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if you make a video with your characters talking (i know this could be imposible but meh curiosity) how their voices be like? or which voice actors would you like to make their voices? also i LOVE your art even for my otter pop map for osu! i use a photo of your otter pop video (don´t worry i credit you)

I’ve been looking and looking, but I just can’t find anything! ; A ; I only know Kathy’s voice actors, both Splatoon Au and original Kathy. I imagine Garrett to have a lazy or stoner type voice, I think?, and Dario to have an average, active voice, like the kind main characters usually have, and Cable to have a gentle, motherly voice, but so far, I can’t find anything! ; v ; AND THANK YOU !! <3 <3

Hello Tumblrtopia.. This months challenge is SMOKE!

In getting a photograph ready for this challenge, I went to YouTube to watch some videos on the subject, and the thing that came out of that.. NOTHING.. Seems every video I watched they had a list of things you needed, things I didn’t have(external flash and remote). Being a “wing it” kind of person I set out to find a way to shoot it.. Thomas Edison once said, “  I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”, OK,  so I didn’t try that many times, but I did fail a few times.. SO, here is what you need.. Something that gives off constant smoke, like incense, and light.. In my image, I lit it from underneath (the glass was sitting on my phone with the torch on) and another phone lit it from the side (back-lit from the kitchen window), I also used a shirt as a backdrop.. My partner did help me too, he was in charge of putting the smoke in the glass and blowing on said smoke to stir it up.. I shot this at ISO 800(needed more light), F5 at 1/200 secs because i wanted the sharpness in the smoke, you could slow your shutter to get softer silky smoke..

This challenge is a bit more challenging, but Stephi and i have no doubt you guys will come up with some amazing and interesting images using your own imagination and methods!! So, please remember to use abstract challenge as one of your first 5 tags, or you can submit your photos to the blog directly, you can also tag Stephi @stephiramona and myself.. all things to help us find your photos!

©AmyJMontico 2017 .. All Rights Reserved   PLEASE LEAVE CREDITS

I’ve had a few people ask me for pointers and tips to begin posting their fanfiction on tumblr, and I know how confusing it can be to work out how to do so once you’ve finished writing. So, I thought I’d post a little guide on what I do once I finish a fic.  

I will most likely post similar guides regarding writing fics and linking to your bio and a masterlist soon as well!! 

» writing  » posting  » linking 

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No One’s Perfect

Kim Mingyu x Reader / Kidnapping / Psycho!Mingyu

Word Count: 3k

Warnings: Kidnapping

A/N: Wassup lovely people. This is a part of my Halloween story thing but anyway, I never really thought of Mingyu this way but it suits him here

Part 2

This photo does not belong to me but I could not find original owner so credit to owners:)

You would have never suspected him. In fact, no one would have. you couldn’t have when he was the definition of superhuman among you regulars. He would walk down the hall with his coat flowing gracefully behind him, files in hand and smile as bright as ever. Mingyu was what many may have considered the textbook definition of perfect. Even in your field, he made no mistakes when it came to your patients. He provided many with a sense of security through his own means. It was truly amazing. All these years of learning psychiatry and you were still mostly doing paperwork. You could count all of your patients on one hand and it irked you more than anyone could know.

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                                  “We Could Be Happy Here.” 

Another post that I attempted to make. It isn’t exactly wha I wanted, but it works well enough! Enjoy! Please do not repost or remove text. I could not find the original photographer for the background that I used, so the credit goes to them for that!  

Art Challenge Results + Prompt


@furioussharkkitten‘s series (finalist #1) has won, with 17 votes! They are in Hufflepuff, so that means that hufflepuff has gained 35 points. 

