisurely back towards the dorms. You’re again reminded of just how tall he is when you barely reach up to his shoulder, and you’re just waiting from him to grab your hand when you feel his warmth as he interlaces his fingers with yours.

You squeeze his fingers a little in response, and the question he asks next is one that you remember writing into his dialogue, so you already have a response at the tip of your tongue.

“I can’t believe you almost didn’t recognise me at the club yesterday. Even after almost half a semester together, am I really that forgettable?” He feigns a hurt tone, and you reach up to poke him in one of his dimples.

“You’re always wearing a snapback or a beanie so your hair is hidden… and I usually sit at the front row too.”

“Noted. Ditch the headgear. And I’ll start sitting at the front row from the next lecture onwards, so save me a seat.” A wry grin makes its way onto your face at his inner dork.

He walks you all the way back to just outside your door, and your heart is in your throat as you try to stall for time, fishing around for your keys in your bag for as long as possible.

“Do you have a black hole in there or something?” His playful question lets you know that you’re out of time, and you sigh mentally before pulling them out and unlocking your door. You’re just about to step inside when he stops you with a hand on your wrist, and your heart skips a beat, though you try to conceal it as best as you can as you slowly turn around.

But he doesn’t ask for an invite in, neither does he push you against the door in a heated kiss like you hope. Instead he does exactly as you’d written him, placing a chaste kiss against your forehead and muttering a soft goodnight. The feeling of his lean body reminds you of the previous night in the club, and all you want to do is grab him by the collar and pull him inside and straddle him on the bed. It’s all you can do to keep the disappointment from showing on your face as you wish him in return, and gently close the door.

You immediately head towards the drawer by your bedside, withdrawing your little orange vibrator and it’s a long, heated night filled with images of his wet tongue and and glimpses of silver hair between your legs, but you’re nowhere close to satisfied by the end of it.

The next few days pass in a blur, and your progress on your assignment is at a standstill. It’s more than just a simple writer’s block, and you’re at a loss of how to end your protagonist’s romance without effectively ending yours as well. The thought of having to relive whatever scenario you write next dampens your mood somewhat, and you begin to curse whatever deity who had bestowed this ‘power’ upon you. Suddenly, being able to dictate your future doesn’t seem all that appealing anymore, and the weight of your unwritten words weigh heavily upon your shoulders.

Do Yeon offers to proof read whatever you have up to this point and give tips on how to continue, but you reject her offer vehemently. It feels much too private to let anyone but yourself be privy to, and you almost consider scrapping the whole assignment and starting from scratch again. But the deadline looms in less than a day, and you have no idea what rewriting your assignment would mean for your relationship with Namjoon.

So you have no choice but to soldier on. You pick up your rubric again, and slowly tick off every element that Prof Park mentioned he’d be looking out for. All but one item remains to be checked off: Creativity and originality. There is nothing that original so far, but a thousand words is enough to change that, with a drastic twist. You decide that the only way to achieve that is for your main characters to break up, contrary to the romance theme.

Not everything happened accordingly the last time at dinner, and it’s all you can hope for as you dredge up your muse and craft an argument to split the couple up, ticking off the last box on your list as you go.

Your calves are burning as you hurry in the direction of your psychology lecture after turning in your paper. Your vision is bleary from staying up half the night to finish your assignment, and as a result you almost miss the silver head in the front row.

You plop down beside Namjoon and he turns to look at you.

“What happened to saving me a seat? Whoa wait, let me guess, late night?” He asks as he takes in the dark circles around your eyes and your messy hair thrown in a bun.

“Yeah, pretty much. Was rushing an assignment for another class.” It’s the first time you’ve seen him ever since the previous night, and a sudden blush blooms across your cheeks as you recall your pathetic attempts at satiating your need. Thankfully, before he can ask any questions, the professor begins the lecture, and a hush of silence falls upon the entire lecture theatre.

The professor leaves you all with a partner project regarding behavioural studies, and Namjoon turns to you, using an index finger to push his glasses back in place. “What do you think of working on cognitive dissonance for our project?”

You’re distracted by his long, slender fingers again, but the flurry of students packing and leaving around the two of you buys you some time to answer him. “Yeah, sure. Let’s meet in the library later to get started.”

The walk to your next class just so happens to share the same route as Namjoon’s, and along the way he’s chatting your ear off on possible references and angles to take on your research project. But you only hear half of what he’s saying as you try to agree with everything, not wanting to tempt fate or whatever mysterious forces at work by disagreeing and signalling the start of an argument.

“Did you think of me after I left that night?” His sudden question has no link whatsoever to his previous topics, and you stop in your tracks, causing a few other students to nearly crash into you.

“Wait what? I thought we were discussing our project.” Your deer in the headlights look is much too telling, and your curse your inability to put on a proper poker face.

“I thought about you for the rest of the night, babygirl.” His blatant statement, along with his neutral expression, as if he were discussing the weather, causes a rush of arousal to slam into you, and you’re speechless as a result. Trust Namjoon to go from nerdy, studious dork to unabashed sex god in a span of less than a few minutes.

Your floundering doesn’t affect him in the least, and he only smirks at your lack of a response.

“Don’t forget, babygirl. 3pm in the library.”

You spend the rest of the day highly aware of the dampness in your panties. Your sexual escapades weren’t much to boast of other than a few bouts of vanilla sex with several exes, but Namjoon’s newly coined nickname for you ignites a heat in your lower belly, and you curse at the thought of having to endure your meeting with him in the library before you can head back and have another session with your vibrator.

3pm comes all too soon by the time you finish your last class and head for the library, both dread and excitement warring inside of you. The more you hang out with Namjoon, the higher the chance of things turning out the way you wrote them to be, so logically, you should end things with him as soon as possible and there might be a slim chance of you remaining friends.

But you were never a logical person at heart.

The library is almost empty, with mid terms just over and you claim a study pod the very back near the psychology section with your belongings. You decide to get a headstart and pick out some of the references he’d mentioned earlier, sending Namjoon a brief text to let him know you’re already here.

