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Elsewhere University: changelings? Like, fairies who get swapped for humans? Just wondering if there might be anything on that?


I’ve been thinking about this all day actually, your timing is A+

A changeling, although you know they’re fake and they know they’re fake and all your classmates know they’re fake, will keep on living in your dorm until you directly call them out on it. If you’re polite about it they’ll leave; usually they drift around campus for a while, attending classes at random and sleeping in the gardens. There’s a whole meal plan set up for them, which the Courts pay for yearly in…things. Odds and ends. Trinkets. On the whole best not to ask. What it comes down to is that any changeling lacking a dining hall card can pick one up on the third floor of the Languages building, and your dining halls have more fresh produce than anyone others that you know of.

And sure, sometimes there’s times where your roommate and best friend is gone and in their place is this monster-thing that looks just like them but isn’t, and you’re angry and scared and you just want them out of there and maybe could they give you a tip on who to talk to to get Serafina back?

But there’s got to be others (especially for freshmen) where your roommate was that guy who left half eaten tins of tuna fish all over the place and vapes incessantly and you had ants by October and he won’t stop making off-color jokes to any girls you bring over - and then suddenly he’s replaced by this thing that, ok, sometimes puts thumbtacks in your bed and laughs about it, and eats literal sticks of butter as snacks, but also is very quiet and fastidiously clean. They jam the fuck out to all your music and they’re a riot at parties and they’re teaching you how to climb trees better and they always repay favors - if you clean the shared bathroom they’ll bring you a very fancy coffee the next morning in a flavor you’re pretty sure the school cafeteria doesn’t have. Or you buy them a bottle of sweet wine while you’re at the store and the next week they help with your essay about 12th century poetry. You’re buddies. You’re teaching them a secret handshake. Maybe you can hold off on reporting your official roommate’s disappearance for another week or so. And this goes on until school gets out and the RAs have to do the yearly troll the the Elsewhere for anyone who hasn’t come home yet.

And on the flip side of the coin: RAs. RAs and changelings are in some ways each others mirrors. They’re both in-between things - student/authority, human/fae, etc. - and in-between things, things that are in balance, merit some respect. A pact was made several decades ago that allows each safe passage up to a point in the others’ world, as ambassadors of a sort. Accidents can happen - you can still be careless, still be rude, still make enemies. But unprovoked violence towards either is very strictly prohibited by both sides. So changelings  can replace students with relative safety and in turn RAs can, at the end of the year, go hunt down any students from their floor that still haven’t come back one way or another and either do their best to ransom them or at least get the necessary forms signed.

On the note of RAs - Elsewhere U has a special fund for end-of-year bargains. This has been used, in past years, to purchase a deck of illustrated tarot cards and a book of 1001 Card Games To Play Alone, sixteen pounds of durian fruit, a very soft fleece blanket, a lot of movie posters with Harrison Ford on them, bodice rippers involving dinosaurs, and $800 of random shit from the dollar store.

The RAs, once they’ve found the students, will try to buy them back if they can (the success rate is not 100%). But once in a while students refuse to come back - they’re in love with a person or in love with the whole world; they’ve found a purpose here or they refuse to return for other, darker reasons. At this point the RA will do what they can to ensure they’re staying of their own free will. If this in in fact the case they get signatures on the form and leave empty handed.

Animal - Jack Maynard Smut

Summary: “So grab me by the neck and don’t you ever let go, mess me up so good until I’m begging for more”

Word Count: 5317

Warnings: Sex, Oral Sex, Dirty Talk, Swearing

Requested: Yes!

Author’s note: This is the first time I’ve ever written smut, besides that tiny thing in the Conor imagine I posted last night, so please please please let me know how you like it. Also this is the longest imagine I’ve ever posted whoops.

Originally posted by mrs-jack-maynard


“You’re going to shatter that fucking thing if you’re not careful.”

You whipped your head around at the sound of your best friend’s voice, having not even realised that your grip on your glass had become worryingly tight. You gave him a sheepish smile as you looked up at Conor’s face, so different to that of his brother’s, and yet with the same piercing eyes that seemed to draw you in every god damn time. “Dunno what you’re on about,” you mumbled as you turned back to where you had been looking before, unsurprised at the lack of change in the scene in front of you.

“Just go and bloody talk to him,” Conor groaned as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders comfortingly. He had watched you and his little brother dance around your feelings for each other for the better part of two years now and he was getting right sick of it. All those secret glances when you thought nobody was looking and avoiding each other when the other had someone of the opposite sex around, it was beyond ridiculous. He had thought that after you and Jack had kissed at the Christmas party last month, that things would finally improve but they hadn’t, your relationship had merely shifted from ‘just friends’ to ‘just friends with benefits’ and as much as he was thankful that you were finally getting laid and working out some of that aggression, he could see how much it was hurting you, and he wasn’t okay with that.

“And cock block the master? I don’t think so,” you scoffed bitterly, your fingers tightening around the base of your glass again. You knew that the situation you had going at the moment wasn’t ideal, but it was Jack.  You had waited so long for him to see you as more than his brother’s best mate and now he did but it was non-exclusive. You knew that you should respect yourself enough to get out but you couldn’t, if this was all that you could have with him, then that was what you would have. It hurt though, being with him between the sheets and then seeing him with pretty girls in the streets.

“Alright that’s enough!” Conor’s voice almost shocked you into dropping your glass, you looked up at him with wide eyes as he pried the glass out from between your fingertips and placed in on the table behind you before offering you his hand. “Come on,” he urges you, wriggling his own fingers teasingly, “You and I are gonna go get a drink, and then we’re gonna go and dance, and you’re gonna forget all about my little brother and his tiny dick,” he smirked at you, making you laugh slightly before placing your hand in his and letting him tug you back towards the bar.

Truthfully, you had often wondered whether you were chasing the wrong Maynard. Conor had been your best friend for the better part of the past three years and you spent a lot of time together. He was handsome and charming and hilarious and sweet when he wanted to be, and you had drunkenly hooked up before so you knew he was a good kisser. Somehow though, you knew it just would be right. Because every single time the thought crossed your mind, you thought of Jack and you just couldn’t fathom being with anyone else.

Conor led you to the opposite side of the bar, far away from where Jack was currently chatting up some pretty blonde with double d’s who would plaster the news of their hook up across twitter/Instagram/snapchat/etc tomorrow. You could never take your eyes off of him, and especially not when he looked as unfairly gorgeous as he did tonight. It wasn’t until his eyes flickered to yours and that signature smirk spread across his face that you looked away, refocusing on your best friend and the alcohol in front of him.

You let out a loud groan when you noticed that Conor had ordered a round of tequila shots each for the both of you. Tequila had always been the one alcohol that would send you under the table, having been your university room mates poison of choice; any other alcohol and you could generally hold your own but Tequila was the one which would have you yelling drunkenly at Jack within the hour. “Conor, really?” you whined at your best friend, “You know Tequila is my weakness, I’ll be all over you in an hour,” you joked, having already accepted your fate as you picked up the shot.

Conor shrugged, “If that’s what happens, then it happens, no regrets,” he winked at you before picking up his own shot, the both of you throwing the shots back before slamming the glasses down on the bar. You grinned at him as you noticed his face twisting into a grimace at the taste of the tequila, knowing full well that he had only chosen the liquor in order to get you drunk. You could already feel yourself lightening up at the alcohol pumping through your veins. “Feel better now?” he asked you as he chugged back the vodka and soda in his hand, obviously keen to rid his mouth of the foul taste.

You let out a small giggle as  you nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck and leaning up to kiss his cheek lightly, “Thank you,” you whispered to him, before holding out your hands, “Come on then!” you said loudly, “Thought you promised me a dance, Maynard?” you grinned at him, your smile growing as he slipped his hands into yours, tugging you into him for a tight hug before pulling you in the direction of the dance floor.

You refused to look behind you to where you could feel Jack’s eyes burning into your backside; if he wanted to use you and then throw you away then fine, he wasn’t the only one who could draw attention on the dance floor, and you were going to make sure of it, besides, was it just you, or was Conor looking particularly good tonight?


Across the bar, Jack could barely believe his eyes. You never drank tequila when you went out, you always skipped out on it when the boys organised shots, so why on earth would you down four shots with Conor? And why the hell were you letting him drag you onto the dance floor right now? The only person who you ever dance with when you went out was him, he was the only one who you let put their hands on you.

Had you looked that good when they had gotten there? Had that dress always hugged your frame that fantastically? He gulped down the remainder of his joke and tried focusing on the girl in front of him, she had caught his eye when he’d come up here before, with her large chest and long curvy legs, but the longer he looked at her, the more he noticed the flaws in her appearance. Her eyes were dull and surrounded by too much eyeliner, they didn’t sparkle like yours did, he couldn’t see the emotions flash through them like he did in yours when you would lay in bed with him and tell him stories about from before you’d met him and the boys. Her lips were flat and looked sticky with lip gloss, they weren’t plump and red like yours always seemed to be, even more so after he had been kissing you.

He tried to pay attention to her, tried to focus on the way her lips moved, tried to imagine the way they would wrap around his cock like yours had this morning when he’d had you in the shower, but he merely cringed at the thought of her touching him like that. His eyes flitted over to where he could see you and Conor on the dance floor and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head, rage pumping through his blood stream and making him nearly blind with unadulterated fury.

You had your back to Conor’s chest as you guys danced to the overly loud EDM song which was pumping out of the speakers, your head was thrown back against his shoulder as you giggled at something that he was saying into your ear. Jack had no clue what his brother was saying, but he was pretty sure that whatever it was, wasn’t innocent. He clenched his fists together at his side as he watched Conor’s hands slide down to your hips, knowing god damn well that you didn’t wear proper underwear under that particular dress because of visible panty lines.

He snapped when he saw Conor’s head drop down and press to the crook of your neck, right where Jack knew that special spot was, the one that would drive you absolutely wild when Jack latched onto it. He was ditching the girl and surging across the bar towards the dance floor before he could second guess himself; all he knew was that he needed to get between the two of you before you ended up in Conor’s bed by the end of the night, because you were his.

It was a reasonably small and cosy club that the gang had found themselves in tonight, as opposed to some of the bigger ones that they frequented, so it didn’t take long until Jack was in front of you, and wanting to knock that dumb smirk right off of his older brothers face. You didn’t notice that Jack was there until he was right in front of your face, but as soon as he was, you barely registered that Conor was even there. A smile lit up your entire face that had Jack’s stomach doing backflips, you were so happy all of the time, how on earth could he even consider someone else?

