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Top 5 Soukoku moments ? 😎

Hi Ann, look at what you’ve done. Thank you for the pain. 

1. “I used Corruption because I trusted you”. All this scene is sort of heartbreaking. Chuuya trusts Dazai so much it physically pains me. He hasn’t used Corruption in FOUR YEARS, and then Dazai comes and says “let’s do it like the old times” / “yes, why not, I’ll just put my life in your hands like I did countless of times despite the fact that you betrayed me and I haven’t heard from you in FOUR FRIGGING YEARS and I could literally die in front of your eyes”. WHO DOES THAT????????? Chuuya Nakahara, apparently. That being said, I can’t believe my favorite skk moment is also the moment that makes me raging THE MOST. Of course I’m still outrageously bitter because Dazai literally called him partner, folded his clothes (yes, I’m bringing back the vintage receipts here), washed his face from the blood and then…left him there??? WHAT THE FUCK DAZAI???

2. When they pull the power couple aesthetic. When they actually work together as a team, they are mesmerizing to watch. You can see that the roots of their partnership are still there, that they know each other so much that sometimes they don’t even need words to communicate. They are not Soukoku for nothing, after all. 

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3. When Chuuya fake killed Dazai (aka, Soukoku in a nutshell). Ah this is such a powerful moment, the cherry on top of a scene where Dazai did everything he could to push Chuuya on the verge of murder, just to see him almost doing it. I can’t help but think how liberating this gesture must have been for Chuuya, he finally let out a little bit of his frustration (that’s why he was there in the first place. After four years he’s still bugged by him, he still wants some sort of revenge, he still needs a closure Dazai is not willing to give him). But that’s it. You can say you’ll kill him all you want, my little Chuuya, but will you really? I don’t think so, because you care and love him so much it’s almost painful to watch. And if you, Dazai, could stop toying with him every chance you get, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

4. Every time Dazai reminds Chuuya that he knows everything about him. Tell us more about those moves and those thrusts Dazai, we’re all ears. 

5. DORKS. First of all, I want Dazai saying “CHUUUYAAAAAA” as the sound people hear passing next to my grave. Second. I feel so robbed because in the manga Dazai actually laugh his ass off at Chuuya’s “little rich girl” impression. 

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- bonus: all the official art involving them is a blessing sent from the gods, I think that Bones ships them as much as we do if not more (remember the park date one? HONESTLY). But there’s one that has has a special place in my heart:

LISTEN. L I S T E N. I could talk about this art literally for two days straight because ??? You can try to convince me all you want, but this is made to be somehow romantic. Look at the way Dazai is tilting his chin up, it looks like he’s waiting for a kiss. And Chuuya is looking in our direction but if he was to look down he’ll be right above Dazai’s lips and ???? WHAT THE FUCK??? Not to mention what’s probably the most fucked up thing here that is THE FLOWERS. It’s a Camellia Japonica, or Japanese Quince, and they are the symbol of love, temptation, passion and deep desire. That’s it y’all. I’m out. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Soukoku might not be canon, but sure as hell they are baiting it…a lot. 

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

Balconies - Peter Parker

request -  Can you write one about peter using his webs to swing you around the city and then peter and you go on a rooftop to see the sunrise or something? IM SOERY IF IT SUCKS IVE LOVED PETER SINCE I WAS 9 AND IVE ALWAYS THOUGHT OF THIS

a/n - while writing this i was so happy because this gave me the opportunity to write about the most dorky version of peter LMAO but i apologize for the ending i was so struggling with it so much and i went back and forth with so many ideas i hope its not shitty :( but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spiderman fic if you want and follow!

Sundays were set to be my lazy days, especially around the evening. During the school week I’d think about the comfort of sitting on my couch and literally becoming one with it, with a bowl of pretzels beside me and my hood up while some music plays in the back. This time round, I was preparing coffee for myself peacefully until the door had three knocks bounce off of it.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, not expecting my mother to be home until an hour from now. I went to the door and unlocked it, opening it and having Peter zoom through the crack without saying a word.

“Um … hello.” I said, astonished at how quick that just happened. I closed the door and turned back to only see him pulling his suit out of his backpack and struggling to change into it, almost tripping while taking off his jeans.

I chuckled and made my way back to the coffee maker, taking the fresh mug and sitting down at the small dining table within the apartment. I kicked back and watched the show in front of me, laughing here and there at the absolute dork standing in front of me.

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Lately I’ve been seeing a post circulating about how Saeyoung’s dark chocolate ending is actually a bad ending where MC doesn’t accept his true self but instead coerces him to be a mask of himself; since they believe that ending isn’t true to his cannon self. I can understand that people’s headcannons might be different but some of them even compare that ending to Jumin’s possessive bad ending. May I ask your own take on it? Do you thinks those endings have any parallels?

Umm well there aren’t “bad ends” in that Valentines DLC. So I won’t even address comparisons to Jumin because it’s completely different. 

Saeyoung is the most common favorite and sort of the signature character of the game which is why I assume they gave him 2 endings. 

The dark chocolate ending is, of course, more provocative. I honestly loved it. He and MC have been together for a bit of time at that point, and it’s just so intimate. 

It (the way he talks) sounds strange, because Saeyoung is a suuuuuper technical person. He thinks in numbers and computer programs etc. That’s just how his mind works. To a normal person, the way he phrases things may sound…odd and probably most of all–detached. We have to keep in mind he didn’t go to regular school and has basically spent his life with computers… ya. 

Not only does this (the way he talks) fit his CANON personality, but it is a fucking clever way for Cheritz to get away with being naughty without saying things that are too risqué. 

This whole ending, to me…is a more mature, consensual, and sexual love. It’s all about opening up to one another not just mentally but physically. This isn’t someone trying to dominate or hurt another person, this is Saeyoung saying basically:

Look, I know what I want to do to you. I’ve thought about it many times. I want you to relax and give your fears and anxieties over to me, and I will take care of you. Don’t hide yourself and don’t be afraid. I want to see you at your most vulnerable.” 

Which is honestly what sex is. Experimenting as a couple is friggin’ scary, and new territory for both of them. But it’s also very exciting. 

This is a conversation a lot of couples have. Or it may be something you slowly test the waters in over the course of your relationship. 


Okay, I can see how you could misinterpret lol. Like I said, Saeyoungs weird way of speaking can make it sound as if he is idk maybe being controlling or manipulative but like I said, it’s just the way his brain works and also it’s better for him to say “ill make sure you have the best night in my own little game” than “imma fuck you so good, gurllll” lol 

Anyway…I see in no way, shape or form how you could interpret this as MC coercing him into not being his true self? This ending couldn’t be more Saeyoung if it tried. He has canon sadistic tendencies, he is a techno dork, he is one billion percent about consensual relations, and he loves MC and just wants to share everything with each other as a means to be as close as possible.

End of story. 

YOI suprises: Victor watches Yuuri’s Stammi vicino

Because I’ve been asked to do more posts like this one, here’s another one of the moments that most surprised me about YOI. I’m pretty sure a lot of posts have been done about this particular one already, but anyway here’s my take.

As a premise you need to know that I started watching YOI after episode 7 aired, and that I was “spoiled” (the best kind of spoiled) for the kiss. So basically, when I sat down to watch episode 1, I already knew it wasn’t going to be queerbaiting, I knew they would be a couple or at the very least kiss (I didn’t know how or the context for anything other than there was gonna be a kiss).

