could you imagine walking down the aisle to this

His Eyes

Josh Dun Imagine #1

(A/n Hey guys this is my first Imagine ever so I would love if you could give me some feedback & btw don’t be afraid to request something)


As you walk down the aisle with your beautiful white dress you look at those mocha eyes that belong to the man you love, those eyes that have seen you on your best and worst days, those eyes that make you feel safe and loved, you look down and smile as the memories of you first meeting and how nervous you were.

You reach the end of the aisle and turn to face Josh, he hasn’t stopped smiling since you walked in the church, his calloused hands grab the white veil and gently moves it to the back of your head, his eyes widen in awe as he looks at his soon to be wife thinking about how lucky he is to call you his wife.

After the vows that had brought you and various other family members to tears the priest speaks once again “Joshua William Dun, do you take (your full name) to be your lovely wedded wife in sickness and in health for as long as you shall live?” “I do” he says as he looks at you “And do you (your full name) take Joshua William Dun to be your lovely wedded husband in sickness and in health for as long as you shall live?” “I do” you say as you look at him with tears brimming in my eyes “I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs Dun” “You may kiss the bride”

Josh looks at you with loving eyes and cups your cheek before bringing you into the most heartfelt kiss making you weak at the knees.

You can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with this man.

Cool Ranch Dorito

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Imagine you are food shopping with Steve and Bucky and some perv is touching you up, both Steve and Bucky walk up behind the guy and you say “Oh, I don’t believe you met my boys”

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“Stupid, Thor and his stupid metabolism,” you grumbled as you made your way down the snack aisle.

You had just come back from a long mission only to find that Thor had cleaned out the Avengers kitchen while you were gone forcing you to make a midnight run to a 24-hour grocery store nearby. You stopped your cart in front of the Pop Tarts before sighing and grabbing all of the strawberry ones for Thor so he wouldn’t eat your favorite flavor, which you grabbed a couple boxes of as well. As you made your way down the aisle, you could hear heavy footsteps behind you. You figured it was Bucky or Steve, whom you had forced both to come with you, so you kept walking down the aisle. You stopped, again, in front of the cookies and grabbed a couple packages of your favorite as well as a few others. As you were dropping in the last package, a voice interrupted you from behind.

“Hey there, babe. What’s your name?”

“Not interested,” you replied as you pushed your cart forward.

“Like the name,” the man said as he walked alongside you, “It’s very unique.”

“Yeah, well you should listen to it.”

You pushed your cart around to the chip aisle with the man following you.

“My name is Chad.”

You continued along stopping in front of the Doritos.

“So, do you normally come to the grocery store this late at night?”

You turned to him to tell him off, but then you saw your two favorite people behind him.

“Sorry, Chad,” you told him with an insincere smile on your face. His face lit up in response. “I don’t believe you met my boys.”

You pointed to Bucky and Steve standing with their hulking figures looking down at the stranger. Bucky kept the glower on his face, but Steve put on a  false smile and waved at Chad.

“Sorry,” Chad stuttered, “I’ll-I’ll go.” 

He pushed past you to get away from the two super soldiers as quickly as possible. As soon as Chad was far enough away, the three of you burst into laughter.

“Thanks, boys,” you smiled at them.

“No problem, doll,” Bucky told you with a genuine smile.

“So, cool ranch Doritos for the Dorito?” You asked throwing the bag at Steve. He caught it as you and Bucky laughed at his face.

The two of you walked down the aisle as Steve yelled behind you: “What do you mean Dorito?”

  • MC: *at the alter, checking their watch* I can't believe he's not here yet..
  • Seven: *dramatically throwing open the doors* THE GROOM IS HERE! I'M HERE AND I'M QUEER
  • MC:
  • MC: You were late on purpose just so you could say that, weren't you?
  • Seven:
Encased Love (Jason Blossom Imagine Jason X Reader)

Request: Hi! Could you please do a Jason Blossom imagine where the reader and him have been dating for years and she gets these flashbacks of how they first started dating, etc. And before he died he did this grand gesture and she was going to run away with him but ended up not being able to. I would really enjoy it because Jason needs more love! Thank you!

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1753

A/N My first Jason Blossom Imagine ahhh!!! Hope you like it :) <3

You watched as Cheryl walked down the aisle towards Jason’s coffin. Your tears streaming down your face, your eyes wide with shock. Your breath hitched in your throat as she talked about her twin brother. Your mind stops working, your eyes go blurry and your mind goes back, back to the beginning, back to Jason.

3 years ago.
You ran through the school hallways towards your locker. You were so late and you were going to be in so much trouble. You flew around the corner and straight into someone. You collided with the floor and your open bag spilled its contents on the ground. You groaned and sat up rubbing your head and so did the red headed boy in front of you. Jason Blossom. Your eyes went wide and you hurriedly started collecting your things from the floor, mumbling excuses and apologies. The boy just smile and told you not worry. He got p and started helping you collect your things before helping you up and placing them in your bag. Jason starred at you for a moment before smiling and tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear. He waved goodbye and walked off down the hall, leaving you in shock before you realized you were now even more late and really had to go.

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Wedding Series - BTS

Part 5 - His Face When You Walk Down The Aisle

Seokjin: *freaking out* Wait, I’m not ready! I’m so nervous..

