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Poly Roadrat with a pregnant s/o who gives birth while the boys are away either on a mission or heist, and they don't find out until they get back.

“Bloody whackers”, Junkrat cursed as he stomped around your apartment, unable to stop pacing. His hands threw up when he turned around and looked at you, face turning red in agitation.“Our darl is gettin’ ready to pop and they send us on some bloody escort for some science drongo!”

Roadhog gave an agitated, agreeing grunt, his hands still continuing to massage your swollen calves and ankles. You were 37 weeks along and you were more than ready to pop; your belly was round, skin absolutely covered in itchy stretch marks(that Mako loved to trace and rub in cocoa butter and vitamin e oil), your breasts were tender and aching, and you swore that the baby was taking note from Jamie because they had crazy bursts of energy as the most random of times. But you wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world, happy to bring a new addition to your family. Plus, the boys had pampered you every single day; massages, hair washing, nail painting, food runs, etc. You name it, they would do it for you. Jamie would even let you work on his prosthetics if you promised to actually follow the rules of your bedrest.

“Don’t worry Jamie”, you comforted, hands rubbing your covered stomach slowly as the demolitionist made his way back to you. “Angela says that I have at least two more weeks until our lil ankle biter is born. You’ll be back two, three days top, yeah? Only thing you’ll miss is my cravings and nesting.”

You could see Junkrat scoff, mouth opening to start into a rant once more. You grabbed his hands and pulled them to your stomach, the Junker instantly calming down as he began to coo to his active unborn child.

“Gotta wait for dada and daddy to get home”, he cooed, kissing your covered stomach, making your snort softly with laughter. He murmured a string of sweet pet names lightly scratching your belly through the fabric of your dress. “Give your ma a break, she’s not gonna have Roadie here to carry her to the dunny.”

“Yeah”, Roadhog agreed, his hands dragging up from your water-logged ankles, joining Junkrat’s hands on your belly. “Just take it easy. We’ll be back soon enough little one.”

You smiled as you put one of your hands over each of theirs, patting affectionately. Just a few more weeks and your family would be together and whole. Overwatch had even granted the Junkers as much paternity leave as they’d like, both Angela and Ana emphasizing the importance of parental interactions during those formative months. You had been moved into a slightly bigger apartment, everyone of your newfound friends and allies had contributed to items for your baby. Whether babyproofing, furniture, toys, clothing or educational toys and books, they had provided for you. All you needed now was the baby.

Unfortunately, the moment was broken when Jamie then Mako’s phone began to ring, signaling that they needed to join the other agents for briefing. Mako carefully eased himself up, placing your feet back down on the couch. Ignoring their phones, both men moved into the autopilot they had built up over the past few weeks when leaving for any training or work. They grabbed your water bottles, your never-emptying bowl of chopped apples, your phone and the remote. You smiled, accepting their fussing before waving both men over and getting a  hug and a kiss from both.

“Stay safe you two”, you stated, letting go of them and watching them walk towards the door. “Watch each other’s backs and keep me updated! I love you!”

“Love you too pet.”

“Love you darl!”

Falling asleep without your boys had been next to impossible. Mako was able to hold you or prop you up if need be when you were sleep and Jamie would knead away some of the pains in your joints when you woke up achy and whiny. You had managed to push all the pillows and all of Mako’s pachimari plushes into a semi-comfortable pile. You snapped a quick picture of yourself immersed in the pile and typed up a message to the boys with a small grin.

‘Big as a 🐳but managed to get comfortable!😊 I miss you! I love you 🐷🐁’

Hitting send, you typed a quick message to Angela giving her a brief status update on how you were feeling before a response from both of the boys popped up at the same time. Your grin grew as you opened them up in quick succession, before a small frown tugged at your lips. Both messages said the same thing.

