could he have made a difference?

After watching That Video(you know the one) I’ve been looking at and thinking about different parts of RWBY again, because while some of the points he made were true, I thought that some of the things he said just… didn’t feel right. Or at the very least, weren’t telling the whole story, or were overlooking certain things. One of the things he did was criticize the bees vs Adam fight, specifically the pause in the fight where Blake explains his semblance. And he’s right, that could have been explained earlier and that would probably have made for better pacing, but after rewatching the fight I realized there’s a lot of “pauses” in the fight. And normally, that would damage the pacing(and tbf it still kinda does, but it by no means ruins the fight bc I will die on the hill of this fight being one of the best in RWBY), but there’s also a good reason why there’s these pauses, and that’s due to the nature of the fight. Particularly when Adam and Yang go 1 on 1 the second time. The nature of their fight is that both Adam and Yang’s semblances rely on being attacked, so there’s a lot of back and forth of waiting for the other to make the first move. That’s how you get moments like this, where the focus is on Blake climbing the wall, but in the background Adam is walking towards Yang while she stands up rather than attacking her, because it would be pretty useless to attack her when she can’t fight back and power up his sword.


There’s also a moment before their first 1v1 where they stare each other down before Adam attacks her, and he’s pacing back and forth. That’s an unspoken battle of “who’s going to attack first, you or me?” And Adam gets impatient too during their second 1v1, after Yang has dodged all of his attacks without retaliation, when she stops to glance at Blake he yells “hit me already!” and throws his sword at her.

Their semblances are the very core of this fight, both in that it’s about them working around each other’s semblances and that they represent many of the themes. Countless people have written better meta on it than me, but aside from the differences in their semblance representing the difference in Yang and Adam as a whole, their differences are also seen in how they USE their semblances, because Yang has learned from the Fall of Beacon and been smarter about how she uses her semblance, but Adam hasn’t. And so Adam loses the fight because he discharges his semblance every other minute(which is why when he sends a blast at her after her and Blake share a look she’s barely scathed, let alone fallen off the bridge. That’s what Yang’s look means, she’s realized he’s not using his semblance wisely and is showing her distaste towards him). It’s also, I think, important that they both lose their aura at around the same time, Adam from his continual use of his semblance in small bursts, and Yang from saving it all for one big hit at the end.

Basically, what I’m getting at is that these two respond very realistically to each other’s semblances during this fight, and so naturally there are a lot of pauses in it that aren’t just for dialogue, because these two are waiting for the other to attack first.

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Hi Gina! I know there is already an eternal sunshine of the spotless mind au fic, but I don’t remember what it’s called. Do you maybe know it?

Hi sugar. Yes, it’s this one:

Meet Me In Montauk by make_this_feel_like_home (M, 84K)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind AU.

What do you do when the love of your life forgets who you are?

What if there was a place you could go to have a person–and all the pain they caused–erased from your memories forever?

Louis Tomlinson isn’t quite sure why he woke up one day and felt like a different person. He also isn’t quite sure who the green eyed stranger who knows his best mate Zayn is, but when he finds himself in the same lift as one Harry Styles, he knows he wants to find out.

Harry’s entire life is defined by one moment: the accident that made him forget years of his life. There had been a guy… but he can’t for the life of him remember who he was. And now, a chance encounter with a charming bookshop keeper makes Harry feel like maybe the past doesn’t matter as much as he’d always thought it did. Suddenly things that never made sense were starting to make sense again.


The one where Harry has amnesia, Louis can’t handle the pain and Lacuna Inc provides a unique service: the ability to erase a person from your memories.


He didn’t know why he was here to begin with, least of all why he had decided to bring her with him. Well, that isn’t entirely true. Draco was here because all junior aurors were required to attended official Ministry events. The personal hell that was being surrounded by people who thought the worst of him was the reason he made the desperate conclusion to bring Pansy with him; this way, she could share in the misery. Only, she never did, because she didn’t give a fuck what these people thought of her. It was enough for Pansy to know that she was a different, better person than she had been during the war, and anyone who that wasn’t good enough for could sod off.

Draco envied her fortitude. While it did not have the same hold over him as it once had, he knew that no one’s mind was completely made up about him. Even years later, and with his consistent strides in the direction of being a upright and altruistic a citizen as possible, he knew people did not trust him or his intentions. Not even with how hard Harry Potter tried to make it otherwise.

For some holier-than-thou reason, Potter wanted the world to forgive and embrace Draco. He was on the warpath at the very moment. As Draco and Pansy waited for fresh drinks at the bar, they could just make out the conversation Potter was having nearby. He was talking to old Merek Widdershins, a liaison from the Department of International Magical Cooperation. They were recounting the mission Draco and Potter had executed the previous week.

“Absolutely remarkable, these scallawags have been causing trouble here and on the continent for months, just to be brought in by some junior aurors. Of course then I heard it was your good self, Harry, and wasn’t surprised in the least! However did you manage?”

