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I’ll Be There || Jughead Jones

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word count : 644

pairing : Jughead x Reader

warnings : being sick, puking (not graphic).

summary : you’ve been sick all week and not at school, so jughead comes to check up on you and makes you chicken soup. 

a/n : a smallish, really fluffy imagine. i was just really in the mood for some fluffy juggie. part two of ‘the news room’  will be put out tomorrow sometime! 

requests are open

     It cam on really quick, it had seemed like one minute you were in perfect and then the next you were puking your guts out. You hadn’t been in the school for the last week; heck you hadn’t been out of your bed. You slept most of the day away and the times you weren’t sleeping you were blowing your nose or vomiting. You could honestly say you wanted to go to school; after spending much more then 120 hours alone in your room you would take any opportunity to get out of these four walls. 

     For what felt like the millionth time, you woke up to the queasy feeling in you stomach. You would give anything to stop that, out of all your symptoms the upset stomach was the worst. You held you hand to your mouth; eyes slamming closed as you tried to focus on anything but the sickness in your stomach. 

     Maybe a few moments later there was a knock on your door then your door slowly creaking open. “Y/N?” you heard a soft voice say. You could recognize it anywhere. It belong best friend and major crush, Jughead Jones. You guys honestly hadn’t been friends for all that long; just a few months at the most, but in that time you’ve become really close to each other. “Is everything okay? You haven’t been in school all work and you aren’t answering you phone…and it’s really dark in here..” He said, basically stating everything in sight. 

     You barked a laugh, opening you eyes and looking over at him. “Thanks Captain Obvious. I thought you were some kind of detective, I’m sick.” You mumbled, voice low and croaky. You could hear his bag slid to the ground and then him coming closer to the bed. “You should have told me, I would have come over and helped you get better. I make a mean chicken noodle soup.” He said, a pout on his lips. “Yeah; a soup I would just throw up.” You replied back, slowly sitting up in your bed. 

      The raven haired male hand’s shot out to stop you, slowly making you lay back down. “No, you need your rest. Just wait right here: I’m going to make you some soup; just broth since you stomach is still finicky.” He told you as he turned and ran to your kitchen.

     Within an hour, Jughead had made and hand fed you. “Okay, that did make me feel a little better.” You mumbled lightly. “See, I know what I’m doing Y/N. I learned it from my mother.” He said lightly as he moved to get up off your bed. “No!” You blurted without thinking. The loner gave you a questionable look, setting the bowl on the night stand to give you his full attention. 

     Blood rushed to the top layer of your skin and you began to feel thankful your room was a bit dark. “Could…Could you stay in the bed with me for a little? I…just really want to cuddle right now. I think it might make me feel better.” You said softly, eyes anywhere but on him. You could hear him laugh softly; obviously not at you at all though. “Of course; anything to make you feel better.” He said lightly as he slipped off his jacket before moving in closer to you in the bed. 

     The two of you shifted around in the bed until your were laying on his chest, ear pressed into the soft cloth as you listened to his heart beat, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. You allowed your eyes to close, feeling comfortable in his arms. “I’m glad I came over, Y/N. You shouldn’t have to be sick and alone.” He said softly as he rubbed small circles into your back. You only hummed in response as you feel into a light slumber. 

“I wanted to commit to you, I did.“

Notice how Bernie’s actions mirror her words perfectly? She’s subtly moving in closer to Serena to show just how much she wants to commit to her and sneakily does so while Serena’s not watching. I’d say A+ for body language! Ugh. My heart. Could Jemma’s and Catherine’s acting get any more perfect than this?


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@taylorswift @taylornation @att Hi guys, I know this is late but I was waiting until (13 days before this) to ask if there is any possible way I can get tickets to the show on February 15th??? I have never EVER been to a concert (my parents were always so overprotective of me and now since I am 18 they see me more mature now). I also live in Houston and this would be the most PERFECT opportunity. Taylor, I have been a fan of yours from the moment I heard “You Belong With Me” for the first time on a Fearless commercial and have been rooting you since. It would mean a lot to me if I could meet you. I know this is a long shot but I will be asking and trying everyday up until that day to try to see you. I will be ever so grateful if y'all even read and consider giving me this opportunity. Thank you so much

