could work for spn

i also think that one good thing for cas in this season is that he’s finally OPENLY voicing his feelings and fears? he tells mary he’s not sure he belongs there (12.03), he tells his family they mean too much to him (12.09), he tells dean and sam that he loves them (12.12) and he gets a tangible proof that they love him, too.
the problem rn is that he’s still not sure where he belongs. earth or heaven? humans or angels? and will he have to choose? what if, like mary, he wants to have it all? could it work?

When they first learn of the BMoL Dean not trusting or forgiving them for what they did to Sam urges Sam to call up his friend Tony Stark to see what he can find out about them.

Jarvis/Vision is unimpressed with them and quickly finds everything he can about and disgusted at what he learns about the school and their practice. 

Tony, quickly makes sure they lose all their funding and backing and isn’t afraid to tell them that he will go public with everything they have on them. He makes sure Lady Toni’s name and reputation is ruined no one hurts his Sam. 

Bucky wanting to get his hands on those who hurt Sam, knowing that Dean will help him.

Steve trying to keep Bucky from unleashing hell and promises that Natasha will deal with Toni. 

The BMoL stand no chance when Sam and Dean bring in their friends to help. 

It’s Been Two Years

A Richard Speight Jr x Reader 

Request made by @lolabradbury

Request: Hi! ^-^ I was wondering if you could do a RSJ one shot where the reader has been working on SPN for a few seasons and her and Rich have gotten close because of cons and he finally asks her out? ☺️💜 Thank you so much 

              You had just walked out of your photo op session and were on your way to the green room when Richard grabbed your arm.

               He leaned down and whispered into your ear, “Hey I have something to ask you when I get done with this.”

               “Cool,” you told him.

               You heard Rich announcing that Jensen and Jared were now doing their photo ops while you were patiently waiting for Rich to get done you decided to wait for him in the green room. You laid down on the one and only empty couch.

               “Hey sit up,” Rob came into the room.

               You pulled back your legs so one of the three cushions was available to sit on and he sat down before he could get back up you rested your legs back to their original spot right on top of Rob.

               Rich and Matt were soon walking in the door.

               “Y/N, you are taking up the entire couch,” Matt smiled.

               You sat up and placed yourself into the center of the couch so someone could sit in the third spot. Rich sat down next to you and as soon as he sat down you placed your head into his lap and your legs went back onto Rob.

               “Happy Matt, Now I am only technically laying on one cushion?” You gave Matt a shit-eating grin.

               “We know how to take care of this. Don’t we Robbie?” Richard grinned.

               “Don’t you guys dare!”

               It was too late Richard had your arms pinned down holding onto your hands and Rob had grabbed your legs, Matt began tickling you.

               “No! Stop it!” You shouted but to no affect.

               They had learned this small vulnerability of yours a couple of cons ago and used it to their advantage whenever the hell they felt like it.

               Finally after what felt like hours of torture, Misha walked in.

               “Oh I see you are being cruel to Y/N, can I join?”

               “We were just teaching her it isn’t fair to take up an entire couch. We are done now,” Richard smirked.

               You quickly sat up but Richard didn’t let go of your right hand, he even entwined his fingers with yours and then slid your conjoined hands in between the two of you so only the both of you knew what had happened.

               Your face instantly flushed but you didn’t protest. You had been harboring feelings for your longtime friend for quite some time. You just didn’t think that he had returned anything. The last few months there had been some serious flirting but never thought it could be anything more. Hell even Rich and Rob flirted or at least you and Matt kept telling them they had.

               You guys were all just close you really couldn’t tell anymore what had been flirting and what had been your normal behavior.

               “Well I was told by Jensen and Jared to come and get Matt and Rob, they need you for about uh..,” Misha looked to Rich and Rich held up his hand with five fingers displayed, “five minutes.”

               “Oh we are needed for specifically five minutes,” Matt said sarcastically.

               “Well alright then, if they insist.” Rob replied.

               They quickly left the room and you went to stand up but Rich held tight to your hand.

               “About that question…” Rich trailed off sheepishly.

               “Yes?” You asked expectedly.

               “I was wondering after the convention is over tonight, if you would possibly want to grab a drink with me?”

               “Rich, all of us always grab a drink after the convention.”

               “I meant just the two of us.”

               “Oh, like a date?”

               “Yes, a date,” Richard’s smile took up almost all of his face.

               “I don’t know if that is a good idea,” you frowned, not believing what you were even saying. You of course wanted to go on a date with this man.

               “Why wouldn’t it be? I like you and I thought you liked me too.”

               “What happens if it doesn’t work out?”

               “Well then I get Robbie and you can have Matt in the divorce.” Richard once again was smiling.

               “I’m serious.”

               “So am I. I definitely get Robbie.”

               “Richard-,” you went to protest.



               “Do you like me?”

               “Of course I do. How couldn’t I?”

               “Then let’s try this out, just one date.”

               “Ok yes I will have a drink with you tonight.”

               His smile quickly returned.

               You both just stood there hands still holding and just looking at one another when a knock came from the door.

               “Rich it has been five minutes,” Rob’s voice called.

               “Yea Rich did you finally do it?” Matt hollered.

               “Yes you guys can come back in,” Richard answered.

               “Thank Chuck. You have only been pining after this girl for the last two years,” Misha joked.

               “Really?” You looked to Rich.

               “I wouldn’t call it pining,” it was Richard’s turn to turn red.

               “Yes well you don’t have to pine anymore,” you joked.

In This Sanctuary

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Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warning: Mentions poor mental health;  depression + Anxiety

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Can you do a gabriel x reader one shot where she has bad depression and anxiety and he spends the day taking care of her and cuddling? And he let’s her play with his wings cause she can feel his grace and it calms her down.(No smut pls, just fluff) Oh and he plays with her hair? Sorry if that’s a stupid request. Thanks though!

