could he wear those glasses all the time

• my beloved goddess

nonnie requested: Pls will u do something for savitar!barry x reader? Hes kinda sexy despite being called pizza face by cisco. Anyway something with reader is the only person this version of barry care about cuz reader stand by his side while everyone turn away from him in d future. Make it angst pls. Thanks.

A/N: Ah I laughed when Cisco called him, ‘pizza face’ and other things like I’m so proud of my son giving sass. This obviously contains a bit of spoilers from the finale episode of The Flash so be warned if you haven’t watched. I thought it was going to be all good despite one of my faves dying in the place for Iris and then Barry leaving. Damn it Grant, you ripped my heart out with feels. Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

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                             Relationship(s): Savitar/Reader, Barry Allen/Iris West, Barry Allen & Reader (unrequited love)

“Y/N. .Y/N, I need my goddess to wake from her beauty sleep.” That oddly familiar voice ringing through your ears as you slowly blinked from your slumber. Your E/C eyes blinked more to adjust from the dark surroundings as you looked around to the source of the voice until they met Barry’s- no that didn’t look like Barry. Least the one who knew, the left side of his face looked burned with as his grin only seemed to grow bigger at the sight of you awake. “Good morning Y/N. My, my I could never forget how beautiful you are. What’s the matter Y/N? You don’t recognize the man who calls you his equal, but yet it hasn’t happened yet. Heh, guess I could use you against Barry. Won’t that be fun my goddess hm?”

You squint in disbelief as you tried crawling backwards but bumped into something as you looked to see what it was. Your eyes widen in fear, this was Savitar—the time remnant of Barry as depicted from the armor you bumped into. You remember the speedster telling you to be careful out there after you left S.T.A.R labs earlier that day to get a break from all the mess since it you’ve gotten so stressed. “G-Goddess? I’m sorry S-Savitar but I don’t b-belong to anyone, I have no idea what y-you speak of. I-I though you ha-ated everyone since t-they turned their b-back on you.” You studdered through your words as the time remnant only kept his sadist grin as he crouched down to you where you were on the ground.

“Oh I do hate everyone Y/N but not you, my sweet Y/N. You see while everyone else turned their back on me, you didn’t. You stayed and refused to leave my side no matter how much they called me, a monster. A monster Y/N and have the nerve to call you one too! But no you stayed and before we both fell in love with each other, I let you be my goddess. I intend on that still happening but first we need to get rid of this Barry Allen. Join me Y/N, join me and I will give anything you could ever wished for. All you need to do is accept.” Savitar offers his pale hand to you, “We can rule side by side and have to world begging for mercy on their knees. Including the ones who hurt and bullied you for being different.” He chuckles darkly while waiting for you to accept as you looked at the male beside you.

For long as you remembered you were bullied for being, well being you. You didn’t care about the feminine things like makeup and dressing up for boys. You were mocked and laughed at because you loved science and mathematics, even having the stereotypical nerd look with thick glasses, braces, and bad acne. However you blossomed into a beautiful women today, still wearing glasses although sometimes using contacts and no more metal on your teeth with acne cleared up. All those memories came back to you when Savitar spoke as your fists clenched, no you were to be nice and submissive right? No you were tired of being considered weak as you looked back up to the time remnant before clasping your hand with his, after all you could have anything right? “I accept your offer Savitar as long as you stay true to your word.” You say as he pulled you and him up on your feet as he looked at your hand before you.

“Oh don’t worry Y/N, I fully intend on keeping it as long as you help me get Barry Allen.”

                   [ time skip; WARNING SPOILERS UP AHEAD ]

“Y/N please come back, he’s messing with your mind!” The scarlet speedster yelled out as you were by Savitar without his armor that Barry had vibrated and broke. Needless to say, Team Flash was a bit shocked to see you beside the other. You looked different from the last time they saw you, from wearing dark F/C clothing as you grinned that could match Savitar’s. “Y/N please. Don’t do this to yourself!”

You shook your head, “No I made up my mind Flash. I’m tired of feeling like I’m supposed to be weak and feel worthless, do you have any idea how many people hurt me? Do you know how many I cried myself to sleep?” You lashed back as you leaned your head on Savitar’s shoulders. “I’m happy being Savitar’s goddess. After all he says he’d given me anything as long as I help stop you besides you all turned your back on him and me.” You say with a snarl as everyone looked shocked from what you were saying as you kept your gaze at Barry.

“Awe see? That’s my girl, she’s not as cute and innocent as you thought huh?” Savitar says as he pressed a kiss on your forehead. “I like this version of her.”

Barry was furious as went to attack on Savitar from you as the time remnant hit the ground hard from his blow. “You tried to use her against us, it’s not going to work Savitar. Give it up because you are no god.” He says as Savitar laughed before receiving another blow from Barry, the other slumping onto the ground before looking at you before you pushed the red clad hero aside for Savitar. Barry went to check on the others, hopefully maybe they could talk sense into you.

“No, no, no. Savitar come on, wake up for me.” You say as you bend down to check on him and stroke his face before his eyes snapped open. It made you give a sudden jump of surprise. He looked at you smiled before giving you a small kiss and saying he’ll be back. You watched as what happened next would be the last you’d see of Savitar.

The time remnant counterpart went to take an attack on his present self before a loud bang from a gun rang throughout. Savitar took a step backwards before collapsing as your eyes followed Barry’s, it was Iris. She had shot the one you fell in love with as you quickly ran to Savitar but it was too late as you began to shatter from existence. It was the Barry that loved you because you could never have the Barry who was engaged to Iris.

“Y/N!” You heard someone cry out but ignored it as all the love of your heart was now gone just like Savitar was.

Preference: S/O with Glasses

request: Yay! I’m so happy you’re back! Could you do headcanons for all of the Evan characters and an s/o who wears glasses?

a/n: i don’t want to include roanoke because rory was in there for so little and mott is just hard to write these things for



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tate would think your glasses are the cutest things ever. he would always watch you as you would read or write poetry and wait for those little moments where the glasses slid down and you would absentmindedly tuck them back up with the back of your wrist. but his favorite time with your glasses would be when he’d get really close to you and be about to kiss you but slowly reach up and slide them off so that there is nothing between him and your sparkling eyes.


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kit would call you his “smarty” he thought your round rims made you look really intelligent especially with the round doe eyes behind them. he adopted you in the asylum and swore to protect you, if loving you wasn’t enough he would always be running after the people who did you wrong. one day you remembered being in the main room and one of the more aggressive men came over and tried to proposition you. of course you said no, but he got angry and hit you, knocking off your glasses. “You don’t touch the girl I love, I will KILL you.” kit threw a punch and then rushed to you picking up your glasses and inspecting your face, but you had bigger priorities, “do you know what you just said?” he smirked “what? about killing him, or loving you. because both are true”


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kyle is just such a goofball that he would always be taking off your glasses and putting them on, “Ha her, I er have a lot of calculus homework to do” “Kyle, you are mean.” he’d call you his little dork and often pretend to “fix” invisible glasses on his face. he’d lovingly call you four eyes and every other name in the book for people with glasses. but his absolute favorite little habit would be when you tuck your hair behind your ear to show your face. if you got contacts he would almost seem upset and ask where his dork went while wearing your glasses. he’d also do that annoying thing where people put your glasses on and then say, “omg you really can’t see” because he knows it bothers you.


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jimmy would have noticed your glasses first when you walked into the diner he was in to pick up some food for the group. he thought they were ~groovy~ and made you seem like you had some secrets and he was determined to find them out. jimmy is chivalrous and so being a girl and also having glasses he was very protective of his “breakable baby”. you’d hate being called that but he always would wink when he said it so you couldn’t be mad for more than a few seconds.


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james would think that your glasses make you look polished and sexy when you are doing business but he didn’t like you to wear them when it was just you two. he’d argue that he wants to see your beautiful eyes without having to look through a lens. when iris tells him about contacts he would have her order them for you so that his queen could see him but he could also see her eyes for what they are.

Four Eyes

A/N: One of my favorite requests I wrote, it was previously posted on axstheticminds. 

