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Hey love so I found a POT who is perfectly fine with the 4K monthly allowance I asked, offers to pay for all my uber rides to meet up, likes to take me shopping & buy me gifts, he is also really respectful. Should I see how things go and stick to him or keep going on more dates with other pots to have options? It's just a little hard to keep up with everyone. Any tips?

I definitely recommend having at least one other SD/POT you never know what could happen with the guy you’re seeing now, however you and you’re current POT met, don’t use the same site if it was like SA, because they can see you’re still looking and may bring that up to you , use tinder to find another pot, I will say if your comfortable with the guy you have now, this is a great time to actual nit-pick the next POT.
I have three pots im currently seeing and sometimes it’s hard but they’re all so different on needs of attention so it’s working out for me

DnD Character Questions

1) What is their full name, and does it have any special relevance? Alternatively, what nicknames do they have? 

2) What hobby would they like to be good at? 

3) If they played dnd what race and class would they pick? 

4) If they could go back in time and change one thing, what would they change? 

5) What is their favourite weapon to wield? 

6) If you could behove them one magical item, what would you give them? 

7) If they didn’t have to adventure, would they stop? 

8) What do they look for in a platonic or romantic partner? 

9) Do they trust easily? 

10) What is their favourite colour? 

11) Diplomatic or aggressive? 

12) They get arrested, and thrown in jail, how do they escape? 

13) Would they leave their party for any reason? 

14) If they could own any creature as a pet, what would they have? 

15) How have you influenced your characters personality? 

16) Do they have any tattoos? If so what? If not, do you think they would get one in the future? 

17) Where would they like to be in ten years time? 

18) What do they look like? Either description or picture. 

19) What genre of music would they be into? 

20) What would be the worst thing someone could say to them? 

Seth and Shells

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Request where Seth imprints on you and so he starts to go by the little hangout spot you always go to pick shells just to watch you? The wolf pack finally see you in person and tease him relentlessly where you actually overhear them and they turn to see your reaction ?! Fluff mostly !!Love your writing by the way !!!

So I genuinely had to youtube Seth Clearwater scenes on Youtube because all I could remember from the books was that he was the most genuine guy but other than that I couldn’t remember any speech patterns or anything.


Bella may have been one of your closest friends but god she could be stupid. Since she’d moved to Forks you’d been close to the brunette and stuck by her during her turbulent relationship with Edward and his family.

Her warped version of rewarding you involved telling you all about the Cullen’s and her friend Jacob and all his friends. You thought that she was bat shit crazy. The Cullen’s were weird but they weren’t people eaters, well you were fairly sure that they weren’t until while hanging out with them at the Cullen’s house when Emmett and you were play fighting and he pushed you a little too hard causing you to fall and cut your knee open.

You’d never been so unhappy to be wrong.

Carlisle patched you while Edward tried to explain that Bella had been telling the truth about them but it was hard to hear him over your panic attack. It took you a while to calm down but when you did Emmett popped his head into the doorway and apologised while keeping his distance. Behind him you heard the door slam.
“Y/N we called a friend of ours Seth to take you home. I was going to ring Jake but he … he won’t come up to this house.” Bella told you softly.
“We thought you might be more comfortable than with any of us at the moment.” Edward added.
“Seth as in Jakes friend, the wolves?!” You panicked and you could see the Cullen’s faces as they gave Bella an accusing look – could she keep no secret to herself?

“Y/N Seth will get you there safely, he’s a lovely young man. I can come with you both if it would make you more comfortable?” Carlisle offered and you agreed with a shy nod there was something about the blonde vampire that let you know that you could trust him.

“Bella? I’m here, where’s your friend?” A playful voice called before Emmett moved from the doorway and was replaced by one of the Quileute boys, he gave Edward and Bella an honest grin before focusing his attention on you.