Best Kim Seokjin quotes of all time
  • "I'm looking handsome. I feel good."
  • *my life is smeared with handsomeness"
  • "Hi, i'm Jin. I'm in charge of singing. I'm also very handsome."
  • "Handsome? Ya I think me too"
  • "I'm going to get more handsome in 2015"
  • "It tastes like you're gaining weight. But it's good"
  • "I didn't know fire can be that hot."
  • "I was awkward since I was born."
  • "I rap...just like JAY JEE"
  • "Win or lose, I don't care. Because at the end of the day I still have this face. So who's the real winner here?"
  • "I wish I could come here with my gf...but I don't have any" *Play the sad trumpet in background*
  • "I sometimes wonder 'what is perfection'? But then I realize.. I'm perfection."
  • Jk: what should we do?
  • J : "stop the video and play Pokemon with me"
  • *staring competition with camera**
  • "The camera doesn't blink so does this mean i'm losing?"
  • "Jiminah my butt is not for you to hit!"
  • V: "Hyung don't get giddy because it's your birthday!"
  • J: why does your face look so bloated?
  • *birthday clapback*
  • *showing off a pic of himself*
  • "Wow, wow. I had never imagined I would get a masterpiece like this"
  • *with namjoon*
  • "There's a 'line'. We're the 'cannot dance-line'."
  • And my favorite..
  • "Mm...YHUM!"
  • -forever our sassy pink princess/eomma
Chronic Illness (3)

part one, part two

Any Change In Time - peachy–memes

Summary: Dan just wanted a tattoo, but somehow he ended up with a boyfriend.

Brittle - phandabbydosey

Summary: Told from the perspective of a doctor observing Dan’s strangely frequent trips to A&E, always for broken bones. His relationship with Phil seems perfect, but could there be a more sinister cause underlying Dan’s injuries? Or is it something else entirely?

Everything Is Not Alright - awesomesockes

Summary: Dan suffers from epilepsy and has a bad fit on the flight back to London.

I’ve Had Enough - awesomesockes

Summary: Dan suffers from LBS (Light bladder syndrome) and gets into a fight with Phil.

I Will Always Love You (ao3) - itislacey

Summary: Dan was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few months back, and he finds it rather difficult to accept the changes it’s making to his body. But of course, Phil doesn’t care about those changes. He will always love Dan. And he’s going to show him as much.

The End of the Tour - sartysarty

Summary: They have finished American TATINOF and  VidCon, and just have about 90 minutes of filming to do for The Fine Bros before they can relax.  Dan takes care of the car sick, anxiety ridden Phil…in obvious and subtle ways.

The Fault in Our Phan - dr-horribles-cry-along-blog

Summary: When I was seventeen my mother decided that I was depressed, probably because I spend most of my time in bed, and I rarely left the house. I also read the same book series over and over again, and I devoted quite a bit of my abundant free time to thinking about death.

The Torture of OCD (tw) - wishicouldunreadthat

Summary: “We’ve just completed the full assessment of Dan’s behaviour and regret to inform you…” The doctor leaned forward in his chair and watched Phil, eyes full of heavy sympathy. “We believe Dan is suffering with OCD.”

Weak Heart - justaphanatic

Summary: (tw) Phil has a weak heart. No one knows, not even Dan. Dan finds out but is to late?

Dating Jin

A/N: Hey, so if you think dating Jin would not be 100% then you’re wrong. He would be the sweetest thing ever and really caring and lowkey kinky, and his lips alone could bring world peace. Honestly boyfriend Jin is perfect Jin. Enjoy~