By the time he arrives, your cosy study pod is already piled high with books, and you’re so immersed in your research that you don’t realise he’s here until he slides into the seat next to you. The proximity of his jean clad thigh next to your own bare one throws you off focus, and you have to read the same sentence three times before finally grasping its meaning.

Wanting to get your meeting with him over and done with as fast as possible, you shift away a little to regain your focus and keep your eyes fixed on the text in front of you. “The references you stated earlier don’t really fit the angle we’re going for, I think we should- why is it so dark in here?”

“Oh. I drew the privacy screen when I came in. There were a couple of consultations going on outside and I didn’t want us to be interrupted.” Namjoon pulls off his hoodie as he speaks, leaving him in just a thin white shirt that makes you swallow hard. His double entendre, along with being alone with him in such a small, enclosed space reignites your arousal, but he seems totally unaffected. “What were you saying earlier?”

“Um, it’s just that uh, I think we should change our topic, since Prof already lectured quite a bit on it today. It wouldn’t be very impressive if we just copy all his references.” Your voice trembles at the start of your sentence, but you manage to regain your composure by flipping to the notes you’d copiously taken earlier that morning.

Namjoon frowns in disagreement, “But if we can put a new spin to whatever Prof mentioned and convince him that we’re right, it’ll be more than enough. Isn’t that what you did for your last presentation?”

“Yes but that was a brief presentation, this is an essay assignment. I’m not so sure how effectively we can go against years of research done by renowned scientists and still sound reasonable.” Your voice is raised now, eliciting a few hushes from outside and that’s when you realise the pod isn’t soundproof. Your heart sinks as you’re suddenly aware of the escalating argument, seeing as neither of you are the type to give in when it comes to academics. You decide to take the passive aggressive approach and pacify him.

Lowering your voice, you stand slightly and grab your laptop that’s sitting right in front of him, having prepared a few other theses to persuade him to change your essay topic. “Maybe we could work on these instead, I’ve already-“

“You’re so wet that I can smell you from here.”

And there he goes again with his out of the blue sexual comments that affect you way more than they should. Your frustration with him has reached a peak and you consider throwing one of these heavy tomes of research books at his smug little head, but considering you’re in a library, it doesn’t seem like it’ll go well.

“Shall we see if you’re as wet as I think you are?” His hand crawls up your inner thigh, causing the hem of your skirt to rise higher and higher. You open your mouth to protest, but he silences you with a hand cupped over your core. “What a naughty girl you are, so wet for me, in the library too…”

“I’m going to ask you a few questions, and you’re going to be a good girl for me and answer them truthfully. Or else I’ll put you over my lap and spank you so hard the entire library will hear.” His voice is calm and collected, as if he’s still discussing your project, but there’s an edge to it that makes you nod in reply.  

“Did you touch yourself after I left that night?”

“Yes.” Your voice is small and meek, but you admit to it nonetheless. Namjoon smiles in satisfaction, and dips his hand beneath the waistband of your underwear, fingers seeking out your clit. He rewards you with three swift, quick strokes, and you whine in protest as his fingers still again.

“Did you want me to come inside and fuck you till you forgot your own name?”

“Yes,” it comes out in a gasp, and his fingers dip down toward your entrance enticingly, gathering the evidence of your arousal and glossing it over your sensitive bud with his coated fingers.

“What do you want me to do to you babygirl? Use your words.” The nickname has you squirming in your seat, trying to angle his fingers to where you need them the most.

“I want to feel you inside me. I need you to make me cum,” your eyes lock onto his own lust filled ones, pupils blown wide, and you realise that you’re not the only one who has been spending the entire day in low key arousal after all.

His long fingers surge into you, and you’re so wet that he slides right in. The resulting noise that echoes in the study pod is positively filthy, but the delicious stretch distracts you and you thrust your hips up towards his hand. His tongue traces the shell of your ear, and you turn towards him, desperate for more friction, for more of his touch, for him in his entirety.

His lips meet yours in a heated kiss, and you moan into his mouth when he grinds his palm onto your clit, and you tighten around him.

“Fuck babygirl, you’re so tight.”

The thrusting of his digits accompanied by the swirling of his thumb around your clit makes the heated coil in your belly tighten even more, and the white hot pleasure has you gasping for air, writhing under his touch. With each stroke of his talented fingers, Namjoon brings you closer and closer to the edge, and towards an orgasm better than any that you’ve ever had with your vibrator or even your previous exes. He seeks out the spot within you that makes you grasp onto his shoulders and bite your lip in an attempt to hold back the sounds of your ecstasy.

You angle your body toward him so that he can reach deeper inside your slick cunt, and one of your hands makes its way up his thigh toward the tent of his jeans. You fumble at the zipper for a few seconds before grasping his steel length from the opening of his pants, and swiping your thumb across the engorged, red head weeping with precum. He mumbles a curse under his breath and you’re delighted to be able to have such an effect on him, but at that moment, his fingers dance over that spot once more, and combined with the consistent pressure against your nub, hurtles you off the edge. You’re too consumed in the feeling of bliss that spreads from your core all the way down to your toes that you slacken your grip on his cock.

Namjoon helps you through your orgasm by giving you a few more thrusts with his fingers, before withdrawing them entirely and you watch with hooded eyes as he licks your essence off each finger individually.

“Take your panties off and straddle me.” His commanding voice has you sitting up and pulling off your white cotton panties off with one hand, and he snatches the garment from you, tucking them into the back pocket of his jeans.

“White hmmm? You’re pretending to be so innocent but here you are, fucking me in a study pod in the library,” his baritone voice and filthy words send shivers down your spine, and he reaches for your waist and helps you to situate yourself over him. His grip prevents you from sinking down onto his cock, and you whine when the tip of him grazes against your still sensitive clit.

“Please,” you rotate your hips helplessly over him, trying to angle yourself just so that he can slip in.

“Please what babygirl?”

“Please fuck me.”

“Say that we can keep this topic for our essay, and then I’ll pound you so good, _____.”

“What?? Namjoon I swear-“

“Come on _____, you’re just one word away from another mindblowing orgasm,” he grinds the head of his cock into your slit, and you try your best to force your weight down on him, but his wiry strength keeps you in place and you almost sob in frustration.

“Cocky bastard, who said I enjoyed the last one?”

