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Discworld x Mob Psycho 100

Courtesy of @ofpaintedflowers​ and @happikattwuzheere

There has been some general progress in the development of this AU. In particular concerning Mob and Swamp Dragons, who he feels an inexplicable kinship towards. 

Mob’s introduction to the Swamp Dragons is when his classmate, Sammy, ‘hires’ Reigen and Mob to investigate the haunting of the his manor and stables. The details of that particular adventure are yet to be worked out, but it basically ends with Reigen and Mob sitting down to tea with Sammy and his mother, a gracious noblewoman, Lady Ramkin, who takes a liking to Mob immediately. (Reigen is less pleased when the Captain of the City Watch, Sam Vimes, walks in and demands to know “what the bloody hell is that overblown con artist doing at my dining table”). 

After things settle down though, Mob makes frequent trip to the shelters to help care for the dragons. (Reigen too. Although never when Captain Vimes could be coming home.)

(I totally stole ofpaintedflowers’s costume designs for these. If you guys go bother her enough, maybe she’ll post the rest of her gorgeous designs for this crossover.)


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CP 14 Days of Love #3: Unintentional Confessions

Day #3 of @softkent‘s Valentine’s Day Fic-A-Thon

“Excuse me?”

It only took Jack’s brain about three tenths of a second longer than his mouth to wake up and by that time his mouth had already gone ahead and started talking without the brain which meant that three tenths of a second later Jack quite viscerally realized that he had made a Mistake.

Bitty had been looking at a catalog in bed next to Jack on a very rare lazy Sunday morning when Jack had woken up, turned over, and opened up his big, dumb mouth. Specifically, Bitty had been looking at a women’s catalog, not terribly unusual as Bitty did in fact have a mother and cousins and female friends whom he did buy presents for throughout the year.

This particular morning, Bitty was looking for a particularly kickass and sexy yet tasteful pair of heels or possibly boots for Lardo to wear to a gallery opening for a friend whom she knows through business that she does not in fact privately like but must publicly support and profess a friend. Footwear for the opening was the last piece that needed to be nailed down, the two having already put together the perfect outfit that says “I hate you and everything you stand for and I will do so while looking fabulous and playing the perfect friend so you’d better get your sucked lemon face ready because you’ll be wearing it all night to go with your own far less fabulous outfit” earlier in the week. 

 It just so happens however that the footwear in this catalog starts where the lingerie ends. Which is what Jack saw. Which is when he opened his big, dumb mouth. Which is when his relationship flashed before his eyes and his world ended. Because he didn’t just open his big, dumb mouth, he opened it and sleepily said, “Wow, you would look incredibly sexy in that, you should absolutely buy the rose one.”

Bitty processed the words and froze. “Excuse me?”

Dead silence. 

What was Jack supposed to say? He had just, out of nowhere, suggested his very male boyfriend purchase the gorgeous, expensive, satin bustier and panty set with flowerettes lining the neckline that sat on the glossy page in front of them. And he’d specified the preferred color no less. Rose, if you please. Jesus this was a disaster. 

There was literally no way for this conversation to go that he wouldn’t joyfully give up to let enraged hippos chew on his entrails. Jack could actually feel the blood rushing from his face.

“Uuuuuhh…..” was his highly intelligent response so far.

“Darlin’, what exactly are you lookin’ at on this page?”

“I don't…” he sighs “…there’s no way for me to avoid having this conversation is there.”

“No, not really.”

Jack’s shoulders wilted. “Alright.” Jack squares his shoulders up with the blue line, blows out a controlled breath, and prepares to take his shot. “I was looking at that bustier and panty set. The one with the good steel boning and the rosette border.” Jack not only gestures toward the catalog but taps the page to indicate his choice. “And that deep dusky rose color would look good with your skin, would add a glow and a warmth. Like strawberries and cream.” Jack mentions his reasoning on the topic of color ruefully at best.

Wheels have been slowly turning in Bitty’s head.

“So you’d like to see me in this one.” It wasn’t a question though it did sound mighty doubtful with a dash of incredulity that this wasn’t some kind of prank.

Jack resolutely kept his eyes on the wall across from the foot of their bed.

Bitty studies Jack’s face, nods once to himself as if having come to a conclusion, and relaxes back into the pillows.

“I wonder if they have any heels that would match…”

Notice Me [Chapter 6]

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Chapter 6 of Notice Me

Ch1  Ch2   Ch3  Ch4  Ch5

Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Angst at Times

The party was even more packed than you expected and you felt your nerves starting to kick in. You hardly knew any of Jackson and Mark’s friends, but EVERYONE seemed to know who they were, especially the women.

They couldn’t take a step without someone looking at them like they wanted to rip their clothes off right then and there. You were getting looks from them too, just not the good kind.

Jackson, being the social butterfly that he is, slipped off almost immediately, loving the attention he seemed to get almost everywhere he went.

Mark gave you a soft smile and disappeared to grab you all a drink, leaving you alone and vulnerable. You tried to act normal and pretend like you belonged there but you stuck out like a sore thumb.

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Hi! I was wondering if you knew of any ballerina AUs?

Hi! Here are the only ones I’ve found:

Let’s Dance
Summary: Eren is a sophomore in high school, and is less than pleased when he is mistakenly placed in dance class instead of gym. He’s pretty much given up, until he meets the riveting Levi Ackerman, a gorgeous senior and the school’s most promising ballet student.

Corp de Ballet
Summary: The Royal Stohess Ballet school is almost as esteemed and as world renowned as the Royal Stohess Ballet Company itself. It brings students in from far and wide with the hope that they too could join the ranks of the most elite dancers in the world. Mikasa and Eren can hardly believe they’ve made it this far, the chance to be able to dance in the company of their dreams fills them with hope. Along the way they meet new people, make new friends, and enemies. However, they learn that you can never judge a book by its cover.

Summary: His body limns the French commands with an eloquence that betrays little effort; lyrical in moments of arid classicality, expressive with even the most technical phrases.


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Holster and Lardo: i don’t know what the fuck true love even is but i do want to hang out with you for basically the rest of my life. (let’s hang out - TO THE DEATH)

50 A Softer World Prompts 

(can I make this a Grand Larsony drabble? I’m sure it’s fine) 

Also on AO3

It’s a week and a half before the 2020 trade deadline when Justin all but falls into Larissa’s lap after a long day at the hospital.

“That bad huh?”

“I could go the rest of my life never seeing a foot like that again. And it’d still be too soon.” Ransom complains.

Lardo chuckles, rubbing small circles into his neck. “Well good thing you get to choose your specialization.”

“Don’t remind me,” he grumbles.

She frowns sympathetically. “Still not sure?”

“When have I ever been sure about this?”

“Well I think you’re sure you don’t want to do it anymore,” she surmises.

“Yea,” Justin’s voice drops off, “could we not talk about it right now?”

“Of course, babe,” Lardo assures him.

Somethings had changed over the years. Justin still had anxiety attacks. But he physically relaxes when Larissa drapes a heavy wool blanket over him, and replaces her lap with a throw. She flips on TV Land. She gets up to make dinner, knowing that Justin would talk when he’s ready. Ready came about a half an hour later as he shuffles tiredly into the kitchen, his chin resting heavily on top of Lardo’s head. His arms wind around her hips gently. 

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“Brisé, pourtant vivant” Part IV S.B

[A/N: Part IV, as promised. Writing this, oh God. It left me with a bittersweet aftertaste. All those feels… my precious little boy. I hope you like it! It’s kind of long but I really couldn’t resist. 
Warnings: My English, swearing, some not-so-innocent thoughts… what else?
I don’t own the gifs. Credits to their original owners. Also to J.K Rowling, as always.  
Requests are open!]
Part I

Part II
Part III

 I woke up to the sound of muffled voices. My head was flooding with everything I said last night. Mentally, I slapped myself.
  “Well, yes. It would be easier if she didn’t remember last night”. That was Sirius. My heart dropped to my stomach. What did I expect? Silly girl. You are not good enough.
  “Because you can’t face her or because you don’t actually like her?” Remus asked him. No, dear God… Don’t answer that. Please, please, please… just don’t-

  “I don’t like her”.
How is it that emptiness can feel so heavy?
   I stood up, made a beeline to the bathroom, locked myself in there, making extra noise just to- I guess it doesn’t matter, right?
  I took one look at the reflection. Of course, you moron. How could he like you? Maybe I am just too fucking complicated for anyone to actually like me.
  “Silly girl! Look at yourself. It’s pitiful actually. You don’t deserve to be a Trueblood. Just look at you” Astrid said to my mind. My dear old mother. The irony is that she was right. For once in her life, she was absolutely right.
  I never had him. But he had me. He had all of me. You’re not even mine, but you’re already breaking my heart.
  “I am okay. I have to look just fine” I whispered to myself while doing my morning routine like it was any other day. In fact, I was pretty sure, it wasn’t a day at all.
  Nobody really cares anyways. If it’s convincing enough, they’ll buy it. Come on, put on your doll-face.
  When I walked back into the room, my assumptions were proven wrong. And right. It was noon.
  “Ron is a Perfect! I can’t believe it! A perfect! That’s everyone in the family!” Molly was practically screaming. Who would have thought?
“What are Fred and I, next-door neighbors?” said George indignantly.
“Oh, could someone go and get Rose? Lunch is almost ready”, she continued without paying any attention to George’s sarcasm.  How on earth do I act normal? WHAT? Before I could even manage to think, the door slowly opened to reveal a gloomy looking Fred.
  “Oh, you’re up. Lunch is ready. Oh… and Ron is a perfect but I’m sure that mom’s voice was clear enough” he said fuming. I tried-and failed-not to laugh. Thankfully, I kept it to the minimum. He looked at me puzzled.
“If it’s any consolation, I was never a perfect” I said while sending him a smile. He loosened up and came to sit next to me. In my bed. Great.
“To be completely honest, I had failed potions about six times and divination-if it is even possible- nine” I stated in a matter-of-factly tone. Fred gave me a shocked look.
“You kidding me, right? You were a Ravenclaw!” he exclaimed like stating my house could automatically answer everything.
“Um, no. Don’t stereotype people!” I said while I hit his arm playfully. He mocked me by pretending to be hurt.
“You hurt me Rosie” he said and touched his chest. I burst out laughing.
“Your heart is on the other side” I said in between the laughs.
  Suddenly, everything became quiet.
“Rose, can I tell you something?”. His normally playful tone was nowhere to be found.
“Of course Freddie”. What could have him so wrapped up?
“Ikindahaveacrushonyouandlikeyoulikealot” he rambled. Wait. What? WHAT? What the hell is happening? I had no idea how I looked but he started looking paler and paler by the second.
“Um-never… could you-um, forget I even said anything” he mumbled while standing up abruptly and making his way to the half open door.
  “Wait”. What am I doing?  He paused but didn’t turn around.
“Fred, I-just turn around. Please”. My mind was screaming at me, cursing me with all its might. Fred, however, did turn.
“Listen, Rose. I really like you. A lot. A whole bunch of a lot. And you know, I just thought, that maybe… just maybe, you would- Fuck, who am I even kidding…” he trailed off. What the actual fuck is wrong with the universe? Like, are you on some kind of a drug universe?
  He looked down at the floor, but not before I recognized the familiar blush making its way to his cheeks. It was adorable.
  I walked over and stood directly in front of him. With a gentle grip, I raised his head just to be shocked by his eyes. When did he become a man?
“Don’t” he almost whispered. Oh my Merlin. Someone, please, murder me. Instantly.
“Don’t what?” I asked even more confused. Why are men so stupid?
“Fuck it”. Well, that didn’t asn-
  He kissed me. Crap, crap, crap, crap. He had cupped my face and placed his warm lips on mine, not so gently. I was way too shocked to actually react. However, I did notice something. There was no spark. There was nothing, really. That’s how I noticed.
  “Um, not to interrupt or anything, but lunch is ready” a stern voice washed my thoughts away. Fred backed off, thankfully with the same realization in his eyes. I took one look at the intruder and I wanted to yell at him that it wasn’t what it seemed to be. But then I remember. He didn’t care about me.
“We’ll be there” Fred answered. I was in no condition to speak. Sirius left with a sour expression. Fuck you.
   After a while, which seemed like forever, Fred started to talk.
“Um, that wasn’t what I expected”. Excuse you, mister.
“Beg your pardon?” I asked sarcastically.
“No, no, no! It was amazing-no, I mean your lips are-you know… something wasn’t there” he rambled away. He wasn’t good with words.
“So, maybe you don’t like me…maybe, you know, you liked the idea of me?” I suggested. Or he was just hormonal. Or both.
“Well, yes. You are hot and beautiful inside out, that’s obvious. But, I mean, if it was, for lack of a better word, real, you know…it would be a spark, right? Like the one that started to burn in your eyes the moment Sirius walked in” he said knowingly. I could see in his eyes that he had noticed everything and he wasn’t going to sell me out.
“Friends?” I ask hoping for the best.
“You know it, Ro” he said flirtily. I just rolled my eyes.
“You know what? You go and eat. I’ll just sleep through the day. Wake me up when Molly throughs a party for Ron, okay?”.