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You rolled on to your side, pulling the covers over your head. It was Monday, the oh so very dreaded Monday. You grabbed your phone from underneath your pillow and automatically jumped out of bed when you saw the time. You had a perfect record, which included never being late. 

You stumbled into the bathroom, and instinctively reached for the box, containing a fresh pair of contacts, you shoved your hand all the way into the box, when you remembered; the ones you ordered wouldn’t arrive until later on today. You hazily looked through your drawers till you finally found the case you had been looking for. 

You ran through the doors of the BAU, you we’re on time, which was the most important part. You kept a steady pace as you walked to your desk with your head down. You had already felt a couple of stares from people around you. The piece of plastic resting on your face was not something you were used too. You could still see black frames, but more importantly you could see. 

It was bath enough having to wear glasses, but you didn’t even want to imagine what would happen when you would run into – “Oh my god I am so sorry” Spencer.

You ran right into him knocking the files out of his hands, your face turned red from embarrassment. This would only happen to you, on today of all days. You quickly bent down to pick up the papers that scattered all over the floor. Spencer couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, you felt the way his eyes searched your face. 

You were still insecure about wearing your glasses, even around the people you saw the most. You remember when you were little constantly being teased about something new. You could just hear what those people would have to say if they saw you walking in.

“I didn’t know you wore glasses,” Spencer said as you handed him the files you had in your hands. “Yeah, I don’t”

“Well they look nice, you look nice today, I mean you look nice all the time, but I have never seen you wear glasses, you look nice” he said running through his words.

It was hard to not fall in love with you; it was even harder to keep that a secret from the rest of the team. Even though he never said anything it was more about what he did. Constantly giving you books to read, sitting with you on lunch, always making your coffee just how you liked it. But lately he’d look at you a little bit longer, try to talk to you about anything, and on several occasions done some of the nervous rambling trying to cover up the things he said.

“Thanks Spence” you said with a smile on your face. You began to walk away when you ran into Morgan who had been around the corner the entire time. “Hey you” you said surprised.

“I didn’t know you wore glasses?” he said in a puzzled tone.

Before you could realize where he was going with that comment you said “Yeah, I don’t.”

“They look nice, you look nice today, you look nice all time” you started walking away shaking your head as soon as you caught up.

“Hey pretty boy, that was cute, but you should just ask her out, like on a date” Morgan said walking up to Spencer.

“What, no, why would I—“

“Because you like her, I see it, Penelope sees it, Hotch talks about it, JJ tells Emily about it, just do it”

Morgan looked at you as you walked away, “Go get her pretty boy”

so many lorax 2012 (mainly about onceler) questions

how much guitar playing did the onceler do in that lurkim tower of his?

Does he even have teeth? where does he get his water from? If it’s all schloppity schlop, how can he brush his teeth?

making those animals eat marshmellows are weird once you know what gelatin is made out of (copy and pasted from wikipedia “Gelatin is derived from pork skins, pork, and cattle bones, or split cattle hides.“)

melvin, where did you go?

wait, how does the onceler even shower in that lurkim?

how does he even breathe out there?

what lives did onceler’s family live after they dumped him?

what kind of a name is “onceler”?

how did onceler fit all of that stuff into his wagon?

i wonder if the lorax story will get remade again far in the future. i’d totally watch an extended version of this movie (mainly having “how bad can I be” events being put into more detail). seeing some of the cut-songs being fully animated would be cool (though the remake will probably be made by a different studio, so probably not happening)

how long does a thneed last for? does anyone in thneedville still have a thneed?

if the onceler is so tall, is most of the papparazzi photos of him from unflattering angles?

how many photoshoots did that dude do?

did he still sing and dance when he was famous?

how many people knew about o’hare’s blatant creepy cameras everywhere?

if the onceler wasn’t successful, would he just lived in that forest forever, or would he move on to another crazy idea of his?

how did thneedville become surprisingly self-sufficent? I don’t know if they have any plane-runways (especially since there is so much smog, it’s not gonna be easy to fly there) or if anyone drives to there, so is everything in thneedville produced in thneedville?

why are there no guardrails on the stairs in once-ler buildings?

if the once-ler is so good at building stuff, to what extent did he try to reverse the mess he made?

how did the onceler lack the forsight of planting more trees? what happened?

why does he need a grandfather snail? does he eat them?

how old is a lorax really? is he really “as old as time itself”? what did he do while he was up in the sky?

did as many people fawn over the once-ler in universe as many people did in real life?

where did all the animals go while waiting for the forest to become good again?

who decided the once-ler could wear those tacky sunglasses that looked like they’re from a $2 shop? because whoever decided that, i love that decision, and I want those tacky glasses too.

if onceler upgraded from a single-neck guitar to a double-necked guitar, does that mean he had been improving his guitar playing skills?

does audrey become a famous artist? her mural was cooool!

how douchey/amusing (take your pick!) would it have been if the whole ted-redemption thing with the lorax coming back turned out to be a dream sequence from the onceler as he stares out from his lurkim onto the desolate field?

how much of the onceler’s crap did melvin have to put up with?

does the onceler ever take swimming lessons and learn how to swim?

have i mentioned how weird the onceler’s name is? I’ve been referring to him with a “the” so many times, as if a “onceler” is a common noun.

what began the onceler’s tendency to avoid being responsible for problems? as in, he tries to blame pipsqueak for the tree falling down, and when the last tree fell down, he said to the animals approaching “look, i don’t want any trouble”?

What are the lawyers denying?

what was the onceler-family dynamic before and after he left? did they like his guitar playing? what’s up with that rusty car? we all see that the onceler is a very singy and dancey person out in the forest, but was he like that at home?

how did he convince melvin to cross a desert? did he have any idea of which direction he should be heading at all, or was he just going all over the place?

are the animals in the truffula forest undiscovered species? does that mean the onceler invented the names for them in that cut song?

“yes, right after the musical number about the kid who kept interrupting the story and was never heard from again”. Uhhhhhhh… exactly what could’ve happened!?

can you kill a lorax? what does a cooked lorax taste like?

title Unanswered
summary All I need is one word
pairing itasaku, tobisaku, hot messes

Part i | Part ii | Part iii | Part iv | Part v | Part vi | Part vii | Part viii | Part ix | Part x | Part xi | Part xii | Part xiii | Part xiv | Part xv (here) | Part xvi | Part xvii | Part xviii

The cicadas were already buzzing when Sakura returned to Tokyo. 

She sat in the back seat of the car, powdering her nose. Zabuza rustled around with a plastic bag for a bit. And then he leaned back, handing her an ice candy. Her answering gaze was even frostier than the treat. Zabuza took it back without complaint. She listened to him unwrap his own ice cream. He crunched through it in big chomps. She checked over her lipstick in the mirror of her compact. 

“Everything’s been quiet at the club?” she asked. He glanced up at her through the rearview mirror. Wiping his mouth on his sleeve, he nodded. She snapped the compact shut. There had been a second of hesitation.

“…Zabuza…” she warned.

“Just… you should see it for yourself,” he sighed. 

“I don’t like surprises, Zabuza,” snapped Sakura. The ends of her words biting and hard. 

“You might like this one,” suggested Zabuza, shrugging. She glared. Whipped her head to the side to look out the window instead.


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What are you listening to?

Day 2 of Pidge Ship Week. A bit inspired by Contact, because I love that movie, and y’know……angst.


She can remember sitting on the roof with her father, ears covered in headphones connected to a portable radio sitting between them.

There was a shriek in the background noise, and she winced.

“What was that, daddy?” 

“It was a transmission.” His voice was low, and comforting, as he peered over her shoulder at the monitor he had dragged out of the garage. 

“What’s that?”

“Well…..imagine someone speaking.”


“But they were too far away for you to hear them right then.”


“So you waited. And waited and waited and waited and-,”

“That’s a long time.” She giggled.

“Yes, it is, honey. And after you waited for a very long time, you could finally hear their voice.”


“You get it?”


He chuckled. “That’s alright.”

They were both silent as a shooting star crossed the sky.

“What are we listening for, daddy?”

He was quiet for a while, and she focused on the strange sounds pouring through her ears.