That’s when you realised that someone, somewhere must hate you because here’s a ridiculously attractive boy positively staring at you and you must have looked a mess. Your knee and jeans were covered in blood and bandages, your hair must be sticking out from the fall. Your eyes burned from the tears brought on by your panic attack and you just wished that he would stop staring at you. To your embarrassment he didn’t.
“What don’t wolves have any manners?” The words rolled off of your tongue and dropped heavily into the atmosphere that had appeared with Seth.
“S-sorry!” Seth stumbled and looked away, his cheeks burning until his head snapped back to face you, “H-how’d you know about that?”
You, Carlisle and Edward all glanced over at Bella, “That’s a long story.”


Saturday morning was the perfect day for shell searching, it was still quiet out before most of the teenagers in the area finally got out of bed and made their way down to the beach. You usually came down to collect shells with your older sister but she was heavily pregnant so recently you’d been left completely alone to bring the lovely treasures back to cheer her up. Swollen feet and morning sickness had really taken their toll on her.

Since you’d met Seth a few weeks ago he’d come to help you a few times. As he approached down the beach you folded your arms and gave him a mock angry face.
He raised his hand in defence, “Sorry I’m late.”
“Wolf things?” You asked, you’d not touched upon the sensitive issue of him not being fully human. All he told you was that there’d been massive backlash against Bella for her telling someone outside of the pack about the packs secret. He promised he’d managed to calm them down and that they weren’t mad at you but he had refused to tell you how and instead started to distract you with bad jokes.
“Hey wolves have a lot of business to get done too.” Seth grinned at you. You pouted and refused to look at him.
“Oh I see, someone need cheering up.” Seth grinned again and started to walk towards you. You recognised the evil glint in his eyes and ran away laughing as he chased you trying to tickle you. He always outran you, the perks of being a wolf. But Wolf or not, there were mad levels of attraction there.
It was safe to say you never found very many shells when Seth came to ‘help’ you.

But when you were on your own, focused and humming in our own world as you made your way across the beach, that’s when you found the most and to Seth when you looked the most peaceful. Of course he’d never tell you that he came to watch you like this but without him there you were just so relaxed. He know that you tried hard to be at ease around him and he appreciated how hard you tried but he knew that it would take a while for you to be alright about the wolf thing.
Sam said he was lucky to imprint on someone who was taking it so well, Kim had freaked on Jared.

Even if he wasn’t willing to tell you about his little voyeur habit he couldn’t keep it a secret from his idiot friends who lived in his head and that’s why instead of being peaceful watching you, he was surrounded by his pack mates.
“She’s hot.” Paul offered helpfully as they watched you wondering up the sand.
“Paul that he’s imprint dude, she is though Seth well done.” Embry grinned and nudged his shoulder.
“And she already knows about us thanks to that airhead Bella.” Leah added and gave her little brother an approving look.

“Why don’t you introduce us?” Quil asked and started to wave in your direction as Seth tried to hold his arms down.
“Hey Y/N!” Paul hollered and behind him Jared, Quil and Jake all cheered and waved. Your head snapped up when your heard your name being shouted to see a gang of guys shouting and waving at you with Seth looking embarrassed and trying to hide behind who you assumed was his sister.

Well they certainly lived up to their names by acting like a pack of wolves.
You couldn’t help but smile as they shouted louder and got more animated the closer that you got to them until you stopped in front of them.
“I’m Quil, amazing to meet you.” He caught your hand and kissed it before introducing all of the boys.
“Sethy here has told us so much about you.” Jake grinned at you.
“In fact it’s all he ever talks about.” Embry added.
“Oh really because he never talks about you guys.” You countered with a small smile of your own as Seth came to stand by you.

“Only because he’s worried you prefer us babe.” Paul smirked.
“Or maybe you’re just not that interesting babe.” You answered and the boys laughed loudly.
“Oh I like her.” Leah grinned.
“So is this a private party or can we help you?” Embry asked and you nodded and the boys pushed past you quickly to race each other to find the most shells.