Sobs were echoing. Someone was crying. Harry and I exchange a quick glance.
“Hello?” Harry said. There was no answer but the sobbing continued. We climbed the remaining stairs and opened the drawing-room door.  
  Molly had her wand in her hand, her whole body shaking with sobs. A dead Ron was spread across the floor. Wait. Ron was downstairs —

“Mrs. Weasley?” Harry croaked.
“R-r-riddikulus!” Molly sobbed, pointing her shaking wand at Ron’s body, which turned into Bill’s, Artur’s, Fred’s, George’s, Percy’s, Harry’s.
  “Molly get away from it” I interrupted standing in front of her and facing the boggart. I heard Remus asking what was happening. But I was too caught up to mind the audience.
  In front of me was standing… well, I was. I should have known. I was my biggest fear.
“Silly girl! Look at yourself. It’s pitiful actually. You don’t deserve to be a Trueblood. Just look at you. How can you continue living, knowing you would be so much useful dead? But you’re weak. So weak you can’t put an end to that miserable existence you call life. Look at you. Not good enough. Not barely good enough” she told me, looking me dead in the eye.
  The first lines she said was Astrid. Then it was me. The boggart was using my mind to destroy me. Toy with me. But no.
  “Don’t bother. A riddikulus cannot destroy me. I am you. Just better” she warned. I arched my left eyebrow.
  “I wasn’t planning on using that” I said with a smile plastered on my lips. The kind of smile that Lucifer had right before he fell.
“Incendio”. I didn’t have to yell nor to cry. I just pointed my wand towards her. She was on fire. Literally. And it was liberating seeing myself been burnt alive. Catharsis.
 “Reducto” I said flatly and the boggart was no more. I closed my eyes, trying to kill her image in my mind. I wasn’t her.
  I hadn’t realized that I had hit the floor until someone had wrapped an arm around my waist, trying to pull me up. If it wasn’t for the electrifying energy I thought it hit me, I might not have guessed who it was. My eyes shot open just to meet his. Stormed gray.
  “Are you okay?” he asked worryingly. No. No. I am anything but okay. I am not okay. How could I be?
“I-I think so” I shuttered. Good job Rose. He looked concerned. Like fighting a battle.
“Do you want me to call Fred?”. Hold it. Hold. It.  
“Why on earth would I want you to call Fred?” I asked bewilderedly, my eyebrows furrowed and my heart filled with the slightest of hope.
“You kissed?” he asked-stated with an angry expression passing over his face. I smiled. Don’t get your hopes up, Rose. You are going to end up broken.
“It’s nothing like that” I simply answered. Okay, let me explain some things. I, Rose Trueblood, want him, Sirius Black. Now.
He looked puzzled but the anger wasn’t there anymore. However, something was… His eyes could never lie.
  “Could please take me to my room? I can’t stand properly” I said while batting my eyelashes innocently. But, oh, help me, Merlin… my thoughts couldn’t be less innocent. All I could think about was him. His intoxicating scent. His perfectly shaped body. His god-like facial characteristics. People said that he looked gorgeous while he was attending Hogwarts. I can’t possibly agree with that statement. How could he ever look more ravishing? He was a little rough around the edges and that was what draw me in, after all. I just couldn’t shake the image that crept into my mind, making me weak in the knees. I would give anything to taste his lips, to leave a trail of kiss along his jawline…to mark his body with purple bruises and love bites, to take-
   “Of course”. His voice brought my mind back to reality. And send a wave of heat to my body. His hands never left my waist, while he guided us towards my room. Well, technically it was his since he kind of owns the place. He was silent, which wasn’t exactly helping me… my mind was drifting into very dangerous places. How good would he look in my bed?
   Oh, my… No, no, no. This is not happening. Pull yourself together. He doesn’t like you. He said so. You were there. What’s wrong with you?!
   His hands were traveling a little too south. Not that I was complaining.  I could never explain how much I wanted him. I wanted to tell him that he should be ripping off my clothes…turning me on, just to send me down on my knees.
I bit my lip in order NOT to tell him what I wanted. Well, he saw it and arched his eyebrows. We had just walked into the bedroom. He took one look at me while sitting me down. He plopped right beside me.
  “Do you remember last night?” he asked… was that hope in his voice? No. Probably not.
“Why? Because it would be easier if I didn’t?” I fired back knowing that there was no turning back now.
“Wha-what?” he shuttered. I looked him directly in the eyes.