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Yoongi: I’m going to faint, holy shit I’m going to faint. Look at her.

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Hoseok: Fuck, wait until I get that dress off of you tonight baby.

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Namjoon: Shit, here she comes.

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Jimin: That’s her? Who knew she could get any more beautiful.

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Taehyung: Damn, I’m the luckiest man alive.

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Jimin: Jungkook she’s-

Jungkook: Yeah she is.. and she’s all mine.

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hello! could i get the captains' reaction to seeing their s/o walking down the aisle on their wedding day? thank you! ;v;

Daichi: Hands clenched and shaking at his side, Daichi couldn’t even imagine taking his eyes off of them. It was almost like none of this wedding business had been real until this moment. This was really it. This was the love of his life, this was the day of their marriage. He caught their gaze, and in that instant there was electricity. Both of them felt their eyes begin to swim with happy tears, and Daichi could see them start to walk just a little faster, so eager to be by their new husband’s side. It seemed like such a long time before they reached him, but when they did, he couldn’t help but lean in and place a gentle kiss on their forehead, whispering, “You’re so beautiful.”

Kuroo: Kuroo and his groomsmen, along with a few of his male guests who could keep a secret, had a little bit of a bet going over whether Kuroo would cry or not when his partner walked down the aisle. As soon as the church doors opened and he saw them in all their glory, he knew he’d lost. He was usually so good at hiding his deeper emotions in public, but right now he didn’t care if anyone saw the tears running down his face. After so many years together, he had finally decided to take the plunge and ask them if they would stay with him until the end, and it wasn’t until this moment he realized what a great decision he’d made. His s/o made it up to him in just a few short seconds, and gave Kuroo a quiet, questioning look when they noticed he was crying. Taking their hand, he replied, “I’m just happy you’re here.”

Oikawa: Oikawa Tooru had never been so happy in his life. All that day and the day before, he’d kept this giddy look on his face. When asked why, he claimed it was because he felt like he was floating - after all he was really getting married, and to the most beautiful person on earth, too! The colors in the chapel seemed brighter, the candle flames danced in glee. Everything around him was wrapped in a lovely little glow. He could barely hear the chatter of their guests sitting before him. It felt like a dream once his partner finally began their walk down the aisle. Those around them noticed the way the silly smiles on the couples’ faces mirrored each other - truly a perfect match. 

Bokuto: You didn’t have to be listening closely at all to hear Bokuto’s joyful exclamation of, “Wow!” as soon as he set eyes on his partner. With a grin as wide as the sky he watched them, watched as his smile spread through their audience and onto his partner’s face. His body quivered so in excitement that his best man had to hold him back for fear he’d just run to them right then and there. Every day the two of them had spent together so far had already been the happiest of his life, but the pure glee he felt in this moment made Bokuto feel as if he could explode. When his s/o finally arrived at the altar, he flung his arms tight around them, giving them a quick squeeze before their minister cleared his throat, ready to begin. 

Ushijima: Only one of his very closest companions could make out the gleam of joy in Ushijima’s eyes. To their guests, he seemed as stone-faced as ever; his partner could well feel the weight of his tender gaze on them. Behind the scenes, he had already put so much effort into this ceremony, the following honeymoon, and their life ahead. Even without a big, sappy love confession, they knew how excited he was to be wed. Not once had they gone without a helping hand while making decorations. They had a reservation for the most luxurious suite in their choice of resort. Ushijima had even been shopping around for their new home. He was so ready. He was so ready to be with them. As his s/o finally approached the altar, he held out his arm, and escorted them the rest of the way with the smallest, softest of smiles.

Futakuchi: For Futakuchi and his partner, there was no church, no big walk down the aisle, no cake-cutting in front of family and friends. Instead, only a short while after graduating high school, there was the two of them, a trip to the courthouse, and a long drive to the beach. Something about a big traditional marriage didn’t feel quite right to the couple; it just didn’t fit with who they were and how they wanted to live their lives. A middle-of-the-night, crazy-young-folk urge told them they should just elope. With one friend of Futakuchi’s, and one friend of his partner’s, the two of them simply signed their documents in front of a city official, and off they went for a slapdash honeymoon. Even without all the fanfare of a “normal” wedding, the two were thrilled with and confident in their decision to marry. That night, as they two laid under the stars, Futakuchi murmured, “This has been the greatest day of my entire life. Thank you.”

Moniwa: The best phrase to describe Moniwa on his wedding day would be “a ball of nerves”. It wasn’t that he was getting cold feet, there was just so much he thought could go wrong. Their outdoor ceremony could be rained out, destroying thousands of dollars worth of decorations and clothing. Their caterer could accidentally ruin all the food. Their limousine to their hotel room for the night might explode. His parents and groomsmen had done what they could to keep his worries from getting out of hand, but it was all useless. As he stood, almost visibly shaking, at the altar, he heard the band begin to play the wedding march. Before his soon-to-be spouse stepped out onto the aisle runner, one last thought of, “what if they trip?” crossed his mind, but once he set eyes on them, every care he had in the world melted away. So what if it rained, or they had nothing to eat, or their wedding night was spoiled? He still had them to hold onto, now and every day after. 

Nakashima: He had been waiting so long for this. Nakashima glanced, smiling nervously, back and forth between his family and his partner’s, each seated in the front rows on either side of the aisle. They were about to be one family, connected by him and his s/o. The music signalling his partner’s walk down the aisle hadn’t even begun yet, and he was already overwhelmed with happiness. By the time they were headed towards him, Nakashima was already close to tears, imagining having his own family: a marriage as close as his parents’, hopefully even children as full of life as his siblings. Even with tears running down his face, he beamed from ear to ear, extending a hand to them. His wait was finally over. 

Terushima: Before the doors opened, signalling the beginning of the ceremony, Terushima had been bragging to his groomsmen about what a hottie he was about to marry. About how sexy they would look in their wedding attire, and how they should be jealous he would get to have them in his bed every night. But as soon as he laid eyes on them, his arrogance turned to an overwhelming sense of humility he’d never really felt before. This person, as radiant as they were, was walking down the aisle towards him. To marry him. Somehow, the planets had aligned just right, placing them in each other’s lives, and blessing them with this incredible love of theirs. He felt an almost goofy grin spread across his face, unable to take his eyes from his partner’s for even one second.



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Deadshot: You alright man?
El Diablo: I’m kinda nervous…
Deadshot: Getting cold feet? It’s a bit late now.
El Diablo: How can I make Y/N happy? What if I mess it up?
Deadshot: Then you’ve got your whole life to make it up to her.
Y/N: *starts to walk down the aisle*
El Diablo: I didn’t think Y/N could look more perfect. *smiles*
Deadshot: Any doubts now?
El Diablo: Why would I have any doubts? I can’t wait to spend my life with Y/N. It’s going to be perfect.
Y/N: *smiles* You okay?
El Diablo: Never been happier.
Y/N: Then let’s get this wedding started.

Imagine being Bucky's wife before the war and meeting him in the present day.

(Alright this is my first Bucky imagine hope it is as requested (@phan—anime) and you all like it :D I really tried my best to fit everything from the request into this…hope it makes sense. Gif not mine/Credit to the original owner/Found it on google)

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the weather was warm and you were getting married to your long time fiance, Bucky Barnes.

It was a small ceremony, with a few of your friends and family, yet everything you ever dreamed of.


You walked down the aisle holding your father’s arm and could only look over at your soon-to-be husband.

The moment he saw you, he couldn’t hide his smile. You were breathtaking. As you walked, he couldn’t even see the others around and had eyes only for you.

Your father then gave your hands to Bucky. You held him tightly and could feel him squeeze yours out of excitement.

His eyes stared into yours and you could tell he was in love with you. You heard the minister say whatever he had to say and suddenly it was time for both your vows.

“Y/N, I promise to cherish and love you with all my heart…”

You had a few tears in your eyes and took a deep breath.

“Bucky, I promise to love you no matter what…In rich or poor, health or sickness…”

He smiled and the moment you both said your “I do’s”, the minister announced you both could kiss.

He held you tightly against him and enjoyed the sweet taste of your lips. You enjoyed the kiss as well and soon enough the celebration started.

The bells were ringing and your friends and family were all cheering. 

Congratulating the both of you. A few pictures were taken and then you found yourself seated next to your husband as everyone ate.

The night soon came to an end but for the two of you it was a new start.

It was your first night as husband and wife, rather than  

He was sweet and gentle taking his time with you. Not rushing the moment as he would, before your wedding.


The next few days as newlyweds were perfect. You’d shower him with as much affection as he did and the two of you were genuinely happy.

However, you knew it was going to be short live. He had enrolled in the army and was soon going to be called to go fight on the other side of the sea. You knew the day would come when you had to say goodbye to your husband but you couldn’t imagine it.

During the days, you tried your best to forget about your worries and only enjoy the company of your husband. While at night, you’d tried to keep your tears to yourself and pray he comes back to you alive.


As the days got closer, Bucky had noticed your odd behavior and knew it was because of him. He’d do anything to make you happy and was trying his best.

“Y/N…I got you something!” He said walking through the door of your house.

You sighed and replied “Bucky, we have enough flowers to open our own shop…”

You walked to where he was and saw him with a big smile. In his arm, was a small puppy squirming and licking his face.

You were speechless and could only smile at him. You walked to him and hugged him.

“Bucky…what made you think of this?”

He handed you the dog and told you “Well…i’m leaving soon…and I don’t like knowing you’ll be alone…so to make you happy…”

Your eyes got watery and you smiled at him. You kissed him an the two of you spent the night caring for your new family member.


The day he had to leave you came in a blink of an eye. You both spent the time hugging and him telling you he’ll be fine.

“Y/N, I promise I’ll come back for you…this isn’t goodbye…Y/N, I love you…”

You cried and hanged onto him as much as you could. When the time came, he got in the car and waved at you, keeping his gaze on you as much as he could.

You waved back and your tears kept flowing. You went to sleep crying that night wishing it would’ve been different.


You spent your days working, helping with war efforts and your nights care for your new puppy.

You grew so fond of it, you nicknamed it Bucky for comfort. It made you smile, laugh and mostly get through your days.


Bucky spent his days and nights thinking about you as well. However, his days as a simple soldier came to an end the day he fell from the train.