‘The message could not be delivered due to a temporary network setup error. Please try later. Error 2112’

Your brow scrunched up as you read it again, sighing softly. This wasn’t common when they went to more remote regions of the world, but you were pretty sure they had been dispatched to a place in Germany. Maybe you had remembered wrong…Shrugging it off, you leaned back into your pillow pile and dozed off.

Waking in the middle of the night was nothing new, your bladder demanded no less than three trips every two hours and your body ached if you laid in one position for too long. This night the pain in your back felt a little more intense when it woke you, your hand trying its best to massage at the small of your back.

“Jamie my ba–oh yeah that’s right…”

Your half asleep mind immediately called out to your lanky husband only to realize he wasn’t there. Huffing sleepily, you began to sluggishly push yourself to the edge of the bed, letting out a sigh of relief when your feel touched the floor. Hand resting on the small of your back you shuffled into the bathroom, doing your business and groaning as you began to scoot back. Normally rubbing a little and standing or moving a little alleviated the pain in the small of your back but not today. The pain was constant and radiating, drawing several annoyed huffs from your lips. Did the Hippocratic Oath include massages for very cranky, achy pregnant women? Maybe not, but Angela had said if you needed anything you could call…Reaching for your phone you called the Swiss doctor.

The next few hours bled together for you, the doctor informing you that this wasn’t back pain or Braxton-Hicks but you were in active labor. She swept you away to the medical center on the base as the contractions grew stronger and closer together, your mind racing between moments of pain.

“Ang”, you groaned, leaning over on one of the medical tables, bending one knee and then straightening up just trying to relieve some of the pain. “Please please please tell me you were able to reach them.”

You groaned as another wave of pain swept through your back and uterus, your fist pounding on the table gently. You were beginning to get really scared; scared that something had gone wrong in the field, scared that they might not make it back in time to you. Hell, that you couldn’t even hear their voices or see them in a video chat to provide even a bit of moral support. Mercy could see the panicked look that had begun to fill your eyes, the Swiss woman moving forward and gently taking your hand in hers.

“I am sorry Y/N”, she said softly, squeezing your hands between her own. She looked you in the eye, the confident, sure look she was giving you helping to cap some of your panic. “Vhy don’t we try ze water pool? It should soothe ze pain you are feeling.”

Nodding your head you followed after her, biting your bottom lip hard as you tried to focus on your labor and this baby and not on the possible dangers your Junkers could be in.

Mako and Jamison sprinted from the dropship as soon as the doors unlocked, dashing through the base and towards the med bay. They had stripped of their weapons in the ship, yelling over their shoulder for Lucio to take care of putting the stuff away. Their communication had been cut off while in Germany, a short-wave EMP completely wiping their phones out. Other than their phones being trashed, the trip had gone off without a hitch. They  were excited to return, ready to spend time with their girl. Still, as they left the area, they were hit by a wave of messages and calls both on the ship and all their phone telling them to rush back and that their girlfriend was in the midst of labor. That had been the day before and now they needed to rush to their girl’s side and help her through the grueling process.


Mercy stood in front of the sliding med bay doors, pointing to the decontamination room on the other side of the hall.

“You cannot go in until you decontaminate”, she ordered, hands on her hips as she stared down the two Junkers.

“Move doc”, Mako grunted, glaring at her from his mask as he placed his hand on Junkrat’s shoulder to stop him from rushing the healer.

“No”, she said to you pointedly. “If you do not decontaminate, you could bring germs into the hospital! I shall not risk zomeone’s health because you are going off half-cocked! Now gloves off, mask off and into ze decontamination chamber!”

“Ugh”, Junkrat screamed in frustration, knowing there was no point in arguing against the doctor, there’d be no way for you to get through. “Fine!”

Both of them went through the contamination chamber, antsy the entire time before rushing out and across the hall and into the medbay. Looking around, the two men saw that only one room was currently occupied and that had to be the room you were in. Jamison dashed in front of Mako and towards the room, waiting for the door to slide all the way open.