Note: No request is a stupid request, there are requests I can’t do for inspiration reasons but none of them are stupid xx

Also I completely forgot how Angel wings work in SPN so…this could be so inaccurate but eh?

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anonymous asked:

Hey so uh idk if your taking ships but um maybe do you think you could do one for me 😊, I love anime,Sherlock, obviously spn, marvel and YouTube! I ride horses and have recently started to play the drums as another way to express myself. I like food and am selectively active, I can be a bit crazy/energetic but shy/antisocial at the same time and I try my best to be nice o everyone and make them laugh and lastly I'm bisexual so both genders work (and do you think you could do spn and marvel)

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I ship you with Charlie or Claire or Dean. (what the heck I couldn’t chose).

Claire is a badass who needs some fun-loving energy in her life. and Charlie and Dean would both be down to watching some Anime with you. All three of these awesome dudes would be protective as hell when it came to you, and none of them would ever let you get hurt.
Dean always looks for someone to make him laugh, Charlie appreciates your shyness and knows when all you want to do is cuddle and watch movies, and Claire is the one who would beat up anyone who did you wrong. All of them bring different things to the table.

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I also ship you with Peter (Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire or Tom Holland, your choice). He’s super sweet and always knows what to do to make you feel better. He’s pretty shy too, so when you just want to cuddle or have a quiet night, he’s all for it. Being Spider-Man wouldn’t get in the way of anything, but on occasion you would ask him to take a cool picture for your screensaver.


Join Me For Coffee? (Part 2)

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Summary: Reader bumps into her new boyfriend, Dean, unexpectedly…

Part 1

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,224

Warnings: Fluff overload

A/N: So very fluffy this one…

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Imagine helping Dean fix baby up

Dean leaned over the engine with oil and grease staining his shirt. He was focused as sweat beaded his forehead. You walked over and began helping him. 

“What are you doing Y/N?” 

“Helping you, what else does it look like?” 

“You know how to fix cars,” he asked as he furrowed his brows. 

You nodded your head as you got back to helping. 

“Wow, who knew you could work under a hood.”

In the spirit of Halloween, how about a destiel AU where one of them hits on the other and compliments him on the great cop costume, not knowing that the other one is a REAL cop and very much on duty right now xD I don’t know where it goes from there, but I like to imagine the idea.

A wonderful prompt from @cottonycas.

Happy Early Halloween!

Cas probably shouldn’t have grabbed a third pot brownie. 

But they were so damn delicious. And yeah, maybe it was the weed talking, but Cas was hungry. That’s one of the things you were supposed to do at these kinds of parties, anyways, right? Eat food and socialize?

Well, that and remark at everyone’s clever (and offensive) Halloween costumes. But seeing as Cas wasn’t good at socializing, especially in the lame costume of a mime, he thought he’d continue with the former: eating. Food was safe, food was good. 

Weed was good. 

Cas had forgotten what it felt like to relax, so although he’d grumbled about Balthazar dragging him away from his grad work, he was kind of glad he’d agreed.

It was nice to be outside his room, and even nicer to be sitting outside on the back porch of some random guy’s house, munching on a brownie. Music pounded from within, a throbbing beat that vibrated the floorboards, but it was quiet here where Cas sat alone, staring out at the distant streetlights with half-lidded eyes.

The night was warm and misty, and as he finished his brownie, he grinned at the thought of them all drifting through clouds. The weed kicked in more strongly, and his cheeks tingled while his muscles pulled into a smile. 

Leaning back against the railing, he beamed out at the night, and didn’t register that the music had stopped until the slider door behind him opened and a man stepped out.

Cas hummed appreciatively. The man was young and dressed in a tight police uniform. 

“Hey, officer,” Cas said. 

“Hey, there, Mr. Mime. How ya doin’ out here? Is it just you?”

“Mm, yup. Jus’me. Doin’ good. Real good.” Cas giggled and then couldn’t stop. His second brownie had finally caught up to him, and he was helpless to keep the giggles at bay.

The man squinted down at him. “You okay?”

Cas nodded, still laughing. “Good! Haha, I’m fine! Just some haha, delicious brownies! You should try one, haha!”   

The man’s lips quirked as he raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, I don’t think so.”

“Why not? Haha, it’s not against the law, officer.” Cas licked his lips, the giggles finally tapering off. He gave the other man an obvious once-over. “I like your costume. It’s um. Very sexy. Looks very authentic.”

The man smirked. “Probably because it is.”

Cas blinked, but was slow to comprehend. “Uh. What?”

“I’m actually a police officer. And I’m on duty, so no pot brownies for me, unfortunately.”

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Still reeling over the fact that our babies had a totally legit, healthy and supportive, talking-it-out, GROWNUP CONVERSATION.

And no one had to die or get injured first, and it wasn’t delivered in fits of rage, and no one stormed off at the end?????

I’m just so proud.

Imagine the Winchesters playing rock, paper, scissors to decide who will tell you bad news...

External image

“No, I can’t, I’m not doing it,” Dean scoffed, crossing his arms tightly across his chest.

“Well there’s no way I’m going to, can’t you remember that time with the beers?” Sam said, taking a step back. They two brothers maintained eye contact for a minute before Sam caved. “Fine, rock paper scissors.”

Dean smirked and readied his fist.

Rock… Paper… Scissors

Sam threw his head back in laughter.

“Oh come on!” Dean whined, “best of three!”

“HA! You can tell Y/N how you left the bag behind,” Sam smirked, giving him a clap on the back, eliciting a groan from Dean.

“Fine, but I’m saying it was your fault,” he mumbled, before taking a deep breath and trudging off in your direction.