Even knowing all that, when I reached this part, where Victor first sees the video of Yuuri skating his Stammi vicino program:

I was pretty sure that Drama™ would ensue from Victor’s part in the form of How dare this guy skate my program, does he think he can ever be as awesome as I am?

Hell, look at his expression.

To be fair, I think this is an example where the creators consciously baited us into thinking something like that would happen. That Victor would throw a fit and make Yuuri his rival (and let’s be real, a lot of people were still sure of the evil!Victor theory up until episode 10 or something lmao).

Up until this next frame, I thought Wow Victor is mad, he’s gonna throw a metaphorical glove at Yuuri and challenge him. How mad he must be if he went all the way to Japan to do it!

Only thinking back we understand his expression for what is it: worry, sadness. This is after all a young man who has just left everything behind for something unknown. If he screws this up he could be left with nothing. No cute Japanese boy who’s stolen his heart, possibly no Yakov to take him back, maybe even no more skating, not at the same level he’s always skated anyway.

However, it’s easy for first time viewers to mistake Victor’s expression for anger because of our own bias. 

So when this happened

And later this 

and then everything else that happened in the whole series, I was so surprised. No rivalry? No I hate you how dare you skate my own program? Just two dorks being dorks together and falling in love? Wow, amazing!

I decided to make this a little series because I realized I have a few more moments like this that I want to talk about, so I’ll tag all the posts as yoisurprises so you can easily keep track of them. Also, you can add your own moments to the tag!

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hey again! was did you get into the todomomo ship? :)

HEYA! What a nice time to get this ask, cheers on the todomomo episode next week!

Well, of course chapter 63-64 was what directly kicked me to the trash ship but I think is better if we start checking some things from the very beginning to show how alike and compatible they are (i’ll try to be as short as i can so i’ll talk until 64 chapter):

Okay so, I’ll start pointing general facts. As we know, Yaoyorozu and Todoroki were the only pair who were enrolled as special recommendation at UA and since the beginning they gave a huge impression for all their classmates: Yaoyorozu because her intellectual and Todoroki because his balanced strength, features that complement very well at any battle. While Todoroki is already labelled as the strongest at the whole class, Yaoyorozu is the smartest, and that is a nice combination. 

Yaoyorozu is such an awesome support character who can duplicate Todoroki’s power and exploit it to the maximum thanks to her quirk. She is strong and has the ability as we can see at the Sports Festival while beating the 0 points robots easily like Todoroki.

This fact is already known by Todoroki because he choosed Yaoyorozu for his team at the UA Sports Festival (and even deeper at chapter 64).

In this arc we can see a lot of interaction between them, Todoroki knows how to treat Yaoyorozu’s quirk (and his classmates) in a strategy, as well as she can anticipate how to act to protect him. So here some panels to show how well they can work at any situation.

So as well as Todoroki observes Yaoyorozu (and his classmates), she does it as well. Later, Yaoyorozu seems to have a back down as a result from the festival and her comparison with Todoroki.

As Aizawa pointed out, Yaoyorozu lost her confidence because her development at the sports festival so she was paired up with Todoroki, which at the moment had everything Yaoyorozu lacked. Aizawa couldn’t help her as he wanted because the purpose of the exam and because he was a villain at the test, so he leave that role to Todoroki, because he thought that both of them needed this and could handle it.

(And as expected from Todoroki, he catched fast the message because he already seemed to be worried about Yaoyorozu’s self esteem before

After Yaoyorozu does the opposite of what Todoroki planned to her, he gives her the lead of the situation, leaving a confused and pressured Yaoyorozu wondering what to do. She still wasn’t confident on herself until…

THIS. Todoroki was the one who told her what she needed to hear, he pushed her to be confident on herself again. Just a few words were enough to touch Yaoyorozu, she received from the person who most admires the recognition she needed at the moment. And that was absolutely beautiful.

Everyone at the class knew already the impact Yaoyorozu gave while she was speaking but they voted for theyselves (And Uraraka and Iida voted for Deku because they were friends already but that’s another subject), Todoroki was the only one who voted for Yaoyorozu for president election, not himself like almost everyone at the class, he voted for her because he thought she was fitted it.

Right after Todoroki “returns her confidence” they finally start to work as a real team while Aizawa points how awesome job they can do now if they attack the weaknesses

Todoroki trust her decisions and they mutually protect each other when is needed

Yaoyorozu trusts, respects and admires Todoroki and Todoroki also trust and cares about her (He along with Kirishima went to visit her and Midoriya at the hospital)

In other hand, they are adorable dorks, they have this cute social lack that melts my heart

I know we still don’t have more major moments, but this kind of interaction and mutual understanding and caring is something that I love, they have a lot of potential and that’s why I love them so much.

Sorry it was a lot but I tried to summarize as much as I could so I skipped some panels~

Reggie Mantle Stan
  • What they say: I'm fine.
  • What they mean: I'm not fine, why do people think he's clueless clearly he's a smart lil bean that needs to appreciated more. He lives for attention because he doesn't get any at home. His parents work for good causes but forget all about him. He doesn't get the whole teen scene because he's never really had people with him and his pranks is what he enjoys to do for attention. My boii got a dog from a shelter for god sakes because he was lonely. He names it VADER could he be any more of a dork. You would think someone with his built would pick a different dog but he picked the smallest one that needed a home because he knows what it's like being lonely and having to fend for himself. He doesn't love Midge he likes the idea of someone like her in his life loving him for who he is. He has such a big heart but nobody knows because he hides it so well and I just want to grab him and hug him and tell him everything is gonna be alright and that he will find happiness.
  • *Catches Breath*
Not Just Yet - Zach Dempsey

can you do a zach dempsey imagine where y/n and him are together and she is a nice sweet innocent girl and they are making one night and she doesn’t want to go any further bc she wants to wait until marriage to have sex and she’s afraid that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore but he does. Sorry if that’s weird.

It’s not weird! Thank you for requesting ^.^ This is my first 13RW imagine so yaaay. I love Zach <3

Words: 1,440

Warnings: fluff fluff fluff / making ouutttt  / lil’ bit of swearing

“And then… we did it,” Jessica’s blush tainted her cheeks a dark red, as she described yesterday’s date night with Justin Foley.

Your eyes widened. Jessica and Justin had already had sex? They’d only been together for a few months. It’s not that you had an issue with that, it just surprise you. You and Zach had been together for almost 2 years, and you still hadn’t had sex. You had decided to wait until marriage to lose your virginity, hopefully to Zach or if for some reason not him, someone as great as him. You couldn’t describe how lucky you felt to have a guy who respected your wishes like he did, especially with the crowd that he hung around with.

You couldn’t help but feel guilty though, when his friends bragged about their “summer conquests” in front of him. Sometimes you felt as if you weren’t even good enough. You wouldn’t be surprised if Zach thought that way too.

“Congrats Jess,” You forced an enthusiastic smile, and she giddily skipped along the school corridor.

You stopped by your locker, reaching in to exchange some textbooks, when you felt a pair of arms snake themselves around your waist. You turned around, only to come face to face with the guy himself. Zach Dempsey.

He was grinning down at you, wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed before reaching up on your tiptoes to place a chaste kiss on his soft lips. He rested his forehead against yours, before pecking you on the nose, causing you to giggle childishly. 