“Y/N–”, Jamison shouted before earning a glare from you and an aggressive shoosh. Jamison froze completely, Mako slowly passing through the door behind him, the large man covering his mouth with his hand.

The hospital room was small, but comfortable; large hospital bed layered in a comfortable antimicrobial blankets, a large television mounted on the wall, several walking and reclining chairs, a long couch, table and a state of the art bassinet alongside the bed. It looked like a single-bed hotel room with a slight medical twist. You sat in the bed, your long hair braided into a French braid, courtesy of Hana. Mercy had given you the okay wear your regular clothing, you had changed into a very low cut pink dress, going without the undershirt. But what their eyes had fixated on was the beautiful, baby that rested against your chest. They were dressed in a lovely mint green onesie, the white newborn cap a bit too large for their head. You teared up as you smiled at both men, carefully cradling the baby in your arms so that they could see their face.

“Say hi to little Isabella”, you whispered warmly, a few happy, hormonal tears leaving your eyes. “3.8 kilograms and 50 centimeters…”

Both Junker moved to either side of the bed, still stuck in awe at the little life they had created and reared together finally in the real world. None of you realized just how much you were crying, Mako stroking your cheek and pressing a hard kiss to your forehead, Jamie pressing one to your temple. Both of them very carefully stroked her cheeks, the newborn girl giving a big yawn in reaction.

“Hey there Izzy”, Jamison said, sniffling hard as he tried not to cry to hard. This was just something he never thought he would get to have, a real whole family. “Just as beaut as your ma.”

Mako was quiet as he stared at his little girl, tears unabashedly rolling down his cheeks as he pressed his forehead to the top of your head. Your hand covered his, Jamie moving to your other side and squeezing you tight as little Isabella Anika Rutledge slept soundly between her three parents.

Baby Daddy Part 3 Joker x Reader :)

I set my tea down on the table, the liquid quivering from the vibrations coming from J’s activities in the basement. Frosts screams echoed through the house and it was a little to much to bare. Trying to block it out I continued to read my book, the lines blurred my eyes, replacing the sentences with the words Poppy, Frosts screams being the only dialogue in the whole book. I couldn’t take living like this, the constant death, chaos and screaming. I had given up my entire career, hell life for some crime lord that in return gives me a busted head and a missing daughter.

 I touched the bandage that wrapped like a sweatband around my forehead. My entire body was covered in little nicks and long gashes. I felt an acidic hatred well up in my body gritting my teeth I pulled out my pistol storming downstairs. “J!” I screamed making my way downstairs. The musty sent of the basement filled my nose.The atmosphere was different down here then in the rest of the house. I cringed hearing Frosts screams intensify, I walked towards them pushing open a dingy metal door. J was standing in front of Frost with a hot iron. Four fingers were laying on the ground. I sneered at the sight. “You son of a bitch J!” I kicked open the door shooting towards J. He ducked tipping Frosts chair to cover him. The bullets bounced back towards me, I ducked as well. “Now whats this about?” J set Frost back up walking towards me. 

I stayed on the ground my pistol shaking. ‘I hate you!” I screamed. “None of this would have even came to fruition if I-” I got up screaming and pointing in his face.”if I would have just stayed away from you. You ruined my life! You ruined everything” I scrambled reloading my weapon. J was in shock, he stood there emotionless until he saw me pulling the bullets out of my pocket. He swung full force and punched me in the face. I fell to the ground getting the strength to pull my weapon. “You hate me huh ?” I nodded shaking hearing the pain and weakness in his voice he was trying to maintain the tough-guy act but he was cracking. He kicked the gun out of my hand yanking me up by my sweatshirt. “I’ll give you something to hate” I squirmed as he slammed me up against the wall frantically brushing at my hair. “But you couldn’t stay away back when you first saw me, could you doll? COULD YOU! You craved my attention, practically begged for it. Right sweetheart?” he yelled in my face. 