  • This boy would Worship you
  • He would try to play with your hair a lot bc it’s so soft wth?? How do you get hair this soft??
  • He would make you breakfast a lot
  • and he’d be really surprised when you would wake up earlier than him just so you could return the favour, he would appreciate it so much even if you burnt the toast a lil bc that just makes it so much more special
  • Have you seen his lips????
  • He’d be really into skinship and find any opportunity to touch you
  • but when it came to sex he’d be really shy and would go really slow to make sure you were comfortable
  • after you were together for a while he would start getting more comfortable when it came to sex, and you learn what a kinky boyfriend you got
  • he would never ask you to try anything, but if it happened he would be so excited and tell you afterwards how hot it was and want to do it again
  • him being brave and asking you to wear a cute lil outfit for sex and he’s so relieved bc he’s been trying to ask you for WEEKS
  • And you just look up from your book like “hm? Did you say something Jin?”
  • and his insides crumble and he can’t bring himself to ask again
  • “…. I made cookies”
  • Nights in with Jin would be so sweet and traditional
  • You would make dinner together
  • He would be trying to teach you cooking skills bc you’re still just learning
  • And he would be so picky about the way you chop the goddamn lettuce
  • “Jagiya… c-could you not do that?”
  • And you getting annoyed bc he does this every time
  • “Do what Jin?”
  • And him brushing it off bc he knows you’re trying your hardest
  • ”…be so darn beautiful”
  • He would be so offended when you drop something on the floor and still try and use it in the food
  • When you’d watch movies you’d curl up beside him and mother Jin would take over and he’d hold you close
  • And when he started rubbing circles into your thighs he wouldn’t think anything of it bc he’s just trying to keep you comfy
  • But it makes you horny so as soon as the movie ends you jump on him and start kissing him and he’s so surprised
  • Goodbye mother Jin
  • he doesn’t waste any time helping you out of your clothes and carrying you into the bedroom
  • he would tease you and make sure you’re comfortable before naughty Jin would take over and you had the best sex ever
  • In the morning his hair would be all crazy and your make up would be smudged everywhere and you both look like complete messes, and you just sit and laugh at each other before moving closer so you can rest your head on his chest
  • When ur with the other members they call you the second mom
  • And Jin getting overly protective about it
  • Also lowkey is screaming about it in his head
  • The members would be so nice to you and Jin would really appreciate it
  • He would drape his arm lazily over your shoulder when you were in public
  • And when the members would make fun of you guys for being so close he would just kiss you more 
  • Mom Jin pulling you onto his lap so he can pepper your nose with kisses
  • Long deep talks about your future
  • Long strolls through town and visiting bakeries all the time
  • Sitting on park benches holding hands and not speaking, just listening to the nature around you
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: i'm 100% happy with all canon hp endgame ships except hinny I don’t hate it or anything but I feel like JKR could have developed it A LOT better (Ginny in general deserved more than what she got tbh that poor girl gets so much underserved hate) and also I just feel like lunarry would’ve been perfect because let's face it Harry was totes into that girl and it would've been such a harry thing to do to surprise everyone and end up with looney lovegood if JKR had been regretful about any endgame it should've been hinny and not romione what was she thinking???
Series: Becoming Mrs. Styles (part 5)

–Finding the perfect wedding dress!


You had imagined getting married since you were a little girl. But you’d never envisioned you’d be marrying a man who was adored by millions, whose name was known by most, and who could be with just about any girl he wanted. But he chose you. And you were so lucky, and you knew it. And now you had to find a dress to wear that would be seen by all his fans in picture and, more importantly, in pictures that would be framed in your house and your families’ houses. So it had to be perfect. No pressure.

You could tell that Harry was excited about the dress, especially lately, knowing you had booked an appointment to try on gowns. It seemed that every time you put on a dress now, he would make a comment about how he liked “the neckline” or “that nice fabric” or “the sparkly stuff at the top”. But he also knew you were anxious about finding a dress and that you would look absolutely beautiful in anything.

“As long as it’s not a paper bag, love, it’ll be perfect,” he smiled before kissing you on the cheek as you were on your way out to your appointment to try on dresses. “Maybe even then, though,” he laughed. 

“Well I’ll try to steer clear of the paper bag section of the store,” you laughed as you walked out the door, the sounds of Harry chuckling fading as you made your way to your car.

Your friend had told you about a wedding dress boutique where she had gone to find her dress, so you figured you’d try it out and hope you found the one today. You decided to take with you a few of your bridesmaids, along with Harry’s mom and sister. Anne would be great moral support and make you feel good about yourself, and Gemma would make sure you didn’t buy something you didn’t look awesome in. Also, they both were just great company.

As you and your entourage walked into the store, you became instantly overwhelmed by all the white dresses in front of you. And around you. And on every side of you, everywhere.

“Oh my, that’s a lot of white dresses,” you heard Anne murmur next to you.

“We’re gonna be here all bloody day!” Gemma exclaimed.

“Well I don’t think she’ll be trying on every dress in the store, Gemma,” Anne laughed, giving you a wink to reassure you everything would be fine. You smiled back, anxious at the thought of not finding a dress out of all of these that looked very much the same to you.

“Hello, I have an appointment to try on wedding dresses,” you told the elegantly dressed woman standing behind the desk in front of you.

“Name, please,” she ordered, clearly not pleased with the entourage you brought along with you.

“Oh, um, it’s Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

“Yes, well, follow me please,” she told you as your friends and soon-to-be-family went to sit down on the couch in the main part of the room and you followed the consultant to the dressing room.