“I think the scratches on my shoulder and your bleeding lip might attest to just how much,” He buries his face into the crook of your neck, and you can feel him sucking a bruise into your skin.

You’re so wet at this point that you’re practically dripping onto him, and the feeling of his tongue laving over your sweaty skin is more than you can bear.

“Ok we can keep it so just fuck me already!”

His grip on you loosens at once and he slides in to the hilt, and the sensation of being stretched so wide leaves you breathless and gasping for air. For once, Namjoon’s just as affected as you, as he throws his head back against the headrest, digging his fingers into your thighs so hard that you can already feel bruises forming.

The feeling of your heat gripping him tightly has him panting in your ear, and you realise that he’s just been hiding his arousal all this while. Feeling a sudden rush of empowerment, you tighten your muscles around him, causing his thighs to tense into steel beneath you.

“Fuck, why are you so tight? You’re dripping wet on my cock, do you want to cum?” His penchant for dirty words only fans the flames of your orgasm, and you forget entirely about teasing him.

You place a hand against his chest as he bounces you on top of him, and every stroke fills you perfectly to the brim. He reaches down to roughly stroke your clit again, and his hips surge into yours repeatedly. Namjoon’s harsh, staccato breaths alert you of his nearing climax, and you bring your lips to his ear.

“I want to feel you cum inside me, can you cum for me Daddy?” He lets out a deep growl in response, and his hips start to stutter, thrusts becoming sloppy as he nears his orgasm. He gives one last flick to your clit, and the tension in your core is released, and you clamp your walls down around his pulsing length.

White hot bliss erupts from behind your tightly shut eyelids, and beneath you, Namjoon gives a few more sharp thrusts before painting your walls with his hot cum, and you relish the warmth as you slouch in his arms.

“That was an interesting method of conflict resolution,” you say as you climb off his lap, feeling some of his cum leak out onto your inner thighs. “Can I have my underwear back now?”

“I didn’t know how else to make Miss Top Student shut up. And it worked, didn’t it?” He tucks himself back into his pants, but makes no move to return your panties.

You roll your eyes in exasperation, tugging your skirt back into place and standing up so you wouldn’t stain the seat. “If you think you won, then you’re so wrong. But I guess it’s a lot better than the other alternative I imagined. Panties, now.”

“I like the thought of you walking out of here with my cum dripping down your thighs.”

You punch him on the shoulder for his lewd comment, but by now you’re already used to them. He follows your cue as you gather your things, holding the door of the pod open for you.

“What other alternative were you thinking of?”

“Well, let’s just say it was a premonition.”

A/N: Thank you so much for reading!!! I hope you liked my twist on the overly done college AU. Hopefully it wasn’t too confusing? I’ll leave the actual details of how her premonition works and all that ambiguous, but let’s just say that small details can be predicted, but bigger ones are sort of undetermined.

A HUGE THANK YOU to @ohmanholyjungkook and @blame-bts for kindly offering to beta for me!!

I’ve also posted this over at my side blog, @btsmutimagines so yeah haha. 

I would love to hear your feedback ♡

Wicked Games

Word Count:  1,757

Genre: Angst, Smut

Author’s Note: This story is based on The Weeknd’s Wicked Games (obviously), and it’s inspired by that incident when Jhope was doing a live talk and fans kept asking for the other members until he got hurt and left, because I love to dig my fingers into wounds and tear them open.

His visits to her were becoming more and more frequent. This time, however, was worse than any other.

He sat there in her living room, fingers drumming against the leather armchair, one leg bouncing nervously. She was always late. He swears that she does it on purpose to keep him on edge. Not too much so he would get fed up and leave, and not too little so he wouldn’t notice. It worked like a charm.

As he sat there yearning and waiting for her like an obedient little housewife, his brain starts to wander, taunting him with thoughts about the reason he was here. It had happened again, and he was dangerously close to breaking down.

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An Endless Summer (MCxJake) fic that operates on the assumption they made it safely off La Huerta, but remain in danger of Rourke Industries. A light romp into the future 😊

Warnings: Language, alcohol, sexually suggestive.
1800+ Words

Originally posted by midnightinparis

She’d made it just in time. Had the journey taken any longer, Fia would’ve been at the dark’s mercy. She approached a charming snow buried cabin with smoke billowing invitingly from its chimney and glowing butter yellow windows lined with frost. The scene was out of a Norman Rockwell painting, but Fia approached with apprehension; this was the first time she’d seen him since they’d made it off that god forsaken rock and escaped to Costa Rica…

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Paint Me (Smut)

               So this was originally supposed to be about Kyungsoo from exo but after I finished part of it last night, it just didn’t feel right. Eventually I realized that Jungkook was perfect for it imo bc I LOVE cocky Jungkook tbh. The character was too fratty for Kyungsoo I think! I’ve wanted to write this piece for sooooooooo long so I really hope you all like it!


Originally posted by obliviousplanet

               The shaking in your limbs refused to cease; sitting in one aptitude was tiring to say the least, especially when it was for hours on end. Hand holding up the edge of the sheet in a fist, the fabric hardly covered your naked body. Flowing down your center and between your legs on the stool which you sat on, your left breast remained exposed, nipple perked from the night air flowing in from the open window in the bedroom. Toes curled on the rings of the stool, struggling to keep their footing as exhaustion began to take hold and an aching sensation weaved up your calves. Hearing an exasperated sigh resonating from beyond the canvas, you pulled yourself together and willed your muscles to contract, not daring to pivot your head in his direction as you knew it would cause your hair to swish out of the place from where it had been cascading over your shoulder for hours.

               “All most done, baby.” The paintbrush flicks had become short, signalling that he was into the detailing now. Catching your eyes out of position, Jungkook smirked and pointed the edge of the brush to the side. “You’ve done so well; I promise it’s only a little longer, okay?”