“Jack!” You squealed as you wrapped your arms around his neck tightly, having to stand on your tip toes to wrap them around him properly. You could feel the warmth of him seeping in through your clothes as you buried your face into his neck like you always did. “Conor was just telling me the funniest story!” you giggled as you pulled back, whipping your head around to confirm the story, only to find that Conor was nowhere to be seen, “Hey where’d he go?” you pouted as you turned back to face Jack, only to find he had a peculiar look in his eye that you couldn’t quite decifer.

You also realised for the first time how close you were to him, “What happened to that girl?” You asked him curiously as he pulled you into his body, his arms wrapped tightly around your lower waist, “Looked like you two were really hitting it off,” you commented as your arms wrapped around his neck loosely, one hand tangling in his blonde strands as the other lingered around the hem of his shirt, the very shirt you had torn off of him this time last week.

Jack chuckled slightly as he bent his head down to be closer to you, “Why? Is someone jealous?” he asked, his mouth hot against your ear as his warm breath washed over your neck, making you subconsciously press yourself closer to him. You bit back a moan as he tugged on your ear lobe with his teeth gently before pressing a kiss to the spot behind your ear. He pulled back to gauge your reaction and wasn’t surprised when he noticed you rolling your eyes, despite the deep and dark blush on your face.

He brushed his lips against your jaw bone softly, barely even a whisper of a kiss against your skin, “You know you’re the only girl for me,” he murmured against your skin, dragging his mouth across your jaw and down your neck slowly, occasionally using his teeth to nip at the spots he knew were sure to set you off. He smirked against your skin when he felt your breath hitch, latching his mouth onto the special spot and giving in a particularly hard suck.

You chuckled breathlessly, using the hand that was in his hair to pull him away from you, “Last time I checked, this,” you gestured between the two of you, “was non-exclusive, that’s what you wanted, right?” you asked innocently. You were riling him up and you knew it, for some reason, he was being all weird and possessive and you were gonna revel in it for as long as you possibly could. You let out a squeak when he used his arms around your waist to haul you into him, your hips pressed together tightly as he growled into your ear.

“Don’t pretend that this is just sex, you know it and I know it, so don’t give me that shit,” he hissed against you before sinking his teeth into that special spot and making you throw your head back, your nails digging into the exposed skin of his shoulder as you pressed the whole length of your body against him, feeling his hardness press into your stomach firmly as he rutted against you.

Letting out a frustrated huff, you used your hands to tug his head up harshly, both of you breathing heavily as you looked at each other, his cheeks already red with the arousal that was pressed against your stomach, as well as the dampness that you could feel pooling in between your legs. “So are you just gonna talk shit or are you gonna actually do something about it?” you challenged him with a raised eyebrow. You knew exactly how to bait him, the same way he knew how to drive you insane.

He let out a low growl as he yanked you into him, his hands caged around your face as he kissed you harshly. You moaned into his mouth softly as you gripped his shirt in your hands, nipping at his bottom lip playfully as he kissed you with a bruising intensity. You let out a soft gasp as one of his hands slid from the back of your neck, down to your ass, squeezing you roughly. You felt him smirk against your mouth as your mouth fell open slightly, slipping his tongue in between your lips and deepening the kiss.

There was no denying it, the boy knew how to use his mouth, he was a phenomenal kisser, and was even better at using his mouth on other areas of your body. Right now you weren’t concerned about his mouth though, you were more interested with the rather hard appendage that he was currently grinding into your hip. The boy was hung as hell, and there was no getting around it. Memories of this morning came flashing through you like a flood, the memory of waking up with his head between your thighs making you whimper into his mouth, that boy knew all of you secret spots and was not shy about any of it.

Smirking, he pulled back from you, biting his lip at the sight of you looking up at him with pupils blown wide and lips swollen and bright red, the memory of you looking up at him from between his legs this morning making him swallow back a groan. He pressed his mouth against your ear again, “C’mon, let me take you home, you know I’ll make it worth your while,” he groaned into your ear, sending a sharp surge of pleasure shooting down your spine. Pulling back to see your reaction, he let out a relieved breath of hot air as you nodded quickly, his hand latching onto yours and tugging you behind him as you both made your way out of the sweltering hot club.

The tight grip that he had on your hand did not escape your notice as he pulled you out of the club and into a cab outside, letting out a deep breath as he slumped against the seat on one side. “What in the hell has gotten into you?” you demanded, crossing your arms over your chest as you turned your body to look at him, furrowing your eyebrows together tightly as you moved your eyes over his physique. You didn’t want to stay on one part too long, otherwise you’d become distracted by the different parts of his body that reminded you how beautiful he was.

You let out a squeak as he wrapped hand around your waist, hauling you over to his side of the cab abruptly and burying his face in the crook of your neck, “Didn’t like it,” he mumbled into your neck, humming contently as your hand reached up to run through his hair softly, your nails scratching against his scalp softly as he nuzzles his nose against the juncture of your neck and shoulder. “Didn’t like seeing Conor with his hands all over you,” he mumbled again, lifting his head up to look into your eyes that were wide in shock as you listened to him intently, your heart bashing against his chest. “You’re mine,” he whispered, his mouth pressing against your jaw again as you nodded blindly.

“Yours,” you mumbled hoarsely as his mouth moved down your neck again.





You didn’t remember how you made it from the cab to Jack’s apartment, partly because it happened so fast that you could barely blink, and partly because you had spent most of it with your mouth glued to Jack’s neck. As soon as you crossed the threshold into the apartment, both of your clothes were flying off, leaving a trail behind you both of your heels, Jack’s shirt and belt, with his shoes ending up somewhere near the kitchen. Before you knew it, you were flat on your back on Jack’s extremely plush bed, with Jack kneeling at the bottom of the bed and smirking at you.

Rolling your eyes, you propped yourself up on your elbows on the bed, balancing your weight on them as you cocked your head to the side slightly, “I’m not gonna magically transform into a perfect ten, y’know,” you chuckled softly, “This is as good as it’s gonna get, Maynard” you smirked. He simply shook his head at you before pushing your legs apart, your tight dress moving up and over your hips as he settled his body between your thighs, much like he had this morning.

He kissed a line across the top of your panties as his hands hooked behind your knees and dragged them over his shoulders, opening you up to him. You collapsed onto your back as he placed open mouthed kisses to you through the thin lace of your panties, your hands weaved into his hair as his mouth continued on it’s way down, placing kisses down your upper thighs before switching sides and kissing up the other thigh, just avoiding the place where you needed him the most.

Using his teeth, he dragged down your panties slowly, his nose brushing against you softly and causing you to let out the most pornographic sound you had ever heard in your life. He smirked up at you from between your thighs, discarding your panties behind him as he spread his hands out over your hips, holding you open to him as he physically licked his lips, oh this boy was going to be the absolute death of you.

Starting at your knee, he began placing feather light kisses to your inner thigh, slowly making his way up to the apex of your thighs where you laid bare and ready for him. “Such a good girl for me,” he murmured against your skin, “Always so ready for me,” he mumbled as he dug his fingertips into your hips, hard enough so that you were sure that you’d have matching bruises in the morning.

“Jaaaaack,” you whined, bucking your hips up in an attempt to create some friction, “Hurry U-ohhh,” a moan ripped out of your mouth as he suddenly licked a strip from top to bottom, the tip of his tongue flicking against your clit as he slid one finger inside of you.

You felt the pleasure began to build as he latched his mouth onto your bundle of nerves, sucking and flicking his tongue against your clit as he set a steady rhythm of pumping his finger in and out of you.

You slapped a hand over your mouth as you moaned even louder, your nails digging into his scalp and causing him the hum against you, the vibrations going through you like shock waves. You whined and bucked your hips against his face, desperate to go over that edge, causing him to wrap his arm around your waist to hold you in place as he added another finger into the mix.

Curving his fingers up to brush against that specific spot inside of you, you tugged on his hair harshly, making his smirk against you as he picked up the pace, pumping his fingers into you faster and making sure to press firmly against that spot every single time.

Finally, you could feel the coil of pleasure in your stomach begin to tighten almost painfully, your thighs shaking around his head as you threw your head back, “Oh oh my god, Jack! I-I’m g-gonna, oh! I’m almost there!” You moaned out loudly, trying to buck your hips up. Jack curved his fingers again, focusing on just rubbing against that spot until you were coming like a tidal wave. Your back arched up off of the bed as you fell apart beneath him, riding out the last waves of your orgasm until you were shaking, pushing him back as you tried to catch your breath.

Once you managed to regain your breath, you pushed yourself up again, intent on returning the favour, only to find Jack having already discarded his tight jeans and crawling up towards you. You never got used to seeing him like this, he was big but not too big and perfectly thick, in other words, the boy was hung as hell and you drooled slightly every time you saw him naked.

He crawled up over you, pushing your dress up your body and peeling it over your head as he went, his mouth pressing a line of hot, open mouthed kisses as he went. You didn’t object when he pulled your dress over your head, nor when he unclasped your lace bra and latched his mouth onto your nipple, dragging his teeth over it gently as his hand tended to the other one.

Your hand reached down between you, wrapping around his girth and beginning to pump him up and down. Jack let out a grunt as he grabbed onto your wrist burying his face in your neck as he pulled you off of him; that was different, Jack never said no to a hand job or blowjob. He chuckled against your skin as he brought your hand up beside your head, lacing it with one of his as he brought his head up to look at you. “I’m not gonna last if you put your hands on me,” he chuckled softly, brushing his nose against yours with unfamiliar gentleness as he leaned down to kiss you, dragging the tip of his cock up to rub against your clit, and sending a jolt of pleasure through you.

Biting your lip, you lifted one of your legs to wrap around his hips, you pulled him forward until he was right against you. Smirking, he wrapped his hand around your thigh, hooking the other one around his hips as he entered you in one smooth thrust. Throwing your head back at the feeling of him fully inside of you, you let out a loud moan, arching your back and wriggling your hips in a silent plea for him to move. He seemed to catch on as he braced his hands next to your head in a push up position as he set a quick rhythm straight up.

You dug your nails into his back as you arched into him, dragging them down his taut skin as he attached his mouth to your sweet spot, working on leaving a sizable mark on your neck as he hiked your leg up even higher on his waist, scraping his teeth against your neck as he gave a particularly hard thrust, his fingers digging into your thigh harshly.

