could she *be* more obvious

Alison Clues by Episode - “Choose or Lose”

Oh look, the board game has once again magically moved around in Ali’s house while she’s completely oblivious. Why would A.D. or anyone else even move it into the bedroom? And notice Emily’s first remark - even she isn’t 100% sure that Ali isn’t the one moving around the board game.

Everyone seemed to focus so much on Hanna’s response to Ali and Emily’s announcement…but I was looking at Spencer. This isn’t the expression of someone who’s happy that two of her best friends are “finally” together. She doesn’t look joyful at all, in fact…she looks almost suspicious.

So how exactly did Tanner manage to call Alison on her burner phone she’d just gotten that day? There’s no way she could have known that number…unless Ali told her. And why would Ali even take a call in the middle of such an intense, emotional confrontation with one of her best friends? It could not be more obvious that she was not only expecting a call, but knew exactly who it would be from. Finally, I don’t buy the explanation that the girls set their numbers to forward from their regular phones to the burner ones. If that was the case, why did Tanner only call Ali? Why wouldn’t she call all of the girls?

“WAIT FOR IT”?! Wow, what a specific phrase. I feel like we’ve heard it before.

And here’s yet another reminder of what a master manipulator Alison used to be. Isn’t it interesting that as much as they’ve tried to redeem her and make her an official Liar, people are still regularly bringing up the person she used to be? Is this just trying to make us feel even sorrier for poor Ali, or is this a reminder to the audience?

This is a little detail, but this isn’t just any picture of the five girls…it’s from the night of the “Jenna Thing.” They could have used any photograph for this scene, but they specifically chose to focus on one from the night that Ali manipulated her friends into helping her pull a prank that blinded a girl, and then forced them to keep quiet about it. Why?

A.D. suddenly giving Aria an alibi for Dunhill’s murder is very strange. It’s pretty clear by now that A.D. isn’t really into doing things that don’t benefit him/herself, so what’s the deal here? Well, who is the only other person who benefits from Aria having an alibi? Alison. Aria’s real role in that night was sneaking Ali back into Welby. If Aria was supposedly now out of the state during that time, who’s to say that Alison even left the institution at all? This not only gives Aria an alibi - it gives Ali one, too.

Who in their right mind would set up some big romantic gesture in the middle of the woods in the dark, when there’s not only a killer running around, but also a psychopath bent on ruining your life and maybe even hurting you? Ali seems completely unconcerned by all of this, and the only way she could be totally certain that A.D. isn’t going to do anything to her and Emily while they’re alone in the dark woods is if she either is A.D. or is working with that person.

This is so huge that I can’t imagine it was unintentional. Hanna asks everyone to swear that they won’t blame anyone for what happens next, and that they’ll all stick together no matter what. We see Spencer, Emily, and Hanna all individually promise. The camera focuses on Ali for a moment, and…she says nothing. No promise to stick by her friends, no swearing that she won’t blame anyone. What the hell is she up to?

“that character’s fictional! let people headcanon them as they please!” yes patty but if you’re referring to headcanoning a canonically gay man as bi or a canonically bi girl as a lesbian then that’s problematic because it detracts from existing representation and doesn’t create new representation or anything and you really shouldn’t do that


These are pictures of Chalo running a race against himself, and I have good news: he’s winning.

Bad Habits

Warning: NSFW [Very much citrus]

Raven had a problem.

She had always prided herself in being highly attuned to and analytical of her own emotions. It was, after all, essential for her to properly process every bubbling hormone and neural impulse that fizzled through her brain and sent her heart beating. The lives and safety of those around her depended on this, and Raven had the memories of her own failures to serve as a heavy reminder.

Still, she was loathe to admit such a girlish thing to herself, as if she was somehow above the most basic human tendencies. Perhaps at one point she had believed she was, but after some recent revelations, Raven realized that was most definitely not the case.

She liked staring at Beast Boy’s butt. Often.

His spandex-esque uniform really didn’t help the matter either; if anything, it made her dirty little hobby far easier to maintain. The material only served to emphasize his features, allowing Raven to ogle from a distance almost daily.

What made the situation even worse, was that Raven didn’t just admire his behind. She imagined things, like touching it. Often. Daily, in fact. It was as embarrassing as it was enticing, and Raven quivered at the mere thought of the changeling’s firm rear.

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The Bold Ones [Part 1]

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Hi there! This is my first piece of writing on here ever, so I am super nervous and excited. This is gonna be a 5 part-ish story that involves some cute couple stuff, political scandal, and some freakin’ violence. I hope you enjoy. I am sorry if this is kinda rough :-) Please, give me feedback, if you feel comfortable!

Warnings: Swearing and saying God’s name in vain sometimes (sorry if this offends you)

(Not my photo)

Part 1-

Deionization. Electrical Conductivity. Sodium. Calcium. Iron. Copp-

God! Can this kid just shut up already?

It was the 4th day of the new school year at Midtown High  and your chemistry class was already in the middle of summer project presentations. Every head in the room relied on their elbow and hand to keep from falling into a noticeable slumber, revealing to the teacher that surprisingly, New York’s brightest science students did not care one bit about their own, and especially, someone else’s Chemistry project. You could feel your eyelids getting heavier and heavier, your head drifting downwards, and your back muscles relaxing until-

“[Y/N]!” Your eyes shot open to the noise of a sharp whisper, and you playfully glared at the beautiful, petite blonde that was sitting next to you. Your best friend, Betty Brant. You rubbed your eyes and started to tie up all of your hair into a ponytail, giving Betty a sleepy grin.

“What?” you mouthed to her, becoming fully aware of the silence in the classroom. You were pleased to notice that the monotone and pretentious classmate was finally done with his presentation, and none of the students in the class bothered to clap or give any acknowledgement to his work. “I told you to never wake me up from my naps! Unless, it’s an emergency,” you joked in a low whisper.

Betty leaned closer to you with a huge smirk on her face. “I know! That’s why I did the evil deed.” She tapped your arm with her pencil eraser and darted her eyes towards the front of the room. You gave her a curious look and followed the direction of her eyes. Standing in front of the room was the next presenter, Peter Parker.

You could feel your heart beating faster and faster as you listened to him talk about Thermodynamics and observed the blooming grin on his face as he got deeper into his presentation. It was clear he was passionate about this topic. He was in love with Chemistry, and that’s why you swooned over him. His enthusiasm and excitement was just adorable. Not to mention that he was adorable himself. His perfect, shiny teeth could blind onlookers, his messy, curly brown hair fell perfectly, and his muscles. God, his muscles.

“Ow!” you shot under your breath. You turned to face Betty and glared at her once more, but this time it wasn’t playful. She broke you out of your Peter trance. “What did you do that for?” Grasping your arm, you realized that she had pinched you. Hard.

“Could you be more obvious, [Y/N]? You were practically drooling during his whole presentation. Not to mention, you were the only one, may I repeat, the only one who laughed at his Chemistry puns. You gotta learn how to be more secretive. Jeez.” She finished with a low chuckle and gathered all of her books and pencils. “Try to behave yourself while I’m gone. I’ll see you at lunch” And as if on cue, the bell rang and she got up from her seat while giving you a wink.

