could of fooled me

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Ah nice to see a fellow La La Land fan :) perfect film is perfect

YES, TALK LA LA LAND TO ME. I saw it twice already (cried even more the second time) and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack non-stop. The cinematography, the colors, the continuous shots and the music just blow me away. Fingers crossed it wins the Oscar for Best Picture tomorrow! <3 

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This!!! Meet the Artist meme!! Is just adorbs!! Thinking about my fave and not-fave things in the world was difficult, but it was interesting n super q to do :-) I encourage everyone to give it a shot!! 
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Guess who is not over it… Guess

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Hey it's fine if you want to see jughead as representation but the way he was coded before like the 1 single issue where he was ace was gay. Seeing as the comics started a long time ago, that meant jughead was gay. Now, they've decided to make him ace (and not gay (?)) This means that he was really not ace before that issue. He's fictional, not a real person. He was written, people 70 years ago had different plans w him than now. So him reading as nonstraight doesnt have anything to do w him

Ah, yes, how could I forget that a disinterest in sexual relationships have and always been considered ‘gay coding’, and not ‘straight people who don’t want to fuck’.

With all the insistence otherwise by various naysayers and REGs, you could have fooled me.

Except no. Jughead’s aceness was intentionally chosen because of his writing history, and wasn’t a choice made on impulse. Just because history didn’t have a vocabulary for us, that didn’t mean we didn’t exist, or that people didn’t notice that we did. 

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fuck, okay caps off

still excited, thoughts in caps but

ohh my goddd

cecil and carlos getting married is just so good??

they are such a great couple?? and just, 

i can’t wait for cecil to say “My husband, Carlos” bc i’m gonna die

Disney made sure not to make crossovers of some series, but they missed out on Star vs The Forces of Evil and Gravity Falls.

  • Ford landing in Mewni and discovering dimensional scissors (this would have brought him back to his own dimension sooner than usual).
  • Star meeting Mabel and getting a swig of Mabel Juice (mayhem overwhelming!)
  • Marco and Dipper bonding on nerdiness and girly pop songs. Marco teaches Dipper martial arts and Dipper shows him the Pain Hole.
  • Stan going after Ludo with a broom.
  • King River going toe-to-toe with the Manotaurs for dominance.
  • Jackie and Wendy amps the coolness factor up to 11 by hanging out.
  • Oskar and Robbie start jamming and singing angst. Tambry tries to put guyliner on Oskar, but his bangs hide his eyes.
  • Janna and Starfan13 hang out with Candy and Grenda and paint the town red.
  • Glossaryck makes fun of Gideon. (”My lady!” “I’m not a lady!” “Could have fooled me.”)
  • Star busting the chops of Gravity Falls’ unicorns. (”You’re not pure of hea–” “NARWHAL BLAST!!!!”)

Yeah if the long pause or the tone of voice wasn’t a big enough factor, just look at the expression on Glossaryk’s face.

The “M'lady” to Marco was because they genuinely thought they were a girl (combined with the “could’ve fooled me”)

where as the “M'lady” to Ludo was a conscious, sarcastic jab at him.