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Do boot laces really mean a lot in the punk scene if you're not a skin? I really like the colour blue, but apparently that means hates cops / cop killer and I don't agree with that. Also, if they do mean a lot, any way I could offset that with something else I'm wearing?

First off, the world would be better off without cops so jot that down.

second, laces dont matter for shit. I’ve seen the color coded shit, but i mean whatever. it was more prevalent in the 70′s and 80′s. 

-mod kip

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I just wanted to say thanks for posting a bunch of uplifting and inspirational posts. They always seem to show up at the right time and help me keep on keepin' on. It means a lot

Most darling anon, this message means a lot. Seriously, no small part of the reason I post stuff like that is because of darling people like you, and the notion that my choice of queue could in any way help you is something that makes me so dang happy. Thank you! And best of luck with the keepin’ on. If you ever need some more good posts, or song recommendations (god, i know it’s so cliched but “This Year” has kept me alive. I may or may not have wrapped a prayer candle with this image) or whatever else, please never hesitate to drop me a message. You deserve only the best & brightest of the world <3

hi sunshines!! first things first, i would like to thank you for the constant love and support that you’ve been giving me since day one! as i reach 28k, i would like to give y'all virtual kisses n hugs for sticking up with me for the last two years!! in line with this, i decided to conduct a lot of fun activities and parties for everyone!

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okay that’s it, y'all! pls dont let this flop because i swear im going to cry hahahhaa!! thank you so so much for helping me reach 28k, love lots!

Kissing Would Include…

Request: What kissing Jeff, Justin, Alex, Clay, Tony, Zach, and Tyler would be like headcannons? (As if you were dating them separately. Not all together.) I love your writing!!! ❤️            


A/N: I hope this is what you were after :) Sorry for the delay, I hope you like it.


Warnings: Kissing.


Kissing Would Include…

Jeff would be an all or nothing kind of kisser. If he’s going for the lips you can guarantee that kiss is going to leave you breathless. His kisses are usually slow and calculated, but always filled with passion with your pleasure in mind.


Okay so Justin is quite an excited kisser. Things are quite fast, and deep and if he gets it his way you’ll both be panting at the end of it. He just loves to know that you’re right there and still with him through everything.


Alex is a reassuring kisser. Things can be quite intense but they can also be sweet. He tends to be able to read your mood and know exactly what you want, or try and persuade you into what he wants if necessary. He’s pretty accommodating


He’s a bit of a shy and needy kisser. You’ll have to do a lot of the work to begin with, because he doesn’t want to overstep your boundaries. He’s also quite sweet and gentle, making sure the moments meaningful.


Tony’s almost painfully slow when he kisses. He’s a little bit of a tease, leaving you practically begging for him to kiss you harder or faster or something. He likes to show you that he really cares though, and since you think it’s sweet you continue to let him lead.


Zach Dempsey can be cute with lots of little kisses or needy with a full make out. It depends on how he’s feeling at the time, and if he’s willing to let you have some control over the kiss. You can always guarantee though that he’s super passionate about it.


Tyler is much more of a soft kisser. You’ll exchange short kisses more than anything, but when one of you does lean in for the longer kiss it’s still slow and sweet, and incredibly romantic. He’s all about you and making you feel as special as you are.


Monty is just all tongue. It’s the wrapped up in his arms, I literally could not be any closer to you, but I want to be kiss. He wants to give you everything, and he worries every day you won’t do the same. The kiss is supposed reassure you and give you everything


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Cool, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Reader is a famous singer who covers a Hamilton song at one of her concerts.

Words: 1203

Author’s Note: What? Another fic? Amazing. BTW I wrote literally all of this at work. Somebody stop me.

Warnings: Cursing. I just can’t stop myself.

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For you, the impromptu little concerts were always your favorite to perform in. While the thrill of singing to a gigantic, sold out crowd was irreplaceable, there was just something special about an intimate little venue.

You always made this well aware to your publicist, and she did her best to squeeze in these little performances whenever she could. That’s how you found yourself at Joe’s Pub at the Public.

Halfway through your set, to a crowded bar of no more than one hundred people, you took a seat on the provided stool.

“It’s very hard to be here in the room where it happens-” This was met with a thunderous applause.

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GOM and their gf broke up leaving the boys emotionally shattered. They meet reader-chan (you) who slowly mends their broken hearts piece by piece. Eventually they start to fall for each other then BAM, ex wants to work things out. What happens next?

Kuroko: “_____-san, will you be mine ——“ Kuroko starts, but is interrupted by a shrill cry. “KoKo!! Oh my gosh, I’ve been looking for you for so long! I want to get back together!” ___ looked at the other girl as she grabbed onto his arm and pressed her boobs against him. “This is the girl who broke his heart? Well, my chance is gone now.” ____ thinks as she looks away from the situation, about to cry. Suddenly, ____ feels an arm wrap around her waist before she looks up to Kuroko, seeing him pull her closer. “(Ex’s Name), I’m actually glad you’re here. I want you to meet my new girlfriend, _____. She’s the one that showed me what real love is.”

Midorima: “Shinshin? I can’t believe I finally found you here! Fate must want us to be together!” A high-pitched voice cuts through the air as ___ and Midorima pull away from their kiss. “Uhm, who is this?” The mystery girl says as she realises ____’s presence and position. “This is ____. My girlfriend.” Midorima says as he pushes up his glasses. ____ is surprised at the fact he does not pull away from their close position. “But..we’re supposed to be together? Remember! Your psychic even said so!” The girl pouted, obviously annoyed at the fact someone had taken Midorima’s attention and pain away. “Sorry, (Ex’s Name), but our signs are not compatible at all. She actually told me that you were bad, but I didn’t want to listen. However, ____ and I are perfect for each other, and that’s approved by my psychic. Do not get in my way with happiness this time, nanodayo.”