I trembled looking into his eyes. They were scarred with internal pain. I lost my anger, he was in just as much agony as I was. I felt another hard slap on my face. “Answer me doll or Daddy’s gonna get ugly” I kissed him with all the force I had left in me. He didn’t fight only returning the kiss harshly. “She will be back to us soon J” I said gently rubbing his cheek, his face softened at the sound of my voice. He smiled sadly putting me back down on the floor. My legs not strong enough from all the injuries I had acquired gave out and I collapsed. My head spun and everything became blurry. J spoke in a distant voice. “Wheres the doctor frost?” Frost looked up at J a fury in his eyes. He yanked up on his chains and looked at me. J nodded letting him free. He was missing two fingers on both of his hands. They had been burned close and wrapped in bandages personally by J. “I won’t be so kind next time Frosty.” J said picking his blood stained knife smiling a hellish grin. Frost nodded lifting my limb body up. 

Blood trickled down my face and onto the ground. He carried me through the bullet ridden house and up to my bedroom, phoning the Doctor while sitting by my side. “Doc come down now” There was a bit of silence  before Frost said “The girl” slamming down the phone. I looked tenderly at Frost. He looked uncomfortable and in anguish his whole family had been killed besides his wife and youngest son because he forgot to pick me up from my ballerina rehearsals. His life had been ruined too. I placed my hand on his. His head snapped to the door hoping J wasn’t there. “I won’t let him hurt you anymore don’t worry.” I slightly smiled putting my hand back at my sides. “I’m sorry” He said in a sincere voice. I shook my head “No no Frost it’s not your fault” He sat back in the plush black chair. “I didn’t even know she was gone until J screamed. I was just down in the kitchen fixing her a bottle, everything was so quiet I didn’t here whoever it was break in”

 I teared up at the thought of Frost making a bottle, doing his job the best he could then being punished for something he couldn’t control. I burst out crying “I’m so sorry Frost” The painted purple walls seemed to intensify in color, my head getting woozy. “Calm down miss” I heard the doctor step in. J had the doctor reattach Frost’s finger and I had a sever concussion and needed stitches.

J worked severely as I was bedridden in the hospital bed, Frost by my side. It was three months until we heard any word about Poppy. All I could be was sit staring up at the ceiling thinking of what was happening to her, I cried often at these thoughts a burning fear in my stomach. J rarely visited making my fear and loneliness worst. When he did visit, it was for ten minutes before he would leave to chase a dead lead only speaking to Frost never me. In my mind I pretended he would speak the loving words I rarely heard from him.

 It was Thursday when the nurse brought in a letter. Frost opened it first. I watched at the paper particles flew into the air as he ripped it open. His eyes read over the letter first slowly a look of concern came over his face. “What is it Frost?” He held up his finger at me, dialing the phone J had installed in the room when he took over the hospital. I crossed my arms pouting. It was my letter anyway why should he keep it from me.  I heard J’s tired voice answer. “what” I leaned closer listening. “A letter is here you might want to check out” The line went silent. “On my way.” 

 Frost sat back in the blue chair he had basically lived in. “What is it” I pipped up sounding innocent. “I’m not sure” he said lying. I just shook my head trying to read the letter when he held it up to the light. I squinted the only thing that was clearly printed was ‘She is safe’ Machine guns sounded in the front lobby alerting the staff to let him in. I smiled hearing the door slam open and my Princes shoes coming around the corner. He walked in dressed in black pants and a white dress shirt. Handsomely he snatched the letter. I blushed even though he completely ignored me. 

We waited in anticipation as J read the letter. The white walls surrounding me reminded me of the quiet room at Arkham that staff would throw me in when I was having ‘a bad day’ I cringed at the memories when  the thought of Poppy’s future. She can’t end up like us. I couldn’t allow it.

