could you imagine if the adoring fan was in this game

Let’s unpack this tweet for a second, because it really shows how much thought Nino actually puts into his game-day socks, which is hilarious to me. This wasn’t just a random, digging in his drawer before getting dressed, “oh I’ll wear these cool guitar socks today because Nashville” - this was a road-trip, meaning he planned which pair of socks would be perfect for that game and packed them. I feel like there are two options here:

1) he already had these socks - either he just randomly had guitar socks or was given them by a fan, etc. - and was like “these will be perfect for Nashville 😄” (I’m convinced Nino is an emoji guy)

2) he bought them specifically so he could wear them on the Nashville game-day and tweet about it. I’m imagining him on amazon trawling for fun game-specific socks, and I’m here for it.

TL;DR he’s a gem and I adore him