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I was tagged by @sherlockholmesmypiratesociopath, and seeing as I’m taking a break in studying I guess I’ll do this

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1. Favorite YouTuber? @tinysaurus is an amazing vocalist and she posts amazing covers and stuff on her channel adrisaurus so s/o to her i guess? if were going YouTube stars then @thatsthat24 Tomas Saunders who’s amazing and funny and frankly i could just listen to him singing forever

2. Who is your favourite singer? Florence Welch, she’s a godess and I aspire to be on her level of ethreal beauty

3. How long have you been on Tumblr? Almost 2 years, I think…. so much has changed wow

4. Favorite Video Game? Probably Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver - that freaky vampire shit is my aesthetic

5. Where you on Neopets or Club Penguin? Niether but I have no idea what neopets are so for this question im just gunna say club penguin

6. Hogwarts House? Was it the one you wanted? Ravenclaw, but honestly Slytherin is my problematic fav but i feel they’re kinda similar - but i suck at riddles so would porbably never get into the ravenclaw common room

7. Do you like Shakespeare? YES!!!!! My fav is either Hamlet or King Lear, both are amazingly intense and psycological and just incredible.

8. Favorite meme? yIKES there’s too many - im just gonna go for the nest one i see and like which happens to be the Mocking SpongeBob one so thats my new fav

9. Last song you listened to? Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen (Im in a Dirty Dancing moment as im getting hyped for the remake which is coming out soon i think)

10. Favorite part of the last movie you watched? I haven’t seen a whole movie in a while ngl i keep walking out to revise when my family is watching them - im gonna say it’s A Streetcar Named Desire (Marlon Brando one) and my fav bit is the penultimate scene when he attacks Blanche, Vivien Leigh nails the role and its just sotense and dramatic and faithful to Tennessee’s play you can’t not love it in a strage way

11. Do you think Kingdom Hearts 3 will ever be released? Probably not, tbh i don’t care i haven’t played 1 or 2: im basing my answer over the lack of portal or half-life 3

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1. Favorite season of the year?

2. Favorite movie ever of All Time™?

3. Favorite colour?

4. What’s the biggest lie you’ve told?

5. What’s your alignment (e.g.chaotic good)

6. Cereal of Waffles?

7. Have you ever sang in public?

8. Mario or Sonic?

9. Best school subject?

10. Would you ever do a LOTR & Hobbit marathon?

11. What’s the best Classical element?

dinojaeee  asked:


  • My first bias: jeonghan !!!!!!
  • Your current bias and why: mM. its probably jun ???
  • Favourite song: don’t listen or still lonely :’)
  • Favourite MV: aju nice !! it was so cute ?? im lov … :(
  • OTP: uhH … i dont. i dont have jkfhakjf
  • Member you think has the best smile: i think ?? my boi scoups has a v cute smile
  • Favourite choreography: adore u !!! definitely
  • Favourite era: boom boom era jfhksah i miss . so much ??? everything abt that era 
  • Do you own any merchandise: i have the going seventeen album !!!
  • Have you seen them live: no :((
  • Favourite voice/singer: i really love seokmin’s voice ?? i could listen 2 it forever
  • Favourite dancer: jUN !!!!!!!

Put any kpop group in my ask and i’ll answer w the above !!!


we could talk for 2 minutes 2 hours or 2 days. and I could listen to your voice forever. half the time we’ll call each other and end up falling asleep 10 minutes later. but nothing makes me happier or gives me a greater sense of security than rolling over in the middle of the night and seeing you sleeping there. we may be miles apart but we’re never far at heart. distance sucks but you make it work because the distance means nothing when the person means everything.