J crumpled the paper and threw it up against the wall. He turned to Frost  “Why does the bat have her?” Fearing J would hurt Frost I intervened. “She’s safe” J turned to me “What?” I felt uncomfortable fiddling with the white blanket. “The bat wouldn’t hurt her J, you know that” He nodded something like relief washed over his face. “We know all of the bats hide-out J” It’s just a matter of getting her back.” 

“Call then men and meet me at the house. She will be fine” J pointed to me before walking out of the door. Shortly after having made his phone call Frost followed. I sat alone in the room a feeling of dread washed over me. I wanted Poppy to stay with the bat or whoever he really was. A figure of justice would never raise a child to be ruthless or hurt a child. I sat up in my bed spotting the clothes that J had Frost bring with him. I needed to talk with the bat.

.., .

Breaking into the Gotham Police Department was easy. They used a magnetic badge system all you needed was a weak magnet and you were in, no bar codes of fingerprints. I climbed the stairs up to the roof. J had told me that’s where the bat signal was because and I quote The Clown Prince “GPD was Batman’s bitch sweetie” I pressed the magnet I got at a gas station to the beeper. The door opened blowing icy cold wind in my face. 

The small flats that I wore on my feet froze instantly, my flowing black dress offered no safety either. I flipped on the signal watching the cloudy beam of light slice through the sky. The city breathed around me, cars honked and the lights flickered. Gotham was so beautiful from above. All the trash that crawled below was completely hidden, no screaming only the wind. J couldn’t know that this meeting ever happened. He wouldn’t be able to handle a betrayal on this scale. Behind me I heard a rush or wind. I felt his demanding presence.

“You signaled”

to be continued in part three! Thank you for reading! Until next time Same bat-time, same bat-channel!!

The Wrong Trigger | A JB / Jaebum Gang AU Scenario Part 1

Characters: Got7′s Im Jaebum / JB, You

Author’s Note: I’ve been working on this for days but my major exams kept getting in the way. Thus this is only the first part. I’ll post part 2 soon but for now, I have your requests to tend to ;)

Warning: Hint of violence and vulgarities

“What do you want for dinner tonight?” You ask Jaebum as you go about the supermarket, cart and shopping list in one hand, your phone in the other.

“You,” he replies, his voice husky. You stop in your tracks and try your hardest to keep a straight face. Though he can’t actually see your reaction, it’s become a force of habit.

“You’re lucky you aren’t here Im Jaebum, or I would’ve whooped your ass,” you say with a hushed voice as you continue to scan the racks, looking for all that is in your list.

“Ooo, spanking. Someone’s being kinky,” you stop in your tracks again and heave a long sigh as you pinch the bridge of your nose in frustration. He’s smirking and you know it. You can simply feel his cockiness radiating through the phone.

“Im Jaebum,” you say through gritted teeth. You hear him chuckling on the other end and you actually wish he’s physically with you at this moment so that you could smack him.

“Okay, okay, fine I’ll stop. I’m craving for my favourite dish,” he answers, still chuckling. His laughter is cut short when he sees a group of men coming his way; men who aren’t supposed to be in this area.

“Hey babe? I’ll call you back okay?” He says without taking his eyes off of them. You notice the change in his tone and immediately know what’s going on. Though you know this kind of situation is a norm, you can’t help but to feel worried for his safety every time. Today however, the sense of impending danger is much stronger than it has ever been but you shrug it off, telling yourself he’ll be just fine.

“Be careful, I love you,” you say.

“I will, I love you too,” he replies before hanging up. You linger on the line for another second before sliding your phone into your back pocket and moving along with your grocery shopping.

“You guys picked the wrong day to enter my territory. I honestly wasn’t in the mood to fight. Also, you interrupted my conversation with my girlfriend, how rude,” Jaebum says with feigned hurt in his tone as he places a hand on his chest.

“Da Heon sends his regards,” one of them says, earning a scoff from Jaebum.