Kise: “___cchi, I want you to be my girl—Huh? (Ex’s Name)? What are you doing here?” Kise starts before looking past ___’s shoulder, behind her. ___ turns just in time to catch the picture-perfect girl give Kise a flirty wink and an alluring smile. “Kise-kun! I’ve missed you! I’m a little bit insulted that you’ve dropped ‘cchi’ on my name, but I’ll forgive you this time. I want to get back together!” (Ex’s Name) murmurs while walking past you and up to Kise, leaning a bit too far in for ____’s liking. “And just when he was going to ask me out, she comes waltzing back into his life. Absolutely stunning and the number one female model of the year, how the hell could I compete? Just walk on out quietly before you lose any more dignity, ____.” ____ thinks before trying to turn and walk out before Kise can catch her. Kise immediately sees that ___’s trying to leave so he speaks up. “Sorry, (Ex’s Name), but I don’t have time to talk. My girlfriend’s leaving, so that’s my queue!” He starts walking over to ____ as ____ and (Ex’s Name) turns towards him in shock. “Girlfriend?!” (Ex’s Name) beats ____ into questioning him as his ex flip her silky hair as if she was insulted. Kise gives off a cheeky smirk as his aura changes into a little less ‘happy-go-lucky’. “Yes, you heard me. Girlfriend. Bye, (Ex’s Name).” Kise grabs ____’s hand and looks down to her blushing face, pecking her on the lips, before quickly turning back to his ex one last time. “Oh! And (Ex’s Name)? My model agency says we won’t be working together anymore. They found a new girl who’s beautiful inside and out.” Kise remarks, looking back towards his girlfriend and giving her a wink.

Aomine: “No you do it like this, baka.” Aomine’s voice vibrates through ____’s ear as his arms have a secure hold on her waist and he guides her body to shoot correctly at the hoop. She giggles in response and glances into his eyes, her eyes twinkling, before she turns her attention back towards the goal. Just as she’s about to shoot, a voice cries out making ____ miss the goal. Aomine’s eyebrow twitches in annoyance at whoever interrupted their cute little moment (although he would never admit that). “Dai-chan!” The stranger’s voice squeals making Aomine flinch again. “Who is this? Why help her when you can help me! I want you back, Dai-chan!” His ex comes running up and pushing ____ out of the way, making her fall in the process, before running into Aomine’s arms. ___ cries out as Daiki’s eyes widen, concerned. Quickly he forcefully pushes his ex out of the way before running over to ___ to make sure she’s okay. Once he realises nothing is hurt, he fiercely glares back up to his ex. “I’m not taking you back, (Ex’s Name), and if you ever touch my girlfriend again, we’re going to have a major problem.”

Murasakibara: “____-chin, doesn’t it taste good?” Murasakibara says as he shoves a little cake down ___ throat. His hand then goes to rest on her arm as he caresses it. “Mmpft!” ___ chokes before reprimanding him. “Sushi-chan, I can’t eat as much as you can at once! Be careful before I cho—“ Suddenly, Atsushi’s arm is ripped from ___’s as someone tugs him up out of his seat. “Atsu-chin, what the hell are you doing with this girl?!” A cry yells out from the stranger girl, as she stares up to the giant with a glare. Murasakibara’s mellow expression drastically changes as he directs an intimidating glare to his smaller ex. He tightly grabs onto his ex’s hand that was on his wrist and throws it off with a force that’s just enough to leave a red mark so she knows he’s seriously pissed. “(Ex’s Name), we once had a thing, but it’s long gone. I love ____-chin now, and if you get in the way of that, I won’t hesitate to crush you.” And the red mark on her arm says just that.

Akashi: Akashi knew his ex was going to try something the moment she passed ____ and him in the park. A swift walk-by before she turns around and runs back up to him. “Sei? I knew it was you! This must mean something. I’ve been wanting to get bac—“ She interrupts the special moment between ___ and Akashi did not appreciate that. “Excuse me, (Ex’s Name), but it seems that I was in worse condition than usual back then.” “What?” She’s taken aback by the riddles Akashi was giving her; meanwhile, ____ was just looking on, hoping and praying that Akashi would not take her back. He did just admit his feelings to her. “I must have been at an all-time low when we were dating because I see things so clearly now. You were into me because of my status, that much I knew, I just always thought that you had enough class to fulfil your part of being my significant other. But it seems now that you are nothing but home-wrecking trash. Excuse us.” ____ blinks as she’s tugged along with Akashi. Omg the sass, though.

*casually slides back onto Tumblr*

I was watching one of the Kingsman TGC clips and realised something belatedly. In the Kentucky Derby clip, there’s Eggsy in this outfit, apparently drank the tis-no-martini and was seemingly rather down.

So, this means, that dude at the background of Whiskey’s bar fight in the main trailer could very well be Eggsy.

He was holding an umbrella and all, with the same jacket and shoes. And from the Kentucky Derby clip, someone who looks like Merlin sits across him.

