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Can I get gif reactions of Iwatobi (and if there is space Rin plus Sousuke) seeing their new born child for the first time.

EDIT: I feel horrible! AAAH! I forgot about Sousuke! 


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“Hello baby, I am your daddy..” He whispers to the tiny bundle in his arms. She’s finally here; his daughter whom he waited for 9 months. He never thought that such tiny being, with the same blue eyes as he does, could actually make him this happy


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“Hi there..” He said as he admired the chubby-cheeked infant in his arms. He only met him for a few seconds, yet Makoto could feel like he’s already close to his son.


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“You’re so cute! Like me and your mommy!” He cooed at the sleeping baby in his arms. He had a tuft of blonde hair on the top of his head like his and he just couldn’t stop himself from smiling as of the moment. 


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“S-She’s beautiful” Never had Rei imagined that he was actually capable of creating something wonderful. She was really the second most beautiful thing that he have ever seen in his whole life, the first one being the woman whom he married and carried his child for 9 months. 


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He wasn’t able to contain his tears when his daughter was finally passed to him. He carefully cradled her in his arms, almost like she’s such an expensive jewel. Rin would whisper how wonderful she is and about how he’s going to share his passion for swimming with her one day. 


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“I’m so happy to finally meet you.” He smiled at his son who was seemingly observing the whole room with his teal eyes. This was simply one of the moments that Sousuke ever cherished in his whole life. 

Can You Feel That?

I wrote some Jay Park fluff. Omg this was so fun to write ^.^

If any of you guys have any Jay Park requests, I’d be happy to write. We don’t get many Jay Park ones :c