“Well actually,” Potter began, “it was mostly to do with my partner, Draco.” Draco turned his attention to Widdershins, who showed little surprise but gave Potter a skeptical look. “He’s spent a good amount of time abroad,” Potter continued, “and noticed several links due to his knowledge of French dialects, which I wouldn’t recognize from Danish or Swiss.”

Draco scoffed to himself. Potter was the most uncultured person he had ever met. Swiss is not even a language.

“Oho! Well, I am sure you made up for it during the bust itself, with all of your dueling expertise,” Widdershins continued, laughing with Potter instead of at him like Draco was internally.

“I played a part, for sure! But I often rush into these situations; it’s always been my nature. But, Draco, he had a stroke of brilliance that saved us both.”
Pansy, who Draco hadn’t notice return from the bar, chose that moment to pipe up in her most sultry voice, “Mmm, bet you’d love a chance to stroke Potter’s brilliance. Wouldn’t you, Draco?”

“Merlin, Pans! You can’t just say these things!” Draco was a little red in the face as he stormed away. Mostly to distance himself from Pansy’s filth, but also so that he didn’t catch Potter’s eye with that thought in his head.

written by @girlwhowouldbeking

“Having twins made me a more relaxed parent. When you watch two kids grow up at the same time, it makes you less concerned about benchmarks. Each of them had different talents and struggles. He could do all the physical stuff first. We had to put a net on the crib because he was always climbing out. He could swim first. He learned to ride a bike several years earlier than her. But she was potty trained first. She was reading by the age of three. And she was much better at drawing pictures, her fire trucks always had four wheels, and his were just red scribbles. If I’d only had one child, I’d probably have been obsessing over these talents and struggles. I think every parent needs to feel like their child is special. But twins made me realize that all children grow differently. And it’s absurd to rank and classify them at such a young age.”

Good morning/day nerds, today’s Random Stray Star Wars Thought from me to you is: you know the whole “let’s save Palpatine from his self-kidnapping” mission in Revenge of the Sith? I’ve made the joke before that there were at least a few real moments where Sidious COULD have theoretically gotten himself killed if one or two things had gone slightly differently. And sure, the dude’s got good Force Vision or whateverthehell, but I don’t think we’re meant to think he KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that every single thing about his plan would work from the get-go or anything. Like, the Dark Side is strong, etc, but it obviously isn’t supposed to bestow perfectly accurate clairvoyance on its users. 

SO: given this, WHAT IF he’d died of something totally benign on that mission? Like, the ship tilts the wrong way while it’s breaking up, and he goes flying and breaks his neck? Or he somehow loses his grip while they’re dangling there in the elevator shaft while Obi-Wan’s busy gazing at Anakin’s ass? A stray chunk of the furniture from inside the ship crushes him while they’re escaping? Or even, hell: Dooku figures it out at the last second, murders him, and then gets mowed down himself by Team Handsome 5 minutes later? 

Just…something about this is CRACKING ME UP. Anakin is BEREFT when they get home, because sure, Dooku’s dead, BUT HIS FAVORITE OLD MAN DIED (and also he’s feeling Some Confused Ways because secretly Anakin suddenly feels a LOT less worried and full of dread and angst and fear???! Even though his beloved Uncle Palpatine is dead and it’s ALL HIS FAULT for not saving him???? WHY IS HE FEELING KIND OF…BETTER DESPITE THIS TRAGEDY; WHAT’S WRONG WITH HIM???) (Obi-Wan never especially liked the guy and is forced to be like “there there, Anakin, I know, it’s…a terrible loss, that we’re, uh, all very saddened by, of course” while quietly being like THANK THE FUCKING FORCE, that dude always creeped me out.)

Of course, if Dooku and Sidious both eat it on this mission, then…the Sith are defeated (unless you count Maul being out there with his off-brand Sithery, but let’s set that aside for the moment.) So the boys get home from this mission, and all of the Jedi Council, in an emergency debrief meeting, are like “…uh, does anyone else notice that the Force is completely clear now…? But Dooku’s the only bad guy who died??? I thought he wasn’t the main Sith, and there were two of them????? Anyways guess we’d better all get ready for the Poor Chancellor’s State Funeral, what a shame that he was kill– WAIT A MINUTE…” 

Another Ride (C.H)

Summary: Smut

Words: 3,4k

“You gotta be fucking kidding me,"Calum hissed out.

His big brown eyes wandered around his surroundings, but he couldn’t find her. This was simply getting ridiculous. It had been the fourth time already that she managed to slip through his fingers and honestly, he was becoming a little annoyed. The rings on his hand felt cold against his skin when he slowly rubbed his face.

It wasn’t like she didn’t want this. None of this was a coincidence. She had been playing with him the whole night. When their eyes met for the first time, he didn’t think too much of it. He sent her a charming smile though, and she flashed him one right back immediately.

Calum didn’t plan to be leaving with anyone tonight. He just came here to have a good time with his friends. Simple as that. But just as they were discussing the plans they each had for the following week; Ashton nudged his side slightly, making him look towards the dance floor.