“How’s my girl today?” He took your hand, fingers intertwined, as you walked around. You blushed at his words, only causing him to grin wider.

“Stressed. How about you?” You sighed heavily, staring down at the ground. He stopped, turning to you with his eyebrows furrowed adorably and with a frown on his face.

“How come?” He played with your hands therapeutically, tracing circles on the palm.

“Bio. I’ve got a big test coming up and if I fail like last time it’s going to bring my average down, it’s my worst subject Zach,” You whined, resting your head on his shoulder. He tilted his own head to press a soft and lingering kiss on your forehead.

“Well lucky for you, future Marine Biologist here!” He pointed to himself, feigning a cocky attitude and you rolled your eyes playfully. “Are you free tonight? I can come round and help you study.”

“That sounds like an excuse to spend time together,” You raised an eyebrow at him, although to be honest, you would much rather hang about and cuddle with your boyfriend than study biology.

“Maybe,” He drawled mischievously and you smiled at him, grateful that he could take your mind off of your problems. You reluctantly slipped your hand out of his and began to walk off to your next class.

“See you at 7, lucky for you it’s pizza night,” You called over your shoulder, leaving Zach grinning like an idiot in a busy crowd of high school students.

“(Y/N), over here!” Jessica waved frantically at you as you stepped into your French class. She had reserved a spot for you next to her, and you sent her a grateful smile as you dumped your bag down beside her and sat down. “Okay, so I’m having an existential crisis and thought why not get over it by a little hot chocolate date tonight?” She tapped her fake nails on the desk excitedly.

“I actually can’t, I’m studying for the Biology test with Zach tonight,” You replied and Jessica’s jaw dropped. “What?”

“It’s just… he was going on about it earlier but I didn’t think he was actually gonna. Damn Dempsey,” Jessica seemed to be muttering more to herself and you didn’t want to play the pronoun game.

“What’s it Jess?” You folded your arms and gave her the ‘mum friend’ look.

“Wait, just to check, he was the one asking to come over?” Jessica had now grabbed both of your hands, squeezing them excitedly and you didn’t really know how to react.

“Uh… yeah, I uhh, think he was,” You didn’t sound 100% sure, but that didn’t stop Jessica from squealing.

“Okay, okay so Zach was talking to us earlier about how you guys were like, waiting for the right moment to have sex and that you two had a really good thing going on right now and shit. He is definitely going to make a move and try and go all the way tonight!” 

You paled slightly. Zach knew that you wanted to wait, perhaps he’d just phrased it wrong. Perhaps Jessica and co had gotten the wrong end of the stick, or come to irrational conclusions. You loved Zach with all of your heart, but you were sticking to your morals. The only thing that was going to happen that night, was studying.

A few hours later, you’re pressed up against your bedroom door, sloppily kissing your boyfriend of two years. His hands were roaming your curves, exploring your figure whilst yours were tangled in his ruffled, matted hair.

Small whimpers and moans would spill from mouths as you knew the actions that drove one another crazy. You would tug on the roots of his hair, he would attack the sweet spots on your neck and jaw with passion.

His voice was rough and lust-filled as he whispered in your ear.


You did just that, wrapping your legs around his waist, slipping your tongue inside his mouth desperately. The two of you battled for dominance before he pulled apart and let you go to roughly pull off his shirt. You took a moment to appreciate his muscular build before advancing towards him with fire in your eyes. He hastily pulled you onto your bed, and you let your hands trail his toned chest, leaving quick kisses as you went. He pulled you forwards into another searing kiss before flipping you over so he was on top.

His tongue slipped back into your mouth like a puzzle piece and you groaned in response, your nails reaching up to claw his back. As you were distracted by his fiery kiss, Zach’s hand slowly crept towards your bra clip. When you felt him tug on one of the straps, you abruptly broke apart, panting heavily.

Your face was flushed red and you grabbed a pillow, hiding your look of shame from your boyfriend. Zach sat up awkwardly before pulling the pillow from your grasp and carelessly chucking it behind him. He laid down beside you, pulling you into his embrace and you let him, snuggling into his shirtless side.

“What’s wrong babygirl?” He whispered softly, and you melted at the consideration and care in his voice.

“I’m…I’m not ready to go that far yet Zach, remember?” You sighed, hoping he wouldn’t be annoyed at you. He stayed quiet for a while and you were cringing, knowing you’d screwed something up, before he wrapped an arm around your waist.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), heat of the moment I guess,” He chuckled, scratching the back of his neck as he sat up and rested against your headboard. You crawled over, so your head was lying on his lap and he affectionately played with your hair, an action that seemed to always soothe the both of you.

“I just feel so bad, because you wanted to go all the way tonight but I’m just want to wai-.” You began to ramble but he interrupted you.

“Wait… what? I wasn’t planning on having sex with you tonight. I respect your ‘waiting until marriage’ approach,” He looked confused, and so did you. “Where did you get that idea from?”

“Well, Jessica said-”

“I told the guys this morning that we were waiting to have sex until we were both ready and that we have a good relationship so I don’t want to mess that up by trying to force the idea of sex on you,” Zach explained and everything suddenly made a whole lot more sense.

“Ooooh, I get it,” You nodded and Zach snorted. “I am so screwed on this Biology test.” 

“Dork,” He shoved you off of him playfully and you jumped right up, shoving him back. He grabbed you by the waist, pulling you closer to him so he could give you the dreaded tickle assault. You squealed and laughed uncontrollably as he attacked your sides with his evil fingers.

“I LOVE YOUU!” You managed to stumble through your heavy laughter. Zach stopped, smiling up at you lovingly before clasping your cheeks and placing a gentle kiss on your swollen lips. 

“Love you too babygirl.”

I liked thiisssss <3

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If you had to choose one of your ocs to be (disregarding their gender) which one would you choose?

probably one of the Harbingers – I love all their aesthetics and magicks so dang much, but most likely I’d have to say either Patch or Blythe.

(^^^Don’t repost to other sites)

A Summary of Power Rangers

- Good use of Kanye West songs
- Bumble Bee (transformers reference)
- Original Power Rangers theme
- Altogether good soundtrack
- Alpha the sarcastic droid

Trini - Yellow Ranger (aka unkillable lesbian aka badass dork)
- Hates people
- Casually gay
- Could kill everyone in the room
- Loves with all her heart
- Doesn’t die like wowowow
- Pure
- Loves her new family of misfits
- A real badass angel who deserves kisses from girls

Kimberly - Pink Ranger (aka sinamon roll aka my bi baby)
- Best friends with Yellow
- More than likely bi
- Loyal and friendly
- Awesome hair cutting skills
- Has done bad things but is trying to make up for it
- Cutie pie
- Awesome and brave
- Will fight anyone for her new family (especially Blue)

Zack - Black Ranger (aka edgy emo boi aka a real softie who loves his mom)
- Emo af edge lord
- Sarcastic and reckless
- A sweetheart really who’s not afraid to cry
- Loud but kind
- Loves his lesbian bff
- Takes care of his mother and loves her to bits
- Loves innuendos and being the class clown
- Scared to be left alone but finds a place with his new family

Billy - Blue Ranger (aka badass angel aka pure badass angel who blows shit up)
- On the spectrum and very open about it (thank you Power Rangers for doing that)
- Has an inside joke with Red
- Good and pure and wholesome
- Extremely smart and amazing
- Loves country music.. like really loves it
- Thanks people all the time for being his friend
- Cares deeply about everyone (including his mother)
- The actual human representation of all things good in this world

Jason - Red Ranger (aka likes slapping bad guys aka loves and cares about everyone even cows)
- Has a connection with Beefcake the cow
- Not possibly straight
- Loves Twenty One Pilots
- Selfless and honestly does love his dad even if his dad can be a dick
- Actually pure and tries to help his loved ones
- Best friends with Blue
- Slaps people for his new found family
- Protective and won’t take your shit

Altogether Power Rangers was awesome, wholesome and deserves all the awards. They didn’t kill there lesbian and they were respectful with everybody differences. 100/10 would recommend.

Jaehyun Appreciation Posts

Jaehyun, Taeil, Yuta, Doyoung, Winwin, Mark, Haechan, Johnny, Taeyong, Ten

Originally posted by kun-sol

So I’m a huge HUGE fan of this beautiful man. Jung Jaehyun (Jung Yoon-oh he changed his name) is perfect in everyway. If you didn’t stan him I’ll give you reasons why. I mean why aren’t you even staning him, he’s Jaehyun.

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He can cook and his cooking is up to a whole new level, such boyfriend material. (Love how Winwin is helping)

Originally posted by taetmosphere

He can dance, look at this little shit. So rude. STAY IN YOUR LANE JAEHYUN STAY IN YOUR LANE!

Originally posted by taeyongitslow

He can sing. I’m sorry did you read that correctly? THIS BOY CAN SING. If you never heard him sing, you better go on YouTube and search it up. A VOICE OF AN ANGEL

Originally posted by smallkpoplove

He’s tall, I know you can’t really tell but he’s 6ft. I don’t know about others but 6ft is pretty tall for me. (I’m 5′6 ½) And If being tall isn’t  one of the reasons enough for you to be convince he is boyfriend material, I don’t know what will.

Originally posted by nikaiv

He’s hella sexy and handsome. If you couldn’t tell but oooo his face is just perfect. In .01 second he’s cute and another your calling him daddy.  Also those lips thou. I don’t know if it’s just me but  his lips look so gentle and kissable.

Originally posted by park-friggin-jimin

BUT HIS GAZE THOU. HIS FREAKING GAZE. I could stare into his eyes forever. 

He’s good at sports, LOOK AT THOSE ARMS. Note: These pictures aren’t mine credit to the original owner. 

Originally posted by park-friggin-jimin

He’s cute, such a little cinnamon roll. So cute and fluffy, someone need to protect this precious boy at all cost. (ALSO HOW CAN  I BE THAT PILLOW?)

Originally posted by jyofanclub

But at the same time he’s hella RUDE. Like boy who do you think you are teasing us. Put that tongue back in your mouth.

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Originally posted by nctaezen

Those arms. THOSE SEXY MUSCULAR ARMS. Remember I said someone needed to protect him? Yea forget that more like he’ll protect you, those arms could probably kill a man with one punch. 

Originally posted by jyofanclub

He shows a lot of skin ship, can I be Chanyeol like I WANT A HUG FROM JAEHYUN. DON’T WORRY CHAN I LOVE YOU TOO. (Look how cute he looks hugging Chanyeol like that) 

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But at the same time he’s a giant dork. I’m confused half the time who he really is. (ft. Taeil, Winwin and Mark having to deal with this dork)

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Originally posted by neotechs

Overall I have to end this sadly, cause I can’t really put anymore gifs and I have like 1000000+ more reasons but I feel like I will break Tumblr. I hope now you stan him, cause this boy need as much love as he can get. However just love all the members, cause all the members deserve all the love and support they get and have. 


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wow i didn’t think i could love bastille more but im just laughing so much at the fact that they ran across a busy road because they were late for the brits, took the tube there, and dan wore a bomber jacket and a t-shirt. my love for these dorks is so big and im so proud of them even if they didn’t win

Fluff fluff fluff for days! :3

RFA + Saeran and V cuddling


  • If he could, neither of you would ever leave the bed
  • You would just stay there, wrapped around his strong arms and playing with his hair
  • But since it’s not possible, lazy cuddling sessions after you guys get home from work or from working out
  • You try to stay away because you’re all sweaty, but  buddy… your sweating smells like honey to him
  • So he glomps you, plopping with you on the bed and laughing from your attempt of looking angry when you’re clearly just flustered
  •  He hums random songs while rubbing your back gently
  •  You guys are so tired you usually end up sleeping like this.You can always take a shower tomorrow morning. Together.


  • Bed? Check! Couch? Check! Counter while one of you are cooking? Check!
  • He used to be all shy and awkward at demonstrating affect first, then he found the power of cuddling and now he’s a changed man
  • Because all it takes is wrapping his arms around you and nuzzling in your hair.
  • Then you’ll hug him back and snuggle in his chest and BOOM! There’s nothing to bring him down today.
  • Unless… something bad happened during the day, then cuddling will be a way of comforting
  • He’ll be there venting while you stroke his hair, legs and arms entangled
  • Both end up sleeping like this. Tomorrow will be a new day and he’ll be ready after recharging like this.


  •  It took a while for her to enjoy cuddling, it wasn’t something she was used to.
  • So at first was a little awkward. You’re tackling her, but your advances are very lazy, nothing too bold, so she’s not sure of what you want
  • But as time passes, she gets so sure of what you want she initiates the cuddling session these days, being the big spoon and everything
  • Bringing you closer by the waist and stroking your hair while she hums some Zen song or talk about her plans for the future
  • Yes, talkative cuddling for days
  • Because talking to you is so easy and makes her feel so light and good, she’s comfortable to talk about whatever with you.
  • And then she just stops… noticing you fell asleep when you roll over to snuggle in her chest
  • Yeah, she gets too excited talking to you, so she just chuckles and kisses your forehead, wishing you’ll have sweet dreams. As for her, this is sweet enough.


  • You have an option: will Elizabeth join you guys or not?
  • If she does, you’ll have her between you guys, you patting her while he pats you
  • If she doesn’t, he’ll be on top of you, burying his nose in your hair
  •  And you stroke his, finding out he shivers easily when you play with the hair next to the nape of his neck was such a happening!
  • Now you giggle everytime he tenses up a little before relaxing to your playful touch
  • And he narrows his eyes at you so you think he doesn’t like this, but who is he trying to  kid?
  • It’s a little awkward because most of the times he comes late from work and just plops on the bed still wearing his suit.
  • Cue you getting red eveytime you ask him to take it off before coming to bed. He knows what you mean, but teasing you is just too good.


  • Cuddling prince
  • It doesn’t take much from you, you can just pass by him and mess with his hair a little
  • He’s going after you and dragging you to the bed, couch, computer chair, doesn’t matter where
  •  He messily nuzzles in your chest, reveling to the sound of your giggles eveytime he does it
  • Then he’ll roll to have you on top, asking for kisses all over his face
  • Take his glasses off before going for the kisses and he’s gone!
  • He’s squinting his eyes since he’s not seeing a thing, then he’ll get super flustered by the way you squeal and tell him how cute he looks
  • But it doesn’t last long, because he’ll roll again to stay on top, telling you he needs to remind you who is the real cutie here.