Slytherin came in second place with @miss-inchoat‘s submission (finalist #3), and Ravenclaw came in 3rd with @warwickwitch‘s submission (finalist #2)


Your new challenge is to make an aesthetic of 6-10 photos for your common room (not your house). Ideas for what to include could be: 

  • textures
  • lighting
  • furniture
  • outside appearance
  • view from the windows
  • atmosphere
  • objects you could find there
  • what people do there

Photos can be original, edited, or resourced, but they must not include other people’s art or editing, and they should be credited where taken from an individual artist or photographer. If they’re your original photos, tell me when you submit, and I’ll mention it if you’re a finalist, in case it affects people’s voting.


Inspired by Serialsleeper’s “The Girl Who Cried Murder” and “Slaughter High” series :-)


Photo Reference:
- vlive
- I saw it on pinterest but i can’t find the original owner of the photo.  Please tell me if you know so that i could give her proper credits.

twitter and instagram: @shiabrn

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Hi, sorry to disturb you. I know you saw Call me by your name (idk how many times they've asked you this) but I can't find those "leaked" photos everyone is talking about. Probably the movie isn't going to be released in my country and I wonder if you could send me some links of "these famous" screen photos. Thank you for all your reports on your blog and many returned hugs.

ah my beautiful anon! Do you mean these two that had been making the rounds via instagram? These are the two ive had saved (sorry i dont have a credit for the original poster)

but fear not!! Once its out in Oct/Nov/Dec hopefully youll get a chance to watch it online. or try looking up film festivals in your city. it might preview there. 


Request ;    Could you do Lupin x Reader having a cuppa tea because she wasn’t allowed to go to hogsmead as she got detention from Snape but lupin got her out to talk?

Pairings ; Remus Lupin x Reader

Warnings ; My english, i kinda doing the imagine thing to improve them. Language! AGE DIFFERENCE don’t read it if you’re not okay with it even tho it has  only a kiss.I quess it’s a bit crappy cause I’m not writing regularly and it’s not in my first language so yeah. The photo it’s not mine so all credits go to it’s original owner.

A/N ; If you find mistakes feel free to correct me because you’re learning from your mistakes and i want to improve my english because they suck.Hope you like it love, I tried my best. Also the tittle is a ‘shipname’ from lupin and tea I know it’s stupid but i coulden’t find something better.

Word Count ; 1,187

It was a lovely shiny day and all the students who are in their third year and up were in Hogsmeade. Well everyone except for you, and that’s because Snape had given you detention. You just finished polishing the silver in the trophy room without magic and it was exhausted. This man surely knows how to absorb the life from inside you, like it’s your last year in Hogwarts and you missed the chance go to Hogsmead for one last time with your friends.

You were starving so you decided go down to the kitchen and eat something. The house elves always are willing to give you whatever the hell you feel you want to eat. So you left the kitchen with a bag full of pumpkin juice, cupcakes and tons of chocolate. Merlin you love chocolate so much.

On your way to your common room you accidentally hit with someone. And this someone was this year’s DADA professor, Remus Lupin.

“Oh merlin, professor I’m so sorry, I didn’t saw you. Are you okay?”

“Y/N, yes I’m totally fine don’t you worry.”

He smiled at you and his brown eyes shined. He always was so low key, kind, compassionate, helpful and caring with everyone. He also was very handsome due to his age even though you didn’t believe that 33 are old. Well of course he’s old compare to you but you couldn’t hide that you had a bit of crush since the first day you saw him in the class.

“Mind me if I ask you why aren’t you at Hogsmead, with the rest of your classmates?”

“Oh, detention from professor Snape. I polished every silver in the trophy room don’t try it.”

You forced yourself to smile and actually pronounce the world professor next to Snape’s name because you were talking to a professor as well and sometimes you forgot this when you were talking to Lupin. Because let’s be honest he is the coolest professor somebody could ask. But he understood from your tone that you actually didn’t like him, at all. You tried to joke about it so you wouldn’t sound too bitter about it.

“If you don’t mind, I’m gonna guess that you don’t have anything to do so, would you like to have a cup of tea with me?”

“Uh, sure, yeah.”