   “I heard you. Well, up until you stated very clearly that you don’t like me” I said flatly. I was about to let every single façade drop. I can’t lie anymore. I can’t walk around pretending I felt nothing towards him, while in all honesty, I am in love with the guy. There. I said it. He looked shocked. It was driving me mad.
“Is it bothering you?”. Excuse me? How thick can you get?
“No it’s not bothering me” I said. He withdrew his eyes and got up.
“It’s killing me” I breathed out quickly so I wouldn’t be able to hold my tongue. He halted. I took a deep breath.
  “I don’t know how else to say this, so I’m gonna go right ahead and say it.  I thought that you were the very definition of perfection when I first met you. However, as you got closer, I started seeing all those cracks. I saw the way your heart was a collection of pieces that didn’t quite fit together- sort of like a broken vase haphazardly put together. It had empty spaces. It had jagged edges- cutting me open, leaving me bleeding with every touch. No, a touch wasn’t even necessary. Your eyes were all it took for me to be left breathless. But it was beating. Your heart was churning out love and honesty and kindness with its every beat. It was visible in your smile, in your eyes. So perfect, yet melancholic. That’s when I fell in love with you. Not with your perfection but with your imperfections. Not to fill your empty spaces or soften your jagged edges. That would be ironic, since those were the reasons I… I didn’t even realize it, at first. When I did, I was already caught in the middle of it. You are the drug I am addicted to. More than nicotine, more than pills-and trust me, I have tried everything in my power to give you up. I am slowly getting high off of you. The worst part, or rather the best, is that with one more look, you will send me off to an overdose. And I don’t even mind. Just answer me this. How many more faceless strangers do I have to kiss before it’s you? Will it ever be you?”. I took a deep breath. I had just poured my heart out. He hadn’t even turned around.
  My very soul broke. I could feel the tears blurring my vision; the painful numbness that comes from that empty feeling… my hands were shaking. My mind was a mess. I clenched my teeth. I wouldn’t cry in front of him. I didn’t want to. But I couldn’t help it.
  I was choking on my own breath. God, help me. I thought I could do this. But I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.
  I shut my eyes close, letting every single tear fall, staining my cheeks. The pain was so much, I could physically feel it. I knew how it would end. He would walk away, leaving me alone with my mind and my broken soul. He would pretend whenever I’d be around-or worse, ignore me. But really, how could I ever control my emotions? I didn’t mean to love him. But, I do. God, I do.
  I jumped slightly at the touch. His fingers were caressing my cheeks wiping the tears away-something that only caused more tears to fall.
  “You shouldn’t. You really shouldn’t Roza” he whispered. Like I had a choice. Like I could ever stay away from you. Stop calling me Roza. I refused to open my eyes.
“I am not a good person as you seem to think I am. I run from one extreme to another and I can be selfish and full of doubt. I will drain you of all that is pure, but you will not realize it until I have destroyed you. I cannot let you try to save me because you will end up drowning in the process. I am telling you this because I know you deserve better. It will not last. I will withdraw and you will do anything to make me smile and bring me back because that’s how pure you are. I have nothing special within me. I will use you to fight my way out of darkness over and over again and I will leave you bruised and scared from my desperate grasps. I am not worthy of the battles you will face with the most savage parts of me. I need you more than you need me, how can you not see that? I will drag you down with me and you will drown. And everything will be my fault. I am not strong enough to let go, but you have to be. Be stronger and walk away. Please, delibal”. Delibal. He-he had…
  Suddenly, nothing seemed to matter. I opened my bloodshot eyes. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt with such a determination, I wouldn’t have guessed I had in me. He was taken aback.
  “No. You are not doing this to me. Using that poor excuse of a reason to walk away. No. I am not backing away because you are too coward to act according to what you feel and push aside what you think. Because I don’t care. I don’t care if you destroy me. You can’t break what’s already broken. Because I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even if you are successful in drowning me… I’d take it. Anything. I would walk through Hell until forever, just for a moment with you. So, don’t. Don’t tell me to walk away. Because I am not going anywhere”.

I crashed my lips to his.