“Ugh you’re so fucking tight,” Jack groaned into your ear, his breath hot against your neck as he snapped his hips against you even harder than he had been before. He let out a strangled grunt when you tightened around him, your walls squeezing him tightly as he picked up the pace, his hand wriggling between you two as his thumb pressed against your clit again.

You let out a high pitched moan as he slammed into you, knowing from the way he was quivering inside you, that he was nearing the peak. “Come on, baby, I’m almost there, go over the edge with me,” he grunted in your ear, the wet sound of skin slapping together filling the room, both of you covered in a thin layer of sweat as you bit your lip.

Using a brief lapse in his attention, you flipped him onto his back, arching your spine as the new angle allowed him to slip in just that little bit deeper, pressing harder onto that specific spot inside of you. Bracing yourself with your hands on his chest, you began bouncing up and down, moaning at the new feelings surging through you.

You moved faster, feeling the ball of fire in your stomach coil up even tighter as you picked up the pace, all you needed was that little push, and you’d go off of the edge with him. You let out a loud high pitched scream as his thumb pressed against your clit for the third time, white spots exploding behind your eyes as your second orgasm of the night hit you like a freight train. It wasn’t long until Jack was following after you, his hips snapping like pistons into your own until he was letting out a guttural grunt and holding your hips to his as he exploded inside of you.

You collapsed forward onto his chest, covered in sweat and coated in the combined juices of you two as he slowly slipped out of you, softening against your thigh as he wrapped his arms around your tired and clammy body. You rested your face in the crook of his neck, breathing in and out softly as you attempting to recollect yourself. You traced patterns onto his chest with the tip of your nail as you felt his chest still heaving up and down underneath your hand.

You had heard once that, if you have absolutely mind blowing sex (like you’d had just then) then the best thing for you to do, was not talk to the guy afterwards, so as to let him get his bearings back. With that in mind, you crawled out of his arms and made your way into the bathroom to clean up.

As you looked at yourself in the mirror, your mind went back to earlier tonight, had he been jealous of you and Conor? If so, why? It had been his idea to keep the arrangement as no strings attached, friends with benefits only. Why was he suddenly being so boyfriend?

That thought remained on your mind as you tugged his thrasher shirt over your head, your favourite of all his shirts, and padded back into his room, expecting to see him zonked out on the bed. You were not expecting to see a fully coherent Jack Maynard sitting up in bed and twirling your panties around in his hands.

Blushing, you hurried over and pulled them out of his grasp, pulling them back up your legs quickly before taking a seat next to him on the bed. He smiled at you dopily, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear gently, “You look beautiful in my shirts,” he mumbled softly, his smile widening when you blushed deeply but leaned into his hand nonetheless.

Biting your lip, you looked up at him again, “Why didn’t you take that girl home with you tonight?” you blurted out before you could stop yourself, your curiosity getting the better of you.

“Why does it matter, Y/N?” he asked as he looking down at his lap, remembering when you had been on it fifteen minutes ago. He hadn’t expected you to ask him that, not after you guys had just had the best sex you’d ever had before.

“Because you were totally into her, and then you ditched just to make sure I wasn’t going to hook up with Conor!” You exclaimed, throwing your hands in the air in exasperation. Jack was a master at avoiding direct questions and had been for as long as you’d known him, it was one of the things that made him so alluring to girls your age.

“Because he’s my brother!” He fired back, his expression twisting into a scowl at your persistence, “You have a club full of guys to choose from and you pick my brother?!” he sneered, crossing his arms across his chest in a huff.

“All I would have done is kiss him, and that shouldn’t even matter to you! You’re the one who chose this arrangement, not me!” you screeched, running a hand through your hair in agitation, “So tell me why you went home with me and not her? Because I’m easy? Because you don’t have to worry about me being a pain the next morning?” you badgered him, knowing that you were getting too worked up but being too far gone to stop it. Your words were spewing out of your mouth at an alarming rate and you couldn’t stop them.

“She wasn’t you, okay?!”

To say you were shocked at his words would have been a vast understatement.


He took a deep breath before looking at you again, “She wasn’t you, and the more I looked at her, I compared her to you and realised that I was being a fucking twat to you,” he sighed, running a hand through his blonde hair and making you bite your lip as his biceps tensed slightly. “You deserve the world, Y/N, you deserve a guy like Conor or Oli who can give it to you,” he muttered, avoiding your glance.

You let out a small laugh, unable to believe what was happening, Jack actually wanted you for more than sex.

After unsuccessfully trying to capture his gaze, you crawled into his lap, sitting back on his thighs as you hooked your hands around his jaw, dragging his head up to look at you and almost melting at the vulnerable look in his eyes. “Jack,” you said softly, your thumb rubbing against his jawbone gently, “You’re the only one I’ve ever wanted, I wouldn’t have agreed to any of this if it were any different,” you giggled. “So if you want to be with me, then I’m right here, but if you don’t, then I’m probably just gonna keep wanting you,” You told him in a soft voice, sure that your own vulnerability was shining through at that moment.

He let out a soft laugh before yanking you forwards and wrapping his arms around you tightly, “How could anyone possibly not want to be with you?” he grinned as he pressed kisses all over your face. You giggled loudly as he rolled you onto your side, tucking the blanket around you as he pressed a small kiss to your forehead.

You couldn’t help the smile that spread over your face at the action, so this is what it felt like when the person you wanted, wanted you back.

Oh We're in Love Aren't We?

 Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Requested by anon:  “Is that my shirt” for either Lin or Daveed where you guys are best friends and it gets awkward and cute. Please and thank you

Summary: Lin and the reader were best friends all through their teenage years and college days. Like so, life pulls them in separate directions for a few years, only to have them reunite for a special occasion.


Warnings: none, except fluff

A/N PLEASE READ SO THE STORY MAKES SENSE: The story goes back and forth between the present & past. The present is in italics. LET ME KNOW IF IT GETS CONFUSING. Roughly based off of Ed’s ‘Hearts Don’t Break Around Here’..enjoy :)

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Just to remind you who Gendry is, and why someone needs to legitimize him as Baratheon.

Gendry: But just explain it to me. He offered to have any three people you wanted dead. All you had to do was give him the names. Anyone. You could have picked King Joffrey. 

Arya Stark: Shut up! 

Gendry: You could have picked Tywin Lannister. 

Arya Stark: Jaqen got us out of Harrenhal. So why are you complaining? 

Gendry: Because you could have ended the war!


Thoros of Myr: Where’d you train? 

Gendry: King’s Landing. Tobho Mott’s shop. 

Thoros of Myr: That criminal! He charges twice as much as every other armorer in the city. 

Gendry: That’s because he’s twice as good.


Gendry: How’d you know he was a knight? 

Hot Pie: Well… ‘cause he’s got armor on. 

Gendry: You don’t have to be a knight to buy armor. Any idiot can buy armor.


Gendry: I’m done serving. 


Gendry: Oh, you like picking on the little ones, do you? You know, I’ve been hammering an anvil these past ten years. When I hit that steel it sings. You gonna sing when I hit you?

Dear BTS fandom I need your help!~

I’m a student in germany, I come from Venezuela (A country in financial crisis) and been living on my own in Germany for more than 7 years.

This Semester is hopefully my last semester for my graduation in B.A. in the university. Sadly, the payment of the University (around 300 euros) has left my bank account pretty low! (less than 200 euros) and I don’t get enough money in my part time job to regain my financial stability. 

I would appreciate anything you could donate to me! Even if it is only 1 euro! 

Anyone who donates more than 8 euros I will send them a hand made amigurumi of the BTS members as little cute chicken! ^^ 

I’m using as model this amazing art from @ask-bts-stuff :

You can ask for ANY member! 

I did one of Jimin (with black boy in luv hair lol) as example:

Sadly I don’t have any other examples since I don’t have much material at the moment ^^

Of course you have to be okay giving me your adress for the shipping! Unless you live in Germany and want to pick your chick up! 

I appreciate all your help!! ^^

And a huge thanks to @ask-bts-stuff for being such an angel!

Paypal account: 

Any questions go to my ask or send me a message. 

Dipped in Ink (Namjoon/Reader)

Prompt: REQUEST COMING THROUGH! Idk if you know what a stick and poke tattoo is, but I was wondering if I could have one with Joon where he gives the reader a stick and poke tattoo? I know he’s pretty clumsy but I feel like doing something like that for someone who he loves he’d be super careful. (if not pick any other member i’m cool with all my boys). I just think it’d be something sort of intimate cos it kinda hurts. and then maybe it could lead to some sexy times? THANKS LUV U

Genre: Smut

Words: 4K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: “You know,” He began carefully, voice lowering as he leaned back over your body, pushing the needle into your flesh again slowly. “I’ve heard that for some pain can be an aphrodisiac…”

Tags: Mentions of Tattooing (needles, blood, etc.), Dirty Talk, Mutual Masturbation, Daddy!Joon, Baby Girl, etc. 

Please note, I am no expert in the art of anything tattoo related, so please do not try to be rude if I messed up any of the details as far as that goes.

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request: “Draco x reader 68 and 99 from the list please! Love your work sooooo much!!!!” — by anon

a/n: thank you!!!! hope you like this 💕

68. “Any reason why you’re half-naked in my room?”
99. “Ouch! That really hurt.”


Masterlist + Request here! 

    In Christmas breaks, you tended to stay in Hogwarts rather than with your own family back at home. It wasn’t because you didn’t like spending your holidays with them, but you just thought it was easier because of their always busy schedules. Also, by not leaving the school, you’d get the chance to concentrate more on your homeworks as well.

    You sighed in happiness when you felt your whole body softly hit the mattress, your eyes tired from the revising you did for the whole day. Without your friends around, you really did have the opportunity to get school work done and you honestly didn’t know whether you’re regretting not coming home or being thankful that you’re already half-way through.

    Just as you feel yourself drifting away from consciousness, you heard the door to your room creak. You opened your eyes immediately, growing confused since you only had the place for yourself for the meanwhile, meaning there shouldn’t be someone creeping in. Unless …

    With a grab of your wand, you pointed it to the direction of the door and whispered, “Lumos.”

    You widened your eyes when you saw that it was Draco Malfoy, someone who was in the same house as yours which was Slytherin, and in instinct you grabbed your pillow and threw it towards him, hitting him hard on the face.

     "Ouch! That really hurt.“ he complained, rubbing his face.

    ”Any reason why you’re half-naked in my room?“ you demanded before turning off the light on your wand and turning on the lamp beside your bed instead.