               The sweetness in his voice as he cooed praises to you made determination flow through you. Turning your eyes back to the window, you willed your legs to still, despite the burning sensation that ripped through your muscles. Humming to the music drifting from the speakers in the corner, you gazed into the night, positive that you’d feel a familiar soreness tomorrow as a result for posing. Time ticked away and you knew you shouldn’t have believed him when he’d made promises as he had a knack for not keeping them. Not at all soon enough, Jungkook put down the brush, leaning back and eyeing his piece from top to bottom. You knew better to move though, waiting until you were told it was okay to stretch your limbs. It was taking longer today though; normally he would tell you right away but he didn’t seem to be doing anything. Making sure you didn’t hear the rustle of a brush or the uncapping of more paint, you snuck a peek at the painter. Dark irises were transfixed on your body, but you could tell by the way his hands hung limp between his legs and covered in paint, that he was done. Trailing his eyes over your curves to your face, he murmured, “You can move.”

               Relief flooded you as you let your body slump. Picking yourself up from the chair, you promptly made your way to the window and shut it, letting the sheet fall to the floor. Walking to his dresser, you yanked it open to reveal the contents, searching for something to wear as you heard the floor creaking behind you.  “Thank god, Jungkook. I’m pretty sure my fingers were about to fall off because of how cold it is in here—“

               Gasping, hands gripped the dresser on either side of you as he pressed his clothed body into your naked one, pinning you. Lips attached themselves to your shoulder, lazily tracing kisses before he said darkly, “I never said I was done painting.”

               Stuttering under his touch, your hands fisted the clothes as you pushed backwards into him. His hand left the dresser to run down the curve of your body before his fingers gripped your hip, pulling you against his clothed groin. The feel of his jeans scratching against you made you quiver as you felt heat pool in your lower abdomen already. “You told me to move—“

               “I did.” He agreed, flipping you around and shoving you into the dresser so that the drawer closed and the small of your back dug into the top. A knee separated your legs, rough fabric coming dangerously close to your core as he stared down at you. A smirk was plastered across his face, looking at you through hooded eyes. Lowering his head, lips touched your collarbone, tongue snaking along your skin and leaving a wet trail. His thigh rubbed against your center, causing you to whimper and grip his forearms to keep yourself steady. Chuckling into your neck, Jungkook’s lips danced along your skin, inching towards your mouth. Stopping just shy of your lips you tried to connect them, only to have him pull back with a teasing laugh. “Let’s change my canvas, ‘kay?”

               Your insides dropped at his inquiry, which in reality wasn’t a question at all, but a command. The last thing you wanted was to sit on the blasted chair again, but you never got to protest as his lips pressed against yours. Annoyance was immediately forgotten as you melted into him, tongue pushing inside your mouth and making you groan at the taste of him. Hands pulled you into his body, backing you away from the dresser while a hand of fingers snuck down to squeeze your butt cheek. Massaging the sore tissues, you nearly cried out, not realizing just how tender your butt had been from sitting. Flinging you backwards onto his bed, you landed with a soft oomph on the single mattress positioned on the floor, waiting for him to follow. Contrary to the obvious bulge in his jeans, Jungkook didn’t crawl on top of you as he usually would, consumed by a carnal need to take you. Instead he stood over you, watching with a fire in his eyes as you propped yourself up on your elbows, looking for guidance. Questioning what it was he wanted, you quickly sat up, hands smoothing up his thighs. A shaky exhale sounded from above you as your fingers fluttered over his protruding length, going to the button of his jeans. Hands took hold of your wrists, stopping them from going any further. Flicking your eyes up, his pupils were dilated and it was clear the he was denying himself. Licking his lips, he released your wrists and stepped backwards.

               “Hands and knees,” he ordered lowly. Obeying, you raised yourself till you were perched on the bed in the proper position, eager to please him so he would get on with it. “Stay there.”

               Brows furrowed in confusion, though it passed shortly as Jungkook exited the room. Hanging your head in frustration, you tried to listen for any sign of what he was doing. Blowing a piece of hair away from your face, time seemed to reduce its speed to a snail like pace, your wetness exposed to the cool air and making you shiver. The aching that you had been distracted from seemed to resume as you waited, hearing a beeping sound from downstairs which sounded a lot like… The microwave?! Is he seriously eating right now?! You thought bitterly, shaking your head but not moving from your position, knowing that if you did it would only end in some sort of consequence and consequences from Jungkook were never fun. Just as you were about to call out for him, Jungkook sauntered into the room, a jar of something in hand, along with a brush.

               “Are you serious, Jungkook?!” You whined, not wanting to stay still for another unimaginable amount of time while he slaved over a blank canvas.

               “I said I wasn’t done painting, didn’t I?” He shrugged in response as he placed the jar on the dresser, stripping himself of his shirt. Raising a brow, you watched as he shed himself of his jeans as well, boxers remaining. Picking up the jar he lowered himself to sit on his knees behind you. Nudging your feet with a knee, he mumbled, “Spread.”

               Doing as you were told, you mewled when his groin brushed against your center as he settled himself between your legs. You felt your mouth salivating as you wiggled your hips, craving friction. Jungkook said nothing as he surged back into you, the pressure against your clit only making you want more. The pleasure was cut short as a hand moved you away so that you didn’t touch at all. Ready to kick up a fuss, words halted in your throat as a hot liquid splashed across your skin, making you clench your shoulder blades together with a hiss.

               “Is it too hot?” Jungkook asked behind you, but didn’t let you answer as he dropped more of the substance onto your skin.

               The heat was soon soothed by his tongue, lapping up the mystery paint. Testing the waters, he dropped more onto your skin, but he was wrong when he thought it hurt you. It was the complete opposite in fact; the heat of whatever he was placing on you sent ripples of pleasure through you as you released a moan. Seeing this as the go ahead, you felt the bristles of the brush slide along your spine. As the moisture of his tongue once again came in contact with your skin, you moaned, throwing your head back and stretching your neck in pleasure. Feeling him smile against your skin, a finger brushed along your clit teasingly. Whimpering with sensitivity, he chuckled before leaning over you. The skin of his stomach rubbed against your back as a hand slithered around to knead your breast. Grinding his hips against yours, you groaned wantonly as he brought his lips to your ear, his breath fanning across your skin.  

“I don’t think this side will do.” Flipping you over, he straddled your hips, sitting comfortably on your pelvis. “Much better.”