Part V (smut)

[Delibal= Honey produced from the nectar of pink-colored rhododendron flowers, a toxic plant. Rhododendron flowers contain grayanotoxin, a neurotoxin that is known to cause “hallucinogenic effects” by those who harvest and consume the honey. Low doses of this toxin can cause dizziness. High doses can even be fatal. When consumed, it causes a “burning sensation” in the throat. Also known as ‘mad honey’ or ‘toxic honey’. Highly addictive, yet poisonous.]

Back Of My Van || Matty Healy Oneshot

Word Count: 3,647
Warnings: Smut (lots of fluff too)
Summary: Young Matty, who has been ever-so-nervous to tell you he likes you, ends up finding himself situated with you in the back of his van during a party. (loosely based on Sex & Girls)
Author’s Note: Got two pretty similar requests for this, so I hope you all like it! Please feel free to send more requests here! Enjoy! 

You looked gorgeous.

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Hold my hand

Steve absolutely detested going to the mall. Out of all the places Tony and Natasha wanted to go today, they pick a mall on a Saturday in December. It was crowded, loud and frustrating all because Stark forgot to buy his girlfriend a Christmas present.

“Nat, you’re a girl! Can’t you just tell me what to buy her?” Tony begged, groaning as he dragged them all out of yet another shop empty handed. Nastasha rolled her eyes and continued walking,

“I’m here for the free Christmas coffee you said you’d pay for. Just buy her the shoes she’s been hinting at for weeks.” She shrugged.

“She’s been hinting?!” Tony asked incredulously. Steve had to laugh at that, he loved the guy but Stark was so oblivious to things. Especially women. Natasha sighed and dragged him off to the shoe store, telling Steve to stay put over her shoulder. He just looked on after them, not envying either of them when he felt someone crash into his back.

“Fuck me, I’m so sorry, I’m just…hey.” Steve turned around to look at the person. He was around Steve’s height, with brown shaggy hair and a wicked grin plastered over his face that said he had an idea. “You’ll do great. I need you to hold my hand.”

“Excuse me?” Steve asked incredulous. “You crashed into me, and you need me to hold your hand?” Was this guy serious?

“Pretty much.” The stranger shrugged. When Steve made no movement he began looking behind him and wringing his hands, “Look, I’m sorry pal, but my ex turned up here and it’s been like a year and I really want to make him feel like shit because he’s a cheating asshole and you’re fucking gorgeous so would you please hold my hand and pretend to be dating me?” He explained, pouting and looking at Steve with the most innocent eyes he could.

Steve looked behind him, “Military looking guy, crossbones tattoo?”

“It was a weird relationship.” The Stranger nodded. What the hell, Steve thought, lacing their fingers together. The Stranger mouthed a thank you before leaning into Steve and smiling up at him. “I can’t believe you haven’t done any shopping yet.” He laughed loudly, “Did you think it would be less busy?”

“I thought buying everything online to pick up would be faster. I was wrong.” Steve quickly smiled back. He noticed crossbones guy looking over at them with a scowl. “Besides, I’ve already got you.”

“That it is corniest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m not a Christmas present, babe.”

“Hrm, you wrapped up in nothing but a bow sounds like a present to me.” Steve tried to say seriously, but as soon as the Stranger hunched over in peels of laughter he quickly followed suit. “Too much?”

“My sides hurt! Oh my god,” he wheezed, breaking out into laughter every time he tried to stop.

“Bucky?” Oh, so Crossbones guy decided to come over. Bucky, Steve thought, I like that. “Look who finally came out in the light of day. How you doing, trooper?” He babied. The laughter died in Bucky’s throat. Him, i don’t like, Steve decided.

“Hello Brock.” Bucky said shortly. Steve let go of his hand in favour of wrapping an arm around his waist, he looked like he needed it given the way he naturally seemed so draw away from his ex.

“Who’s this?” He inclined his head disapprovingly at Steve. Bucky went to open his mouth, but Steve had already extended a polite hand.

“Steve Rogers, Bucky’s boyfriend. And you are?”

“Brock Rumlow. His Ex Boyfriend.” He looked down at Bucky with contempt.

“Oh, sorry. Buck never mentioned you. Must of slipped his mind.” Steve laughed, earning a grin from Bucky as Rumlow’s scowl deepened. “Really sorry, but we’ve got to go meet our friends. Nice to meet you Bron.” Steve smiled sweetly, before linking their hands again and dragging a giggling Bucky towards the direction of the store Natasha and Tony went. “Let me know when we’re out of earshot.” Steve whispered as they got on the escalators.

“We should be good, but he’s still watching, why?” Bucky asked, tilting his head in confusion.

“I’m going to kiss you to piss him off. If you don’t want me to, say so now.” Steve stated simply leaning in. Bucky remained silent so he pressed a soft kiss to Bucky’s lips, pulling away after a few seconds. “Sorry. I’m not really well practised.”

“Could’ve fooled me, pal.” Bucky was still smiling once they got off the escalator. “Seriously, Steve. Thank you. It was a real shitty relationship and I couldn’t have handled that on my own. You’re a good guy.”

“Hey Rogers,” Tony called from the doorway of the store, “I got her present, you coming for coffee?”

“I’ll meet you there.” He called back, gaze still fixed on Bucky, who looked down.

“I’ll let you get back to your friends. Bye Steve.” With that Bucky turned away, not before Steve caught his hand and turned him right back, “Steve what the…”

“Y'know, if you ask a guy for a favour, you really outta sit with him for a cup of coffee. It’s polite, I hear.” Steve said matter of factly. Bucky’s lips quirked before he matched Steve’s seriousness.