"That one has been looking at you pretty much ever since she walked in,” Ashton informed his mate with a chuckle. The corner of Calum’s mouth lifted up slightly when he grinned her way once more. “Not bad at all, if you ask me,” Ashton continued and then reached for his glass to take a sip. His face scrunched up lightly at the bitter taste. “Wait until she turns around. Your pants will feel rather tight, let me tell you.”

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Homestuck Epilogue Theory: Rose's Gamble

The epilogues kick off with Rose giving John a Choice: Meat or Candy. We then have the option of following these paths in whichever order we choose.

Rose, at the point where she gave John this Choice was on the verge of becoming her Ultimate Self and unlike Dirk had no indication of becoming a villain as a result of this transformation. Rose, as a Seer of Light has already been established to have unparalleled information gathering abilities. My theory is that Rose knew about Dirk’s change to villainy and the Choice she gave John is her attempt to allow Dirk to be stopped.

Rose could not have acted against Dirk directly because if she had told anyone aloud that he was becoming a threat he would have known (Dirk knows Dave is planning Karkat’s campaign immediately after Dave says it aloud) meaning she wouldn’t be able to rally support, her condition made her physically unfit to fight him, and on a meta level, Seers are a passive class. So all she could do was to put the wheels in motion to allow him to be defeated sometime in the future.

Rose could have simply told John to go do the things that had to be done in the same manner that Terezi did (F1X TH1S), but instead she told John what he should do then sent him to the picnic where she ensured that Calliope and Roxy would tell John that he had a Choice, taking a different leaf from Terezi’s book, making John’s Choice create two branches in the same way Dave created two timelines when Terezi made him pick heads or tails.

Fulfilling the tasks Rose set out is the only way to verify canon events as it initiates the battle with young Caliborn that leads to his transformation to Lord English - this is an event that has already been established in canon and if it didn’t take place it would mean that nothing else in the story could have occurred because Lord English wouldn’t have been created. The only purpose of giving John a Choice was to establish the non-canon Candy branch.

So how can this seemingly non-canon branch affect the canon story moving forward? So far as a result of it Gamzee has died (an event that could not have happened within the confines of canon - you can’t keep the clown down), Davebot has been created hosting Dave’s Ultimate Self (thanks Obama), Alt!Calliope in Jade’s body has left the space along with Davebot and Aradia (presumably to fight Dirk), Meenah has entered the branch (with the Ring of Life, taking it out of play in future canon events, meaning that if Calliope reenters canon wearing her ring it won’t stop working due to duplicate juju rules), and (Vriska) has entered the branch (who, thanks to Vriska, has the ability to contact Terezi with John’s phone).

All of this was achieved in a branch Dirk could not see because he removed himself from it to keep his essence concentrated in canon - Rose’s gambit in the Candy branch forced Dirk to remove himself, allowing these events to occur unimpeded mirroring Dirk’s gambit against Alt!Caliope which forced her to insert herself, preventing events from taking place.

The benefit of Rose being an orchestrator as opposed to Dirk’s mechanic is that she has the ability to put plans in motion with light touches that the narrator may not notice, similar to Dirk’s sniper gambit but on a grander scale.

Also Rose’s plan lead to Lord English being knocked into the black hole, leading to the candy branch, allowing alt!Calliope to consume him, giving her a power boost to where she was able to make the wormhole for herself, Davebot, and Aradia to leave Candy to go confront Dirk. It’s plausible that Lord English could only have been defeated outside canon due to his broken judgement clock and part juggalo soul granting him immortality.


in which your best friend’s older brother, someone you haven’t seen since you were twelve, comes home from traveling with his friends, and things are different between you. good different.

warnings: smut, age gap (6 years?), au, swearing.

a/n: I, as a 17 year old, would not recommend dating a 23 year old. but that’s just advice. here’s my first piece for this blog.


Originally posted by http-erikaxo

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basically some asks i got got me rly thinking abt like… what the darkeners would be like in the future………. specifically lancer but like he has a whole fam. and thennnnnn i got super carried away with coloring (i need to practice anyway)

notes headcanons and things under the cut!

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Naruto Shinden Pages 13-21 Translation

Thanks again to my roommate who was clutch and translated this for me from the Chinese translation! She doesn’t have any experience with Naruto so some translations may reflect this, notably page 21.

ETA: I’ve made some slight edits since first posting this so you may see different versions of p.21 floating around

Page 13

Kakashi: Annoying?

Kakashi laughs so hard that it could be heard across dimensions. Sasuke goes back to the bridge after he’s abandoned by his daughter, where he sees Kakashi waiting there, laughing.

Kakashi: Aiya, it’s obvious that you two are blood related. Both of you are such squares. Yeah, very obviously blood related, mhm.

Sasuke: That book… called something passion… do you still have it?

Kakashi: Ah, this person… it’s Icha Icha Paradise! Icha Icha Paradise! Of course I have it. What’s up now? Could it be… you finally realize the power of Icha Icha Paradise?

Kakashi asks this with a big grin, feeling like he has a new comrade who will appreciate the Icha Icha series with him.

Sasuke replies instantly.

Sasuke: Give it to me. I’m going to throw it in the river.

