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Student x Teacher Prompts

- I jokingly asked if I slept with you, you would raise my grade and you said… yes? How are you still teaching here?

- Everyone knows I have a crush on you and everyone jokingly put stuff like ’(insert name) thinks you’re hot’ into our project. Now we all forgot to take it out and you called me in after class.

- I was emailing/texting you about an assignment and my phone autocorrected to say something sexual, but you aren’t saying no…?

- I was trying to send you a picture of the answer for a question you had but in the background you could see my almost naked body and I’m so sorry.

- I thought that you sent that confession of love to me for real and I responded sincerely but I forgot that it was your project for school.

- I’ve started making up excuses to come to your tutorials but you’ve caught on to my huge crush. When I’m leaving one day all you say is ‘I think you have to come to tutorials so often not because you don’t understand but because the blood flows from your brain to… somewhere else when I teach.’

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mun's ships for Gaius?

[Insert the given disclaimer about no one needing to uphold the ships listed, blah blah blah. You guys know the drill. Also, Tumblr is doing a thing, so I’m gonna post this with like 0 formatting and then I’m going to edit it later and put it all under a cut I’m sorry for this ugly chunk of text you guys are going to have to wade through but I have a lot of feelings.]

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Fucked A New Hotwife! pt.1

Ok so this is my first post here.

Last night I met a new Hotwife/Cuck couple for the first time. He is very submissive to her, and she was craving someone very dominant that she could let go with. We had chatted by text for a couple of days and I figured we would meet in a few days have coffee and maybe meet and play in a couple weeks.

With all of the talk her cuck was super excited and was begging her to meet and play as soon as possible. I agreed we could play if we clicked and we made some plans to meet for drinks. She made a plan to put her cuck in a hotel room while we met and had a drink, she locked him in a chastity cage and made him sit in the hotel room wearing a pair of panties and his cage.

We had swapped pictures prior to meeting, but Jesus Christ was she good looking. She was wearing a tight black body dress and black high heeled boots. Great body, gorgeous face, perfect ass and tits. What she didn’t know was that earlier in the day I had stopped by the adult store and bought one of those remote control vibrating eggs, and I had some evil plans for it.

We ordered a drink and had a very nice conversation about what she wanted out of this and what her cuck was hoping to get out of this, all very helpful to me to make the experience perfect. After about 20 minutes I had her scoot around the table and gave her a deep kiss, I could almost feel her body melt as we kissed. I had her reach into the pocket of my coat where I had put the egg. She asked me what I wanted he to do with that. I told her to go to the restroom, take off her panties put the egg in her pussy then come back to the table and put her panties in the pocket she found the egg in. She said yes sir, and headed to the bathroom.She came back after a few minutes, and put her panties in my pocket.

I waited about 10 minutes before I first turned it on and when I did the look on her face was priceless. I only let it run for a few seconds because I just wanted her to feel it first, not to cum that quickly. We kissed for a little bit with me rubbing my hands over her back an occasionally feeling up her thighs, lightly brushing what I found to be a very wet smooth pussy. She shuddered a little every time I touched her pussy. I kept on turning the vibrator on for a minute or two, then off for a minute and she got wetter and wetter. Finally I turned it on and whispered in her ear that she could cum, if she could do it quietly sitting right next to me in this crowded restaurant. She bit her bottom lip and nodded her head, and I could feel her body tense as the first orgasm of the night rocked through her little body.

At this point I was pretty turned on and she had been rubbing my cock through my pants for the last half hour or so. I needed to take her somewhere quick because I wanted my cock in that pussy before we went and felt with her cuck. I knew there was a place upstairs that wasn’t used very much, it was dark and had little chance of anyone just happening by to interrupt us. I took her upstairs and found a nice dark corner where there were a few hightop tables, and put her purse on a chair. We kissed deeply, and she was a fantastic kisser, as we kissed I reached down and started to finger her clit and rub that soaking wet pussy, I asked her if she wanted to cum again and she breathlessly said yes. I reached into my pocket and turned on the vibrator and stroked her clit with my other hand. It didn’t take very long and she came hard on my fingers. I put my fingers in her mouth and told her to clean her cum off of them, she sucked then greedily and cleaned them well.