    Draco picked up the pillow and threw it back to you. "Bloody hell, have anyone told you that you could make one hell of a Beater?”

    “You’re avoiding my question. Why do you only have your pants on?” you had a hard time not looking at anywhere other than his eyes.

    He sighed. “Yeah, about that, I needed somewhere to hide.”

    You cocked an eyebrow. “And you thought the best place for that was in my room?” you mused.

    “I thought you were sleeping, okay?” he rolled his eyes.

    You crossed your arms. “Still not a valid reason to trespass. Why are you even in the girls’ dormitory?”

    You thought your eyes were deceiving you but you could see that his ears turned pink.

    “I — uh — it’s none of your business.”

    A realization suddenly struck you and you couldn’t help laughing if what you were thinking was true. He sent you a confused look because of this which made you speak.

    “Are you hooking up with Pansy Parkinson?” you exclaimed, causing the young boy to run towards you and scowl for you have said it so loudly.

    “Don’t shout it out!” whispered Draco in an angry tone.

    You chuckled. “You’re cautious. Does that mean that you are hooking up with her?”

    “No.” he sat on the other bed beside yours. “She was just trying to —” he stopped himself. “Look, she did something and I ran away. I’ll let your imagination take over.”

    “That’s probably not a good idea since I do have a wild mind.” you smirked. “But okay, and if you want, you can sleep there at Daphne Greengrass’ bed for the night. I’m sure she won’t mind.”

    Draco nodded, not used to the feeling of someone showing real kindness to him. It seemed like out of all the people in Hogwarts, you were the only person he knew who wasn’t quick to judge and made the effort to actually get to know a person before deciding whether he or she is bad or good. That was (maybe) the real reason why he decided to hide in your room instead.

    “Thanks. Good night.” he coughed awkwardly, laying down on the said bed.

    You smiled and turned off the lights. “You’re welcome. Sweet dreams, Draco.”

    He was struck when he heard his name slipping off your tongue, something that not many people did because they preferred to call him by his last name. He just snorted in amusement before tucking himself in, but when he was just about to sleep, he heard your voice again.

    “She didn’t try to force you into doing something, right?” you asked in the darkness, your tone masking concern.

    “No.” Draco was now grinning for a reason he didn’t know. “We sorta had a thing going on and she said something that caught me off guard.”

    You chuckled. “Of course, the best way to solve your problems is running away as they say. I’m disappointed. So much for being known as ruthless and egotistical.”

    He shifted so that he can face you, not aware that you have done the same because of the dimness of the room.

    “You sound like you don’t believe it.” he breathed out.

    “I don’t. At least not until you give me a reason to believe what everybody else is saying.” you replied.

    “You should anyway. They’re right.”

    You rolled your eyes even though you knew he wouldn’t see it.

    “Stop being dramatic.” you told him. “And besides, even if they are right, I know you’re good deep deep deep down.”

    The sound of his laughter abruptly filled the quiet atmosphere of the room. You found yourself grinning at the fact that this was one of the rare moments you’d hear him laugh genuinely, and not because of the hopes of making himself seem like a funny guy somehow to others.

    “I’m sorry. I’m keeping you from sleeping, aren’t I?” said Draco.

    “Oh, not at all.” You didn’t mean to sound sarcastic.

    “But we should probably still go to sleep.” he insisted. “And I promise, I’ll go out of this room as early as possible in the morning to not get noticed by anyone. Who knows what they’ll think of when they see me walking out without a top?”

    The both of you laughed again.

    “Yeah, you should probably do that. I wouldn’t want Pansy as an enemy.” you teased.

    “Please don’t tell anyone about that too, by the way.”

    You faked a gasp. “Is the Slytherin Prince actually pleading to some commoner like me?” you said before erupting into a fit of laughter for what seemed like the hundredth time tonight.

     "Ha, ha.“ he sarcastically replied.

     You involuntarily yawned.

     Draco furrowed his eyebrows slightly. "You should really sleep. Good night again, Y/N.”

     "Good night too, Draco. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.“ you told him childishly, grabbing your pillow and finally drifting off into the anticipated sleep you have been waiting for.

     On the other hand, Draco was staring at the ceiling, knowing that moments like this with you won’t be the last.

acowar prediction asks

To have a bit more fun before ACOWAR comes out in a couple of weeks and we all die for one reason or another, I thought I’d come up with some questions that we can all play around with and send each other. Enjoy!

1) Do you want any other POVs besides Rhys or Feyre? Which?

2) If you could only pick one ship, elucien, nessian, or moriel, to officially become canon (IE declaration of love or, ahem, physical consummation), which would it be?

3) Do you have any theories about what will happen with the war?

4) Cassian’s wings. Go.

5) Do you think we will see Miryam and Drakon? Do you want to?

6) Which character (outside of Rhys and Feyre) do you want to see getting the most development?

7) Tamlin: redemption or death?

8) Do you think anyone will die in ACOWAR (that we care about, that is)? Who?

9) What role do you think the other courts will play in the war?

10) Are there any minor characters (e.g. the Bone Carver, the Weaver) that you’d like to see again?

11) How effective of a spy do you think Feyre will be, really?

12) Which court do you most want to see in ACOWAR?

13) Lesser fae - do you want to see more of them?

14) How do you think Elain will react to the mating bond with Lucien?

15) Would you rather Nesta train as a warrior, or more of a strategist? Do you think she’ll actually be willing to help out the Night Court?

16) Mor’s power - what would you like it to be?

17) What do you think the dynamic between Lucien and Feyre will be like in the Spring Court?

18) How do you think the Cauldron might come into play in the war?

19) The mortal queens: do you think they all survived taking a Cauldron bath? What would you like to see happen with them?

20) Amren: what is she, really? Would you be ok if she got to go home?

21) Jurian or the King of Hybern or Ianthe: who needs to die more?

22) What smut scenes would you like to see in the book?

23) Babies - yea or nay? If you had to pick one couple to have a mini, who would it be?

24) How do you think Nesta and Elain will react to being thrust into the Night Court after going for a swim in the Cauldron?

25) How quickly are you going to read this book, exactly? Do you want spoilers? Or are you going to avoid tumblr like the plague?

26) What are three things you do NOT want from ACOWAR?

27) What are your top three wishes for ACOWAR that you would metaphorically (or literally) kill for?

wee-chlo  asked:

I saw a character thing, it might have been through you actually but it's for the De Rolo kids and the eldest was an Archfey Warlock and her patron was Argatan and that thought blew my mind.

defs wasn’t me but HOLY SHIT could you Imagine how Tired™ Percy would be to find out his kid’s patron was Artagan of ALL POSSIBLE OPTIONS

I’m seeing dozens of “Lotor was betrayed” posts, that go super in depth to try and explain his actions and/or how lonely he is now, so I want to offer a new angle that I haven’t seen people talking about yet.

Narti didn’t betray Lotor, but he killed her anyway. And what’s worse, this was probably for nothing since Kova was likely the one Haggar was seeing through (as demonstrated in season 3) and I feel like this is still going to come back in the future to bite him.

If you honestly believe Lotor was betrayed by Acxa, have you stopped and thought about how Acxa was betrayed first? She trusted him to keep them safe, but what she got in return was him killing Narti for no apparent reason. You take Ezor for example, being torn between continuing to follow Lotor and leave him, which is a perfectly understandable thing to do - when you see two of your friends fighting each other, you don’t wanna pick a side, even when one of them is right. It’s just sad and you wanna stick to both.

Acxa did not want to betray Lotor. But she didn’t want to see Narti killed either and she had to. She never even expected to. And at some point between Ezor suggesting a coup and her lifting her gun to Lotor, she must have realized “that could’ve been me”.

To them, Lotor struck Narti down for no reason and at any given moment, he could do the same to them.

On top of it, they’re being hunted down by the Empire because they stuck to Lotor’s ideals, it’s Lotor’s fault they got into the mess and they willingly followed him because they trusted him. They knew full well how the empire saw half-galras and when Lotor extended them a hand, they took it. They wanted to believe.

And Lotor betrayed them right in front of their faces. No mercy.


Author: the-princejinyoung

Pairing: You / Jackson

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,960

Summary: At this year’s marketing conference you only have one objective: get your really hot co-worker, Luke to notice you. It’s all going well - truly, it is! Except for that Jackson Wang, who won’t stop interrupting your plans.

Author’s Note: This is a part of the Welcome Back, Wang! project started by got7snet . @jinyoungsbum and I did a collab project where we each picked writing prompts for each other and wrote a piece. Please enjoy and check out hers as well - here - because it’s amazing! Oh, and follow her :)

Prompts: “I don’t think you could get any less romantic.” / “I’m not here to make friends.”

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Who to Chose?

Lance groaned as he came to, a splitting headache muddling his thoughts. Blearily, he glanced at his surroundings, noting the overwhelming purple and the odd perspective of the room, everything being tilted upwards. Realising he was on the floor he moved to stand up, only realising he couldn’t do so as chains binding his arms and legs together rattled ominously. 

Someone behind him chuckled, voice filled with undisguised malice. Shivers ran down Lance’s spine. 
“Well Paladin, seems you’re the first one awake.” The voice purred before walking into his field of vision. Forced to crane his neck upwards, Lance glared at Lotor, anger briefly overriding the terror. 
“The first awake?” He spat, worry lacing his voice as he frantically tried to scramble up, only falling flat on his face as a result. 
“You didn’t think you were the only one here? It was almost to easy to capture you all, the rest started to fall when they suddenly lacked cover fire.” Lotor smirked before walking off again. “It seems like you won’t be the only one up for long though.” 
Sure enough, Lance could hear the sound of clanking, shifting his line of vision to see who else was going to join him in this nightmare.
“Ah the Black Paladin, glad to see you’ve joined us.” 


The Paladins, kneeling on the cool ship floor, were all in varying states of panic. Keith looked at his teammates out of the corner of his eyes. Lance, on his right, was pale, scrapes to his jaw and a sporting a hard glare. Pidge was to his left, defiant, yet shaking as she carefully scanned the room. Allura was just beyond Lance, anger obviously coursing through her veins as she mumbled something to herself. Hunk, next to Pidge, had tears in his eyes and a cut to his thigh, yet was actively straining against his bonds. 
His team was stuck here and there was nothing he could do. 

Lotor was parading around the room, merely gazing at them, stopping in front of each and playing around with their bayards. Finally he came to a halt. Right in front of Keith. 