He had clung tightly to his friend Steve, wanting to see you after the war but suddenly couldn’t hang on anymore.

He had fell, only to be found by the enemy and experimented on. Countless of times they tried something on him. He suffered and wanted to end it but the thought of you gave him a little faith.

Thinking about you, helped him endure everything they did to him.


Years passed and eventually the war came to an end. You were relieved and couldn’t be happier to be able to see your husband again.

Until you received, a uniform and a folded flag that could only mean one thing, he had died during the war.

You couldn’t believe it and didn’t want to believe it. Your husband, the man you love, was gone. You cried and cried. You were grieving and nothing could seem to heal the pain from your lost.


Years had passed and still it was a struggle for you to do the simple things in life. You knew you had to move on but you still hold on to his memory.

One day, your sister had bought you tickets to go on a trip with her. She wanted you to let loose for a while and could only think of taking you with her on a trip.


You were seated next to the window and her and tried your best to have a positive attitude. The flight was going to be a long one but not for you apparently.

You fell asleep only to wake up in a much different place. You were strapped to a table and were trapped in some sort of glass.

You felt like you couldn’t breathe and it started to get colder and colder. You panicked not knowing was happening and struggled to free yourself.

You tried to scream and as you started to lose consciousness, you saw a few figures looking at you. One of them were familiar but you just didn’t had time to put a name to it that you fell in a deep sleep.

It was Bucky looking at you as members of HYDRA were freezing you. They were keeping you away with the promise of giving you back to Bucky as a reward if he was more cooperative.

As he did, years and years passed and not once had they ever tried to let him see you.


It was now present day and so much had happened. You were found and had been brought back.

Bucky waited by your side until the process was over and hoped to hug you as soon as possible.

A few moments had passed and suddenly you felt a breathe of fresh air.

You slowly took in a breath and then more and more. Bucky noticed and tears formed in his eyes.

You felt your muscles tense and getting warmer and warmer. Soon enough you slowly opened your eyes and started to move easily.

In that instant Bucky grabbed you out and hugged you tightly to his chest.

“Y/N…Y/N…I love you…”

With as much effort as you could, you wrapped your arms around him and started to cry.

“Bucky?…Wh-what happened to you?”

He shook his head and could only think about his love for you.

“Y/N, I love you…i’m sorry…i’m sorry for leaving you…”

You backed away and noticed how much he had change yet it didn’t matter to you. You were reunited with your husband and in the look in his eyes, you knew he was sincere.

You smiled through your tears and told him “There’s no need for an apology…I love you Bucky…I’m glad you’re finally back…”

@bedamnhappyfor the love of fuck someone cry about a sanvers…

I always imagined they’d wear their rings on necklaces that they could hide under their uniforms.

And you KNOW that Alex would be really sad that Jeremiah couldn’t walk her down the Aisle but then J'onn would volunteer because she’s like his adopted daughter

like i’m pretty sure that’s what alex would do with her ring but hand-to-hand combat is WAY more of a risk for her job than for maggie’s so that’s just practical. i don’t feel like it’s SUPER important to either of them to be wearing it all the time or to like, send the message that they’re “taken” or whatever, but i feel like if they could wear them on their fingers then they would?? like maybe they switch them out from the necklaces when they’re not on duty….. i d k

LOOK don’t get me started on The Jeremiah Situation because i’ll get upset and i cant even imagine a potential future in canon that’s angst free at this point but like - assuming he’s not there, YES it’s so important for alex to have j’onn there. i don’t think there’d necessarily be an “aisle” for him to walk her down or anything and i don’t imagine them having a reception in the traditional sense so there’d be no father-daughter dance, but like… with their kinda paternal relationship it would mean so much for her to have his support and know he’s happy for her

and omg i just thought of j’onn using his powers a lil bit and just feeling how in love and happy they are and getting really emotional because he’s so proud of alex and now IM emotional skdjakghslhg

The Worst Best Man - Louis

Requested by dreamingabout5boys

You were walking down the aisle. It was your wedding day. Your dress fit perfectly. Your hair was done just the way you wanted it. You looked gorgeous. Your face hurt from smiling so much. There was no way you could be any happier than you were at that moment. You walked down the aisle and up to the altar to greet your soon-to-be husband. He was everything you ever dreamed a man could be. He was charming, smart, handsome, and treated you wonderfully. Louis turned around and smiled brightly at you. That was the smile you fell in love with when you first met. Louis opened his mouth to speak, but all your ears could hear was ringing. When he tried to speak again, the ringing seemed louder and more shrill. “Louis?” You asked, but received no answer. Every time Louis tried to talk, something that sounded like a phone ringing came out of his mouth instead. “Louis,” You pleaded. “Talk to me!” You yelled.

You bolted up straight on your couch. Your head was pounding and the incessant ringing of your cell phone somewhere in the room didn’t help much either. You couldn’t believe you had another dream about Louis. You kept telling yourself that they were just dreams. You didn’t actually want to marry Louis. It was just a dream and it’s not like you could control it. He was your fiance’s best friend. You weren’t that kind of person. But the more you started having dreams about him, the more you began to wonder if your subconscious was trying to tell you something.