But actually, I am just really curious about who’s sitting beside Eggsy…

And what’s up with them chilling out at their booth while there’s a fight going on?

anonymous asked:

Maybe rfa reacting to Mc talking to herself?? Like late at night? If that's doable ^^

Hello there! Thank you for the request! You did not deserve to wait this long though >.<


  • He would find you in the kitchen late at night getting a snack
  • You were talking to yourself about what would taste better on ice cream as you look in the cabinet
  • He rested on the wall and watched you
  • Than you asked yourself whether baking soda or baking powder reacted with vinegar
  • “What the hell is vinegar made out of?”
  • He snickered and blew his cover
  • “Hey you’re up. You want some ice cream?” you asked.
  • He smiled and walked over. “Sounds good.”
  • Not wanting to make you feel self-conscious he didn’t mention about you talking to yourself
  • He thought it was really cute how random and honest your thoughts were
  • “Hey,” you asked passing the chocolate syrup.
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Do you know what vinegar is made of?”
  • He started to chuckle again.
  • “What?” you asked confused.
  • “Geez, I love you so much,” the smile stuck as he pecked you on the lips.
  • “That doesn’t explain any of my questions!”


  • He was getting ready for bed when he heard you say something from the bathroom.
  • “Babe?” he called. “Were you talking to me?”
  • No response but he could still hear your voice.
  • He walked over to the closed bathroom door and listened for any queue that you were on the phone or calling him.
  • “—there’s the grocery store after work. We’re talking fruit, we’re talking veggies, and mama needs some proteins.”
  • What the hell? He smirked. Was she talking about her shopping list?
  • “Oh god, I wonder if that cashier guy is there. He always stares at my chest.”
  • What?! This is the first he heard about that.
  • At this point Zen was eavesdropping but he couldn’t stop now.
  • “But if I go to the other one it’s like fifteen minutes more and Lord knows I ain’t got time for that.”
  • The sink turned on for a few seconds.
  • “I wonder if Zen’s in bed yet…”
  • The door opened to reveal Zen pressed up against it.
  • “What are you doing?”
  • He straightened up. “I thought you called me but I guess you were on the phone?”
  • “Oh , I was just talking to myself.”
  • “You do that too?” Zen asked.
  • “So you don’t think it’s weird?” You asked. 
  • “No way,” he smiled. “I thought you would think it was unattractive so I tried to hide it.”
  • You had to smile back. “I’ve caught you doing it a few times and thought it was so great. Your especially handsome when you model in the mirror and talk to yourself,” you giggled at the memory.
  • His happiness overflowed as he hugged you tight and swung you around. Placing kisses all over your face as you laughed.


  • She woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but found that you weren’t in bed.
  • But she could hear your voice clearly and followed the sound.
  • She found you sitting at the kitchen table staring at your laptop and…talking to it?
  • “Look, it’s not you. You’re great and you’ve been with me since the beginning.”
  • Was she Skyping with someone?
  • She continued to talk but Jaehee didn’t hear a voice talk back.
  • “I mean do you think I want you to die? No! I don’t! But it’s the only thing that would make sense.”
  • What was going on?
  • Jaehee stepped closer. “Hey, is everything ok?”
  • You put a hand over your heart. “You scared me.”
  • “I was just making sure everything was ok since you weren’t in bed.”
  • “Yeah, sorry. I just woke up and had this sudden inspiration to write.”
  • Oh, you were talking about the new book you were writing.
  • “So the dying part?” she inquired.
  • You sighed. “My main characters best friend Lin. It only makes sense to have him sacrifice himself for his friend for the plot but I can’t seem to let him go so easily.”
  • Jaehee didn’t quite understand but patted you on the shoulder. “I’m sure everything will be ok.”
  • It was the best she had.
  • You nodded. “I’ll take a break for tonight. Thanks baby.”
  • Jaehee had never seen someone talk aloud like that so passionately to themselves, or an imaginary character at that.
  • She decided maybe it was something writers did and maybe it was best not to interrupt them.


  • He finished work late in his study and headed to bed.
  • Only to find that you were also up late and talking to yourself?
  • “And what was her response?”
  • You put a hand on your hip and waved your other hand around, imitating someone you knew with a high pitch voice.
  • Oh sweetheart, the clocks ticking. You better get married so your mother can have grandchildren, poor dear.
  • You threw a pillow on the bed. “Cry me a river and drown in it you old hag.”
  • You paused. “Damn, I should have told her that too.”
  • “Agreed,” Jumin commented.
  • You turned around. “You and Elizabeth have got to stop walking so lightly. It’s not good for my heart.”
  • He smirked. “Do you often talk to yourself?”
  • You weren’t expecting that. “Well yeah, most people do.”
  • “Really?”
  • “Wait, have you never talked to yourself out loud?”
  • “No, it seemed odd when I could just organize my thoughts.”
  • “People talk out loud to do that too. Sometimes it’s easier to think when you hear the words leave your mouth. Plus if it’s too quiet it helps to talk out loud or do your own private comedy show to express how you’re feeling.”
  • He seemed thoughtful about it. “That seems rational.”
  • “Give it a try once in a while. Let’s practice, even though I’m here, just blurt out whatever you’re thinking to yourself.”
  • Jumin thought about what he had been thinking but the pause got him scolded. 
  • “Eh! Just talk out what you’re thinking.”
  • “Ok, well I was thinking that this was a strange way of expression…”
  • “Aha?” you said expectantly.
  • “But you are very sexy when you get riled up.”
  • “Oh…well than,” you swallowed.
  • He got closer. “The way you get flustered when I merely compliment you gets me excited.”
  • “I think that’s enough practice,” you say not being able take his unwavering gaze and honesty.
  • His hands wrapped around your waist to keep you close. “I think I prefer to share my thoughts out loud with you rather then myself.”
  • You tilted your chin up, “Is that so?”
  • “Mhm,” he hummed as he closed in for a passionate kiss.