               The confident look on his face sent a pool of moisture radiating through your core, insides twisting. Lowering his lips to yours, he kissed you calculatingly while fingers grazed up your ribcage to tweak your nipple, the other hand still holding the jar. Fingers threading through his hair, you trailed a hand down to his back, crushing him to you. He was stronger though, getting free of your vice-like grip easily and tutting while pushing your hands to your sides.

               “You know the rules,” he smirked, “Stay still.”

               Disbelief coursed through you as he sat on top of you, waiting for you to comply. Nodding, he smiled mischievously before plucking the brush out of the jar. Your eyes followed his movements, watching as a thick brown liquid dripped off the brush. Chocolate. Beginning his new masterpiece, you bit down on your lip as the warm stickiness came into contact with your stomach. Drawing patterns across your skin, his eyes were tapered like a painter, handling each flick of his wrist with great care. Struggling, you did your best not to wriggle under him, though it was growing difficult with each stroke. This time, he ran a line along the underside of your breast and it took everything you had not to arch your back as the line travelled toward your nipple. Doing the same to the other side, you took a shuddering breath, to which his eyes narrowed in warning. Dragging the brush downwards, fresh chocolate was drawn towards your hips before taking a sharp dip toward your core. Smirking at the muffled mewl you made, Jungkook dropped the brush into the chocolate, leaning back to admire his work before muttering, “Beautiful.”

               Blushing under his gaze, you looked down to see your torso covered in intricate lines that wove together across the sinews of your skin. The encased your body perfectly and you couldn’t help but feel a surge of adoration for the man above you for making you look so stunning with something so simple. However, you didn’t get to admire his work for long as he pushed you into the bed roughly. Lips crashed against yours, creativity evidently dissolving into lust all over again. Moving his lips over your body, he dragged his tongue along a stripe of chocolate in the valley of your breasts. You’re hands came up to tangle in his hair, panting. “You forgot to sign your work.”

               Lips stilled against you before upturning. “You’re right.”

               His mouth attached to the upper curve of your breast, sucking harshly. Arching into him, the sticky chocolate smeared against his stomach. Satisfied with the deep red mark which would surely turn into a bruise, his lips continued down your body and lapping up the sweetness along the way. Sliding downward along your legs, he rose before moving so that he was between your thighs once again. Sitting back, he spread your legs wide, leaving you on full display. Flushing, you attempted to move them closer only to have him push them apart once again and give you a cautionary gaze. Conceding, you watched helplessly as he lifted the brush out of the jar once again, running it along the inside your thigh this time and making you squirm. Dropping the jar beside the mattress, Jungkook lowered himself to lick up the chocolate while holding your gaze. Your core clenched at the sight, begging for relief. Hiking your thighs up onto his shoulders, his stomach rubbed against the sheet, staining it with chocolate. Moist breath hit your center and you wriggled, making him place an arm over your waist to anchor you down with the other encircled your thigh.

               The first stripe his tongue made against your clit made you jolt, a strangled moan of pleasure exiting your lips. Your hand fisted his hair as his tongue swirled around your ball of nerves. Rocking your hips upward, he answered your desperacy by letting the tip of his tongue dip into you. Your free hand moved to your breast, kneading the flesh as groans seemed to pour out of you as Jungkook pleasured you. Drawing a figure eight over your core, his name tumbled out from your lips as his hand that had been holding your thigh let go. Dipping a finger into the chocolate beside him, his hand moved up your body until his finger was at your lips, chocolate coated and waiting to be cleaned. Taking the finger in your mouth, Jungkook hummed against you, making you cry out. Sucking on your clit, you pulled against his hair, the coil inside you tightening as the sweetness and pleasure was driving you to the edge. Sensing how close you were, Jungkook detached himself and you released his finger with a pop. Crawling up your body he kissed you, brushing his tongue against yours so you could taste yourself.

               Reaching up, he fumbled with the drawer on his nightstand, digging around until he found what he was looking for while your ankles pushed his boxers down his legs. The silver packet fell on the floor and you reached out a hand to snap it up. Lips detached from yours as Jungkook dipped his head into your neck, waiting for you to open the condom wrapper.  Tearing the packet open, you quickly flung it to the side, nudging Jungkook away so you could dive your hands down. Taking hold of his stiff length, you rolled the condom down with ease, sure to squeeze for his benefit. Groaning, he wasted no time in hoisting your legs onto his hips so you would hook your ankles together. Positioning himself, he rubbed his tip against your opening making you whimper.

               “Jungkook,” You gasped, “please.”

               He didn’t need more pleading as he rammed himself inside of you, both of you moaning at the feeling. Kissing you sloppily, Jungkook set a pace that had you writhing in pleasure underneath him. Moving your hips in time, you grabbed desperately for something to hold on to. Settling on his back, you let your nails bite into his skin as you held him to you. Propped on his elbows, it wasn’t enough for him. Putting his weight on one arm, his other curled under you, lifting your hips so he could strike deeper. You cried out as he hit a spot deep inside you, clenching your walls around him on his next thrust in an attempt to make the feeling bigger. Mumbling out unrecognizable words under his breath, his movements seemed to grow sloppy and you knew he was getting close as you felt a ball tightening inside you. His arm which hand been placed beside your head moved up to grip the window sill above his bed, rising so he was in a slight sitting position. Fingers dug into you as your moved your own hand to the wall, pushing against it to stop yourself from moving with his thrusts. Hips snapped against yours and you moved your free hand down to draw circles into your clit, making Jungkook groan at the sight and push into you harder. Your high hit you like a train, crying out your lovers name as you arched upwards, eyes screwing shut. Overwhelmed by the sensation of your walls clenching his cock, Jungkook came soon after, hips stuttering before riding out each of your climaxes and collapsing into you. Pulling out, he rolled to lay beside you, allowing you to curl into his side. Relishing in his warmth, you sighed, knowing this feeling of being connected with him wouldn’t last forever, much less a few hours.