Sure you had reservations about getting married. Didn’t everyone? There was no bride in the world that didn’t take a step back and think Do I really want to do this? before they walk down the aisle and commit themselves for the rest of their life. You thought that it was natural though. Everyone got cold feet once in awhile before they got married, didn’t they?

You fumbled around your apartment for a few moments before finding your phone to see who was calling you. Louis. Perfect. You didn’t need to see him at 2:30 in the morning the day of your wedding right after you had a dream about marrying him instead of his best friend.

“Hello?” You answered. 

“Y/N!” He yelled so loudly into the phone that you had to pull the receiver away from your ear. “Boy is it good to hear your voice.” His words were slurred in such a way that you could tell he was definitely drunk.

“Where are you?” You asked. “Do you need a ride home or something?” Your voice was still scratchy from waking up and slightly shaky from all your thoughts. 

“Well, I’m glad you asked!” He exploded again. “I’m in the elevator making my way to your apartment right now.”

“What? Why?” You asked, but it was already too late. You heard pounding on your door that was more than likely going to wake your neighbors up and have them give you nasty looks in the morning. You ran quickly to open the door. When you did, Louis was leaning against the doorframe in such a way that it seemed like it was holding him up. “Louis,” You hissed at him, but stepped aside so he could come in. “Do you know what time it is?”

“Y/N,” He said in the same tone you said his name, mocking you. “Don’t get your panties in such a wad. Relax.”

You took a deep breath before you spoke again. “Well, will you at least tell me what you’re doing here?”

“I just want to talk!” He said, sounding exasperated. He flopped down on the couch and you sat at the other end of it. “Remember when we used to do that? Just talk? I miss that, Y/N.” You did remember that. You missed it too. “I miss you.” He said so quietly you weren’t sure you heard him correctly.

“I know.” Was all you could think to say in that moment. The two of you had the best talks. You two were actually best friends. He was the one who introduced you to your fiance. They were great friends and you and Louis were best friends. The three of you were together one night eight months ago and the rest was history, you supposed. You and Louis seemed to grow more distant as you both grew closer to your fiance. You knew your relationship had moved pretty quickly, getting engaged only six months after dating, but it just felt right.

“Do you though?” He asked with slight edge in his voice. “Do you actually know how much I miss you?” Before you could say anything, Louis kept talking. “Because I don’t think you actually do. I don’t think you know how much I hate not being able to call you any time I want. I don’t think you know how much I miss laughing with you at all hours in the morning when we’ve both had a couple of drinks in us. I can’t do any of that anymore because you’re marrying my best friend in twelve hours!” You weren’t really sure where all of this was coming from, but you couldn’t get a word in yet. “Do you know how pissed I was when you first started dating?” He asked. “I didn’t say anything because I didn’t think you’d last more than half a year because I knew he wasn’t good enough for you. And I thought you would’ve realized it.” Why was all this coming out now? He couldn’t have told you this before you got freaking engaged? “And then you got fucking engaged! You’re going to marry this guy, Y/N. Do you realize that? And you know what? It’s almost funny,” He gave a humorless laugh that was so cold it could’ve been an insult. “You got fucking engaged and I was so pissed and needed to talk about it to someone, but the only person I even wanted to think about talking to was you. How fucked is that?”

The apartment was filled with silence and you didn’t speak in case he wasn’t done tearing you apart. When it was obvious he was finished talking and it was so quiet it seemed eerie, you spoke up quietly. “That guy’s your best friend.” You said. “You’re talking about him like he’s some random dick off the street.”

He shook his head. “He was never my best friend.” He countered. “You were always my best friend. He knew how I felt about you and he still went after you. Then he would always brag you up to me like I didn’t know how fucking amazing you are.” The look of disgust on his face didn’t make you feel like he just called you fucking amazing. “So fuck him. He’s not a best friend, even if I am his best man. You were always my best friend, Y/N. Always.”

You didn’t know what to say. Louis was dropping so much shit on you that you couldn’t fathom what he was saying all at once. So you took it piece by piece. “What do you mean how you felt about me?” 

Louis rolled his eyes and hiccupped, reminding you of just how drunk he really was. He probably wouldn’t remember any of this in the morning, so you thought you should get as much information out of him as possible. “I loved you, Y/N.”  He said so simply. “I was absolutely head-over-heels, oblivious-to-everything-else-except-for-you kind of in love with you.” He stared at the coffee table like it held some hidden secret. He gave another cold laugh. “Hell, I probably still am.”

And suddenly, you got really mad. How could he do this to you when you were getting married in twelve hours? And he was the best man. Great. This was fucking great. Your wedding day was going to be so ruined. But for some reason, that’s not what you were going to yell at him for. “Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?” You asked in a demanding tone. “Why did you wait until now? Why couldn’t you have told me this sooner? Why couldn’t you have told me this when there was still time to change things?” You felt the tears begin to prick at your eyes. You didn’t need this stress. You were supposed to sleeping. You were going to be so exhausted tomorrow you would look awful. Why was this happening now?

“Like that would have changed anything,” Louis scoffed.

“Shut the hell up!” You raised your voice at him. “How would you know? You never asked me, you never said anything. How were you going to know that I felt the same way about you?!”