“So that went well.” Seth smiled at you and you nodded in agreement before leaning up to kiss his cheek. You could felt the heat from his blush as you moved away from him and he slipped and arm around your shoulders as you both sauntered down to join the guys and try to get Quil out of Jared’s headlock.


The guys managed half an hour of being well behaving until Paul had a great idea. As you were all running around throwing a Frisbee to each other when he phrased mid run and leapt to catch the Frisbee in his fangs.

It like the first time you’d met Seth when time seemed to stop. Seth was in front of you in an instant, the rest of the pack where all watching you both. Well apart from Leah, she looked like she might rip Paul apart without needing to phase.
It wasn’t as scary as you thought. Sure your heart was going a mile a minute but still, this massive wolf who looked almost smug as he threw the Frisbee up and caught it again was like a brother to Seth.
It took a while and some strength on your part as you took Seth’s hand in yours and squeezed it reassuringly before pointing at Paul accusingly, “Surely that’s cheating!”

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what about so far niiiiick

You guys ask all the hard questions. 

One day I will go through properly and make a more comprehensive list but RIGHT NOW, OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD, I PICK THESE THREE. IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. 


In which Kurogane is trying to say with words just what his actions mean and it doesn’t quite work. 

Ie, through a complicated mix of Kurogane not wording it very well in the first place, Fai having no sense of self worth, and Fai also failing to ever consider that other people could like him any more than he likes himself (which is not at all), it’s made clear that neither of them really know how the other works at their core but the reader gets to see it all regardless.  


Where, among other things, Fai’s starting to realise that his falseness just straight up doesn’t work on Kurogane. Kurogane sees more of Fai than anyone else and yet despite that he’s still here, and Fai doesn’t quite know what to do with that information. 


Which, admittedly, was all off screen. BUT COME ON. 

SIX MONTHS of Fai and Kurogane alone together, being forced to communicate without words, and becoming an inseparable battle duo in the process. There is a lot in there and I adore all of it. 

Awkward Munday Questions!

(Cross out any you refuse to answer.)

  1. Do you have any bizarre habits?
  2. If you had to pick one person to trust your life with who would it be?
  3. How do you feel about polyamory?
  4. Are there any traits you dislike in others?
  5. Do you have a crush on a fellow tumblr user?
  6. If you could have one wish what would it be?
  7. What was the last lie you told?
  8. What makes you feel insecure?
  9. Have you ever been unfaithful to a boyfriend/girl friend? If so why?
  10. What things are you shallow about?
  11. Would you sill love your significant other if he or she gained 100 pounds?
  12. When have you loved some one who has not loved you back?
  13. What feature of yours are you self-conscious about?
  14. What is your guilty pleasure?
  15. What TV show are you embarrassed about watching?
  16. What is the worst thing about being a grown-up?
  17. If you and someone else were the only people alive on earth, who would you pick the other person to be?
  18. What fear keeps you up at night?
  19. How do you think you are most likely to die?
  20. If you had only 24 hours left to live, what would you do?
  21. What is more important than money?
  22. What would you like to add to your life?
  23. What is your idea of heaven?
  24. What grown-up job did you want to have when you were a child?
  25. In what way are you superstitious?

Jehan: Grantaire, the beautiful love of my life! How are you this fine evening?

R: Hey, Jehan. I’m fine, thanks.

Jehan: Lovely. Why’s your computer here? You’re not one to take notes.

R: Oh no, I’m not. I started on of those blogs where you record your life and then people send in questions about it. An ask blog?

Jehan: Oh, that’s exciting. Are you doing it now? Can I answer some questions?

R: Wouldn’t have it any other way, Jehan.


R: Oh here’s one now. They’re pretty fast, heh…

Jehan: I love it.

Jehan: Oh! Poetry…

R: Here he goes.

Jehan: Life inspired me the moment I was brought into it…as soon as I could learn to speak and write, I was expressing my world view in a way most people didn’t. It wasn’t until I picked up my father’s book of Robert Frost poems that I realized that poetry was the vessel for my artistic genius. Just like R’s is his…well, everything.