               A smile seemed to be permanently fixated on your lips throughout the entire day following your night with Jungkook, which wasn’t out of the ordinary. It wasn’t the first time you’d had sex, but the afterglow seemed to set you ablaze this time around. You wondered if that was from the sex or whether the dysfunctional relationship was beginning to take its toll, making you dive in much further than you knew he’d ever be willing to go. Jungkook was like a present you couldn’t open; enticing and constantly keeping you coming back in search of what was yet to be unravelled. It was foolish to get involved with someone like him; cocky and confident beyond measure. He was a skilled artist and even more skilled when it came to pulling at the strings of your heart, letting you have just enough of him to have you hooked, but never letting anything progress any further.

               Perhaps it was the lovers high, but somehow, you conjured the idea that it’d be good to drop by his place on your way home. Stepping along the pavement, you hoped with all your might that maybe this time he wanted you around just as much as you wanted him; that he’d seen something other than just a model. You knew that Jungkook wasn’t yours, but when you spoke or he did something dorky, you couldn’t help but feel that at some point, he’d become comfortable with you too. It couldn’t be coincidence that he acted the way he did around you; voicing whatever was on his mind and letting his cool façade fall. Your mind had twisted around the simplest things until you came to the point you were at now; fully convinced that somewhere along the way, Jungkook had handed himself to you without realizing it.

               Turning the corner onto his street, you walked up the stairs to his door. Knocking lightly, you waited for him to swing the door open, goofy smile on his face. However, he never came. The proper thing to do would have been to leave, to turn around and call him later, but you didn’t. Placing your hand on the cool metal of the knob, you weren’t surprised when you found the door unlocked. Pushing it open, you smiled softly to yourself, picturing the ragged haired boy in his room fixing up a piece and drowning out the outside world as he seemed to have an affinity to do. Slipping off your shoes, you were just about to call out to him when a female moaning rang through the apartment.

               Stomach dropping at the noise, your inner voice screamed at you to turn around and leave, to go home and act like you’d never come. Curiosity was a dangerous temptress though, taking control of your heart as faint sounds of pleasure filtered through your eardrums. Stepping through the small flat, you weren’t sure what you expected to find. Misguided belief in the artist denied all logic of what you were hearing, still trying to convince yourself it wasn’t true even when you came eye to eye with the truth. Inching open his bedroom door, your heart seemed to break apart inside your chest, a vicious internal pain engulfing you. Sprawled on the bed with another girl, he lazily turned his head, blinking when he saw you but his gaze staying the same. Reality hit you at full force, throttling you into a pit of your own doing. You knew better; you’d always known better, but you’d never had to face it before. Now as he looked at you with uninterested eyes, the truth was in plain sight, tearing through your skin like shards of glass. The girl underneath him gasped when she saw you, squirming as he held your gaze, bodies covered with a thin sheet, remnants of chocolate still staining the fabric. Unable to bear it any longer, you slammed the door shut, feeling like you were suffocating as you thrust your shoes on and opened the door to his apartment.

               Tears slipped past your eyes as you traveled down the corridor, taking the stairs two at a time until your sobs began to make you slow, struggling for air. Collapsing onto the stone steps, your tucked your knees up and buried your face in your knees. Salty droplets cascaded over your cheeks as you realized he hadn’t even tried to come after you. A choked laugh bitterly made its way out of your lips as you raised your head, looking at the sky which was slowly dimming. Minutes ticked by as you sat on the steps, tears never ceasing as you let yourself wallow in a darkness you’d created.  Any sane person would have gone home, but you couldn’t even bring yourself to do that, clinging to hope that he would come out for you. You felt pathetic, not even able to leave after witnessing that.

               It wasn’t like you hadn’t known that Jungkook slept with other people before; you’d just never had to come face to face with it. Now that you had, you couldn’t act like the other women in his life didn’t exist because now one of them had a face in your mind. There was no more pretending you were the only one. After a while, you thought that maybe he’d stopped, that you’d taken the position to fulfill those needs in his life, but evidently you were wrong. Steps rang out behind you and you whipped your head around, only to be filled with disappointment as you came to see the girl that you’d just seen him with.

               She was cute; compact and perfect. Seeing you on the steps, her eyes widened as her hand flew to her neck in an attempt to cover hickeys that you never would’ve seen if she hadn’t. Stepping past you she cast you an apologetic smile, and you felt a thread of understanding pass through the two of you; both toys for the same man. Your lips quivered as you smiled weakly back, wondering how long she’d been around. One week? One month? Or maybe one year; just like you. Once she was out of sight, you let your head fall, wishing you could bring yourself to just get up and go but you couldn’t. Hearing more footsteps from behind you, you didn’t look back this time, tears still rolling down your cheeks.

               Stopping just behind you, the person sighed heavily before plopping down beside you on the steps. Refusing to look in his direction, your eyes focused on a rock lying just a few inches away. Propping his chin up in his palm, the air was stiff as you felt him staring your puffed, tear stained face.

               “You look really beautiful right now. It makes me want to paint you.” You couldn’t help it when your head whipped in his direction in incredulity at his insensitivity, eyes stinging as you left the tears free to roll down your cheeks. His expression was calm, not one shred of guilt on his face as he shook his head. “Don’t look at me like that; you knew what you were getting into.”

               His words shocked you; mainly because they were true. He was never dishonest with you about your relationship or what he wanted, but it didn’t stem the pain coursing through your veins. Shaking your head, a tear fell to hit the concrete step, tinting it to a darker shade of grey. “I just thought maybe… maybe I was special.”

               “You are.” Your brows furrowed as he said this, allowing him to tuck strands of hair behind your ear and wipe the dampness under your eye. “Just not how you want to be. I like you, Y/N. But not in the way you feel toward me.”

               “Did you paint her too?” Your voice trembled.

               “A couple times. Only small pieces though.” He confessed. “I paint lots of people, but it’s different with you. I’ve painted you more times than I can count and I still want to continue to do so. It’s never enough with you. You’re my muse.” Butterflies fluttered in your stomach, only to be crushed. “But that’s it.”

               Rising from beside you, Jungkook stretched his limbs and shoved his hands in his pockets. “I won’t lie to you, but I’m not going to stop what I’m doing either. I’m not going to change. I told you from the beginning what this was and you accepted. I’d really like to keep you around but I get it if you don’t want to stay. I won’t force you.” His words seemed like a punch in the gut, mimicking the first time he’d asked you to let him paint you. “I’ll give you the same choice as the first time. If it’s too much for you, you can walk away. If you let me, I’ll paint you.”

