could you be anymore perfect

the diabolik lovers boys as roommates

ayato: actually an okay roommate? he talks about himself a lot, but he has no friends so you feel kind of bad for him. if you can handle his narcissism then he’ll be a good friend and roommate. if not, well, he always brings back takoyaki leftovers. 7/10

laito: cool roommate who always invites you out. he always has someone over. be prepared to walk in on him and his partner every time you return home. 5/10

kanato: prepare for your kitchen to become a candy/pastry vault. you haven’t seen a vegetable in weeks. if he feels like taking an outing with you he makes you go to build a bear and buy him a toy. doesn’t like it when you leave him alone so you two end up spending all your time together. 5/10

shuu: the chillest roommate ever. perhaps a little too chill. he once flooded the bathroom because he fell asleep and forgot to turn the tub off. for all his faults you can’t really get mad at him because he does not give a shit about anything you do in the apartment. 8/10

reiji: the most anal roommate ever. he won’t let you leave the house until you’ve made your bed. set a curfew. will lock you out if you break curfew. on the plus side he does all the chores and cooks really well. 3/10

subaru: you’ve seen subaru maybe twice the entire time you’ve lived together. he’s always hiding in his room and gets flustered when you want to talk to him about anything. he doesn’t know his own strength and he gets angry too easily, so you’ve had to explain to your landlord why your walls have multiple holes in them. on the bright side he always pays for repairs 6/10

ruki: the roommate who always seems to be in a sour mood and pissed at you even if he’s not. despite this, he’s quiet and organized and overall a good roommate. do not bring people over, though, he hates having strangers invade his space and will stand there glaring at your guests until they leave. 7/10

kou: your house is literally littered with candies and fan letters that his fans send. he makes you reply to all his fanmail. he’ll help out if asked, but last time you asked he made you hold three different lights to his face for two hours so he could take the perfect selfie, so you don’t ask anymore. 3/10

azusa: the sweetest roommate ever, except for his knife collection. he locks himself out a lot though and never carries his phone so you often come home to find him huddled in front of the door. a good roommate to cuddle and drink hot chocolate with. 10/10

yuma: a messy boy. leaves his clothes everywhere and expects you to do his laundry. it gets to the point where you end up doing it just so he won’t wear whatever’s on the floor closest to him. he turned your place into an indoor garden and when he’s away will leave sticky notes on exactly how to take care of the plants. on the plus side, he’s a good cook and will complement you often, especially if you take good care of the plants. 7/10

carla: much like ruki, carla always seems to be angry at you. the difference between him and ruki is that he actually is angry at you. why? no reason. the only good things about having him as a roommate is that he pays his rent and is pretty quiet. 1/10

shin: brings dogs home that he finds on the street and now your apartment is infested with fleas. has a tail that he chains to his belt loop? you once asked him where the furry convention was and he threw your mattress out the window. 3/10

kino: always on his phone. forgets to pay the electric bill. drinks juice right outta the carton. makes you make a hundred new accounts on different mobile games so you can gift him items. kino isn’t the worst roommate on this list per se, but he’s really pushing it. 2/10


yui: literally best roommate. plugs your phone in at night when you fall asleep. makes you breakfast and impromptu lunches for when you’re going out. if you’re rooming with her after rooming with one of the boys, you cry because she’s such a blessing. 20/10 best roommate

karlheinz: fucked your girlfriend on your bed and didn’t think it was that big of a deal. 0/10 worst roommate

Movie Date (M)

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REQUESTED: you and your boyfriend going to the movie theatre and things get a little heated.

Reader (you) x Mark Tuan

Word Count: 1076

Warnings: SMUUTTYYYY (overstimulation and public sex)

note: here you go, anon! as requested! i really hope you like this one because i died a little while writing this haha! i do need holy water after writing this tho… happy reading and take care! -admin

It was a warm evening with people packed at the movie theater. You had convinced Mark to go out and see a newly released movie that you’ve been waiting for months to release. Together you two walked into the movie theater, hand in hand, as Mark paid for the seats and food. You were grateful that Mark had agreed to go out with you since he never took you out anymore. And what more could you ask than a perfect movie date in the evening.

“Why are there so many people here?” Mark whined as we entered the theatre. You didn’t bother answering him because you were two busy looking for two seats.

“Over there.” You pointed out as you started to make your way towards the two seats. But Mark pulled your arm back and led you in a different direction.

“Let’s sit in the corner.” Mark stated as he dragged you to the opposite side of the room and sat down. Sitting down beside him, you looked at your boyfriend and questioned his actions. Usually he wouldn’t pick the seat nearest to the wall because he liked to sit in the middle where he could see the screen properly. But today was different. Today, you sat beside the wall of the theatre instead of a stranger while Mark sat on the other side of you.