“I’m just going to pull a few different styles for you to get a taste of what you think you might like,” she told you as she shut the door behind her, leaving you alone in the dressing room to wait.

And different styles she did bring. You decided to try on the huge ballgown first because you’d never worn a dress like that and you always thought looking like a princess might be kind of fun. But when you looked in the mirror, all you could see was a giant marshmallow looking back at you. At least it wasn’t a paper bag, you thought…

And as you walked into the main room to stand on the platform in front of your entourage, you could tell they were thinking the same things you were. 

“Well…?” you asked hesitantly once you finally got in front of them.

“Well it’s a beautiful dress, darling,” Anne commented. Coming from Anne, this meant that it was not looking so beautiful on you. 

“I mean, it looks like a giant puff ball doesn’t it! Looks like you could fit a village under there,” Gemma laughed, causing a smile to spread across your face as well. 

“I’d have to agree with you, this is not the one. I think ballgowns are just not for me,” you told them before you started walking back to the dressing room.

But after trying on a mermaid dress, an overly sexy dress that made Anne blush, another ball gown “just to make sure”, and a dress with an excessive amount of feathers, you found that none of those dresses were for you, either. And you started feeling hopeless about finding a dress today. 

After returning to the dressing room with the consultant, you decided that you just wanted something flowy and romantic and beautiful. That’s what you told her at least. So she went to find you some dresses that would fit what you were now envisioning. 

After a few minutes, the consultant returned with three dresses, all flowy, romantic, and beautiful from what you could tell as you stared at them on their hangers in front of you. And you suddenly felt much more hopeful about this whole process, even excited now.

However, after putting the first dress on, all that hope was once again deflated. You walked into the main room to stand in front of everyone, a frown on your face.

“I just don’t understand how something that looks so perfect on the hanger can you look so awful on me,” you admitted.

“Oh honey, you don’t look awful, you’re so beautiful. Maybe this dress just wasn’t meant for you…” Anne responded, trying to make you feel better but also agreeing that this dress was not the one. Not even close. 

“I don’t even know what’s bad about it, really, it’s just not good. I mean, of course you’re gorgeous, I just think we can do way better here,” Gemma told you, sincerely. 

You smiled, agreeing with them, eager to try on the other two dresses. But you found that you and everyone you brought with you had the same reactions to these ones. This just wasn’t working.

And you felt your eyes begin to feel glossy as you stood up on the platform in this last dress, feeling sure now that you wouldn’t find your dress today.

“Well hold on, Y/N. Let’s not give up that easily. Now I saw a dress when we walked in that I thought was beautiful, maybe I can grab it for you?” Gemma asked, looking at the consultant standing next to you.

“Go ahead,” she told your soon-to-be sister-in-law, feeling sure also that there was just no hope at this point.

Gemma returned a minute later, handing you the dress.

“Please just try it,” she pleaded with you.

“Okay,” you agreed, taking the dress back to the dressing room.

But you hadn’t actually looked at the dress you were holding until you started to put it on. And there it was. You noticed immediately the sparkly light pink fabric on part of the belt that went with the dress. The same light pink color as the small diamonds on your engagement ring, as the dress you wore the night Harry proposed, and as the rose petals that Harry knelt down upon when he asked you to be his wife. And as you finished putting the dress on, and then tying the belt around it, you knew. 

The dress was flowy from the waist down, where the belt accentuated your waist. The top had some lace and loose, off-the-shoulder sleeves. Subtle white flowers were embroidered into the dress, and it looked absolutely perfect. It was the one. And you would always get annoyed when watching shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” when the bride-to-be would realize this was the one, like there is only one wedding dress for every bride, like it’s this magical moment when all that’s really happening is you’re putting on an item of clothing. But now you knew you were wrong. Because this was the dress, the only dress, for you.

And you had a huge smile that lit up every inch of your face, eyes glossy once again, as you walked into the room and up onto the platform. It felt more like you glided, like you floated into the room. Graceful and romantic and beautiful, that’s how you felt. And that’s how you looked. And you could tell because everyone in your entourage sighed happily, eyebrows raised and a smile on their faces when they saw you. And Anne’s eyes filled with tears as yours did the same.

“Oh it’s so beautiful, Y/N. Oh this is just perfect, love,” Anne told you, filled with emotion and looking at you with so much love in her eyes that it made you want to start bawling.