“He has an army and he only decides to send the four of you to me? What is he, dumb?” Jaebum says with a quirked brow. He doesn’t get a reply but sees a smirk pulling on the corners of the earlier guy’s lips.

One of them dashes towards Jaebum, withdrawing a blade from his back pocket. Jaebum remains on his spot, reading the guy’s movements. He doesn’t pull out his weapon, not yet. The man makes a move to swing the blade towards Jaebum’s face but Jaebum catches his arm. Jaebum tightens his grip, numbing the man’s hand. A loud clatter hits the ground, forming a smirk on Jaebum’s face. Releasing the man’s wrist, Jaebum sends a kick his way, hitting him straight in the chest. The man falls backwards, hitting his head against a dumpster, knocking him out. Crouching down, Jaebum picks up the blade the man has dropped and examines it.

“Not bad, I could keep this,” he says. At that moment, he sees the second guy getting into a stance, ready to attack him.

“Or maybe not,” Jaebum mutters before throwing the blade towards the man, striking him right at his heart. The man lets out a cry of pain before hitting the ground. Blood oozes out of his wound as he takes in short breaths. Jaebum doesn’t bother watching him any longer; he’s bound to die anyway. Shifting his line of vision towards the remaining two, Jaebum scans them and finds something out of place. Jaebum knows they have a gun, but what confuses him is the fact that they’re not using it. Instead, they lunge towards him, unarmed.

Once you’re done grocery shopping, you make your way home as you plan the dishes you’ll be cooking, in your mind. As you’re walking down the usual route to your house, you begin to feel uneasy. Sneaking a glance over your shoulder, you spot a group of men mirroring your pace. Your gut feeling gnaws at you, telling you that they aren’t ordinary men. Without thinking twice, you drop your groceries and make a run for it. In the midst of it, you dial Jaebum’s number but your fright only heightens when the call goes unanswered.

Please leave a message after the beep.

“Jaebum-ya, there are men following me. I’m 10 minutes away from home, at the alleyway we’d take whenever you’re too lazy to take the long route to the grocery store. I’m not sure if I can make it home. I made a run for it but I don’t know if the men are still -” You’re cut off when a figure blocks your way. Gasping, you take a step back and meet his eyes. He’s smiling down at you but all you see is malevolence in his eyes.

If you’re ever in danger and I don’t pick up, leave a message that’s as detailed as possible and then place your phone into your back pocket. Don’t end the call. Jaebum once told you.

“Who are you?” you ask, stuttering as you take slow steps back. Your back comes into contact with a brick wall, stunning you slightly. The man doesn’t reply but approaches you instead. He takes his time with every step, scanning you from top to bottom and back up. Your heart begins to race as a smirk grows on his face. Your stomach feels queasy as you try to think of a way to escape. Without a second thought, you dash towards an opening but a hand grabs your arm, pulling you back. Before you can wriggle out of his grip, he has you pinned against the wall.

“Where do you think you’re going, hm?” Upon asking that question, he draws his face nearer to yours.

“I never knew Jaebum’s girlfriend would be this pretty up front. It’s going to be harder for me to hurt you,” he whispers as he curls a strand of hair behind your ear. You flinch at his touch, shiver in his presence.

“Babe, if in any situation, someone has you trapped and you aren’t able to aim their vital area, knee the inner part of their thigh and when their grip loosens, shove them away as hard as possible and make a run for it.” Remembering what Jaebum once told you, you knee the inner part of the man’s thigh. This elicits a groan from the man as he withers in his pain, loosening his grip on you. 

Seeing this as an opportunity, you shove him away as hard as possible and run towards the nearest opening. Your hopes of escaping are crushed as the group of men you saw earlier on, block your way. You fall back on your step, losing your balance but just as you’re about to fall, a pair of hands stabilises you. Turning you to face him, he lets out a forced laugh.

“It’s sad that your boyfriend didn’t prepare you well enough.”