R: Jehaaaaan…

Jehan: I love you!

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if ndrv3 had gone with 5/6 survivors like the previous games, who do you think the other survivors would be?

Hmm, that’s a fun question! I’m inclined to go with 6 survivors just for the sake of being a little self-indulgent—that, plus it’s pretty much a fact that ndrv3 mimics and parallels dr1’s plot developments far more closely than it does sdr2’s. There’s very much a feeling of “let’s go back to the beginning” in ndrv3, only to subvert it with the realization of, “oh, actually this was never ‘the beginning’ at all because this was fiction.”

Plus, with 6 survivors we can keep an even ratio of guys to girls and I’m all for that.

Hmm…well, in terms of characters I think very much stood a chance of making it all the way to the end or characters who could have gone to the end if they’d actually really chosen to, obviously Ouma arises as a good choice. If he hadn’t been so completely tired and ready for death in Chapter 5, he wouldn’t have died by choice. And having him present in the Chapter 6 trial would have made for an incredible turn of events; I’d have really loved to have seen his reactions to the things Tsumugi was saying, since it would be new territory even for him.

Another character who I find myself thinking would have stood a pretty good chance of being a survivor is, interestingly enough, Miu. She undeniably had one of the most useful talents in the entire game, if not the entire franchise as a whole, and while she’s certainly distrustful, confrontational, and more than a little annoying to her classmates, that’s precisely why she would have been so much fun to have around. She’s drastically different from other female survivors like Himiko or Maki, and her inventions and tools were essential to getting everyone to the end. I really, honestly think if ndrv3 had gone according to a more normal survivor scenario, Miu would’ve been there at the end.

The final “most likely” candidate is a little harder to pick, but my money is on either Momota or Kiibo. Given how little time Momota had though and how even if he’d made it to the outside world, he still would likely have died very soon after, Kiibo probably is a tad bit more likely. When you take into consideration too that Kiibo’s sacrifice and upholding of more common DR ideals like “hope vs. despair” makes him the perfect protagonist figure, these things probably would have actually been plot armor had he been in a scenario closer to dr1’s or sdr2’s.

I feel like having Kiibo, Miu, and Ouma there to sort of balance out the group at the end would have had quite a lot of potential for interesting interactions, moreso considering things like Kiibo and Ouma’s interactions probably being drastically different after Chapter 6 and Miu switching from confrontational and distrusting to actually trying quite hard now that the possibility of changing the world with her inventions is so close within her reach. Saihara, Maki, and Himiko would likely still have had banter or minor disagreements with the rest of them, and the whole group dynamic would’ve very much resembled the rag-tag feel of survivors we were left with at the end of dr1.

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Sea fam, this is kind of stupid but I have really low self esteem and I completely want to reinvent myself but I don't know how? I want to be different on the outside because I feel like I don't match who I am on the inside, but doing that is so hard when you have so little money. Do you have any advice?

I suggest you pick one thing that your new self would do, and then learn how to do it.

Like, my idea self could care for plants, so I learned how to care for different plants. I started with tomatoes, and then other veggies, then a cactus. Next goal is a flower.

So pick what you want to do and start studying it a little bit at a time. If you want help getting started come back and we’ll figure it out together.

-Lou the Lobster

A Change In Tactics

TL;DR I got angry and told coworkers they suck

I like being encouraging. I try to help my coworkers when they need it (even the ones I absolutely despise) and generally go out of my way to be helpful. In return, at almost every restaurant I’ve ever worked for, coworkers pick up on this and the attitude spreads and things work better.

It’s doing nothing with this group.

Tonight I got frustrated, and got some results. Instead of asking for help I began grumbling about how useless they were. For example - out of 16 or so servers on the floor tonight only one (other than me) could do any running side work (for those of you not in the industry running side work is basically stocking shit, cleaning shit, or preparing shit so we have it ready to go when we need it.)

So I started berating coworkers which seemed to get everybody’s attention. One girl decided to argue with me over it, and it ended with her walking away from me near tears because I told her how absolutely useless she’s been pretty much since a month after she was hired.

I was in no mood for excuses, bullshit, or arguments from people who can’t handle the complex task of making tea (put bag in tea urn. Push button. Wait.) Then I go in the kitchen and the window is full of food waiting to be run, with 4 servers standing there thumbing their asses waiting on the stuff for their tables to be ready.. Expo can’t move shit until that stuff goes. And then there’s me telling them all they’re fucking nitwits and asking if they’d like directions to the tables and maybe a prep course on how to run food. 

Back of house guys loved me from that point and joined in. Every time food started piling up in the window, the cooks and expo began heckling servers. I love it. They actually started doing the bare minimum requirements of their jobs.

I’d rather be supportive.

Then my manager comes up to me and tells me they just sat me what she described as “the guest from hell.” He was pissed off at the hosts that parties got seated ahead of him because they’d called ahead but when he called a half hour before opening we told him we don’t do reservations.


She asked me to try my absolute best not piss him off further.

I’ll see what I can do.

One guy out of the party of 8 was a bit uppity, but they weren’t hard and since they were never really anything but polite, I gave them my usual good service and got $35 worth of tip from $118 worth of bill.

Then he bitched to the manager that everything was awful - aside from the service. Whatever, I’m off the hook.

I get a couple more parties in, one is a party of 4 - grandmother, mother, and daughters. Meh. 

I see they leave me 20% when I bring back the credit card slip. They’re disappointed because we don’t have cheesecake and decide to forego dessert.

I tell them that if they’ll ask for me next time they’re in I’ll get them a different dessert for free (see: at my expense because giving things away that aren’t yours is wrong.)

They agree because who doesn’t like free fucking dessert. High tipping regulars: acquired.

The night winds down and I’m summoned to the office to talk to the service manager. I figure it’s to catch a lecture on why I can’t tell my coworker(s) about how useless they are.

On the contrary, it’s to ask me how I think we can motivate the serving staff because the stupid survey scores determine the manager’s bonuses (and probably their jobs too.) The answer is simple: fire somebody. Encouragement hasn’t worked. Threats haven’t worked. And you don’t fire the worst person, because everybody expects that. And it needs to be somebody semi-popular with the staff so that word of why they got fired gets back to the rest of ‘em when they talk about it.

I name 3 servers we could easily afford to lose who fit the bill (two of which I despise working with because they’re shit people both in and out of work and they all suck to work with) and if they get fired the rest might start paying attention.

Servers are the second most replaceable job in the country. There’s always another application. We have two hosts that I’d absolutely love to have as servers, and a busser who wants to be a server as well. We have a stack of applications for servers. About 80% of the staff here could use a good wake-up call and I’d be happy to be the one to deliver the news to them that they no longer have employment here.

My enthusiasm for this cause was noted, but alas, they won’t let me fire people because I have roughly the same authority as the cardboard box the crackers come in for the shitty soups.

At least I made fantastic money today.

I don’t know why my credit union keeps trying to sell me insurance. This particular credit union knows only that I have $25 in savings and I routinely empty my checking account into a bank I like better.  -J

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Hi! If there weren't Karen or Luke, do u think Matt and Jessica could be a couple? In other post u said that she had a crush on him. Could u make a post comparing their personalities? I think they are very similar to each other.

   (We can’t tell if you’re referring to the comics or the MCU, since in one universe Karen is dead, and in the other neither Luke and Jessica nor Karen and Matt are currently dating, so we’ll address both!)

   In theory, personality-wise, Jessica and Matt could definitely be a couple. Technically speaking, you could pick any two random characters from the Marvel universe and have them date, and as long as it was written well, it would seem like a natural relationship. Their personalities are very similar– which could either work for or against them. Jessica is a tough, stubborn person– clear in her convictions and not afraid to voice her opinion. She is very caring, but can also be prickly and drive the people she cares about away. She has been known to make some pretty poor life choices, to behave impulsively, but at the end of the day she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her. And she is great at snappy banter.