Kakashi, just as he was taking the book out, stops halfway, sadly.

Kakashi: You are so cruel. Icha Icha Paradise was written before this child was born. It’s a little outdated, even for your generation.

Sasuke: What needs to be thrown into the river is not the book, Kakashi, it’s you.

Kakashi: Very true, but you need to calm down. Why don’t we jump down together. When our bodies reach the ocean, it’ll be an infamous mystery.

Page 14

Kakashi: It’ll probably be easier if you ask someone with a daughter, like Naruto.

Sasuke: Not that guy, he’s busy.

Kakashi: Yeah… he has been pretty busy recently. The agricultural industry is developing really well and a lot of people are settling in the (wood?) village. He has a lot more burdens than I did when I was the Hokage.

Sasuke: No, I don’t mean that. I saw him with his daughter just now.

Kakashi: Oh, I guess you can’t discuss this with him then. Huh… other people with daughters… Kurenai… ahh, that’s another person who can help you.

Kakashi looks at the other end of the bridge. Sasuke follows his gaze. It’s Choji and his daughter. They are eating chips as they walk towards Kakashi and Sasuke.

ChoCho: Ahh! The Sixth! Sarada’s dad!

Kakashi: Ahh, Parent’s Day was really fun huh? Excuse me, can you give me a chip?

ChoCho: Sure, here you go.

ChoCho gives Kakashi a potato chip. 

Sasuke thinks, where have I seen them? Searching his memory for the name. This is almost impossible, but

Sasuke: …I remember now, you’re Choji. I didn’t recognize you now that you’re thinner, you used to look more like a fat–

While Sasuke was going to say pig, Kakashi threw something into his mouth as quickly as possible. It’s a potato chip. Sasuke makes eye contact with Kakashi, asking him nonverbally, what are you doing?

Kakashi also replies nonverbally, saying read the atmosphere.

Sasuke wants to say something, but it’s hard to do so with the potato chip in his mouth, so for convenience, he chews it first.

Choji: ………?

Looking at the two communicating nonverbally, Choji gets confused.

Page 15

The atmosphere is really awkward.

Kakashi: hahahaha (he laughs nervously)… this guy just wants to have a good relationship with his daughter and he was looking for parents with daughters Sarada’s age when you guys came.

Choji: If you want to have a good relationship with your daughter, isn’t the only thing you have to do is eat chips together? Not only chips, but also eating other delicious things together is really good.

Kakashi smiles while nodding, and when he looks at Sasuke, he becomes serious instantly.

Kakashi: ….but.

Sasuke takes a deep breath. He brings up delicious foods, but Sasuke doesn’t even know what Sarada likes. He just knows that she hates tomatoes.

Choji: About Sarada, rather than talking to me, I think there’s one person who is the most suitable.

Sasuke furrows his brows in surprise and looks at Kakashi questioningly.

Page 16

Sasuke stands alone in front of the door and presses the doorbell.

Sakura: I’m coming!

After the doorbell rings, he hears Sakura’s voice. Before long, the door is open. She looks at his face.

Sakura: Ah…

After seeing him, she enters a brief daze. Because of that, the door she opened started to close. Before it closes entirely, she quickly opens it and forgets to let go of the doorknob while staring at Sasuke. After awhile, she releases the doorknob. She backs up shyly and gives him space to pass through the corridor with her hands behind her back.

Sakura: Welcome home, dear.

A breeze passes through the house, with her hair dancing through the wind.

Sasuke: Ah, yes, I’m back.

Only after saying this phrase that he hasn’t said for a long time, he feels like he’s finally home.

Sakura: I heard Sarada say that you were back in Konoha, you didn’t come back with her so I was a bit worried.

Sakura says this as she enters the house.

Sasuke: A lot of things happened on the way.

Sasuke would never admit that he forgot where home was, so he continued talking about other things.

Sasuke: Is Sarada back?

Sakura: She came back just now, but she went out immediately after. She also looked really angry. I was going to ask her to make dinner with me.

Sasuke: ……Really?

Page 17

Sakura goes towards the kitchen while Sasuke walks to the table and stops.

The picture of Sakura and Sarada.

A picture of their youth as Team 7.

And then, the family portrait they took previously.

It had been a really long time since Sasuke had taken any pictures, so

(cue flashback)

Cameraman: The father, please smile a little –

Cameraman: Look happier –

Cameraman: Smile more, look a little bit more natural –

Cameraman: ….. Could it be that you are someone who is actually expressionless?

The cameraman nagged him relentlessly like this.

Sakura: Do you miss it?

She says this as she brings a cup of boiling water.

Sasuke: No, I’m just looking around.

Sasuke takes the hot water from her and starts to make tea. But he noticed that Sakura just kept looking at him. Staring at his face.

Sasuke: What’s up?

Sakura: Dear, your hair grew a bit.

Sasuke: …………?

Sasuke sees his reflection in the tea. It is a lot longer than it was in the picture.

Sakura: Let me cut it for you.

Sasuke: No–

He was going to refuse, but he stopped.

Sasuke: Okay, sure, thank you.