“We should go get some ramen after this.” You suggested to your boyfriend.

“If you’re still hungry after all of the food I bought you, I’ll take you.” Mark stated as he put his arm around your shoulders and leaned back on the chair.

You leaned in to kiss Mark on the cheek as the lights turned off in the theatre, “Thanks, babe.”

You two didn’t talk anymore after the screen turned on and started to play the movie. You were focused on the movie to notice that Mark wasn’t even enjoying the movie at all. He started to fiddle around with his fingers and tap his foot while you focus yourself on the screen. You didn’t notice until an hour in the movie that Mark’s hand rested on your thigh and played with the hem of your skirt. As you felt his fingers push up the fabric of the skirt, you derived your attention off the screen and looked down at Mark’s hand.  

“Mark, not now.” You hissed quietly at him as you pushed his hand away. Turning your head to look at him, the light from the screen showed a smirk plastered on his face. You rolled your eyes, turning your head to the screen and tried to focus on the movie. But Mark’s hand make their way back on your thighs and distracted you from tuning in on the movie.

“Make a noise and you’ll be punished tonight.” Mark growled in your ear as his hand began massaging your thighs. You wanted to protest against his actions, but as his hand made their way underneath your skirt and up to your core, you couldn’t help but melt under his touch. His hand finally reached your panites, tracing your slit with his index and middle finger. You bit your lips, trying not to let out a moan as Mark started to circle your clit slowly.

“Fuck, Mark.” You breathed out quietly as Mark continued to tease you. Mark knew how to press your buttons, making you mewl under his touch. But in a public place like a movie theatre, you tried to contain your moans as you started to rock your hips, wanting more from Mark.

“You feel so wet, baby girl.” Mark whispered against your neck as he inserted two fingers inside of your sopping sex, moving in and out very slowly. You bit your lips and closed your eyes, enjoying the pleasure your boyfriend was giving you. But he was going to slow. You started to bucked your hips against his fingers, trying to create friction but, Mark stopped all his movements.

“You like this baby girl?” Mark growled in your ear, his dirty talking turning you on immensely. “Let’s see how well you can take this.”

And with that, he took his finger out for a moment before he inserted two fingers again but this time curling them to hit your spot. You gripped your seat as Mark started to move his fingers at a brisk pace, sending you over the edge. He moved his fingers faster while his thumb applied pressure onto your clit. He began circling your clit slowly as he continued his fast pace while you struggled to keep your voice down. You felt your peak nearing as Mark hit your sweet spot over and over again. And soon, your peak came crashing down on you that sent your quivering under Mark’s touch as you let out a soft moan.

“Shh.” Mark hushed as he inserted another finger into your taunt walls. “You can take one more.”

You bit your lip hard, trying to contain your moans as Mark continued to plunge his fingers in and out of you, not giving you time to recover from your previous orgasm. He jerked his hand, curling his fingers to hit your g-spot as you were squirming under his touch. You gripped the seat tighter, closing your eyes and biting your lips. It didn’t take long to hit your second orgasm as Mark moved his fingers harder, faster, and deeper within you. You felt your essence drench Mark’s fingers and your skirt as Mark pulled out his fingers, taking the napkin beside him to wipe them clean. You let out a breathy sigh as you opened your eyes and turned to look at Mark’s smirking face.

“How about we get out of here?” Mark whispered as he took of his jacket and laid it on top of your skirt.

“Yeah,” You managed breathed out, looking back at the movie that you were no longer interested in because of how turned on you were, “Let’s go home.”

Mark took your hand and helped you get up from your seat as you wrapped Mark’s jacket around your waist. Dragging you out of the theatre, you two ran out of the place and went home. You planned to go see the movie again another time since Mark distracted you from watching it. But you weren’t complaining because your boyfriend was ten times better than the movie itself. And it was a date that you would never forget.

BTS reaction after your first kiss


Jin would be about to go on stage, but would tell you he needed a good luck kiss. It would be sweet and lingering as the boys stared in jealousy awe at how cute you two were. He’d pull away with a simple ‘see you later Jagi’ and a wink to go on stage. He’d put on the best performance of his life that night.

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Your first kiss would be a little while into your relationship, he wouldn’t want to rush things. But good things come to those who wait because it would be perfect. He’d pull away and just look at you with the most adoring eyes you’d ever see and a small smile before taking your hands in his and kissing them too, a rare show of affection to remind you how much you mean to him.

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After dropping you off home after your dinner date, Hoseok, having practised this a million few times in his head, would boldly grab your waist and press a searing, passionate kiss to your lips. Smirking slightly he’d leave you flustered, heart pounding on your door step, saying a simple ‘good night Jagi’ over his shoulder.