Jessica: “This is a really big brick.”

Hydra agent: “Yes.”

Jessica: “Then how am I going to shove it up your ass?”

[The Pulse #8 by Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Lark, and Pete Pantazis]

    Matt shares a lot of these characteristics– though he does a much better job of hiding the more abrasive aspects of his personality from people who don’t know him well. Jessica just lets it all hang out there and invites people to take her as they see her. Matt is much more charismatic and, on the surface, usually seems relatively put-together and stable. This likely comes from his legal career, where personal presentation is essential, as well as from an entire lifetime of living behind a facade. It’s part of how he gets so many dates in the first place. He’s every bit as dysfunctional as Jessica– he just does a better job of hiding it from strangers.

Danny: “Come on, Luke, be fair! Daredevil is one of the most capable, honorable men I’ve ever met. I like him.”

[Power Man and Iron Fist vol. 1 #77 by Mary Jo Duffy, Kerry Gammill, and Bob Sharen]

    Matt has gone on at least one date with most of the age-appropriate women he has come across (in the comics, anyway), he falls in love very quickly and easily, and he doesn’t seem to gravitate toward any particular personality type, so Jessica would certainly fit within his dating parameters. He also really likes her. However, if we’re talking about the comics, there’s one big problem on Matt’s side of the situation: Jessica smokes. Obviously, bad smells are a bit of a deal breaker for Matt, and he can’t stand cigarette smoke.  

Matt: “I thank god that she doesn’t smoke. If she did I couldn’t be next to her. That smell hangs over people like fallout, like poison. It’s kryptonite to a relationship. Loathsome.”

[Daredevil vol. 2 #11 by David Mack, Joe Quesada, and Richard Isanove]

    Jessica’s crush on Matt is more a running gag than anything else, and there’s no indication that she ever considers acting on it. (It’s worth mentioning that she also had a long-held crush on Peter Parker). But if she were in the right mood, it’s conceivable that she could consider dating him. She likes and respects him almost from the moment they meet, and generally enjoys spending time with him. Pre-Luke Jessica was a little bit of a loose cannon when it came to dating– wanting companionship but struggling to balance a meaningful relationship with the chaos of the rest of her life– which resulted in her having romantic dalliances of varying types with a number of different people.

Jessica: “I’m so mad at you and you do this now. F—!!”

Scott: “Would you like to go out on a date?”

Jessica: “F—! A fancy date? […] Better be damn fancy.”

[Alias #21 by Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos, and Matt Hollingsworth]

    She was in a mindset at this point where she could conceivably have been interested in trying something with Matt, just to see if it could work. 

    Her character development beyond that point– to settling down, regaining some self-assurance and control over her life, even becoming an Avenger– cannot all be attributed to Luke, of course. Jessica earned a lot of that on her own. But he also has had a powerful influence on the trajectory of her life over the years they’ve been together– which makes speculating about this particularly complicated. It’s easy to talk about Alias-era Jessica, but it’s tough to say if present-day Jessica would have any interest in dating Matt, because who knows– in a Luke-less world– what her current emotional state would be? But it’s certainly not out of the question.

    However, if they were to date it probably wouldn’t last long. Jessica, in all iterations, is unwilling to put up with other people’s nonsense, and if Matt’s dysfunctional life bled over into their relationship, as it always does, she likely wouldn’t feel like sticking around. Matt can be very, very frustrating when you get into his inner circle and are around him on a regular basis. 90% of the people he has dated have broken up with him (some multiple times!) for this exact reason. Jessica has maintained a friendship with him in the comics through spending some time with him, but not too much. But she quit her job as his bodyguard because she got sick of the chaos and dysfunction, and we can imagine her ending a relationship for much the same reason.