You let out a long sigh and threw your backpack over your shoulder, getting up from your lab table and heading to your next class. Luckily for you, your next class was your favorite- American Government and Politics. This is what you lived for. Your father was a very popular campaign manager and ever since you were little, you were heavily involved in politics. In fact, the reason why you lived in Queens, NY was because a political underdog, Brenton Phillips, hired your father to be his campaign manager for the upcoming Senatorial election. Ever since your Junior year, you worked along side your father and the whole Phillips campaign, hoping for his success. But you knew that with your father’s guidance, Phillips would not fail. However, moving to Queens and starting a brand new high school Junior year was not easy for you in the beginning. It wasn’t until you signed up for Midtown’s school news team you found someone you could rely on. Betty. She was your saving grace. She introduced you to all of her friends and they gladly accepted you into their group, but you and Betty had a very special connection that could not be matched with the others.

You had your girl friends. You had your guy friends. But, you didn’t have a boyfriend. This didn’t bother you one bit. When you first moved to Queens, you didn’t find any of the boys attractive and intelligent enough. But then, summer of Junior year happened.

You landed a job at the local library and one of the daily customers caught your eye. He was beautiful. You watched him as he always strolled past the Fiction section and headed straight towards the Science section. He gathered books on Computer Programming, Engineering, and different types of chemical mixtures, and he would always return the books the next day, completely read. As you checked out his books for him, you could feel him looking at you. This made you turn a shade of deep red, so you made sure to keep your head down toward the book’s barcodes, attempting to hide your color from his melty, brown eyes. You two never made long conversation. You both were too nervous, but when you gave him all of his newly checked-out books, he gave you a shaky smile and offered you gummy worms. Of course, you would smile back and always pick out two red and blue worms. Sometimes, your hands would touch or brush up against each other when you reached. Every time this happened, you could have sworn you felt sparks.

Yes, this boy was Peter Parker.

“Oh! Hey there, Penis Parker! Are those books too heavy for you? They are? Well, let me give you a hand!” Flash Thompson, the school’s biggest asshole, glared at Peter and completely punched all of the books out of Peter’s arms. He let out an evil snicker and walked on, kicking one of Peter’s textbooks on the way.

“Motherfucker,” you whispered under your breath as you quickly made your way towards Peter. As you bent down, you almost fell forward because of the heavy weight of your backpack, but you caught yourself and got your hands on two of Peter’s books. You both started to straighten up at the same time and Peter began to turn his face towards you.

“Thank you so muc-” Peter stood there frozen, like a deer in headlights. It’s her! It’s her! He thought to himself. Be cool, Peter. Be cool. Don’t mess this up. Come on, it’s your senior year be a little more courageous for once. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Oh, shit. SHIT! He panicked in his mind. Why am I not working?

As he stood there frozen, you could see he was not okay. To save him from his internal conflict he was clearly having, you decided to break the silence.

“Hi, Peter!” Giving him your sweetest smile, you held out his Engineering textbook and waited for him to take it. “I loved your Chemistry presentation today.”

Peter gulped. “Y-you know my name?” With his viciously shaking right hand, he gently took his textbook from you and softly tucked it underneath his armpit. In a nervous manner, he ran his fingers through his curly hair and could feel his sweat. Oh, hell! He quickly pulled his hand away from his hair and very secretly, wiped his wet hand onto his pants.

Mesmerized by his actions and handsome self, you slowly cocked your head to the side and a soft smile crossed your face. “Of course I do.” You began to hug his other textbook. “Do you know my name?” you asked, giving him a playfully curious look.

Peter pulled his Engineering textbook to his chest with a grin and began to hug it as well. There was something about you, your personality and beautiful smile, that made Peter serene in that very moment. All of his nerves suddenly flooded away and he said: “Of course, [Y/N].” As another smile began to grow on his face, he bit his bottom lip.

Your eyes popped out of your head and you looked down at the ground in disappointment. “Oh… well, uh… actually… my name is Molly”. When you looked up, all you could see was the look of horror on Peter’s face. His rosy, pink color was completely flushed and was replaced with the color of a ghost. He began to rapidly shake his head in disapproval of himself. “I am SO sor-”

“Peter, I was just kidding! You were correct the first time.” You let out a small laugh and playfully shoved his textbook you were holding into his chest. Peter’s look of horror was immediately replaced with a look of relief. As he slightly stumbled backwards from your shove, he grasped the textbook and let out a chuckle.

“That would have been so awkward. Do me a favor and never do that to me again, okay? I almost had a heart attack.” You smiled at his reply, nodded, and nudged your head forward, giving him the signal to walk through the halls with you.

Peter couldn’t believe he was interacting with you. Every day over the summer, he would go to the library just to see you and dream of talking to you for more than 2 seconds. While you worked, he observed the way your beautiful hair would fall towards your face and how you quickly tucked it behind your ear. He observed the way you would bite your lip every time there was an error on the computer. He wanted to touch your face, your hair, your lips. Peter didn’t even read the books he checked out half of the time, he just wanted to check you out.

“I think you’re really pretty,” Peter blurted out as you both were walking. But since he was slurring his words in nervousness, it just sounded like “Itankyouralopolty.” In addition, you asked him a question at the same time, making his sentence even more incomprehensible. You turned around to face him and let out a giggle. “What did you just say?” you asked, tugging on your backpack straps.

“N-nothing! What did you just say?”

Here it was. The big question.

“W-well. I was wondering if you would be interested in…”

Peter could feel his ears burning up. Is she going to ask me out?

“Working for Brenton Phillips?”

Of course not! Peter thought. There’s no way a guy like me can be with a girl like her. You’re silly for even thinking that, Peter!

“I see your photos in the Daily Bugle all the time, and they’re absolutely amazing! My dad is looking for an intern to take photos of Phillips that boost his image, you know? He really needs more support! We would go to all the events and-”

“We?” Peter asked, like that was the most important part of your speech.

“Yes! I work for him as well, and I kind of just do whatever my Dad wants me to. I go to all the events and even write articles sometimes. I know you’re so busy with the Stark internship but-”

“I’ll do it!” he shouted with a huge smile. Getting to spend time with you? Hell ya, he’ll do it! “I’ll do it!” he repeated once more, running his fingers through his hair. A gigantic grin blossomed on your face and you reached for his hand, gently squeezing it in excitement once you got ahold.

“Oh, that’s amazing!” you squealed. “Tonight, we are having a volunteer event at the Ronald McDonald House on 3rd Avenue. Come and bring your camera!” You finally reached your destination, so you gave one last smile and hand-squeeze to Peter, leaving him alone in the hallway.

You were ecstatic. This meant you and Peter were going to spend over 2 hours a day with each other outside of school. This was a dream come true. On the other hand, Peter just realized what he committed to. Another job? Oh, God. How could he possibly do this and protect all of the citizens of  New York? Well, he had to figure something out. There was no way he was going to give up this opportunity: getting closer to you and the chance to impress your father. A one way ticket to a relationship, right? He looked down at his hand that you squeezed and could still feel your warmth on his skin. He smiled once more and longed for your hands to be touching again. As the bell rang, he panicked when he realized he was standing in the middle of a hallway and no where near his next class, but then, another frightening thought crossed his mind:

He doesn’t know shit about politics.

BTS Reaction

Requested by anonymous: Hi can I request BTS reaction to you getting jealous at the girls flirting with them. Thnx

Scene 2: 

“Yes, seven bubble teas please!” she says excitedly.

It’s been months since she last saw her boyfriend so she was excited. The weather mirrored her mood perfectly. It was sunny, flowers were blooming and the crowd of people were unusually nice. She was in such a good mood she hadn’t realised she had been skipping the entire way. From the hallway of the practice room, she could already hear the pounding beats of music.

The first person to see her was Jin. “Oh! Jin, it’s been so long,” she smiles, giving him a huge hug. The boys were like family to her.