I had her unzip my pants and take out my cock, I’m not huge, about 8 inches and I’d say average thickness. She got my cock out as we kissed and was slowly stroking the length of it. I looked her in the eyes and told her to get on her knees and suck my cock, she dropped like a rock and didn’t hesitate gulping my cock down like a hungry little slut. She was fantastic at this, her tongue swirling around the shaft of my cock as her hand slid up and down the shaft coated with her spit. I wanted to just let her keep going and shoot the first load of cum straight down her throat, but I had promised her a cream pie for her cuck to lick out so I held back. I had her stop and reached down to pick her up, I put her on one of the chairs next to us which was the perfect height for fucking. 

She knew what was coming and looked at me and said “the vibrator”, I reached between her legs and grasped the little string that was hanging out of her pussy and slowly pulled the little egg out. I didn’t let her wait long and slid my hard cock into her dripping little pussy, she let out a loud moan as the full length slid into her. Kissing me desperately she pulled my hips hard to get every inch of cock inside her. This didn’t last too long as I could feel her pussy tightening up as she prepared to have an orgasm, I could feel my own starting to build deep in my balls. Her pussy felt great and continued to squeeze my cock like a wonderfully hot wet glove, she wasn’t far from cumming, and I wasn’t going to hold back my own any longer. I leaned in close and whispered in her ear “I’m going to cum inside you, when you feel it you can cum too, but you can’t cum until I do” she nodded quickly and I could feel it wouldn’t be long now. As best I could I slid my cock in her tight pussy doing my best to hit the back of it, and that feeling started deep in my balls and I felt like I shot a gallon of cum inside of her. With the first shot of cum her pussy spasmed around my cock and she had the third orgasm of the night, cumming hard on my cock as I spewed inside her. It felt so good that I just kept fucking her for a couple of minutes, her breathing slowly returning to normal. I stopped fucking her and just let my cock sit there stuffed in her cum filled pussy, still hard I told her that she needed to clean off my cock before we left, she nodded yes and I slowly let my cock slip out of her pussy. She sank to her knees and gobbled up my cock licking the mixture of both of our orgasms off of my cock, my cum dripping out of her pussy onto the floor as she squatted in front of me. I stood her up after she had cleaned me off and tucked my cock back into my pants. I looked her in the eyes and said “Now lets go to the hotel and take care of your sissy cuckold”

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isak specifically saying “you are not alone” was one of the biggest signs of growth i have seen this season. because isak is known to speak without truly thinking about his words. he’s done it many times throughout this season. he’s put his foot in his mouth and he’s hurt people because of it. he’s hurt even because of it

but he thought of the words. he had even’s text in mind all along and he thought of what he needed to say, and this time he didn’t simply say something that spontaneously came to mind, something that was potentially meaningless or that could potentially hurt. he said the words with the most meaning, he said the words that were the most important at that moment, he said the one specific thing even needed to hear 

16.11.20 fancafe - bts_Jin

We received a daesang
hello ARMY
161119 the day we received a daesang
Really, I’m living a happy life. It’s all thanks to ARMY
Who in the world could be happier than me right now
When I was a kid, I didn’t get many awards but thanks you guys I have been able to get many awards
If I can, I want to get a copy of all the awards and put them in ARMYs houses
Because the award is for all of us hehe
Ah, I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m just thankful
I just want to say that I’m feeling so happy right now
really, I’m so dazed I don’t even remember crying
so you guys can forget it too haha
aaaaaaaaaaah it’s so good
Thank you, ARMY

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Signs that I, too, am on break and do not want to think about the show:

  • I have put my headphones in. 
    • I’d be lying if I said I didn’t occasionally just pop in some headphones for appearance’s sake.
  • I have left the space.
  • Not only have I left the space, but I have, in fact, walked out of the building. 
  • My notebook and anything else I could use to take notes is still sitting at my space in the rehearsal hall. 
  • I am slowly sipping on my coffee and looking at you disdainfully as you approach me with a question.

Breaks are important. 
And everyone deserves to take them. 
The show will not disintegrate if you stop thinking about it for 10 minutes. 

  • 707: If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together ;)
  • Yoosung: Why would you do that? That makes no sense. Why are you changing the alphabet for two letters??
  • 707: No, Yoosung, god, I mean you and me.
  • Yoosung: ...??? What?? Do you mean our initials? It's L for Luciel and K for Kim, and they're already next to each other.
  • 707: ...I'm trying so hard here, Yoosung.
  • anyone: why didn't you do the thing????
  • me internally: i have several pervasive disorders and illnesses keeping me from doing things i need and even want to do, and no matter how hard i try, something is always holding me back and i end up putting my energy into coping and just trying to see tomorrow. and while i could tell you exactly what it was, that would take energy i don't have and risk you having an adverse reaction and also i just can't
  • me externally: lol oops my bad i'll get right on that

I in no way found all of these, but I’ve seen them all floating around and thought it would be helpful to have them all together. If I missed any please tell me, or add on your own, although I have a feeling this might be all for tonight.

I’m not sure what episode this is from, but if you know please tell me

I’m not sure, but this seems like it could be from TST

(it’s the same photo if you put in Sherlock or John Watson)

This one’s just a larger version of the header photo

This one is text entry boxes with a very faint box in the corner saying “post comment”. Clicking on it will take you to a blank page with the url

And my favorite:

also tagging @tjlc because they seem to be working a lot on this

How that scene could have been written better: 

Dean- “Back to back man that was one for the books. Dad loved this thing.”

Then goes to put Lucille on the table before thinking better of it, looking around at himself and the able and looking anguished.

Dean- “Ah, man. Where do I-? How can I-?” *looks grossed out.*

Sam, reluctantly- “You, uh, you have a-”

This would be a throwback to s5 when Chuck found that molar in his hair.

Dean, distraught- “That’s so gross *shudders* I’m going to take a three hour long shower.”

Sam gets the text about the next hunt. “Not so long, we have another one”

(Insert that exchange about computers, Dean trying not to touch his own clothes)

Dean- “Ugh, whatever, just let me fix myself, I ran out of clean underwear days ago.”

Sam, disgusted- “Gross, you’ve been wearing the same underwear for days?”

Dean, incredulous- “Of course not! I haven’t worn any underwear in days.”

Dean hands Lucille to Sam, telling him to put it outside until they can hose it down. Then he goes to take a shower.

See! Still funny and actually in character!

Hire me, spn

We went on three dates. The next time she asked to see me, I told her I was visiting family and wouldn’t be available until the following weekend. In that moment, she freaked out and sent me a 7 page long text about how I destroyed what could have been a perfect relationship and that she wanted to marry me still if I would just put her first. She then left me a voicemail of her singing “U Got It Bad” by Usher while crying and saying she loved me over and over. Two days later she sent me pictures of her burning a bucket list she had made for us.
Glad I got out of that one unscathed.

For 7 years I was blessed to have him as my best friend, despite many arguments and periods of not talking, he never spoke a bad word about me, always rooted for me, bragged about my accomplishments, and remained so loyal to me. He called me looking for a DD that night, however I was drinking at a party & when I answered all he could here was a guy in the background refusing to leave me alone and yelling at me, being the hero that he was, he jumped in his car in an attempt to come find me, even though I wouldn’t tell him where I was and repeatedly told him to stay put. He sent me this text while driving, according the police report he wrecked going 70mph into a pole only minutes after. His car was engulfed in flames and his body so badly burned that we weren’t sure we would even have anything to cremate. I was woken up the next morning to a phone call that truly didn’t sink in until I hung up the phone and my mom came to hug me because she had already heard the news. I can’t get the images out of my head, I blame myself every day, while the “what if’s” invade all of my thoughts. He said so many times that he would lay down and die for me, and he did. He has always been my angel on earth, and now he’s my angel in heaven. It isn’t fair how many times he saved my life, and I couldn’t even save his once.

Last week of exams

Okay guys I have to tell you. This weekend there will be no pages.

I was gonna do three or so, because I need to study but I can still take breaks and stuff, so I thought I could do some pages.

But the teacher moved the exam to this next SUNDAY.


Uh…. thankfully, there’s just two exams left… I will compensate you guys, I promise. For now, I’ll just lay down and cry for a bit… then I’ll go back to my text book.


Pair: Peter Parker x Reader

Prompt: Peter cheats on you and you two break up and things go downhill. 

A/N: I have no idea why I wrote this or how this idea came to be.  I just sat down and wrote so here you are!  This is the longest fic I have ever written and I am sorry if it is boring.  Hope you enjoy! 

Warning: Character death…sorry.

Your head was spinning as you read the texts that popped up on his phone.  “Love you baby,” you read out loud to yourself, “Love you too,” you whispered as you read the last message.  

You checked who was texting him trying to put a face to the unrecognizable name that wasn’t yours.  You placed the phone back down on the table, still trying to process what you had just read.  

“How could he?” you whispered to yourself.  

Did you actually think he would stay with you forever? 

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My smile is no longer for you! But for myself! Something that was supposed to last for ever and ever, came crashing down unexpectedly.. You broke promise after promise! Me, believing in you, trusting you whole heartedly, and having faith in us… I just wanted so bad for this to work! But it won’t and never will! I did everything I could, and yet it wasn’t good enough! I’m too insecure and jealous? You’re too pig headed and stubborn to open your damn eyes to a beautiful woman who did everything you ever wanted her to.. I wanted to fight for us, for you and you want nothing to do with it! With your text messages of “ you can do better than this, you deserve better this emotional roller coaster I’m putting you through ”. Well, you’re right! I do! I do deserve better!

My favorite text, you’ve sent me…
“ And if it happens that I want to pick up the dice again and you’ve walked away from the table to play the game with somebody else that would really suck for me. But they are the consequences I will have to live with ” This wasn’t a game! It was our lives, relationship and love!

I’m not saying I’m completely over you, but I’m over wanting to be with you, I’m over you being my daddy, my boyfriend, believing you’re my soulmate, and most importantly I’m done believing in you and trusting you!

Thanks so much for showing me this world/life style! I was destined to be a little girl, just not yours!

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so... I can't be the only one thinking about Bitty making PBJs for Jack leading to him cooking for Jack leading to him becoming some kind of private chef for pro sports players, right? Because really, having done some research... those poor things could use the help.

  • ok i was going to write a ficlet for this but it was just taking forever and i didn’t want to leave u hanging so i’m going to just bullet point it :)
  • so it starts with that one text from tater re: sandwiches
  • bitty is like ‘ok sure w/e’ and makes an extra pb&j and puts it in a bag that says ‘for tater!’ on it and tells jack to make sure tater gets it before the game
  • and then during the game tater scores in like a RIDICULOUS manner like honestly according to the laws of physics the puck should NOT have gone into the goal and yet?? it did???
  • basically rip bitty b/c hockey superstition
  • so tater wants to try making the sandwich himself to see if it has the same effect so he makes bitty teach him EXACTLY how he does it, so bitty just buys some extra of the ingredients he uses and both shows tater how to make the sandwich and provides written instructions
  • when he’s about to leave tater gives him a bunch of money and is like ‘you must take this, you bought ingredients so i’m paying you back’ except it’s like twice the amount that the ingredients cost? and bitty is like wtf and says ‘this is too much’ and tater is like ‘yeah so if later i want help making the sandwich i can say ‘bitty i gave you extra money last time, help me’ and bitty’s like fine w/e
  • and so he does do this sometimes, but he also asks bitty for help re: food all the time, it’s just not always sandwiches— sometimes it’s ‘b what can you make with kidney beans and corn and a little bit of turkey bacon’ and sometimes it’s ‘b this whole week we are traveling how do i make food that will be ok when i come back’
  • (to which bitty both introduces him to the wonder of using the freezer for things other than ice cream and fills up some single-meal-sized tupperwares with pasta, roasted broccoli, and mashed potatoes)

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Swan Lake

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Reader x Spencer (sister)

For the past few months the entire BAU team had noticed a difference in their resident genius, Spencer Reid. He had been leaving the BAU as soon as possible to, what he claimed was, go home and get some sleep. He had been coming in later, although late for him meant 5 minutes early for others. He would be on his phone and not just to use the chess app that Penelope had helped him to download. His phone was being used to text some mysterious person and although Garcia had found out her name, she could not gather who Y/N was.

One day the team had finally had enough. They had all got off of the plane and entered the bullpen when Spencer, yet again, rushed to his desk and gathered his things to put in his bag.

“Where do you keep going Spence?” asked JJ.

“I’m going home. I have been meaning to rewatch all of the episodes with the Third Doctor and I finally have time” the words stumbled out of Spencer’s mouth and he rushed off.

“Where do you actually think he’s going?” asked Penelope.

“Do you think it’s his mom? Or it could be Maeve, isn’t her death anniversary soon?” asked Alex.

“Or what if he relapsed?” asked Derek.

No one knew the answer and they all reached a silent group consensus to follow their favorite kid to make sure he was out of harm’s way.

They all gathered into one the the FBI’s SUV’s and headed to his location that Garcia was streaming on her iPad.

“What is he doing at the Kennedy Center?” asked Derek.

“Ooh ooh. I know! They’re showing Swan Lake tonight. What if he’s in it?” asked Garcia with excitement.

“Pretty Ricky can’t even walk in a straight line and you think he does ballet?” questioned Derek, chuckling, while the others laughed.

“So what do we do? Impromptu ballet night?” asked Penelope.

The others kind of shrugged as there was nothing better to do and bought tickets before they hurried to their seats.

They couldn’t find Spencer because the lights had gone down already so they sat down and watched the performance. The performance awed them. Audible gasps escaped when Odette/Odile did 32 fouettes. When it was over the entire team stood up with the rest of the crowd and clapped for the entire ensemble. It was easily one of the most amazing performances they had seen, not including Jack’s performance of Tree #1 in The Three Little Pigs.

They spied Spencer heading to the curtains to head backstage. They all stared in shock and followed him to see what on earth he could have been up to. They watched in shock as the girl who played Odette/Odile ran into Spencer’s arms. The girl was crying, presumably from all the emotions that must have been running through the entire cast. They saw their Spencer, the pretty boy who hated touching people, hug this girl that they had never seen before. The team was flabbergasted.

“Hey, Spence, is this your girlfriend?” asked JJ.

Spencer and the girl glanced at each other before they started laughing uncontrollably.

“Me date this lanky, old butt?” said the girl while still chuckling. Spencer looked at her offended before he replied saying, “I would never date this ugly, smelly weirdo!”

The girl just elbowed him in response and said, “I can’t believe you never told your friends about me.”

“Well you never told your friends about me!” exclaimed Spencer.

“Well I hadn’t talked to or seen you in like 15 years, I never even asked Dad about you after I turned 12 because he would get mad”, cried out the girl.

“Wait, DAD?!?!!” declared the members in unison.

“Yeah, this is my twin sister Y/N” explained Spencer.

“I’m actually his older sister!” exclaimed Y/N.

“By like 2 minutes” shrieked Spencer.

“It doesn’t matter, I’m still older” said Y/N teasingly.