“Who are you?” You ask once more, your voice barely audible. He doesn’t reply immediately but grabs your phone from your back pocket. Placing the phone to his ear, he smiles down at you once more.

“Da Heon sends his regards.”

“Don’t you find it odd that he only sent four men?” Yugyeom asks.

“Yeah, I do. It’s even weirder that they weren’t even trying to take me out. I know Da Heon and the potential of his men. Those whom I just fought were barely putting in any effort,” Jaebum says as he applies some medication on his bruises. Sure they’re present but in any other situation, Jaebum would’ve come out of that fight with worse injuries. Once he’s done, he takes out his phone to call you but tenses upon seeing the notification on his phone.

1 unopened voicemail.

With a quickened heartbeat, Jaebum opens the voicemail and with every passing second, his grip on his phone grows tighter. Anger clouds his face as he grits his teeth. Upon hearing the last few seconds of that voicemail, Jaebum shuts his eyes in an attempt to dissipate a part of the burning anger within him.

“Hyung, what’s wrong?” Yugyeom asks upon seeing the elder’s sudden change in demeanour.

“Those four men were merely a distraction. That fucker took my girlfriend.”

If my hands could speak, they would tell you “I miss your touch.”
Even though we both know that you haven’t really touched me,
your voice did and they went to places no one ever been.
Your fingerprints weren’t even imprinted on my favourite
chipped cup that I always use in Sundays 7AM but
I always feel like you have reached and lay hands upon
every corner of my body and my room and my things
and it is abominable because I know that when the time is up,
it will be so hard to distinguish my property with yours
because it seemed like everything you have ever touched
absentmindedly became yours.
My hands would even apologize for writing too
many compositions about you because you cannot even
fucking leave my mind and these sickening butterflies
you left me has now turned into bees that sting my
stomach every now and then so, pardon.

If my eyes could speak, they would tell you “I want to see you.”
Because it felt like a long while since I saw your face because
I am trying so hard not to blink nor sleep because I always see you.
And trust me, it is not that hard to avoid seeing your face
because my mind has been eight times busier thinking about
you and your smile and your eyes and that crease on your forehead
and it doesn’t even have time to send my neurotransmitter
that I should sleep and get some rest.
If my ears could speak, they would tell you “Speak louder.”
I don’t know if I was just cheating myself nor was I just imagining it
but I thought I heard you whisper the
words I have been waiting to hear.
Maybe, it was just a figment of my imagination but I want to at least
satisfy myself with the hunger of hearing you
because it has been awhile and I can’t wait
for that moment that we can talk again like
there’s nothing bad happened and that everything is back to normal.

If my tongue could speak, it would tell you “Craving for your taste.”
Because it has been hankering for no other than your flavour
and everything tasted bland without
your aroma raining my taste buds.
Before, everything seemed monochrome in my tongue but then
you came right in and brought me colors other than black and white,
like you are a spice I have been wanting to have and needing to have
ever since my life on this world started.

If my nose could speak, it would tell you
“Your smell is all over the place.”
And I’ve done nothing but inhale them
sharply because I don’t ever want
to miss the chance of having your scent flowing through my nostrils.
I don’t want to deny myself that your scent still stings in my sense of
smell and even though it brings me pain,
I could not not inhale your scent
because it’s one of the things that keeps me going.
If my heart could speak, it would tell you “I miss you.”
It does nothing but pump memories of us—
you and me, to my bloodstreams
and to anywhere it could be delivered and
it sucks because I just miss you more.