She grew up on the roof, listening to those strange sounds at night.

She’d sneak out of her bedroom window and climb the pipe running up toward the top of the house, and sit there for hours, just……listening.

Space. The final frontier.

And then they went away, and she watched the launch on television, and sometimes she thought she could hear his voice sometimes on those headphones clamped around her head, blocking out the whistling wind and rustling of the leaves.


“Why do you wear those headphones all the time?” Her friend Lance asked her one day, as they walked through the halls together.

“I’m listening.” She said simply.

“To what?”


“Sure.” He drawled, and loped off, waving his arms at some girl giggling in the distance.

She adjusted her glasses (which were far too big for her anyway, but they were Matt’s and so they stayed) and continued to walk by herself.

At night, she’d listen to that static, the noise lulling her to sleep.

She’d find tear tracks on her face in the mirror in the morning.

They were out there.

She knew it.

All she had to do was listen.

And then, one night, she broke through.

She heard a mixture of semi-human voices, and one word, over and over-


She sat on the deck of the castle one night (day? night? she didn’t know anymore), earphones on, listening to that static when-

“What are you doing?”

She whipped around.

There he stood in one of the doorways, piercing eyes trained on her.

“Oh!” She stuttered, hand going to her neck. “Nothing!”

He came closer and sat next to her. “Listening, right?”

Her eyes went wide. “How did you-,”

He started fiddling with the buttons on the little device in her lap. Suddenly a shriek ran through her ears, and she yanked the headphones off. 

“What are you doing?” She said harshly. 

He gently held her arm, and put the headphones back on. “Listen.”

And she did.

And tears ran down her face as she listened.

It was beautiful.

“How did you-,”

He shook his head, and she just listened.

And then she felt a little pressure on her hand, and found his fingers interlaced with hers.

He can remember sitting on the roof, watching his father stare up into the sky, ears covered in headphones connected to a portable radio sitting between them.

“What are you listening to?” He yawned. 



“Because……..,” His father trailed off. “I don’t know why.”

“Are you looking for mom?” He asked quietly.

“Maybe.” Came the answer, soft like the whistling wind.


Crazy Little Thing Called Love Chapter 2

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Chapter 1

Pairing: Baekhyun x OC

Word Count: 3355

Genre & Warnings: fluff but with smuttish undertones. They aren’t the wam bam thank you ma'am type y’all. Also some swearing, because I have a potty mouth.

Note: I am having so much fun with these two. It turned out a little bit longer than I had planned, but once I started, I couldn’t stop lol. Let me know what you all think! 

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Crazy Little Thing Called Love | 2

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Chapters [1] 

Exo Song Series: Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen

Pairing: Baekhyun x OC (Crystal)

Word Count: 3355

Genre & Warnings: fluff but with smuttish undertones. They aren’t the wam bam thank you ma'am type y’all. Also some swearing, because I have a potty mouth.

Note: Remember, I am moving my works that I had on my old blog over to here, so if you think you’ve read this before, you probably have. Hey, read it again anyways! I love this story. 

The sunlight filtered through her tightly closed eyes, urging her to wake up, but she refused. She worried if she did, the events from yesterday would prove to be a dream. Her Mother pounding on the door, demanding she come downstairs, finally made her give up and she threw her blankets off with a groan.

Crystal rubbed the sleep from her eyes and stumbled over to the closet, her blurred vision landing on the huge poster hidden on the other side of the door. It was a door sized poster, one that showed all of Baekhyun, from the top of his head to his feet. She kept it in here not because she was ashamed, she just preferred to keep such things to herself and didn’t feel the need to broadcast to the entire world that she was half in love with someone who didn’t even know she existed. Until yesterday, at least.

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Canadian Girl

Chapter Twelve

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Steve Rogers x OFC  |  Word Count:4515
Warnings: Swearing, mild violence, implied abusive former relationship, stereotyping of Canadians (I’m allowed, I am one)

A/N: For those who are familiar with, or have been to the Canadian Finals Rodeo please note, I have taken artistic license on a few things. I am aware that not everything portrayed is correct. That’s why it’s called Fiction.

Jonas was still reeling a few days later as he watched the two Americans unload the three bulls from the trailer into the pens. Matt, Natasha, and Kennedy were dealing with the horses, but watching Steve and Bucky was both amusing and amazing.

The two men knew absolutely nothing when it came to bulls. They were decent with the horses, but the bulls were completely new.

He’d warned them to watch out for the Brahma.

Cyclone had a wicked temper, wasn’t afraid to gore you through the fence if he could, and of course he’d tried, but Bucky with that metal arm had simply grabbed the animal by the horn and given it a shove which had skidded the big bull backwards, nearly bowling him right over. Every day since, Cyclone kept a wary eye on Bucky, and Bucky kept one on the bull.

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Pairing: Peter Parker/Reader

Word Count: 2,628

Synopsis: The reader is Peter Parker’s girlfriend, remembering Peter through the years and how his glasses came to be.

Warnings: Mild language and brief mentions of death.

A/N: Hello again! I’m not sure how I feel about this one, but I felt like Peter’s glasses deserved an origin story. I basically just came up with this because I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll see Tom Holland in glasses at some point in Spiderman: Homecoming. Every line break is a shift in the timeline. Sorry if it gets confusing or choppy! Hope you guys enjoy :)

You stared at your boyfriend Peter from the foot of his bed as he worked on his calculus homework. You observed the way he composed himself when he was concentrating: one elbow on the table, cheek in hand, pen cap in mouth, pen clutched in his grip. You watched as he tapped the pen on the surface of his desk and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He was unbelievably fidgety whenever he was trying to focus. It was fascinating to watch him as his brain worked. You could have done it all day.

It was so hard not to stare at him while he was wearing those glasses. You hadn’t seen him wear a pair in years. The first time you had seen him wearing any was when you were both in first grade. He used to love to wear his father’s reading glasses wherever he went. You almost laughed at the thought of the huge frames that always slipped off of his face. When he found out that he needed an actual pair of glasses instead of just his father’s, he threw a huge fit. You specifically remember comforting him as he sobbed over it.

You were sitting in the park in front of your old houses. Before his parents died, you two lived in neighboring townhouses in Queens. Peter had just returned from the eye doctor with a shiny, brand new pair of brown cognac-colored glasses. You smiled when you saw them, but frowned as soon as you noticed that he looked immensely unhappy. He plopped himself on the bench next to you with his arms folded and told you the whole story through his tears.

“Petey, it’s okay,” You cooed after he had finished, wrapping your arms around his shoulders.

“No it’s not, Y/N. I don’t like these glasses. I want my dad’s back,” He wailed.

“But these are way better. They won’t fall off of your face now. Why do you want a pair of dumb old glasses you can’t see out of anyways?”

He sniffled and wiped his tiny nose on the sleeve of his sweater.

“I don’t know,” He mumbled.

But he did know, and you did, too. All Peter wanted was to be exactly like his father.

“Well, I like these glasses. They seem more… you.”

That was your six-year-old way of saying that Peter should try less to be like his father and try more to be like himself. He sniffled again, his tears beginning to cease.

“You think so?”

“I do. Besides, I think you look much more handsome in these.”

You could recall the exact shade of red his face turned when you pressed a kiss to his cheek. He didn’t have a problem wearing them for a while after that. This was one of your earliest and favorite memories of you and Peter.

When his parents died, he placed his father’s reading glasses and his mother’s old locket in his nightstand for safekeeping. You wondered if he still kept them close.

Peter wore his new glasses proudly for the next several years. It was only until Flash Thompson began to bully him in middle school that he started to hate them again. It pained you to think of it, but you pinpointed the exact day that he decided he would never wear them again.

It was sixth grade and you and Peter were both in the prime of your awkward stage. You were still inseparable, just as you had been as children. You had almost every class with him except for science, which was unfortunate for you. The day was halfway over and you and Peter had happily gone off to your lunch break. You were both sitting in the cafeteria eating your lunches when Flash came out of nowhere.

“Hey, Parker. You going to eat that?” He asked with a sneer, taking the contents of Peter’s tray before he could even say anything.

“I was, actually,” He mumbled angrily under his breath.