Sakura: Okay, let me make some preparations for a little bit.

He looks at his wife, who is humming and walking away, before looking at the photo again. In the photo, Sarada has a really nervous and serious expression.

The expression she had on her face when she called him annoying looked different than her previous expressions of disgust.

Page 18

Sakura: Okay, come over.

Sasuke turns around and sees that there is a cloth in the middle of the room and there is a chair on top of it.

Sasuke: Ah.

He takes off his jacket, puts it near the photo, and sits on the chair.

Sakura: I just have to cut your left bang long enough to cover your eye right?

Sakura starts humming again while she handles his hair.

Sasuke: Hey…

Sakura: Are you really affected by Sarada?

Sasuke is surprised by her sudden question.

Sasuke: Did Kakashi contact you?

Sakura: No, I don’t need to ask to know about this stuff.

Softly she adds another sentence.

Sakura: Because we are married.

Sasuke turns around, about to say something.

Sakura: Don’t move.

She turns his head back. Immediately, the sound of snipping hair is heard. Resigned, Sasuke could only face forward while saying

Sasuke: I’m not that affected.

Sakura: Really?

Sasuke: ……..

He falls silent. He feels like he should say something, but he doesn’t know what side to choose (?) or what to say.

Sakura smiles.

Sakura: See, you are affected.

Sasuke: No I’m not.

Sakura: Yeah yeah yeah, stop moving.

This time, there is snipping on the other side of his head. Sasuke closes his mouth and remains silent entirely.

Page 19

Sakura: Rebellious stage… if only it could be resolved by just talking, that’d be great.

Sakura combs Sasuke’s hair while she says this.

Sakura: If we are talking about our child, she longs for her dad more than any other child. Usually when she can’t see her dad she’s fine, but she’s always thinking about how she can be better or stronger than her dad… yeah, it’s kind of like that!

Sakura thinks, is this coming off as bragging about  (It’s unclear if she’s referring to Sarada or Sasuke)? She smiles shyly.

Sakura: Because of that, whenever she sees something less than perfect, she feels like her fantasy is ruined. Shannarooooo, really. It’s a luxurious worry.

She sweeps the hair off his shoulder.

Sakura: Sarada doesn’t know how you usually are, dear. Dear, you need to be yourself around her, though I’m not sure what you should do.

Sakura leaves her hands on his shoulder.

Sakura: What Sarada wants is what you wanted from your dad when you were young, right dear?

No page 20

Page 21 - the translation says swords but it could be referring to shuriken or kunai. I just subbed in shuriken because of external input

Sarada: This is the first time I’ve heard about this.

Sasuke: I’ve only told a few people. Also, this isn’t a great time to say this.

Also, at that time, he thought differently.

Sasuke throws the shuriken in his hand again, with Sarada doing the same quickly after. The two clash and fall into the river.

Sarada: Cheh….

Sasuke narrows his eyelids and the ends of his mouth tug up slightly. While his intention is to smile, Sarada interpreted this as him looking down on her. Sarada smirks and then throws three shuriken.

Clang clang clang

Sarada: Huh?!

Sarada runs out of shuriken. They were all knocked away by the shuriken in his hand, and he only used one shuriken to knock out three. She looks at him in astonishment.

Sasuke: ….Hn.

This time he isn’t smiling. He laughs nasally. (more of a chuckle than a laugh I’d say)

I Need You: Part Two

A/N: The attention the first part received is absolutely insane!! Thank you all so very much for taking the time to comment and reblog, it means a lot <3. After many drafts and a long wait (sorry), here is part 2. Enjoy! 

Here’s Part 1!

Pairing: Y/N & Calum Hood

Word Count: 1,933

Warning(s): Swearing

Credit to gif owner


Somewhere along the line, Calum managed to arrive at a conclusion that started all of this. He believed you didn’t need him as much as he needed you, and that led him to do the worst thing he could have possibly ever done, he cut off all connections. He reckoned the effects of unrequited love to be cruel and ultimately inhumane and he couldn’t handle that. Why would he revolve his life around you when the feeling wasn’t mutual?

But That’s where he was completely and absolutely wrong. The feeling was beyond mutual and unrequited love was out of the question; in fact, it was never an option.

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The fox’s little kitten | Taehyung

Summary: No one knew how you and Taehyung met, but they knew how attached you two were. Even if you were completely different, everything worked just right. He was your strong fox and you were his little kitten. Nothing could change that; until Taehyung found out that someone was trying to take away his little kitten from him.

Pairing: Fox!Taehyung x Cat!Reader.

Genre: fluff (maybe a little bit of angst but really not that much.); Shifter/Hybrid!au; smut?

You and Taehyung met in your first year of elementary school, when he saved you from a couple of bullies who were making fun of you for being a cat.

Humans weren’t always that nice to hybrids and it was something that your mom repeated constantly as you grew up.

He was 7 years old at the time and the sight of the little girl, with small ears on her head and a white tail around her waist, made him a weird sensation in his stomach.

That feeling was what drove him to stay by your side for more than twelve years.

