could you be any prettier

Exo Reaction

Exo reaction to your prom dress.

Sehun : “You look better then me?!” *sassy sehun in the house*

Kai : “You look beautiful (y/n)”

Tao : “GUURRLLLL! That ain’t a Gucci dress?!!?!

D.o : “Wow!” - *hands you some roses like a real gentleman*  “You really look beautiful!” *smiles uncontrollably*

Chanyeol : *picks you up from your house*

                Chanyeol : “Let’s go my lady” :)

Chen : “OMG IS THAT YOU (Y.N)!?!? Wow you look so pretty!

Baekhyun : *Baekhyun approves*

Lay : *Is paralyzed by your beauty*

      Lay: “I didn’t think you could get any prettier.”

Suho : “Why - Hello there?!”

Kris : Oh Hot Damn!

Luhan : “You look beautiful (y/n)”

Xiumin : *after seeing you*

            Xiumin : “I love you (y/n)!”

BigBang reaction to their gf wears a dress when she normally doesn’t. (T.O.P, GD, Seungri)

T.O.P: “You look so beautiful jagi, I really like the classy look.”

GD: “You look really cute in a dress jagi, but you don’t need to dress up for me. I love you in all clothing you can think of.”

Seungri: “Oh my god jagi, you just keep surprising me. I didn’t know you could get any prettier.“

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