“What did you say to me, four eyes?”

Peter stared down at the sticky cafeteria table and kept his mouth shut, his face turning red in a combination of embarrassment and anger. He was smart to let this go so Flash would give up and leave you both alone, but you couldn’t let him get away with being cruel to your best friend.

“What’s the matter with you, Flash? Why do you have to be such a jerk? He didn’t do anything to you.”

“Y/N, let it go,” Peter hissed under his breath.

“Are you such a wimp that you have to let your girlfriend speak up for you?” He taunted.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Peter said nervously.

“I’m not his girlfriend,” You said at the exact same time.

“Of course she’s not. Who would ever want to date a dork with glasses?” He laughed hysterically at his own mean joke and walked away, taking a huge bite of the apple he had just stolen from Peter.

Peter pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, keeping his gaze glued to the tabletop. You opened your mouth to say something to comfort him, but he spoke up before you could.

“Don’t, Y/N, I’m fine. I’m just going to go. I’ll see you later.”

He got up and left without looking at you. You felt so horrible. If you had just kept your mouth shut, Flash would have kept his juvenile taunting to himself. You wanted so badly to wrap your arms around Peter and tell him it wasn’t true - that you thought he looked wonderful in glasses and that you would like him no matter how he looked. But you were a shy tween with a crush and couldn’t bring yourself to admit it to him yet. Of course he liked you, too. You just wouldn’t find out about it for another few years when you were both freshmen in high school. But that was another story.

You tried to talk to him about what happened many times, but he always changed the subject whenever you brought it up. A couple of weeks after the incident, Peter made an appointment to get contacts and never wore his glasses to school again.

Now you were both juniors in high school. You had been through so much together since the beginning of high school. He helped you through your parents’ divorce and the move to another home while you helped him through the loss of his Uncle Ben and the discovery of his super powers. It took him a while to tell you about them, but you understood that he was just trying to protect you. He mentioned that when he realized his abilities, he discovered that he didn’t need glasses or contacts to see anymore. However, he had a little trouble keeping everything in focus.

“Sometimes it feels like my brain is a computer that’s trying to analyze too much data at once,” he explained to you while sitting in his small bedroom one day. “Like it might just crash one day.”

He had called it ‘spider senses.’ You rolled your eyes when he said this. Peter loved coming up with his own Spider-Man terms and catchphrases. He was the dorkiest superhero in the world, but you loved him for it.

A few months ago, Tony Stark made him a special kind of glasses that would help him focus his powers better during his daily life. They were almost identical to the ones Peter had as a child; the same warm brown color and square shape. Seeing them made you wear the same grin as when you saw them for the first time at six years old, too. He had tried them on for you the first time last week in the safety of your bedroom. He explained how they worked, but you didn’t understand a word of it. All you got from his demonstration was that the technology in his new glasses was similar to the technology in the eyes of his Spider-Man suit. Science was definitely not your thing, but you could listen to Peter talk about it all day. The way his face lit up when he explained how things worked was well worth it. When Peter was Spider-Man, he used his mask to help him be more charismatic and outgoing, and that was great. But when Peter was just Peter and he was talking about physics or chemistry or calculus, you could see that the world made perfect sense to him. He didn’t need a mask to hide behind when he was teaching or learning because he was being his truest self. He was so excited about his new glasses that it made you excited, too.

“Everyone at school will love them,” You gushed. “I mean, they won’t know they’re special Spider-Man glasses, but still.”

When you said this, Peter’s face fell immediately.

“Oh, um… I don’t know if I’m going to wear them to school.”

“Are you serious? What’s the point of having these cool glasses if you don’t even wear them? Then Tony practically made them for nothing.”

“I can still use them at home. Just drop it, okay?”


“Y/N, please.”

You did drop the subject, but pressed him many other times about it. Each time he refused. Flash Thompson’s words clearly still affected him whether he was the confident, heroic Spider-Man now or not. He was still just a shy teenager from Queens underneath all of that sarcasm and spandex.

Last night, you decided to give it one more try.

You were sitting in the living room of your dad’s apartment. He wasn’t home, so Peter felt comfortable enough to sit with his arm wrapped tightly around you. Your father wasn’t very strict, but Peter couldn’t help feeling nervous whenever he was around. You were watching a movie on Netflix while Peter was focusing on the textbook in his lap. He was always working on homework. Resting on his nose were the glasses that he refused to wear around anyone but you. You smiled when he put them on. It made you feel good that he felt comfortable enough around you to wear them. You snuggled into him and kissed him on the cheek. He looked at you in surprise. He was so invested in his homework that you had startled him.

“What was that for?” He asked with a smirk on his face.

“Just because you look so cute in your glasses.”

He blushed and pushed them up.

“You think so?”

“Of course I do. And you know what else I think?

He raised one eyebrow as he watched you change your position so that your body was facing him. Seeing you do this made him realize that there was about to be a serious discussion - one that he probably wouldn’t enjoy. He braced himself.

“I think you should wear them to school.”

Peter rolled his eyes and threw his notebook and the glasses on your coffee table, pulling away from you.

“Y/N, we’ve talked about this. Multiple times.”

“Yes, we have. But you’ve never explained to me why you don’t want to wear them to school. Peter, please talk to me!” You grabbed his arm as he tried to get up and leave the conversation. He locked his jaw and sat back down next to you, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly.

“I just…when I wear them… I feel like I’m a thirteen-year-old dork all over again. Like I’m… powerless.”

His cheeks turned red and he looked away from you, steeling his jaw again. You knew how hard it was for him to share his feelings. You rubbed his back lovingly and grabbed his hand.

“You were never a dork, Peter. Just because some asshole says you are doesn’t mean you actually are. If you really love these glasses - which I know you do - then you should wear them without worrying about what other people think about you. With or without superpowers, with or without your glasses, you are amazing. Look at me.”

He looked into your eyes. The shade of red in his cheeks intensified.

“Do you remember when you were six and you used to wear your father’s glasses?”

He nodded.

“That’s the first time I realized I was in love with you.”

He looked down and smiled at the floor bashfully. You grabbed his arm and shook him lightly to gain his attention again.

“You love wearing glasses, Peter. You always have. Please don’t listen to Flash Thompson. He was wrong about you being a coward and he was wrong about nobody wanting to date you. You have a super hot girlfriend now that loves you. AND you’re Spider-Man. So screw him.”

He smiled at you again and swiped a strand of hair off of your cheek, then leaned in for a kiss. When he pulled away, you could see that he had finally melted. He sighed loudly and rolled his eyes.

“Okay, fine. You got me. I’ll give it a try, but no promises!”

You grinned and wrapped your arms around his neck. He leaned in for another kiss but you stopped him by putting your hand up in front of his face.

“Wait, put the glasses back on first.”

He leaned back again and raised an eyebrow.

“Are you serious?”

“I’ve never been more serious about anything in my life.”

He moved so quickly to grab his glasses from the coffee table that he knocked everything off and practically gave you whiplash. You laughed so hysterically at this that you ended up falling to the floor.

That was the night before. Peter wore his glasses to school for the first time in five years that very morning.

Now your mind was back in Peter’s bedroom, finally snapping out of your reverie. You were still admiring how attractive Peter looked in his glasses when he glanced up from his work and caught your wandering eyes.

“What? Did I get ink on my face again?” He asked, frantically wiping at his red cheeks.

You laughed.

“No, I was just thinking… could you explain to me how those glasses work again?”

He set down his pen and leaned back in his desk chair, folding his arms.

“Y/N, I’ve explained it to you, like, fifty times already.”

“You know how bad I am with understanding this stuff. I’m just curious,” you puffed out your lips and whimpered like a child. “Please?”

He sighed, feigning agitation. It was obvious to you that he was actually pleased you had asked him again.

“Okay, fine.”

You grinned and scooted back against the wall at the head of his bed to make yourself more comfortable. He got up and made his way from his desk to the bed, sitting so that he was facing you with his legs folded underneath him.