“Oh really? I had no idea. That’s my bad, You see I thought I just had to ask him out on a date and make sure he has my number.” He smiled, taking a step closer to the blonde.

“Oh? Well it seems we could fit the two in one, I guess.”

“I guess.” Bucky agreed, grabbing Steve’s cost lapels to pull him into a kiss. “So, coffee?” Steve nodded with a soft smile. Maybe Christmas shopping wasn’t that bad after all.

“Coffee sounds great.”

My List

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1661

Warnings: smut, self-ridicule, people are jerks, Dean is not

Summary: chubby!reader is dating Dean and he tries to make you forget all your self doubt

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Hi there ❤️ Your blog is so cute! I just followed 😊 (also soooo good to see some madpi!) If it’s not too much of a bother, could I please get a private selca ship with Monsta X, Exo, Got7, NCT 127 and Madtown? If it’s too many you can choose less idm! 💕


aw thank you so much, gorgeous! (& yes, it’s always good to see madtown getting that appreciation) 

…also don’t worry, my maximum amount of groups for selca ships is 5. so this is perfect-o. - @fillingmyclotheslikesmoke

i ship you with…

monsta x

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i hope you like your ships.

thank you for the submission.

Say it With Flowers

A week before Valentine’s Day, Rose visits a florist she’s never been to before. John Noble helps her select a bouquet that says exactly the right thing… and manages to say the right thing himself.

Ten x Rose, flower show AU

Prompted by @dialechotty, who suggested having Rose in a flower shop and the Doctor tell her that she should be the one getting flowers. The whole meaning of flowers thing started just as a bit of detail to add, and then it just… well, I spent an hour googling it, so clearly it turned into its own Thing. But I think it works. 

AO3 | | Teaspoon (when validated)

The sign on the door said, “Noble Flowers: Prop. John Noble.” Rose hesitated for a moment, but the florist she’d been going to had gone out of business since she’d placed her last order, and her friends at work all swore Noble Flowers was the best place to go.

When a man in his thirties with the best sexy bedhead Rose had ever seen popped up from behind a huge bucket of daffodils, she thought she knew why her friends had all recommended this shop. And when he smiled brightly and stepped out into the open so she could see his slim body, she had to admit she couldn’t argue.

“Hello!” he chirped. “You must have good luck—this is the first slow moment I’ve had since February started.  I’m John Noble, owner of this fine establishment.”

Even his voice was gorgeous! Less than five minutes in, and Rose already had a slight crush on the stranger. “Pleased to meet you, John. My name’s Rose.”

His grin widened. “The perfect name for a girl in a flower shop. How can I help you, Rose?”

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anonymous asked:

hey chris, I haven't run in weeks because I have been feeling terrible about my mom's passing and am just trying to cope somehow. I am seeing many of my friends now getting into running and being so successful..I feel really bad and wish I could be where I was before, crushing PRs and all. I am seeing my therapist again which will probably help. do you have any advice on how I could get into running again without being too hard on myself? love you xx

Hi gorgeous. Please, please do not compare your journey or where you are at with your friends and those around you. You are at a different point along your journey than they are, and comparison will do nothing but steal any joy or happiness. It will only bring negativity. You are doing the best you can– and just because you aren’t PRing or running as fast as you may have before this, doesn’t make you any less of a runner. Like life, running has ups and downs and we can’t always be at the top of our game!!! Take the time you need to in order to cope, feel, go through the emotions, lean on those around you. You are so strong, and just take your time with running. If you don’t feel like running right now, do not force yourself to!!! Be gentle with yourself and your body. Running will always be there for you when you are ready. Take the pressure off

Baby Cries // Anakin x Reader

Hey hey hey I was wondering if you could do one on Anakin where he’s returned to the light side, but Padme died ((they still have the lil ones tho)) and so he’s upset with himself for letting her get hurt and what not. And this is where the reader comes in. She’s Obi wan’s new Padawan and the two have never been very close before, but she comforts Anakin anyway and they maybe start catching feelings and the reader offers to help with the twins or something idk please + thank you!!

I loved this prompt so much, thank you to whomever sent it in!

The children were finally asleep after fifteen minutes of mindless humming and rocking them until drowsy. Anakin himself was exhausted being that he didn’t have anyone to help him around with the twins, Luke and Leia.

His wife had died due to her giving up on life in child birth. At that time, Anakin was in pursuit of becoming a Sith. But he realized the monstrous mistake and he turned to the light. Unfortunately, he was too late to save her. His children were healthy and beautiful and he kept them because they were his, of course, and he wanted to raise them to teach them about how great their mother is.

Obi Wan, or Uncle Ben, helped when he could, but it still wasn’t enough. Anakin’s schedule revolved around his children. He’d only go on missions if he knew someone could take care of them and he came home early from work not because he had to, but because he missed them way too much.

That night, Obi Wan entered the room as Anakin was preparing the children’s bottles for the midnight feeding.

“Master, what are you doing here this late?” Anakin asks as he puts away the bottles for later.

Obi Wan closes the door and speaks, “I just came to tell you my new padawan will be arriving early tomorrow morning. If you are looking for me, I will most likely be downstairs showing her around.” Anakin nods his head in understanding. “Are they asleep?”

Anakin smiles at the mention of his two angels. “Yes, they just went down now.”

“Then I will leave you three alone. Have a good night,” he smiles before exiting the room.

The next day, the children awoke around five o'clock in the morning, meaning that Anakin had to get up too. He changed both of their diapers and put them into fresh clothes. Around seven, the nanny arrived as he gave the two kisses before leaving for work.