The BAU team watched Spencer and Y/N play fight and tease each other and they realized why Spencer had changed over the past few months. Spencer had finally reunited with his long lost sister in the span of the last year and it had honestly changed him for the better. He had become a more social person and for once he had a loved one that was here to stay.

A/N It’s spring break so I finally have time to write again! This is my first Criminal Minds one shot and my first 3rd person POV one shot. I hope ya’ll enjoy and please leave advice so that I can get better!

Your text with: KURT WAGNER 1
  • Kurt: Ashdnralskd
  • You: What the hell?
  • Kurt: Sorry Liebling my tail hit my phone and it fell on the floor.
  • You: Oh
  • Kurt: Actually I have a question
  • You: Yes
  • Kurt: What does "get some" mean
  • You: Who told you that
  • Kurt: Scott and Peter
  • You: If I were you I wouldn't worry about it.
  • Kurt: Why is it bad
  • You: Its not appropriate
  • Kurt: Peter said its important his this happens soon because I may get put into a friend zone
  • You: Oh Kurt ignore that I love you and that won't happen!
  • Kurt: Texting is hard with three fingers.
  • You: I could imagine
why am i a feminist?

I’m a feminist because women in work places are told they must wear makeup or they look ‘unprofessional’, and choosing to not comply could put women’s jobs at risk, whilst men are not asked to do the same

I’m a feminist because men who wear dresses and makeup are called crazy, and have ‘gender issues’ but women can wear skirts, dresses, pants, shorts without anyone batting an eyelid

I’m a feminist because women cannot show their nipples without being called ‘sluts’ but men can walk around shirtless and no one cares

I’m a feminist because women who have a lot of sex are called ‘sluts’ and men who do the same are ‘studs’

I’m a feminist because the word slut exists

I’m a feminist because when I refuse to use the word ‘slut’ I get funny looks and judged

I’m a feminist because when I have sex for the time it’s implied that a part of me will be lost

I’m a feminist because the word virgin means so much to a woman but nothing to a man

I’m a feminist because when I say I don’t believe the concept of virginity I get told that I’m wrong

I’m a feminist because when someone asks me for nudes I feel obliged to send them and that I’m doing the wrong thing in saying no

I’m a feminist because men and children are raped too but no one asks what they were wearing

I’m a feminist because little girls are taught to not get raped but little boys are never taught not to rape

I’m a feminist because hardly anyone believes women when they say they are raped

I’m a feminist because rape jokes are ‘funny’

I’m a feminist because every day I have to choose what I wear with care in case someone calls me a ‘slut’ or a ‘prude’

I’m a feminist because it’s a shock when female artists hold the top spot on Billboard’s top 100 for weeks but not when a men does

I’m a feminist because women in movies, books, and TV shows are nothing by 2 dimensional characters who are there by obligation rather than choice

I’m a feminist because when I told someone I was a feminist they scrunched their face up and said I shouldn’t be a feminist

I’m a feminist because they didn’t know what it meant to be a feminist

I’m a feminist because feminism is a dirty word

I’m a feminist because women are taught that it’s okay to cry but men are not allowed to do the same or else they’re called a ‘pussy’

I’m a feminist because one of the worst insults is being called a woman

I’m a feminist because the phrase ‘like a girl exists’

I’m a feminist because women are more likely to be depressed but men are more likely to commit suicide because they’re taught it’s not okay to talk about their feelings

I’m a feminist because the patriarchy hurts both men and women

I’m a feminist because boobs are used to sell everything

I’m a feminist because sexism is so deeply rooted in our society that it’s acceptable to use a woman’s body to sell anything from burgers to cars to perfume to alcohol

I’m a feminist because my dad likes an anti-feminism page on Facebook but doesn’t understand what feminism is

I’m a feminist because ‘casual sexism’ exists

I’m a feminist because this isn’t even half my list

I’m a feminist because I’ll be criticised for making this list