               Squatting down, his hand brushed the back of your head comfortingly before he pressed his lips gently on your cheek. “Whatever you choose, it’s okay, Y/N.”

               With that, he rose, stalking off in the direction of his apartment. Burying your face in your hands, fingers pulled at the strands of hair on your head. He was right. He was so annoyingly right. You knew it wasn’t his fault because you really had known and simply ignored his warnings. Not once had he lied to you and in the end, you hadn’t imagined the growing closeness; you’d misinterpreted it. Foolishly, you’d fallen head long into a one sided love that had developed too much in time for you to stop it and now you were stuck at a crossroads. Jungkook would never push you into something you didn’t want, but he also couldn’t give you what you wanted most. You could walk away and hope you’d stay friends or you could return to him and pray that eventually, the same feelings that grew in your heart would blossom in his too.

               Wiping more tears that had fallen, you rose from your perch, taking a deep breath before walking forward. You smiled as you walked down the hall to see that he’d left his door cracked open in welcome. Opening the door, you didn’t have to guess where he was. Walking through the halls, you inched open his door just as you had before; though this time he was alone. Pacing toward the stool in the center of the room, you spotted him behind his easel, waiting for you.

               “You’re sure?” Though the verdict was clear in your mind, another tear slipped free and you made no effort to stop it as you nodded in response. His finger pointed to one of his shirts that had been folded and placed on the bed. Immediately you changed into it, listening to him as he told you how to position your body as though nothing had happened. Perhaps his heart would never be yours, but you knew that leaving wouldn’t change the fact that yours was his. You might never be anything more than a muse to him, but at least you were something. And for now, that would have to be enough.

Milestones (Slight Jake x F!MC)

Universe:  Endless Summer
Word Count: 2322 (whoops)
Rating: PG
For #ChoicesCreates Week 5, hosted by @hollyashton and @cartoonfanforlife.  The prompt for this week was: “Mirror.”
A picture speaks a thousand words.  But when you’re looking at not a still image, but what’s in front of you, the thoughts could be endless.  You tell your own story, through your own eyes, through your own parallels, and through your own reflection.

Side note: I posted another JakexF!MC earlier this week, and would love to receive feedback for it!  May or not be emotion-packed.  Check it out through this link:


-6 years old-

You stand in front of the mirror, watching the blonde pigtails that your aunt tied up bob up and down as you sway to the tempo of the pop song playing on the radio.  They were cute, but your costume isn’t.  Your puffy, cyan blue Cinderella dress seems to refuse to move with you, and because of that you groan in frustration.  It’s so itchy, and uncomfortable, you just want Halloween to be over with.  

Your aunt, Rebecca, strolls into your bedroom, tiara in hand. “What’s wrong, love? I don’t recall the part in Cinderella where she throws fits.”  She jokes, but it makes you even more upset.  

You cross your arms, trying to get the point across.  “I don’t like this costume.  It doesn’t look good on me.  I wanted to be cop.  Why can’t I be a cop?”  

“Sorry, love, I couldn’t find a police costume.  Next year, I promise.  And nonsense, you look adorable,” She tuts.  “But, if you insist, I think I might have just the solution…”  Your aunt waves the tiara ecstatically.  “I knew your dress was missing something, so I quickly drove to the store to buy you a crown, fit for royalty!”  

You stand still, arms remain folded, as she gently adjusts the tiara into your hair, careful not to poke you anywhere.  “There.  Now, you’re beautiful, princess.” 

You scoff and roll your eyes.  “I was always beautiful.” 

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Coming out

a true story, dont care if no one believes it ill tell it anyway. Being young and in college, I needed money and to get money, I got a Job at a shoe store, not my first pick and one I had hoped wouldn’t hire me but money is money. 

Usually we get kids in the store, needing new shoes for school but also we do custom orders for people with feet that don’t quite fit in a size that most shoe stores have, for that I need to take measurements by hand, getting up close and personal with the costumers. its not that I don’t like feet its that they always the same no matter how big or small and no matter what it was always awkward to deal with.  

on a particularly slow day I heard the door open. my eyes widened as a man, twisted his shoulders in order to fit in the door frame, he was tall and… so fat. his large sweater didn’t help him either, hiding his huge thick fat arms and a gut that was almost a foot in front of him. though… something was right in the way he moved. I shook my head and tried to focus on my job, he walked towards the counter, each step could be felt through the floor “Fuck me how much does this guy weigh? and how tall even IS he”

he rubbed his hand behind his head, blushing a bit as he spoke

“Hey uh… you guys do custom shoes right? have I… come to the right place?” sweat ran down his face, and I couldn’t blame him, our AC had been broken for weeks now and it wasn’t even cold outside. all that fat must of been killing him to wear it.. maybe its the only thing that would fit

“absolutely sir, would you care to step this way?” he nodded and panted as he walked towards the seat, my eyes widened once again to see two bubble like cheeks that were barely fitting into his thick sweat pants sending shivers down my spine as a hot blush came across my face. 

“Sir I can.. see your sweating, if you would like, you can take of your sweater”

“no really I…would like to keep it on” his deep voice rumbled.

“Sir, once again, could you take it off, I would hate to see you collapse of heat exhaustion and I would get into trouble so… please?” I meekly asked, hoping to put his mind at ease. he slowly nodded, the look on his face said it all, he was battling embarrassment and the sheer heat that he was suffering. he reached down and pulled it up, his chest and stomach now revealed. my jaw dropped as I saw under his shirt was a chiseled gut packed with abs, above it was a white tank top, that was straining to contain the two huge pecks under it, each one easily bigger then my head. His arms, matching the rest of him, huge biceps that looked like they could bend iron bars as if they were nothing. I gulped audibly before letting out “damn…” he smirked before walking up to me, his chest and stomach, now shining with the sweat running down them.

“you… actually like my muscles?” he said getting right up close to me, my head somewhere just under his pecs as he stood over me, or at least he would if his muscled gut wasn’t pushing against me. 