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You two had been dating for a while and you both really wanted to get your first kiss right so when he finally leaned in for a sweet, lingering kiss, everything was perfect, the time, the place and the person. However, when Namjoon cheekily said ‘hmm, I think we need a bit more practice don’t you?’ you were more than happy to oblige.

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Jimin’s kisses would be sweet and loving with a little bit of naughtiness thrown in, so when you felt him nibbling on your bottom lip, your first kiss may have turned into a little bit more. So when you finally pull away, a rosy blush flushed on your cheeks, he would smile at you bashfully saying ‘aw you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed!’

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Tae would just pull away wondering to himself if you could be anymore perfect. His mind would be so consumed with thoughts of you that he wouldn’t even notice when he caught himself staring at you while running his thumb over his bottom lip causing you to blush. ‘Oh I’m sorry Jagi, you’re just so beautiful and that was amazing.’

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He’d come back from his third date with you to a full on interrogation from the boys. After many questions, Namjoon piped up with ‘did you kiss her?!’ ‘…maybe’ he’d reply to huge ceelbrations from the rest of the boys, their little Kookie was growing up. He just sat there, his face glowing like this:

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Purple Part Eight | Taehyung, You

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Why do you have to be different?

​​​​​​​The lake became their ‘spot’, they met each other there almost once a week. Their lives became busy again, Taehyung having to finish his final copy of his part one for his thesis, Tori having to study pretty hard in order to ace her exams (she decided she should try harder this time round considering she was dating the smartest kid in her class) and apart from that Taehyung would often go to the library or to the gym – and only ever during dusk – while Tori would be at the mall with friends or working her part time job at the grocery store.

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When you rap one of their singles for them: B.A.P Yongguk and BTS Rap Monster

So sooooorrrrryyyyyy! I feel so bad that I am so behind on reactions and scenarios cause of other stuff I’ve gots to do to be all adult like -_- So I’m playing the catch up game now, but I definitely have not stopped working on Le Noir, but making 6 intro route chapters is a massively workload so please bear with me. Thank you and lots of love for you lovelies this Christmas! 

Here is a reaction for the wonderful @koginae-syu:

Hello once again~ I’ve come back to request yongguk and namjoon reacting THE their s/o rapping one of their singles to them!~


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Yongguk would just silently watch the scene before him, a gummy smile plastered on his face. Watching you rap his single “4:44 AM”, seeing as how you tried so hard to get the words, keep the rhythm. His heart filled with so much joy and love seeing you rap a song so close to his heart. He wouldn’t want to move, look away, hell even breath, in fear that he would ruin your flow, ruin the moment. Once you were done, you shyly looked him in the eye, taking a deep breath. A small sprout of fear creeped into your mind. That you ruined his most deep and personal single. Something he poured his heart and soul into. You wanted to show him that no matter how much pain and sadness he was in. No matter how much hurt he was feeling that you would be his strength. Be by his side. Support him through thick and thin. At your shy awkwardness, Yongguk would simply get up from his seat and pull you into a deep hug, gently petting your head and whispering sweet loving words in your ear. He felt like the luckiest man in the world to know that he had an angel right beside him.

“*Comes up and hugs you* Thank you….”

“Haha what are you thanking me for? *snuggles into his chest*”

“For being you….for being perfect. *nuzzles into your hair*”

“Me? Perfect? I think you’re talking about the wrong girlfriend. *giggles*”

“*low chuckle* No, I’m pretty sure that the most perfect, wonderful, and angelic girlfriend is in my arms right now.”

“And don’t forget future super-star rapper. *chuckles*”

“*hugs you tighter and chuckles* That too, haha.”


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Namjoon would try so hard not to run up and grab you into a big hug during the middle of you cover of his single “Do You.” The way you managed to keep up with the flow of the song and produce such fluid lines made him puff out his chest with pride. He secretly wanted to videotape you and show you off to the rest of the boys, but he knew you would probably smack him if he did. Once you were done though, all bets were off. He would scoop in his arms and twirl you around, showering you with compliments until you giggled. The small worry in your heart that you had ruined his song would soon dissipate as soon as he covered your face with soft pecks showing how happy he was. Seeing how much effort you put in to memorize the lyrics, get the rhythm, and put out some swagger just for him, he was over the moon and back. You were already the girl of his dreams. Sexy, intelligent, confident, and hard-working. And now you had a secret talent for rapping? How could you be anymore perfect? He would sneakily slip in some sexy innuendos in you ear during his barrage of compliments, only causing you to jokingly smack his chest.

“My my, I didn’t know that my Jagi had such a dirty mouth *raises a cocky brow*”

“*rolls eyes* I learned it from my dirty mouth boyfriend.”