  • No. Get away. 
  • He would pry your arms away everytime you even tried. No, sharing the bed is all he can handle and sometimes it can be too much.
  • Until one night, when you were tossing and turning, mumbling in your sleep
  • He has light sleep, so he promptly woke up, you looked agitated, as if you were having a nightmare
  • He called you and shook you a little to wake you up, which led to you hugging him in your sleep.
  • He was all weird and uncomfortable, but noticing you calmed down, he brought you closer by your shoulders, smelling your hair.
  • You woke up first, recovering from your sleepy state when you noticed how you were basically leaning on him like he is a pillow, and tried to pull away, he stopped you by holding you tight
  • He told you that you could stay like this, as long as you get to be the pillow for him next time.



  • Cuddling session? More like a praising session where he lists everything he loves about you
  • He makes you straddle him, he runs his long slender fingers up and down your back
  • Then you’ll both lay on bed and he’ll hug you tightly, kissing the top of your head
  • Might ruin the moment saying he wants to grab his camera to take some pics of you like this
  • He has no chill when he’s the one to initiate the cuddling
  • But if YOU are the one to start, he turns into this dork getting super red by the way you plant smooches in his face
  • But he’ll be comfortable soon, chuckling and telling you how good you make him feel
  • Though he will pretend he’s still a little flushed so you will keep calling him cute

some quick random thoughts about the last chapter:

  • naked guan shan is a sight to behold, and it’s not like we didn’t know since old xian loves to draw him in various states of undress (which is still hilarious to me), but d a m n, he is hella build
  • he also looks gorgeous in those white pants
  • actually he looks gorgeous full stop, like srsly sometimes i can’t believe how beautiful guan shan is, his character design is so good
  • guan shan looking up he tian’s horoscope is THE MOST. ADORABLE. THING. EVER. and it clearly shows that guan shan has been thinking about he tian and wants to learn more about him, wants to understand him, and im just!!!! so excited because guan shan’s feeling have been slowly shifting and turning into something more, and seeing his journey into falling in love with he tian is so breathtakingly beautiful HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DEAL
  • “your partner is very tender, soft, sweet, and understanding, will look after you well” [muffled screaming] OKAY LISTEN he tian’s horoscope is making me so emo because he actually is all those things, we got to see it in the way he constantly cares about guan shan, and we didn’t really need a confirmation but im still very grateful that old xian spelled it out like this
  • WHAT IS HE TIAN’S ZODIAC SIGN THO @old xian you can’t have guan shan look it up and not tell us I NEED TO KNOW
  • ….i honestly don’t want to say that guan shan was about to jerk off thinking about he tian but it sure looked like it and my brain short circuited for a while there………….
  • ..was…………was he tian waiting on guan shan’s balcony while guan shan showered and then hiding there until he could make the perfect entrance GOD DAMMIT HE TIAN
  • okay but guan shan’s mom making he tian wait for guan shan in his room and he tian looking around it to learn more about guan shan and then stepping out on the balcony and turning around when he hears guan shan walking in but stopping in his track because guan shan is SHIRTLESS and that wasn’t in the plan and HE NEEDS A MINUTE idk about y'all but im considering this canon
  • i fucking knew he tian was smart as hell, and the fact that he just showed up at guan shan’s house to help him study is making me feel stuff because !!!!!!!!!! he cares!!!! about guan shan!!!! so much!!!! he wants guan shan to stay in school and succeed and be the best version of himself because, unlike she li, he knows guan shan has potential and deserves so much more than being used as a scapegoat and he tian just loves him so much IM SHOOK
  • (i honestly want to make an analysis about he tian vs she li so badly, i wish my brain could just work sigh)
  • those last three panels are just so???? cute???? i don’t know, he tian looks adorable in them and their banter feels so comfortable and light-hearted, and i just really love it (im lowkey laughing at guan shan’s punches feeling like a massage to he tian THESE DORKS)
  • (guan shan not looking at he tian in that third to last panel is interesting tho, i wonder if it actually means something or if im reading too much into things as usual)
  • i really REALLY need to see guan shan and he tian studying together and then guan shan’s mom inviting he tian to stay for dinner and the three of them just interacting with each other, it would be SO GOOD and have so much potential to learn more about he tian and guan shan @old xian IM BEGGING YOU (……am i being too greedy??)
  • guan shan’s mom is gonna become the number 1 tianshan shipper just wait for it
Reasons to love Dragon Age Inquisition cast


- Tough and gorgeous

- Could kill you.

- *Disgusted noises*

- Tsundere

- Loves poetry

- Like seriously, its her kink most likely

- So cute when in love

- Is also the best mom you could ask for

- „Ugh.“

- Owned Iron Bull more than once

- Made him fall when she hit him with a stick.

- Don´t mess with her.

- She´s tougher than all your guy friends combined.

- „DEAL. WITH.  IT.“

- You totally watched her walk. Dont lie to yourself


- Is still awesome

- Still hot and cute tbh

- Best one liners

- Will probably write a story about you

- His crossbow is named Bianca.

- It´s important

- Like really important, the devs wont let you change his weapon just like that.


- Doesn´t know wth is going on here.

- But still helps and becomes the best bro

- By that I mean, AGAIN.

- And you won´t complain

- If you hate on him I will fight you.

- And so will the entire fandom


- Acts serious but actually funny af

- Introvert

- Secretly intrigued by parties

- Knows everything

- Basically elf expert

- Also magic and Fade expert

- Also love expert


- Just wants to sleep and dream.

- Can make you dream about anything you want

- Breaks your heart but you still love him inside

- Admit it, you romanced him more than once


- „Vhenan“


- This shouldnt even be a question

- Look at that face

- He makes moustaches hot

- Sassy

- Precious

- Girls love him despite the fact hes gay

- Compliments you even if you play as a girl

- Because hes a sweetie

- Just wants to be loved and accepted

- The best and he knows it.


- Loves his country and wants to make it better

- „Don´t worry, I´ll protect you“

- He got the booty

- Likes „watching you go“, so he can stare at your booty.


- Is elf but doesnt want to be all „elfy“

- „They got no breeches!“

- The crazy aunt.

- Makes no sense.

- Then makes more sense than everyone else

- Wants to save the world so she can play

- But you love her.

- Admit it

- Makes fun of Solas


- „Arrows“

- Just doesnt want to be judged.

- Trolls Solas

- And Vivienne

- Is ok with Dorian and not because they´re both gay

- Also pals with Blackwall, its cute ok

- Likes qunari women


- The cinnamon roll

- Also the sinnamon roll

- Could kill you

- But is so innocent.

- Wants to help everyone


- Just wants people to be happy

- Literally so precious

- Dont you dare take off his hat.


- Doesnt care if people forget him.

- „What matters is, I helped.“

- Blunt in the most innocent way possible.

- If you don´t love him then there truly is no hope for you

Iron Bull

- He picked his name.

- Biggest Qunari in the trilogy.

- Also the funniest.

- Casually talks about sex

- Has the best squad in the world and he knows it.

- Seriously he´s precious with them.

- Nervous around magic and demons.

- But just hit him with a stick. He´ll feel better.


- Gets owned by Cassandra.

- Flirts with Cassandra and she likes it.

- „Ride the bull?“

- Ends up with Dorian if you romance neither.

- And its kinda cute


- She´s beauty. She´s grace

- She´ll step on your face

- Let her

- Also knows everything

- Wants the Circle back because she knows mages are dangerous

- Is a mage herself btw

- Savage when roasting people

- Scary

- Like legit she scares Iron Bull

- Is the aunt we didn´t ask for, but the one we desperately need

- Admit it, you want her to give you fashion advice

- So pretty and elegant it´s not fair.