“Wow, this is what I’m talking about. Harry is going to be all over this, if you know what I mean,” Gemma said with a smirk as she raised her eyebrows up and down. You laughed as Anne smacked her daughter lightly on the arm but with a smile on her face, as well.

“You really think he’s gonna like it?” You wanted to confirm with Gemma, figuring that her approval would likely mean Harry’s as well. 

“Darling, I know my son. And I know that he is not going to be able to keep it together when he sees you walking down the aisle to him in this dress. He is going to be an absolute mess. You look completely amazing,” Anne interjected, being totally honest. 

And that was all you needed to go ahead and make the purchase, ecstatic at having finally found not just a dress, but the dress.

And Anne, as always, was right. Harry would be an absolute mess. 


Getting closer to the wedding! Requests/feedback welcome as always! :)

A typical day post reading ACOMAF
  • Me: okay. I need to stay focused today. Lots of important adult things to do. I need to not constantly be thinking about fictional characters.
  • Me a little later: this song reminds me of feysand.
  • Also later me: that picture makes me think of feysand.
  • Also later me: that cute couple makes me think of feysand
  • Also me: oh look a bath tub. Feysand once took a bath. That was great.
  • Also later me: oh look galaxy leggings. Looks like night court. Where feysand lives.
  • Also later me: hey it's night time! I wish I was a part of the night court so I could hang out with feysand.
  • Also me: when will I get over feysand?
  • Also me: feysand is so perfect.
  • Also me: I love feysand so much.
  • Also me: feysand will have the cutest babies.
  • Also me: I can't wait for more feysand
  • Also me: did I have any kind of life before feysand? I cannot remember.
  • Also me: feysand is everything
  • Also me: I've been on tumblr all day looking at feysand. Oops.
Practice without purpose is hollow.

Hi, everyone. I haven’t been on here long - maybe a few months now but I can’t help but notice a trend as I interact with some of y’all. I have met some amazing people here in these last few months with wonderfully interesting experiences and knowledge about themselves and about their Craft. I personally came to Tumblr for two reasons: 1) to see if I could find reference information faster and 2) to see if there are any others like me - guided by their intuition to put language to what they already know to do. The more I look around and the more I get to know different folks, the more I realize that many of you are simply eager to know stuff without being willing to put in the trial and error work to perfect your practice, which the Craft demands. It’s great to know things but it also reads a little superficial, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

My Craft is and has always been guided by one thing: my intuition. I was born into the Craft. Ever since I was young, I’ve paid attention to what my Spirit is drawn to; what I’ve been interested in. Crystals, deities, tools, dreams, gut feelings, or whatever. I never wanted to be different. I just was. I never wanted to do spells. I did them accidentally, just with my words and realized that they were linked to my emotion. Some of y’all, it seems want to do spells to hurt people, to avoid your feelings, to avoid therapy, and to bypass learning that only comes from experience.

Where I come from, you don’t do curses to protect yourself from others. That’s what protections are for. You don’t reach out to or summon entities (deities, demons, angels, etc.) just because you’re interested in a particular type of magick. That’s what books, Google, Masterposts, and asking others for their experiences are for. You don’t reach out to Them, mainly because you don’t know Their nature and the blessings They can bestow or the havoc They can wreak on your life. You don’t choose your patron deity, planet, plant, crystal or familiar. They choose you. It’s not supposed to make sense when it happens. You won’t know why. You will be racking your brain trying to decipher clues, symbols, and find meaning in what you’re thinking, hearing, and seeing to make sense of it all. Noticing the patterns and particulars of your patrons is supposed to teach you something about yourself. This is a journey. You’re not insecure in your stage of the Craft because you trust that you are where you need to be. Trust that just because another witch looks more advanced in their Craft, doesn’t mean they actually are. And you definitely don’t lay any claims to parts of the Craft other than a spell (maybe). You are new to this. Always. Magick is Ancient and its lessons are to be shared. You are fresh. Check your ego.

Part of life is becoming secure in who you are and knowing what you need to know, when you need to know it. That comes with time, experience, and as far as the Craft goes, with meditation. When folks ask me what’s the first thing they should be doing to start in their practice, I’ll tell them to start meditating. Meditation is the only way to build up your intuition and get to know your Self - your rhythms, your wants, your likes, and dislikes. Listen to YOU. Now, it’s always good to know you have spirits out there ready to guide you. The second part of that is being ready to accept that guidance. Know why you want to know your patron because it is not superficial knowledge. It usually signifies the start of a commitment to a relationship and to a practice that you should know if you’re ready for (or if you even want). Before you ask that sort of question, you should have some idea of what the next steps are or how to get to them. Always. Even if it’s getting back to meditation or looking for signs to guide you to the next steps.