Louis lurched forward at you and grabbed your face with both of his hands. He crashed your lips together and it was everything you used to dream about it being. Your lips worked perfectly together. You were in sync and your mind was filled with thoughts about Louis. He pulled away, while still holding your face to find that both of you were out of breath. You smiled at him, your lips still tingling, until you realized the look of panic that was setting in Louis’ eyes.

He clumsily climbed off you, still drunk, and fell back into the couch. “I know I should be regretting that,” He said, a mischievous smile now forming on his face. “But I’ve been waiting to do that too long to regret anything that feels so right.”

You nodded. You knew exactly what he meant. You should be freaking out. You should be yelling at him and crying and calling your fiance begging for forgiveness, but you weren’t going to. You were in too much of a bliss to do that. You looked back over to Louis to discover him snoring lightly. You smiled and shook your head. You covered him with a blanket and made your way into your bedroom. You slept better than you had in weeks.

The next day you came out into the living room with a note left on the coffee table.

Thanks for a place to crash last night. -Louis

Your heart sank slightly. You supposed he was so drunk that he didn’t remember anything that happened last night. Oh well, it was probably for the better anyway. Whatever would have come after that would’ve been messy and it’s not something that you would want to deal with.

You began getting ready for your wedding day.

It was just like your dreams the last couple of weeks. Your dress hugged your body just as it did when you first bought it. Your hair and makeup was done to perfection. There was nothing that could ruin today for you.

Except for that nagging feeling in your gut.

That feeling that you didn’t want to do this. That feeling that there was so much more out there for you. That feeling that you were a cheater. That feeling that you were a liar. That feeling that made it seem like there was a rock in the pit of your stomach.

That feeling never left you. It didn’t leave when you were waiting with your bridal party. It didn’t leave when you were riding to the church. It didn’t leave when the music started playing and you could see all your family and friends standing, waiting for you to come down the aisle. It didn’t leave you when your father gave you his arm to escort you. It certainly didn’t leave you when you started walking down the aisle. Seeing all their smiling faces and teary eyes made you want to turn around and run as far as possible. Seeing your fiance standing there with a lazy grin on his face made you want to hurl. Seeing Louis standing right next to him with the ring in hand made you want to hide in a corner because of all your guilt. You took advantage of Louis while he was drunk and were a cheater because of it. You wouldn’t be able to look at him the same. Until you saw the same glimmer of anger that you saw last night when he was admitting everything. He remembered. He was still angry. He wanted you. And you wanted him.

You finally got to your fiance and you stared at him. You didn’t stand next to him on the altar. You were frozen. You were like a deer in headlights.

“Y/N,” He said quietly, but sternly. “Come here.”

The tone in his voice told you everything you needed to know. You looked to Louis and saw what looked like sympathy and a glimmer of hope in his eyes. You were definitely going to hell for this, but there was no turning back once you made this decision. “I can’t do this.” You said and shook your head with wide eyes. “I’m so sorry.”

You turned around and ran back up the aisle as gasps were audible throughout the church. You heard your name being called by various family members, but the only distinct one you heard was Louis saying “Stay here. I’ll go get her.”

You found yourself in the back room again feeling like your heart was going to pound out of your chest. Louis soon appeared in the doorway and locked it behind him. You immediately ran to you and buried your face in his chest, no doubt getting makeup all over his suit. “Y/N.” He said sympathetically like he knew everything that was going on in your mind, and in reality, he probably did. You looked up to him with big eyes and he took your face as he did last night and kissed you. Sweeter this time, but still just as genuine. “Damn it.” He growled. “I have got to be the worst best man in the history of weddings.”

He knew exactly what to say to get you to smile, and it worked. You let out a large laugh and felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from your shoulders. The feeling in your stomach went away and you realized you could do anything, as long as it was with the right person. Your best friend and your best man.


Gif source:  Barba

Imagine marrying Barba, but you get cold feel just before you have to walk down the aisle because you’re afraid it will end up in a divorce like your parents’ marriage, but your bridesmaids talk to you and make you see sense and you end up marrying him anyway.

——— Request for anon ———

“Listen to me, listen to me,” your maid of honor pleads, both hands gripping your shoulders. You could feel the bouquet she struggled to keep a grip on digging into the flesh of your right one, but that was the least of your worries at the moment, “You are not your parents. Rafael is ready to give this a real shot, and you’re counting him out before you even give him a good chance!” You look at her, taking a breath as she spins you back around gently, giving you a comforting squeeze as she adds, “So you are going to walk down that aisle and get your man. All right?”

All of the ‘what if’s and ‘maybe’s run through your mind in the span of seconds, but it all goes away for a moment when you finally round that corner and come face to face with your final walk as an unmarried woman. It was terrifying.

Then, you glance up from the ground, and the room may as well have been empty after that. The people in attendance fade away from your focus, leaving only you and the man at the end of the aisle who just straightened up a bit when he saw you. Barba’s hand twitched upwards very quickly to his mouth, covering a grin that threatens to break through.

Suddenly, you find a wave of peace fighting the fear that had almost made you walk away from this. The wedding, the man you love. And you can’t help but think that even if this doesn’t work out in the long run, it will have been one hell of a ride.

