could we talk about how awesome this game is

Admirer-CrankGameplays Imagine

Requested: Nope

Plot: Ethan has a crush on Y/N and during a stream he can’t help but smile as he watches them. Also, the chat can’t help but notice.

Warnings: None, just fluff

Paring: Ethan x NonGendered!Reader

Word Count: 947

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I’m sorry to be a bummer but can we just talk about this for a second? Can we talk about how no little girl is ever going to be in a picture with a caption like that? Can we talk about how many little girls wish they could be? Can we talk about how when little me used to watch Yankees games and throw a baseball around in the back yard and hero worship Andy Pettite because he was a lefty and so was I… There was no room for me to dream about being him one day? All this awesome hype about the U.S. women’s soccer team makes me so happy and simultaneously so sad because of the way women are relegated to a back burner in some sports and completely excluded from others. I hate that teenage boys get to dream about being a major leaguer and teenage girls can only dream about, like, maybe dating one.

So is anyone else still freaking out?

(Spoilers. Capslock. Long post. Extreme love for Seirin and Rakuzan both.)

Still not over Episode 74… Nope. Still not over it.

Seriously, can we talk about…

How this episode proves that Akashi and Kagami are both awesome, and that Rakuzan and Seirin are also both awesome?

How Akashi’s ability to extend his own Zone is a result of him being such an incredible point guard (and passing so well) that he literally brings out the best in his teammates? (And how the reason this was possible at all was because Oreshi chose to fight with his team again? And how he apologized to them and cheered for them and oh god I can’t handle it.)

… Not to mention how one of Fujimaki-sensei’s favorite players is Chris Paul, also an incredible point guard, so I’m pretty sure Akashi’s ability to extend his Zone is a huge compliment to him as a character, and shows that he’s not supposed to be a villain, but someone who truly values teamwork and makes brilliant passes, just like Kuroko does?

(Also good lord I love Nebuya’s pose in that shot, Nebuya you are such a GIGANTIC DORK, I love you.)

And how it proves that Rakuzan is an amazing team, and the Uncrowned Kings are badasses, because putting them in Akashi’s Zone makes them almost unbeatable? (And how when they enter this version of the Zone, their eyes turn Akashi-red, showing that it’s Akashi’s ability to share the Zone that makes them better?)

And can we talk about how Kagami has grown so much as a character that he WILLINGLY puts aside his desire to fight alone, once and for all, which leads directly to the opening of the Zone’s second door? (And how Kuroko is actually the one who ushers him inside, ahhh I can’t, don’t get me started.)

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