“So Black Paladin, Keith,  I suppose I am to hand you over to my father however that seems a tad bland don’t you think? I mean I have your entire team here so why not have some fun?” Lotor taunted, strutting around him as if he was the god damned king. Fuming, Keith shot daggers at the Galran Prince.
“Fun like beat your arse to a pulp?” He stupidly blurted.
Swiftly, Lotor swung. Kicking him across the face. Yelping slightly at the unexpected pain, Keith fell to the side only to struggle to get back into an upright position. Faintly he could hear the cries of protest from his team as another kick met his stomach and another before the onslaught stopped, gibing him the chance to breath. 

“Too bad that I have other plans.” He heard Lotor sigh before he was yanked back into his kneeling position. “Anyway, Keith, I don’t need all of you. Obviously father wants you, or at least your Lion, but the others? They’re worthless at this point.” He heard the someone, probably Pidge, inhale sharply as he focused on what the bastard in front of him was saying. 

“So, who to keep and who to let go?” 

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gazebros  asked:

i love those things where it’s like “the five times this almost happened and the one time it did” so maybe something with reddie in a secret relationship where it’s like the few times the losers -almost- caught them kissing and the one time they did?? sorry if that’s too specific haha

1. It was the last day of school and The losers were finally not freshman anymore. Eddie had stayed back for a few minutes in his last period class in hopes that he would miss Henry Bowers gang when he went out to find his friends. Eddie’s last class of the day was the only one that he had that didn’t have at least one other loser in it, so you could say that it’s been a pretty lonely year in his eight period Spanish class. After, about 10 minutes of waiting he figured that the coast would be clear and Henry would be gone “Is his life really that dull and empty that he would hang around at school on the last day just so he can mess with some asthmatic kid that can’t defend himself” Eddie thought to himself as he picked up his bag that was now light with a few empty binders and notebooks with hardly any paper left in them. He exited the classroom and stepped into the hallway scattered with papers and locker doors left open. There wasn’t really anyone left in the school even the teachers were eager to get away for there summer break. Eddie sighed in relief as he made his way to big doors, knowing that his friends were just on the other side waiting for him. “Hey you little fucker! Did you really think that you could hide from me.” He heard any angry voice hiss from behind him. Eddie turned around and there stood Henry Bowers, he was all alone which was unusual since Henry never seemed to get to far away from the rest of his gang, but Eddie just figured they were off harassing some other helpless kids, while Henry had business to tend to here. “I’m talking to you, you little bitch” Henry said getting closer. Eddie didn’t know what to do, he new he couldn’t run he wouldn’t make it far before he ran out of breath. besides Henry was much faster then him. “I-I was, I was um just-” Eddie had suddenly developed a stutter one that sounded quite similar to Bill’s. “You what” Henry spat out as he pushed Eddie against a locker placing an arm over his chest, holding him there. “Leave me alone dickhead” Eddie spoke trying to sound as brave as he possibly could, given his current situation. Eddie then brought up his right foot and kicked Henry as hard as he could on the shin. Henry cried out in pain but did not loosen his grip on Eddie. Instead he just pressed his arm harder into Eddie’s chest to the point to where it was getting hard for him to breath. “You’re gonna die, you little fagot” Henry said as he brought up his fist, Eddie clenched his eyes shut and prepared for the pain. “Get away from him you redneck asshole” Eddie heard a voice say from down the hallway. It wasn’t just any voice, but the voice of hid boyfriend Richie Tozier. “What the fuck did you call me, four eyes” Henry said as he let go of Eddie and started to walk towards Richie. “I said that you were a redneck asshole. and that you should probably be getting home. Daddy’s dick isn’t gonna suck itself” Richie said looking directly in the cold eyes of Henry Bowers. Henry did’t say anything, he just brought up his arm and collided his fist with Richie’s nose. Blood immediately gushed out and Richie’s hands went up to his face “Dick!” Richie yelled as he held his nose in his hands. “Richie are you okay.” Eddie said gently as he walked to his bleeding boyfriend “You’re next you little prick” Henry said as he grabbed Eddie’s shoulder roughly. “That’s enough Mr.Bowers” a teacher said entering the hallway.”School is over, you have no farther business here. Now leave before I give your father a call.”  Henry tensed at the mention of his father and let go of Eddie. “I’ll see you pussies later” he said before he walked out of the school. The teacher walked away to without even asking if Richie was okay. “Fucking dick” Eddie thought as he bent down to help his still bleeding boyfriend “ Are you okay Rich”. “Yeah don’t worry about me, I’m fine.” Richie said while whipping the blood from his nose on the back of his sleeve. Any other time Eddie would comment on how unsanitary that was but he bit his tongue because he knew that Richie was in pain and it was pretty much his fault. “I’m sorry you got hit” Eddie said while grabbing Richie’s hand in his own. Richie chuckled slightly. “How did he mange to be so damn cute all the time” Richie thought looking into Eddie’s sad brown eyes. “Ed’s I told you I’m fine. It doesn’t even hurt.” he lied. He then kissed Eddie’s cheek and brought him into a hug, thankful that he got there i time before it was his nose that got busted. Then the doors swung open again and the two boy’s parted fearing that Henry had returned, but instead in was the rest of there friends all with worried looks on there faces. “We were wondering what was taking so long” Stan said looking at his two friends. “Shit Rich you’re bleeding” Beverly said walking over to the glasses wearing boy “Really Bev I hadn’t noticed” Richie said sarcastically then flinched when she touched his nose. Eddie and Richie went on to tell them about what had happened, and the losers were so enthralled in the story and the concern of Richie’s nose that they had completely forgotten about the hug that they had witnessed between there two other friends.

2. Richie and Eddie were always trying to find paces to sneak around but since there town is so small it’s really hard for them. One day the losers were all going to the quarry to swim and Eddie and Richie saw this as there opportunity to get away so they both came up with excuses as to why they couldn’t go. So they ended up going to the movies because Eddie wanted to see “Dead Poets Society” and Richie thought it would be nice to cuddle with Eddie in a dark movie theater for two hours. So they walked in with there popcorn and candy and as soon as they sat down Richie grabbed Eddie’s hand and Eddie put is head on Richie’s shoulder with a small sigh of content that made Richie smile. Richie pressed his cheek to the top of Eddie’s head and just as he started getting comfortable they heard the movie theater door swing open. Richie’s head shot up and they both quickly released each others hands as they looked over and there stood the five other members of the losers club. “What are you g-guys d-doing here?” Bill asked. “Yeah I thought you guys said that you weren’t feeling good.” Stan added. “Yeah well we were both feeling better and uh-” Eddie started, “And we were gonna go meet you guys at the quarry but we figured it was to cold to swim so we came here instead” Richie finished for his boyfriend, hoping that they bought it. “Oh well us to” said Ben, “The water was freezing so we figured we’d just hang out here”. “How lucky that you guys were here to.” Bev said with a smile as Mike plopped down beside Eddie and playfully through his arm around him.The rest of the losers took there seats next to there friends as the movie began. “Well so much for cuddling with my boyfriend in dark movie theater for two hours” Richie thought.

3. It was one of the hottest days of they year and the losers were all gonna go to the park to get some ice cream to cool off, they all agreed to meet at Eddie’s house then go to the park together. Since they knew that Henry Bowers and his gang would be driving around looking for kids to harass they figured that there was safety in numbers and were better off going to the park together then showing up at different times alone. When Richie heard about this plan he decided to get to Eddie’s early in hopes that he could get to spend some time with him without the other losers around. Don’t get him wrong he loves his stupid fucking friends but he misses getting to do stupid gushy stuff with Eddie, like holding his hand, kissing his cheek, running his fingers through his hair as his head lays on his chest while they listen to whatever lame song Eddie is obsessed with that week, and all that lovey shit that Richie loves doing with him, but he would never say out loud. They hadn’t had much time alone together because it seemed like every time they get a moments peace someone always barges in on them. So when Richie knocked on Eddie’s door and Eddie opened it he wasted no time stepping inside slamming the door behind him and taking his smaller boyfriend into his arms and pressing his lips to his. Eddie’s lips always felt so soft they usually tasted like cough syrup which you’d think would bother Richie but it never did, the faint bitterness on the asthmatic boys lips was his favorite taste in the world.”God Richie” Eddie gasped as he gently put his hands on his taller boyfriends chest “You know you can’t kiss me without warning like that” the small boy said while taking small gasps of air “You could cause me” gasp “to have an” gasp “asthma” gasp “attack” Eddie said taking big breaths between every few words. “Come on Eds you know you love it.” Richie said with a smile as he used the one hand that wasn’t wrapped around Eddie’s waste to ruffle his hair. The smile on Richie’s face quickly faded when he noticed that Eddie’s breath had began to quicken. “Fuck Ed’s” Richie exclaimed as he quickly walked Eddie to his couch sat down and pulled him onto his lap. He reached into his pocket to grab the inhaler that he always carried around with him just in case the smaller boy might need it. He quickly popped the lid off ,stuck it in into Eddie’s mouth, and pushed the button. He felt Eddie’s body relax as his hands reached up to take over and take another puff off the inhaler. “That’s it baby breath” The glasses wearing boy said gently while he rubbed circles onto Eddie’s back. Eddie pulled the inhaler out of his mouth and put it on the table “You okay” Richie said wrapping an around Eddie’s waist hoping that he wouldn’t want to get up. “Yeah I’m good” Eddie said wrapping his arm lazily around Richie while pressing his forehead against his boyfriends,much to Richie’s delight. “Thank you” Eddie said softly “For what? Giving you a fucking asthma attack because I can’t keep in in my pants?” Richie said with a small chuckle. “No dumb ass” Eddie said rolling his eyes but keeping his forehead pressed against Richie’s. “For getting me the inhaler. I think it’s really cute that you always carry one around for me.” Eddie said wrapping his other arm around Richie’s neck. Eddie blushed at Eddie’s words and quickly tried to think of something witty to say. “ Yeah well I can’t have you dying on me Kasprak. Then who the hell would I make out with?” Richie said pulling Eddie even closer “Whatever you carry it around because you loooovveee meee” Eddie said, while singing the last part. “ Maybe a little bit” Richie whispered his lips just millimeters away from Eddie’s. Just as there lips touched they heard the dreaded knock coming from the other side of the door. “Come Eds let’s go” “Yeah hurry” they heard there friends shout from outside “One of these days Kasprak” Richie said with sigh “One of these days”

4.  The next time that the two boys were almost caught the losers were all over at Bill’s house for movie night. they were already halfway through ‘Back to the future part 2′ when Bev had proclaimed that they were out of popcorn. “o-okay” Bill stuttered “I’ll go g-get some m-more” he said as he started to get up. Richie quickly hopped off the couch and gently pushed Bill back down “Not to worry captain Bill” Richie said using his “army guy” voice “I will get the popcorn” he finished dramatically placing his hand on his chest. “But Ed’s it looks as though I will be needing your help, for I can not handle this mission alone” Richie continued looking at Eddie who was sitting on the floor next to Ben. “ You can’t get it yourself?” Stan asked looking at him. “Do you want the damn popcorn or not Stanley?” Richie spoke to his friend. Eddie and Richie then walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. “Real smooth drill Sargent, that did’t look suspicious at all”  Eddie whispered to the taller boy when there friends were out of earshot. “I’m sorry Eds but I saw my opportunity and I took it” Richie said putting his arms around Eddie and pulling him closer. “No Richie we can’t” Eddie said only half struggling to get away “Our friends are right outside” “Well then I guess you’re gonna have to be quiet then” Richie said before pressing his lips to Eddie’s. It didn’t take long for Eddie to start kissing back and to wrap his arms around Richie’s neck. Then they suddenly heard footsteps entering the kitchen and Eddie pushed Richie away from him and against the cabinet. “You guy’s haven’t even put the popcorn in yet?” Mike said as he entered the kitchen where the two boys were standing “Well hurry up you’re missing the movie” He said before walking back out again. “Well that was close” Richie said with a sigh “You think” Eddie said hitting Richie in the chest before stomping back into the living room.  