You found comfort in him and you felt protected by the cheery red fox who always spent his time with you, you believed that the two of you were made for each other because, even if you two were completely different, you could compliment each other perfectly.

He was a cheerful fox, who loved to have fun, to meet new people and to look at the positive side of things. You on the other hand were a ragdoll cat. More indipendent and introverted, reserved and quiet. A bit mysterious but extremely cuddly towards who you loved, especially Taehyung.

You were now 20 years old and he was 23.

He convinced you to start the same college as him and you were now living in the same building, but separated in different dorms.

He stayed with two of his friends, a bunny shifter and dog shifter, while you were in a dorm by yourself.

You weren’t bothered by the fact that you didn’t have any roommate, because you spent most of your time with Tae and his friends, who soon became yours as well.

Apart from Jungkook and Jimin, he also had others friends who you grew extremely attached to.

They all knew how you and Taehyung met, but you always told everyone else that you didn’t remember when or why you became friends, because you wanted to keep that story for yourself like a secret.

-Y/n I swear to god, if you don’t confess to him..-

Your friends ranted to you as you walked with her into class.

-We’re just friends.-

-I don’t think so. He’s always all over you and you always have his scent on your body.-

She said as she sniffed you with her tiger-like sense of smell.

-Maybe that’s why every guy watch you without making a move, he basically already marked you as his.-

You thought in silent about what she had said.

She wasn’t wrong, but you weren’t exactly against the idea of being his.

You’ve been in love with him since the two of you were kids but, after he had his first girlfriend, you decided to move on and see other people.

-Look at you, you can’t even lie.-

She pointed at your tail that was moving quickly against the chair.

-All I Did was naming Taehyung and your already excited.-

You could hide your tail and your ears if you wanted, but you loved your half-shifted form and you felt more free like this.

-The last boyfriend You’ve had was that human that dumped you after Taehyung left a dead bird in front of his door. You need to do something!-

-I mean, he was an asshole so he did the right thing.-

You said, defending him.

-Y/N what I’m trying to say it’s that you’re not only friends and you know it better than me.-

She told you quietly as your teacher came inside the class.

-Didn’t that wolf hybrid from your chem class asked you out yesterday? What did you say to him?-

-That I’ll let him know.-

She smirked and you looked at her.

She had something in mind.

Your either ears twitched in curiosity and she laughed at the act.

-Listen, What about trying to make Taehyung jealous? His heat is around the corner, I overheard him talking to Namjoon yesterday while I was waiting for you sitting on the bench outside. C’mon, you’re head over heels for him. Aren’t you tired of being just friends?-

You looked up at her.

-What should I do?-

-Just tell him that you have a date with that dude and see how it goes. I’m pretty sure that Tae won’t even let you go out on a date with him.-

You stayed silent for a while before answering with an insicure tone.

-All right.-


-How’s my little kitty doing today?-

Taehyung welcomes you with a hug as you came in his room with a bunch of food for him and the boys.

He leaves a kiss on your cheek and you smile, hitting lightly his tail with yours.

Little kitten was a nickname that he gave you when you two were little and he stuck with it for a really long time.

You were younger than him, so he thought that it was perfect for you.

The others 6 boys were sitting on the couch, watching a movie on the tv.

-I brought food.-

You said, getting the attention of everyone.

-What would we do without you Y/N.-

Hoseok said giving you a a quick hug.

Taehyung kept his tail around your waist, smelling you every now and then. Your perfume was driving him crazy and he could feel his heat coming early by your presence in the room. He always tried not to talk to you while he was in heat because he didn’t want to ruin your friendship by trying to fuck you senseless, but that was the only thing he wanted to do. You were the only girl he wanted to have when he was in heat and, since he knew that he couldn’t have you, he just locked himself in his room with a bunch of pills for the heat. He was always so protective and dominant during that time and you knew it, because he had been like that for a long time. The guys were aware of the feelings that Taehyung and you felt for each other, but they never tried to push you both because they knew that eventually you would realize by yourself that you were in love.

-How did your class go today?-

Yoongi asked as you took a seat in the couch between him and Tae.

Yoongi was a cat hybrid as well so you felt really comfortable around him, before no one except for the two of you was a cat.

-Pretty good, I spent most of the time talking with Lize.-

You said, with Taehyung’s hand on your hair, feeling his fingers stroke your ears.

-The tiger shifter?-

Jin asked, eating the food that you brought.-


A light purr escaped from you at the amazing feeling of Taehyung’s scratches and he smiled widely at the sound. He was hugging you from behind, with an arm around your wais and an arm on your head, that was resting against his chest.

Everyone was silent and only your purrs could be hear apart from the soundtrack of the movie, but Jungkook decided to speak.

-What do you guys want to do tomorrow? I heard that they’re opening a new game room..-

That was your occasion.

-Oh I can’t. I have a date tomorrow.-

You said out of the blue, making everyone froze.

You felt Taehyung’s hands leave your hair and he stayed still. His body was tense and you felt nervous, maybe you should’ve said it when he was in his right state of mind, and not almost in heat.

