could we have slowed this down a little more

consent awareness month

I learned lots, you supported the effort lots.

As the month of april starts to turn into may, Jx and the Badwells will be slowing down its focus on consent awareness efforts. 

Thank you to everyone who speaks up and is reblogging the consent selfies, that took a lot of courage.   This campaign for consent awareness has gotten bigger than our small town band.  If this is our biggest splash we make, well, we could not be more happy about it. 

I, Jx Badwell, as a human being who at least most people call big, tough and ridiculously outspoken about whatever is on my mind:  

I have seen the face of rape culture, personally.  
I have hide behind closed blinds as the intimidators of rape culture circle my home, I have stood frozen in a shower until it ran cold raging at the frustration of feeling powerless to stop predators who have affluence of a family name, I have been spit on by the casual friends of business owners that sell lies to protect the hunting ground of predators and sponsor victim shaming.  I know what it is like to face the day trying to protect my sanity from douchebag people that don’t hesitate to hide behind good people to bury their dirty secrets.  In this time the age of right now, nobody in the world, should know these indignities.  

So, no word of a lie, our campaign has made us a target for scared rapists and their gang.  That seems like a win in the fight against victim culture to me, it sucks that I got really physically hurt in an victim shaming attack, but I have been delighted that those douchebags are really afraid enough to commit a public attack in the middle of the afternoon.  Dozens of people, witnessed the attack, and the rape gang only exposed themselves to way more attention.  Another win, right?  I followed one of the attackers and found out that a local bar owner has been using his influence in this small town to protect this rape gang, because they drink lots and they are always around looking for victims.  So I took a few hits, the Victim Machine that is this bar owner and the rape culture he sponsors has been exposed.  Already people are talking, talking has lead to compared notes, and the realization that there are many victims in the path of this group of predators. That’s a huge win, people are already avoiding the place.  Awareness has stopped the victimizers, from shaming and separating the victims.  Standing up for victims hasn’t gotten me any glory around town, I have to watch over my shoulder, there are many victim blamers.  its really rough doing the right thing.

This campaign has helped me heal a little more from the irrational pain of rape culture.   When everyone in our society just accepts that YES MEANS YES & NO MEANS NO, there will not be so many bullshit conversations about how some attacks are grey area semantical rape by a victim that was asking for it.  

Those that learn to speak out on consent before they become victims are statistically safer than people who won’t speak out.  Rapists look for silent victims.  The more people who learn to support consent, the more good people who will be watching out for good people before they learn about rape culture first hand.

In may, Jx and the Badwells will release the single “I’ll Never Forget”.

During every one of our concert and festival performances this year, we will be speaking out by playing “Dream Come True” and “I’ll Never Forget”. We don’t explain our songs and don’t try to educate from the stage, we are going to do our best to just lay down some Good Time music and let our audience forget about everything that just ain’t fun.  

Seriously each time I go on stage, I will think of all the great people on tumblr who accept us even though they know the backstage stories and that Jx and the Bawells are all just beings trying to be humane. 

I just don’t care what the haters say, We are going to carry this love from our fans close to our hearts each and everyday. <3 

5 March 2016

We left the house pretty late and made a stop by one of my favorite hiking trails before Ivan’s Sport Foundations class. The hike was beautiful, as it always is here, but Ivan seemed a little edgy. I think he could smell people further up the trail and really wanted to go off and find them. There were two cars at the trailhead but we never actually saw the people they belonged to. I spent most of the hike trying to get him to slow down.

At class he was preeeetty awful. I mean I guess he could have been worse but he seemed stressed, was very whiny and vocal and very disruptive. He could do all the things already (hand touch, spin left, spin right, feet up on an object, go through the tunnel) but he was much more concerned about what the instructors and all the other dogs were doing. I was pretty much just holding the leash and he would acknowledge me occasionally. Sometimes it’s a little sad when you think you’ve got a good partnership and then you have your eyes opened to reality. We have so much work to do.