So you take those steps towards him, and find yourself reaching for him before you’ve even gotten within his range, unable to keep yourself from telling him, “I love you.”

His eyes roam over you for those few moments that your guests take to find their seats, “I love you too, lindísima.”

His hands were sweaty as he stood at the alter, waiting for you to finally come walking down the aisle so he could finally see what you looked like.  Calum hated the fact that he hadn’t been able to see you for a near twenty four hours and the thought of finally getting to hold your hands again and call you his was the only thing that kept him from throwing the old tradition out the window.  

The wedding march started up suddenly and it was as if a switch had flipped in Calum.  He wasn’t ready to see you, no not yet.  His throat went dry as the doors opened.  What if he didn’t look good - was his hair okay?  Calum felt drastically out of place among the crowd even though he’d been in front of thousands before.  Up here though, even with his three best friends standing not even five feet away, he felt like he couldn’t breath.  It wasn’t that he was getting cold feet, it was more so the idea that what if you changed your mind?  What if you didn’t say ‘I do’?  Calum didn’t think he could take it if that happened.

Calum’s mind was snapped back into the moment when you began walking down the aisle, and in that moment every doubt Calum had flew out of his head.  All he could focus on was you and the way you looked so absolutely radiant.  The smile on your face the most precious accessory you adorned.  Calum was so caught up in you that he didn’t actually realize you had made it up to the alter next to him until the Minister cleared his throat.  

Everything from that point on was a blur, saying the vows, saying I do, and everything in between.  The next week Calum would hardly remember much of the party too, the only thing sticking in his mind being when he finally got to dance with you.  The way your hands fit so gently around his neck as his still somewhat shaking hands were planted on your hips.  The way your eyes smiled up at him even brighter than the smile on your lips.  The way your laugh rung throughout the venue like the sound of wind chimes.  God how he loved you.  

This was everything he could’ve ever wanted out of his life and so much more.  He got to finally call you a part of his family, he got to spend the rest of his life with you.  With all the awards that he had won through the years, with all the fans he had, this was by far the best thing he had ever been given: a lifetime with you.

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Rhys The Wedding Crasher

BUT COULD YOU JUST IMAGINE? It’s like Maleficent being annoyed that she didn’t get an invite to Aurora’s christening.

I could just see the wedding about to start and Rhys appearing out of the shadows, lounging on a chair near the front of the aisle all cocky, chin propped on his hand, smirking as he purrs, “What? No invite to your wedding, Feyre darling? And after everything we went through together Under the Mountain. I’m insulted.”

Feyre, who had just been about to walk down the aisle, is breathless for a second. And then she groans, and her tongue gets away from her as she demands what he wants.

“You know what I’m here for,” he replies, giving her a cursory look up and down.  Her cheeks redden, and his smirk grows. She feels a tingle in the tattooed eye on her palm before the heat zings along the shadowy swirls up her arm.


“You,” he agrees, violet eyes glinting at her. “And I always enjoy crashing a good wedding, of course,” he remarks, brushing at an invisible crease in his sleeve, undoubtedly enjoying the invisible tension that grips the entire Spring Court. In fact, Feyre notices that no one else in the court is able to move at all; only she and Rhysand have any mobility. He’d frozen all of them with his mind powers. He lets her notice this, before looking back up at her with a cheeky grin. “It’s about time for me to start collecting my end of the bargain, don’t you think?  You should be happy; I gave you several months of respite before calling in. Isn’t that generous of me?”

Feyre glares daggers at him, arms crossed.  Glass goblets shatter next to her, her new magic getting away from her for a moment.

Rhys tuts as he leans back in his chair, eyebrows raised. “Still as ungrateful as ever, I see. Some things truly don’t change, do they? You may want to work on that control, though. Magic can be…deadly.”

And that’s when Rhys would release the Spring Court and chaos would break out. Tamlin, who had been fighting the mind control and making only a few small steps (the only one able to do so), would be completely enraged at this point. The Spring Court would be scrambling backwards to get away from the coming fight, and meanwhile Feyre would be glaring daggers at Rhysand because of course she should have known Rhys would choose the absolute worst time to collect on their bargain. I feel like she would be super annoyed with him, but also a little exasperated at this point because it is just such a Rhysand thing to do.

With claws ripping out from his knuckles, Tamlin would probably storm over, yelling that he would not let Rhys take her, that he would fight him. But Rhys would be as calm and collected as ever.  He’d stand up smoothly from his chair, nose to nose with the High Lord of the Spring Court.  No blink, a moment of charged silence, and then Rhys would smirk just slightly.  A terrifying mass of swift shadows would spear forward, and Tamlin would get thrown backwards in a motion almost too fast for the eye to follow. Rhys wouldn’t have even needed to lift a finger.  A cursory show of just how powerful the High Lord of the Night Court is with his powers unbound.

Tamlin, of course, is no longer bound either, and he’s practically sparking with power now.  But Rhys just raises an eyebrow at him.  Did Tamlin really want to usher in his marriage with a full-blown war with the powerful Night Court? Risk hundreds of lives?