“Wah bubble tea. You know me so well!” Jin chuckled as he eagerly fumbled around for a straw.

She looks around the room, finding for him. Her eyes lands on a scene that she particularly didn’t like. A girl was getting very handsy with him. Her flirting could not have been any more obvious.

“Who’s that?” she asks Jin casually, still eyeing them.

He was busy slurping on the drink as his eyes follow where she was looking, “Mmm that’s the choreographer for our new dance routine.”

The girl was doing everything she can to touch him while teaching a new move. “Are all your choreographers so touchy?” she asks.

“Not really,” Jin shrugs. He was oblivious to the jealousy that tainted her voice.



He was so focused on learning the new moves that he barely noticed her.

“You have to bend back like this,” the choreographer said. She stands behind Jungkook and was pushing his chest to a certain angle. “Yes! There you go! You’re so good,” she giggles with a wide smile, her hand still placed on his chest.

“Yeah, you’re so good babe!” she says sarcastically as she gives Jungkook an icy smile.

“Oh? When did you arrive?” he asks innocently.

“5 minutes ago. But you were too busy to notice,” she said.

“Oh yeah, I was busy learning a new move. Wanna see it?” he grins widely. He was so impervious to the situation, it made her heart boil in anger.

“I’m leaving,” she mumbles, biting her cheeks as she leaves the practice room.

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So this is my first time posting a fic on tumblr. Don’t know how this will go. I guess if people seem to respond, I’ll write another part?

Let me know what you think!

Bucky x Female Reader

Description: Reader has terrakinesis and going through a lot of emotional personal issues when Steve brings back Bucky. 

Pairing: Bucky x Fem/Reader (enhanced) 

Word Count: 6,768

Set after Captain America: Civil War. Contains Civil War spoilers!!!

Tensions remained tight within the Avengers. Tony still hated Bucky. In fact, he wouldn’t even acknowledge Bucky when they were in the same room. Thankfully that was rare, seeing as Steve and his team were hidden from the public. They were still considered wanted vigilantes.

Steve, with the help of Tony, found an abandoned subway station in New York to make somewhat of a base for the exiled crew. Tony fixed it up so it was almost as nice as the Avengers compound. Almost. But more importantly, it was untraceable to the government. They were hidden and they were safe.

Tony and Steve still had their disagreements, but Tony knew they didn’t deserve to be behind bars. There were still moments when he wanted to end Bucky, however. Steve just hoped that would close with time. On the bad days, many of them refused to admit that they thought maybe Bucky should’ve stayed frozen in Wakanada just a little bit longer.

Living as vigilantes forced Steve to experience his daily life in a different way. That’s how he met Y/N. Roaming the streets of New York City in the shadows allowed him to observe others more than before. He had become a celebrity after the battle in the city. But now he had no choice but to slip through the streets unnoticed. He managed to fall upon other enhanced people. Some he would sidestep. They weren’t lost; they just wanted to be left alone. Others, like Y/N, needed some guidance. But they were also meant for something more.

“So you’re sure you’re up for this?” Steve asked sincerely. “This place is huge. You don’t have to meet anyone until you’re ready. Everyone’s pretty good at keeping to themselves.”

Bucky sighed. “Steve, I’ve got it under control.”

Bucky had been frozen for months. T’Challa furthered his kindness to the brainwashed soldier, finding experts to help him break the mind control Hydra had imposed on him for so long. Bucky refused to leave the sanctuary of Wakanda until he, and everyone who helped him, were absolutely sure he wouldn’t be a danger to those around him.

Steve looked at Bucky, trying to read everything his best friend wasn’t saying. After a moment, he nodded and gripped Bucky’s shoulder in encouragement.

“Well… you already know a lot of them. Sam,” Steve pointed to the veteran who was leaning against the kitchen counter with his coffee. Sam had been watching Bucky with narrowed eyes the moment Bucky arrived. He gave a half nod to Bucky…but it came off as more of a glare.

Most of the compound was open concept. Bucky could pretty much see everyone spread out. Scott was sitting at a desk, tinkering with his suit and gadgets. Steve called out his name. Instantly, Scott recognized Bucky and gave an enthusiastic wave from behind a bright lamp. Bucky managed to give somewhat of a shy smile.

They kept walking through the compound. Steve didn’t want to make a big deal about Bucky’s arrival, especially because Bucky didn’t seem to want the attention. There was an opening with higher ceilings further into the compound. It was almost a sync hole that was a pit from the rest of the complex.

Steve led him toward the brighter lights. It was set up like a gym and training room. Safely away from everything else and protected with some high tech glass that was pretty much indestructible. At least Tony went on to explain for at least an hour, but Steve stopped listening. They paused at the glass, looking down at the pit below. Red flares were flying around everywhere.

Clint was training Wanda on hand-to-hand combat. He moved in a way that required her to use physical force combined with her abilities. Steve watched intently, forgetting Bucky’s tour for a moment.

“Come on.” Steve nodded his head to an elevator that led down.

“Looking good, Wanda.” Steve complimented as he walked into the pit.

“I still need some improvements.” She replied with a thick accent.

“Her toughest critic…” Clint muttered with a laugh. He nodded towards Bucky. “Good to see you again, man.” Bucky nodded back. Wanda gave a friendly smile.

Suddenly the ground started to shake. Bucky looked around with concern…but easily steadied his feet. However, the other three seemed utterly unfazed.

“She’s still at it? She was training hours ago.” Steve said with concern and disappointment. He glanced down a weird hallway that Bucky hadn’t noticed before. It seemed haphazardly made. No support or flooring. It was a rock tunnel that looked like it belonged in a coalmine.

Clint shrugged. Wanda’s expression was sad. “Maybe you should talk to her.” She suggested.

“She doesn’t want to talk to anyone.” Steve immediately answered. Before Bucky could ask what they were talking about, Sam’s voice was heard on some kind of intercom.

“Hey, Cap, Tony’s on the line. Can you come up here for a second? You too, Wanda and Clint.”

Steve looked at Bucky awkwardly.

“I don’t need a babysitter, punk.” Bucky said with a forced smirk.

The three of them quickly walked to the elevator to go back to the main floor. The moment he was alone, the floor shook again. It was harsher this time… Bucky almost lost his balance. With intrigue, he started slowly walking toward the rock tunnel Steve had been looking at.

Dust sprinkled down from the rocky ceiling as he slowly inched forward. He senses didn’t tell him there was any threat, especially after listening to the other’s conversation about who was waiting on the other end.

When he finally got to an opening. The walls seemed to be shaking too. He saw a young, beautiful woman in the middle of a huge cave. Boulders were flying around. He glanced at her hands and it appeared as if she was controlling them. Then the ground started shaking again and the land beneath her feet rose up like a platform. She started jumping from rock platform to platform, like a staircase that shot from the earth on her command.

Bucky didn’t know how long he had stood there watching her. But he jumped when Steve was at his side. He cursed himself. No one should be able to sneak up on him life that. Apparently the girl had his full attention.

“Impressive, isn’t it?” Steve commented as he leaned against the rock wall, crossing his arms. Bucky just nodded. “It’s terrakinesis. That’s just Tony’s fancy word for earth manipulation.”

The girl finally did a backflip off one of her rock podiums. Landing perfectly into a knee lunge. There was a pause of silent, as if the earth was thankful for her finally giving it some kind of rest. She slowly stood up, her back to them. Bucky could see her chest rising and falling with exhaustion even from their distance.

She was wearing high-waisted black leggings and just a black sports bra.

