could you be less gorgeous please

Can we talk about Georgi????!!!

I hope i’m not the only one that noticed but….





     Like i get it, he’s a creep and we love him, but damn. Like his hair screamed Georgi, but his face screamed daddy. If Georgi could just forget Anya please do, you’re too good for her Georgi  he’d come off as less desperate and creepish. 

    I mean, he’s already shown that he’s totally romantic, he’s a fantastic skater, and i’m honestly surprised he didn’t make it further in the grand prix, and he’s just all around a sweet guy. He’s Victor’s age, meaning he’s officially the oldest skater and that’s probably a lot of stress for him, but he doesn’t let it show.

     Like look at him, he’s georgious gorgeous, if he’d lay off Anya, I’m sure the ladies, and men, would flock to him.