Peter had changed so much in the last couple of years, but when you looked at him, you could still see that tiny boy wearing his father’s reading glasses. You saw him every time he was excited or sad. You saw him when he smiled, or when you watched him do his homework, or whenever you found him waiting for you at your locker after school. You even saw him when you watched Spider-Man swinging from building to building. You felt so lucky to have seen Peter in every stage of his life so far, and so grateful that he was yours.

“So…” Peter began, but you didn’t even hear the first word that came after. You were too busy watching his eyes twinkle as he told the story of how Tony made his glasses for the fifty-first time.

Missing Parts: Reverse Portal AU

((This is based off of buskets AU which I absolutely love! I will probably add more to this and make it a little series as more cute comics come out))

Stanley Pines was back. Being back on Earth was more disorienting than he first thought it would be. He wiped dirt and dust off his glasses, clearing them enough so he could properly see the dingy basement that was in complete disarray. His memories of Ford’s lab were fuzzy after nearly 30 years, but he was positive it hadn’t been this much of a disaster the last time he was there.


Stan turned towards the voice, eyes lighting up behind smudged glasses. “Stanford!” he gasped. His brother was there. He was really there! He was even wearing the same dorky outfit just like he had all those years ago. Sure, he had a weird expression on his face that was a mash up between joy and heartache but that didn’t matter. What mattered was his brother had finally come for him and brought him home.

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Guilty of Getting Caught

Series: Caught Red-Handed
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: T
Words: ~2100

Summary: Steve and Tony have been together for months. Tony, however, still refuses to sleep next to Steve. Steve wants to know why.

Notes: For @capsing. I kept struggling with what to do with this story, until I changed the POV and decided to try to emulate your style of writing. The piece this originally hailed from is little more than a sentence now, so think it of it more as an appreciation/love piece, I guess? I know it’s poorly done, but maybe you’ll enjoy it, anyway. May your life be filled with happiness! ❤ 

Sometimes, when Steve went to sleep, he reached out a hand for something he knew wasn’t there. His fingers curled in the cream-colored sheets, felt the cold press of the night air against the fabric. Five months, and he still touched only this.

It was worse on nights like these, when the ice crept up on him, or when the train squealed in his ears. When he reached out and found nothing, his breath like ice and snow in his chest. Then he would shiver beneath his thick blankets and wonder where Tony was. Where he was. (But that was his new normal now, along with the empty pit in his gut that counted the stretch of years.)

The apartment in the compound was dark, but Steve could see enough to know Tony was not in the room. It was too quiet for Tony to be working. Once again, Tony had stayed with him as he’d fallen asleep before slipping away. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back onto the pillow. His fingers curled into the sheets.

(This was how things were with them. This was always how they were.) He forced himself to go back to sleep. (Morning would come and bring with it the red of dawn.)

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anonymous asked:

9 with our dearest dear Barba

9) Sleeping until midday, a stolen item of jewelry, a drug laced with poison

When you are stuck on conference calls, this is quite the way to pass the time…

Originally posted by sofuckingchuffed

Barba turned over in the bed, his head instantly punishing him for daring to move. The pounding was intense, accompanied by a wave of nausea he honestly had forgotten was possible.

Not since college had he been so hungover.

He was never so careless. How had he lost track like that?

He squinted as he slapped the bedside table in search of his phone. He ignored the text notifications and stared at the clock.


It seems drinks weren’t the only thing he’d lost track of.

The answer to his question was obvious. He’d lost track because of her.

She’d always had that effect on him, her spirited manner more intoxicating than any drink, yet always quick to increase the potency of her natural influence with liquor and who knows what else.

They’d dated in college. She was wild and free and different than other girls he’d been with. She was fun. But dangerous.

He still remembered the argument they’d had the night it ended.

“It’s not a big deal, Raf. Come on.”

“Not a big deal? That necklace is worth a fortune.”

“Yeah, and she has a million other necklaces just like it. She won’t even notice.”

“You have to take it back. Grand larceny is a felony. You could go to jail.”

She laughed and pat him on the head. “Oh, my silly little wannabe lawyer. I’m not going to jail. Girls like me don’t go to prison.”

“They do when they commit crimes.”

“If they even found out, I’d just make up some story. It was an accident.” She leaned in, whispering so close he could feel her lips brush his ear with each syllable. “I can be very convincing.”

He pushed her away, leaving her pouting on the couch.

“It’s wrong.”

Her pout disappeared, her lips pulling back into a straight line.

“Well, you’re not going to tell.” He stayed silent. “Are you kidding me? You seriously aren’t going to rat me out?”

He shook his head.

“Do whatever you want, but I can’t be a part of it.”

“Then leave. And don’t come back.”


“I don’t ever want to see you again, Rafael Barba.”

He never found out if she kept the necklace, and if she had, he never heard word of her getting caught.

When she showed up at the bar, all these years later, it was like seeing a ghost, a particularly shocking thing for a man who didn’t believe in them.

She’d filled him in on her life. She was a hotshot marketing exec for a big name design firm. She traveled all over, schmoozing with big names she couldn’t disclose due to confidentially agreements, but who’d she’d practically namedrop a few drinks in.

He should have left the moment she showed up.

But, she was just as alluring that night in the bar she was then. Like a siren, drawing him in with her uniquely beautiful song, one written just for him. He did his best not to think about what happened to men who followed the sounds of a siren.

Maybe he had let himself think that she’d changed in some way. That she was young then. We all make stupid choices when we’re young, right?

The thought of stupid choices startled Barba out of his head and into an upright position in bed.

Was he alone?

He slowly stood, grasping the bedside table as he wavered, listening closely as he crept around the apartment, looking for signs of someone else.

The apartment was silent. Empty.

He wracked his brain, trying to remember how the evening progressed.

He remembered moving from the bar to a booth as the drinks continued to flow, the distance between them slowly disappearing.

But then what?

His head continued to pound, so he dragged himself to the kitchen, desperate for coffee.

As he waited for it to brew, he looked at his phone again, scanning through the texts.

He squinted as he read one from Carisi, of all people.

Your keys and wallet are on the kitchen counter. 

Why would he…

Barba poured a mug of coffee, and slowly sat on his couch, closing his eyes as he took a sip.

The necklace.

He remembered now, as conversations became more intimate, as she drew closer, he spotted the glimmer hidden just behind her collar. For a moment he told himself it was a drunken hallucination, but that was a lie.

It was the same necklace from that night.

Not only had she never returned it, she’d kept it, and made a marked decision to wear it that night. Had she hoped to run into him?

He was a creature of habit, this bar his usual spot after a case. Was this all a plan to show him she was right? That there were no consequences for a woman like her?

He stared at her, remembering the way she made him feel all those years ago. He knew she could be trouble, but for a long time, he didn’t seem to care.

What was that thing people used to say? If you were thirsty, would you drink a glass of water knowing there was the tiniest drop of poison in it?

When it came to her, had someone asked him long ago, he would have gladly gulped down every drop.

But she wasn’t a drop of poison in a glass of water. She was a drug laced in poison. Addictive, damaging, and would definitely prove fatal one way or another.

He had pushed away from her, throwing bills on the table as he stumbled away and out on to the sidewalk.


Carisi and Tutuola. What were they doing there?


They’d exchanged looks, and he vaguely remembered a discussion about a warrant, Fin saying something about knowing someone who had an in with a judge, Carisi pulling out his phone and a car showing up.

That’s how he made it home. An embarrassing but fortuitous run in with two detectives saved him. Saved him from the jagged rocks and deadly whirlpools a siren’s song always promised.

He looked back at his phone, noticing a new message from an unknown number.

You haven’t changed. I was really hoping you had.

He started to text back. To tell her that she hadn’t either. That maybe if she had the evening would have ended differently.

But instead, he swiped across the screen, deleting her message, hoping that was his last encounter with his nearly forgotten siren.