“Why don’t you take a break Y/N?” Steve finally called out. Bucky expected her to jump in surprise from the interruption. But she barely acknowledged Steve. Slowly she walked in their direction to a bottle of water that was just a few feet away from them. If she noticed Bucky’s presence, she didn’t show it. Now that she was closer, he could see how toned she was. Her muscles even more obvious from her glistening sweat.  He didn’t doubt that she could hold her own in a fight, even without the earth manipulation.

“Y/N, this is Bucky. He’s going to be staying with us.” Steve said cheerfully.

Y/N took a swig of water and tossed the bottle roughly to the ground. She eyed Bucky without a care. “Nice to meet you.” She said unexpectedly nice. For some reason, Bucky’s 1940s gentleman instincts suddenly wanted him to offer her his hand. Something that hadn’t happened meeting any of the others. He managed to ignore the urge.

She missed the inner turmoil and was already turning back around to go to the middle of the cave again.

“Y/N, that’s enough. You’ve been at it for hours.” Steve voice was stern now.

“I’m fine.” She snapped.

“You look like you’re going to collapse any second. Plus, Clint is only in town until tomorrow evening. You promised you’d work on hand-to-hand combat with him before he left.”

“I’ll be fine.” She said again, raising herself on a rock again. This time, it was completely detached from the ground. She floated around the cave.

Bucky expected Steve to get in Captain mode and yell, ordering her to stop. To his surprise, Steve’s face softened. “Y/N, please… for me.”

The rock stopped mid-air and slowly shook to the ground. She didn’t look mad. In fact, it almost looked like she was thankful someone finally got her to rest.

Now Bucky could see the fatigue and…was it sadness?… in her eyes. Without another word or glance, she quickly walked past them and back through the tunnel.

Steve sighed. “She’s not really like that.” Bucky looked at him, expecting more information. “Y/N’s been having a rough time.” That was all he alluded to before he guided them back to the compound.

“Sometimes the other’s stop by if they can manage to come unnoticed.” Steve chatted, as if to change the subject. “Peter the most, since he lives the closest.”


Steve smirked. “The kid with the webs…”

Bucky grimaced, remembering the confrontation him and Sam had with the spider freak.

“Come on…I’ll show you to your room.”

Bucky awoke in a cold sweat. He might have been able to get rid of the brainwashing and manipulation triggers… but he couldn’t stop the memories of what he’d done because of them. The doctor’s in Wakanda said the PTSD would always be something he’d have to deal with. But it still made him feel like a failure every time he shot up from another nightmare.

He knew there was no going back to sleep. So he’d wander. Eventually he fell upon a hatch that had an arrow pointing up. During the tour, Steven mentioned that they had access to some sort of balcony/rooftop when they all felt like they were in a dungeon. After all, the whole place was underground.

Bucky opened the hatch as quietly as possible and a metal spiral staircase was on the other side, already being lit by either the moon or the city lights above. There was a slight breeze moving his long hair. He paused when he got to the top.

Y/N was sitting in one of the few chairs on the balcony.

Bucky hesitated, not wanting to interrupt. And she didn’t seem like she wanted to be bothered after their first meeting. But he understood.

“Couldn’t sleep?” She asked, not taking her eyes off the skyline.

Bucky was impressed with her acuteness. Now he couldn’t leave without seeming impolite. But he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t curious about the woman. As he made his way to the chair next to hers, he realized he had completely underestimated her beauty. He had noticed it watching her training… but it was a different beauty: fierce, independent, and almost dangerous. Now, with her hair washed and skin without sweat, she looked sweet and beautiful. But there was that sadness again.

He silently sat down, matching her gaze toward the twinkling skyline.

She studied him when he wasn’t looking. He was too focused on not intruding. She hid a little smirk at his quietness.

“I think I came off a little rude earlier today.” She finally broke the silence. “I’m Y/N.” She reached her right hand to him confidently.

He shook it gently. “Bucky.”

“Steve’s been so excited, waiting for your arrival.” She said. “I’m glad you’re here. He already seems happier.”

She was so mysterious to him, sounding so sweet now when she had been so cold and almost reckless earlier. Maybe that’s just how she got when she was training, he considered.

“You couldn’t sleep either?” He surprised himself by asking. Since he escaped Hydra, he still wasn’t very talkative. It was hard to know if it was due to his lack of trust in himself around others or if he still didn’t see the point in connecting with others.

“Nope.” Y/N muttered. She took a drink from a bottle. Bucky realized it was whiskey. She watched him eyeing it. “Shh.” She giggled, but not in a drunken way. “Don’t tell Steve I have this. It will just give him something else to worry about.” But her smirk proved that she didn’t really care if he found out.

“Do you get nightmares?” She asked genuinely. Her voice had gone even gentler.

Bucky gaze quickly snapped to hers.

“Steve mentioned to me about what you’ve gone through.” Y/N explained.

It made Bucky realize maybe Steve and her were closer than he thought. Steve was overly protective of him. He wouldn’t just tell anyone his story.

“Something like that…” He finally muttered an answer.

Y/N just nodded slowly.

Bucky was surprised she didn’t push any further. Usually people would ask more. Or, in a forced tone of authenticity, tell him they could always talk to him if he needed to. The doctors in Wakanda always pulled that crap with him.

But the two of them just sat there in silence, both staring out at the city.

Bucky knew he wouldn’t be able to go to sleep. But a wave of relaxation draped over him the longer he sat there. Sitting in silence with someone else comfortably was underrated. The air was getting cold. He was about to suggest she head back in. His super soldier serum practically made him immune to the cold and the sicknesses that came with overexposure to it. However he doubted she had the same resistance.

But when he looked back over at her. She was sound asleep. The bottle of whiskey was hanging from her hand, completely empty. He guessed that was the only way she could beat her insomnia.

Once again, his old school gentleman response was to carry back inside. He would do it happily, especially since no one would be awake to question it. But he realized he had no idea where her room was located. As if some higher being could sense his unrest, Steve came onto the balcony. He stopped in his tracks when he made eye contact with Bucky.

Bucky, refusing to look like he’d been caught doing something bad, put a finger to his lips. Steve nodded in understanding.

“Don’t worry. She won’t wake up.” Steve explained, still in a quiet tone. Bucky realized he had a thick blanket in his grasp. Steve started unfolding it.

Bucky stood up. “It’s too cold. I’ll carry her inside.”

Steve, as if he were waiting for his best friend’s chivalry to activate, instantly shook his head. “No…it’ll infuriate her.”

Bucky opened his mouth to protest.

“Trust me, Buck. She’ll be fine.” Steve draped the thick blanket over Y/N’s sleeping form. Then he saw the empty bottle of whiskey. Picking it up, he shook his head almost in disappointment.

“Come on.” He muttered to Bucky.

They walked silently back inside and closed the hatch behind them.

“What’s wrong with her?” Bucky had the courage to ask Steve.

He narrowed his eyes at him. “Nothing’s wrong with her, Buck.”

Bucky scoffed. It was strange to see his friend so protective over someone. Usually the energy was in his direction. It sparked a little emotion he didn’t recognize. Was it jealousy? He suspected Steve saw Y/N as more than just a comrade.

Steve started walking back toward both of their rooms. “You know what I mean. You said she was having a rough time…?” Bucky pushed. A part of him would have been selfishly relieved if there were someone else here who was fighting through something like him.