And yes, all of my senses has a lot to say to you
and I know I should find a way
to be able to express each of them to you
but I am too afraid of the outcome
so I remained silent throughout
the situation but please, that doesn’t mean
I don’t care anymore.
I want you to see and think of it this way, I’ve hurt you:
Countless times and you deserve better than what I could offer.
You were happy with me but
you can be much more happier with someone
and she will paint your world with hues you never knew existed;
she won’t grab the sun to shine your world but instead,
weave constellations of stars
and put them in the back of your eyelids
so that when you close your eyes, you will be reminded
that in darkness, there is light and in light, there is darkness.
She will poke the best and worst out of you and she will stay
because she loved both shades
no matter what people think nor you think.
She will conceal the burns you have had with me and she will touch it
with cold hands to make you remember the feeling you had
when you haven’t had those burns and how much different it feels
now that somebody is going to balance them.
She won’t write you poems but instead will read my poems to you
and tell how great but deadly we were and will assure you
that there is more to what people really feel and see.
She will be your exelsior and the reason why you can’t even knock
at your demons’ door most of the nights because she can’t even
leave your mind and she is the sole reason why you’re sane.
She will love you to the deepest corners of your heart
and you will love her just as the same and I will be happy for you.
(Okay, maybe that is kind of a lie because I kind of still envision
you and me, me and you being together but it’s already done)

—  s.a., i was asked “what’s keeping you busy?“

There is no way for me to reckon the effect you have upon my heart;

I would wrap myself inside your bittersweet, if it were possible.

Sweeter than any chocolate that I could ever crave,

The sad honey taste of you, to augment with my tears.

—  sobeautifullyobsessed, my poetry 

strmpilot-deactivated20160328  asked:

hi!!! i've been feeling a bit down about myself lately and i need some sterek to lighten the mood. could you update some sick!sterek or barista!sterek?? something with just a lot of fluff and happiness!!! maybe even making a den/pillow palace or something!!! JUST SOMETHING!! thank u guys, ur blog is #1 in my eyes

thanks for all the love :D

were all updated fairly recently

so have some pillow/blanket forts

We’ll Still Have The Summer by allyasavedtheday (1/1 | 32,307 | PG13)

He’s too busy waxing poetic in his own head about the surly – dreamy – dude holding the sign for the hotel to notice Scott already making his way over. He pauses halfway when he realises Stiles isn’t following him, turning around and eyeing Stiles curiously, “Dude, come on, the guy’s waiting.”

Stiles snaps himself into action and pushes his cart carrying his suitcases over to where Scott’s introducing himself to Stiles’ future husband.

“-And this is Stiles,” Scott is saying just as Stiles arrives next to him.

“I’m Derek,” the guy replies gruffly, folding the sign up and tucking it under his arm. “I’ll be taking you back to the hotel.”

Soft by cats_pajamas (1/1 | 506 | G)

Teeny lil bit of fluff ‘cause Derek can’t resist Sleepy!Stiles and neither could my poor imagination

I Crave You by HaleHole (1/1 | 1,401 | NC17)

Reclining back into the nest of pillows and warm blankets, Derek watched Stiles crawl out of the fort. He couldn’t see through the pale sheets that made up the walls of the fort but it was easy enough to hear the other man pad across the room and turn off the lights. Another ‘click’ and the fairy lights blinked to life.

you and me, all the way home by sassywerewolfuncle (1/1 | 2,361 | G)

Stiles finds Derek in the aisle with the table linens.

Or, the one where they find a home in each other, with each other.

A blanket fort is all it takes (to admit I’m in love with you) by hellodickspeight (1/1 | 1,375 | PG13)

Derek worries about Stiles and they end up in a blanket fort.

I crave this superficial simplicity from you. 
I want to hold your hand and get to know you better than you know yourself. I want to bring you all the comfort in the world when you call me crying at three am on a Saturday morning. 
I want you to let me in.

I crave this opportunity to get to know your creases and bumps and if you are content with what surrounds you daily. 
I want to know how you were able to overcome those hardships I often catch you muttering about. I want to tell strangers at a coffee shop about how I never thought an individual could come into my life and fix what I didn’t even know was broken.

little did I know that for quite some time I’ve been putting feelings that rightfully belonged to you onto anyone I could get my hands on.

I crave what I know we could eventually be to each other.

—  just some of the things I’ll
never tell you