Anakin debated whether or not to go scout for Obi Wan and his new padawan, but in the end he did want to meet this mystery person.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you, Master Obi Wan,” you smile and bow to the man standing in front of you. You had just landed on Coruscant, your new home for the new step in your life. It was risky to start Jedi training now, but you insisted on it and your parents finally agreed. Obi Wan was your master and you excited to get to work.

“Same to you as well,” he smiles before a tall, handsome man appears behind him. “Ah, Anakin, this is my new padawan, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). (Y/N), I’m sure you have heard about Anakin.”

“Oh yes of course. I’ve heard many things about the Chosen One,” you smile.

Anakin smiles back at you, a gorgeous one. “All good things I hope.”

You laugh. “Nothing less. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine. I assume you and Obi Wan will get to training immediately?” Anakin asks, the two of you looking to Obi Wan for answer.

He starts, “Well, of course. But, I actually have to run to the Council for a quick word. Anakin, could you please show (Y/N) her room in the meantime?" With a quick nod, Obi Wan smiles. "Great. (Y/N), I’ll be out as soon as possible to start your training. Anakin, please don’t get her into too much trouble,” he says before walking away, causing you to giggle.

Anakin and you immediately hit it off. The two of you are cracking jokes left and right.

“But I have one question,” Anakin tells you.

“Sure. Fire away,” you smile at him.

“What exactly did you hear about me? I’m just curious and you are also from Naboo, so that being said the stories you have heard maybe true to an extent,” he informs you.

You nod. “Well, of course you were showered with praise. You are the Chosen One. But, people did say you were on the path to becoming a Sith before um, Padame pulled you towards the light again,” you say softly, trying not to strike a nerve. She only died a few months back and you have no idea if he was still in a state where the mention of her name was painful.

“You can talk about her, (Y/N). I have healed,” he tells you in a reassuring tone.

“It was also said that the two of you had children. A boy and a girl?” you ask as he nods his head with a smile. “You are taking care of them on your own?” you question as he once again nods his head. “With little to no help? I’m very impressed. Many men on my planet could not handle that responsibility.”

“It’s a rough job,” he starts, “be they are worth it. Here’s your room. Mine is literally right across the hall if you need anything. Welcome to Coruscant.”

You’ve been living on Coruscant for almost a week now and you are concerned. Almost every night before you go into bed, you hear the twins crying.

Tonight, it was especially loud. So, you got up out of bed, put on some slippers, and walked across the hall to his room. You slowly open the door to see him rocking Leia while Luke cries in his crib.

You walk over and grab Leia from his arms. “I came to help,” you whisper. He smiles and mouths thank you. You gently hum a lullaby and pop in the pacifier into her mouth as her crying ceases. Leia slowly closes her eyelids, drifting off into a deep sleep and Luke does the same.

Anakin and you place the twins back into their cribs as he breathes out a sigh of relief.

“I can’t thank you enough, (Y/N). That was very much needed,” he smiles.

Returning the gesture, you speak, “Anytime. I’m across the hall if you need me,” replicating his words from the first time you met.

For the next week, you help Anakin every night, feeding, changing, and putting the babies to sleep. As you helped him more, the more close you’ve become and the more the two of you realize that you feel very strongly of each other.

It was a weekend night and Luke was crying nonstop, waking up Leia in the process. You stand up from the couch in Anakin’s room to cradle Leia as Anakin cradles Luke, humming the same lullaby as you have previously.

When the two of them drift away, Anakin places Luke down gently before he comes to see you with Leia.

In Anakin’s eyes, you treated the twins as if they were your own and he couldn’t help but falling even harder for you. He comes next to you grabbing the child from your arms. As he does so, your hands touch and it gives you tingles. Your eyes meet in an instant. You break the gaze and he continues to put him child down.

You return back to the couch to tell yourself to suppress whatever the hell you were feeling. He sits next to you and takes a deep breath, finally about to say what was on his mind. Better yet do it.

He grabs your face and pulls you in for a tender kiss. It’s warm and fuzzy like a blanket that envelopes the two of you. When you release, he speaks, “I know you feel the same way, (Y/N). Don’t deny it.”

You smiles, leaning into him, “That I can’t.” He smiles and leans in again for another kiss, but the sounds of one of the twins whine makes him stop.

He lets out a groan. “Duty calls,” he says, causing you to laugh.

Finders Keepers (ft. Suho)

A/N: Soundtrack to this drabble: ♩♪♪♩♬♫ ♩ ♩. 

“He’s cute.“


“Whaaat? He’s seriously so adorable. You would die if you saw him.” You let out a slight giggle as you continued to sneak peeks of the boy through the glass window while waiting for your gadget to unlock the code to the secured air shaft beside you.

You heard an annoyed snort through your ear piece. “I highly doubt it. Now can you focus on the situation at hand? You’re about to be fall down hundreds of feet through a tiny air shaft.”

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No see instead of fashion police they’re the FAB police.

They could care less about your clothes just how fierce you look and act in them. (Which is why they’re both dressed so ridiculously but not caring about it)

Literally the next panel was the accused going “is it my jacket” and Hans going “what? No, you’re gorgeous, just please walk with your head up you’re better than that” and Elsa being all “Confidence is key”

CAP:TFA!Bucky/Reader: Back Street Serenade.