“Really? Is that why you like to do things dirty, Jagi? *smirks*”

“Yah! Namjoon! *smacks chest lightly*”

“Haha, joking, joking. But, wow, maybe we should make you the 8th member of BTS with your rapping skills. *chuckles*”

“Are you ready to share me with the boys and the rest of the world then? *raise a teasing brow*”

“You know what, I retract my previous statement. *pulls you into a tighter hug* They is no f***in way I am sharing.”

“And there’s the potty mouth *chuckles*”

“*gives an eskimo kiss* I learned it from my potty mouth girlfriend.”

“*rolls eyes then gives him a peck on the lips*”

I’ll take care of you (M)

Word Count: 7033
Pairing: Jongin/You 
Summary: When your friend Yumi starts dating the most beautiful person you’ve ever met, things get a bit difficult. You don’t like the way she treats him, and when she ends up cheating on him you go over to make sure he’s okay. Skip ahead three years and you’re best friends now, but there’s a slight problem; You’re completely in love with him.
Warning(s): Smut and its fluffy as hell.

Italics are memories and text messages.

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job au prompt: ‘i have a very cute neighbour and very thin walls and one day I call you and err your moans are very synchronised with my neighbour’s’ + ‘ I called you because I was curious and wow you have a very soothing voice can you please sing me to sleep’ 

Having faced many a dilemma within your life the worst of problems didn’t seem to phase you, or that is until you had stumbled across a small issue that now had you beyond lost. You were a realist and it was within your nature to meet a problem head on and yet all you had done thus far was ignore it.

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Elijah Mikaelson short one shot #2

Inspired by this post and poemfreak306


The ball room was large and breathtaking. Everyone inside were dressed very nice and dancing with their partner. I glanced around, looking for my own partner, Elijah Mikaelson. I found him standing next to Klaus, his younger brother at the top of the stairs. 

I lifted the skirt of my large ballgown, careful not to trip over my dress and approached the stairs. Elijah met eyes with me and immediately headed down the stairs. He was dressed in a expensive looking tux and his tie was tied into a perfect knot. I didn’t think he could get anymore handsome. 

“You look perfect,” Elijah said. I smiled at his words. He grabbed my hand and led me out to the dance floor. Of all the people in the room, I couldn’t think of a single one I would rather be with. 

“Elijah,” A familiar female voice said. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Rebekah push her way through the crowd. She looked breathtakingly beautiful in her large red dress and matching red lips. But her eyes looks panicked. 

“Elijah, you have to come quickly, “ Rebekah said. 

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I must go.” Elijah said. He gave me a small kiss on the cheek before leaving with Rebekah. I looked up at the top of the stairs and noticed that Klaus was now gone. 

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Innocence (Lydia/Reader)

requested by @betababe-imagines

reader is an angel and lydia thinks she’s too pure for her so she rejects her and yeahh


“Stiles I swear if you keep pulling on my wings I’m gonna hurt you!” You threatened the pale boy who stood behind you.

He quickly scurried away which caused everybody to chuckle.

You were currently at Scott’s house with the pack having a movie night and you felt comfortable enough around them to be in your true form, which was an angel. White wings and all.

“So when are you gonna ask out Lydia?” Malia asked through a mouthful of popcorn.

Her bluntness never ceased to amaze you as you nearly choked on your drink. You frantically looked around for the banshee only to find that she wasn’t in the room.

“Don’t worry, she’s upstairs with Kira.” Scott chuckled at you.

You shook your head, “I don’t know, soon I think. She tutors me tomorrow morning so maybe i’ll ask her then.”

“Ask who what?” Lydia’s voice called as she walked into the living room.

Your eyes widened as you shot Stiles a panicked look.

“Uh we need some info on Theo so Y/N said she’ll talk to Tracy and see if we can get anything.” Stiles winked at you with a proud smile on his face.

That was a good one, Stiles.

Lydia scrunched up her face, “Tracy? Hm, don’t really like her.”


Walking to the library the next morning nearly caused you to have a panic attack, you were so nervous.

I mean, you were gonna ask out the girl you’ve had a crush on since middle school. Not like that’s a big deal or anything.

“Morning Y/N! I picked you up a coffee on my way this morning.” The strawberry blonde smiled at you as she handed you the Starbucks cup.

Could she be anymore perfect?

“Thanks Lyds,” You took a seat across from her before continuing, “Look, I’ve been meaning to ask you something and I totally understand if you don’t feel the same way or something, but I just need to ask an-”

Lydia cut you off, “It’s alright, just ask me.”

You took a deep breathing before speaking, “Do you want to go out with me? We could go to the movies or I know you like bowling so we could go there-”

Once again, she cut you off.

“I-I can’t. Y/N, you’re an angel, you’re so innocent and pure. I’m a banshee, I literally sense death a-and we’re just polar opposites. We can’t, I’m sorry.” She stuttered out.