The boys turned around to look at you in shock.


Namjoon was the first to talk.

-The wolf from my Cham class asked me out.-

-What the fuck are you talking about?!-

Now it was Tae’s turn to speak as he got up from the couch, looking at you with a dark gaze. His ears were up and his tail was wagging nervously. You flatten your ears because you felt intimidated by the whole situation and the boys noticed. His body was hot and he felt like he was about to catch on fire. The fact that the color of his ears and tail changed, becoming dark red was an alarm bell.

He was in heat.

Foxes could be too playful and aggressive sometimes while in heat and you had to act cautiously around him.

You should’ve thought better before trying to provoke him, now you have to pay the consequences.

Namjoon got up, placing himself in front of you.

-Fuck. Dude, calm down. You’re heat arrived earlier than usual.-

He said holding his shoulders.

Taehyung was furious and you felt a bit scared because he had never yelled at you.

Jimin tried to comfort you, caressing your back but as he touched you a low growl made you jump in your seat.

-Don’t fucking touch her.-

He hissed as Jimin backed off. You tried to get closer to him but namjoon stopped you.

-Tae Just lock yourself into your room.-

He said, dragging Taehyung into his bedroom, closing the door with a key before speaking to you with a comforting tone.

You could hear his whines and angry growles. That never happened before and you felt your heart ache at the sound of him hurting.

-Don’t mind him, he forgot to take the pills for his heat. He should just stay here in case he hurts someone on accident.

He explained and you nodded, biting down on your lip and wagging nervously your tail.

-I think I should talk to him.-

You said and everyone looked at you cautiously.

-Are you sure? You know how he is when he’s in heat.-

Jungkook told you but you just nodded, walking towards the door. You could smell his strong scent even if he was in another room.

-I think I should help him this time.-


what happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe || part 2

Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader



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“Was it good?”

You coughed as water spilled from your water bottle on its way to your mouth. “What do you mean, was it good?” you wheezed, wiping the moisture off your face with the back of one hand. 

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“He issued Order 66 and most of the Jedi died that very day.  Not just full Knights either.  Padwans, younglings.  That was the Purge.  Order 66 stil stands.  Jedi are to be killed on sight.  Even people who MIGHT be Jedi.  People like me.”

“But their boss… he was worst than any of them.  And he’s still out there.  The monster of monsters.  Pure, true evil.”


Because this isn’t new, but it’s hitting me all over again, how brutal this genocide of an entire people was, how it’s not just the eradication of them, but true erasure of them.  Luke doesn’t even know what the Purge specifically was, he knew the Jedi existed, but by this point we’ve also seen the Empire’s decades long attempts to rewrite history, that we’ve seen a ton of examples of how they make Force museums “disappear”, they kill anyone who talks about the Jedi or the Force, first they branded them traitors, then made it so you’re not even allowed to talk about them, you can’t stop and think or discuss how maybe erasing the entire people of them could have been done differently, even in Jedi: Fallen Order, just Prauf expressing the idea “I don’t believe all of them could have been traitors” is enough to cause tension and that’s only five years out from Revenge of the Sith.

By this point in time, twenty years later, the full scale propaganda attack against the Jedi has erased almost everything of them, all that’s left are the handful of people who managed to hide.  Both Jedi and people who could have been Jedi.

This is what genocide looks like.  Not just murdering the Masters and the Knights, but the children, too.  Hunting down Eeth Koth, who had left the Jedi Order, who had started a biological family, who had changed religions, who swore he was done with all of it, wasn’t enough to save him.  Darth Vader still murdered him for being a Jedi and stole his newborn child to take away and make into their own creation.  We saw it in Rebels with the Empire trying to steal Pypey, just because the baby was Force-sensitive.

This is what genocide looks like, that it’s not actually about what they did or didn’t do, it’s about being part of that group, it’s about destroying everything they built, it’s about chasing down the remnants of those people or even people who could find the remnants of the Jedi.

And that last line–”The monster of monsters.  Pure, true evil.”  The haunting specter of evil for these people who have already suffered so much, imagine knowing that he’s out there, that he’s unstoppable, that he’s stronger than any of you, that you know nothing about him, only that he wants to and will kill you if he finds you, the sheer amount of terror that has to put into people who already have no support structure around them, who have to live in constant fear of the mundanity of people turning them in for reward money and live in constant fear of Vader or the Inquisitorius finding them.

Just because they were born with the potential to be Jedi.


Next trope for my winter event will be one bed, with our favourite Jedi, Obi-Wan!

I hope you all like it, it’s just fluff!!

Do I know anything about the climate on Alderaan in winter? Absolutely not, but I don’t exactly care.