Title: Back Street Serenade.
Author: heilbucky
Pairing: Cap:TFA!Bucky Barnes/Reader
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 1,668

After almost turning a simple reply to an anon into a smut-fest myself and others thought it’d be a good idea for me to expand upon it and finish what I started.
[Also: I made some gifs especially for this and worked them into the story at one point because I thought they were pretty damn genius, not to suck my own dick or anything but.. you’ll see what I mean. ^_^]

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girllostinthewoods  asked:

Hello love, can you do please do the I saved a piece for you, I brought you an umbrella, writer and editor au, two miserable people meeting at a wedding au, tourist knowledgeable local au all for Niall? Sorry if it´s too much, if it´s too much could you please only do the tourist AU? That one sounds so good with Niall to be honest(: XO

I didn’t realize I had a bunch requested from you. I’m excited! I hope you like this one! xoxo

Niall knew you were dealing with some hate from the fans. He didn’t want to make a big deal of it—especially not in public.

But he knew you were upset. He couldn’t figure out exactly why. Slowly, however, he was coming to the conclusion.

Someone had called you fat.

Normally, you wouldn’t let it get to you. And you weren’t, for the most part. In fact, Niall was quite impressed with how you were handling it (all on your own—much to his dismay). At one point or another all of the boys, their girlfriends, Hell—even their families had been subjected to the torture of the fans.

Niall was good hearted about it—he knew the fans didn’t mean it. He knew they were just jealous they had yet to meet them or something of that nature.

That’s why it hurt Niall so much to see you so upset.

He was pretending it wasn’t a problem—Niall thought you were otherworldly beautiful and he didn’t believe that you were fat for a moment, obviously—but more than that he hated that you were upset by it all.

Until he couldn’t pretend anymore. At first you were dieting…and as much as Niall hated the D-word, he could handle that. He could take it.

But the first day you skipped breakfast his stomach hurt for you. And then slowly you were skipping other meals. Niall didn’t like that. It took him all of three days to realize you were barely eating and ironically, it was eating away at his core. He didn’t want to attack you, so he told you how beautiful you were every morning, and night. And sent you sweet texts throughout the day.

So Niall called his mum, cutely tied an apron around him and made a home cooked meal with all the trimmings. It was truly a feast and he made it very presentable while you were at work.

The second you stepped inside your shared flat it smelled like heaven and your tummy growled in response. You had a bad feeling about all this.

Biting your lip you kicked your shoes off and walked around the bend to the kitchen where Niall was reading some texts from his mum about how to cook all the food. “Hey, princess!” He grinned as he stirred something that looked very fattening. “How was your day?” He asked and wiped his hands off of the apron before coming around to kiss you on the lips.

You wanted to cry because it all smelled so good but you couldn’t rationalize eating. No matter how hungry you were.

“It was alright,” you said quietly.

“Yeah?” He smiled sweetly, he knew you were looking at the food. And he knew you were going to try and lie your way out of eating. “Come try this, I saved you a piece, I’m following Mum’s recipe, but I’m not the best cook, y’know?” He said and pushed you toward the stove. It was gravy and you could see the grease bubbling in it and it looked so good and you wanted to taste—but you couldn’t.

“I’m uh…actually not feeling well, Niall, I’m so sorry, I don’t think I’ll be eating,” you said softly placing a hand on your tummy.

“Oh, poor baby. Do you want me to make you some soup? I’m already wearing an apron,” he said sweetly. He didn’t really care what you ate, as long as you ate. You smiled weakly.

“No…no, my stomach—”

He couldn’t take it anymore. So he shut the stove off and looked at you nervously. “Your stomach is probably growling because you’ve barely eaten in the past five days.”

You didn’t dare look up from the floor. He didn’t say anything as he stared at you. You felt your eyes water, your lip quivered. He stared at you and waited patiently for you to look at him, say something, deny it, even.

But you didn’t speak and you looked as if you had no intention of speaking. Niall wondered if you were really prepared to spend the rest of your life staring at the “Kiss Me I’m Irish” apron he bought for the rest of your life. “Princess,” he whispered quietly.

You broke. Tears ran quickly down your cheeks and you couldn’t help but feel just utterly devastated. “I’m trying so hard,” you croaked. “And they don’t like me…and I’m not skinny enough for you and—” He sighed with relief and wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you against his chest. You clung to him. “I just wanna be pretty,” you sniffled. He groaned softly in your hair at your words.

“Oh sweetheart,” he sighed sadly. “You’re so gorgeous.”

You shook your head and hid in his body. “M’not. They said m’not.”

“What’s the difference if they say you aren’t and I say you are? I think you’re the prettiest, most beautiful woman in the world,” he said knowingly.

You wished you could see that, but you didn’t. Niall made a lot of sense, but he was gorgeous all the time. And he did it without trying. “Ni—”

“Baby, please don’t do this, okay? I need you to understand how much I love you. And fat is such a stupid word. It doesn’t mean anything, alright? You’re not fat. If that makes you unhappy, then you’re not fat. But even if you were I wouldn’t love you any less,” he promised you. “I love you so much, sweet girl. Please don’t hurt yourself. Not for anyone,” he begged softly.


“Please, princess.”

You bit your lip and sighed softly. “Okay.”

“Okay?” He repeated and sighed with relief. You nodded. He kissed the side of your face no less than twenty times. It made you giggle which in effect caused him to smile. He adored you so much. “Oh, my beautiful princess,” he sighed happily. “Thank you. Now, are you hungry?”

“I’m starving,” you whispered with a small smile. He grinned happily and kissed you deeply until he felt your tummy growl against his body. Pulling away with a chuckle he kissed your forehead.

“Let’s get some food in you.”