Steve didn’t speak until they were at their bedroom doors. He slowly faced Bucky and addressed the question finally. “She got her heart broken, Buck.” He sounded exhausted and empathetic when he conclusively said it. “She’s not handling it too well. She’s usually good at hiding it. In fact, none of us even knew it happened for almost a month. Then she…she just stopped acting like herself.”

Bucky barely nodded. Somehow he was surprised. It explained the sadness and the air of heedlessness that surrounded her. It was a very human thing that she was going through… and surprisingly normal. In fact, it was the most human thing he witnessed since he escaped Hydra.

Steve seemed to be trying to read Bucky’s mind. “Don’t even think about it.”

Bucky blinked. “What are you talking about?”

“Just because you’ve been in and out of cryo… and brainwashed doesn’t mean you’re still not a lady-killer. I saw the way you watched her yesterday.”

Bucky smirked. That was definitely not the person he was anymore. “Somebody’s touchy.” He teased. Though a part of him was laying bait to see if Steve had feelings for Y/N.

“It’s not like that.” Steve said seriously, ruining Bucky’s attempt at being playful. “She’s a good friend. Like the little sister I never had.”

“Steve…I’m still dangerous. I’m the remains of the Winter Solider. I think I’ve got it under control. But I’m always going to have to work on it. I’m never going to be able to completely rid myself of my demons.”

Steve gave him a sad look. “You don’t know that.”

But he immediately shook his head. “Yes, I do.” Bucky sighed. “I’m not looking for pity. I’m telling you because the last thing I need to be doing is courting women. That’s never going to be a part of me again.”

Steve didn’t disagree, because his friend was right. Not only would Bucky be a danger to anyone who got close to him. But he couldn’t imagine the emotional damage Bucky could go through if he fell in love and that hypothetical woman couldn’t love him back the way he needed.

Steve gripped his shoulder before saying, “Night, Buck.”

But Bucky couldn’t go back to sleep. He changed into a black tank top and sweatpants. No one would be in the gym now. He needed to train. The doctors in Wakanda monitored his fitness far too much. At the beginning, they worried that too much physical activity and adrenaline would ignite the winter soldier once again. The whole thing left Bucky constantly feeling restless.

He walked into the pit and the lights slowly brightened. A robotic voice suddenly spoke, “Would you like me to play music, James?” He smirked at it calling him by his first name. Steve must have put him in the system before he arrived.

He shrugged. ”Sure.”

“What would you like to hear?”

Suddenly Bucky realized that he had no idea. Sure he’d heard the music of today. But he had no idea what any of the genres were called. He couldn’t think of a single song or artist that wasn’t from the 1940s and before.

As if the robotic voice could understand his silence, she spoke again, “Would you like to listen to someone else’s playlist, James?”

“That’s fine.” He muttered as he stretched his non-biotic arm. Suddenly 1970s rock started playing. But he couldn’t tell the difference, let alone what decade it was from.

Y/N heard her music playing as she had gone to the kitchen to get coffee. She went over to the glass walls that looked down into the pit. Bucky was drenched in sweat, his longer hair pulled into a low and short bun. She wondered what he thought of her music choices, especially Led Zeppelin. After all, he probably had zero exposure to the past 80 years of music.

She moved away from the glass as soon as Bucky decided his tank top was pointless, since it was now soaked in sweat.

Y/N sat in the kitchen, trying to get over her slight hangover.

Clint came bounding into the room. “Bad news: The wife needs me. I won’t be able to stay and train you today.”

Y/N shrugged. “Don’t worry about it.”

Clint shrugged back. “Well, I’m not. Steve said he would instead. I think he wants Bucky to help out too.”

Y/N blinked at him. “That doesn’t sound like the best idea.”

Clint laughed as he poured himself coffee into a to-go cup. “Sounds like someone’s a little scared…” He teased.

Y/N threw a balled up napkin at him. “I could knock him out in minutes and you know it, Barton.”

Clint easily dodged the napkin and chuckled as he grabbed his duffle bag. “Prove it. And make sure you get Steve to videotape it as evidence.” With that, he rushed out the door.

“As if Rogers knows how to work a god damn smartphone!” Y/N shouted right before the door closed behind him.

“Y/N, Captain Rogers would like you to join him and James in the pit.” F.R.I.D.A.y. announced to her. Y/N smirked at it using James instead of a Bucky. She sighed and rushed up into her room to change into her workout clothes.

Y/N makes her way to the pit and finds Steve and Bucky going at it. Bucky’s shirt was off and his muscular chest was glistening with sweat. But Steve was wearing a plain white t-shirt and grey sweatpants.

It’s Bucky who noticed her standing with her arms crossed, looking slightly annoyed at being called. He had Steve pinned and slowly got up without glancing away from Y/N. Steve followed his friend’s gaze and jumped up.

“Y/N,” He greeted in between heavy breaths. “Since Clint had to head home, I think Bucky should help you improve your hand-to-hand combat.”

Bucky’s eyes darted to Steve quickly, verifying that he hadn’t been informed about this until now. “You sure that’s a good idea, Steve?” He asked as if Y/N wasn’t in the room.

“Don’t worry, Winter Solider.” Y/N cooed as she took off her heavy sweatshirt, leaving her in just tight leggings and a sports bra. “I’ll go easy on you.”

Bucky glared at her with the name ‘Winter Soldier”. But he was still worried about the safety of those around him. He was comfortable with sparring Steve. They had gone hand to hand when he wasn’t himself and Steve held his own. Though Y/N wasn’t petite or helpless looking in the slightest, he was sure she wasn’t aware of what he was capable of doing to another person.

“Steve…” Bucky tried again.

But Steve ignored his second plea and patted him on the shoulder. “You gotta start feeling in control, Buck.” Then he turned his attention to Y/N. “No powers, got it?”

Y/N walked into the center of the ring, smirking at Bucky, who still looked apprehensive. “Aye Aye, Captain.” She got into a fighting stance, waiting for him to make the first move.

Bucky glanced at Steve, a last chance effort of making this stop. But Steve just shrugged and gestured toward the mats, as if he was giving them the go ahead.

Bucky was still looking at his friend when Y/N came after him. She’d done an aerial flip to catch him off guard. To his surprise, he took a step back, forced by his uneasiness. With that she threw a kick, which he deflected with ease. Next thing he knew, she was throwing punch after punch.

Anyone could tell that Bucky was stronger than Y/N. What she counted on was being faster than the opponents she couldn’t match in muscle.

Bucky finally had the courage to throw a hit. Y/N leaned back to dodge it. An incorrect move, for she ruined her balance and fell back, hitting the ground hard. But without even blinking, she did a kick-up off the ground and was back on her feet. She glared at Bucky for exposing a mistake on her end. Now she came at him even faster, throwing a punch that managed to land on the right side of his face, he faltered a few steps. Y/N immediately followed with a roundhouse kick to his abdominal. Bucky fell forward from the hit and now rest on his knees and hands. He looked up to see Y/N surprisingly glaring at him as she moved back a few steps to give him some space to get back up.

“You taking it easy on me, James?” She used his real name to taunt him.

Bucky got up reluctantly. How many times had he hurt people? Men, women, even children were dead because of the Winter Solider. Now Bucky struggled with even sparring, fearing he still had that inside him, ready to damage anyone. Hydra. Those monsters wouldn’t stop until everyone was as evil as them.

Suddenly a fire awoke in Bucky at the thought of all the people responsible for what he’d become. He lunged at Y/N, not holding back this time. Y/N struggled to keep up. She wasn’t expecting him to actually comply with her and Steve’s demands. With his newfound speed, her deflections and defenses were getting sloppier and weaker. He suddenly threw a punch with his metal arm, which Y/N had noticed were always weaker. He was pulling those punches. She dodged it easily but wasn’t ready for him to throw an upper cut immediately after with his other arm.