Gif not mine

Word Count: 3097


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Warm: Min Yoongi

Summary: all your life you have been cold, that is until you meet your soulmate, Min Yoongi
Soulmate!Au -  where you’re cold with how far away they are, and you warm up when they get closer. 
Warnings: literal fluff, min yoongi is very soft for you and is excited.
Notes: this winter break started off shitty and im really sad so i decided to write happy things lmao.
Soulmate Au Masterlist


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Now, Anakin’s not really wrong to have killed Trench, he was an enemy combatant and was actively attacking Anakin, but he could have slashed the control or even Trench’s hand, leaving him alive.  And the casual way he does it as well, the fury that’s been written all over his face after he learned about the bomb that’s put Obi-Wan, Mace, and the clones in danger, that he doesn’t even pause to look down at Trench after he kills him, the most he gives him is a jaunty wave and a cheerful, “It’s been fun, Admiral!” as he runs out the door.

This is nothing that weighs on Anakin’s soul even for a moment, it’s so easy.  He’s practically whistling cheerfully as he walks away, even!

Because this entire scene does not exist without the context of us knowing exactly what’s coming in Revenge of the Sith, that it’s made him one step closer to killing enemies that he could have disarmed instead.  That it doesn’t bother him to kill people.  That, now that he’s taken another half step forward on this dark path, it’s going to be that much easier to justify it the next time.

And that’s how we get to Dooku.


Trench and Dooku aren’t entirely the same, one is still actively attacking, the other has stopped and is on his knees.

But they are similar in that Anakin has literally disarmed them both in these scenes.  Both Dooku and Trench are on one of their own ships and in the heart of territory that the Republic has control of (now that they’ve taken back Anaxes and taken out all those droids).  They’re both situations where Anakin could have made a different choice.

It’s just enough like ROTS that it’s a punch to the gut, because Anakin has done such good in this arc.  He was sweet when talking with Padme.  He’s bantering with Mace in this arc.  He’s giving good advice to Rex about hoping for the best but being prepared for what might happen.  He’s trusting Echo and Rex.  He was doing good!

And then he has to deal with people he cares about being in danger, he comes into contact with someone who makes him angry, and he burns with that anger.  Burns with it so casually that he doesn’t even realize he’s already on fire–that he just jauntily looks for the self-destruct switch, grins a little as he says Wrecker’s gonna love this, gives a little quippy goodbye to Trench’s dying form on the floor, and runs off, like this rage storm never happened.

Like he didn’t just scream, “I DON’T HAVE SUCH WEAKNESSES!” when Trench said that he was a Jedi and he wouldn’t kill.

I mean, honestly, we even get this shot:


The closeup on Anakin lighting the saber.  The full body flinch and half step back both Admiral Trench and  Sors Bandeam as Anakin lights his saber against them.









Enigma (m)
Words: 4.3k
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre/Warnings: Sub!Jungkook: (one shot) smut, language and dom!oc
Summary: Jungkook is your quiet and rude manager. At least to everyone else. To you, he’s your baby boy in the bedroom.


(gif: credit to owner)

You were sitting in your office, diligently working when your friend and coworker, Joy, knocked as she opened the door. “Y/N~”

“Hey,” you smiled excited to have a break for a moment. “Come on in, have a seat.”

“So, where were you last night? We all went out for drinks.” She asked as she sat back in one of the two chairs in front of your desk.

“Well, I had some company…” 

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Tell Sam

Summary: Reader gets sucked into purgatory with Dean. She’s Sam’s girlfriend but months trapped with Dean leads to a passionate encounter.

Pairing: Dean x reader, Sam x reader (mentioned)

@spnkinkbingo Square Filled: Purgatory!Dean

Word Count: 2545

Warnings: smut from the outset, cheating, outdoor sex, rough sex, possessiveness, angst


There were scratches on your thighs from the bark of the log you slept against. Your shredded clothes barely covered your dignity but Dean’s body did the rest. A deep sense of shame washed over you as you cuddled into him, hating and loving the way his arm looped protectively around your waist.

“It’s dawn,” he grumbled, his eyes closed, mouth almost at your ear. The low timbre of his voice made you shudder and pull back to look up at him. “Not that it makes much difference.”

You didn’t speak, burrowing your face against his chest. After six months, you’d have thought both of you would stink to high heaven, and sure, you were filthy dirty but you could only smell Dean’s natural scent. That odd combination of sweat and blood, an iron tang on your tongue that lingered and made you crave more.

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the spark

Word Count: 2.4k

Summary: Poe doesn’t get nervous. And then he meets her.

Warnings: Ahh normal star wars things??? No one dies?? Idk man it’s just chill you know it’s star wars you guys know the drill

Note: Ah! This is my first time writing poe and I am VERY excited to see how you guys like it!! Feedback is SUPER appreciated with this one! Expect to see a lot more Poe in the future!! And much more Poe and this reader :)) they’re fun to write and I hope you guys love this as much as I did!!


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Poe’s mind tended to wander on missions like these. They were gathering intel, heading to the planet Riosa in the Inner Rim. So the ride was peaceful. The old freighter they were on had managed to hold up, and was gliding through hyperspace with relative ease. So they had a few hours to kill, and it was just him, Pava, and her.

She was a new recruit. An old Corona Squadron Lieutenant from the Republic Navy. She was skilled, he’d known it from the moment he saw her test run in her new Resistance-issued X-wing. She knew how to fly, and from what he’d heard, was a damned good leader.

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