5.The last time that the boys were almost caught was at the quarry. The two boys had road there bikes down there hoping to spend some time alone together without any interruptions. They had only been there for about five minutes and  Richie had already made his sixth joke about Eddie’s mom.Eddie started to walk over to were Richie was standing ”if you don’t shut the fuck up Tozier I swear I’ll-” “You’ll what?” Richie said with a sneaky smile on his face as he wrapped his arms around Eddie’s neck. Eddie had the right mind to push over the cliff and into the water, but as he looked through the through lens of his boyfriend’s coke bottle glasses and straight into his big brown playful eyes, he couldn’t help but smile and melt into his touch. They both smiled as there lips touched and Richie’s hands went down to Eddie’s waste to pull him closer while Eddie’s fingers ran through Richie’s soft chocolate brown curls. “Hurry up guys let’s go!” a faint voice yelled, one that sounded strangely like Bev. “No. it could’t be”  Richie thought as he loosened his grip on his smaller boyfriend. “They’re all supposed to be at the library working on an English project” Richie’s thought continued “Oh no its them” his fears were confirmed when Eddie let go of Richie entirely and ran both of his small hands through his hair. Richie looked over and saw five familiar bikes coming out of the woods with five even more familiar faces riding them. “What do we do?” Eddie said looking to his boyfriend with wide eyes. Richie sighed. he hated seeing Eddie panic. “Just stay here” Richie said as he quickly grabbed his bike and headed to the opposite side woods, as fast as he could without being heard by the others. He hated leaving Eddie there all by himself, forcing him to come up with an excuse as to what he was doing there without any help, but Richie figured it would be easier to explain what one of them was doing there alone than what both of them were doing there together. They had been caught alone together a lot lately and were starting to run out of excuses. So Richie hid out in the woods for about fifteen minuets until he figured it was safe to emerge. So he rode in casually as if he had just arrived “What’s up fuckers” he said as he saw his friends sitting together laughing about whatever it was they were laughing about. “You losers thought you could have a party without inviting me” he said as he dropped his bike and walked to his friends. “We couldn’t find you smart ass” Stan said with an eye roll and a smile.”I wasn’t far” Richie said while he took a seat in between Mike and Ben he also shot a small wink at Eddie that the losers missed when they went back to there previous conversation, But Eddie caught it and smiled faintly hoping the blush wasn’t to noticeable as he felt it creep onto his cheeks.

6. The losers had been at the quarry almost all day swimming and having a good time, but it was past seven and was about to get dark, so they figured that they should be getting home. “Hey wait have you guys seen my inhaler, It’s not in my fanny pack” Eddie said while digging through his bag. “No. Did you look in your other fanny pack?” Ben said while hopping on his bike. “Yeah but it’s not in there.” “It’s fine Eds I’ve got an extra remember?” Richie said while he started to dig in his pocket to pull out the backup inhaler. “No Richie I need my inhaler.” Eddie said firmly looking Richie directly in the eyes, hoping that he would get the message. “I need my inhaler and I need you to stay here and help me look for it” Eddie continued. “Oh.” Richie said looking at Eddie. “You need me to stay here and help you look for your inhaler. Got it.” “Okay well see you g-guys later then.” Bill said while giving them a strange look. “Yeah good luck finding it you guys.” Mike added. As the rest of the gang rode away the boys immediately crashed there lips together. “Couldn’t find your inhaler huh?” Richie said in between kisses. “Hey it worked didn’t it” Eddie said while entangling his hand with Richie’s. “No” they heard coming from behind them. The boys turned around and saw there friends standing there with smiles on there faces. “I knew it.” Bev said happily “I knew that there was something going on between them.” “Yep. Ya know what ya caught us.” Richie said, letting go of Eddie and throwing his hands in the air. “Congratulations. Now will you losers please get the hell out of here so that I can make out with my boyfriend.” Richie practically screamed and Eddie’s face turned bright red. “Yeah no problem” Stan said picking up his bike again. “You two have fun” and after a few laughs and couple innocent jokes the Losers said goodbye to there friends and rode home. “Well” Eddie started “ At least now we might be able to get some time alone” To this Richie smiled and kissed his cheek, happy that they no longer had anything to hide from there friends.

Sorry this took so long.

Fuckboy! Ha Sungwoon

Masterlist can be found (here)

Genre: fuckboy! au + college! au
A/N:  As of right now, I’m not sure which member to write next so please send me which member you would like to read next on my asks! I’ll post the next one based on who had the highest number of comments :) You may still ask for Sungwoo, Daniel & Sungwoon and I’ll post something from my next series instead!

“You have a place in my heart that no one could ever have.”

  • Type of fuckboy that makes you think that he is the only one you are talking to cause conversation picks up so easily 
  • His voice as sweet as honey and words were dripping with caramel  
  • One sentence from him and you did probably surrender your savings to him ngl
  • Just rly good at flirting and probably messages 10 other girls at once 
  • but each with a completely different pickup line or smtg personal about them 
  • Yet they still continue to steal glances and sigh at his very handsome side profile as he ate his lunch 
  • It’s a fact that he can get any girl to fall for him just be sweet talking to him 
  • Basically, him being a fuckboy started when he went to get revenge for his older sister 
  • She had been bullied by a bunch of guys (they dared one of them to date her and then broke her heart) 
  • Guess what Sungwoon did? He went to EVERY single one of the girlfriends of these boys and made them girlfriend-less 
  • I’m not even kidding 
  • He flirted with six girls, somehow managed to flirt with his way and got them to broke up with their boyfriends and then dump them a week later 
  • Each time any of them got a gf, he did steal them again and he did it for over a year until the boys begged him to stop 
  • That’s how he earned himself a year of free lunch in school 
  • Speaking of which, you were a transfer student who transferred as you decided to move in  with your older sister cause this school had links to the college you rly wanted to study in 
  • Growing up, you were a bit off a tomboy 
  • You hung out with boys all the time and your best friends, Youngmin and Donghyun, were super protective when boys tried to approach you cause they said they knew exactly what the boys had in mind (A man’s sixth sense they called it lmao) 
  • So you were very oblivious and very inexperienced when it comes to love 
  • When you became seat partners with Sungwoon and on the first day itself, he had tried to tell you pickup lines 
  • …. It just didn’t work out for him cause you literally didn’t understand any of it 
  • “Do you have an inhaler? Cause you took my breath away?” 
  • “Dude you need to go to the nurse now if you don’t feel well! How can you not bring your inhaler if you seem prone -” 
  • yeah you were as dense as a rock 
  • He literally only treats girl two ways 
  • the first one was his usual flirt mode and the second was how he behaves with his sister 
  • So he decided to just take the second approach cause he didn’t want to be rude to you as you might have lent him your Maths notes way too many time 
  • If the way he treats girls was deadly to the heart, how he treats you will probably send others immediately to the ER  
  • Just 10000% more caring and it’s seriously so heart fluttering cause he did be letting you wear his sweater when it’s cold in class, buys you bread when you had an extra class, did go even as far as to walk you home if you two had to stay in school till it’s rly late for a project 
  • It wasn’t long before you two were pretty much inseparable and basically called each other best friends 
  • ofc you are aware of him flirting but you never questioned him about it cause tbh you think it’s none of your business & you literally viewed him just a friend 
  • okay maybe not exactly friends when he sometimes did really cute things for you like taking out the carrots for you when there was vegetable soup or always bringing an extra umbrella for you when it rains 
  • but you told yourself there wasn’t a point going for guys like him as you did be:
    1.losing on an amazing friendship a guy who did just break up with you in a span of a week 
  • but it was tempting to give in when everyone said the way he speaks just changes and you can’t think of anyone else but him  
  • Everything changed when your best friend, Donghyun, came to visit you 
  • Sungwoon suddenly became EXTRA touchy and would legit frowned when you were hugging Donghyun 
  • Donghyun soon left but not without winking and talking about how his sixth sense was telling him that you and Sungwoon would look rly good together 
  • You confronted Sungwoon after that, asking why was behaving that manner to Donghyun 
  • He did say it was something small and it didn’t matter 
  • You remembered what Donghyun had said and joked by saying “What? You like me and got jealous?”  
  • That was when the almighty giant Ha Sungwoon, would be speechless and his ears did turn to a very unnatural shade of red  
  • “I wasn’t expecting myself to confess like that …” 
  • Sungwoon was very much into you mainly cause this relationship you had with him was give and take and it wasn’t like with other girls where you know they were expecting lot of attention but you gave him back the equal amount of attention  
  • If he lends you his sweater, you did make him pancakes the next day. If he walked you home, you will bring him hot tea the next time you both meet  
  • You made him turned into someone who asked all multiple girls he talks to for love advice instead so he knew what was the best gift to give to a girl which makes you super amused cause where was Ha Smoothwoon
  • Somehow they all shipped y'all at the end, so it’s all g 
  • Donghyun will also try to claim credit for getting you two together and cringe together with Youngmin when you two skype call them 
  • He did be super attentive while dating you, randomly buy you flowers and amusement park dates are very frequent 
  • The type of boyfriend to get you gifts that reminded him of you  
  • Will leave you voice recordings at night after you are asleep that you will make your heart melt when you listen to it in the morning 
  • Someone who will put 101% into this relationship and is the definition of couple goals 

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specsthespectraldragon  asked:

"games like classic Traveller, in which it’s actually possible to die during character creation!" tell me more

(With reference to this post here.)