Wonwoo Crossing 🌺

a/n: I’m not sure if you guys can see it, but just imagine Wonwoo playing Animal Crossing (New Leaf)

Originally posted by ftwonwoo

Wonwoo x Animal Crossing New Leaf headcanon :))

  • names himself Wonwow; gives himself the “original” character face because he was only answering the starting questions honestly
  • names his town Twilight Town (possible kingdom hearts fan??)
  • the town hall is to the left of his town, and Reese’s recycling shop is to the right
  • the river cuts the town in half horizontally
  • places his house next to the town hall and constantly checks up on Isabelle
  • definitely puts in the “keep town beautiful” ordinance
  • is a massive hoarder !!!
  • the first couple of months, his house is filled with plants and unnecessary furniture (like a storybook, or a giant chess piece)
  • has more furniture than he needs??? the main room has a bunk bed that he doesn’t have the heart to let go….
  • once he gets the second story to the museum, one of the rooms is dedicated to just plants :))
  • he visits the plants everyday and speaks to them one by one
  • the same goes with the flowers around his town; waters all 500 of them every day <3
  • when he shakes the trees for coins or the two special furniture, he lets the bees sting him
  • forgives them immediately after; applies medicine that he always carries around (for emergencies!)
  • another room on the second floor of the museum is filled with cute animals he finds
  • that includes: snails, beetles, an angel fish (yknow the see through one omg), a squid, SEAWEED
  • his character always holds a balloon; alternates between the bunny shaped one and the heart shaped one :’))
  • is still up at like 1 in the morning trying to catch beetles in order to pay off his dEBT
  • always manages to scare the golden stags…
  • sometimes goes on the international server and meets cool people
  • probably writes their names down and hopes he sees them again :D
  • sometimes he sees people talking about seventeen and hits them with:
  • “carat, lucky in my life <3″ (he really puts that heart there too, awww)
  • picks up dandelions and blows them after whispering his wish
  • he looks around his shared room before he makes a wish so the members don’t tease him the next day (awwww)
  • when there’s a meteor shower, he makes wishes too!
  • writes letters to his villagers AT LEAST twice a month
  • always adds a heart at the end (<3)
  • eventually gets rid of the majority of his things
  • his house is nO LONGER CLUTTERED
  • he doesn’t actually get rid of his things though
  • he forces Mingyu and Hoshi to get the game too, and gave them his stuff as “gifts”
  • this boy really can’t let go of anything (like me lol)
  • builds the Roost Cafe as soon as it’s available as a public works project
  • memorizes all of his villager’s coffee orders
  • sells the coffee beans Brewster gives him (he feels reALLY GUILTY THOUGH)
  • one day he receives the cafe uniform and is so touched???
  • he sets his ds down for 10 minutes, his hand clutching his heart
  • changes into that outfit whenever he works at the cafe
  • his dream villagers are characters that he thought were cute or would be a great addition to his town!
  • includes (but not in a specific order): Merengue, Beau, Coco, Kid Cat, Zucker, Lolly, Marshal, Fauna, Ankha, and Genji~
  • (Hoshi fell in love with Genji <3)
  • loves his current villagers all the same though!
  • doesn’t have the heart to let go of moving villagers!!
  • even if he doesn’t like them or they aren’t his dream villagers, he always debates whether he should let them go or not… 
  • after 8 months of playing, he finally has all hIS DREAM VILLAGERS!!
  • he adores them all, but never forgets his past villagers (he really misses Curt and Rolf…. </3)
  • lowkey thinks Coco has a crush on him… (he secretly loves it… <3)
  • never misses a villager’s birthday
  • “Merengue’s birthday is coming up, omg what do I get her???!?”
  • when his villagers invite him over, he always accepts and stays at their house for at least an hour so he doesn’t feel rude (WHAT A SWEET BOY)
  • since his town is now considered perfect, he’s able to build the big flower clock!
  • he places it right in the center of his town :)
  • his score at the Happy Home Academy is always SUPER HIGH
  • strongly believes in the Feng Shui approach
  • probably has half a billion bells in his ABD in 6 months….
  • his goal is to create all of the flower hybrids
  • is SUPER close to getting the gold roses
  • doesn’t want to disable his “keep town beautiful” ordinance so his flowers could wilt though…. ㅠㅠ
  • eventually caves in and NOW HAS GOLD ROSES
  • always participates in the tourneys (bug catching or fishing)
  • always places first….
  • collects mushrooms during mushroom season
  • definitely creates fairy rings (Woozi appreciates it winkwink)
  • refuses to run around his town AT ALL TIMES
  • he doesn’t want to accidentally trample over a flower and destroy it!!!
  • doesn’t like Mingyu and Hoshi visiting anymore
  •  >:((
  • they’re constantly running and just
  • “What was that hyung? Step on your flowers??”
  • Mingyu is just constantly trying Wonwoo smh
  • although~~ he sets up paths in between rows of flowers so he can have natural worn down paths (due to grass wear yknow? ^^)
  • brings his 3ds eveRYWHERE
  • “oh, we’re having a break? time to check on Mary and the gang”
  • Mary is his favorite flower… she’s a golden rose right in front of his house
  • has a lot of respect for the working npc’s like Isabelle, Nook, Reese, etc.
  • posts on the town board (thingy) every week like
  • “have a good week everyone! be safe always and talk to me! also no running!! -from Mayor Wow”
  • yea, his nickname is Mayor Wow lol
  • his house mirrors an actual house
  • the back room is a kitchen, the second floor is a bedroom, the main room is the living room, the side rooms are probably like a game room and a guest room
  • his basement is filled with all his awards from the tourneys smh (I’m jealous)
  • Mingyu LOVES his kitchen
  • it’s so wonderfully laid out omg
  • Mingyu just wants to live with Wonwoo now
  • Mingyu finally gives up knowing he can’t live with Wonwoo
  • but claims the kitchen is his whenever they visit Mayor Wow’s town
  • absolutely HATES Gracie’s Fashion Checks
  • but does them anyway so he could finally upgrade to the T&T Emporium
  • his character wears those circle glasses, a totoro sweater, and like normal jeans and shoes
  • simple yet dashing might I include
  • at first leaves his hair brown (the standard hair color when you start the game)
  • then over time does all sorts of colors like he starts his hair dye experience with black cause thats what his hair color is and then shifts to like red, and then auburn, and even light purple!
  • he’s tried all of the hair colors~~
  • his favorite and current hair color is deep ocean :)
  • absolutely loves seeing the leaves on the trees change colors
  • likes the cherry blossoms the most
  • he also loves the winter <3
  • he always stays up late to see the aurora
  • walks around his town admiring the decorated pine trees~
  • he swears its not an obsession!!
  • but here he is, playing animal crossing at 3 in the morning when his schedule starts at 8
  • eventually convinces all the members to get the game too!
  • every Saturday they have an animal crossing day, and alternates visiting each other’s towns :)
  • Mayor Wonwow brought everyone together :))
  • awwww, imagine playing with him *dreamy sigh*

a/n: This was so looooong, but where are my animal crossing and kpop fans at??!? I can just see Wonwoo rolled up in a blanket playing this ^^ (lowkey his town already sounds better than mine and i’ve been playing for a year OTL) hope you all enjoyed~!

psychedemigod  asked:

27 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • 27: A description of the girl/boy I like

((if you need more than this, feel free to look up “annoying trumpet boy” on my blog–i talk about him a lot))

Okay, so Annoying Trumpet Boy is a giant. He’s over six feet and he towers over everybody and everything. He’s one of those people where, if you get him started about a certain topic, he could talk for years and years on end. He has the deepest voice I’ve ever heard and it sounds so pure when speaking and singing (and the boy can SING). He has light brown hair and the typical type of thin wire glasses you get as your first pair. He also has this nice leather jacket that he wears all the time and it makes him look like a 50s greaser, it helps that his hair is slicked back usually too. 

He is one of the smartest people I know. And that’s saying a lot. He seems to know everything and can recite any information you need at the drop of a hat. He’s a trumpet (duh) and his tone is so clear that I can hear it all the way from the front of the room where the flutes sit (he’s also third chair so you can tell he’s good). And He’s JACKED. He has ridiculously defined muscles and they have an effect on me. 

He was annoying and acting like a leader (controlling and loud) even though he was technically a rookie (although he did march a year at his old school) during marching band season. But he did rise to the occasion when he needed to and I admire that. He’s really nice too and helps a lot of people and i like him but i’m too shy to do anything about it so oops.