  • He checked on you every once in a while through the security camera.
  • He tried to distance himself but all he did was wonder what you were up to.
  • How you were feeling…
  • At that thought he checked the camera and saw your hands being thrown in the air dramatically.
  • He tuned in and turned up the volume to make sure everything was ok.
  • “Can’t I at least get an answer to my questions,” you say putting away groceries.
  • “Honestly why do I have to like him. Sometimes I want to throw this phone right out the window.”
  • The bread was tossed onto the counter.
  • Saeyoung waited anxiously for the who. Was it him? Had she listened to him and found someone else?
  • “If you think you’re all that and a bag of Honey Buddah chips, 707, you got another thing coming!”
  • He smirked.
  • There was some sort of relief knowing that MC hadn’t changed their mind after all.
  • “You let me in, you kick me out. Let me in, kick me out. In, out, in, out.”
  • Yeah MC was still mad at him for sure.
  • You paused holding a bag of chips. “But I’ll be damned if I’ll give up. You hear that Mr. Acts-like-he-has no-feelings!  Challenge accepted!”
  • He chuckled and sat back in his chair. Even when MC talked to themselves it was honest.
  • Maybe that’s why he caught himself telling them feelings he thought he had locked up long ago.
  • It’s not like he could stop MC from fighting.
  • Plus he did like a challenge after all.
  • It was a question of whether he would come to regret it or not.

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Cosplay Confusion

52 words too long but shh.  I dunno what the point of this is, and it’s the fastest I’ve ever written anything, about 15 minutes, so it’s crap, but have a nice picture of Sam’s biceps anyway.

First time going to a comic convention and boy you were excited! Excited to the point of squealing regularly, pinching yourself with disbelief and frantically checking for your badge every thirty seconds in case it had jumped out of the securely zipped pocket of your closed bag and run away.  It hadn’t. Better check one more time though, just in case.

You were going alone, not having any friends who understood your obsession with getting to see all the latest comics, getting first look at trailers, buying far more merchandise than you could afford, and gazing in awe at the amazing cosplay on show.  It was a shame, but you were hoping to be in queues behind some friendly people who you could geek out with. What it did mean was that you just didn’t have the confidence to dress up yourself. If you’d had one other person to go with, fine, but doing it alone was one step too far.

Still, you had a t-shirt with Cap’s shield on, and in case you got cold, a Winter Soldier hoodie, and you were going to have fun. So, you got off the bus, stood back for a second to take it all in, then plunged in, and let yourself get carried along with the flow.

A few hours later and you had to get outside, see daylight, feel fresh air on your face, go through the 50,000 photos you’d taken and maybe delete some because each time you’d turned around there’d been another amazing bit of artwork, or film prop, or best costume ever you’d had to take a photo of, and your phone was slowly losing the will to live.  You wandered a few streets away, just to get away from the bustle a little, found a shady bench, and sat down.  The street was oddly empty and silent. As you scrolled through your pictures, a shadow suddenly fell across the screen. You looked up and..

“Oh my god!”

Two sets of eyes turned to yours.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean that to come out quite so loud, it’s just, wow. Yours are the best I’ve seen so far!”

Two sets of eyes now turned to each other, puzzled, but you were too busy circling them to notice.

“Seriously, this must have taken hours of work!”

“Excuse me ma’am?”

“You’ve even got the voice down!”

The two men – ‘Captain America’ and ‘The Falcon’ – looked slightly taken aback by your enthusiasm. You couldn’t help it, it was like seeing the comics and the films come to life, only right in front of you. Touchably close. You couldn’t resist it, you reached out one hand gingerly, and touched ‘Falcon’s bicep.

“Sheesh, commitment to the cause, that is above and beyond!”

‘Falcon’ grinned widely, and flexed a bit, making his biceps bulge, until ‘Steve’ scowled at him.

“Sorry,” you giggled.  “Would you mind if I took a photo? I swear, you two should win a prize or something…”

“I’m sorry Ma’am, but now’s really not a good time. I’m afraid we are going to have to ask you to leave the area, I’m not sure how you got through the road blocks, but it’s for your own safety.”

“Ah you’re brilliant! You’re not even breaking character, that’s hilarious!”

You prodded ‘Steve’ on his chest, which was deliciously firm.  “Muscle suit or real thing, Stevie?” you said, winking at ‘Sam’. “Do you two get all competitive when you’re preparing for something like this?”

“Ma’am, I think you have us confused…”

He didn’t get a chance to speak, before Sam slapped his arm with a cry of “shit, Loki!”, pointing over your shoulder. You couldn’t help yourself, mouthing ‘Sam, language’ and then cracking up as you found you’d said it in unison with ‘Steve’. You turned to see what they were both looking at.

“No WAY! Look! How does he even get that helmet to stay on! He must have elastic round the back of something, or it’d just slide down his nose!”

The man walking down the street towards was dressed as Loki, all leather trousers and shiny horns.  Even the way he was walking was perfect, and you couldn’t take your eyes off him.

“He’s even got the strut down, oh god, I have to film this!”  You fumbled in your bag, desperate to film him in motion, then swore as the phone slipped and fell to the grass. As you bent down to pick it up, you felt a hot wave of air pass over your back, then there was a crack, and as you straightened up, you saw the tree behind you slowly topple, a glowing blue hole shot straight through the middle.

