could he wear those glasses all the time

Missing Parts: Reverse Portal AU

((This is based off of buskets AU which I absolutely love! I will probably add more to this and make it a little series as more cute comics come out))

Stanley Pines was back. Being back on Earth was more disorienting than he first thought it would be. He wiped dirt and dust off his glasses, clearing them enough so he could properly see the dingy basement that was in complete disarray. His memories of Ford’s lab were fuzzy after nearly 30 years, but he was positive it hadn’t been this much of a disaster the last time he was there.


Stan turned towards the voice, eyes lighting up behind smudged glasses. “Stanford!” he gasped. His brother was there. He was really there! He was even wearing the same dorky outfit just like he had all those years ago. Sure, he had a weird expression on his face that was a mash up between joy and heartache but that didn’t matter. What mattered was his brother had finally come for him and brought him home.

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