Sure thing. In a nutshell, after rolling up your attributes (everything in Traveller is randomly generated), your character starts out as an 18-year-old with no skills or resources to speak of, and you have to pick a career path. Early versions of the game assumed that all player characters would be military veterans, so various types of military service were the only options available, while later iterations add post-secondary education, civilian career paths, and even being a “wanderer” (read: space pirate).

Your character’s life is then divided into four-year terms, and you play each term out as a simple minigame to determine what you learned, what you experienced - and yes, whether you survived. As you can imagine, there are lots of random tables. In the earliest versions of the game, blowing your survival roll simply means that your character is dead, so there’s a tension between staying in longer in order to gain more skills, and the risk of blowing a roll and having to start over. Later versions of the game offer a variety of potential consequences for failing a survival roll, including scandal, imprisonment, or simply being horribly maimed.

Here - I’ll walk us through a basic example right now. For reference, I’m using the second Mongoose Publishing edition of the game (there are several) - you can find a bit of prior discussion on that subject here.

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Request: can you do a richie x reader where she is plus size and richie saves her from being picked on by Henry?

A/N: I hope you all are having a great day! Keep sending in requests!


It was no lie that Y/N didn’t like the way she looked. There were many little things here and there that she didn’t care for, whether that be her hair, or her eyes or any of the other small things she despised. However, there was always one huge thing she wished she could change. Her weight. She’d go from having good days and feeling super body confident to having terrible days where she felt disgusting and desired only to change.

Bev, her best friend, always told her how beautiful she was and that she should never think of changing because she was perfect but Y/N could never bring herself to completely believe the words the Beverly was constantly throwing her way. Bev sometimes said it to Y/N like a mantra, and repeated it while soothing her upset friend but that usually worked as a short time fix, not a longtime one.

It didn’t help that everyone at her school were either close minded or, to put it frank, assholes. In particular, one infamous group of bullies known more predominantly as ‘The Bowers Gang.’ Lead by Henry Bowers, his gang were known for picking on easy targets, to be specific, the losers club. The amount of times Henry or Patrick had spewed hate at Y/N or said no one would ever love her, was endless, but that didn’t stop Y/N from developing a crush on her fellow friend, known as, the Trashmouth Tozier.


“You know, Y/N, I always heard fat girls were lazy… but look at you! You’re practically running to get away from us!” Henry taunted as he stood surrounded by his goons while they laughed, only encouraging them further.

Y/N had actually found the other two members of the gang, Belch and Vic, to be quite pleasant when they weren’t influenced by their peers. They usually left her alone but Henry and Patrick could be deemed ruthless towards her.

Before Y/N could react or say anything back to Henry - if she could work up the courage - she was cut off by said crush.

“Hey, Bowers, why don’t you fuck off, huh?” Richie bravely shouted at his and his crushes tormentor.

“You are so going to regret that, four eyes!”


“You didn’t have to do that for me, Richie.”

“I know.” Richie began, “But I wanted to.”

The two friends were sat on Y/N’s bed as she pulled worked on fixing the numerous bruises that were scattered across Richie’s face.

“It’s just, he’s such an asshole, Y/N, and you don’t deserve that. You’re beaut-” Richie stopped in the middle of the sentence, cursing himself for letting it slip out. He couldn’t have you finding out he had the biggest crush on him, not when he thought the feeling wasn’t mutual. This didn’t go unnoticed by Y/N though, she heard it loud and clear. A pink tint flashed over her cheeks as she shot her head down and coughed to try to break the silence.

“You’re all done. You should be fine, just try not to get into anymore fights. Okay, Richie?”

“Can’t make any promises.” He smirked and they both snickered at his reply.

“Oh and Richie, I think you’re beautiful too.”

The curly haired boy went red at the comment…. Y/N couldn’t possibly like him? Could she?

“Hey, Y/N, would you, maybe, want to go out sometime? I mean, only if you want to, of course. You don’t have to…. don’t just say yes because you feel like you have to… does that make sense? Of course it does, you’re smart!”

Obviously the boy was so inexperienced and it just made Y/N giggle. He was so flustered!

“I’d love that, Richie.”

The two lovebirds just grinned in sheer happiness at one another before Y/N engulfed him in a hug, to which Richie gladly returned. To anyone watching, the scene would’ve been beautiful.

Easy Woman

Note: cannot believe this is finished wow dude. title and concept based on a specific scene in the drama Another Miss Oh. Also, this is very much reader-centric rather than member-centric. I hope you’ll still like it though. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Romance
Warnings: none (but if we’re being real, internalized fatphobia, insecurity, slut-shaming if you squint)
Word Count: 7582
Rating: E, for everyone (but caution because it’s a romance, and there are kissy-kissy times)


“The problem has nothing to do with how you look. None of that really matters- well actually it does kind of matter, but you don’t have to worry about the looks portion, seriously…” Yoongi pauses, eyeing you cautiously as if you’d explode at his words. “You’re too easy.”

Your kneejerk reaction of incredulous disbelief blooms into heated indignation on your face, and Yoongi holds up his hand to stop you from releasing a seventy-two-words-per-minute rebuttal. You are, probably, the purest form of Extra Virgin Olive Oil at your age; and you haven’t even gotten to the point of kissing someone in bed let alone sex (“At Your Age! At Your Age!” your brain likes to shout at you), so how Yoongi can call you “easy” is beyond logic – if anyone was asking you.

“I mean,” he clarifies, with a tired sigh, “You are way too easy with your heart.”


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Trouble Man

Includes: Sam x reader, Bucky Barnes, fluff

Brief Synopsis: Sam leaves Bucky’s texts unanswered to annoy him without realizing that he is also annoying you. Based on this post.

Word Count: 1k

A/N: It has been way too long since I posted a fic, but I hope you all enjoy this one! Now that it’s summer, I’ve been working on some of my drafts and hope to post more often. Thanks for reading!

Originally posted by anthonymackiesource

Sitting up in bed beside Sam, you could not seem to focus long enough to comprehend what was printed in the novel laying open and unread on your lap. You had already asked him to turn the volume down on the television, which had helped, but then his phone began to belch out a portion of his favorite track by Marvin Gaye when he received a text. Eventually, the texts became so frequent that the tone would only play for a second before starting over again, the inharmonious repetition of sound no where near as euphonic as the entire song. 

“Are you going to answer those?” you nearly growled, your words sounding more like a command than a question.

“Nope,” Sam responded, unaware of your irritated tone as he popped another piece of popcorn in his mouth. He didn’t even bother glancing your way, his eyes glued to whichever movie he was intently watching on Netflix.

“Could you at least put your phone on silent?”

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Fencer! Lai Guanlin

Masterlist can be found (here)

Genre: fluff, lots & lots of fluff
A/N: 3/11 of Wanna One x Sports (Find the rest here) & this one is also for EVERYONG who are so so sweet & supportive about writing!!!!! ILYSM :)

“And suddenly, all the love songs were about you.”