“What the…?” you said, then shrieked. ‘Sam’ had wrapped his arms around you and suddenly the wings of his costume had extended and now you were… flying.

“Like the man said, I think you may have us confused with someone else,” he grinned at you, before depositing you behind a truck a few hundred yards away.  You stared at him, wide eyed as he took a few running steps forward then took off again, skimming back down the street to where ‘Steve’ and ‘Loki’ were… fighting. OK, so they’d got a flying suit that worked somehow right sure, but how the hell had they got Cap’s shield to do that boomerang thing? And Loki’s sceptre, that must be some kind of LED or something, to make it glow like that…

A blast of light shot out of the sceptre, and you watched it rebound off Cap’s shield, as Sam flew in, boots first, and knocked Loki to the ground, before wresting the sceptre from his grasp and then, with one punch, knocking him out.

You slowly eased yourself down to the pavement, back against the truck, knees up to your chest.

“Toto, I’ve a feeling I’m not at Comic Con any more…” you whispered to yourself, then yelled as a figure appeared over the top of the truck

Folding his wings, Sam landed in front of you, holding all your dropped bags out.

“So you wanted a photo? And my arms, tell me more about those….” He gave you a wink as he helped you to your feet. Comic Con was even better than you’d ever expected.

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for the au where jack is on broadway and davey wrote the book, can you do something with people flirting with Jack at the stage door? (bonus Jealous!Davey)

I really like this AU ^.^ I hope you like the fic! Thanks for the prompt.

Davey didn’t see the show of his book as often as he’d like to. There was something magical about seeing his characters brought to live and the creative team had done an incredible job with the score; it also didn’t hurt that his boyfriend was playing the lead and there was nothing Davey loved more than watching Jack act, even if he did always reflexively flinch when he had to kiss the other male lead. But writing another book took time and effort and he had a deadline that meant seeing the show more than once a month was impossible.

Settling for nightly feedback from Jack, Davey was kept up to date with who had fallen down which set of stairs or forgotten which line, laughing at Jack’s dramatic reenactments, but he was also informed on the nature of stage door that evening. A popular show with a young cast that was pretty active on social media was bound to draw a quick fanbase, Davey soon learnt, and that fanbase was mainly made up of teenage girls. As Jack told the stories they weren’t harmful in any way, they were just a little full on. There were definitely girls who had seen the show far more than he had himself and he couldn’t help but get a little jealous that these strangers had seen Jack with his shirt off close to 40 times in less than a year, if the numbers they quoted at stage door were accurate. Not that Davey didn’t get to see Jack with far more items of clothes off in a much more intimate setting on a regular basis, but the fact of the matter was that he didn’t like the way Jack described them. ‘Friendly’ and ‘keen’ could mean anything from genuinely just appreciative of the show to flirty and inappropriate. It took a while for one of Davey’s visits to coincide with the most zealous fans so he could find out which it was.

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British Invasion | 8

Overview:In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes: Getting closer to finding out what happened in London that made them come home!!! Riley also finally apologizes to Lucas for how she acted in Texas. 
Chapter Eight: “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Word Count: 3,823


Riley stared at her father in horror as he silently walked across the living room to her. He looked disheveled, his hair was more unruly than usual and his normally expressive eyes looked like they had sunken in significantly. She swallowed hard, now very aware that Sam’s hands were still holding her. She nudges him off, terrified that her father would chase him out of the building or kick him out and tell him to get lost but the closer Cory gets the easier it is to see that he was looking right through them.

He walks past the startled teens, not saying one word as he saunters over to the kitchen, pulling out a bottle of water and taking a large gulp before turning to face them again. He pinches the bridge of his nose taking a deep breath before he addresses them.

“How long are you here for, Sam?” He asks, now massaging his temples in attempt to relieve some tension.

Sam stumbles over his words for a minute, trying not to freak out as the father of the girl he was just kissing glared at him from across the room. “Um, just for the weekend sir. I’ll be gone on Monday.”

“Topanga know you’re here?” Cory asks, taking another big gulp of his water bottle.

“Yes sir.” Sam nods, “She made up the guest room for me.” He adds in, hoping that’ll put the man’s mind at ease. He didn’t want him to think that he and Riley were sharing a bed, or even a room.

“Why don’t you go on over to bed.” Cory motions to the door. “I need to speak to my daughter.”

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Requested: yes, this sweetie did

Words: 1294

A/N: I hope it’s okay! If not, request again ;) It turned out longer than I expected, but it happened.

check out the soulmate!Michael story i’m writing

It wasn’t like you hated Hey Violet. You weren’t allowed to hate them – they’re were 5SOS’ experiment. That’s not what the boys said, but that was how you saw them. They wanted to make a band famous and help them out, just like 1D did with them. So you could easily hang out with HV – as long as they were all there. Because hanging out just with Nia or being alone with Rena was weird and scary to you. So going out them Hey Violet and 5SOS shouldn’t be a problem. But even though all you wanted was a nice, calm conversation with all of them, you couldn’t help but notice the way Nia laughed at Calums’ jokes. You all sat around a table at a rather big coffee shop. You sat beside Miranda and Luke, so far away from Calum.

They were all talking in over each other, so nobody really got the idea. Maybe there was too many people, but it was nice anyway. Sometimes you would actually laugh at Michaels dumb jokes or talk really quietly with Luke, so only you and him could hear the conversation. But in the middle of the fun, Nia almost died from laughing – and you more or less wished she would have. She hit Calum’s arm playfully, making Calum’s eyes crinkle and shine.

“I’m gonna get some more water. “ You said getting up from your chair. The table you were sitting at was pretty close to the window, so you could see fans starting to notice the bands.

“I’ll come with you. I need more coffee. “ Nia said, her voice full of happiness and her smile wide. “I didn’t get any sleep yesterday. “ She whispered. Nia was sweet… She really was, so it shouldn’t be a problem being with her alone for a small minute. You walked both walked towards the counter – unfortunately there was a queue, hinting that you’d be alone with her for longer than you thought. There was no awkward moments, but every time she smiled, you couldn’t help but think about her flirting with Calum. They had been together quite a lot lately and you didn’t really see any harm in that. Until now – Calum wouldn’t cheat on you, but maybe he had a thing for Nia? You just were done telling a small story about the time you went to Disneyland and you puked after trying the teacups. Nia chuckled.

“Yeah! It was like this one time where we went to a small concert – me and Calum-“ Your face changed at Nia’s words, but she clearly didn’t notice. “I don’t even remember who was playing. I took a couple of shots before the concert. “ You moved forward in the queue.  “But anyway, I puked at the girls bathroom and Calum laughed at me. “
Somehow the fact that all Calum did was laugh at her calmed you down a bit.

“But then he helped by holding my hair and buying me something to drink. He’s really sweet. “ Nia said, clearly trying to compliment you and your choice of boyfriend, but you couldn’t see it as anything else, but her smearing it in your face.

“Yea, you probably know how sweet he is. “ You mumbled, because it had become a bad habit of yours to whisper your thoughts. But obviously, Nia heard – because what else could happened?

“You don’t want me to be friends with Calum? “ Nia asked. All of a sudden the sweet, funny, innocent person was gone and instead a very angry and irritated Nia was standing in front of you.

“I don’t want you flirting with him. “ You said, crossing your arms and lifting your brow.

“I’m not flirting! “ Nia raised her voice, so the people behind you looked up from their phones to see what was going on. “Are you really that type of girl? “

You didn’t know what to answer, because you knew what she meant. You weren’t the jealous, controlling, clingy girlfriend, but today you were just getting tired of Nia. You didn’t mind Calum being friends with her, but the fact that she was flirting with him made you mad – and when she didn’t want to admit it made it worse.

“Maybe I am. Butat least I’m not going for boys who’re taken! “ You yelled, not caring about the people behind you and the people in front of you. They could mind their own business.

“Bitch, you’re just scared that I might actually fuck your man! “ Nia hissed. And just like it couldn’t get any worse, Calum turned up.

“Hey, you guys are slow. “ Calum smiled. You loved his smile – it was one of the many reasons you fell in love with him. And you kept falling in love with him every day who saw him.

“Hi Calum. “ Nia said in a tone that clearly showed she was gonna tell him. “Did you know that Y/N is a jealous, idiotic prick? “

“Bitch. You just can’t handle the fact that I have it better than you! “ Nia stuck her tongue out while grinning devilishly.

“You can’t handle the fact that Calum would rather be with me than you. “ She said it slowly, making every word longer. Her tone was quietly teasing and she didn’t even look at you. She looked at Calum behind you.

You stormed out of the coffee shop, pushing Calum aside and sneaking in and out between people. You squinted your eyes, as you closed the coffee shop door. Normally you weren’t like this. You wouldn’t storm out of rooms because someone insulted you, but today was the first day where you did exactly that.

“Y/N! “ Someone yelled. You looked at the source of the sound and found about 5 teenage girls, standing with their phone and taking pictures of the boys from the window. You smiled, knowing that you had to put up a face and walked towards the fans.

“Oh my god. “ A girl with red hair and cute little freckles smeared over her cheeks mumbled. “You’re like really pretty. “

“What are you guys doing? “ Another girl asked. She had platinum blond hair to her shoulder and she was standing with her phone pointed towards you, filming you.

“Getting something to drink and eat. It’s rare they have time for that. “ You smiled and looked at the girls. You actually loved meeting fans, because they were usually always so sweet and curious. And it made you feel special in some sort of way. But just as you were having a very cool and casual conversation with the fans, they started whined.

“OMG! CALUM! “ You looked down on your feet, well-knowing that you couldn’t avoid him. And you knew he was getting closer, because they were being louder with every step he took.

You felt Calums arms being wrapped around you and his scent hit your nose and you instantly felt like it was dumb – the whole thing was dumb and idiotic. You were generally surprised. The brown-haired girl was clearly still filming and she wasn’t even trying to hide it. The other girls were awing at the two of you. Calum would normally not be much for PDA when there were cameras around, but this time he just kissed your temple and hugged you from behind.

“I love you and only you, babe. “ He whispered in your ear, making the girls aweing and one of them snouted “GOALS”. Calum kissed your lips and took your hand, before he started talking with the fans.

Next day on twitter, you saw the video from the brown-haired fan’s perspective. And you had to admit, you pretty damn cute together.

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10% Off All Non-Icon Commissions!
Hello everyone! I’m doing a sale! :D

Recently, the Undertale preorder for the collector’s edition went up for around $70.00. Now, I’m normally not very indulgent when it comes to these things, but this is one of the very few things I would love to have for myself. Undertale has been such an inspiration to me as a person and I want to celebrate it’s meaningful impact on my life by supporting this official release! I would also love to get my hands on that locket and art book.

So that means it’s time for a sale! 10% off all commissions, excluding icon commissions as I’m not accepting those at this time.

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Did you delete the Kingsman: Secret Service quotes?