You shook your head, “N-No, it’s fine. I uh, I need to go now.”

Quickly gathering your things, you rushed out of the library and practically ran into Tracy.

“Watch where you’re go- oh Y/N! Are you okay?” She sounded concerned.

“Yeah, i’m fine.” You mumbled.

Tracy shook her head, “You’re crying, what happened?”

You didn’t even know you were crying till she pointed it out.

The chimera reached up and wiped away your tears with her thumb which caused you cry ever more.

She brought you in for a hug as you sobbed into her shoulder, her arms tightened around you as you clung onto her.


Lydia ran out of the library in a panic, god, she was such an idiot. Of course she ruined her chances with you.

She had liked you almost as long as you had liked her.

The banshee frantically looked around the hallways for you until she spotted you clinging onto Tracy.

Oh no, this was not happening.

“Excuse me, but I can take care of Y/N. After all, she is mine.” Lydia shot at Tracy who glared at her.

You pulled away from Tracy and faced Lydia, “What? Yours?”

Lydia reached for your waist and brought you closer to her, “Yes, mine.”

Her lips were on yours and Tracy was long forgotten.

Pulling away, you leaned your forehead against hers before speaking, “Y-You said we couldn’t, that we’re opposites.”

“Haven’t you heard? Opposites attract.” She gave you a flirty smile before her lips found yours again.

Yule Ball, Fred Weasley x Reader

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Request: First i wanted to say THAT I REALLY LOVE YOUR WRITINGS!!! Can you write a Fred x reader where it’s the time of the Yule Ball, and you really like him but he asks Angelina so you’re really sad. But then Lee asks you and you say yes. You have fun until you see Angelina and Fred together so you run away and cry in the common room and Fred comforts you and tells you that he likes you and it ends very fluffy? Thanks!! x
Information: (Y/N) = Your name, (d/c) = dress color, (h/c) = hair color
A/N: I died of laughter when i noticed Dumbledore in the gif

When Dumbledore told about the Yule Ball, things got different at Hogwarts. You heard people talking about it everywhere. The girls where nervously waiting for a certain person to ask them and the boys were discussing ways to ask their crushes out. You wanted it to be all over. It was really exiting yes and you really wanted to go. But this morning you heard something that made you change your mind. Your crush, and best friend since first year, Fred Weasley, had asked Angelina to the Yule Ball. You really thought he was going to ask you, but it looks like you were wrong. You didn’t want to go anymore. You just wanted to stay in your dorm and read a good book.

You sighted and walked into the Gryffindor common room, when you bumped into your friend Lee and fell on the ground. Good, this really helps. What a perfect day. You thought. “Oh i’m so sorry (Y/N), i didn’t see you!” Lee said and gave you a hand to help you up. “It’s okay Lee” you said and smiled. “Are you okay?” he asked concerned as he examined your face. “Yeah, yeah totally fine” you said and faked a smile. “Oh okay good, ehm well i wanted to ask you something” he said and sounded a bit nervous. “Bring it on” you said politely. “Are you going to the Yule Ball?” he asked. “I wasn’t planning to since no one asked me yet, and it’s in two days” you said. “Oh.. well do you want to go with me?” he asked and played a bit with his fingers. You could see he was very nervous to ask you this. Why not? You thought. It’s better to have fun with Lee than staying alone in your dorm. “Yes i’d love to” you said and smiled. “Really? I mean, yeah cool. Can’t wait” he said exited and walked back to his dorm. You couldn’t help but giggle. A shy Lee was very cute.

You had to rush a bit since you still needed a dress. You went with Hermione to Hogsmeade and tried to find a good dress. It was hard since there weren’t that much dresses anymore. But you still could fine one, and it was perfect. 

“You look beautiful!” Hermione said and gave you a quick hug. You laughed and looked in the mirror. You were wearing a long (d/c) dress that ended at your ankles. Your shoes were the same color with high heels. Your (h/c) hair was curled by Ginny and Hermione and there were little white flowers braided into it. “(Y/N)?” Ginny asked and walked into your dorm. “Lee is waiting for you” she said. “I go now, Neville is also waiting for me. See you guys!” she said and you heard her walking down the stairs. “Let’s have some fun!” Hermione said exited and grabbed your hand before dragging you down the stairs. As soon as you were there, two people turned around, Fred and Angelina. “Wow” Fred said what made you blush. “You look amazing!” Angelina complimented you. You felt a bit sad, since she looked stunning and went with Fred. “Thank you, you look beautiful as well!” you said. “Angelina’s right. You really look amazing” Fred said. “Thanks Fred” you said a bit cold and walked past them, quickly following Hermione. She gave a small squeeze in your hand and looked at you with pity. The two of you walked through the portret hole to find your dates waiting for you. “Woah (Y/N) you are beautiful!” Lee said and he smiled widely. “Thank you Lee, you look handsome as well” you said and blushed. “Ready to go?” he asked since Hermione was already making her way to the Great Hall to give you and Lee some alone time. “Yes” you said happily, forgetting about Fred and just wanting to have fun with the very handsome looking Lee. He held his arm out in which you looped with your arm fairly quickly.