You were astonished. He wanted to spend time with you. You were so awkward. You walked together to his class. As always it was full of weird creatures. Most of them you already knew either because you had study them in school or you had read about them in books. You always wanted to be a professor of DADA so since your second year in Hogwarts you tried to learn about every single creature had existed and every defense spell (you had achieved a corporeal patronus back then), even some hexes because there was some kids in the school that deserved them.

He served to both of you a cup of tea and you pulled out some cupcakes that the wonderful house elves in the kitchen gave to you earlier.

“Professor Mcgonaggal told me about your plans for the future. I learned that you actually want to steal my position here in school.”

He was smirking. Merlin he was so damn sexy. But you couldn’t think of him like that, he was your professor after all. But you laughed. After all it is true you really wanted to steal his position.

“Yeah I had decided it since my second year what I wanted to do. I believe that DADA is really fascinating and at the same time really important for all students. So, I would like to pass on all my knowledge to the other generations.”

“Oh, of course, after all you conjured a corporeal patronus in this age as well if I’m not mistakes. Mind if I see it?”

You stood up and you though your ‘happy’ memory. Actually you felt it. You felt the tears on your brother’s cheek when you told him that your father’s killer finally was in Azkaban. You felt his relief. And his huge smile because finally he wouldn’t be afraid of him. It wasn’t happy you knew but it was pleasing to see that you little brother was finally free from his biggest fear. You felt happy when he hugged you and smiled after all this time.

And your red squirrel appeared right beside you and started running in the room. When it arrived in front of you it bended and you petted it.

“Hello ruby.” And then again it left you alone with Lupin.

“Ruby, you have named your patronus.”

“Yeah, I mean it is me after all. So it needed a name. Ruby, from the gemstone because of its color.” You always loved your patronus it was as playful as you were and it has the ability to plan the future align with your determined nature.

“You’re not an animagus, are you?”

Why would he ask you this kind of question? If you were an animagus he would know it because you would be registered.

“I’m not registered, am I?”

“Oh, of course. I forgot this tiny detail.”

You didn’t understand but you didn’t want to ask it was none of your business after all.

“So, would you like to talk about you profess-”

“Remus, please.” He smiled lightly while he corrected you.

“Remus then.” You said and a smirk was drawn in your face. You were happy. You were drinking tea with an amazing human who was your professor and he actually wanted you to talk to him in his first name.

“What would you like to know about me?”

“Well except for you being a werewolf I don’t really know anything else.”

He was staring at you with wide eyes. You tried to understand what you said wrong and that would make him uncomfortable and then you realized it. You didn’t suppose to know about him being a werewolf it was just the facts.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean-”

“How long do you know it?”

“I think I realized it right before Christmas. I mean you were tired or ill before and after every full moon. And I have read a lot about werewolves because I find it very unfair that they’re not treated as actual wizards since it wasn’t they’re choice. Anyway I just aligned the facts and find it out. But I swear I haven’t said anything to anyone. It’s not my secret to share after all. I’m sorry.”

You looked up at him. He didn’t say a single thing and you couldn’t translate his face so you began to walk away. Right before you turn the handle he stopped you.

Your faces were so close you could feel his hot breath on you and smell his perfume. So sweet. And he kissed you. He kissed you slowly, gentle and with passion. He wanted to remember every single detail of your lips and your taste. Because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to do it again. And you knew it too.


Can someone PLEASE help me find the artist who drew this originally? I want to ask their permission to use his face as a possible icon for my RP page @underasks. Though lots of people just use photos and give credit to the owner automatically I just don’t feel right doing so without asking firsthand. If you happen to know the original artist could you point me to them? Thank you in advance!

also just to throw it out there this is literally my favorite fucking drawing of sans of all time. Like the colors and the expression and shadow play? Yuuuuus. It’s simplisticly perfect. Fucking praise whoever made this. 💙


Below the read more break you will find a total of #60 faceless photos that could pass as Lucy Hale and various of her different hairstyles. Please like/reblog if you use, or to spread it around. Takes a second, means the world. All of the images were found by several google image searches, full credit goes to the original photographers. If you would like your image taken down, please message me politely. This was won by @sweetheartwrites

Please bare in mind that some of these are nsfw!!