I can’t find any on the blog, but we don’t generally delete things we’ve posted, so I don’t think we have any from that source! Maybe you’re thinking of quotes you saw on one of the other incorrect quote blogs out there? 

Hey there, Raylee here. Hilary is right. We generally don’t delete much of anything on this blog. I know (for a fact) that there are Kingsman quotes at IDEQ, but if you’re looking for Kingsman quotes here at IMQ, we truly are fresh out of those. We could probably queue some up, but as ever, you are more than welcome to submit some!

Super Power Couple

@goldenolaf25: Heya!! I love your work. Was wondering if I could request a few aesthetics: love with Gabriel, date night with Cas, and nerd/geek with Sam. Any of these with anything else is great!! Thank you and keep up the good work. :) ;) <3

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Meeting Kian and Jc for the first time

A/N - I have lots of ideas but I don’t know how to write them yet so if you have any requests, please dm me so I can write those while figuring out how to write the other ones! For now, I hope you enjoy :) 

Request - None


Row 18, 19, 20… 21

You put your hand luggage in the overhead compartment and sat down in the window seat with your handbag and neck pillow. You were flying to London to meet up with some family you hadn’t seen in years and to celebrate the birth of your new little cousin. You loved flying and travelling but you were nervous since you had never flown for this long before, especially on your own. 

Looking around, you could tell that the flight was going to be a hard one. Directly behind you there was a mother with two very young, attention seeking children, one of which had a very piercing scream that you were lucky enough to have the pleasure of listening to in the queue when boarding the plane. A few rows ahead, a larger than average man was already having an argument with a young flight attendant about his lack of leg room, even though he was sitting in the extra leg room seat and couldn’t have had any more room if they tried. Lucky for you, you were the only one sitting on your row so had to extra seats to stretch out on and - 

Your heavenly ideas of sleeping well on this flight was quickly interrupted by a tattered backpack being placed on the seat next to you and two rather attractive boys arguing about who got to sit in the aisle seat. 

K - ‘But you sleep through most flights anyway so it doesn’t matter where you sit!’

J - ‘Kian, the last time we flew, you complained the whole time that the lady on the other side of the aisle smelt and begged me to swap with you, so you sit in the middle this time so that it won’t happen again!’

K - ‘But I can already tell that he doesn’t smell’ The boy with the shorter hair indicated to the teenager behind him who was so engrossed in his game that he didn’t even realise they were talking about him.

J - ‘Ok, fine, you can sit on the aisle seat but on the way back, you have to sit in the middle, deal?’

K - ‘deal’

You smiled as the boy with the curly hair sat down next to you. He hadn’t looked at you yet so you were unsure if you should say anything or just look out the window and ignore him. You found yourself subconsciously watching him as he pulled out a similar gray neck pillow to yours and noticed some kind of feather tattoo poking out the bottom of his t-shirt sleeve. He was rummaging around in his backpack, pulling out cameras and snacks when his sleep mask fell out, landing on your foot. Without thinking, you picked it up and handed it to him. 

J - ‘Thanks, sorry about that’

Y/N - ‘No worries’ you laughed, looking at his face properly for the first time. He was looking at you too, his eyes exploring your face. You felt self-conscious, knowing you hadn’t made much of an effort since it was such a long flight.

J - ‘Im Jc, this is Kian, sorry if we are loud, we will try to be as least annoying as possible.’

The other boy looked up from his phone and smiled.

K - ‘hey! whats your name?’

y/n - ‘Im y/n, and don’t worry, I’m sure you can’t be too annoying’

They both laughed, Kian giving you a forgiving look indicating that you were very very wrong. 

The cabin fell quiet as the pilot started giving the safety speech. You had heard it so many times that you could basically say it with him, so you put in your headphones and watched out the window as you took off. You were travelling through the night so the LA was lit up beneath you, the tiny moving specks of light showing the traffic covering LA, even and 1am. 

Somewhere between the pilots speech and your chill out playlist you had drifted off, only to be woking up by Kian’s very loud laughing and Jc telling him to be quiet. You slowly opened your eyes, shifting your body out of its uncomfortable position and unzipping your hoodie since the plane had warmed up since you had sat down. 

J - ‘Im so so sorry we woke you up, Kian thought it would be funny to pour his water down my neck while I was asleep’

K - ‘It. Was. So. Fucking. Funny’ Kian managed to say through his heavy laughter.

Y/N - ‘No don’t worry, I was already awake anyway’ You lied.

K - ‘I got it on film too. Oh fuck that was good’ Kian recovered from his hysterics, showing you the snapchat he took. The video started with a shot of you and Jc both asleep, you leaning against the window and Jc leaning on your shoulder. You hadn’t even noticed he was there. The camera quickly cut you out of the shot so the rest of the short video was just a close up of Jc.

K - ‘Is it ok if I post this on my story, you are in the background?’ Kian asked and you said yes, its not like any one you knew would see it anyway.

J - ‘Dude people are going to think we are dating, I’m practically laying on top of her’ Jc said to Kian before turning to you

J - ‘Sorry I didn’t mean that in a rude way, but the people who will see that like to take everything way out of proportion.’

You were confused as to what he meant but just laughed in response.

Y/N - ‘I don’t mind what you do with it, as long as I don’t look ugly.’

Jc looked at the video once more before saying 

J - ‘No you don’t, you look beautiful’

This caused you to blush. Kian made a little puppy face saying ‘awwwwww.’ This caused you to blush a lot more.

