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Inspired by Serialsleeper’s “The Girl Who Cried Murder” and “Slaughter High” series :-)


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Title: The Woman

Character: Negan

TV: The Walking Dead

Warnings: None.

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

The kids of the Sanctuary tiptoed down the corridor. Randy, one of the children who claimed to be big and bad teased the smaller kids, daring them to see if they could find Negan and the woman with the cane.

“Chicken’s! Every last one of ya!” he taunted.

The small group was huddled together, shaking like leaves.

There were rumors of a woman that Negan kept hidden. Simon wouldn’t even mutter a word.

Some said she was deformed, some say, a witch. It didn’t matter though, Randy still painted a horrid picture of the woman to the children.

The children jumped, hearing a loud thud and growling. Another thud followed, making the kids shake with fear.

“Goddamnit!” the female voice cursed.

One child gasped, “She said a bad word!”

Randy leaned over the kid’s shoulder, “That’s cause she’s a bad woman.”

“I want my Mommy!”

“I want to go home!”

“What the fuck do you little pukes think you’re doing!?” Negan’s voice boomed, making the kids scream.

“Mother fucker!” he yelled, covering his ears.

“Who’s wonderful fucking idea was this, huh!?” Negan demanded, looking at all the kids.

Immediately they pointed to Randy who looked ready to cry.

“Why?” Negan’s voice was low as he bent at the waist to stare at Randy.


“Spit it out boy!”

Randy jumped and started to cry. Some of the other kids snickered, but otherwise kept quiet.

“Someone better start talking before I drag you back to your parents!”

The smallest of the bunch went to Negan and tugged on his pant leg.

“What half pint?”

“Randy said there’s a mean ol’ lady who looks like a monster up here,”

Negan rocked back on his heels, “Is that so?”

“Yes sir,” the child responded.

Snapping his fingers, Negan smiled. “I have an idea! Let’s go visit this woman… this monster!”

The kids were wide eyed.

Grabbing the neck of his shirt, Negan led Randy to the front, the boy crying and flailing his arms.

“No, no! Please don’t feed me to her, please!”

“You’re in for it now boy!”

Negan opened the heavy wooden door, revealing a small library.

“Y/N! Get out here, baby!! Negan yelled out.

The children listened to the thumps, seeing the bottom of a cane and the monster’s feet.

Randy tried to jerk away, but Negan held him by his scruff.

A long, black dress swayed as she came down even further. A cloak covered her hair and face as she came to the last step.

She limped as she came closer, the cane used to help her balance.

“Negan?” she asked, her voice soft.

“Found these sheep roaming the halls. Figured I’d at least feed this one to the wolf,” Negan smiled, pushing Randy forward while holding his neck.

The boy was pale and sweating.

Y/N clicked her tongue, “Come now, Negan. Stop scaring the kids,”

She reached up and removed her hood. The kids gasped again, then looked to Randy.

“She’s not a monster!”

“What a pretty lady!”

“You should take them back to the fountain where they play, Negan.”

One of the older kids spoke up, “I know who you are!”

Negan watched as Y/N closed her eyes.

“Who is she, Laura?”

“My Momma use to take me to the theater. She was the Princess in one of the plays!”

“Enough,” Y/N said, softly. “That was a long time ago. I don’t dance and sing anymore,”

The girl, Laura, looked sad, “I’m sorry Ma’am,”

Smiling, Y/N went over to a basket and grabbed an apple for each child, “Go back to your games and families.”

She paused when she got to Randy. Bending at the waist, she looked him square in the eye, “I know what is said about me. Rest assured, nothing will happen to you as of right now, but there are others who have monsters within them and some won’t be so lenient with nosy people.”

He sniffled and nodded, taking the apple that was given to him.

“Now apologize,” Negan said.

A round of I’m sorries were said as each child turned to leave.

Y/N palmed a small card and called out to the girl who recognized her, “Laura?”

“Ma’am?” she approached Y/N.

Slipping the card from her cloak pocket, she gave it to the girl.

“You can have this… to remind you of better times,”

Laura’s face lit up as she looked at Y/N, “Thank you so much!”

Negan saw the first genuine smile form on her lips in the longest time since her accident.

“You’re welcome, but this stays our little secret, okay?”

Laura nodded and whispered, “Yes Ma'am,”

Y/N watched as the girl skipped from the library.

His hands resting on her waist, Negan kissed right below her ear, “You used to dance and sing, huh?”

It was bittersweet to remember those days before the outbreak, “Yeah…”

Negan carefully turned her around to face him, “Maybe sing for me one day?”

Negan’s felt honored as she gave him a shy smile, “Maybe one day.”

She brought his head down for a soft kiss, enjoying the closeness of the man that saved her life.



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Some Rihanna fan art! The original photo ref was from a photoshoot taken in the Caribbean during Carnival, I wasn’t able to find the photographer, but some googling pulled up “splash news” as the credit for the series, taken in Barbados in 2013. Here’s the source photo:

I added some jewels here and there..she ended up with a more serious expression, maybe because I was thinking how hard it would be to be on camera all the time, even when you looked fabulous.

 I also wish I had found more source photos of the costume so I could understand how the wings fit on; I added in her arm because it bugged me I couldn’t see it, and I assumed that the image had been flipped because her tattoo is “backwards.” so I didn’t add it.:(

I also wish I had seen this photo first, because it is darling: