could it be a date

paulie: I need a independent woman with brains!

zakiyah: *has a different opinion than paulie*

paulie: anyways zakiyah is ignorant and I could never date someone like that, she needs to go! I’ll put her on the block next week!!!!

  • Aoi:I didn't say anything weird on the radio, did I?
  • Aoi:people I could never date or fall in love with? (lol)
  • I think, that you can only tell someone that you love them after you've considered what kind of person they are, how it feels when you're with them, and how much they love you. you'd never think about how old they are, you know (lol) if you did, it would be like saying that you're looking for love but really you'd just be hiding an ulterior motive!...huh? I mean, do you have an ulterior motive?...
  • Aoi:maybe I should change my name into Roman Tic*ー.
  • Aoi:Mr. romantic, Mr. romantic, Mr. romantiiiic 💑
  • it's not bad.
  • Aoi:ah..ah.. uh ...huh...
  • I can't hear you calling my name! who am Iーーー?!
  • ✋🌞
  • Aoi:you have to raise your voices there and go Mr. romantiiic⤴︎....
  • Aoi:alright then, let's have fun again tomorrowー!good night!
  • Note:He said, maybe he should change his name into
  • 浪漫 知好人 >> the individual Kanji can be pronounced as 浪漫 (roman) 知 (chi)好 (su) 人 (to) >> ROMANCHISUTO >> Romantic.
  • He then wrote, to call him Chisuto-Sama but I wanted to translate it to make it a little more clear (hope it's clear >_<).
Dear first love:
Thank you for making me the person I am today and teaching me that at the end of the day you only have and need yourself. I’m sorry for what I’ve done that has caused the fracture in our relationship but you have to understand that I am very young and still have a lot of learning to do. I wish I could push the date of us meeting to a much later date where we are both older and have already learned from the mistakes we have made. You promised me forever and said you’ll be mine always and although you refuse to talk to me I believe we still have forever. I look up to you in a such a way I cannot describe, you’re a role model and such a beautiful person. I still and will always love you no matter who I meet or what anyone says about you. You made all my days great even when we argued. I’d rather be arguing with you right now than have you shun me for the mistakes I’ve made. I’d do anything to get you back but things don’t work like that. Hopefully you’ll understand what I meant when I said the recent events shouldn’t have happened. I love you with all my heart.

While Neptune is a planet that encourages creativity, Neptune can also be a planet that can create confusion.

Neptune in the 1st: You and others could feel confusion in your ego and identity. First impressions are usually inaccurate.

Neptune in the 2nd: You could struggle finding boundaries with your spending habits. You could struggle knowing your self-worth.

Neptune in the 3rd: You could struggle communicating to others what you want. Your mind can feel like a nebulous fog when you try to concentrate.

Neptune in the 4th: You could be idealistic of your family, creating an illusion that could be harmful. You could find yourself sacrificing for your family.

Neptune in the 5th: You can be quite the artistic individual, but establishing healthy boundaries while dating could be a struggle.

Neptune in the 6th: You could be confused with your work ethic. You either work with unique creativity, or you can slump into a confused laziness.

Neptune in the 7th: Your idea of marriage could be very foggy, and you could give up a lot for your partners. You may not know who your enemies are.

Neptune in the 8th: People could take advantage of your finances, and you can be idealistic of sex. You often want to act out sexual fantasies.

Neptune in the 9th: You could have trouble controlling your beliefs, although you’ll be very spiritual. You struggle with little details required for traveling.

Neptune in the 10th: People could be confused with your public persona. In your career, people could take the credit for your work.

Neptune in the 11th: Who your true friends are will be a struggle for you. You may have friends or organizations taking advantage of your talents.

Neptune in the 12th: You are very spiritual and compassionate, but those characteristics can be hard to reach. You can feel guilt for not helping others.

Knocking You Off Your Feet

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Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request: “Hi I love your imagines so much! I was wondering if you could do a Peter imagine where Peter and the reader are dating but nobody knows but one day Peter is using his powers and he accidentally bumps into you and he falls and he makes some corny joke about how the reader knocked them off their feet and then kisses them in front of everyone, so everybody is just like when tf did you guys happen”

Warnings: None

A/N: Sorry it’s so short!

You were standing outside Xavier’s, the sun shining and the bright green leaves of trees fluttering gently in the breeze. You were laughing along with Jubilee, Kurt, and Jean, Jubilee telling the three of you a funny story of Scott in science class while Scott frowned, his arms folded sternly.

“So, then he trips over the desk, falling flat on his face. Everyone flips out, expecting his glasses to come off and his powers to explode the side of the building. One of the snotty girls fell right on her face, it was hilarious. I wish you guys had seen it.”

“It wasn’t that bad,” Scott muttered. Kurt grinned, flicking his tail.

“"It vhas kind of funny,” he commented. Scott sighed, face palming as you laughed.

Jubilee opened her mouth continue, but a gust of silver wind whipped past the five of you, knocking you off your feet. You stretched out your hands, expecting to land on the grass, but instead found yourself in the arms of your secret boyfriend, Peter Maximoff.

“Well, I guess I did knock you off your feet,” Peter joked. You laughed, pulling him in for a soft kiss. You could hear Jubilee and Jean’s gasps of surprise, their mouths dropping open. Kurt just stared, Scott whispering, “"Dude.”

“When did you two happen?” Jubilee asked sharply, her eyebrows raised.

“Oh, what? A couple months ago?” You grinned, taking Peter’s hand in yours. 

“Ready for our date?” Peter asked, motioning toward the school. You nodded, waving goodbye to your friends.

“See you later.”

You walked off with Peter, chuckling when you heard Jean punch Scott, Jubilee cackling when Scott complained, rubbing his shoulder.

“I told you they were together! You owe me five bucks.” Jean said.

“We should’ve just told them from the start,” Peter mused. You shook your head, smiling. 

“It was worth it to see their surprise.”

Maybe some Kpop artists are not 100% straight and that is okay!

I don’t understand how some people get mad at the thought of their idol being gay. I mean there are a lot of idols. Odds are that some of them are not straight. I mean Sehun just said that he likes men!!! People have to face the fact that he could be gay or bi. Also why are people mad that kpop idols could be gay? Like your chances of dating them was very slim anyway and idols still loves their fans a ton regardless of their sexuality. Also, for me, they fact that a kpop idol could be gay just makes me want them more!!!!

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Why would the writers bring back one of Booth or Brennen love interest. It doesn't make sense, there married and have kids now and are happy. What do you think going to happen and who do you think is coming back.

In life, sometimes you run into people from your past. I imagine any love interest they bring back would have a valid reason to be there in terms of story. It happens. It’s realistic. As David said yesterday, an old flame would witness the life these two have now. And as he said, Booth definitely made the right choice. To be honest, everyone they both dated could plainly see what Booth and Brennan could not acknowledge at the time- That this was more than just a partnership. These two had something so unique and so special. They cared deeply for each other (and obviously still do). And anyone else just comes in second. I think most people they dated felt a hint of insecurity about how close the partners were. There would be very little shock from anyone learning that B&B were happily married with children. Nothing is going to break Booth and Brennan apart. Nothing and no one. They are it for each other. I don’t know if this plot point is a sure thing. And if it is, I have no guesses as to who would come back. I know “Hannah” is busy filming the show, Vikings. Perhaps it would be Sully? Or someone else. It doesn’t even matter really. Those relationships clearly didn’t work out. They were never going to work out in the long run. Call it fate, luck, or just love. Booth and Brennan are endgame. So I think it would just be fun to see what the writers do with that. Since I feel in no way threatened by any of it. I am sure there is a reason behind this tease. It would probably be part of a bigger story. Part of their plan to bring back a plethora of characters from the past. I guess we will get more information as more scripts are written. But I trust the writers implicitly. I trust Emily and David, and what they say about the relationship. I have the utmost faith in this particular aspect of the show. And years of evidence to back it up. They have proven time and time again that this couple is secure. They are as solid as can be. They have their differences, their arguments, their obstacles- just as any loving couple does. But it’s Booth and Brennan forever. 

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Could you write something where Shiro and his s/o haven't been dating long (maybe a week or so) so the boundaries are still kind of being formed, but he had a really bad dream about his past and he just really needs comfort so he comes to their room almost impulsively (bonus points if he enters like a sheepish little kid with the soft knock and just the head first). Fluffiness, cuddling, and falling asleep together ensue. Thank you!

Shiro had began to forget a time where he’d awoken in the morning and he hadn’t experienced a nightmare. his hands were clammy and his pulse raced. Shiro stood up and leaned his forehead against the cool wall of his room. He removed his forehead from the now vaguely sweaty plaster and opened his room’s door. Shiro moved towards the door that was connected to your room. He hesitated before rapping on you door. Shiro listened for any bit of sound before he cracked open the door.

“Shiro?” You called, moving up to support yourself on your arm.

“I’m sorry. I just couldn’t… sleep,” He said hesitantly.

A relatively tired smile appeared on your face and you patted the bed, besides where you sat. “Come on, I don’t mind,”

Shiro walked, arms crossed, towards you and sat down on your bed. You lied back on the pillows and looked at the ceiling.

“Do you want to talk about it?” You asked after several seconds had passed.

Shiro sighed and you took that as your answer.

“Okay, then,” You said, turning on your back and facing the other wall.

Shiro held out his hand to touch your shoulder, but pulled his hand back at the last moment.

~♡Jimin’s Dating Timeline♡~

Request: Could you do a BTS dating timeline like you did with Big Bang?

~ This is just my own personal opinion~

How long he takes to ask you out:

Ahh this cutie pie can be quite insecure of himself at times so I think he’d wait a bit before asking you out. Similarly to Yoongi, he’d want to make sure that even the littlest of his affections for you were being reciprocated. He’d be so adorable when he asked you out too! He’d be all shy, smiling, and letting out a nervous giggle out every so often. 

How long he takes to post a picture of you or with you on social media after having your relationship gone public:

I feel as if Jimin would already have pictures of the two of you together that he’d want to share but he’d wait. He’d wait until the reactions from the news died down. If the majority of the reactions to the news had been positive, he’d probably post a picture of you within a few months. However, if the majority had been negative, he’d wait a lot longer…maybe even a year? He wouldn’t want you to receive any backlash. When he did post a picture of you, I can see it either being a picture of your interlocked hands or a candid shot he took of you when you weren’t paying attention. 

How long he takes to hold your hand:

Jimin would let it happen naturally. If it just so happened that your hands brushed along each other’s on the first date, then there you go. Later on in your relationship, I can see it becoming a habit of his to interlock your fingers and kiss the top of your hand whenever the two of you had to walk anywhere. 

How long he takes to kiss you for the first time:

I think Jimin would wait a couple of dates before kissing you for the first time. I think he’d want to be the one to make the first move, but if you beat him to it, I don’t think he’d really mind. If he was the one to initiate the kiss, it’d be so cute. Like I could see him brushing some hair away from your face before leaning in to give you a peck. When you pulled apart he’d have the biggest smile on his face and if you were smiling too he’d go in for another one, and linger just a bit longer.  

How long he takes to make out with you:

I think depends on how far and fast your relationship progresses.  If by a few weeks, you both are extremely comfortable around each other, he’d let it happen whenever. If there was still some awkward air between the two of you though, he’d hold off a bit. So for him to make out with you could take anywhere from a month to a few weeks. 

How long he takes to have sex with you:

Hmm…I feel as if Jimin would wait until you both had said “I love you” for the first time. The only reason is, because I feel as if he’d for sure want his first time with you to be both special and meaningful. He wouldn’t want the first time to happen out of lust. He’d also want to make sure that you were both 100% ready to take that next step.

How long he takes to propose:

Jimin is such a sweetie omg. I feel as if he’d have thoughts of marrying whoever he was in love with. Like when he was in love, he’d always picture him and s/o (you in this case) spending the rest of your lives together. I think he’d want to at least have been dating you for a year before he let the ideas stir. When he was sure and could picture the two of you having a successful future together, he’d propose. 


| Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook |


Omg I actually finished it…I am so proud of myself wow. I’d just like to thank coffee for giving me the motivation I needed to finish this lol what am I even saying okok bye! I hope you guys like his!<333

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mtl's are open right??? could i request mtl realistically to date a guy?? - a very romance deprived fanboy :-(((


Yoongi: he has never cared about gender. whenever he’s asked about his ideal type he always responds with gender-neutral answers

Hoseok: he loves who he loves, no matter what gender they are

Jungkook: he can’t talk to girls, but he might be hesitant about it at first just because society thinks it’s weird. he’d get over that quickly, though

Namjoon: as long as he can still be the pitcher dominant, he’s good

Jimin: he knows what kind of backlash it would have and he wouldn’t want to put you through that, but he would if you could convince him that you’d be ok

Taehyung: he really wants children of his own, but he’d date you if he loved you; you could always have a surrogate mother birth your child/children

Seokjin: he’s very traditional, so it might take a while, but he’d be open to dating a guy if the feelings were strong enough


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Hi :) It's the first time I'm commenting on your blog, but I follow you on twitter, and you seem like a reasonable person concerning spoilers so I wanted to express myself here :) About Felicity's bf : No need to freak out ! For now, we know nothing. The guy could be just here for a date, or he could just be here for Felicity to question her own feelings about herself, her life, or Oliver. IMO, it's no big deal, and ppl should just wait and see (and take a deep breath). Have a good day :)

I like you. And I like this. So right now this is the only ask I’m answering.


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What kind of boyfriends do you think dylan and eric would have been in real life not fantasy? What do you think would be their flaws in a relationship and what do you think they would be good at in a relationship?

I think Eric would have been a gentleman, even if he had a temper at times. He would likely be protective and possessive of his girlfriend. I can see him complimenting her all the time and loving to show her off around people. Eric would probably be very open with his emotions in a relationship, because he would have hated fake people. Feeling isolated and not accepted by friends can make a person vulnerable and he would want to make sure that he and his girlfriend were always honest with each other. His constant affection could come off kind of strong, but he would have tried to date a girl who wanted that strong connection.

Dylan would be almost definitely be the shyer one in a relationship, but so sweet. He’d be hesitant to initiate physical contact at first because he held the girl he liked in such high regard. As he got more comfortable around her, he’d probably crack more jokes and be very affectionate when they weren’t in public. He seemed like the kind of guy who would get his girlfriend little presents just to see her smile. Dylan might have had a hard time expressing himself during fights because he wouldn’t want to get too angry and make his girlfriend upset. He might have become quiet and pensive at times. Overall, they both would have been pretty amazing.

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Ah, could I maybe have some cute egobang?

Arin searched the crowd for a cloud of brown hair, chuckling to himself at Dan’s excitement. They’d been to the pier before, but it was before he’d taken Dan to the ocean; the entire time he clutched onto Arin’s arm, terrified that the planks were going to collapse and send them into the water below. Now that Dan was less scared of the beach, he could enjoy himself on their date. The poof of hair in front of him turned and started bobbing towards Arin. Dan broke through the mass of people and met his boyfriend with a beaming smile.

“Ar, I forgot there’s a fucking amusement park here. That’s crazy. How’d they get a ferris wheel onto a boardwalk?”

“Do you think I was alive in 19-whatever? You’re the old man, you should know.” Dan rolled his eyes, swatting Arin on the shoulder with the back of his hand. He fell in step with Arin, the two of them slowly walking behind the family in front of them. It was probably a bad idea for them to come on a Saturday in August, but it was one of the only days their schedules lined up so that they both had the evening free. They’d often show up at the other’s door late at night, but it was hard to go out at 12am unless you went to a bar, something neither of them were interested in. Arin laced his fingers through Dan’s, squeezing gently. There was something different about being able to be out in public with his boyfriend; more romantic in a way. Dan bumped himself in Arin affectionately in response to him grasping his hand.

“Can we go on the ferris wheel, big cat?” They’d stopped to look over the railing, the water calm, children running towards the small waves only to sprint back into the sand once their ankles were wet. Arin huffed out a sigh.

“I’ve been up there soooo many times,” Arin sing-songed to Dan. When Dan didn’t respond, Arin looked up to see him pouting, his eyes wide like a child asking for ice cream. “Oh, how can I say no to that faaaace?” Dan gave him another swat.

“Knock it off, dickhead. We’re going.”

“Fiiiine, Daaaanny,” Arin said mockingly again, grinning when Dan bumped his hip with his own.

Dear K,

I love you. A lot. And I wish I had the balls to tell you but that’s a kind of scary thing, you know? (I also wish we had enough time to hang out but we’re both so busy that I can’t be mad about that.)

Anyway, you’re super special and super important to me, and I hope that we can be together sometime soon. Maybe we could go on a date or something, that would be nice.

Love, G

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Oi! Apparently fans saw Harry at a gym in London. Maybe we'll get pre taken pap pics of Louis with Freddie/D or both and he'd be in London rn getting ready for date niiiiiight!! They wont miss it for the world! Or maybe the they could reunite in NYC

whatever happens…. date night is still on

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I'm here for lesbian Luna and bi Ginny being a cute af lesbian couple who take long walks in the snow together and drink magical chocolate milk and have water fights in the fall.

Thank you for this headcanon!

There are the cute wlw couples, there are the adorable ones. And then there’s Luna and Ginny.

Even before they admitted their feelings and started dating, the two could often be found cuddling near a fireplace, or under a blanket in one of their common rooms. Hence why at first people didn’t notice they had begun a relationship.

Luna takes Ginny on long walks through the forest, and tells her endless stories about the different creatures that live there. Ginny may not believe all of it, but she loves the sparkle in Luna’s eyes while she explains it all.

Ginny takes Luna out for one on one quidditch games, that they always manage to end in a tie that of course has to be resolved by seeing who’s the best kisser.

In the winter they ice skate on the black lake, where they both trip and cuddle in the snow until it feels like their ears and toes are going to fall off. Luna makes her special chocolate milk, it’s made of white chocolate and it’s light blue. 

They’re the teacher’s favourite couple after Lily and James Potter, and the only ones ever known to not receive detention from Minerva after being caught snogging in said professor’s classroom. 

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do you think stydia could/should have happened a little sooner or do you think they've waited the right amount of time ?

When I first got into the fandom in 3B I thought Stydia was about to happen and was really disappointed when it didn’t. But now I’m glad it did not because their relationship wouldn’t be the same as it is now.

While I mostly think Season 4 was a big waste of time (literally the only important thing that happened in that season was the introduction of Liam to the pack? And Peter turning out to be evil all along, but that was just kind of tacked on there and it was really disappointing compared to the build-up) the one thing I’m ironically grateful about (ironic because at the time it was my least favorite part of the season) is that it had Stiles being in another relationship. I really think he needed to date someone else so that he could mature. It’s much better for Stydia in the long run if Stiles dated and loved someone else, because it shows that he understands what a relationship and love means and he wants that with Lydia, he’s not just trying to fulfill some childhood fantasy.

I actually really loved the Stydia storyline in Season 5 and I wouldn’t have changed anything about it except have them interact more after 5x16. But I think that happened because the writers wanted 5x16 to be the catalyst of them being together, but they weren’t going to have them actually get together until 6x01, so they couldn’t actually have them talk about their feelings in between those episodes. What I think is very possible is that they may have loosely planned for Stydia to get together in 5x16 if they didn’t get renewed for Season 6, but when they got renewed they decided to stretch it out and dedicate Season 6 to them.

I am really really glad that Stydia is happening now when they can give it the time and attention it deserves. I think they absolutely waited the right amount of time. Stydia definitely could have happened sooner, but I don’t think it should have. The reason it felt so right in 3B was because it was all about Lydia worrying about Stiles - and that’s the perfect time for them to start a romance because it demonstrates how far their relationship has progressed. But with the benefit of hindsight I think that would have been a little rushed. 

Also it’s important to note that Jeff doesn’t seem to like the idea of high school relationships lasting forever (which I’m totally on board with). It’s not realistic to date someone in high school and be with them forever, which is what seems to happen a lot of TV shows. So I like that he’s waited until the very end of high school to put them together, because it means that he sees them as the one couple out of all the high school couples that have ever been on Teen Wolf that could possibly make it past high school, get married, and be together forever. He didn’t want them to be a high school relationship. He wanted them to be endgame.