Y/N - ‘Thank you, but your too kind’

J - ‘This may be a weird question but I’m making a little montage video of this trip and I was wondering if I could film you looking out of the window or something’

Y/N - ‘Yeah of course, whats the video for?’ you asked. You didn’t know why he would want to film you but you didn’t see why not.

J - ‘Its for youtube, Its kind of hard to explain but when I’ve made the video, I will text you or something, can I have your number?’ 

You spent the next few minutes exchanging numbers, following each other on social media and what not. Your phone didn’t have signal or anything so you couldn’t follow them back but Kian and Jc happily used their 3G despite the costs they would probaly get from using it abroad. 

It was around 4.30am when Jc asked to film you. The sun had just started to rise it was a beautiful golden sky. You looked out the window, feeling the heat of the sun on your face and tried not to squint. Jc told you to just act natural so you stared out of the window for a bit before turning around and smiling at something behind Jc since he said not to look into the lens. 

J - ‘Thats perfect, thank you.’ Jc said, watching back the footage on the small display screen of his camera. 

The rest of the flight was spent chatting, exchanging stories and playing stupid games to keep you all entertained. You noticed Kian was a lot more shy than Jc, despite being the louder one. Slowly, he became more comfortable and soon he was happily joining into the conversation more. He was happiest when you were having a conversation about tattoos, and you loved listening to him explaining the meanings behind each of his. 

The flight went a lot quicker than expected and you were sad to land since you knew you would probably never see Kian and Jc again. 

J - ‘Thank you for being such good company y/n. We would love to meet up with you sometime.’

K - ‘Yeah, if we don’t get a chance to in London we always could when we are back in LA!’

Y/N - ‘I would love too, I’m free most of this week so I will probably be wondering around London’

J - ‘So will we, I will text you and we could go for lunch or something’

Y/N - ‘Sounds perfect! If I don’t see you, have a lovely time in England!’

KnJ - ‘You too!’

You picked up your bags from the baggage reclaim and headed towards the taxi service. While you were waiting for a taxi you logged into the airports free wifi and hundred of notifications came through. Most of them were from instagram and your recent photos of you in your pool was filled with comments saying ‘KIAN AND JC FOLLOWED YOU’ and ‘Who is this girl?!’ You had also gained hundreds of followers on twitter and everyone was tweeting you screenshots of Kian’s snapchat story. 

You checked Kian and Jc’s profile and saw that they both had over 3 million followers on both instagram and twitter. You had no clue that they were famous and spent the rest of the wait for the taxi trying to find out exactly who you had just spent 9 hours on a plane with. 


I hope you guys like this! Sorry if there are any errors ( haven’t re read it because I’m trash)

This was inspired by a dream I had the other night because I dreamt that this happened to me but with Harrison Webb, it was the best dream I have ever had. Anyways, thank you for reading! See you soon X

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okay so I saw your tags about the hair of Chinese men being political and was just wondering if you could elaborate??? I'm really interested sorry!!

Haha I see well it’s a very interesting topic actually! 

1. Basically, for most of Chinese history both men and women kept long hair (so that’s 4000ish+ years). In ancient China, there was a lot of expansionism and conquest. The name ‘Middle Kingdom’ itself is a reflection of the view that China is the centre and nexus of civilisation. In that climate, the non-Han Chinese people getting conquered were regarded as uncivilised barbarians. Like, think something similar to Manifest Destiny? A lot of the cultural exceptionalism going around. For Chinese men, long, properly bound up hair was the way to go- it was associated with being civilised, cultured and other positive traits- short hair was associated with savagery and barbarism. 

(Btw women’s clothing in Mulan looks to be inspired by multiple dynasties. The hairstyle here in any case, is quite accurate)

2. In the 1600s, the Ming Dynasty was conquered by the Manchu, a non-Han people, who founded the successive Qing dynasty. They enforced the Manchu queue hair style on Han Chinese men, which consists of the half shaven head (tonsured) and a long braid like you see in this Qing-era Chinese drama. It was basically supposed to be a mark of Manchu domination and victory- Han Chinese men with the queue had therefore submitted to Manchu rule. Failure to adopt this hairstyle was considered treasonous and one could even be executed. So now, short hair or any other style deviating from the queue = a sign of dissent. Han Chinese rebels the would therefore cut off their queues as a message about their politics. 

(China has a lottttt of dramas from the imperial era, because there’s a lot of interesting material (plenty of murders, political intrigues and whatnot) and well it’s considered ideologically safe to make stuff about that era, compared to more recent…and controversial events.)

3. By the late 1800s, the defeat of the Qing dynasty in the Opium Wars and First Sino-Japanese war resulted in many humiliating concessions to other countries and China losing prestige as a regional power. Now people also saw things associated with the Qing era as antiquated and backwards. There were some attempts by more progressive members of the Qing court to reform, but the conservatives won the power struggle. When the Qing dynasty was finally overthrown in the 1911 Xinhai Revolution, most Chinese men cut off their queues- and adopted short hair. They didn’t go back to the pre-Manchu hair- now short hair was symbolic of severing ties with the Manchu and I guess a symbol of modernity, as many revolutionary leaders had spent time in Western countries.‘Western’ was associated with progress, new ideas were seen as necessary to revive China from the seeming backwardness of the Qing dynasty. So Western dress and hairstyles were adopted. And here we are today, where many Chinese men keep short hair.

(This is a photo of several members of the Revive China Society, which was meant to coordinate anti-Qing revolutionary activities.)

So yep, this was what I meant about the hairstyles of Chinese men being very political.