Y/N felt it happen in slow motion as she tried, but failed, to completely escape the second blow. It clipped her nose, sending a wave of pain. The impact threw her back and she landed on her side, barely catching herself from hitting the ground harder than she already did.

She looked down to already see blood dripping from her nose already. Y/N touched her nose and muttered a curse word under her breath.

“You okay, Y/N?” Steve asked, relaxed but genuine. He’d seen Y/N get hurt far worse and barely let out a cry. She was tough.

Bucky however, felt like shit. Once again, his old-fashioned, 40s gentleman self came out. He was disgusted with himself. How did he just hit a woman? But he managed to contain his inner turmoil once again.  Quickly, he grabbed his shirt that he had discarded. He walked over to Y/N who was trying to block the blood from getting everywhere with a casual back of her hand. He offered her a hand up, which she surprisingly took.

“Here.” Bucky said softly, giving her his shirt.

“Do I look pretty?” Y/N joked as she happily took it from him.

He smirked, realizing she was trying to make him feel better. “Come here.” He reached for her face to steady it so he could get a good look at her nose.

Without even thinking, she flinched from his touch. Bucky was about to take it personally, as if she was scared of him now…or always had been. But Steve interrupted before the thought could settle.

“She doesn’t like to be touched.” Steve stated. It earned him a glare from Y/N, like he just gave away one of her prized secrets. Steve was going to intervene. But Bucky ignored him and turned his attention back to Y/N.

“I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to check to see if I broke your nose.” Bucky’s blue eyes turned gentle and serious. Y/N stared into them for a moment before reluctantly nodding her head. He softly grabbed her chin and tilted her face this way and that, studying her nose.

“Good news: it’s not broken. Bad news: you might get a black eye… or two.” He confirmed.

“Well, shit… I had a hot date tonight.” Y/N sighed dramatically.

Bucky held his breath, dropping her chin from his grasp.

Steve chuckled. “She’s kidding.”

“I didn’t realize you were a nurse.” Y/N teased him.

Bucky gave a very small smile, only spreading through his lips. “Well…I had to look out for this punk.” He gestured toward Steve. “After all of his fights, I had to figure out if I needed to take him to the hospital or not.”

“Y/N, put some ice on that nose… you’re done for today.” Steve ordered. Then he took in a deep breath. “Your-“

“Yeah, yeah… my footing was off and that’s why he clipped me with the second punch.” Y/N sighed, knowing he was about to lecture her on every single mistake she had made in the fight. “I know what I did wrong, Cap. I got the blood to prove it.”

Y/N started walking to the stairs and then she stopped, as if she’d forgot something. She put out her hand and it started to clench into a fist. With it, a small quake erupted but it just seemed to be in a small radius around Bucky. It got so violent, so quickly that it made him stumble to his knees.

He looked up at Y/N with a playful glare.

“Payback for giving me a bloody nose and probably double black eyes.” She confirmed nonchalantly.

As soon as she was out of sight, Bucky’s face turned dark. He stomped toward Steve, shoving him roughly.

“What the hell were you thinking?” He practically spluttered. “I could have seriously hurt her.”

Steve shrugged off his anger. “Buck… it’s just a bloody nose. Injuries she would withstand in the field wouldn’t even come close to that mild. Y/N’s tough… she’s more upset that you took it easy on her and that she made a mistake.”

Bucky walked away from him and started pacing in frustration. “You still don’t get it. We are not the same.” Steve’s face got serious now. “Yeah… we both got the same serum. But afterward, you were trained to be a super soldier… to be America’s hero.” Bucky’s face transformed in pain, he was remembering all the terrible things he had been told to do. “But I… I was trained how to execute and make sure nobody even knew I had been there.”

Y/N was up again, avoiding the roof this time and opting to watch Netflix instead. Her body tensed when she realized someone else was in the room and she’d let them sneak up on her too easily. She readied herself as she felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise from them creeping up behind her.

Without further hesitation, Y/N jumped up from the couch and threw a punch. It was caught swiftly with a metal arm.

Y/N gasped in relief. “Jesus Christ, Bucky. I thought you were an intruder.” Yeah, other people lived here. But they usually made themselves known and didn’t sneak around so quietly.

“Sorry.” He muttered, realizing that he was still grasping her hand from the punch. He released it smoothly.

“Fuck…you really are some kind of ninja…” Y/N mumbled, still recovering from the rush of adrenaline.

Bucky was actually surprised she had detected him. Not that his intention was to surprise her by any means. It had been embedded in him to be invisible no matter where he was. “What gave me away?” He was curious.

Y/N got embarrassed, like it was a personal question. “Umm,” She struggled. “Every step you take sends a vibration into the earth…Even the slightest, quietest step. I can feel the tremors from the earth.”

Bucky’s eyes narrowed. What a powerful thing to possess. “That sounds very disrupting and overwhelming.”

Y/N sighed and sat back down on the couch. “Yeah…well… that’s why Steve brought me here. So I could learn to control it.” Her eyes were glued to the TV now, making it clear that she didn’t want to talk about it any further.

Bucky studied her a bit, knowing she wasn’t paying attention to him. He stood there somewhat uneasily, not wanting to disturb her alone time. Then he realized she was watching a French film.

“You speak French?” He found himself asking. He started to realize he talked more to her in the past day and half than anyone else he’d been around since he’d escaped Hydra’s grasp.

She glanced at him and smirked. “I wish.”

He pointed to the TV. “How do you know what they’re saying?” There were no words at the bottom of the screen.

Y/N’s face went blank for a moment, realizing he was right. “Oh…I didn’t even realize I forgot to turn on the subtitles.” She fiddled with the remote to turn them on again.

But Bucky observed her appearance. Her eyes were bloodshot, like she’d been crying. There were bags underneath as well. He wondered, out of the two of them, who slept the least. Something told him it was her. He realized that she’d probably been lost in thought, just using the movie as background noise before he almost scared her to death.

Y/N then glanced back at Bucky. He was watching the movie more intently than she was, as if he could understand it. Though his expression remained stoic as usual.
Suddenly a thought occurred to her, she narrowed her eyes at him and crossed her arms. “How many languages do you speak?”

He stared her for a moment before answering. “I don’t know.”

She looked back at the screen, disappointed with his answer.
But her disappointed sparked something in Bucky. He watched it hit something inside of him and he felt guilty for having caused such a feeling in her.

“I…” He started talking, but struggled. She quickly looked at him. “I hear or read things and I just immediately know what they say.”  

Y/N gave him a sympathetic smile. As if she was about to say that was a neat gift to have, but had already thought about the way he had received it: Hydra.

Bucky shifted his weight, still not knowing whether to stay or go. She hadn’t exactly openly told him it was okay for him to be there.

“Surprised you didn’t get any black eyes.” He spotted curtly.

She ignored him.

“I’m sorry about that.” He added sincerely, misreading her silence as anger and bitterness from the injury he caused her.

Y/N sighed, not taking her eyes off the TV. “Bucky, the only thing you have to be sorry for is taking it easy on me and pulling your punches.”


Then she turned around to look at him behind her. “You know… Tony keeps some files here as back up. When he found out you were coming, he ‘carelessly’ left some top-secret files about you on the system. It was like he wanted to remind all of us who Steve was allowing to live here.”