    In the MCU, the situation is a bit different. Personality-wise, the same factors apply. However, Jessica’s nerves are likely still raw from all of her recent Kilgrave-related trauma, which will likely make it particularly difficult for her to open up to people she doesn’t know. Even with Kilgrave gone, she may still feel like a threat to those around her, and will likely be very hesitant about allowing herself to get too attached to anyone new. In the recent Entertainment Weekly article, Defenders showrunner Marco Ramirez commented that Jessica will be forced to “let three men into her life who she doesn’t 100 percent trust.” Feeling safe around other people, and feeling like they are safe around her, seems like it could be a big factor in Jessica’s current emotional state– particularly in regards to Matt, who has so many secrets. 

    Matt, for his part, has just had a loved one bleed to death in his arms. This could result in A. his not really feeling like dating at the moment, or B. his getting really aggressive about dating someone else in order to fill the void (a la the Heather situation in Miller’s run) …which is an attitude that would obviously not appeal to Jessica. However, if we’re just speculating about some amorphous time in the future, based purely on how these characters generally behave, romance between these two would not be inconceivable. Considering the fact that– based on the set photos we’ve seen– Jessica and Matt seem like they’re going to end up pretty chummy in The Defenders, we wouldn’t rule out the possibility that they could date at some point. 


Jax Imagine #4 (request)

I seen your new Jax imagine and wanted to know if you could do one basted off it? Where after the break up he sees you out with a guy and gets jealous and when he talks to you and you tell him its just a friend and that no one could take his place?

It’s about 10 AM when you get to Teller-Morrow Auto Repair. If it was up to you, you wouldn’t be here at all. You didn’t want to run into Jax. You just needed to get your car fixed because for some reason, it wouldn’t start this morning. You hated the thought of being here, but if you knew or were comfortable going to any other place, you would have gone there. Unfortunately, you didn’t, so you called Tig and had him pick you up and tow your car over here.

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♡ dream job: Something that I don’t loathe doing everyday that helps people and also provides me enough support so I can travel and spoil my friends all the time.

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i keep seeing posts where a character is like listing all the horrible things that someone could do to them and them basically begging that someone to not touch their significant other and like i never understood this concept tbh because i mean they might as well have painted a target on their significant other’s back at this point right? like they’re basically saying that if the villain wants to hurt them he can in all of these ways but not that way because it would hurt too much, which is kind of like saying “behind one of these doors you can find a million dollars! feel free to pick any door except for that one over there where I keep the million dollars” i mean ?? but then i had a different thought. like what if you did that on purpose? like “mr. burglar you can find a million dollars behind any of these doors, but please don’t pick that door where i keep my million dollars” so when the burglar opens it an anvil falls on his head or something? what if they list all the ways the villain could hurt them and then add “but please don’t touch (person they hate)” to get the villain will do just that?? 

The addiction to online chatting is getting worse day-by-day, with many people increasingly spending long hours in constant chatting/texting/messaging others. It all started with basic texting, but since the advent of social media and smart phones, it’s become an epidemic. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or any other medium, precious time is wasted in chatting - especially on whatsapp where it seems like some people have an addiction to chatting. Imagine, instead of the 5/6 hours of constant chatting, you could’ve picked the phone up and called the other person and ended the conversation in 20 minutes!

Many experts and phycologists have concluded that if care is not taken to use such means in moderation, it can become addictive and lead to depression, emptiness, being unsociable, and the inability to function properly in one’s day-to-day life. Some people become so used to ‘text chat’ that they hardly now use their mouth and voice to talk! They start preferring a virtual lifestyle over real life interaction. The various symbols and emoticons of text chat become more appealing than real life expressions. The smiley sent by the other person seems more attractive than his/her real smile! You’d rather see a smiley, winking, or sad emoticon than their real life expressions, and you won’t even realise!