-Admin Kitty

It was a friday night and you were exactly where you wanted to be - in your perfect boyfriend’s arms, Jaebum, at his apartment. It was the middle of summer and though it was 7pm, it was still sweltering which explained the reason the AOM boys were lay around on the couches in shorts. Despite the fact it was perfectly understandable for them to wear less because it was scorching outside, you couldn’t take your mind, or your eyes, off how little clothes Jae was wearing. Most of the boys wore wife-beaters or thin shirts to keep them cool, but Jae wore no shirt at all.   All the way through the film you tried to concentrate on the film rather than his body, but your eye never ceased to stray from the film to your boyfriend’s muscular frame that was actually touching you. You were curled up on the sofa with your head resting on his chest and his arm was swung around you, holding you to him. He seemed pretty relaxed and his heart beat and breathing were steady which was really quite embarrassing because your heartbeat was simply not okay. You hoped he couldn’t hear your heart beat as loud as you could. Although the last thing you really wanted to do was move away from your boyfriend’s beautiful, and not to mention half naked body, you decided to shift a little bit so he wouldn’t hear your erratic breathing. It had been 9 months and the flutter in your stomach really hadn’t stopped and then on top of that he was wearing practically nothing which was making your stomach back flip. You shifted away a little, but he only pulled you back closer to him and wound his arms around you tighter, absent mindedly kissing the top of your head.  Jesus, what was he trying to do to you, you thought to yourself. “Hey jagi,” He breathed, quietly, “You wanna stay over tonight?” Your heartbeat quickened and you grinned, you knew he only meant sleeping because he knew you weren’t ready, but it was still pretty exciting. You’d talked about you sleeping over a while back, but then he had gone on tour and you really hadn’t had the chance to see him for more than a day this past month. But today, you had time. He didn’t have anything scheduled for the next 3 days. “Um, ” You smiled,“I-If it’s not too much trouble.” At that, he laughed quietly, “_____, when will you stop acting like you’re some sort of inconvenience to me?” You bit your lip, “I’m sorry, I just-” “Because I love you. You know that right?” The edge of his mouth turned up in a smirk. You couldn’t help yourself from grinning, “I love you too.” He flashed you a grin and leaned down to kiss you slowly. Your lips met and he pulled you closer towards him as your heart beat quickened. “Yah! Guys, can you not?!” One of the AOM guys shouted from the other couch. You pushed Jay off your lips, embarrassed yet sort of irritated you weren’t allowed to keep kissing him. He pulled back reluctantly and sighed. “Sorry.” He said to the boys, but his eyes focused on you and he grinned his devilish grin. You watched the rest of the film in silence, still curled up next to Jay. Every once in a while, you felt his eyes on you then his gaze would leave you after a couple of seconds. You smiled to yourself when he wasn’t watching. Eventually, the film ended and the boys left. “Yeah, man. I’ll call you about it.” You heard him closing the door on his last friend and then you heard the door shut. You stood in the kitchen putting away beer bottles and putting the empty packets of crisps in the bin, humming to BTS’s I Like It on the radio. Turning around, you watched your boyfriend bound into the kitchen, grinning goofily. Before he got to you, his hand reached and turned the volume up on the radio and Jungkook’s voice radiated around his polished kitchen. Before you knew what was happening, he grabbed your hand as you reached for a new bottle and dragged you into the center of the kitchen floor. He grabbed your hands and put them around his neck, still grinning. “Pabo, what are you doing?” You laughed lightly. “Dancing.” His eyes were laughing as he swayed with you. “I thought you didn’t really like this song?” “I’m coming around to it…” He said slowly, “Now twirl!” Your erratic heartbeat was not helped by the fact his body was literally pressed right up against you and he was swaying his hips against you. The song finished and he pulled you in a little closer. His strong arms looped around your waist and he rested his forehead against yours, breathing a little heavier.  Then he breathed, smiling a tiny bit as he closed his eyes. “Your heartbeat’s going really fast, jagi.” You instantly flushed, scrambling to change the subject, “Uh, I just realized I don’t have anything to wear tonight, I mean, I have some shorts but…” “You can wear one of my shirts, theirs a drawer in the bathroom with loads. You can pick.” You pushed yourself a way from him and scampered to the bathroom. Thankfully, he hadn’t noticed you blushing properly so you splashed water over your face to make your face return to a normal colour. Eventually, you looked less red and you put on the first shirt you found and your shorts. You walked out and found him in his room. He had changed and was wearing different shorts - shorts you assumed he wore for bed. He smiled when you walked in, and you flushed again remembering him hearing your heartbeat. It was embarrassing, humiliating really. “Will you come here already?” He laughed a little and held out his hand to you. You took his hand and he pulled you into him, then his brow furrowed. “I’m sorry I embarrassed you before, about your heart beat and everything.” His big eyes stared down at you, waging your reaction. He looked like a little puppy. “It’s okay…I…” You trailed off, realizing you didn’t know what to say. “______, you don’t have to feel embarrassed, seriously.” You still tried not to meet his eye. He took your hand in his, “Here."  You looked on in confusion as he put your hand onto his chest, face down. He looked at you, "Do you feel that?” You still stared at him, confused. Then, you felt it. Something was pulsating quickly beneath his skin and then you realized - it was his heart. His heart was jumping in his chest, just as fast as yours was before. It was you - you had made the great Jay Park’s heartbeat become erratic. Wow. He laughed heartily when your lips formed an ‘o’ shape. And then he was kissing you. As soon as your lips met, his heartbeat rocketed even faster and you felt him smile a little, knowing you’d felt it.


You said you’d be over in half an hour, but it’s now been almost an hour and you still aren’t even nearly ready to leave your flat. You check the clock- 9 o’clock. Okay so technically you do still have enough time, but you’re later than you intended, bleh. 

You wriggle into your shorts and slip a crop top over your head until you realise that you’re not near enough wearing what she was last time you met. So instead, you make a grab for a different one that’s strapless, much shorter and could probably pass off as being a bra if you wanted it to. One pair of boots and a fuchsia and black plaid shirt later and you’re out of the door, grabbing your bag from the floor as you leave. 

You take the car this time, which somehow manages to take longer, but you’re there in no time and you push open the familiar door. Looking around, you don’t see many people you know since most of your classmates are going home for summer, but you do recognise one particular person behind the bar, and you can’t help but stare. You just can’t believe you’ve never seen her before in a bar she works at that you go to at least fairly regularly, at least.

Shaking off the weird feeling, you head over, making sure to sway your hips just in case she looks your way. 

Pint of Carlsberg,” you say, hoping to draw her attention.