- What can he do? „Save the fucking world, if pressed“

- Says „fucking“ a lot.

- Cute beard


- Has a big heart

- But also tragic past

- Thinks he´s not worthy of love

- Or anything good

- Wants to make up for what he did.

- Actually cares about your cause

- Friends with Sera

- Trolls Solas about his …relationship with Spirits

- Hella funny, if you ask me.


- Still cute

- Even cuter

- Grew so much

- Be proud of him

- Always doing his best.

- Great leader, you can count on him

- But still nervous when in love

- Got owned by his sister in chess.

- But then won by practising for weeks with his brother.


- Cute fluffy coat

- Y´all probably wanna wear it.

- The glare he gives to the soldier when he and his love get interrupted.

- Like omg

- His romance is literally so sweet

- Just as he is

- Two words. „The desk“


- Greets you differently depending on your culture

- So thoughtful

- And sweet

- And cute

- But still great at what she does

- And the entire world knows it.

- Protect her.

- I love her design so much

- Cheers loudly with the soldiers, then covers her mouth shyly


- Such a dork

- Tells great stories

- Really fun, but tries to act all decent, its cute.


- Baby girl

- She grew up so much

- Could kill you

- No, seriously.

- Also really tough.

- Probably even more than Cassandra.

- Deserves everything good.

- P. R. O.T. E. C.T. Her

- In an alternate timeline, gives her life to save you.

- Probably mentally strongest girl in the game

- I just want to hug her


- Still giggles like a school girl when remembering her lover tho

- „S/He misses me!“

- Best sis you could ask for basically.

Baby Talks

A/N: this has lots of fluff ;)

Requested: @two-ghosts11

Hope you guys enjoy this! x

1680 words.

Having a baby was undoubtedly stressful, but there was no doubt that Harry and Y/N couldn’t be happier about it. It has been six months since they’ve had Theo, who was as healthy, happy and strong as he could be.

There were times earlier in their relationship that Harry often found himself wondering if one could feel happier and warmer than he felt; wondering if that really was the happiest someone could’ve been — with the love of his life by his side, with amazing and beautiful memories being made each day and with love and joy being the only things that surrounded them in wherever environment they found themselves in —; there was really no doubt to it. He was so certain that there was no way someone could feel happier than that. Until Theo came along, of course.

Since the first time Harry saw their little man, he couldn’t stop looking at him and making silent observations about him; how tiny his hands and feet were, how little hair he had on his head, how flushed were his cheek and the big eyes he had. Harry swore on his life he had never seen anything or anyone as cute. He also never found himself as excited as he was now. He looked forward to see his first steps, to hear his first words, to see him grow up and accompany him through every step of the way.

However, Harry’s job was not one to be described as easy, which could get in their way sometimes. After all, he had just released his solo album and was about to tour the entire world with a baby and a loving wife at home. And it wouldn’t be easy.

With that being said, he never took them for granted, always looking forward every moment spent with them and cherishing every second of it, for they unfortunately don’t last forever. Soon, Harry would have to leave for a couple of weeks for his first leg of the tour and all he wanted to do was spend as much time with his family as possible.

It was winter and it was colder than usual. Theo was cutely wrapped around a blanket with a frog beanie neatly put upon his head and as warm as possible. Y/N had gone out to work today. It was winter break, meaning that she usually stayed in. However, her boss really needed her at the office so she had to go, leaving both Harry and the baby alone with each other. Although Harry would much rather prefer it if she was there with them, he was okay with being with little Theo by himself. After all, it was just one day. Besides, he’d get to spend the whole day with his baby, and who knows? They could bond even more during these next few hours.

Y/N had left with a loving kiss on Harry’s lips and with a smile on her face, telling him she’d be back before he knows it.

Soon after she left, Harry went straight up to Theo’s room to check how he was doing in his little crib. The baby had just been fed and his diapers were just changed so he was okay for now.

As he entered the room, Theo’s eyes immediately lit up and Harry approached him with a huge smile plastered on his face.

“‘Lo, m’little man. How are you today?”, he asked, pinching Theo’s nose, to which he only let out a loud giggle. In response, Harry’s smile increased (if that was even possible at this point).

The baby started to wiggle around his crib and let out a small burb. Harry couldn’t help but laugh at how small and innocent it sounded.

“Oi! You okay there, buddy?”, he rhetorically asked as he picked him up. “I see you like frogs, huh?” he said, mentioning to the beanie Theo had on his head.

“M’gonna take you downstairs with me, yeah? So we can watch some cartoons and cuddle fo’ a bit.”

Harry carefully walked with Theo wrapped around his arms, settling both of them on the couch. However, Harry thought he could do something a little bit more fun and cozy for his baby, and, being the dork and loving man he is, he made a little fortress of pillows on the couch and placed himself and Theo inside of it, careful not to destroy their little shelter.

After they both of them comfortably lying inside of it, Harry turned on the TV and put on the first kids-program he saw on the screen.

“Do you like it, baby?”, he asked, running his hands over his sides, making him giggle loudly. Harry knew that Theo couldn’t understand a word he said, but he still wanted to talk to him, even if that meant he’d have a one-sided conversation. “The big red one is a dog. A huge dog actually, don’t you think? Too big to be true”, he looked at the baby, who was starring intently at his father, liking the way his voice sounded. This only made Harry continue with his talking.

“We can get a dog if you’d like in the future, little man. What do you think, huh?”, Harry complemented nudging his sides. “Just don’t expect it to be as big and as red, alright?”, he said, letting out a small laugh.

He kept on rambling and describing the characters and events happening on screen until Theo suddenly reached his hands out and grabbed Harry’s nose, to which he jokingly hissed.

“Wha’? You like daddy’s nose, huh? You want one just like mine?”, Harry asked, rubbing his nose with little Theo’s. “Don’t worry, pal. You’ll have a cool nose too. Nicer even, yeh know? ‘Cos yours will have bits of your mommy’s nose too. A mixture of both. You know how beautiful she is, yeah?”. By now the baby had just gotten back to starring at his father, making Harry cuddle further into his little body, to which the small one only smiled and sighed in comfort.

“She gave you those eyes,” Harry continued, “they’re as big and as bright as hers. There’s just as much love in them. Have yeh noticed? Mommy loves you very much.”, said as he kissed his small head. “She always makes sure yeh’re warm and happy. She’s a great mommy, isn’t she?”. At the mention of Y/N, Harry only smiles bigger at the thought of how caring and kind she was, specially towards their family.

Theo continued to stare intently at Harry, listening and trying to make sense of the sounds of his daddy’s words.

Moments like these are the ones Harry cherishes the most. He’s always enjoyed simple. He absolutely adored finding contentment and satisfaction in small moments like the one he’s living right now at this moment. Harry believed that life was mostly made of simple and small events like these rather than big and unusual occasions that would probably only happen once or twice in the course of his life. Of course he also enjoyed those moments too, but he wouldn’t switch or change the small ones for anything in the world. He never took them for granted and always made sure he enjoyed them at their fullest. After all, how could he not? He’s the happiest a human being could ever be, he believed. He had the love of his life by his side, a loving, beautiful boy and he loved his job.

As soon as Theo let out a yawn, Harry was immediately brought bad from his trance of thought and lightly placed kissed on the little one’s forehead. “I’m tired too, buddy. Let’s take a nap, yeah? That way we’ll be well rested for when mommy comes home.”, closing his eyes he let out a small “i love you”, which came out more as a murmur, yet he still meant every word and letter in his phrase.

Soon, both of them started to drift off to sleep and entered a tranquil and resting slumber; both warm and happy with each other’s company.


After what felt like minutes, or hours — he couldn’t tell —, Harry woke up to a bright light flashing upon his face. Theo followed soon after him, whining a bit. As soon as his eyes adjusted to the sudden light, he saw his beautiful Y/N standing in front of them, with a huge smile on her face and a polaroid camera on one of her hands and the picture being slowly revealed on the other.

“Hi, baby”, she said, leaning in for a kiss. Harry kissed her back immediately, following with a tight hug.

“Missed you today, love.” He remarked, to which she only replied with words of reciprocity. “What were you doing just now?”, he teased as he nodded to the camera on her hands, knowing really well what she was just doing. After all, it was as clear as day.

“Nothing. Just taking a picture of my two angels cuddling under this well built-up fortress,” she laughed. “This really is such a sight to see, H. Couldn’t have this moment finish without taking a picture first.”

“Glad you took it, love. Theo and I had a very nice day today, didn’t we?”, Harry said, kindly nudging his son’s side. “We slept for the most part of it, I guess, but we talked- I mean, I talked,” he chuckled with a smile, the memories of their simple yet really nice day flashing through his mind, “It was really cute. He’s adorable.”, Harry finished. “What about you, love? How was your day?”, he pulled Y/N into the fortress with them, which she gladly complied to.

“My day was okay. Just work stuff. Definitely not as fun as yours”, she let out a laugh and smiled lovingly at Harry, who was looking at her with all the attention in the world. “Kind of tired right now,” she sighed. Harry kissed her temples and hugged her tighter to his body.

“Let’s just sleep it off, then. Shall we?”.

thank you for reading x


That Voice (Peter Parker x Reader) Part 2

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

Summary: You’re best friends with Peter Parker and you can fell yourself falling deeper and deeper in love with him, without his knowledge. What happens when you get rescued by Spider-Man and you happen to recognize his voice?

Warnings: swearing, none really

Disclaimer: gif by peterparkerimagine

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part 1


“What is it?” he asked. 

“Peter,” you whispered. “Is that you?”

Spider-Man went rigid before you. His shoulders stiffened and he straightened his back. 

“E-Excuse me?” the superhero asked. “You must be mistaken.”

Your heart was hammering so quickly against your chest that you could barely breathe. You knew that voice. How could you not? 


Before you could even speak his name, Spider-Man backed up a few steps from you.

“I-I have to go. Please be safe,” he urged. 


The web-slinger was already gone, shooting a web out of his wrists and disappearing around the corner into the night of Queens, leaving you alone on the side of the street with only the moon and your heart. 

When you got back to your apartment the first thing you did was call Peter. You paced back and forth in your room, tapping your fingers against your arm anxiously as you waited for him to pick up. Instead, your call went to voicemail. You groaned and hung up before dialing his number once again. You shouldn’t have been surprised when it went to voicemail yet again. 

“Peter Parker, if you don’t answer your phone right now I’m going to kill you the next time I see you,” you said angrily into the phone. “It’s your best friend by the way.”

You hung up and flopped onto your bed with a groan in frustration. You stared at the blank ceiling before you and closed your eyes. You tried to remember every phoneme that came out of Spider-Man’s mouth and compare it to Peter’s. You talked to that boy every day and when Spider-Man talked to you, that only thing that crossed your mind was how similar their voices were. 

You rolled onto your side and glanced at the picture that you had framed on your bedside table. It was of you, Ned, MJ, and Peter, the four of you sitting on a bench in Central Park. The sun was shining over you, making your smiles look brighter. You remembered that day. It was a warm summer Saturday and you spent the day exploring the city with your best friends. 

Your eyes lingered on Peter. He was laughing and his eyes were crinkled in the corners like they always did when he laughed. He had his arm against the back of the bench, behind your back, and you were smiling from ear to ear.

The idea of Peter being Spider-Man continued to cross your mind the longer you stared at the image. Could it possibly be true? 

Peter was nerdy and a dork and he loved Star Wars and chemistry. Spider-Man was cocky and brave and put himself in danger to save the lives of others. Like he did for you.

But Peter was your best friend. Peter was everything you wanted, and more. Your heart beat quickly, skipping over your rib cage like it was trying to perform a gymnastics routine. You curled into yourself as the butterflies filled your stomach. You thought back to when you kissed his cheek after he gave you his sweatshirt in the rain. 

You pulled out your phone once again and looked at the lack of messages, getting frustrated when Peter didn’t return your calls. You sent him a text, saying that you hoped he was safe and that you needed to talk to him tomorrow. 

With that, you fell asleep with the image of Spider-Man’s mask burned in your eyelids. 

You gripped your backpack straps as you walked through the hallways of Midtown High, looking for a certain brown-haired boy. Your eyes scanned the hallways, skipping over the others, and honing on the one boy you wanted to talk to. 

Peter was at his locker. His hair was disheveled and he was wearing an old T-shirt and jeans, not his usual sweater. As you approached him you could see the lines under his eyes and the bruise beneath his jaw. 

Last night you had thought of everything you were going to say to him today, and you were going to interrogate him to find out if he really was the hero of Queens. But as you walked up to him, you lost your words. 

Peter closed his locker and looked up at you. His eyes were tired and dark, and he didn’t smile. 

“What happened?” you whispered breathlessly. 

Peter looked like he wanted to tell you. He opened and closed his mouth before chewing on his bottom lip. He slung his backpack over his shoulder and shook his head. 

“I gotta go,” he grumbled. He turned on his heel and started walking away, but you frowned and chased after him. 

“Do you want to go somewhere and talk?” you asked as you fell instep with his quick strides. 



“I said no, (Y/N).”

You froze in place. Peter had never been short with you before and you certainly didn’t understand why he was doing it now. Spider-Man hadn’t even crossed your mind as you stared at your best friend with a look of hurt and betrayal. 

“Just leave me alone, alright?” he snapped. He turned away from you quickly and disappeared in the crowd of students that migrated towards their first period classes. You were left alone as tears stung your eyes. Anger pierced your heart, and you had been so upset you couldn’t even focus on noticing the similarities between Peter’s voice and Spider-Man’s. 

The bell rang and you forced yourself to go to class. 

Peter wasn’t at lunch. 

You walked over to your usual table, spotting both Ned and Michelle, but there was an empty chair next to Ned, leaving you both suspicious and upset. You hadn’t seen Peter all morning, and you were looking forward to talking to him at lunch and maybe find out what was wrong with him. But instead, he didn’t show up. 

“Where’s Peter?” you asked as you sat down. 

Ned shrugged while chewing his sandwich. “Dunno.”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” MJ scolded with a look of disgust on her face. 

“Hey, my sandwich is good and I’ll eat it the way I see fit,” Ned retorted.

MJ rolled her eyes. “Loser.”

At least everything was normal with your other friends, giving you some sort of comfort in Peter’s absence. You tried to focus on their conversation instead of thinking of Peter which only made you upset. You were grateful for Ned and MJ’s playful banter to keep your mind occupied at lunch. 

Peter didn’t sit next to you in chemistry. 