Bucky’s entire body tensed at the mention of Tony Stark. He hadn’t seen the man since he tried to kill him in Siberia. It didn’t surprise him that he conveyed some form of rebellion and his disapproval for Bucky’s return.

If Y/N noticed the change in him, she didn’t acknowledge it and looked back at the movie. “The point is…I’ve seen you fight. There’s video footage to prove it. And I know what you’re capable of.”

Bucky was about to leave when he saw Y/N’s cellphone light up and vibrating on the table her feet were propped up on. He saw her try to hide her glance at him. Then her jaw flexed and her whole body stiffened.

It was almost 3 am. He wondered who would be trying to get a hold of her at this time. It went to voicemail. But 5 seconds later, it started ringing again.
Y/N doesn’t seem to be able to ignore it any longer. She quickly picked up the call and hung up without saying anything, turned off the phone, and chucked it to the other side of the couch.

Bucky remembered what Steve had told him about her. “C'est vrai? Quelqu'un a cassé votre coeur ?” He says so softly to her, it’s almost a whisper.

Y/N’s eyes flicker to him. She didn’t know what he said, but it was his tone that got her attention.

Bucky stared into her eyes for a moment before saying, “Goodnight, Y/N.” He starts walking out of the living area. “Or I guess I should say good morning.” He adds with exhaustion.

Y/N watches him leave and can only assume he was heading to the roof again. She waited for his steps to disappear and to hear the hatch door close behind him.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y., translate what Bucky just said in French.”

There was a beat of silence. “Sergeant Barnes asked, ‘Is it true? Someone broke your heart?”” The intelligence system told Y/N.

She sighed, completely stunned. Then she realized Steve must have said something. She thought she was doing a good job of hiding all of it. Apparently she was wrong if everyone was talking about it behind her back. Y/N rubbed her face in frustration. What right did Steve have telling Bucky details of her life?

Steve came down to the pit to find Y/N blasting death metal and already covered in sweat. She was working on a punching bag.

“You’re late.” She stated bluntly without stopping her workout.

Steve narrowed his eyes. “Sorry.”

Y/N stopped and grabbed some water. “I thought we could train in my cave today. I don’t have a lot of experience using my terrakinesis in a fight one on one.”

Steve shifted his weight, trying to read Y/N’s mood. “Sure.” He finally agreed.

“Bring your shield.” Y/N yelled behind her back. Without even waiting for him to agree, she already started walking down the long, dark tunnel that lead to her personal cave.

Steve found her waiting in the middle, staring at him patiently. He had barely made a few steps into her makeshift ring before she split the ground beneath him. He leaped out of the way, barely dodging the fissure Y/N had created in the earth.

He got up to his feet and glared at her. “Really?”

Y/N cocked an eyebrow at him.

He tossed his shield. But Y/N threw up a rock wall and it got imbedded.

Their fight got quicker and more violent. The movement of earth and rocks was causing vibrations and small quakes around the compound. It brought the attention of all the others. Scott, Sam, and Wanda made their way down to watch what was happening, sensing it was something exciting. Bucky saw them head down and told himself not to follow, but he couldn’t deny that he was intrigued.

When he stood beside Wanda and Scott, he was shocked to see anger on Y/N’s face. She wasn’t holding back anything. It was like her only goal was to get Steve on his back, looking like a fool.

Y/N waved her hands and sharp shards of rock flew at Steve like daggers. He finally managed to rip his shield out of the rock wall just in time to block the attack. Next thing he knew, Y/N shook the ceiling of the cave to drop rocks from another angle. Steve was about to yell out for her to calm down, but he was beat by a wave of silence. Y/N conjured up a wave of sand, making her own type of fog. Steve couldn’t see a thing, but managed to get onto his feet. Y/N appeared out of nowhere, allowing a hole of clarity around the two of them. However, her sand haze remained thick enough that their audience couldn’t even see them.

Her eyes tore into him. “Next time you want to give out intimate aspects of my personal life to strangers… Don’t.” She hissed.

Steve looked confused and then realized what she could be talking about.

Without caring to hear his defense, she started walking toward the exit. Scott, Sam, and Wanda watched her carefully, easily reading her mood as something off. She shoved past Bucky without even acknowledging him or the others.

“What’s gotten into her?” Scott muttered to Wanda. She shrugged.

“Somebody’s pissed off.” Sam chuckled to himself.

With that, the three of them started heading back.

The sand haze finally settled with Y/N’s exit. Bucky saw Steve walking slowly out of it. He looked rough, dirt all over his skin, and his white shirt now a light brown. But what Bucky noticed most was his expression. He looked sad and guilty. Whatever Y/N had just said to him was the cause of it.

“What did you say to her?” Steve asked without looking at him.

Bucky shook his head. “I didn’t say anything.”

Steve’s mouth was in a thin line. “Maybe you should stay away from her.” Bucky may not be the same man he was in the 40s. But Steve still saw remnants of him.

“You don’t trust me anymore around people.” Bucky accused.

“That’s not what I said, Buck.”

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Part Two:

Boys In the Girl’s Room - Marauders Imagine

A/N: hello everyone! I’ve got another request for you :D

kenziewrightson said: Hello, firstly congratulations on 600 followers and secondly, if it isn’t too much to ask, I would like to request an oneshot, where the marauders try to see what happens in the girls dormitories after hours. They try out many strategies (for example: just walking in, a spell to create oneway glass, polyjuice potion), they keep this up for a few days, but in the end get caught? You can mix it up and change it however you like, thanks for your time ❤️❤️ 

I am so sorry it took me so long, dearie! I did my best wrapping my head around the idea haha and this is what came out and I did mix it up a little and well, leaned towards Remus a little bit more because… well, who am I kidding you all know he’s my favorite ;) hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

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Boys In the Girl’s Room


Remus Lupin turned to look up from his book when he heard the noise coming from upstairs followed by Sirius running with four furious girls behind him.

“What the bloody hell do you think you were doing?” (Y/N) said fuming.

“Uh… sleepwalking?” he tried with an innocent smile.

“Padfoot!” James and Peter stormed into the scene from the other side of the stairs coming from their dorm. “How did it go- I uh, I mean… what’s going on?”

“Oh, save it, Potter! I should’ve known you were behind this” Lily said glaring at him.

“Whatever do you mean, my dear Lily-flower-?”

Don’t even try, Potter” (Y/N) said glaring at him too.

“You boys are unbelievable!” Marlene said.

“Did you guys really think we were going to buy that?” Alice asked.

“At least you used to be more creative” Marlene added. “My personal favorite was the mirror they gave me turning out to be a two-way mirror” she told the others.

“Really? I thought them dressing like girls was awfully funny” Alice said.

“Mine was when you and James took Polyjuice Potion and pretended to be Lily and me” (Y/N) said glaring at Sirius.

“I actually found that one very insulting” Lily said crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“What? We were so good at being you!” James argued with her.

“You were not!” the two witches said at the same time.

“Oh, please” Sirius said flicking his hair back. “I’m (Y/N) and I’m the prettiest girl in school and I am in love with Remus Lupin” Sirius said in a girly voice mocking (Y/N)’s voice.

“I do not talk like that!” (Y/N) said feeling a hint of blush in her cheeks.

“Marlene and Alice bought it” James defended themselves.

“We did not!” the other two girls complained at the same time.  

“Yes, you did” James and Sirius said smirking at the same time.

“Guys, what is going on?” Remus said walking over to the scene.

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Rizzles, 71. :)

Sneaky ;) Only because it’s you.

“Kiss me, quick!”