Lee made sure you had fun. He was a real gentlemen and a very good dancer too. He spinned you around like a princess and made you laugh every minute. “Let’s take a pause” Lee said and tried to catch his breath after a couple dances. “Yes” you said as he grabbed your hand and lead you to a table. “Wait here and i’ll grab something” he said and leaved. You saw Ron and Harry sitting on a table next to you, their dates already left them. You stood up and took place next to Harry, since Lee would see you there when he came back. “Not having fun?” you asked to your friends. Ron didn’t answer and Harry shook his head. “Make it fun then” you said and followed Ron’s eyes. They were focused on Hermione and Viktor. You sighted and Lee came back. “There you go” he said and handed you a cup. “Thanks Lee” you smiled. “Shall we sit with George?” he asked after a moment of silent and realized that Harry and Ron wouldn’t talk. “Sure”

 “So Lee said ‘Is she really a girl!?’” George said and you bursted out into laughter. George and Lee were telling silly jokes and stories for the last couple minutes. You were really having fun and Lee was a fantastic date. A slow song started to play and you stood up. “Come on Lee, this is my favorite!” you said and grabbed his hand. You waved at George and dragged Lee to the dance floor. You laid your hands on his shoulders and he laid his hands on your waist as the two of you danced slowly. Everything was going well, until something caught your eye. Not far from you were Fred and Angelina. She was resting with her head on his shoulder and she had the biggest smile. Suddenly everything inside you turned around and you felt sick. “Hey are you alright?” Lee asked concerned. You looked at him and shook your head. “I’m not feeling well..” you said. “The night is almost over.. you can go if you want?” Lee suggested. You smiled and gave him a polite peck on his cheek. “Thanks for everything Lee, i had a great night” you said and removed your hands from his shoulders. He waved at you and went back to George. You walked out of the Great Hall, trying to control the tears. As soon as you reached the staircases, the tears streamed down your face. You rushed up the stairs and found your way to the common room. The fat lady looked at you with pity. You had the feeling that she wanted to say something, but you quickly said the password and rushed inside. You saw Hermione walking up the stairs and heard her crying too. You felt like a horrible friend, but didn’t follow her since you couldn’t help her now. You let yourself fall on the couch as sobs escaped your mouth. You hid your face in your hands and just cried. You didn’t care when you heard footsteps coming closer and you felt the couch slump a little beside you. “(Y/N)?” the person asked. You recognized the voice. It was the last person you wanted to be right now. Fred Weasley. “Go away Fred” you cried. “No i’m not” he said and laid his arm around your shoulders. “Let me go!” you said and tried to stand up, but he held you close with both arms and hugged you tight. “Let me go Fred!” you said and cried even harder. “It’s your fault! Let me go to my dorm!” you said. “My fault? (Y/N) please tell me why, you seemed to have fun with Lee and suddenly left!” “Go back to your date” you said, still hiding your face. It was red too now, because Fred still hugged you close. “No, she’s fine. I told her i was going to bed” “Then go to bed” you snarled. “No, i wanted to look if you were alright” “Well i’m not! So let me go because you’re only making it worse!” “I don’t understand! At least tell me why!” “Because i’m in love with you, that’s why!” you yelled and went silent as soon as you realized what you said. Fred went silent and he looses his grip a little. You took the change to slip away, but before you even could take a step, he grabbed your wrist. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked. “Because you were already going with Angelina!” “I’d rather have been with you!” “Then why didn’t you ask me!?” “Because i was scared you would say no!” he said and stood up. You laughed a little. “We’re idiots” you said and wiped the tears away from your cheeks. “Yes” Fred said and came closer. You looked in his eyes for a moment before standing on your tiptoes and closing the space between you by pressing your lips on his. As soon as you stepped away, he grinned. “At least give me one last dance” he said and grabbed your hand.

Angelina and Lee understood it when the two of you walked back into the Great Hall. Lee knew you liked Fred, and didn’t mind, so did Angelina. So you and Fred danced the last hour away while Lee and Angelina did the same. Besides from the crying, it was the best night you ever had.

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How about a scenario with Hanamiya in which he starts to develop feelings for his insecure female best friend who's oblivious to it cuz she doesn't think he'd be interested in the first placce and sorta thinks she's not enough for him. Thank you!!!

