could it be


PINee enjoying the show with me ☺️ … in between the sets when they were talking .. I held up PINee next to my face and Onew was right in front of me and I actually saw him lock eyes on PINee and me…and he got a huge grin on his face …and my life was therefore complete T_T..I need nothing else. i will never ever forget this amazing night. 


sharon + louie » major crimes [1x01-5x19]

↳“Lieutenant, should I say how much I appreciate your service and your experience? Should I remind you that we, both of us… are probably dealing with misconceptions about each other?”


At this point I have to assume that even the book is frustrated that Syaoran isn’t getting it and is just fast-forwarding out of sheer spite. 

I can’t decide if I’m surprised that Syaoran can figure out how the SPONTANEOUS MAGIC BOOK HE HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE works after only seeing it work twice but can’t figure out who the people in front of him are even after hearing an entire conversation. 

But I AM surprised that Baby Kurogane manages to get EVEN CUTER WITH EVERY PASSING PANEL OH MY GOD.

to you all who feel like your writing is Not Good Enough, please just remember that The Hamilton Affair exists and let it serve as proof of your abilities.

The Malec wedding kiss is my all time favorite scene that I have ever witnessed on television. Ever.