You had rested your head on your arms as you waited for class to start, but when he entered the classroom you sat up immediately. You looked over at him, hoping to make eye contact, but instead he kept his head down and sat in the back on the opposite side of the room from you. 

You stared at him in disbelief as he pulled out his notebook and calculator, completely ignoring your existence. 

“Did I do something wrong?” you asked, turning to Ned who sat next to you. 

“What?” Ned asked, looking up from his notebook.

You gestured over to Peter who sat far away from them. Ned’s eyes followed your gaze and he sighed. 

“I don’t know, (Y/N). He hasn’t been acting himself today,” Ned said with the same amount of worry that you had.

Peter looked up when the teacher started talking and glanced in your direction. You caught his eye for a mere second before he looked away. 

Your heart sank to the pit of your stomach and you forced yourself to pay attention and take notes. At least it would get your mind off of him.

Peter didn’t meet you at your locker after school. 

You closed the door to your locker, pulling out the hoodie that he lent you a few days ago and resting it on your arm. You searched the hallways for his familiar face, and you finally spotted him rushing towards the door. You frowned in determination and ran after him. 

He was heading towards the back exit, heightening your curiosity and anger. He must be going that way to avoid you. 

“Peter!” you shouted as you ran out the door behind him. He was at the bottom of the stairs and he froze at the sound of your voice. He had his back to you, but he didn’t move a muscle as you walked down to the bottom of the stairs. It was only the two of you behind the building of your school. 

“What is wrong with you?” you demanded, placing a hand on his shoulder and spinning him around. 

“I don’t have time for this, (Y/N)-”

“Well too bad!” you shouted. 

Peter pursed his lips together and looked down at you. A light breeze pushed his hair back, exposing another bruise at the top of his forehead. You gently reached out a hand, and your fingers grazed the skin that the bruise occupied. As your fingers came in contact with his forehead, Peter closed his eyes and let out a breath. 

You pulled your hand back and let it drop at your side. 

“You’re Spider-Man.”

Peter’s silence confirmed your suspicions, and you took a step back. Of course you had been thinking it for the last almost twenty-four hours, but now that he was confirming it, you couldn’t believe it. 

“You’re Spider-Man,” you repeated.

Peter opened his eyes and looked up at you, his hair falling back into place and covering the bruise on his forehead. The one on his jaw was still prominent in the sun’s rays, and you began to notice other scratches and marks along his neck. You wondered if there were more on his torso and arms. 

“You…you’re…you’re putting yourself in danger and…” you couldn’t even formulate a proper sentence as all of the news stories of Spider-Man ran through your mind. Spider-Man scares off bank robbers. Spider-Man holds together the ferry, preventing it from collapse. Spider-Man stops bus from collision. Spider-Man. Spider-Man.

“How could you keep this from me?” you demanded. 

Peter’s eyes glanced down at his hoodie in your hand and he closed his eyes again, letting out a sigh. 

“I don’t think we should hang out anymore.”

Your heart froze in your chest. 


“Now that you know,” Peter mumbled. He opened his eyes and looked away from you. “It’s too dangerous for you (Y/N). I mean…yesterday when I saved you I was so scared. Can you imagine what it would be like if my enemies knew about you?” 

“So you’re what, just cutting me out?” you asked with angry tears stinging your eyes. 

Peter looked at you and his gaze told you he was searching for the right words to say. But the longer you stood in silence, staring at your best friend, the more you began to realize he was cutting you out. 

“Who else knows?” you grumbled. 

“Ned and May.”

Ned knows?” you gasped. “But…but you’re still friends with him. You still hang out with him. You-”

“It’s different.”

How?” you demanded. Your heart was hammering against your chest. You wanted to cry. You wanted to scream. You were so angry. 

“It’s just different, okay?” Peter said sharply. The more he spoke the more you noticed the similarities between his and Spider-Man’s voice. 

“How is it different, Peter?” you snapped. “You just don’t want me in your life now?”

“No, (Y/N), that’s not-”

“Then what?” you gasped. 


Peter froze and looked away. You looked at his arms as he chewed on his lip. Bruises littered his biceps and he had scratches that were beginning to heal on his forearms. He was Spider-Man. Your dorky best friend was Spider-Man. 

“Forget it,” you grumbled as a tear slipped from your eye. You pushed past Peter and began to storm away.

“It’s because I love you,” he called. His voice echoed on the walls of the building around you, making the quiet alley much louder. You froze in place and glanced down at the hoodie in your hand. You hugged it to your body as you turned around and stared at the boy across from you. His eyes were wide and he looked defeated as he stared at you. His expression was a mix of love and hurt.

“What did you just say?” you whispered. Peter took a few steps towards you and stopped when he was two feet away. 

“I love you,” he repeated. 

You had been wanting to hear those words come from his mouth for so long. You ached to hear him say it. You dreamed about it. You wanted it. 

But you were so stunned you didn’t realize you had taken a few steps closer to him. 

“You do?”

Peter nodded. 

“But that’s exactly why we can’t hang out anymore,” Peter continued, stepping away from you. 

Your heart was flying and now it was crashing. You had finally heard Peter say the words you wanted to hear. You finally had it. And now you were losing it. 

“You can’t just say that you love me and then leave,” you said angrily. “That’s not fair. That’s not how-”

“(Y/N),” Peter said, his voice cracking. “Don’t make this harder.”

“You just did!” you shouted. “You told me you loved me! And now you’re saying we can’t talk or hang out anymore!” 

“I’m doing this because I love you!” Peter shouted back. “If you ever got hurt because of me…I don’t know what I’d do with myself. I can’t risk it. I can’t.”

Angry tears had begun to roll down your cheeks and you glanced at the hoodie in your hand. You shoved it in his chest and shook your head. 

“Fine. Have a nice life, Spider-Man.”


Sirens rang throughout the streets nearby and Peter’s eyes instantly went towards their direction. He glanced at you, the hoodie, and the cop car that sped by the school. 

“Just go,” you whispered, your voice cracked. 

“I’m sorry, (Y/N), I don’t want this,” Peter said sadly. You shook your head.

“Just go. Spider-Man obviously has to save someone.”

“I’m doing this to protect you, (Y/N).”

More cop cars sped by. 

“Just go,” you urged. 

Peter’s eyes were glassy and he looked like he wanted to say more, but instead he began to walk towards the street, holding his hoodie close to him. You had your backs to each other when Peter stopped walking and turned. You were looking at the ground, tears falling from your eyes as you realized you were going to lose your best friend.

Suddenly, a strong arm spun you around and you were pulled towards Peter’s chest. He held you close to him, placing one hand on your waist and the other in your hair before connecting your lips in a kiss that instantly sent your heart into a race and your head began to spin. 

The kiss was short, but Peter pulled away, leaving you breathless. 

He took a few steps backwards before turning and running around the corner. You stood in the alley behind your school, your lips tingling and your mind racing. Cop cars sped by and you waited a few moments until you saw Spider-Man swinging after them straight into danger. 

Peter loved you.

Spider-Man loved you.

But now he was gone into the city and he said he couldn’t be around you anymore.

In that instant you had the love of your life and lost him in the same moment. More tears fell from your eyes as you looked down and noticed that Peter had placed his hoodie back in your hand when he kissed you. 

You hugged it to your chest and began to walk home, sighing as the breeze blew your hair back. 


There will be a part 3!

Thanks for reading xx