Feyre by this point is livid and annoyed, but also afraid that the two could actually come to heads. Tamlin has come to stand in front of her by this point, but she knows that there is nothing stopping this. She rests a hand on his shoulder, whispering that she loves him but there is no choice really; she had made her bargain and she would honor it.  She would come back to him and the Spring Court after the one week; it would be okay.  And then she straightens her shoulders and looks at Rhysand, dressed all in black, just as relaxed as ever with that stupid smirk still on his handsome face. He extends a hand, waiting at the head of the aisle for her to come. She can’t help but find it ironic that she had been looking forward to walking down the aisle all morning, but not for this Fae at the other end. Eyes narrowed, she huffs a breath, loosens her shoulders, and crosses the distance with her chin held high.

A thought not her own echoes in her mind. You’re using my tricks well, I see.  

And she realizes that’s exactly what she’s doing. Head up, shoulders relaxed, no fear. I’m a fast learner, she thinks back.

She pauses just a second, the merest breath, looking from the High Lord’s outstretched hand to the violet eyes that twinkle like stars.  His eyebrows raise, the slightest question, and she doesn’t flinch when she takes his hand. The grin he gives her is stunning as he pulls her to him.  Wrapped in his embrace, she feels his laughter echo into her chest and along her bones. Then the world is shrouded in shadows and darkness, and all she can see are those grinning blue eyes looking down at her.  The pressure releases, she sucks in a breath, and Rhysand lets her go.  She stumbles away, amazed by the sight before her: a palace of moonstone wreathed by a sky full of stars.  Beautiful. And vaguely familiar.

Beside her, Rhysand watches her as she stares and stares at the northern mountains and the palace surrounded by mist.  Up, high above them, dark flying creatures release screams of fury that send shivers down her spine. Even as the screams still echo in the air, Rhys merely takes a step forward, smiles darkly over his shoulder at her, and says, “Well, Feyre, welcome to the Night Court. Let the first week begin.”  

Preference #394: Veil of tears.


Request: Calum imagine where he cries when you walk down the aisle.

After two months of planning, today was the day. The day that two become one. Calum stood anxiously at the altar waiting for you to walk down and meet him so the two of you could finally be wed. As the two wooden church doors opened, everyone’s heads turned to get a glimpse of you walking down the aisle. As you walked down the aisle holding onto your fathers arm, you kept your eyes focused on Calum. Calum took an intake of breath before exhaling. You looked beautiful; a huge smile fell across Calum’s face as you slowly edged closer and closer to him. Tears welled up in his eyes and a few tears fell down his cheeks but he quickly wiped them away. As you got to the end you smiled at him “you okay?” you whispered “yeah you’re just so beautiful and I’m so happy to marry you” he whispered back.

You stared down the long aisle, family and friends on either side of you. At the very end, stood the love of your life and his three best mates. All you could do now was focus on him as you walked down the aisle. You suddenly couldn’t remember why you’d picked this hall to have your wedding. It felt like it was taking forever to get to Luke.

He stepped forward just as you reached the two steps, holding a hand out for you to take. Your heart was near bursting in your chest. It had taken so long for the two of you to get here, but it was finally happening. You were finally marrying your best friend.

“My hands are shaking.” Luke whispered in your ear. You couldn’t tell, he was always strong to you, no matter what. The ceremony began as the officiant started talking. You held Luke’s hands tightly in your own as you stood together in front of everyone you loved.

The two of you exchanged glances, smiles, and eyebrow wiggles as he continued to talk about love and how amazing and encouraging it was. You were listening, but you weren’t. It was all background noise with your beautiful man in front of you making you giggle and laugh as always.

Finally, Luke was saying his vows from a piece of paper that Michael had accidentally wiped his own sweaty palms on, smearing only the first few words thankfully. Then it was your turn, taking your own vows from your maid of honor and best friend that stood just behind you. Rings were exchanged and suddenly, you could see just how much Luke’s hands were shaking without your own to support them.

“Now you may kiss the bride.” It was the only line you were really waiting for, as Luke lifted your veil and stepped closer to you, kissing you for the first time as a wife instead of just his fiancé.


You couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear as you walked down the aisle to Steve. You tried to steady your breathing, prevent the tears of joy from streaming down your cheeks. 

The moment you reached the end of the aisle you could tell Steve was also trying to hold it together like you. “You look beautiful,” he told you.

“You look handsome. You look great in a suit.”

He took your hands into his. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”


I cannot even being to imagine what my life would be like without you in it. You’re my world and everything in it, that’s said so much but you truly are. I adore you, every single part, you’re mine and that’s just the most wonderful thing I could ask for.

I can’t wait for next year when I’m going to turn around and see you walking down the aisle to make you my wife.

The Perfect Ending

2) Victoria dead…although I don’t really get the “dead before you were even born” thing…unless it had something to do with the incest situation? Seemed like death was a blessing to her at this point.
3) JEMILY marriage- the dog, the boat, the mention of Aiden & Declan, the happy participation of Charlotte, Nolan walking her down the aisle
4) David sacrificing himself for his daughter, blessing the marriage, & saying ily infinity times infinity
5) Margaux in prison to honor Daniel
6) Louise back on the side of good…kinda hoped she & Nolan would be partners in crime again
7) One last Nemily takedown

I could not imagine a more perfect ending. Sad to see Revenge go. Not sure what I’ll do on Sunday nights anymore…