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Under the cut you will find #100 LOOKALIKE PHOTOS that could pass as RACHEL BERRY/LEA MICHELE WITH A BABY. They range from hospital photos to day to day activities to vacation shots and most could be used for any tan, brunette female FC. All the photographs have been re-sized by me so they are 500x500, as fitting with instagram posts, but I can provide the original version upon request. Many thanks, and all credit, to stjamesrps for making this beautiful graphic for me. While none of the photos are my own, I did spend quite a bit of time finding and editing them, and so please LIKE AND/OR REBLOG if you use this hunt in any way. 

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Credit goes to tumblr user derpfire

            “Pitch! I know you’re down here! Show yourself!” Jack shouted, his voice echoing off the walls of the shadowy lair. Silence was all that answered him, but the shadows shifted along the walls. He was definitely here. But where? Jack raised his staff, gripping it tightly. With every minuscule noise, his head jerked violently to find its origin. Every shadow that passed along the walls could be him. Any whisper of air could be his breath, hot against him from behind. The hairs on the back of Jack’s neck prickled and a shiver shot down his spine. The longer he stayed down here, the more his fear bubbled under the surface. He never used to be afraid of Pitch before, but he was careless and foolish back then. The other guardians would never blame him, he knew that, but deep down he always felt that he was the cause of childhood almost being lost forever. Jack had to be careful, cautious, and alert now. He knew Pitch’s strength.

            And if he really was back… he’d be even stronger.


            “Frost?” the familiar liquid voice rang out, slicing through the silence. Jack whirled around, staff raised to attack. Pitch stood before him, cloaked in shadows and darkness, yellow eyes ablaze. His low laugh echoed off every wall. A smile spread his thin lips, revealing a sharp wicked smile. Pitch stepped forward towards Jack, putting his long arms behind him where his slender fingers clasped together. In a few long strides, he was only feet away from the white haired guardian. As he approached, Jack clutched his staff tighter and an icy blue glow radiated off of it.

            “Still making a mess of things or have you changed your ways since joining with those weirdos?” He asked, staring Jack down. Another shiver ran down Jack’s spine, but he stood his ground and refused to give into his fear.

            “How did you come back?” Jack asked through gritted teeth, ignoring the question. He used his staff to keep a gap of distance between himself and Pitch. The Nightmare King’s laugh filled the air again.

            “I told you, Jack. You can’ get rid of me. There will always be fear. And you’re full to the brim with it.” Pitch purred and the blood drained from Jack’s face. He could see right through him. But how? Jack tried to recompose himself but it was already too late. He knew.

            A sudden force shoved Jack to the ground. Hard. His eyes widened as the wind was knocked out of him. One of Pitch’s NightMare’s held him down with a powerful hoof and let out a loud whinny. The staff slipped out of his grasp and hit the floor, just out of reach. The guardian grunted and struggled, but the NightMare was too strong. It reared up for a moment and stomped its powerful legs back down onto Jack’s back, pummeling him to the cold ground even more. He let out an agonized cry. Pitch tsked and shook his head as he closed the distance between himself and Jack. Panic now rising inside of him, Jack reached with all his might to get a hold of his staff. It was his only chance of fighting back.

            Almost… there… reach god dammit! Jack thought franticly. The pads of his fingers brushed the twisted bark but it was just out of reach. Pitch picked it up instead. It quickly lost its blue glow, enveloped in his darkness and black dream sand. This was getting worse by the second.

            “Pity.” Pitch remarked, actual disgust gleaming in his eyes, “I thought you’d be more of a fight, Jack.”

            And a painful history repeated itself.