As such, let’s value our time and utilise it properly. Stop seeking solace in virtual chat; rather, have real life interactions. Stop wasting hours and hours in group chats on whatsapp, thereby neglecting your daily chores. Minimise use of social media to absolute need, and try talking more offline (either in person or phone). Busy yourself with building a connection with Allah, serve humanity by doing beneficial things, read books, and ultimately realise the objective of this very short life. May Allah grant us tawfiq, Ameen.

—  Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari

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🙄🙄 Do you think you could get you're lips off Nathan's ass for one second. I haven't seen you kiss any other of the Castle cast asses, stop playing favourites.

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So, let me get this straight, everyone else gets to have a favorite in the cast but I’m not allowed to have one? Child, please. 

I fail to see how explaining the very real fact that he’s an in-demand actor who can take his pick of new projects is playing favorites. Nathan falls into a very popular age bracket for leading men, and leading men who want to do network television are in short supply. You don’t have to like it, I don’t give a damn if you do or don’t, but them’s the facts. 

But thanks for stopping by, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. And, yes, it’s YOUR ASS not YOU’RE ass. Grammar is important. 

Someone asked me if I ever saw myself being with you again. I smiled and thought of you again. What we had was wonderful and yet so devastating once we lost it. I told them that you’re the kind of person you cross your paths once and never again. I don’t know what about you made me feel that way but I know we will never find a way to pick up where we left off because that’s too far back and neither one of us is willing to take the hundred steps backwards and give it another shot. I told them I don’t think I’d ever be with you for the second time around because if a person wanted to leave, I could have rewind the love story all over again but you’d still leave. I wouldn’t have done it any other way just for you to stay just because I begged you to. I told them there is probably no chance of getting the ‘us’ back because someday, I’m going far away from this place and never come back again because the day you left, I realized that there’s much more to life than crying because of a broken heart. There’s much more many dreams to reach, more places to wander, more people to be in love with and more people to let go. And you’re one of those people, you’ll always be.
—  K. (who-cares-about-username)

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What was your first starter?And favorite memory with said starter.

WELL IT’S A BIT COMPLICATED… My first Pokemon game was Colosseum, which would make my first starter Umbreon and Espeon. My first mainline game was Leaf Green, and I picked Bulbasaur. But I got lost in Rock Tunnel because I didn’t have Flash so I started over and picked Charmander.

I just say Charmander was my first one, it’s the only one I really have memories of… Being a kid, I made him the powerhouse of my team who was like, 50 levels ahead of anything else I had. Basically any other team mate was just a meat shield so I could heal Charizard if he died.

I loved that Charizard though, beating the E4 and getting him to Lv100 were some great memories. My first Lv100… I was So Proud of him, you have no idea.

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Do you have any tips for getting over an obsession of a person?

Distance yourself, pick up a new hobby or work on your old ones, and also confront your obsession. Not the person themselves (I mean, you could do that too) but your idea of them, and take off the rose colored glasses. Usually, obsessions are with an idea of a person and not who they actually are. Letting out those feelings somehow can help too, like writing, or any other artistic medium. 

Times my friends and I have been so stereotypical of our MBTI types it hurts (part 3)
  • INFJ: So if you could apprentice with any Disney villain for a year, which one would you pick?
  • INFP: *after internally deliberating for several minutes* Maleficent. Mainly because she can turn into a dragon and she could hopefully teach me how to do that. And I'm assuming if she's agreed to take me on as an apprentice she likes me enough to not be entirely awful.
  • INFJ: Hmm. I'd pick Hans from Frozen.
  • INFP: Why???? He doesn't even really do anything.
  • INFJ: ...he could teach me to manipulate people like that.
  • INFP: *scoots away from INFJ*

im so excited for psychonauts to i m so

by the way WHAT IS UP WITH RAZ AND CROWS amirite like 1: he picks up not one but TWO crow feathers over the game 2: the real world one he picks up WAY before he can use clairvoyance for it 3: he has a long dialogue tree with the crows outside the asylum vs. cycling through 3-5 random lines for any other wildlife in the game?? (its under the cut)

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