“… ill ask again little man. Do you like them?” my mouth was dry I could feel my pants getting tighter as I stared at the throbbing mass in front of me “I… yeah how could I not I mean… your like a muscle god right now, holy fuck your HUGE.” I gasped and stepped back, realizing I might have gone too far.

“… you know ive never had a little man like you actually like my muscles before.. to be honest no one has looked at me like this and… I think I like it” I could hear something creaking, I ignored it and remained focused on him and only him. 

“… what if I flexed a little.. would the tiny man like that?” I only nodded. he stepped closer, putting his weight into his step, making a low booming sound. “I said… wanna see me FLEX!?” “yes! yes! please, show me” I begged. he nodded and breathed in deeply, I watched as his chest expanded larger and larger in front of me, I had to stepp back a bit to get the full view. He flexed his torso out with a loud SNAP as his muscles BURST to life, the tank top barely restraining the muscle underneath, “Holy fuck!” was my only response, he smirked and pushed me into his stomach.

“careful little guy, these abs are dangerous” with only a small flex I felt as the mass of rounded muscle pinched my cheek, tugging on it before he mercifully let it go. I stumbled back onto the ground and looked up at him, his bare foot coming down and pinning my chest, as I looked up the sweat pants I could see every detail, his calf muscles were deeply cut in as well as his thigh, bulging out and stretching the fabric, traveling along his leg I could see his crotch.

his bulge throbbed dangerously as I could see a clear outline of his shaft wanting to break free. “this is the first time ive displayed these to anyone… and I think I fucking love the attention, you wanted this to happen didnt you? You wanted me to strip down and flex for you… well hears another suprise for you… I can get bigger…” my heart pounded in my chest, already he was bigger then any body builder I had seen, but he said he could get bigger!?

bending over and tensing his whole body, his body began to grow and expand, his foot still on myh chest, began to grow and spread across me, pushing the air out of my lungs. “… p-please… please…” I begged a bit as I fought against him “… Please? your begging for more!? oh man your really asking me to burst out of these clothes aren’t you!?”

my own erection was fighting against the zipper, begging to be let out, somehow I was being turned on by the sheer site of this muscled titan growing before me. he grunted loudly before his shoulders seemed to double in size, the growth traveling down his arms and to his fists, enlarging them to a ridiculous size, they looked like they completely encase my head. the growth didnt stop there, the explosive growth traveled to his pecks, making them swell in front of his face, I could almost see the bright flash under each bulging muscle as it traveled downwards. I realized what danger I was in, it traveled down hsi abs making them even rounder, larger in size pushing his muscled gut out further, then to his legs. I had to act fast, luckily with all the sweat had left his foot a bit slippery, I quickly shifted as the growth continued to barrel towards me before BOOM… I panted as the foot exploded in size, having nearly crushed me into the ground, speaking of which there was a clear outline of his foot in the hard pavement. 

“… that was close, ive never been THIS big before.. now then.. would the tiny man want to see me… BIGGER!?” his voice didnt sound like it was asking, it sounded like he was demanding it. he walked towards me again, and picked me up, his whole hand wrapping around my shoulders as he sat me up on the counter. “… WELL!?” his voice boomed.

I looked him up and down again, his shoulders were nearly pressing into his head,his pecks were touching his chin right now and rising nearly to his mouth as he inhaled. his pants, now destroyed in the growth process, only leaving a thin sliver of fabric around his crotch… speaking of which his cock had gotten so much larger, it was longer then my torso and just as wide, underneath were his balls throbbing and filled to the brim with cum, bigger then basketballs.

“… yes.. YES grow bigger, I wanna see you grow so big that you dont even care anymore I need to see you grow!” with that he leaned back, letting out a loud moan as he began to grow larger and larger “oh god this is all your fucking fault… I came in for a simple shoe fitting and you egged me on to grow, this whole place is going to come down… I can feel myself expanding, growing in every direction, god I can… I can barely bend my arms now. This is all your fault and now your going to have to pay for it!” with a light thrust of his hips his cock came surging forward, breaking free of its prison and landing on top of me with a wet slap, already it was leaking pre onto the floor and soaking into everything. his whole body was coming to life, one muscle after another kept exploding bigger and bigger, I could barely see past his huge cock, crushing into my chest as his back hit against the roof. “Bigger! Bigger!” I cheered him on, his arms now in a T pose from having so much muscle piled upon muscle, drove through the walls bside him, the roof was like wet tissue paper as he kept getting bigger. I began to lovingly lick his cock as he pressed against me pushing me further against the wall “FUCK YOUR COCK… its… getting.. too… big!”. I could feel my rib cage creaking again, the weight was too much.

“Too big!? NEVER!” he laughed as the building came crumbling down around him, his muscled ass spilling into the street behind him as everyone gasped to see something moving in the cloud of dust. still gripping onto his cock I tried to get a good look of where I was. I had climbed on top of it as the wall had crumbled behind me, I sighed in relief before feeling the whole shaft rise up even more, growing and knocking into buildings in front of it. “Dear fucking god Im huge…” his voice now impossibly deep, I turned around to see the shadow of his muscled form above me, I couldn’t even see his head past his pecks, let along his stomach that was pushing his cock downwards towards the building. “… this was a good warm up… I think Im ready for the work out”

Extra: hey let me know what you think, I dont usually write stories like this but I wanted to give it a go. hope you like it. 

Faking It (Part Eleven)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: I like my language

Series Summary: When a young billionaire who’s a former friend of yours becomes the target for the Avengers, you’re sent on an undercover mission. The mission should be easy; one week on the Upper East Side with Bucky as your “boyfriend.” The only problem? The two of you can’t stand each other. 

Note: sorry I’m posting so late again. I had a lot going on today, but this part is longer than usual so hopefully it’s worth the wait?

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Your name: submit What is this?

“No, the gift bags go over there,” you point to a table on the far end of the club, barely looking up at your tablet as you do so, “And how are we doing with the liquor license? We can’t have a club without alcohol.” You’re about to launch a full investigation when your phone rings. Seeing that it’s Steve, you glance desperately at Bucky, silently begging him for help. He nods before going to oversee some of the million things you’re trying to do at once.

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