could i be anymore specific on the joke's reference in these tag lines

it’s not friendship, it’s fellowship [part 1]

Note: I wrote this with a specific image in mind because I was reminiscing about the old days when I was in youth group. I’m cautiously tagging @1honeypot because honestly… I kind of wrote this with her in mind. Happy belated to another leo I love! Happy birthday to jungkook too (it’s still 9/1 in some parts of the world). Also I’m still on hiatus, but I really wanted to get this out!

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: romance (kind of?)
Warnings: Christianity Stuff of the Protestant Tradition, Self-Aware Slut Shaming, Slow Burn
Word Count: 3123
Rating: N, for No Sex Yet But Soon (T)


Jungkook looks… vaguely desirable to you at this current moment in his white shirt and tie and clean, brushed hair - a realization that has you blinking from incredulous amusement because this was just the boy you grew up with on a part-time basis, only seeing him on Sundays and the periodic, non-Sunday Morning Worship church event.


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