Shit that was long.

dreamcatchersdaughter  asked:

WinterIronPanther prompt? Tony watches Bucky and T'Challa exchange kisses and gets sort of jealous of them both. But there's no need cause they both want to cover him in kisses and bite marks. Tiny drabble fluff prompt pretty please with sexy Sebastian and silly Hayley on top?

You’re always bribing me with Sebastian, now you gotta throw Hayley in as well? How am I to say no?


T’Challa’s fingers ran through Bucky’s hair, before he cupped his jaw and tilted his head up for a kiss. Bucky sighed, melting into it; soft and gentle kisses always seemed to relax Bucky.

T’Challa pulled back, but Bucky chased after him, rising up a bit on his toes, hands on the back of T’Challa’s neck. Somehow it looked playful, and when they parted again with soft chuckles and smiles, Tony knew he’d been right.

They looked good together.

They made each other smile.

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I’ve been thinking about fandom Merlin, and a lotta people give him glasses in modern AUs…

I mean in canon era, there’s no help for people with bad vision, so if merlin was short-sighted, it would explain his clumsiness. Kinda hard to avoid things if they’re all blurry. But he gets used to it ‘cause there’s no help in that time.

Fastforward to whenever glasses are invented. Merlin’s gone with bad sight for like 1000 years, and then suddenly he puts these things on his face and everything is CLEAR OH MY GOD. I went 17 years without glasses, can’t imagine what it’d be like after 1000 years and suddenly shit is focused. Merlin’s in love (and no longer crashes into anything all the time.)

then of course once Arthur comes back, Merlin’s wearing glasses, and Arthur’s all ‘what the fuck are those’. He’s fascinated by the glass things on Merlin’s face, keeps doing the stealing and trying them shit. Merlin explains it all, and Arthur’s perplexed because the glasses make his vision WORSE so how could it make Merlin’s better??

Then of course all the sweet moments in mornings and stuff where Merlin doesn’t have glasses and he has to feel around and Arthur thinks back to Camelot and feels a pang because he misses it, but Merlin has life so much better now (obvs not being burned is a bit bigger than things not being blurry, but the glasses are so clear to Arthur. Also they’re cute on Merlin).


smut: yes but not very vivid
requested: no

Ashton Irwin. That name wasn’t just a name it was and understanding. Everyone knew the name and everyone knew who he was. He was the richest, most popular and most beautiful guy in town. His parents owned a million dollar company and he was the one to inherit it all. Having money and beauty helped him form an enormous ego.  Ashton Irwin was mean, cocky and obnoxious but I have been in love with him since we were ten. He was famous for his legendary parties but I he has never invited me to one so I have no idea why they are legendary. Everytime I looked at Ashton I just wish he became the boy I met all those years ago.

The first time I saw him was when we were six. My mother worked as a maid in the Irwin household. Every Wednesday afternoon she would take with her and force me to play with him. At first we disliked eachother but as the years flew by an actual friendship was formed. We were inseparable until Ashton got into girls at the age of twelve. He changed his looks and his attitude and his friends. In the beginning he would still make time for me so we could hang out. His new friends started craving more and more of his attention. He started ditching on movie nights and his apologies became worse and worse. At some point I had enough of him and I gave him an ultimatum; it was them or me. To make a long story short he chose them.

When he got his first girlfriend at the age of thirteen I felt devestated. She was the complete opposite of  me.  She was popular, sporty and gorgeous. Every girl wanted to be her and every guy wanted to be with her. Ashton Irwin and Melanie Senden were our schools power couple. In the eyes of their clique they were superior to Kayne West and Kim Kardashian.  Eventhough we weren’t friends any more I regretted giving him an ultimatum. All I wanted was for him to be in my life but we can not always have what we want.

Right now we were seventeen Ashton and Melanie were still going strong and I still wanted him. Other than a simple hello at dinner party’s we hadn’t talked since I gave him the ultimatum 5 years ago.

That was the first part of our story the second part started in Mr. Nemans’ English class. We were covering Shakespeare and he decided to pair me and Ashton together. We were to reinact a scene of a play and of course he gave us Romeo and Julliet.

“Eh we could go to my house so we can decide wich scene we’re going to do.” I said after class.

“I’d rather go to my house, I mean we actually have a theatre room. Just be there at ten.” He replied as he walked towards his girlfriend. I sighed and grapped by books and walked to my locker.

“Paired with Irwin ha?” Luke my friend said as he caught up with me. I made a load grown in response causing him to giggle.

“At least Ashton is quite alright I ’m paired with Melanie Senden. MELANIE SENDEN OF ALL PEOPLE. I despise her!” Michael said as he walked up to us with Calum.

“Don’t act like you aren’t in love with her.” Calum said earning a punch from Michael.

“Hey do you wanna play fifa tonight?” Michael asked me. He was a total videogame geek and I loved it.

“I’d love to but I have to meet Mr. Irwin in his mansion a ten tonight.” I replied with a posh accent.  The bell rang as we all laughed and walked towards our next class. “But why so late though?” Luke asked as we grabbed our books. I just replied with a shrug and went to sit at my labtable. Chemistry was my least favorite class. Not because I was bad at it I was actually good at it I hated it because Ashton was my labpartner. At the first lesson Ashton was late and the only  seat left was the one right next to me.

“I forgot my books can I read with you.” Ashton wishpered as I sat down. I pushed my book to the middle hearing Ashton mumble a small thank you.

After school Luke and I were almost run over by Ashton and his Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. “ I hate rich people.” Luke mumbled as we continued walking to the busstop.

At 9.30 I grabbed my bike and took the oh so familiar way to Ashton’s house. On my way over there I saw all our little hideouts where we had so much fun when we were younger. When I drove up to the driveway I could see loads of cars parked. There was loud music and crazy lights coming from the house and I felt the urge to kick Ashton in the balls. He knew I hated parties with people I don’t know. As I walked up to his front door a screaming girl came running out swiftly followed by a jock. His name was Evan and he was Ashtons best friend. As I walked in I could see dozens of faces I have never seen before and I was hoping to see the one familiar face. After searching for him for ten minutes I finally found him hiding out in his room. “You’re a real douchebag you know that?” I said walking in. “[Y/N]! I’m so sorry Melanie just showed up saying she invited loads of people to have a party I didn’t know I swear.” He said. “Sure you didn’t”. “[Y/N] I know were not best friends anymore. But believe me I would never do anything to make you feel uncomfortable. How about we work on the shakespear project tomorrow at eleven?” He proposed. I nodded and left.

The next day I rang his doorbell at exactly 11 AM. His mother opened it pulling me into a warm embrace saying it has been too long. We talked for a while until Ashton came downstairs. He was wearing his glasses and sweatpants. He looked almost exactly like the guy I fell in love with all those years ago.

“Mom why didn’t you tell me she was here already?” He asked as he came into the kitchen and saw me. “Well excuse me but I haven’t seen her in a long time so I needed to hog her for a while.” his mother replied. Ashton mumbled something I couldn’t hear and gestured me to follow him to their theatre room. I said a quick goodbye to his mother and followed him.

“I thought we could do the scene where they died.” Ashton said closing the door to the room. “I already printed it out so we can start practising.” “Do I have a say in this?” I asked as he handed me the lines. “No.” He replied. I sighed and started reading through the scene. “I –I uh.. Can we uh could we talk for a while.” Ashton asked. I replied with a shrug and put down my papers.

“You have to understand when you gave me that ultimatum I was so mad.” He started. “You were my best friend and I didn’t understand why you would make me choose.” He continued. “Ash.” You started but he interrupted you. “No listen. I was so mad I chose them instead of you. I lost you because I was mad at you for a split second.” “Ash you don’t have to …Yes I do. Just hold on.” He interrupted me. “ I made the stupidest mistake that day and I still regret that decision to this day.”. “ I regret giving you that ultimatum.” I admitted as I looked at him. “I like you like this.” “Like what?” He asked. “You with glasses and sweatpants. You know just my ashton not THE ASHTON IRWIN.” I said and he chuckled in reply. “I like it when I’m your Ashton.” He said moving his body closer to mine. “Let’s rehearse this scene.” I said feeling uncomfortable. Ashton stood up and started reading his lines. His mother walked in with cookies and tea right before romeo killed himself. “So..? Have you guys worked everything out?” She asked putting the tray down. Ashton ran to the cookies put on in his mouth and awnsered a quick yeah. “I knew it. [Y/M/N] and I always knew you two would end up together.” She said smiling. “We’re just friends Mrs. Irwin.” I said as I too stuffed my face with one of her delicious cookies. “If you say so.’‘Aft She said as she walked out of the room. ’'How about we ditch this stupid play and go to one of our hold hideouts.” Ashton said. I nodded as Ashton stood up and hold his hand out for me to take it.

After four hours of just talking and a total of 32 missed calls form both our parents we decided it was time to go home.

“WHERE HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN. WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR AGES!” My mother yelled as we walked into the house. “Mom we were just haning out relax.” I said trying to calm her down. After we both got told off by our parents we said a quick goodbye and I left.

The next morning Luke and I walked into school discussing the new song he wrote. “Do you really like our band that much?” He asked me. “Yeah you guys are great, the only thing you are missing is a drummer.” I said getting my books out of my locker. “If you know anyone who can drum just give me a call.” Luke sight. Him, Michael and Calum had been looking for a drummer to join their band 5 seconds of summer for six months now. “What about Ashton?” I suggested. “ What about him?” Luke said as we walked towars our class. “Luke he’s a great drummer you should ask him!” I said gettin all excited. Just imagine my four boys in a band together. “Ok what happened last night? Did he charm you with his rich boy charms?” Luke joked. “No.. we just talked everything out.” I simply replied. “ So what he just said some things and now everything is ok.” Luke said gettint slightly angry. “Luke what is your problem. Ashton and I used to be best friends. He told me chosing the 'popular clique’ was a mistake and I forgave him.” I explained. Luke nodded but he didn’t give me the feeling he understood. In his defence Ashton and his possey have been mean to him and his bandmates. “Ashton and I are going to hang out tonight why don’t you and the guys come and join us?” I suggested. Luke groaned and I took it as a yes.

At lunchtime Ashton came to sit with me instead of with his usual group. “Where are lanky, rainbow and the asian guy?” He asked as he sat down. “Who?” “You know your friends.” He replied taking a bite of his sandwich. “They have names you know and they are practising.” I replied. “Ashy baby why don’t you come sit with me.” Melanie said as she just walked up to us. “Nah I’m good here babe.” Ashton replied. Melanie’s shocked facial expression was priceless and I couldn’t help but giggle a bit. After she left I turned to Ashton and said: “Did you see how shocked she was?” Ashton shrugged.  ’'Yeah but her face will be even more priceless when I break up with her after school.“ He said. ’'Why are you breaking up with her?” I asked. “She’s a lovely girl, she really is but I only dated her to make the girl I like jealous.” He replied. “Well did it work?” I asked now curious about this mystery girl. “I don’t know you tell me.” He shrugged. “How am I ..Oh.” I said realising I was the girl he liked. “Yeah.” “Wait was tonight supposed to be like a date?” I asked. “You said your perfect date would be to watch netflix whilst snuggled up on the couch.” He replied. “Shit.” I cursed. This caused Ashton to look at me funny, because in his memory of me I never cursed. “I may have invited Lanky, Rainbow and the Asian guy over to join us.” I said looking at him innocently. “That’s ok they seem like cool guys anyways.

Just as you were about to put the popcorn in the microwave the doorbell rang. ’'Is Mr. Popular here yet?” Luke said as he walked in with Calum and Michael. “No and his name is Ashton.” I replied closing the door behind them. “Guys please try and be nice. I promise he isn’t as bad as you think.” I said finishing the popcorn. Five minutes later the doorbell rang again and this time it was Ashton.

“Now remember Lanky is Luke, Rainbow is Michael and The Asian guy Calum, got that?”, I said. “and by the way Calum isn’t asian.” Ashton just nodded as we walked to the livingroom. I could tell he was nervous by the way he was clamping his hands and by the tiny drops of sweat forming on his nose and brow. “Don’t be nervous, I’m sure they’ll like you.” I said giving him a final boost of confidence.

As soon as we walked in Ashton introduced himself to the boys. He got all their names right and they hit it off pretty well that was until Michael asked Ashton to play Fifa.

“What do you mean you don’t like Fifa? Everyone likes Fifa!” Luke said. “I just don’t.” Ashton replied. Michael insulted Ashton just not loud enough for him to hear. I was convinced that ruined the entire possibility of them ever becoming friends. Luckily it was fixed by Ashton asking them questions about their band.

“Yeah we’ve got our first gig next week. The only problem is we don’t have a drummer.” Luke said after talking about the band for quite a while. “I can drum. If you want I can drum at the gig.” Ashton offered taking a sip of his drink. “Really? That would be amazing!” Luke yelled. “Guys what do you think?”. The other boys weren’t too sure about Ashton joining the band but just nodded for Luke’s sake. “Wait I want to hear him drum first.” Michael said. “Sure I understand what about my house tomorrow?” Ashton proposed. The boys all nodded and continued playing there game of Fifa.

At twelve thirty the boys decided it was time for them to go home. After they left it was just you and Ashton. “You don’t have to do that you can go home as well.” I said as Ashton started cleaning the table. “I know but I don’t mind.” He responded. After we cleared and cleaned everything we sat down on the couch.

“I think they liked you.” I said cuddling in to Ash’s side. “I’m not quite sure. Luke seemed to like me but the other two? I don’t know.” He responded. “Just give them time.”

“I really like you, you know.” Ashton said stepping closer too me. Now he was almost so close our lips brushed against eachother. “Show me.” I whispered and by that his lips were on mine. Soon clothes were shaddered on the floor hand hands were moving all over the place.

“I need you [Y/N]. I need you so much.” Ashton whispered in my ear. “Then take me.” I whispered back. Ashton didn’t hesitate one second as he scooped me up and took me to my bedroom. As he layed me on the bed he asked me if I was sure I wanted this. I nodded and grabbed a condom from my bedside table. “Do you want me to put it on?” I asked. Ashton nodded, took off his boxers that were way too tight and sat down on his knees so I could roll the condom on to him. I pumped him a few times and Ashton moaned at the sensation of my hand touching him. I rolled the condom on his member and layed down again. Ashton positioned himself at my intrance and asked me once more if I was sure. I rolled my eyes. “Just get in me already.” Hearing this made Ash certain and he pushed himself in me. At first it was slow and steady but the longer we were at it the faster he went.

The next morning I turned around searching for a sleeping Ashton but all I found were empty cold sheets and a note left on the pillow.

I swear I didn’t ditch you.
If you can recall last night I have an audition with the guys today and I didn’t want to screw it up. I promise I’ll be right back after I drummed my ass off.
I’ll bring pizza and everything

X, Ashton

I smiled at his note and went to get dressed. O how I lover getting my Ash back

[A/N] Aaaah the smut part sucked but I’ve been writing this between shifts so soz.

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thirty days iwaoi writing challenge
day seventeen:
 (an attempt at) flirting


“This is stupid.”

Oikawa narrowed his eyes on him, looking put out. “You only say that because you don’t have a single romantic bone in your body.”

“Why do I have to pretend to pick you up?” he demanded gruffly, scowling out at the bar. “I already have you. That’s kinda the point. So that I don’t have to go through this shit–”

“You never went through it in the first place!” Oikawa argued, sniffing haughtily. “Iwa-chan, we’ve been best friends since elementary school. That means we’ve never had the thrill of the chase, never played the dance, never taken risks. Well, I want it.”

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Maybe This Time - Part 8

Hey everyone! So this is the last part! So exciting. I’m not totally in love with it, but I wasn’t really sure what else to do with it so… here ya go. Anyway… by the end of this week I should have the first part to my next story out. I’m very very excited for this one. They’ve already started dating in this one, which is something I’ve never written about before. So… get excited! Or don’t. I don’t want to tell you what to do. But anyway… Here’s the last part to maybe this time. Thanks for reading! You guys are awesome :D

Part 8:

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