            Pitch snapped the staff in half, enjoying every second of Jack’s agonized screaming with a twisted smile. But that wasn’t enough for him. This time he’d make sure if Jack was going to try and make a heroic come back, he’d have to suffer to do it.

            “You won’t get away with this.” Jack hissed through clenched teeth.

            “I’d say I already have, but cliché’s are so boring. There’s no fun in them.”

            The crazed look in Pitch’s eyes grew and Jack’s heart dropped. Pitch stooped down to his level, snatched both of Jack’s wrists and plunged the jagged edge of his staff through his overlapped hands till the wood hit the cold floor beneath them. Jack cried and wailed in excruciating pain as hot tears welled in his eyes. Pitch laughed and cackled, the guardian’s pain giving him pure bliss. Blood flowed bright red over Jack’s pale hands and pooled around them.

            “Now THAT was fun!” Pitch exclaimed, his booming voice echoing off the stone walls around them. Jack sobbed silently, tears rolling down his cheeks. The NightMare released the white haired teen from its crushing hoof and dissolved back into the shadows. Pitch followed with a wave of his hand and one last flash of his gleaming yellow eyes.

            “Till next time Frost. I have some dreams to go wreck.”

Some Rihanna fan art! The original photo ref was from a photoshoot taken in the Caribbean during Carnival, I wasn’t able to find the photographer, but some googling pulled up “splash news” as the credit for the series, taken in Barbados in 2013. Here’s the source photo:

I added some jewels here and there..she ended up with a more serious expression, maybe because I was thinking how hard it would be to be on camera all the time, even when you looked fabulous.

 I also wish I had found more source photos of the costume so I could understand how the wings fit on; I added in her arm because it bugged me I couldn’t see it, and I assumed that the image had been flipped because her tattoo is “backwards.” so I didn’t add it.:(

I also wish I had seen this photo first, because it is darling:

IKON REACTION: Seeing his daughter wearing one of his old shirts to sleep in

Scenario: he would be coming home after a long world tour and their daughter (3/6 years old) wearing the shirt of Rhythm Ta to sleep in.

B.I.: First of all … He and Hanbyul is the cutest thing in the world

And to see his little daughter sleeping Hanbin would be left with a huge smile on his face and would be a big fanboy of his girl.

Jinhwan:He would find it so sweet that would take a photo and send to all his contacts.


Bobby: “omg, she’s so cute that I can’t live”

Donghyuk: He would be extremely happy and talk about this for days and more * proud father *

June: He would have a huge smile on his face and would wake up his daughter so he could hug her and say that Daddy’s home.

Chanwoo: He would stand next to his little Princess, observing sleep, until she woke up so he could hug her.

~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!


Under the cut, you’ll find #81 photos of semi-faceless blondes that could possibly pass as KITTY WILDE aka BECCA TOBIN on Instagram. I own none of these pictures, so the credit goes out to original owners. Though, I did spend hours looking for these and resizing them, so a like or reblog would be cool if you plan on using any of these!

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Under the cut you will find #117 LOOKALIKE PHOTOS that could pass as RACHEL BERRY/LEA MICHELE IN HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. There are photos of girls in more traditional costumes, as well as in costumes that are more Rachel-orientated, e.g Elphaba, Dorothy, etc. There are quite a few M/F and F/F COUPLE COSTUME PHOTOS too that could work platonically or romantically. You will also find a few photos of animals and kids in costumes and just misc. Halloween things that Rachel could post too. Finally, I have added an EXTRA #31 PHOTOS posted on social media of Lea in costumes, both Halloween-related and not. 

All the photographs have been re-sized by me so they are 500x500, as fitting with instagram posts, but I can provide the original version upon request. Please be warned that this hunt contains a few photos with blood and gore. As always thanks, and credit, goes to the amazing stjamesrps for the graphic. 

While none of the photos are my own, I did spend quite a bit of time finding and editng them, and so please LIKE AND/OR REBLOG if you use this hunt in any way.  

- Admin L

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