Sure, I can divine something for you for guidance but I can’t give you all the answers. Those come from you. I’m definitely here as a resource and to cross-reference information but I’m also a teacher. If you ask me a question, I’m going to ask what you’re using the knowledge for because honestly, you can look things up on Google or any of the wonderful Masterposts on here. For those deeper questions, state your intention to the Universe through meditation and wait for an answer or for a guide to present themselves to you. The only people I’ve asked for clarification before Tumblr were my grandparents and really, all they did was give me language for what I’d already been guided to do. “Oh, that’s called a witch? Oh, that’s what candle magick is? Oh, I’m called a medium?” That sort of thing. Any other questions I had, the answer was either, “Go look it up, baby,” (for reference) or “Ask Spirit what to do,” (for next steps). Shoot, sometimes in my moments of anxiety, when I’m talking to some of y’all, those are your answers to me! Thank you for reminding me where the knowledge is - within ME.

So, if you ask me about my experience, I’m happy to share it with you. If you ask me for information, I’m going to ask what your experience has been and I’m going to ask you what’s your purpose. Practice without purpose is hollow.

Attention - Scott Lang x Reader x Vision

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Words: 1351
Pairing: Scott Lang x Reader x Vision (more so Scott, though.)
Warnings: swearing, as usual, drinking
Requested by anon
I freaking love your fics! Could I request a Scott Lang/Vision type of thing where Vision is infatuated with the reader and gets jealous and starts acting weird whenever he sees the reader and Scott hanging out? Vice versa for Scott too if possible. You can end it in any direction you think would be fitting :) Thank you! <3
A/n: I actually watched Ant-Man today so I was soo ready to write this request. I think I followed the prompt pretty well, but it’s not perfect.


Vision phased through a wall. Scott had Wanda’s help to throw him up the stairs. They did everything they could to slow down the other one.

You walked out of the meeting room, only to be bumped into by Scott. “Whoa, watch where you’re going when moving that quick.” You laughed a bit. “Hi Scott.”

“Hi Y/N! I have a question for you!” He smiled.

“What’s up?” You asked.

“So a few people are going out tonight and I wanted to know if you’d want to tag along with me?” He smiled.

“I’d love to.” You smiled back at Scott.

“Oh I understand- wait, you said yes? Yes!” Scott smiled, then Vision walked up to you.

“Afternoon, Y/N.” Vision said. “Hello Scott.”

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I just gotta interrupt the usual program for this anon (I hope it’s okay that I am uploading this? But I think it would be rude if I wouldn’t???)

I can’t answer because this is one of my secondary blogs, but know that I feel super duper honored and thank you a lot, dear anon!!!! <3

All these posts about the VF and VLD pilots/paladins meeting, and none about VF Lance’s borderline hysterical glee at Mister Perfect Straight-Laced A-Student’s counterpart being a pissed-off Garrison dropout who hunts cryptids in the desert, to the point that he barely takes any notice of his own AU self

Alone (12)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; epilogue.

Hot chocolate – check.

Fluffy blankets – check.

A handsome Chanyeol holding you with his long, strong arms – check.

Could your evening get any more perfect?

In preparation for you meeting Chanyeol’s family the next day, you were looking through all the photo albums he’d brought over to help you learn names. It was hard though, not just because there were sixteen people to learn about but you kept getting distracted by all the cute photographs of young Chanyeol.

Seeing the rare few photos he had of him and his grandmother and then the mountain of photos once he was adopted, made you feel such mixed emotions. He was so cute from such a young age and you felt closer to him because he was showing you such a personal part of himself but you couldn’t help but feel envious of him. He had all these memories captured eternally from his childhood and in comparison, you had nothing, just your faded recollections of your foster home.

Chanyeol nuzzled you on the back of your neck, resting his chin on your shoulder to pull you out of your daze. “Think of all the new memories we’re going to make together. All the memories we’ve already made,” he murmured softly in your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

You laughed a little, sipping on your hot chocolate slowly as you stared at a picture of Chanyeol at his graduation. “Are you always going to be this nosey?” you joked playfully, looking over your shoulder to meet his eyes. “You’re going to have to teach me how you block me out of your head one day.”

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