could it be

ddadds hugging hcs

because i really love headcanons for the way people hug i think theyre super cute

- The strongest, most secure hugs ever. Makes you feel like you could survive an apocalypse so long as brodad is hugging you
- Does that thing where he picks you up a little when he hugs you
- Somehow always smells fresh even though he’s working out always

- Firm hugs that always last a little longer than normal but never in an awkward way
- Always smells like coffee and cafe pastries, even on his days off
- Keeps a hand on your shoulder for a bit even after the hug is over

- Always asks if he can hug you before he hugs you, like a gentleman
- Very gentle hugs, like he’s worried he’ll break you if he hugs any harder
- You’d think his Victorian style clothes would be kinda stiff but theyre actually really soft to the touch

- Either smells like fresh cookies or grill smoke, no inbetween
- Gives you soft pats on the back while hugging
- Jesus himself has blessed this hug probably

- A hug can’t get any softer than this
- Like Craig, probably picks you up when he hugs you. Good chance of spinning in a circle if he’s really happy 
- The most classic Dad Smell™ of some combination of old spice, irish spring, and home depot

- Usually very short, but fulfilling hugs
- Does that thing where he goes for a handshake and then pulls you into a quick hug 
- Gives you a really solid Two (2) pats on the back

- Usually very gentle hugs, unless he’s super excited about something then he’ll just pick you up
- Smells like old books all the time
- The kind of guy that’ll hug you every time he sees you once youre close enough

gerard about twitter: i stopped being on that social media because i found it draining, it’s such a negative space where people constantly argue! i prefer using image based social medias like instagram for example, i’m doing much better now :)))

frank, making 5 tweets per day and constantly roasting his followers: i’m not going to calm the fuhk down megan, just deal with it, p.s. your username sux RT


Alright, guys! I’m happy to say that I’m finally, finally done with the Christmas requests that I’m willing to do. And can I say it has been a wild ride! I’ve learned so much past these months thanks to these requests and I feel like I’ve really developed my skill since I started this. Thank you guys! It has been fun! :)

Now I can finally focus more on my own projects that I’ve had in mind for ages! Yeey! :D

You know how Joseph’s “good” ending is one night on the Yacht then going back to Mary afterwards? I feel like he did the same thing to Robert. I imagine that would explain why he doesn’t like Joseph being around MC. As far as I am aware he only says this if you spend quality time with him as well.

I feel like Joseph has done it before? I think maybe Mary didn’t kick him out the house but he takes men to his Yacht knowing the gas is low so they get stranded and spend the night. Then leaves them afterwards.

too sick to taste but not sweet enough to stay, words envelope my lips as they pour out of my heart. sorry isn’t really sorry anymore when you have to say it everyday. you learned your lessons and I got to drink mine. we were never going to be lovers and I don’t really think we can be friends. you took my i love you’s and you took my honey. there is no bitterness here but just me scraping the bottom of the pot; looking for some sweetness for myself.
—  here I am, trying again

tsn_official Will Phil Kessel bring the Cup to Toronto again? Will he subtweet anymore? Find out that and more in #IWill or I Won’t.

Captain America’s Love Life Might Get Complicated In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’


Guys. We need to talk about Avengers: Infinity War. Specifically, footage that was shown to those of us in Hall H during Saturday’s Marvel Studios panel. Having not been to D23, I’m not sure if this compilation ahead of the actual trailer was shown there, but considering my Google search of “Infinity War Peggy Carter” turned up nothing, I’m guessing either A) it wasn’t or B) my fellow nerd journalists aren’t as invested in the Steve/Peggy ship as I am. Either way, Marvel hinted that things are going to get very uncomfortable for Steve Rogers in his next Marvel outing.

In order to set the stage for the showdown between the heroes of the MCU and Thanos, Marvel put together a montage of the current Infinity Stones, how they were introduced, and where they are now. For the purposes of Steve Rogers’ careening toward the kind of issue usually reserved for the pages of Penthouse letters to the editor, I’m focusing on the Time Stone. It is currently in the hands of Doctor Stephen Strange as the Eye of Agamotto. During the montage, the voiceover says “Time can fix anything,” while the camera lingers on the Time Stone. The scene then cuts to Captain America taking to old Peggy on her deathbed before she morphs back into young Peggy Carter from the first Captain America movie. None of it is new footage, but the implications are pretty clear. Someone is going to phutz with time to bring Peggy Carter back. Or at least attempt to.

I am 100% on board with this because Peggy Carter founded S.H.I.E.L.D. and if anyone can bring the spy organization back from the brink of destruction after H.Y.D.R.A. blew it all up, it’s Agent Carter. However, Steve might have some reservations about this plan, even if he doesn’t care about the time/space continuum. If you’ll recall, Steve recently kissed Sharon Carter, who is Peggy’s niece. One can assume that even if that was the extent of it, Peggy returning from the dead will cause all kinds of Shakespearean comedy problems as Steve tries to navigate a minefield of having been intimate with two generations of strong-willed Carter women.

Maybe he grew the beard in order to run away and start a new life in Sokovia rather than have to choose?


  • Hwasa: Tell me your fantasies babe
  • Wheein: I wish I was a dragon
  • Hwasa: No I mean -
  • Wheein: But instead of fire I breathe jelly beans