  • Guanlin is a talented right-handed epee fencer
  • He started fencing when he became an exchange student and his student guide, Jackson, was the president of the club
  • But somehow he was actually really good at it as he picked things up really quickly
  • He started participating in a lot of competition and begin winning as he made a reputation for himself
  • He has a crowd of girls who literally go to every single of his competition to cheer for him
  • Because Lai Guanlin in a fencing uniform?
  • bLESS
  • Whenever he takes his mask off and he smirks while wiping off the sweat
  • The crowd goes WILD
  • He makes warming up like a runway and while he is the best in epee
  • Guanlin pretty much mastered all the other 2 swords as well and is comfortable with using any 3 of them
  • Has this thing where people would throw him roses to him whenever he wins a competition
  • He is really good at spotting openings at his opponents body and also quick with his strikes
  • He likes to stay close to his opponents and just play with their minds by making them as uncomfortable they can get
  • His strikes are super strong and powerful that each hit just blows through his opponents’ parries
  • He is sort of cocky because he is honestly really good
  • As far as records go, he was unbeatable as no one has won over him since he joined his first competition
  • You were also an exchange student from Taipei but you were placed in a different high school
  • You were in the national fencing team when you were younger but quit when you had a knee injury
  • You continued the sport again when you started your exchange program as you were required to join at least one sport
  • While you could still do sports, you weren’t allowed to do it for a long period due to your injury
  • Hence you refrained yourself joining any competition and played more of a manager role in the team
  • While you were undeniably the best fencer in the team, you spent most of the time just giving pointers and doing research on the rival team
  • Occasionally only dueling with others when your coach asked you to in practices or friendly matches
  • Besides having the advantage of being a left-hander, you knew a lot of tricks that you picked up when you were younger
  • Your strategy was also unpredictable and wild so you usually defeated people really easily
  • So your school’s fencing club was hosting a joint training camp with Guanlin’s club
  • The two clubs was also ranked 1st and 2nd in the region for fencing
  • After warm-up, the coaches wanted to start things up with a match between the two school’s aces to let the juniors learn from it
  • Your coach sent you since you were extremely good regardless of your gender and you haven’t dueled in some time
  • You had your mask on when Guanlin came in
  • He was running late as he had to retake a Maths quiz
  • He did a quick warmup before putting on his equipment
  • You knew about Guanlin considering how popular he was and as the manager, you knew about his weak points and how he liked to dueled
  • You found him pretty cute and there was a heart scribbled next to his name in your opponent’s notebook but nobody needs to know 
  • You used it to your advantage
  • When he advance, you advanced even closer rather than running away
  • He does really small and fast strikes so he can defend himself
  • So you purposely defend yourself and wait for him to drop his guard as he finds a way to attack you
  • That’s when you strike your way to victory
  • When it was announced that Guanlin lost, he was really confused
  • He had dueled with your school before but he had never met such a strong fencer before
  • He was also pretty sure there wasn’t any news of a rising rookie
  • Not to be cocky, but he was one of the very best junior fencers so for you to just easily defeat him
  • He was shook
  • You took off your mask and Guanlin was stunned
  • Not only was his opponent a girl but an extremely beautiful one
  • He wasn’t even angry over the fact that you beat him but he was super impressed with your skills
  • Your long locks tumbled out as you raised your hand for a friendly handshake
  • Your smile made his heart beat accelerate as he reached out to shake your hand
  • When you complimented him on his skills, winning suddenly didn’t seem like a big thing to Guanlin anymore
  • All he wanted was to hear you saying he did well and your voice just became his favourite sound
  • The first day of the joint training hasn’t even ended and he was already distracted
  • Rather than focusing on practice, he noticed all the small quirks about you since he sat right next to you
  • On you did fixed your ponytail now and then since a lot of strands kept falling out
  • Or how your eyes crinkle whenever you laughed when one of the coaches said something funny
  • You were paired up with Guanlin for the rest of the day and he asked you a lot of question like where were you from, how did you start fencing etc
  • At the end of the day, he sensed that you might be interested as you were just as engaging as he was
  • He took this as an opportunity to casually asked you out
  • “Do you want to talk about this over coffee?”
  • That’s right, the talented and handsome Lai Guanlin just asked you out on a date
  • You smiled as you accepted his offer, anticipating what was going to happen
  • Coffee turned out to be dinner at a Taiwanese Restaurant that Guanlin frequent whenever he missed home
  • You two were surprised when you realized that you guys actually live in the city next to each other in Taipei which was only 10 minutes away
  • The day ended with you two exchanging numbers and making plans to visit each other in Taipei when you two ended your exchange program
  • However
  • His face fell the next day when he saw you with one of the boys from your team
  • The boy leaned his head on your shoulders as you whispered something into his ear and ruffled his head
  • Guanlin wondered if you were playing with his feelings the day before
  • Seeing how close you two were, he put on his mask and went to choose another partner instead
  • In reality, Jinyoung was your younger brother who was actually here on holiday
  • He was 2 years younger than you and Guanlin but puberty hit him really early so he literally looked your age
  • You got him to join the camp since he was currently training for the national team and there was no way you were letting him slack even if it was a holiday
  • Your coach had no reason to deny him since he was just as good as you and made a good opponent for his students
  • Guanlin was convinced that you like Jinyoung when tbh you were just his sister
  • “Sis!! You need to stop bringing up Guanlin in every conversation.”
  • “Shh just focus on training.”
  • Your brother was a hassle to deal with but a moody Guanlin was even worse
  • You had no idea what happened to him as his form was slacking and he seemed like he had 0 motivation to train which affected his other teammates
  • When you brought him outside of the club room to speak to him, he seemed to be frowning at you
  • The smile he had yesterday was gone entirely and he seemed to despise the fact you were overstepping his personal space
  • “What’s going on with you? Don’t bring your team down over some personal matters. You should know better than that, Guanlin.”
  • “Do you like me?”
  • A blush crept to your cheeks as you stutter, asking what he was talking about
  • “Not as in a friendship sort of like, but like a ‘I’ll-say-yes-to-an-actual-date’ sort of like.”
  • You really weren’t sure what to say as your feelings were all jumbled out
  • You couldn’t possibly admit you had a mini crush on his for the longest time ever since you saw him competing at his first fencing competition
  • He had one hand on the wall as his eyes were drawn into yours and his tall body shadowing your tiny frame
  • “How am I supposed to focus on training when I want to bring you on a real date and I see you being all lovey-dovey with another guy?”
  • When you heard his last statement, you actually started chuckling
  • “That’s my brother, you idiot.”
  • A sudden realization dawned upon him when he connected the dots as you mentioned that your brother was in this country for a holiday
  • Which his coach mentioned that someone from the national team was coming over to join them
  • His face flushed a bit, thinking that he went overboard with his jealousy
  • “And yes I like you as in ‘I’ll-go-on-a-date-with-you-if you-ask’ sort of like.”
  • You pecked his cheek as you walked back into the room  
  • Your smile widen when you hear him hollering that he would text you the details later
  • Fencer couple more like Instagram aesthetic couple
  • There’s always a photo of both your fashion uploaded every single week
  • Your followers even gave you two a ship name
  • He is always trying to style you and subtly make you wear his clothes like having his flannel tied around your waist or wear his black leather jacket with your white skater dress
  • Matching accessories like the same earrings and you guys have a silver cuff on your arm which both your names engraved on it
  • Which both of you bought for like only 10 bucks since you guys were pretty much broke all the time as an exchange student
  • Street food dates !!!
  • After practice, he did bring you for street food or sometimes you guys will just order fried chicken at Hangang River
  • You two are outside most of time since both your dorms were really tiny
  • You two do a lot of cafe hunting over which cafe you could stay the longest without being chased out or which wifi was the fastest
  • Tutors you on English while you tutor him in Korean
  • But most of the time you two just speak in your native language
  • He has a picture of you in his locker and you tease him for how attached he  was to you
  • Until he saw your notebook with the heart on his name and that’s when all the teasings went to you
  • You joined his Skype call with his parents very often and his family LOVES you
  • You two went back to Taipei together during the holidays and the first thing you did after visiting your family was to visit his
  • You tried your best to learn a lot of Taiwanese cuisine from your mom when you were back
  • So you could cook it for Guanlin when you guys were back in Korea and missed your hometown
  • You cooked it once and he was soooo proud of you
  • He refused to share his food with Seonho for the first time cause you tried your best to make it for him and he wasn’t going to let anything go to waste
  • Video calls you at random hours
  • Has this habit of ending each call by speaking in two languages
  • “I love you, babe. 我爱你, 宝贝.”

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all :)

Roman imagine/ Bill Skarsgard.

Imagine: Destiny asks you to find out if Roman is an Upir because you are as well.

Warning: smut implied. Like one curse word.

How did you get yourself in this situation you thought, as you walked to your new high school with Peter. Oh Yeah, you owed Destiny a favour.  She helped figure out who killed your best friend so as payment, you were going to help Peter determine if his friend was really an Upir. As an Upir yourself, it would be easy to tell. You would be drawn to each other. It was some primal thing. Mate with your own kind and dont eat them sort of thing. Upirs smell different to humans so he should be easy to spot. Female Upirs also had the same effect as males. Humans were drawn to you also. Helps you feed I guess. You heard Roman had a way with the ladies so his supernatural abilities might have something to do with that.

‘This is your class schedule, try to blend in Y/N. By that I mean don’t kill anyone and do your homework’. Peter laughed as he handed you the paper.

’ Yeah whatever New Moon. See you at lunch’. You joked back as you gave him a hug goodbye.

Peter watched you walked off down the hall. He started to play when his phone when Roman marched over to him.

'Alright Roman?’ Peter asked confused.

He looked like he was smelling something.

’ You smell wierd. Like really good. Not like your usual gross self. Are you using woman’s perfume of something?’ Roman replied bluntly.

This was defiantly giving Peter the impression that Roman was an Upir, if he could smell you from just a hug.

'I was with a girl earlier. Might be that’. Peter shrugged.

'Maybe’. Roman mumbled.

You were waiting outside of English when you saw the tallest girl you have ever seen stand next to you. She had bandages on her hand and was hunched over a bit. A couple of girls walked past and called the tall girl a freak. Bullying was not happening on your watch.

'What did you just call her?’ You yelled.

You were a predator by nature so you were intimidating for sure. The girls looked at you frightened and mumbled an apology before running off.

'Thank you’. An automated voice replied.

'No problem…’


'Nice to meet you Shelly. I’m Y/N’. You smiled.

Your morning classes passed quickly. You got to know Shelly and had most of the guys staring at you. You liked it here. You went into the cafeteria to find Peter and get some lunch. You noticed he was sat next to a very tall and beautiful guy. You could smell him from across the room. He must be who Peter was on about.

You sat down next to Peter and opasite the Upir.  Peter smiled at you while Roman looked into your eyes intently.

'Roman, this is Y/N. She’s my ummm… cousin’. He lied.

’ Is that smell you? It’s amazing. Like a mixture of chocolate, vanilla and blood’. Roman admired.

'Maybe. Why don’t you find out?’ You flirted.

You held out your wrist as an invitation. Roman grabbed you and pressed his nose to you. He then kissed you gently on your wrist. You felt a spark through your body. He was definitel an Upir. No human has ever had that affect on you. From the look on his face, he felt the same.

'Beautiful’. Was all he said.

Peter looked at you both and felt uncomfortable. Roman was smelling people now… great.

Roman had only known you for about five minutes and he had already fallen for you. You were the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.
He was about to ask you for dinner when his sister approached.

'Hey Shelly. Care to join us?’ You invited.

'No thank you. I was just wondering if you wanted to help me with the English assignment after school?’ She typed.

'Sure thing’. You agreed happily.

’ You know my sister?’ Roman smiled.

No one ever took any interest in his sister. She was always being picked on and didn’t really have any friends because of how she looked. You were really like no other girl he has ever met.

'I didn’t know she was your sister. Small world’. You grinned.

At the end of the school day,  Roman drove you, Peter and Shelly to their place.

'So Y/N, how do you like Hemlock grove?’ Peter asked.

'The people are interesting’ You said as you and Roman made eye contact in his mirror.
 His pupils dilated at this.

What where you doing to him, he thought. No one could do this to him. He hardened under your gaze. You noticed he was adjusting himself in his seat and laughed to yourself.

'So Destiny was right?’ Peter enquired.


 It was about 5PM and you were in Shellys room helping her with work. You were getting uncomportable as you could smell Roman downstairs. He was giving off a distinct feramone and it was getting you hot and bothered.

'Would you exscuse me. I need to ring my cousin. She’s probably wondering where I am’. You told Shelly as you got up and walked out of the room.

You found Roman in his room. He was shirtless and smoking a cigarette. He turned to face you, lust showing in his eyes.

'Hi’. Was all you said.

’ Im going to warn you. If you don’t leave my bedroom in the next 10 seconds, I’m going to fuck you’. He stated bluntly.

You smirked at his response and turned towards the door. He though you were leaving until he heard you lock the door.

'I like the second option sweetheart’ You winked.

Roman basically ran towards you and forcefully kissed you. He waisted no time as he grabbed you ass and lifted you up. You wrapped your legs around him and kissed him with even more force. You bit down on his lip, drawing blood.
He pulled away slightly to look at you. He was about to wipe the blood away with this fingers until you did something unexpectedly. To his surprise, you traced your thumb across his lips. You then put your thumb in your mouth and sucked. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

'What can I say. I have a thing for blood.’ You giggled.

Roman looked at you with so much admiration before he returned his lips to yours. You both knew that you were going to have a fun night.