HANAMIYA’s ex-girlfriend was being a particular pain today, and he went to the roof to bitch talk to you about it. Lately, you were the only one he could stand anymore. When he really thought about it, you were perfect for him. You were there for him from the beginning. Sure, he called you his best friend but who’s to say it had to stay that way? The more he realized this and the more he accepted these feelings, the weirder he got around you. At first, you wondered if it was just your imagination, because Hanamiya was acting unusually nice lately.

“Your ex must’ve really messed you up, ‘cause even your personality’s changed.” You’re telling him, cocking your head. “You don’t make any mean jokes about me anymore.” You stop talking to go back to slurping up cold noodles for lunch. Hanamiya watches the unelegant display with interest; it was so unlady-like and typical of you, but somehow that was part of your charm… he supposed.

“Huh, have I changed?” He looks away from you, wearing a serious expression. Once again, you’re not sure what to think of it. It’s a bit frustrating for Hanamiya to pursue you, since he usually just went after his prey like a lion, but with you– it was kind of complicated.

“Hey ____, why haven’t we dated?” He suddenly asks you. You nearly fall over in shock, staring up at Hanamiya. He has his hands in his pockets and doesn’t look in your direction.

You thought about it for a second, before answering. “Huh? Isn’t that obvious, why would you want to date me?” This statement was followed by a rather self-deprecating laugh. Hanamiya wasn’t laughing. In fact, now he was looking at you with a rather scary look.

“What’s that supposed to mean? There’s nothing wrong with you.” He replies. Look, Hanamiya wasn’t a motivational speaker by any stretch of the imagination. But hearing what his best friend thought of herself was saddening.

Once again, you seemed hesitant. “…Well, for one thing, I’m not the best-looking girl out there.” You said, remembering how pretty Hanamiya’s previous girlfriends were. And trust me, you were there through all of them.

“Yeah, and I’m not the best-looking guy. So what?” He retorts, scoffing. He can’t believe that was your concern. “We get each other, y’know? In a way that nobody else does.”

It wasn’t fair to you that he wore such a straight face through all of this, while your face was getting more red with each word. “W-What are you trying to say?” Your body language changed; you scooted away instinctively from him, and your legs curled back towards your body. You were trying to hide away from Hanamiya, and he wasn’t having any of that. He bends down to your sitting figure, getting right into your personal space.

“I’m saying go out with me, ____.” It’s only after he proposes this that he gets embarrassed about it. He scowls at this awkward situation, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Besides, I can’t really think of anyone else who could put up with me.”

Well, that much was certainly true.

In Jeon Jungkook's Arms

Jikook because who doesn’t love Jikook?

It was a few months after his 20th birthday when it all came crashing down on him.


He was caught off-guard and lets out a little ‘oof’ when Jimin drops himself on to the bed, craddling his hips and using his stomach as a pillow.

Jungkook waits for the cheesy lines Jimin would say and usually takes that as his cue to start shoving the elder away.

But today, it never came.

When Jungkook placed his hands on Jimin’s shoulder, the elder mumbled against his stomach and Jungkook prayed to the Heavens, the Gods and whatever superior being out there that Jimin does not hear his stomach rumble and how his heart skipped a beat.

No, he was not hungry.

A few months back it dawned on him that he became so aware of Jimin’s stares and Jimin’s not-so-subtle flirt attempts and probably Jimin’s existence itself but then again, Jimin was like that with almost all of the other members especially Hoseok and Yoongi hyung that he wasn’t sure what to make out of Jimin’s ‘I love you Kook-ah,’ or ‘Jeon Jungkook, be mine’.

Of course there was the fact that it had been almost three years or was it more than three years now that Jimin still hasn’t changed, still showering him with affection and of course Jungkook was always pushing and shoving Jimin away whenever he can and what if Jimin was tired of it now? What if his actions towards Jimin in the past had pushed Jimin so far away that he’s turned his attention to Hoseok and Yoongi hyung instead?

Jungkook feels a surge of regret at the back of his throat for all those times when he had rejected Jimin’s affection towards him. Because right now he feels like he’s on the edge of losing Jimin and just the thought of it sends turmoil right through him.

“Just for awhile Kook-ah, just…for awhile let me stay like this,” Jungkook could feel the vibrations from Jimin’s voice run through his body and his hands automatically slid down to the small of Jimin’s back comfortingly. He wasn’t aware of the fact that he was slightly pushing Jimin’s shoulder earlier out of habit.

“Hyung, you know I love you right?” Jungkook blurted out without much thinking. Nor much planning and this made his heart pick up a pace he’s sure would be obvious to Jimin. His face feels hot and his hand on Jimin’s back was probably trembling but this is Jeon Jungkook we’re talking about.