They didn’t have time to do more than act. Maura pulled Jane towards her, getting lost for a second in the soft feel of her mouth, in the warmth of her breaths.

They had been watching a suspect. A situation Jane was at pains to point out that Maura should not have been in. At all. But it’s not like it had been planned.

“You’re basically a civilian!”

“Shhhh,” Maura hissed. “He’ll hear you.”

The restaurant was one of Maura’s favorites. As was the choice to dine outside, in the warm night air. It was perfect for showing off her shoulders. Her choice of dress had certainly drawn Jane’s eye several times throughout dinner.  But it still didn’t seem to do the trick. It was one of those nights where Maura was convinced she needed to be more blatant with Jane. But short of launching herself at her friend across the table, she didn’t know how more obvious her flirting could be.

They were just getting to the dessert, which Maura was planning on exploiting as much as she could, when Jane spotted the suspect from one of her latest cases. His table was right next to theirs. The stakes became higher when Jane noted that the man was sitting with another person of interest. Maura eyed both men from the corner of her eye and wondered if they were also in a failed dating situation. None of it mattered in any case, as the man looked up, eyeing Jane suspiciously. Maura wasn’t surprised. Jane had been very aggressive towards him in the interrogation. It had taken Maura a very cold shower to get over that.

“Quick!” Maura hissed under her breath.

Hence the kiss. Which was becoming two kisses, becoming three. Soon Jane was cupping her face, kissing down her jaw. Maura breathed out, trying not to moan. They were in a restaurant. They were in public. They—she opened one eye as she remembered. The suspect was standing up, following his companion to the back of the restaurant. The kitchens? She sighed. Jane was kissing her neck, breathing out little words of encouragement that were hard to make out, but it was all making Maura weak in the knees. This wasn’t fair.

“Jane,” she said softly. But Jane kissed her again, so she had to gently push her off. “Jane. The suspect.”

Jane looked marvelously annoyed at this. Maura gave her a wry smile.


Jane swallowed, slowly coming back to herself.


Maura enjoyed the energy coming off her friend, watching Jane stalk off like she was ready to rip someone limb from limb. It’s a shame Maura wasn’t able to watch. But she was fairly sure there were many rewards to come. She called the server over and ordered their desserts to go.

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(1 of 2) I love Zayn so much, but I just heard a few things about him that I honestly hope you answer truthfully and not biasedly because I've seen some biased responses and I don't want to justify bad actions. So 1.) is it true that Zayn cheated on Perrie? 2.) In an interview with Little Mix, Perrie mentioned, without giving names, that with her ex she received an "ugly phone call" from him, and I'm wondering what that means? Why would Zayn leave a mean message to her? Do you know what happened

1.) If Zayn did or did not really cheat on perrie was never confirmed nor denied, all rumours were just that. Neither Perrie or Zayn ever mentioned any cheating. There were HUNDREDS of girls selling these stories to The Sun and the likes daily and these stories would reach a peak during LM’s promo season, and all of them pretty much read like a badly written fanfics lol. The only “’‘plausible”“ story was the one with pics of zayn sleeping. No one knows how their relationship worked, tho. They could’ve had an open relationship whilst on tour, they could’ve been taking a break when that ~cheating~ scandal happened, the whole story could’ve been completely fake. If u aren’t Zayn or Perrie, you will never know. It’s also important to mention that the articles would often contain LM’s music and videos lmfao. 

2.) Oh everything Perrie said after the break up, during their promo season was a fucking mess and literal smear campaign. It could not’ve been more obvious lmfao. She changed the story of their break up in EVERY interview. At first, she said he dumped her over a text message. Then it was a phone call. Then he left her a voice message or something? Zayn denied that in his fader interview : Zayn takes the opportunity of our interview to deny this. “If you could word it exactly this way, I’d be very appreciative,” he says. “I have more respect for Perrie than to end anything over text message. I love her a lot, and I always will, and I would never end our relationship over four years like that. She knows that, I know that, and the public should know that as well. I don’t want to explain why or what I did, I just want the public to know I didn’t do that.”

If u ever heard Zayns album, I think it’s clear that their relationship wasn’t a healthy, happy one. If you ever heard Zayn speak about Perrie & their relationship, it’s always in a very respectful way. Just read this (6th paragraph) and this (25th paragraph) for example and see how genuine and lovely and respectful he is towards Perrie. There isn’t a single evidence or incident or ANYTHING that would ever suggest he treated her badly. Literally never. If you ever heard Perrie and her band speak about Zayn, it’s usually during their promo season, and usually in a very… well.. biased, childish, dehumanising way. That was a thing even when they were together lol. 

In Zayn’s book & his interviews (I can remember which one was it exactly, sorry!) he openly acknowledged the fact that there was an image crafted for all of them, and thats how they were portrayed to the world. And for all of them it was only positive, nice things. But not zayn lmfao, he got labelled as a 'poser’, the 'mysterious one’, a 'dark horse’, a ’player’. He said in his book and also in his Fader interview that there were situations that were created to make him look a certain way. Bc it’s 'a product that had been already designed, and it sells’. If that doesnt say it all….

I don’t think you should concern urself with Zayn’s love life tho, especially a relationship that is long over. Its clear it was a toxic one lmfao. Perrie literally sang how she didnt love him anyway lmfao. 

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I have to say I'm a bit dissapoitend with the #boatsex. Jonerys deserved more than that. Where's the passionate kiss? The hand holding? I mean, it was like 5 seconds of scene. 💔 but at least we are officially canon now 🌚🌝

Yeah me too honestly. Couldn’t we have gotten at least a little bit more??? I thought I was going to have at least a little to go on for my oneshots but no, it still left a lot up to the imagination. I mean, couldn’t we have at least seen their first kiss? 

(I almost thought they were going to kiss in the dragonpit. It almost killed me). But the kisses they did show were certainly passionate….

Ah well, we have all of season 8 (and I’m expecting some massive ‘final night before the battle for the dawn’ sex). Again, I need like a whole season to build up Jonerys (or maybe even a spinoff show, that would be good too). But I’m not complaining because it happened (and all five seconds of it were pretty damn hot), our ship has sailed, and no one can call us a crack ship anymore. And the way they spliced it with Rhaegar and Lyanna’s wedding-he loved her and she loved him? COULD THEY MAKE IT ANY MORE OBVIOUS??? So I’m definitely happy <3

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Hi, I'm thinking of starting an LGBT+ punk band with my friends (we don't really have a name yet, but we're thinking something like 2 Dykes and a Faggot, 2D1F for short) and we want to start by doing covers of hetero love songs and make them hella gay and punk as fuck, do you have any suggestions for some songs?

The most hetero song in the world is playing in my mind rn but i cant think of its name
Goes something like “she was a girl, he was a boy, could it be any more obvious” or smth like that

~ mod Petar

Chocolate Cream Pie

Reader request:  I’d like to make a request of you. I enjoyed your writing style and talent, so I’m hoping you’ll do it justice. :) I’d like a Dean/Reader where the reader is sitting in a restaurant about to eat some chocolate pie (with whipped cream of course) when Dean and Sam walk in. Reader sees Dean walk in first so she scoops some pie (and cream) on her finger and brings it slowly to her mouth where she licks it off her finger, watching Dean’s reaction. I would totally love this to include smut if possible.  

(Part 2) (Part 3)

Reader Gender: Female

Character: Dean Winchester

Word Count:  2524

Warnings:  Language/Smut

Author’s Note:  This one practically wrote itself, it was so much fun! Thanks for the amazing prompt.

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