And when Jeon Jungkook is on a mission, he’s better off dead if he doesn’t see through it to the end.

Jimin didn’t move and Jungkook thinks that he probably didn’t hear him. He is still holding his breath trying to calculate his next moves in his mind.

He was too busy having a mental war with his conscience that he missed the feeling of Jimin smiling against his stomach.

“What did you say Kook? I..wasn’t sure if I heard it correctly,” Jimin asked as he rested his chin on Jungkook’s chest now, looking at him with searching eyes.

Jungkook suddenly felt as if the whole room was closing in on him and tried to focus on the ceiling fan above Jimin’s head instead of looking in his eyes.

He could’t find the words but Jimin wasn’t pressing him for it either. They were just staring at each other in silence and slowly, very slowly Jungkook ran his fingers through Jimin’s hair and a look of surprise coursed through Jimin’s face for a millisecond. Jungkook could feel it. He could feel how Jimin’s breath hitched and how his heart was hammering against Jungkook’s own.

“Would you hear me out, hyung?” Jungkook said as he rested his hand on the back of Jimin’s head fondly and Jimin nodded slowly, not daring to tear his eyes away from Jungkook as if afraid that if he did Jungkook would disappear.

“I..” he started.

“ must’ve hated me for the times that i would push you away and I know I’ve said some hurtful words before. I probably meant it at that time because God, hyung. I was seventeen,” Jungkook said and he could feel subtle tears in his eyes.

“Not that it makes much difference now that I am twenty…but back then, I didn’t know what you were doing, and I didn’t know what I was doing. To me, everything was a joke, everything was about joking and making fun of one another without taking into account….taking into account the feelings of others…” He felt Jimin shift his weight ever so slightly and Jungkook drops his hand as he stared up at the ceiling.

“I’ve never thought about the possibility of being in love, you know? I was just a kid, probably a little shit who just wanted all the attention I could get. I didn’t know somewhere along those times..I..I have fallen in love with you, or how I have fallen in love with you,” Jungkook said and shut his eyes.

“But before I know it, my eyes are always trailing after you. And without realizing it, I’m always looking forward to your touch, your hugs damn even your stupid cheesy pick up lines,” Jimin chuckled slightly at this and Jungkook thinks it’s a good sign to keep going.

“And I’m sorry because you deserve so much more. Maybe a better confession, with flowers or a candlelight dinner, or a proper date, but I can’t give you all that because I’m twenty, and I’m broke and there’s the whole Bangtan thing we have to think about and-”

Jungkook’s eyes flew open when Jimin placed both of his hands on Jungkook’s mouth to shut him up.

His eyes travelled down and met with Jimin’s and his eyes widened with panic when he saw slight tears in Jimin’s eyes.

“You talk too much,” Jimin said nonchalantly and Jungkook felt himself deflate in an instant.

“But yeah,” Jimin said softly and Jungkook’s heart is beating again.

“Yeah, I understand. And to be honest I don’t see how this confession could be anymore perfect considering it’s you we’re talking about,” Jimin says as he broke into a smile.

Hands still on Jungkook’s mouth as Jungkook grumbled like a child who is being sent to a corner.

“And nothing’s changed you know?” Jimin says and Jungkook falls silent as he stared at the elder boy before him with bewildered eyes.

“I’m still the same Jimin who pines for your attention. Still the same Jimin who wants this awkward Jeon Jungkook to be his,” this time Jimin looked away as Jungkook removed Jimin’s hands from his mouth and held it tightly in his hands.

“I’ll take it that the offer still stands,” Jungkook says and before Jimin could respond, Jungkook is engulfing Jimin in a tight embrace, holding Jimin’s head close to his chest so he could listen to his eratic heartbeat.

Jimin closes his eyes and just hums his respond as he listens to Jungkook’s heartbeat.

He finds that it speaks much more than words and lets himself drown in it.

Jimin thinks that this is already perfect as it is. He is finally at the place he had desperately wanted to be at for three unwavering years and yeah, it couldn’t be more perfect than this.

They don’t kiss or anything like that instead they lied there on Jungkook’s bed tangled together until one of the members had to clear their throat and peel Jimin off from Jungkook for their next schedule.

They’ve been taking things at a pace since then. One step at a time and Jimin thinks it’s okay because now whenever he steals a glance or two at Jungkook when they’re on stage or when they’re filming, Jungkook would subtly smile back at him fondly.

And though they don’t exactly show it to the world with excessive skinship Jimin thinks it’s okay as long as he could fall asleep in Jungkook’s arms and that’s exactly where Park Jimin belongs.

In Jeon Jungkook’s arms.

It was supposed to be short.
I don’t know what happened.
I didn’t plan for this.
I swear I told myself 3 paragraphs that’s it.

huhu my first fic ever.
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